Conflict Between Worlds; Detour Through the Depths

Story by Runa on SoFurry

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Art - Jackrow

Writing - Runa

Melvar - Jackrow

Ceylon - Runa

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Part 3 -

in Conflict between worlds, a mysterious hippogryph named Melvar arrives in Dalon with no explanation or understanding of what happened. Ceylon, the Dalonian Godfather of Transformation is there to greet him, but it's clear Melvar isn't as peaceful as he could be.

As such, it's Ceylon's job to tame this beast, and if that means being the object of his sexual affections, that's plenty fine for her. She just has to tide him over until she can introduce him to her friends, the Queen and King of Arrenthen, Talba and Vaulix.

Part 2 of a multiple part series. PArt 3 is already in the works. No idea how far this will go. I think that's entirely up to the artist.

Also, Gryphon gapes. The best. So amazingly sexy and impressive how well he did!

Conflict Between Worlds; Detour through the Depths

"You know, Melvar now that you've got that out of your system, I'm sure we could have plenty to talk about. Let's start with me. My name's Ceylon; tell me more about yourself." She gulped down the last of his cum and smiled up at him, blue eyes glistening in the reflections off the lake.

Ceylon was happy to finally see that the hippogryph was mellowing out. When he first arrived, he was shut off, defensive, and very aggressive towards her. She was used to that, but not used to being challenged in such a way. She didn't know much about Melvar, who he was, or where he came from due to the fact that she couldn't read his mind like she did to many others, but she did know he was powerful, quick to anger, and easily manipulated by sexual offers and advances. If nothing else, she knew she could control him that way, if not through sheer force of will.

Still, something felt off about this hippogryph. He seemed intelligent and amicable enough, but there was clearly something evil lurking underneath the surface. His quick fits of anger, aggressive outbursts, and the gem on his head that reeked of concentrated magic made him seem more like a supervillain than an intrepid explorer checking out the glorious world of Dalon for the first time. For this reason, Ceylon intended to stick with him for the duration of his stay, never leaving his side or letting him roam on his own, for fear of what he could do.

In the mean time, she had some affection to share. The only thing she knew to do that would or could keep him under control and in a friendly state of mind was to keep his desires fed. She knew this thanks to the flash of insight she got when she used her telepathic abilities to pluck information from his mind about his needs and lust in the blink of his eye, targeting the gem on his forehead. It worked, even though it angered him, and now she was happily nuzzling at his sheathe and using her tongue to pluck at the folds, cleaning him of the cum and vaginal fluid that coated his cock, even as it retreated back inside him.

Melvar remained on his side in the yellow-ferned plains, mountains tracing the north and western horizons, leg up to allow Ceylon to continue to clean his under carriage. He had to think about what he wanted to say, what he was willing to say, and what he trusted this gryphon mare with. Naturally reclusive and protective of the deepest secrets of his mind, he was very reluctant to share anything important. Instead, he offered only the most rudimentary and simple information about himself. "My name is Melvar. I am a hippogryph."

Ceylon giggled and chuckled a bit, licking her beak as she turned her head to look up at him over his thick, powerful chest, her steely blue eyes meeting his royal purple gaze. "I know that, dear. The equine cock you have here mixed with your avian head and talons gives that away. No, I want to more about who you are, more so than what you are."

He shifted and closed his legs a bit, using his hoof to push himself away from Ceylon before rolling to his feet. He narrowed his eyes and glared at her, still contemplating his willingness to talk to her about anything beyond negotiating another round of pleasure. Part of him was hesitant, due mostly due to the fact that he didn't want her prodding around in his mind again.

"Oh, don't worry, Melvar. I won't use my telepathy on you any more. You've made it clear that makes you unhappy." She didn't need to be psychic to see his reluctance to share and apprehension at the thought of having his mind scanne d again. Still, Ceylon was powerfully empathetic and could read emotions without having to prod any deeper into one's mind. No, she simply felt the emotions of those around her that others broadcast.

"I'm glad to hear it, but how can I trust you? You seem to be a terribly crafty gryphon, for all I know you're just being sneakier about it, gathering information a little bit at a time. My mind is strong and I can feel when someone is mucking around in my mind, but I sense you are smarter than that. No, perhaps you and I should part ways; all dieties are tricky bastards!" He flared his wings out a bit as his eyes glowed a deep, royal purple; the gem on his forehead emanated a similar color while also humming a deep, reverberating drone.

Ceylon got to her feet and cocked her head to the side. "Excuse me? Diety? Who said anything about me being a diety?"

"You did, temptress of a wench!" It was clear his shields were being raised again, and it seemed quite sudden considering just moments prior he'd been biting and clawing and thrusting at Ceylon's eager sex.

There was a sly smirk plucking at the corners of Ceylon's beak as she figured out what was happening to Melvar. As his orgasmic bliss dissipated and his mind cleared itself of lustful thoughts, his guard was returning and his more aggressive nature was coming out. It was clear Ceylon needed to keep him in a steady state of lust if she wanted to keep a hold over him, and his bliss faded quickly, so she needed constant teases to keep him on the tips of his talons. "Oh Melvar, I'm no diety. Revered as one, perhaps, but I assure you I'm no more a God than any other citizen of Dalon."

"No, you told me very clearly you were a Diety of Dalon, you can't trick me with such foolish backtracking!" he took another step away and hissed at her, wings ruffled and feathers flared out around his neck.

"Settle down, there's no need to be angry with me, yourself, or anyone else. I'm not here to control you, I'm not here to trick you, and I'm not here to fight you. I only want to understand you, and I can tell the best way to do that is to talk to you, be as honest with you as I can, and certainly not to fight with you." She sat back on her haunches and started preening at her wing feathers, straightening them after having them violently handled by Melvar while he was mounting her.

He turned his head to the side, clicking his beak and hissing under his breath. He still wasn't sure to make of her, but he could tell she had no intention of fighting with him, attacking him, or invading his mind. If she was going to, she would have by now, and he'd rarely ever met with someone as strong as her. He didn't want to incite another fight, and even though he had no interest in opening himself to her, he did understand that she was the protector of these lands and that his best bet at understanding this world was to stay with her. "So what DO you want to do to me, hen?"

Ceylon smiled and padded her way in a circle, never taking her blue eyes off him as her tail trailed out behind her forming a circle. She was blowing her scent at him again, her plump vulva still emanating thick pheromones to entrance him. "My name is Ceylon, and I'd appreciate if you addressed me by my name, not my gender or species. Either way, you are a visitor in my world. I want to take you on a tour, see the sights, meet the people. I want to show you around, guide you, help you in any way you please, in exchange for peace." She stopped with her rump facing him, tail swaying gently as its tip hovered just above the ferns of the plains.

Melvar sniffed at the air a bit, catching the faintest hint of her sultry aroma. His keen eyes caught glimpses of the glistening fleshy lips underneath her tail as she turned in place. He could tell she was teasing him, but that didn't make it any less effective; his member slowly unfolded itself from his sheathe once again, the tip of it exposed to the warm air of the humid plains. "So you want to show me things, do you?" He clarified. "What do you want to show me?"

"Lots of things. Maybe introduce you to my friends, let you see some sights. Landmarks, perhaps?" As she spoke, her voice deepened and her tail raised a bit, exposing her glistening, black, inverted heart shaped vulva. She winked at him with her clit, folding the nub of flesh outward as the muscle contraction pulled her lips apart to expose a sliver of ruby pink flesh followed by a thick stream of hippogryph cum coaxed from her womb.

As expected, Melvar's reservations immediately dissipated as his arousal was triggered again. He stepped forward, inching his way towards her as he lowered his head and used his talons for balance. He kept creeping forward until his beak was right next to the stream of creamy cum that was flowing out over her exposed, tensed up clitoris. He nearly extended a tongue out to taste it, but then pulled away a bit when a sloppy, wet queef slipped out of her moist folds, shooting splatters of his cum back onto his beak. Immediately, he pulled back and shook his head off, using his talons to rub the seed from his head feathers and off the gem on his forehead.

"Careful back there, you filled me up quite well back there, no promises more doesn't come out on ya!" She giggled a bit and arched her back, squatting down and squeezing her abdominal muscles to force more of his seed out of her bloated womb.

Melvar licked at his beak and cocked his head to the side, focusing intently on her drooling lips. "You know, you have very equine mare parts. Are you sure you're not a hippogryph like me?"

She shuddered and shook her rump at him with one final contraction, forcing another thick glob of seed to erupt from her slit to splatter in a puddle between her legs before standing up straight and lifting her tail up high and to the side, glancing over her shoulder. "I'm no hippogryph. Gryphon from birth, but I've since adopted elements of many species over time. Most notably the reproductive tract of a mare and certain elements of my mate, Lady Ssevarine the naga."

Rather than focus on what parts of her might be inspired by a naga, Melvar's mind focused on the very equine pussy that was exposed before him. That was the kind of rump he liked to mount, and despite having already filled it with his seed once, as well as another fortunate unicorn mare in a herd prior to meeting Ceylon, he still had another shot or two in him and he was easily enticed by such a delicious view.

His cock lowered from its sheathe, the tip of it growing thick followed by the shaft firming up throughout. His flesh was still glistening from the moisture of Ceylon's folds, still wet thanks to being enclosed in his own folds, balls still weakened and sagging low between his hind legs. The nubs around the tip of his un-inflated flare were growing more pronounced as his muscles slapped the length of his stallion member against his belly.

"Well hello there, Stud! I see you've regained your amicable nature!" Ceylon cooed at him as she lowered her tail and slowly turned back to look at him, a sly grin forming across her beak.

Melvar stepped up to her and hissed a gentle endearment at her as he laid his talon on her shoulder and padded his way around to behind her. "Don't tease now, Hen." He warned with a playful smile on his beak.

Ceylon shifted her hind end away from him and kept her tail pressed flat between her rump cheeks to protect her sex from his advances. "Oh, Melvar. I told you before, my name is Ceylon. Call me by my proper name or you won't get another go at me. Understand?" She flicked her ear and pounced sideways away from him, flaring out her wings to flutter a bit before landing.

"Well fine then, Ceylon, you said you wanted to show me something, why not start by showing me more of you?" He pounced toward her again, only this time he kept tall, attempting to remain dominant looking.

Rather than jump away again, Ceylon laid herself down flat on the ground, hips up just a bit and tail peeled off to the side to once again expose herself. She was too low to the ground to mount, but that didn't stop Melvar from burying his beak between her rump cheeks, the sharp hook of it catching on the flesh of one of her lips to peel it to the side and spread her sex open. She curled her talons and claws into the dirt as his sharp beak punctured her flesh. A soft aqua glow emanated from her flesh to immediately heal her folds from within as he pulled his beak out of her, a thick gooey strand of lubrication trailing from the ridge of his beak to her posterior wall, which he happily licked.

"You're such a tease, mare!" Melvar chuckled as he once again sidestepped so he was directly behind her.

Hearing his declaration of her as a mare, Ceylon lowered her tail and laid her lower belly flat against the ground again, refusing to budge. She looked over her shoulder at him and shrugged her wing shoulders. "You'll learn one day. Maybe I should introduce you to Talba instead. She might know how to put you in your place." Ceylon cooed her threat at the aggressive hippogryph, wagging her hips down against the ferns to accentuate her rebellion. "What's my name, Melvar?"

Rather than respond, the hippogryph lowered his head and buried his beak in the crevasse between Ceylon's tail and rump cheek, nuzzling into it and pushing in so that he could press the crest of it against her folds, only to be met with enough resistance to keep him out fully. Defeated, he glared at her and muttered her name to her under his breath, "Ceylon."

"And who am I to you right now?"

HE shook his head, frustrated. "What? I don't know, don't play games with me, Ceylon." he laid his massive talon on her haunches and buried his claws in her fur, holding her in place.

"Lady Ceylon, the Gryphon-mare God of Dalon!" She giggled at him, slowly raising her tail up to once again expose herself to him as she shifted her weight and steadied her talons against the ground so she could get to all fours even with Melvar resting all his weight on her haunches. "But I suppose Lady-Mare Ceylon is good enough." She clicked her beak and gazed longingly over her shoulder to catch a glimpse of his thick, powerful member slapping against his belly. "Go ahead." She cooed at him with a sultry wink of both eyes and vulva. Her tail pulled as far to the side as it would go and her lips full and tender and moist, ready for him.

The hippogryph didn't waste a single second. The very moment her lips were exposed, he bucked his hips and lunged forward, his powerful cock pressing against her flesh between rump and pussy, the tip of it squirting slick gobs of precum all over between her cheeks. He easily grabbed at her wings with his talons for support and arched his back a bit, pushing into her as hard as he could.

She widened her stance to make it easier on him, her muscles throbbing to wink her own fluids all down the length of his shaft as he poked and prodded at her.

He actually had to reach down with one talon to aim himself, as his thrusts were a little too vigorous, a little too eager, and he wasn't going slow enough to aim. It took only a few idle thrusts with one talon on her back between her wing shoulders and the other wrapped around his shaft to aim it under her tail before he felt her lips part to swallow him. He immediately let go and grabbed at her haunches with his free talon and dug his claws into her as he arched his back and plunged his member into her from tip to sheathe in one powerful thrust.

With a quivering beak, Ceylon cooed back at him and pushed back, squeezing her muscles as tight as she could, massaging his length in waves starting at her cervix and ending as her lips and clit winked around his base. She repeated this in time with each thrust, her powerfully manipulative vaginal canal squeezing him in waves, the flesh massaging him and the lubrication they both secreted ensuring that his girth slid in and out of her with ease.

She grunted and squatted down on him, back arched as her abdominal wall spasmed, her plump anal pucker pushing outward, her muscles squeezing the air out of her vaginal canal in a series of wet, sloppy queefs that splattered cum and lubrication all over Melvar's belly and the front of his thighs. As her muscles held him tight, she could feel his cock throbbing inside her, the veins pulsating and the flare expanding deep within her as it pounded against the closed off opening to her womb.

The very moment she felt that flare exploding inside her, she wiggled out from under him and shook his talons off her back, pulling away from his cock to have its plunger-like tip slide from her depths with a suction sound before popping out of her, leaving her lips sloppy and drooling cumulative fluids.

Melvar tried to hop back up on her, flare still fully engorged with thick gobs of seed drooling out the tip of it and onto the ferns. "H-hey, what are you doing?" He demanded, only to miss her with each attempted mount.

Ceylon continued to hop away from him and angle herself so that he couldn't land his talons on her haunches, even though she continued to wink and force his fluids from her depths, the airy squelching of her pussy rocketing spittle-like drops of cum and lubrication all over the ferns around the two of them. "Oh, I can't let it be that easy, can I? Besides, I think it would be better if you used that seed on a friend of mine. She's only a few hours away! Come, follow me!" She immediately hopped up in the air and spread her wings, catching a slight gust of wind and flapping hard to rise high above the confused and horny hippogryph.

Melvar would have been furious if he hadn't been so entrenched in his desire for Ceylon's equine lips. Rather than let out a burst of energy or shout obscenities, he simply hopped up into the air to chase after her, his own wings spreading wide to catch the breeze and flap his way up into the skies, his cock still fully erect and swaying back and forth beneath his belly. The flare slowly returned to normal size rather than be the fully engorged plug it was meant to be, but his cock just wouldn't go soft until he climaxed, and masturbation was not an option after being teased by a playful mare.

No, he needed to catch her.

Ceylon flapped her wings hard, Melvar behind her and catching up fast. The golden fern plains zipped by beneath them, with the occasional bush of trees dotting the terrain. They ignored the herds of animals, the grazing beasts, the packs of canines, the prides of felines, and the various bugs as she angled her wings and headed northbound towards the mountain range that separated Untheria from Arrenthen. She intended to introduce Melvar to Talba and Vaulix - two of Ceylon's closest friends who also happened to be king and queen of Arrenthen - with the hopes of using the power of all three of them to maybe trick the hippogryph into giving more information to them.

She didn't like the idea of tricking such a powerful creature as Melvar, but Talba was a hippogryph, similar to him, so she likely could get a word or two out of him, and it was imperative they know his intentions. Manipulation wasn't her ideal goal, but sometimes she needed to resort to lower forms of coercion in order to get what she needed, and teasing Melvar was plenty to keep him engaged but amicable to her suggestions. As long as he remained horny and chasing a mare, he would do anything.

The two hybrids were both flying high in the skies as they approached the mountains, the plains giving way to the golden wood of the foothills of the barrier mountain range, which eventually gave way to the rocky slopes of the lower hills and eventually the summits.

Ceylon was incredibly careful to not let him catch up quite enough to grab her in midair, but still go slow enough that he could remain in her slipstream - a range she manipulated to ensure he was always getting at least a whiff of her scent to keep him hooked. Had he gotten too far away, the scent would fade and the gold air rushing over his genitals would almost certainly suck the energy out of him and make him lose interest.

She dipped her wing and shot down into a barrel roll, diving towards the steep slope of the nearest mountain peak and flapping her way around it, leaving him in her dust. She swooped wide around the summit and angled herself down again, rushing past the rocks, snow, and coniferous trees that lined the mountainside before finally reaching a high valley plateau between two peaks. There, she leaned back and did a flip in the air, catching Melvar off-guard to end up behind him. He had been trailing her and matching her move for move, and Ceylon could see his cock was still exposed underneath his belly, but was mostly sheathed with only the tip and a fraction of its length out. The slickness of her sex had been dried off by the air.

Rather than match her movement, Melvar kept true, his wings angling downward in a steep dive towards the plateau. The rocky and grassy platform int he mountain's valley was overlooking a cliff to the northern expanse that was the jungles of Arrenthen.

Ceylon was scanning the jungle's many colors as looking for the capitol and the ebony-stone castle that was the abode of Talba and Vaulix, but she couldn't see it from this far away. Well, had she looked a littler closer she may have been able to see it, but she gave up quickly to return her attention to Melvar.

He was gone. He had just landed beneath her on the mountain plateau with a heavy thud and a cloud of dust that exploded out from him in every direction, yet he was nowhere to be found. There were no caves, no thick vegetation to hide under, or no rocks to hide behind, yet he was gone! Could he have hopped over the cliff and she just didn't notice? No, that couldn't have happened, he'd have had to triple his speed to do that, and they were both already going quite fast.

Confused and with an air of desperation clouding her judgement, Ceylon landed in the open plans of the plateau, looking around with a nervous twitch tugging at her ears. Where was Melv-

"Scree!" Seemingly out of nowhere came a pouncing hippogryph, talons outstretched towards her. She didn't have the time to dodge or counter-attack him, so she took his bulk in full as the two of them tumbled over each other, Melvar eventually pinning her to the ground in the final roll.

Ceylon was on her back, looking up at Melvar, confused as to how she could ever have been ambushed. Had she been scanning the area for life forms or thoughts, she'd have anticipated the attack and knew where he'd hidden to ambush her like that, but she'd been deliberately avoiding such mental tracking in an effort to not pry at Melvar's mind. Now, she was on her back, pinned beneath the heavier, physically stronger hippogryph as he glared down at her, the gem on his head glowing a deep purple that made her white feathers glow even in the light of midday. "W-what are you doing?" Ceylon asked, a crack of worry tickling at her words.

"You withheld my climax from me. Now I'm taking it." Melvar growled at her his beak lowering to nearly touch hers as his talon gripped at her avian breast, the claws digging into her fur to puncture her flesh.

Her ears flattened tight to her skull as she hissed at him. "So you think you're gonna rape me? Is that what you're saying here?"

Melvar clicked his beak and stood up, tall and proud. "I take only what was given to me, then taken away. You dare compare me to some brutish oaf who would do such a thing?" The gem on his forehead was glowing even brighter than before, and his cock was hanging between his legs, nearly resting the tip on the gryphon's furred belly.

Ceylon laughed a little and squirmed under his talons. "Oh, dear, you have a lot to learn about me and this world. No, I didn't call you a rapist, not really. You were the one who said you were going to 'take a climax' from me, implying you were going to do so whether I complied or not, which sounds a lot like rape. But no, sweet Stud, that's not how this works. I'm not sure if you've noticed, but I'm kind of slutty, I like being mounted and mated by studs and drakes of all sorts. No, I just like teasing a bit. You're welcome to take all the orgasms you want from me, as long as you comply with my requests."

The dominant hippogryph stood in place, not moving a muscle aside from his eyes, which were darting around in confusion. "Wh-what are you saying? What do you mean? What are you?" It was like he was experiencing some sort of existential crisis. His mind seemed warped, and all he could do was gently step off Ceylon and sidestep away, muttering to himself as he tried to figure out what he was hearing. She wanted him to take her? Over and over? What did she want from him in exchange? Was she a common whore? If she was, how could she possibly have the power she did to resist and fight him?

She quickly rolled to her feet and shook herself like a dog, feathers and fur standing on end to let the dist dissipate around her in a cloud as she clicked her beak and stretched her wings. "I can see you're rather confused. Let me explain a few things about myself, Melvar. I'm not like most hens. I'm not like most gryphons. I don't take just one partner for life, I don't get deeply bonded to any one soul or aura. I have, and will always, believe in doing what feels right as long as nobody is hurt. My mate Leera feels the same way."

"So you're just an unrepentant slut? Fucking anyone who comes across?" Melvar spat.

"Not at all. I have quite high standards, but I love to play, especially with studs like yourself. Equines, hippogryphs, dragons, I like it when I feel properly mated, like a feral. I like it. It's also a good way to get things I want. Didn't take much to get you here on this mountain, overlooking this very same cliff. I want to introduce you to some friends of mine, and all I had to do was entice you with my scent and a taste of what kind of fun you could be having if only you followed me. I don't want to control you, but I do want to share my world and friends with you. Perhaps then, you'll be able to accept us and settle into Dalon."

"I-I'm still confused." he said. His cock was slowly retreating back into his sheath as his mind filled with questions.

"Don't be confused; it's simple, with me, you're welcome to have your fun, because you have something I want. In exchange, I'd hope you'd be willing to offer the same sort of consideration and maybe open yourself up to me, tell me who you are. I don't want to pry into your mind like I would anyone else, I want you to want to share, and the best way to do that is to offer you the release you so clearly need." She folded her wings back up on her torso and walked towards him, long tail swaying behind her as she nuzzled up next to him.

"You speak as though we've been friends for ages, yet we just met. How do I know you're not just trying to manipulate me into doing your bidding? Maybe I should use these claws to slash you open and leave your guts for the birds and bugs?"

Ceylon chuckled as she nuzzled up onto his chest plumage. "Oh, I am manipulating you, but in a way I think we can both agree is fun for us both. Everyone manipulates everyone else, it's just how people work; I'm just a bit more transparent about it. If I give myself to you when your desire calls for it, then in exchange I'm sure I can coax some information out of you. I win, you win, we both win, and we all win, once I introduce you to Talba."

"Who is Talba?" he asked, the gruff, contentiousness of his voice slowly fading as Ceylon nuzzled up onto him.

"Talba's a friend of mine. A queen. Didn't I tell you this already? Anyway, she rules the nation to the north, and I'll let you in on a little secret - She's about as slutty as they come. I know her better than anyone aside from her husband Vaulix, and I can assure you that the reality of her lust is tenfold kinkier than her reputation would say. I want you to meet her. I think you'd like her, and not just because she'd happily let you mount her."

Melvar was confused, finding it incredibly odd that this gyyphon diety was so open about her sexuality, so eager to lift her tail for him, and so happy to share that lust with her friends. It was somewhat off-putting, knowing that she seemed more eager to let him mount her than he was to mount her. He needed it. She wanted it. That was odd to him, but yet a very welcome change from how it normally was. It was a change he was happy to have offered to him. This world was pleasantly different from the worlds he'd seen before.

"I can tell you're opening up to my invitation." Ceylon cooed at him as she turned around, dragging her tail up under his chin before stepping away from him, giving him yet another clear view of her glistening sex. "So go ahead, do what you will, dear. Can't wait to see what you have in mind." she waved her haunches at him again, winking her vulva and squirting a tiny stream of fluid onto the dust and grass between her hind legs.

Melvar could practically see the aromatic steam billowing up from under her tail and the puddle of her fluids on the ground, and that excited him greatly. Rather than bother with the nuzzling or preening, he pounced at her, laying his massive talons on her haunches, claws digging into her flanks with his thumbs nestled between her cheeks and the tips of his claws slipping in between her folds, the sharp tips poking at her tender flesh.

With his beak up so close and his nares right above her slit, he was able to take in a deep, long inhalation of her scent; almost instantly, he felt his cock unfold and grow between his legs, dangling and swinging low as the glans inflated and a steady stream of precum started dribbling out from the tip and into the grass.

Ceylon widened her stance and lowered her rump a bit, clit winking and a splash of fluids splattering out from her folds to soak her rump cheeks and the grass below. She was making a thick, gooey mess, and she didn't care. That slick fluid she was secreting would easily prepare her for the reaming she was about to get. The pain of his sharp talons prodding at her inner folds was less than pleasant, but it was still fun to her, and the pleasure came a moment later, replacing the pain as Melvar's long tongue slipped into her.

He sampled her flavors, rubbing his beak up against her pucker as his tongue prodded deep into her, the tip of it swirling and wrapping around the thick clit that kept winking juices at him. His thumb talons were both still wrapped around her rump cheeks, so he rotated his wrists and slid the talons in a bit deeper, careful to not let his sharp claws slice her flesh while still using all his muscle to pry her lips apart, gaping her open so far that he could see right through and to her cervix, what was gently leaking tiny drops of his cum that was still trapped in her womb.

The warmth of her moist insides were billowing out in visible clouds of steam over his head, engulfing him and sticking to his feathers. It wasn't a stink, but a pheromone-rich heat that drove him wild. As soon as he finishe dup a deep inhalation, he thrust his beak at her, offering yet another deep tongue-lashing.

Ceylon was grunting and trying her best to relax as his sharp talons stabbed at her like twin needles or blades holding her open. It was painful, but the sharp sensation was also rather pleasant, oddly enough. She found that with some ademagi use, she could turn that pain into pleasure and enjoy even his most aggressive beak prods and talon spreads. Plus, the sensation of his breath tickling her from vulva to cervix was plenty enough to keep her excited. Her walls were secreting beads of her lubrication that were dripping down into her g-spot and eventually flowing down over her clit, but she was careful not to wink; if her vaginal muscles contracted, she'd have his sharp talons puncturing her walls, and she didn't want that.

Though the thought of it did excite her. The taboo and danger of such a situation was a further turn on, and the more excited she got, the more lube she produced, and the more lube she produced, the slicker her walls became, and the harder time Melvar had keeping her canal gaped open.

Soon, he gave up entirely and pulled his thumbs from her, letting her walls slap shut in a meaty, sloppy, flatulent clap that pushed air from her canal in a sputtery, wet mess all over his beak. HE happily licked up the fluids and hopped up onto her, using his talon to aim himself so he wasted no time, immediately picking up where he left off on the plains.

In one violent and deep thrust, Melvar plunged every bit of his cock into her, from the already engorged flare to the soft velvety folds of the sheathe that wrapped around his shaft from the median ring to the base. HE could feel her hot flesh smother him and squeeze tight around his length, only the resevoir inside her near her cervix actually seemed loose enough for his massive flare to expand within her. HE gave a few tugs and thrusts, having that massive ridged rim of his cock tip sliding through her clenching, tight walls to rub on her slick folds from inside. He could feel her muscles so tight around his member that tugging on it actually kind of hurt, but only enough for him to want to push in deeper.

Ceylon spread her wings and lowered them to the ground as she widened her stance. His talons were digging into her shoulders, but she wanted to make sure she was pleasuring him properly. She grunted as she squeezed her canal walls tight around him in rhythmic, wavelike contractions from clit to cervix. She was practically sucking his cock with her pussy, the powerful vulva squeezing at the velvet-textured base, the wave sliding inwards to squish his median ring, massage his length, and tug on his flare from within. She could feel his veins throbbing with each rapid, powerful heartbeat, as well as the flexing of his urethral muscles tensing and shooting stream after slimy stream of precum deep into her cervix.

She could feel the slickness loosening her up and allowing his fully inflated flare to slip and rotate inside her with every motion; almost enough fluid to make his cock float in her. She could feel her cervix loosen a bit, the peculiar effect of precum and constant dull pounding she was getting from his violent thrusts relaxing her from within. The sensitivity she felt let her identify the hot mass of seed that was leaking from her womb to smother his cock inside her and fill in each and every wrinkle in her engorged vaginal walls.

Feeling the hotness of his own seed splattering out over his cock mixed with the thrusting and squeezing coupled with his pent up climax from earlier had Melvar letting out a long, drawn out screech as he clenched his talons and buried his claws in Ceylon's shoulders in an aggressively violent climax. His flare expanded even farther to plug her up, forming a noticeable bulge in her belly as a thick stream of equine cum blasted through her open cervix and into her womb.

Having already cum many times, Ceylon happily relaxed herself, the tender muscles and meat of her pussy letting the torrent of cum to explode from her lips around his shrivelling, post-coitus member. She could feel all its warmth tricling out down between her legs, gumming her up and soaking the grass beneath her in a bubbly mass of creamy seed. She took a few awkward steps forward as Melvar released his grip on her, hind legs stiff and bent as she arched her spine, angling her vaginal opening down to funnel every bit of seed out of her. She grunted again and squeezed down, this time forcing every last drop from her womb in a messy, farty eruption of bubbly cum.

To her delight, she felt a beak pressing up against the underside of her tail, a tongue lapping along either side of her soft, velvety lips. He was cleaning her off, cleaning up his own mess. Drakes never did that, the post-coital bliss made them lose all sexual desire, and no drake ever liked the taste of his own mess once he was done making the mess.

This painted Melvar in a wholly different light for Ceylon, who happily laid her chest down ont he ground as she enjoyed the hippogryph's well-trained tongue lapping over her folds and slipping into her to get every last bit of mess that was in, on, and around her opening. She didn't wink, for fear of making even more of a mess, but it was hard. The thick muscular tendril was so expertly darting in and out of her, soaking up all the sticky mess it could before pulling out, swallowing it, and pushing in again.

"Th-thank you Melvar." Ceylon cooed at him as her eyes rolled back in her skull.

Melvar didn't respond. He just kept lapping at her, once again bringing his talons up to either side of her rump to slip his thumbs in her now tender flesh. The gem on his forehead was throbbing and glowing with each beat of his heart as he used its light to let him see what was left of the mess he had to clean up. Once again, he spread her wide, the strands of fluid and cum stretching from one side of her vaginal canal to the other.

HE licked every bit of it up. He opened her up wide and buried his beak into her and plunged that tongue of his deep into her until she was clean as could be from clitoris to cervix.

Once he was happy with his cleaning job, he slowly let her lips close up around his thumbs before slowly pulling out and giving the underside of her tail a gentle nuzzle and a beaky kiss to her engorged clit before hopping out from behind her to sit beside the gryphon diety.

"Again, thank you, Melvar." Ceylon moaned at him, slowly lowering her tail between her runp cheeks to protect herself.

"No, thank you." Melvar retorted. "Nobody's ever been this kind to me. Usually, they just assume I'm all about violence and want to kill me or eradicate me. You are the only one who seems to understand me, or want to know more about me. You're the only one I've met that's so eagerly wanted me to do that to you. No fear, I respect that. No hatred, I admire that. No regrets, I can get behind that."

"I told you, Melvar, I just want to get to know you." Ceylon cooed at him, her bliss still tingling from her nethers right up into her neck and down to the bottom of her tail. "That said, if you look out over this cliff, just past the great lake at the bottom of the mountain is the capitol of Arrenthen. There, you will meet Queen Talba Ebonoldty. I would be honored to escort you there. I'm sure we could find something for you to do there that would be productive beyond constantly mounting the queen."

Melvar chuckled and sat down next to Ceylon overlooking the cliff. There were multiple puddles of cum, precum, female fluids, lubrication and downy feathers all over the plateau. For now, they enjoyed the sun slowly setting to the west over the mountains. "I can't wait to meet her, if she's as kind and generous as you."

"Oh trust me, she's going to be happier to meet you."

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