Carrying On: Part 1

Story by Starlight Nova on SoFurry

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#10 of Role Plays

Seems like I have yet another RP to show you guys. This one is with SherlockWho and her character Adele, who has gone into her first heat and is hiding from any male who might want to take her. My character as usual is StarLight Nova who is flying around in the area when he picks up her scent. After introducing himself, he offers his help in soothing her heat, planning on licking her until she is satisfied, but becomes surprised when she says she wants him as a mate and for him to take her. After some thought, he does, and the rest is for you to read. This RP has been going for some time, progressing gradually, and contains happiness, anger, and worry. Being the last of his kind, what will StarLights life with his new mate lead him to?


Adele whimpered a little bit as she smelled the musk in the air. Her iridescent purple scales hid her in the cave she found and hid in. It was her first mating season, and she was VERY nervous. Who would claim her as their own? Make her gravid with his eggs? Just as long as she didn't get caught she hoped no one. Her wings rested on her back, sharp points on the end of them. But her own heat began to betray her, the smell wafting into the air.

StarLight Nova:

** ** The air flowed in neat curves around my form as I sliced through the morning air. For anyone looking up, they would see a pure silver dragon with large broad and muscular wings. Two, straight horns that tapered to a dangerously sharp tip adorned my head accompanied by two rather expressive ear frills. Almost luminescent emerald green eyes sat on either side of my head, scanning the horizon lazily while I bask in the warming glow of the sun.

I soon spot a small lake on the edge of a forest. Knowing I had flown long enough today with nothing to do, I swoop down to slate my thirst before enjoying my leisure time. A few drops of crystal clear water run of my nearly perfect scales, only a few scars and chips seen here and there over the many decades wondering around, looking for something to do, someone to meet.

Before I head back up into the freedom served by the sky, I catch a faint scent of something that stirs the heat in my loins. A female dragoness, and relatively close by as well. I have been around long enough to memorize a dragon's age by their scent alone, although this one seems to be slightly different, sweeter, tantalizing. She must be in heat. I rationalize.

Not wanting to scare her off, I begin to make my way into the forest to her location. I may be the only species of my kind, but I do not mind. I am unique anyway. I take my time in formulating what I am going to say to her while I pass through the viridian forest, listening to the breeze flow past me. I have always liked the smell of the air, the forest, the freedom it gives.


Adele soon heard footsteps, realizing a male had caught her smell. She soon came out of her cave and saw the male. The purple shown off against the sunlight, making her seem slightly bigger than her small frame really showed.

Her own ear frills were small, as well as a pair of small curved horns on top of her head. "H...Hello..." She said to him, her heat seeming a lot stronger as he came close to the dragoness, making the girl look away in embarrassment at the thought of him knowing her secret now that he could smell it.

StarLight Nova:

It took me longer than I thought to search for where the young dragoness was. All the different mingling scents in the forest threw me off course, but it was not enough to deter me. The hills come closer as morning turns into noon. I probably would have not spotted the dark colored dragoness right away had she not came out of the nearly indiscernible cave on her own.

The sun shone down on her vibrant hide, illuminating her purple scales as if they were priceless gems. On appearance, she seems to be only a foot smaller than me with small ear frills that almost match mine and two horns that curve down slightly instead of going straight. Her hesitant voice breaks me out of my trance as I focus more on what she said.

"There is no need to be afraid of me. I mean you no harm. I was just passing by when I noticed your smell. May I have the courtesy of asking what your name is fair dragoness." I ask, suppressing my arousal so as not to disturb her.

Her heat is definitely getting to me this close to her, but I absolutely do not want to scare her. Even though my larger size is intimidating, I lower my ear frills and body to the ground, to make her at ease in my presence and to help with my arousal.


** ** Adele blushed slightly at the kindness he showed, but nodded as he lowered his body to the ground. She eyed the male for over a minute before relaxing a bit. "My name is Adele; may I ask your name sir?"

The fact that he was being kind to her made her tense body seem to relax a bit as her tail flicked, her wings stretching out a little bit as she continued to look at the male. She seemed content for what she saw; glad he wasn't there to mate with her on the spot.

She'd seem young, fertile. Many a male would want her gravid with his eggs, to carry on his bloodline, which is most likely why she was hiding out at the beginning of mating season.

StarLight Nova:

** ** Seeing the young dragoness slowly relax brings a smile to my face. "My name is StarLight Moon. You can just call me Star if you want." I reply, swishing my tail to the right, tipped with a spade like blade that can cut into flesh and bone easily enough. I dull it most of the time out of caution around friends or new acquaintances.

I briefly expand my wings and extend my ear frills, giving a big yawn as the noon day sun feels nice on my silver reflective scales. I resettle my wings quickly, not trying to impress or scare Adele. Once I relax my ear frills, I shift my position, both to get comfortable and give myself relief from my arousal that seems to have stopped for now.

"What might you be doing out here all alone little one? You know it is not safe this time of year." I ask her. I do know it is mating season, but I would never force myself onto a helpless dragoness just to sate my lust. I am not a beast driven by my base instincts. I am a warrior, born to protect those who can't do it themselves.


** **"Well, Star... I was hiding so that the majority of the males would pass over me since it is mating season... I'm nervous since I am new to the game. So I've been waiting for a while to see who I myself could find." She said honestly, watching Star stretch his wings.

"I know it's not the best idea to hide, I just didn't want to put myself out there right away, you know?" She said to him, sighing a bit as she closed her eyes.

StarLight Nova:

** ** I smile politely as Adele explains why she was hiding. A dragoness's first heat is always the most trying. If they have not grown up with siblings or friends, they may not know what to expect at first.

"Adele," I respond, waiting a few seconds until she raises her head to look at me. "I know that you may be afraid, but not all males are driven just to sate their lust." I stand up, slowly padding over to her small form. Well, not much smaller than me but she seems to be gentle, as if a feather would break her.

I then lower myself so as to stare into her brilliant yellow eyes. She shrinks back, neck curling into an S, unsure of what I am going to do. "Although we may have just met, I want you to know I will gladly be your friend, either to help you, or shelter you from others. I will not impose myself on you unless you want it." I say before backing off a few feet to give her some room. I settle back onto all fours, leaning slightly on my left to await her response, tail idly swishing to and fro while my wings rest gently on my back.


** ** Adele whimpered a little as he got close to her, backing up a little bit as her yellow eyes stared at him. Soon however, she came close to him, nuzzling his neck and blushed. "Thank you Star. You're very kind." She said as she smiled.

Her tail began to flick as well, in a kind of seductive way. Though her heat was starting to take affect of her body, the feeling of a male this close to her for her first heat cycle, it was almost too much to handle as she backed up.

The smell was almost intoxicating; Adele soon on all fours, turning to lay on her back in hopes that he would perhaps help her through her first time with heat.

StarLight Nova:

** ** I start to purr when Adele nuzzles my neck in appreciates. "It's what I do." I reply. I see her back off, flicking her tail back and forth. Somehow, I know she wants me to help her. Seeing as how I have gained her trust, I steadily rise back onto all fours and pad forward to her while she lies on her back, wings partially stretched and tail swishing back and forth, revealing her sex which is slightly puffy and swollen from obvious need.

I get close to her before straddling her tail, lowering myself down so that my chest is near her hind legs. My control over my arousal is still firm, but is sure to melt away at the first signs that she wants me to take her instead of just help her. My nostrils flare wide, inhaling her wonderful heat laced scent. My purring increases as Adele watches me with apt fascination.

"Are you sure you want me to help you?" I ask cautiously, fearful that even my control could diminish over time.


** **"Yes, Star. Could you?" She said as she watched the male straddle her tail. She wanted Star to help her, just as long as they could both keep self-control over their desires for mating.

She wondered what he could do to help, her eyes showing a true interest in what he had in mind. Her tail stopped flicking so that he could begin his work, purring a little bit as her wings stretched out a little more.

StarLight Nova:

Smiling, I extend my right leg to gently rest on the inside of her left hind leg, slowly messaging her scales, feeling the subtle heat flowing through them in a combination of natural body temperature and her heat. "Relax, I will not hurt you." I say with a croon, lowering my neck to bring my muzzle just inches away from her inviting sex.

Don't lose control. I am here just to help her, not scare her. I tell myself, breathing in lungful's of her exotic scent makes me squirm, member eager to be released from its fleshy confinement. Adele wiggles at the slightest touch I give her, making her purr as well. I gradually move my left arm to hold her right hind leg, pushing them apart so that I can access her wet folds easier.

She complies after a few seconds of hesitation. I look back up and nudge her consciousness with my own mind, letting my feelings tell her that she is safe with me. I bring my head back down, blowing hot streams of pleasure inducing air right onto her glistening sex. The muscles in her hind legs spasm shortly at the barest touch as I continue slowly messaging her inner thighs with love and emotion.

Thinking I have teased her enough, I bring my snout down to touch firmly on her slowly emerging clitoris, making her shake with restrained pleasure. I just move my head up and down marginally, playing with her highly sensitive clit before parting her sex slowly with my rough hewn tongue.


** ** Adele couldn't help the spazzing muscles; his teasing made her all the more wanting of his attention and love. She loved the feeling of what he was doing, purring loudly as her sex became all the more wet.

Though the hesitation for her was almost impulsive, she sighed and let him take over, knowing he wasn't going to hurt her in any way possible. Maybe giving herself to him wasn't going to be a bad thing if she asked him if he was willing.

"S...Star..." She moaned as she began to shake, her body shuddering when he parted her sex. It was tight, unused and ready for the taking. "I...Is it OK if I ask of you to claim me? I know we just met, but... I feel safe with you, enough for you to be my mate."

StarLight Nova:

** ** I pause, lifting my snout away from her increasingly wet and swollen sex while staying my paws. The question catches me off guard, but it makes me think for a moment. Yes, it is true we have just met, but I do not want to do anything she is uncomfortable with. But, seeing as how 'she' asked 'me' then, I don't see why not I can't accept the role of being her mate. The first one to take her virginity, to make love to her, maybe even make her gravid with my eggs.

All while I am thinking, Adele regains some of her senses and raises her neck to look at me. She frowns, seeing as how I am completely frozen, lost in my own world. My breathing is steady, not fast paced and filled with lust, but slow and indecisive. I think my hesitation may have set something off in her in a sense I was not interested, but in truth, I was overjoyed.

Finally getting a hold of myself, I shake my head to clear away the thoughts, ear frills flapping and extending before relaxing. Looking back up at her perplexed and concerned look, I raise my body a few inches, my hands hovering over her slick and unscratched scales on her hind legs, taking in her exquisite form. My breathing gradually increases as I allow myself some freedom from my restraint.

Her form is gorgeous to me, beautiful in every way, a young dragoness for me, young; just a young adult for me who has entered into her first heat. Oh how will I make her enjoy it. A deep rumbling emits from the bottom of my chest, surely felt by the young and slender dragoness below me. My undefined love blossoms tenfold as she takes me on willingly as her mate. The fact she asked me to take her, to make me hers, fills me with happiness.

I don't put my answer into words yet, instead I walk slowly and carefully up her body, taking in every detail she has to offer. I may not know what she is thinking, but a guess at nudging the front of her consciousness with my mind tells me she is nervous as to what I am doing. I soon put her at ease, fully covering her form with my imposing physique. I lower myself onto her chest, spreading my wings, engulfing her in shadows. I entwine our tails, making her yelp out in surprise before taking my opportunity to plunge my maw against hers at a ninety-degree angle for a draconic kiss.

My member becomes strained uncomfortably against my vaginal slit, wanting to be free, to enter into a passageway to impregnate a lucky female with its sperm. After a few seconds of passionate kissing, I raise my head; chest scales scraping against one another in a harmony of music while my ear frills naturally extend forward to display my affection. My slit containing my member hangs just inches over her untried and virgin sex. Smiling happily, I give my answer.

"Of course Adele. I will accept being your mate. Just tell me how you want to be taken. Right here and now, traditionally on all fours, or ritualistically in the air?" I ask her, chest thrumming with pleasure and content at my newfound mate. Even for how strange the circumstances, I never let an opportunity go to waste.


** ** Adele worried that she may have had said something wrong when he froze, her slender form freezing slightly as she began to breathe shallowly. Why did he freeze up in front of her? She didn't know!

When she raised her head up, she nuzzled his neck, hoping to ease him out of whatever stress he was having with her. But she felt a sense of joy coming from him. She blushed and laid down again, her dripping sex becoming more swollen and wet with need.

Though she began to look the bigger male over. Strong, imposing to other males that may try to take her away. The thought of him protecting her if she became gravid with his eggs made her face red. Something about him made her happy. He made her feel.... Safe in a way almost.

When he began to walk over her, her eyes grew wide for a minute, not knowing what he was going to do to her. As he got down on her, she gasped and whimpered, but as his wings engulfed her, she looked up to where his face should be. His tail wrapping around hers of course made her yelp, it was very unexpected. The kiss however, made her relax under his wings.

"On all fours. I like that tradition." She said softly, her heart beginning to race in her chest as she finally knew she was going to be claimed as his. She wiggled a little bit, seeming excited by what was going to happen.

StarLight Nova:

I give one final nuzzle and affectionate lick to her neck, behind her ear frill before standing up and walking backwards to give my new mate some space. I let my restraint fall; the magic holding my draconic member inside fades as it quickly engorges with blood and spills forth, all 5'7" splaying into the warm air. My knot pulses with eagerness, waiting to lock inside my mate and most likely make her gravid with my eggs while a few beads of pre-cum leak out of the tip.

I wait for her to get up and take her own position, opting to gaze upon her stunning form. Even for a young dragoness, she has quite the body. Her small yet sizable ear frills and horns just at the crisp of blooming into something bigger. Her wings hold untold growth, soon to fill out with defined muscle to hold her indefinitely in glorious flight. Her legs seem a little scrawny, yet not overly so to take away from her overall nature. Soon enough, I will catch enough meat to make them fill out with raw muscle, enough to hold my weight for countless sessions of lustful mating.

I partially spread my wings, eager to mount my new mate, my new love for the first time. I will be sure to take it slow so she can feel the passionate romance between us. My only concern is if she can take my knot, let alone girth. At a length of 5'7", with a girth of 8" ¾, some females would be intimidated by my size if they were shorter than me. She is a foot smaller than me, but if I use some of my magic, maybe I can make it so it will not hurt. I would do nothing to harm her in any way. I just wait for her to finish taking up position, her flanks expanding and contracting with each of her lust induced breathes, ready to be taken by her new mate as she presents her rear for me, her moist and puffy sex glistening with unused juices, ready to be penetrated.


** ** Adele smiled as she felt the lick and nuzzle, blushing a little bit as she looks at him before gasping at the size of his member. Soon relaxing quite a bit after seeing how much he wanted to please her.

She nodded a little, getting up and turning around so he could mount her. Her wings spread flat, so he could get on her easier as she bit her lip. Would he feel good inside her? Who knew, but she was very nervous about it.

Adele rumbled, letting him know that he could start; her sex ready for whatever he had in store for her. She made sure that she was comfortable, sighing in anticipation of what was about to happen to her.

StarLight Nova:

I growl lustfully once I see my mate presenting her dripping sex to me. I pad slowly up to her, taking my time to finish reveling in the sight of her curves, the tone of her untried muscles and the shine of her purple scales. Adele looks back at me, slightly nervous as to the size of my shaft. I lower my head, blowing a steady stream of hot air across her engorged clitoris. The pleasure shoots straight to her brain, igniting the fire of lust within her and making her gasp in surprise.

I drag my rough tongue across her sensitive folds, caressing and teasing her, making her wet so she can take my large member easier without any discomfort. Every so often, I dart my tongue in, scraping against her silky walls, making her shake in pleasure as her wings flutter uncontrollably. I take a step forward, plunging further into the depths of her tight vent, not going as far as to touch her hymen, but to immerse her in a world of pleasure. My touch makes her hiss and grunt in bliss, waiting what is to come next.

Knowing I can't keep her waiting for too long, I stop my administrations and ready myself to mount her. I bunch up my hind legs before walking forward and jumping up, hooking my front legs in the crevice between her hind legs and flanks. I pad forward a few steps, adjusting my weight until I am comfortable. I lean forward, gently nipping her ear frills in love. "The first time always hurts. I will try to ease your discomfort as best I can." I whisper to her, draconic shaft poised and ready to enter her dripping sex as it leaks some pre-cum.


** ** Adele couldn't help it, the pleasure he was giving her was amazing! She moaned and purred, the ground seeming to rumble a bit as she felt the pleasure of his licking. She wanted to feel how a male felt, and his teasing did not help her.

She listened intently when he spoke to her, nodding a little bit. Pain was to be expected at this point, no turning back from it. But she felt....Loved. He was showing her the love that a mate should give her, and she smiled and blushed. "OK." she whispered back, getting comfortable with the position.

StarLight Nova:

Readying myself, I slowly start to bring my hips forward, gradually increasing the pressure of my draconic shaft against Adele's virgin sex. The initial contact is enough to make my heart shiver. Luckily, I restrain myself for now, waiting until after I have driven myself hilt deep to properly mate her.

Inch after inch, second after pleasurable second, I thrust my member further into her tight and contracting vent before the tip pops in. Adele gasps at the size of my shaft, but breathes deeply and braces herself. Purring deeply with full affectionate love, I lean forward, moving my arms to just below her forelegs, taking a firm grasp below her chest while her wings are pulled against her frame. Her tail is bent forward to allow me entrance into her divine and pulsing tunnel.

I lower my snout to her head, whispering loving words of faith and encouragement that the pain will pass soon enough. My draconic ridges now enter her tight passageway one at a time, squeezing in pleasurably, making me shake at the feeling. The tightness of her vent, the wet silkiness that encompasses my shaft drives any rational part of my mind behind bars. This is where most drakes would lose control, but not me. I am unique. What my mate might not know is that I am half human/half dragon. I would prefer if she did not find out. It would only make it awkward if she did. But, if my mate requests me to tell her who I really am, I am obligated to tell her. The only thing I would say in return is that she knows I love her with all my heart.

As most of my shaft and ridges are tightly squeezed and messaged from within my mate's virgin sex, I finally come upon her hymen. Now is the time that I would usually tell her if she is sure she wants to continue, but looking into her consciousness once more with my mind, I find she is willing to take the pain for me. The pain experienced for a few seconds is no match for the love and pleasure gained for a lifetime. Without hesitation, I stop my forward thrusting, raising my head a little and position my hind legs for final penetration.

I can feel my mate tensing up, herself feeling the tip of my shaft touching the wall separating my cock from her egg chamber. I gently nudge my mind into her consciousness, filling her head with oceans of love and compassion, having her know I will be with her for every second after I claim her as my mate. When she becomes gravid with my eggs, I let her know I will protect her, defend her.

In the span of a few seconds, I claim Adele as my mate, pulling back, steadying my frame with my powerful tail and muscular legs while spreading my wings to their fool extent before slamming back in, thrusting forward, claiming Adele as my mate. As I thrust forward, hilting her up to my knot, I lower my head and bite down on her neck firmly, infusing some of my magic into her body to diminish the pain and increase the pleasure. My ear frills press against my neck in reflex as the pleasure courses up my body and into my mind. Her hymen is torn in one brutal thrust before I still my motions so she can get used to my large girth. Her sex is spread wide, almost as wide as she would be when laying eggs.

Her engorged clitoris shakes from the abrupt pounding, sending large shockwaves of pleasure rushing into her brain, overwhelming the diminutive amount of pain caused by her broken hymen. Rivers of vaginal fluids mixed with blood rush out of her folds, past my shaft and knot and onto the ground as her walls instinctively clench around my firm member. Our time together has only just begun.


** ** Adele moaned softly at the feeling of his shaft pressing against her sex, not knowing how nice of a feeling he was going to give her when he entered. A small growl of affection comes from her, telling him that she is relaxed.

When she felt his front arms wrap around her, she fully relaxed, making the passage easier for him to enter her tight entryway for him. The feeling was amazing, though a little bit painful since the size and the length of him was huge. She shuddered in bliss as he began to push forward even more.

When she felt him hit her hymen, Adele shuddered. This was the moment she was waiting for, to be finally claimed to be a mate. Him telling her that he'd be with her after he claimed her as his own, she smiled. A growl of love and compassion came from her lips, her eyes looking at him with pure joy.

Those few seconds seemed like an eternity. When finally hilted, she moaned loudly and shuddered. The pleasure that Adele got from Star made her sex clench and constrict against him. It was feeling fantastic so far, and she hoped that he was getting the same pleasure he was from the experience. "Y...You can start to move love..."

StarLight Nova:

** ** The initial jolt of pleasure overwhelms me as my knot bounces against her slick folds, indenting her sex as it squeezes more vaginal juices from her vent. Rivulets of blood drain past my shaft, soon stopping completely as Adele whispers that she is ready to be taken. Still having a firm grip around her neck with my teeth, not yet penetrating her scales, I slowly, agonizing pull back, dragging my member out as each of my ridges pull and tug on her walls sensually, eliciting violent shivers of lust from her.

Once just the tip of my member lies within her convulsing vent, I thrust back in, holding nothing back as I immediately set up a quick tempo. My draconic ridges continually stimulate my mate, making her shiver in pleasure as her silky walks clamp down on my shaft, making me grunt in return. Both our ear frills are pressed against our head, both out bodies reveling in the traditional act of mating. My tail swishes back and forth, wings fully extended to balance my form while I make love to my mate.

As time goes on, my knot gradually starts to inflate. I can feel the muscles in her vent become erratic, uneven as the pressure in her loin's increases. While my mate nears her first climax, I am slowly working my way towards mine, a small tugging sensation making it known as I clench my teeth in pure bliss, thrusting faster into her rapidly contracting walls as we both enjoy our first time.

The length and girth of my shaft stretches her uncomfortably so, but any discomfort is dimmed by the magic flowing through my maw and into her neck. As I lengthen my thrusts, speeding up as our sexual pleasure rises, the tip of my shaft starts to poke and prod to the small opening to her egg chamber. I am sure she feels it, Adele tensing up after time I hit against her cervix, widening it marginally every time until it starts to loosen.


** ** Adele gasped as she began to feel him teasingly push in and out, groaning softly as her ear frills went against her head. Oh, how it felt amazing to feel him mate with him, finally.

She moaned and cooed as she felt the male's ridges insert and escape her, the feeling immeasurable. All she ever thought about mating was now out the window, and she was now thinking in a new light as she thought about eggs.

Though the feeling was suddenly dimmed by the amounts of pure bliss he was giving her. A small rumble of appreciation and love came out of her body as her natural body heat seemed to be stronger. Maybe because she was in utter joy, or because she was just close to climaxing for the first time.

Soon however, after her cervix began to loosen, she felt wave after wave of pure and utter bliss. She had just climaxed, and it was the most wonderful thing she had ever felt before in her lifetime.

StarLight Nova:

** ** My mate soon reaches her first glorious climax, shaking in the throes of pleasure as her vent clamps down on my shaft with unheeded strength; tugging, goading it deeper. I grunt and subtly shift my stance closer, thrusting forward with greater insistence as my knot continually slams against her wet outer folds, splaying her juices onto the ground and around our haunches. The sides of her vent are partially extended, dragging out into the open air as I pull back before I slam forwards again.

Her cervix is by now loose enough for penetration, but I do not tie with my mate yet, still deciding to let the pleasure rise as I mate with her for the first time. Soon enough, Adele's oversensitive vent starts to contract and pulse again in the signs of another climax. My member begins to harden further, ridges digging firmly into her inner flesh, rubbing them, teasing them as the tip of my shaft gradually penetrates the first few inches into her egg chamber as generous amounts of pre-cum make the penetration much easier.

With each of my bone jarring thrusts, her cervix is spread wider; the pleasure in my mind rises as well as the steadily growing pressure within my loins. My mate quickly comes to her second large orgasm, muscles shaking and contracting automatically as my grip on her neck hardens, small, thin trails of blood starting to seep down her neck and onto the ground. Her tail flags under the weight of my chest while her wings stretch against the sides of my arms, the sharp spikes on the end of her wing tips pinching my scales, but not overly so to adhere me from my task.

Her vent continues to vainly squeeze and milk my cock for its seed. It is not long before my own pleasure begins to be too much. My knot rapidly inflates, becoming harder to thrust into my love, my mate. With greater urgency, I start to ram my hips against my mate's haunches, knot pounding discomfortingly against her sex. I increase the flow of my magic, further dimming any unease she feels, trading it for pure pleasure.

After her second climax is done, leaving her writhing and moaning, grunting and hissing beneath my silvery form, she quickly builds up to a third, potentially even stronger than her first and second orgasm combined. With my own pleasure reaching its peak, I use some of my magic on myself, strengthening the length and force of my thrusts, desperately seeking to knot myself with my mate, the one who willingly chose me as her mate.


** ** Adele moaned as they continued to mate, wanting his seed badly to make her gravid. She gasped as she felt his knot against the outer folds of her sex, hoping it wouldn't feel too bad when it entered her.

The feeling of his still hardening member makes me gasp, plowing through a second orgasm with a loud growl of ecstasy. The second one more powerful than the first one that rolled through her body made it all the more pleasurable.

The feeling of him still continued to make her moan and writhe against his thick girth, making her nuzzle against him from time to time to encourage him to continue with his efforts to breed her, make her his. Though she thought that it would be a much more painful experience she was amazed that he was trading her discomfort for pleasure.

Her third orgasm was quickly building inside of her loins, making her clench her teeth as her mate continued to thrust into her. She whimpered weakly as she began to pant, needing his knot inside her to seal the deal.

StarLight Nova:

** ** With a few more forceful thrusts that visible move Adele forward a few inches across the ground, I finally pop my knot into her tight and rapidly pulsating vent. In one shove, my knot strains against her sex, creating a whole other world of blinding pleasure to me. Adele gasps and stiffens; her third and strongest climax yet just seconds away. Even with the help of my magic transferring my mates discomfort into pleasure, the size of my almost fully engorged knot stretches her a bit wider than normal before it enters, inflating the rest of the way, locking us together as mates.

That one last thrust is all it takes for my will to crumble. Once my knot fully locks with Adele, also penetrating into her already loosened cervix, creating a two-pronged seal, my member hardens painfully before spurting the first hot blast of semen directly into my mate's egg chamber. Her third soul racking climax is right behind as I release her neck, blood pouring down in a steady stream as I roar my love to the skies as my mate follows shortly after.

My seed gushes into her empty egg chamber, rushing to inseminate her fertile eggs. Her vent squeezes my knot painfully hard as she climaxes while our roars die off and we lie shaking with ecstasy. I give a few more instinctual thrusts, my fully engorged knot keeping me from separating from my newly acquired mate. My tail lashes from side to side while my wings flap, cooling us off as we enjoy our earth shattering orgasms.


Adele scratched at the ground as she was dragged against the ground, groaning a little bit as she felt his knot enter her tight entrance. How strange the feeling! Then she felt the blood that he had released from his biting. She growled softly before relaxing a little.

When she heard him roar, she did as well, both seeming to do a duet of sorts. Knowing all too well that she was fertile with his eggs, she nuzzled his neck, and gave soft growls of affection as they lay there, shaking with the after effects of their love making. "I think you did it..." She said softly with a chuckle.

StarLight Nova:

** ** I lay panting, wings shaking from the afterglow of my explosive climax. I feel my mate nuzzle my neck in love, cooing to me as we rest while I continue to eject a steady stream of semen into her already swelling stomach. The denizens of eggs that her body had released while in heat are to have surely been penetrated by my sperm, ensuring that my bloodline does not die out. My tail swishes back and forth lazily while I lower my head to lick at the slowing stream of blood that is pooling around the puncture wounds I made in her neck.

I start to purr deeply, holding my mate firmly with my front legs as her own climax winds down. "I know we did. I love you very much Adele, my mate. I thank you for choosing me as your mate. I will be there for you every second while you are gravid, until our last breath." I whisper, using my magic to ease any remnants of pain that she has. Certainly my knot entering her tight sex would have made her squirm in discomfort even with the help of my magic. Now that we are together, I am here to stay.

While we lay there, exhausted, waiting for my knot to deflate, I trail my claws down her distended stomach full of my cum, relishing in the close contact and heat being emitted by her body. Her vent weakly contracts and squeezes my spent shaft, still milking it for its semen. The juices made by our love lay splattered on our haunches as I lather her neck in oceans of my love, cleaning the mating wounds that I had made.


Adele yawned as she woke up in the cave, stretching her wings out slightly. The sound of birds entered her ears, making her open her eyes with a small smile. She was snuggled close to Star, already starting to feel the effects of being gravid with his eggs. To be honest she wasn't as scared as she'd thought she'd be. Then again it was only a couple days in.

She slowly stood up and walked to the outside of the cave entrance, sniffing the air for any signs of trouble before she decided to go into the forest. Instead she decided to wait for her mate to wake up, so she walked back in and nuzzled him, keeping close now.

StarLight Nova:

** ** My breathing is slow and steady as yet another day dawns on the world. My ear frills rise and lower to the motion of my head while my wings rest neatly on my back. Next to me is my beautiful mate, Adele, who is snuggled up to me while we sleep together. The first few days after I had claimed her were spent deciding where to make our home and our nest while I hunt for our food.

Being the overcautious male, let alone mate, I set up a dozen or so wards around our territory, the more potent ones surrounding our cave in the middle of a mountain. We had found it not long after we had woken up. Well, should I say 'I' found it when I quickly searched for food for my mate and myself. The cave was spacious, large enough to hold four adult sized dragons three times my size with an overhang of rock where we could both sun ourselves and take off as well as land.

Once I had guided Adele to our new home, not before placing some basic wards to warn me of any intruders, I went out to gather material to build our nest. Adele could have come along, but she was a little worn out from her multiple climaxes and intense mating. Not that I would have minded if she came or not, I felt I could do it faster by myself.

Over the next few days, I spent my time helping my mate build our nest for our future hatchlings as well as place stronger and deadlier wards around our cave and general mountain area. Whenever Adele watched me place wards, all she saw was my concentration; eyes closed while I muttered incomprehensible words in a foreign language. When she asked me what I was doing, I responded by saying I was using my magic to protect our home.

I did the same for our territory the day after. Adele protested she was well enough to come along and hunt for herself, so I let her, keeping a watchful eye as any mate should. I let her pick our boundaries, only chipping in from time to time if I thought the some change would be more advantageous than a disadvantage. Even though I look young, I am much older than I look, having decades of experience in both holding a territory and fighting. But, on occasion, my training is not yet complete, and I can still be taken by surprise should I come across an opponent clever and wise enough to outwit me.

But getting back to the morning, it is lovely as the position of the entry to our cave lets the sun shine in from the morning to well past noon. The faint call of birds echo in my ear as I feel a lost presence by my side that soon returns, having decided to wait till her mate wakes up. It does not take long before a ray of sunlight dashes onto my scaly eyelid, probing me awake so I can start another wonderful day.


** ** Adele purred softly when she felt him begin to stir, nuzzling him a little more to let him know that she was still there. The sun felt great against her back, making her walk over to the overhang to relax. She lay on her back, wings spread out as she scratched her stomach with one of her front claws.

Though the morning was still high, she felt a sense of someone coming near. She thought nothing of it at first, knowing that her mate's wards were potent enough to let other dragons know that there were already dragons here.

Soon a stirring from the sky made her look up, a flapping of wings. It looked like another dragon of sorts, but kept its distance away from the cave; so she felt like there was no reason to fear that it would swoop down to try to claim her as their own.

Every day, she was starting to fill out slightly, just noticeable if you were with her for the past couple days. Her horns and ear frills were starting to grow out, as well as her wings.

StarLight Nova:

** ** I slowly come to my senses as the presence of my mate leaves again. Over the past few days, my attention to our hatchlings and her nourishment had seen a slight increase in the size of her horns, ear frills and wings. Her hind legs gained more muscle mass too, although it would take a couple weeks for her to grow into a proper dragoness. Still, she was just a young adult, not far from adolescence.

An unfamiliar scent grabs my attention, the smell of another drake. My eyes fly open as a deep rumble starts to emit from within my chest. I raise my head, sniffing the air while blinking my eyes. Maybe it was a false alarm? I think as I spot my mate on her back with her wings outstretched, taking in the high morning sun. I ruffle my ear frills, extending them forward while stretching my wings before giving a big yawn.

I gaze back at my mate who looks to be serene, her form, her egg packed stomach, her purple scales glistening in the sun. The happiness of the moment is broken by a breech in my wards. So it must have been the scent of another male. I think to myself. I placed the most potent wards around the cave entrance. Anything that landed would get their strength sapped steadily by my spells. When you entered into the cave, my wards triggered that would put you into a strong paralysis, unable to move for however long I deem worthy.

I quickly get up, shaking the sleepiness out of my limps as the drake stays a good distance away from the cave. Even when I sleep, my wards alert me to any trespassers. At that time, it was nothing, so I slumbered on, until now that is. Extending my magical senses, I tap into my pool of magic and gather all the information I can about this drake that has trespassed on our territory.


** ** Adele soon got up, looking at the sky as the Drake got closer. Who was he and why did he decide to end up here out of all the places? Maybe he was just lost and needed someone to help with directions. Her eyes scanned the sky, seeing the maroon scales block out some of the sun.

The male circled the area. Seemingly much more muscular, and a bit more aged. He looked down at the female with a glint in his eye, a perfect female who seems to be out of her first heat cycle. But another male was nearby. He must have claimed her nonetheless. He grunted, seeming to get a little closer.

He was able to get a little closer to the female, sensing that she was carrying eggs. She was fresh out of adolescence and taken. Though he might have to persuade her to come with him to get what he wanted. A mate, since his first one had abandoned him for another, younger male. His ear frills were showing age, bitten in some areas. Scars on his scales and body showed fights that had happened to him.

"Why out here by yourself, dear? You seem quite young to be carrying a male's eggs so early in your lifetime." He said in a rustic tone to his voice as he looked her over with a smile on his face.

StarLight Nova:

** ** _ I should have known._ I think to myself. What are the chances of a drake coming into our territory a few days after I had claimed Adele as my mate? Well, if he plans on taking her as his mate, then he has to get through me first. I slow my breathing and use my wards to tell what his position is, what color his scales are; the design of his body and approximately how old he is.

That's odd. I think I know him. I mean, I have not seen him in many decades, but I was there when he was just a hatchling. I could be mistaken, but my friend does have the same maroon colored scales. This should not be bothering me right now. There is a drake outside my home who wants to take my mate...Not going to happen. I growl low in my throat, casually striding forward to join my mate at her side.

The gradual change in sunlight does not impede me as I raise my neck to look at the intruding male. Big, wide wings buffet the air as he glides a safe distance from our cave. With my acute vision, I can spot many scars across his once pristine scales. His ears frills are ragged, torn in some areas. When he spoke to my mate while I was still in the cave confirmed that he was not the drake I knew from when he was a hatchling.

"What is your business here drake!" I speak loudly and clearly, voice a booming baritone. "Flee now or risk my claws sinking into your brittle scales as I rip out your flesh. Turn back, seek out another mate, I have already taken Adele as my own." I finish, moving my body in front of her, raising my wings and flaring out my ear frills to their full extent.

I, myself am not without battle wounds. The edges of my silver tipped wings are slightly frayed, long, sharp horns still strong but marred with scars and scrapes. I spread out my legs, taking a defensive stance as I whisper to Adele to go back into the cave and wait for me. The big male seems a little shaken when he sees me emerge, not entirely sure that the dragoness's mate would be home; instead thinking he was out hunting.


** **"Well, well, if it isn't the male. You've chosen a good female. But something seems... Off." He said smugly, looking the male over. Adele looked at the male who was flying and then at Star. She didn't think of it as anything, and walked back into the cave.

"You are quite the kind dragon. The ones before you just came straight for me as you can most likely tell. Why not head straight for me? Seems odd for a dragon to do bluff...." He said as he got closer.

Adele looked outside, blinking a little bit. She kept on guard as she watched the other drake come closer to her mate and growled loudly.

StarLight Nova:

** **"I Don't Bluff!" I roar, mountain vibrating from the force of my anger, fully extending my wings and ear frills before calming down. "I do not bluff." I say with an even tone, relaxing my ear frills partially but keeping my wings stretched out while moving back to shield Adele from the male's sight. "I am giving you a chance to leave now while you still have your dignity. Going up against me is suicidal. You would have to get past my wards first before you could even lay a bloody claw on my mate." I growl while lowering my head and baring my razor sharp teeth in a snarl, the spines running down my neck and back slowly, steadily getting larger, bigger, deadlier.

I don't like to fight. Well, I would be a hypocrite if I said that. I don't like to fight if I don't like to. When it is necessary, I go all out. If someone attacks my friend, especially my mate, or tries to steal them, I take great offense. From what I have gone through, it is hard for me to control my emotions, but Quin Shun has taught me how to channel that anger, how to release it and use it to its best extent. Most of the time it helps, but other times I can't help it and my anger spins out of control.


** **"Star, please..." She whispered, seeming frightened by him now, and hid into the cave. This made the other male chuckle, scanning Star now.

"Scaring your mate already..." He said to him with a smirk on his aged face.

Smoke began to roll out of his mouth, as well as his nose. "I had no intention of fighting you either. Going against a male much younger than me would be too much for my body to handle. I have a feeling though, that maybe that you are hiding something from your mate. You seem tense, almost like you don't want to fight, like something might happen to you if you did."

Soon the drake moved away from Star, shooting some fireballs near his feet. Adele gasped as she heard something, moving forward and as the drake saw her, he smirked and a fireball soon hit her head on. She yelped and fell to the ground, whimpering and curling up as the pain shot through her body.

StarLight Nova:

** ** I hear Adele whimper, flicking my gaze briefly to see her cowering form within the darkness of the cave before raising my head to look at the approaching drake. Listening to him taunt me, telling me about something my mate does not know. My body freezes as he subtly hints at my other form, of my human lineage. How could he possibly know? I shake, eyes going wide as he chuckles, moving away from me.

Before I know it, he is on the attack, launching a barrage of fireballs at me. I quickly regain my regal pose, neck in an elongated S while my eyes study the drake, watching him move through the air. My attention never wavers, but his true target is not me, his fireballs only splash around my feet, barely getting me to flinch.

With a surprised yelp of pain from behind, I quickly turn my head around, eyes widening as I spot Adele on the ground writhing in pain. My anger rapidly expands, becoming palpable in the air as I see my mate squirm helplessly on the ground. "ADELE!" I roar, ignoring the drake in the air to bound over to my wounded mate, lowering my mate to tentatively lick her neck. "Are you Ok? Where did he hit you?" I question frantically, anxiously moving my forelegs near my mate.

Her whimpers strike my soul, igniting a burning hatred inside of me. Not letting it control me just yet, I regain my calm demeanor for now and reach deep within my magical pool. Quickly crafting a complex healing spell, I extend my neck, firmly nuzzling her on her neck and then forehead where I suspect the fireball hit her. A visible green aura rises up around her, erasing the pain and healing any damaged nerves as well as tissue and muscle.

My rage yells at me, Take Him Down! I will not take this offense. A drake that would willingly hurt a gravid dragoness is just wrong. We drakes should protect them, not injure them. This makes him lower than the prey he eats, and that makes my blood boil. My scales start to melt, turning into soft tan hide. I casually turn around, returning my attention to the laughing drake. My eyes wield fire, my eyes contain death.

He does not know what he has gotten himself into. My slow, purposeful walk gradually gets faster I quickly approach the ledge of our cave. My wings shrink, merging into my back as my horns, ear frills, tail, and neck regress back into my main body. "You have made a grave mistake that will cost you your LIFE!" I spit at him, reaching the edge of the edge of the ledge.

Faster than he can comprehend, I transform into my human form, balancing on the edge of the cliff to our cave before launching myself forcibly through the air at him. His eyes widen in surprise but turn into laughable madness as he watches me jump off the cliff. My propulsion is not natural, but boosted by my hatred for the drake the hovers some distance from my home, my mate. His ignorance is his downfall, as I belt out a blood-curdling yell, "YOU WILL DIE." I shout at the top of my lungs, left arm extended with a wide curve with my left leg drawn up against my body while my right arm is tucked against my chest, both hands clenched into fists with my right leg stretched out from the jump.

My robes flutter behind me as I take aim at the drake. Blue, white, gold and some silver emblaze all around my form, settling firmly onto my physic while traveling through the air. My momentum aided by my centuries of training let me reach the ignorant drake. His happiness soon changes into disbelief as I hit him in the chest, knocking him out of the sky as we both fall down to the ground below.


** ** Adele looked at him as the pain intensified. "Star... I'm glad he didn't hurt you. I'll be fine." She whispered to him, nuzzling him weakly. Her neck and forehead were charred from the incident, still whimpering as tears began to fall down her face.

As she began to relax as he put the spell on her, the charring beginning to disappear, she still decided to keep curled up in the cave so the other drake couldn't get close to her.

The drake soon looked at the male with disbelief as his eyes grew wide with wonder. "So there was something you were hiding! I'm surprised. Wh---" He couldn't finish his sentence as the changed drake tackled him out of the air.

Adele tried to get up to see what was going on with them, but was still in a lot of distress from what had just happened to her. She whimpered as her mate went off, a sad little roar coming from her mouth.

Adele caught a glimpse of her mates other form, and she was taken by great surprise. Then she got scared and wondered, why did he keep it away from her? It wasn't a big deal, but now she was fearful of the eggs that she was bearing. Would they have the same thing he had?

StarLight Nova:

** ** My sudden transformation and flying tackle took the drake by surprise, which probably was why he did not retaliate while we fell to the forest below. The trees slowed his fall, but his tough scales kept him from serious harm. After I grappled the maroon drake, I twisted my form, launching off of him by kicking his scaled chest, separating us so he couldn't injure me anyway.

While my training takes hold, my increased agility and maneuverability letting me swing from branch to branch to slow my fall, I hear a thunderous boom as the drake shakes the forest floor with his body. Once I land on my nimble feet, I get up, slowly, unemotionally walking towards the site of impact.

No one, I mean no one, attacks my mate and gets away with it. This drake better be ready to fight for his life. If he thinks I will now be an easy target to kill now that I am human, he has another thing coming. I think to myself while streams of air whip around me in a violent vortex as my cap flaps and snaps in the angry flow. Weak branches and tree limps scatter, breaking off while I clench my fists with white-hot fury.

The drake destroyed a good amount of trees on his way down; he surely must be at least bruised in some way. Dragons are sturdy, able to fall and come out unscathed and unharmed, but falling from halfway up a mountain with an angry mate of a gravid dragoness that you just hurt barreling towards you, something has got to break. I just wonder what shape he will be in when I reach him, if he is even alive.


The drake grunted as he landed on the ground, thinking that something was broken. He got up to his feet with worry, now knowing that a rib was broken from the impact. Maybe he was a little bit too harsh on the male. Though right now, he had to focus on what was going on at the moment with the two of them.

Blood spilled from some of his scales, obviously getting cut on the way through the forest. His body shivered from the pain as he began to search for the male, though the pain seemed to have subdued him for the moment. He was now on the ground, his breathing heavy and long as he waited for the male to finish off the job.

StarLight Nova:

** ** My anger is palpable in the air as steam appears, joining the swirling vortex around me. The trees groan as the speed of the wind increases, closing in on what a tornado would feel like. Just up ahead is the drake that injured my mate. Even though my rage is tamed for now, I still have a sense of honor to let him tell me why he is here. Better trap him than let him move. I think as the drake by now has no doubt heard the violent tempest as I come closer.

Before he can react, I stop the swirling winds by raising my right arm and slice through the air. Continuing the smooth motion followed by thousands of years of practice, I extend my right arm as if holding and invisible ball and cast my spell. _Jaheri lehm._Vine entanglement.

Having spotted the drake across the forest and deactivated my tornado vortex, I entrap him in a tangle of vines. At the same time, I extend my middle and ring finger on my left hand and make a quick gesture upwards like to beckon someone, commanding the earth to rise in a slope while he gets trapped by my vines.

After having his wings tied to his back, tail, hind legs, forelegs and neck strapped to the elevated block of earth, I walk up to him, head level with mine. I have no fear in what he can do. I am sure he can see the look of pure hatred in my eyes, the burning lust to kill those who hurt my mate. Calming down slightly, I give him one last chance to redeem himself.

"Speak now drake," I say loudly, knowingly leaving his maw to move freely while all his limps are helpless, barely able to move an inch. "You have caused my mate great harm, and I would like to know why I should not end your life right here and now. Since you have found out I am not just a dragon, I am giving you a chance. Speak now while my patience holds. Why have you come here?" I ask, looking straight into his eyes while he tries to struggle, either to test his bonds or escape to steal my mate.


** ** The drake gasped as he heard the vortex starting, looking at him and then at the wind that starting to form. He had no place to run now; the male had him in his sights, so there was no going back after this. The drake got up and braced himself for what was to come from the other male.

That's when the pain really began to hit. The vines that ensnared him were enough to make him roar out in pain, making Adele jump, hearing all the way out there. "Star, please don't kill him..." She said softly. She loathed having to kill another for her sake, but what's done is done.

The male looked at Star, a grim expression on his face. "I have done you and your mate great harm, as I see now. I was blind to my own intentions, lust taking over my body. Even though I have long to live, if you wish to end me now, you may." He said as he closed his eyes. "I'm so sorry...."

StarLight Nova:

** ** I look at the trapped drake, head resting on the raised portion of earth and eyes closed in defeat. If I knew any better, I would guess he was being sincere in his apology. But the fact is irrefutable that he injured my mate, willingly bringing harm to her just to see my other form. The years of patience and training I have gone through were not all about combat, teaching me as well to control my emotions and actions.

I take another minute or so to come to a decision, vines still tightly wrapped around his body, immobilizing him from moving. The pressure increases slowly by increments, his broken rib causing him undeniable pain. "Open your eyes drake," I say calmly, subtly loosening my hold on the spell.

The drake takes a moment to open his eyes, breathing heavy from the pain and blood loss. Once he looks up, I lock his gaze with mine. "I see an honest heart beneath your aged scales, therefore, I see no reason to kill despite the fact you have brought harm to my mate." I tell him, walking steadily closer until I can feel his hot breath on my face, brushing my hair back. "You tell the truth, because one's eyes show their true intent. I could tell if you were lying, and since you were not, you are free to go, but on one condition." I say sternly, tightening my hold on the vines before loosening them so he can breathe easier.

"I want you to never return here. If I see you anywhere near my mate or territory, I won't hesitate to blast you out of the skies the first chance I get." I say to him, voice steady and stern. Taking a moment to gather my thoughts, I close my eyes for a few seconds before opening them again.

I turn around abruptly, walking a dozen steps forward before stopping again. My breathing is heavy as I try to control my hatred for what the drake did, but his eyes do not lie, he was genuinely sorry. With a confident stance, I release the drake from his imprisonment. The vines fall away and the pressure on his broken rib eases.

"Go, now," I say, not daring to look at him anymore while the drake gets unsteadily onto his feet. I suddenly raise my left arm and point behind and to the left of me. "Head in that direction for about three days and you will find another dragoness looking for a mate. She will further heal your wounds after you meet her. Treat her with respect and kindness, and you will receive the same in return." I say, lowering my arm before taking one step and half pivot to turn around and face him again.

Knowing he probably will not make it, I raise my left hand once more, using my powers to guide a single vine carefully over to the side of his flank where his broken rib lies. He eyes me warily before I say a few words: "ehruien weise heal." The spell takes effect immediately, warm, soothing and powerful magic flowing through the vine into his body to heal his broken rib and some of his other wounds.

Within a minute or two, the pain has diminished substantially. "Go find some food, and never come here again." I say in finality before turning away and then sprinting into the forest to return to Adele. A few seconds pass and a shaking of trees is heard by the drake who glances the way I went only to see me jump high into the air above the tree tops and transform into my pure silver dragon form. With haste, I fly back to Adele.

Once I land from the short trip, I jog into the cave to find my mate still huddled fearfully in a ball. I lower my neck to nuzzle her cheek. "Adele, it's over, he's gone. He won't hurt you anymore." I whisper, lowering my body to the ground to comfort Adele.


** ** The drake stared at him when he asked for him to look. His pride wounded, depression sank in. Why was he so careless to them? Now he had to suffer. Wait? Was the other male giving him....? Grace? What a weird feeling.

When the pressure tightened around his rib, he grit his maw, unsure of what to think now. The pressure was unbearable at this point, he felt like death was on him. However, when he was let go he sighed. What kindness he felt from the other male. After the crime he had committed to his mate! Why was this?

"You have my word... I will never visit. You are a good mate to her." He said weakly, sighing in relief when he healed his body. "Thank you so much..." He said before he flew off, not before seeing Star change into his other form.

Adele looked at her mate when he nuzzled her, her eyes wide. "W...Why didn't you tell me you were human? You scared me! You've could have gotten hurt, even worse killed!" She said, a tear falling from her cheek. "I don't want to lose my mate!" She snuggled close to him, a weak roar of sadness coming from her lips.

StarLight nova:

** ** So she must have seen me transform. I think while comforting my mate. I engulf her mind with my own, showing her that I will never leave her. "I didn't tell you because I was afraid of how you would react. I am half human, half dragon. I am not normal." I say, laying a comforting wing over her trembling form as she moves closer to me.

"You should never doubt your mate. I would have never confronted him like that if I knew I couldn't handle it. I am very sorry I left you frightened my dear. I love you very much." I whisper, licking her neck to try and cheer her up. "And you will never lose me, I am stronger than I seem. The drake is gone, he will never come back. I just want you to know, that no matter who I am, I will always love you." I croon to her.

No matter what happens, I don't like seeing my mate sad or upset. The thought of her crying tugs at my soul. Looking up at the sky, I see it is still daylight out, the confrontation only taking until noon or so. Since my mate and I both have not eaten since morning, I stand up a little hesitantly, looking out at the clouds and blue sky, contemplating what to do now. "It is almost noon," I state. "Let me get you something to eat, after that, I will tell you everything you want to know about me." I say to Adele, glancing down at her shivering form while she looks up at me, tears forming under her eyes.


** ** Adele soon felt tears streaming down her face as he talked. He was her mate and she knew that they would face trials like this, but this soon? She was scared, not knowing how this would go. As the thoughts hit her mind, she tried to relax.

"Star, you may be different, but I love you either way. You are one of a kind, and I love you like this." She said softly. The pain in her heart was soon diminished, though she still shivered.

Adele looked at him as the tears still poured out and nodded. Not like she could handle much more drama. "Come back soon... Please." She said softly to him. She slowly stood up, seeming a bit shaky as she tried to move around, though the shock of the attack made her lay back down. She wanted to at least get some sun on her scales. She was soon outside and back on the overhang, relaxing. Though she was worried about another attack, she just wanted to make sure that her mate got back safely to her.

StarLight Nova:

** ** With nimble movements and graceful skills, I take to the sky to find my mate and me something to eat. The forest below is vast and wild, inhabited by many creatures of the day and night. I travel quickly in search of anything to return to my mate. It is not soon after I leave I find a large buck in a small clearing. Knowing I will not be able to dive down, make the kill and swing back up without scraping the surrounding trees, I use my magic.

With steady aim, I lob a concentrated ball of lightning at the buck. The crackling ball soars in a rapidly dwindling arch, heading straight for its target. On impact, the buck convulses, muscles twitching and contracting involuntary before the voltage makes it drop dead. Aloft swift wings, I glide down, focusing more of my magic to take a firm hold of the kill before raising it up to me so I can grab onto it.

Knowing my mate will be hungry because she is gravid with my clutch of eggs, I repeat the process a few more times, only dropping down to kill when I spot an antelope on a grassy plain. Eyeing the sun, I hastily make my way back to Adele, hauling two bucks in my fore-claws, a doe in my jaws, an antelope on my back and a meaty gazelle in my hind claw.

Sighting the cave with my mate resting on the overhang, I send a probing thought to know I have returned. She looks up at me with hope and gladly moves out of the way as I first drop the gazelle then the two bucks. Now alighting on my hind legs before dropping to all fours, I place the doe on the ground and then slide the antelope from my back.

I walk up to my mate as she eyes the kills I made, lowering my neck to nuzzle right underneath her jaw while purring a soothing melody. I then turn around, pick up the largest of the two bucks and set it down before her, grabbing my own and settling next to her. I nuzzle her lower jaw again, crooning loving phrases, waiting for Adele to start eating before I do.


** ** Adele was shaking lightly, hoping that her mate would come back soon to give her some food. Her tail flicked and she looked around as she blew off some steam out of her nose. She looked at the mess that the drake and Star had made, and sighed.

She soon heard the cracks of lightning and shuddered a little bit, closing her eyes and growled happily as the sun hit her scales and began to relax some, though keeping her ears open for anything that was out of the ordinary.

When Star came back, she looked up and growled happily, looking at the food with happiness. She was amazed at how much food he was giving her, since she was still tiny for her age. Then again, the clutch of her eggs was making her hungry like crazy.

Adele nuzzled back and purred, wanting some food as he began to grab a buck. She wiggled her body and sniffed it, before growling in happiness, chowing down on the buck, her tail flicking.

StarLight Nova:

** ** Seeing Adele happy warms my heart. Even I had been nervous to how it would be when I had a mate, but seeing a young dragoness just starting her first heat made me want to love and protect her. Sure, now that my secret is out and she knows I am a human, I really don't care. As long as I am with her, that is all that matters.

Over the coming weeks, our love slowly grew, as did her stomach. Our clutch of eggs developed, growing inside of her until the time where she would lay them and we would become parents. It was a point of issue whether or not I would reveal my other heritage to our hatchlings and when, but we held back on a decision for now.

Every day that came, I would bring Adele the largest kills I made, ensuring that our eggs were provided with the nutrients and energy to grow healthy and strong. As the months went by and her stomach swelled with our clutch of eggs, I became slightly distant from her, often pondering various ideas in my head silently in the cave when I thought my mate would not notice.

I wanted to show her my love to her, that even though I am half dragon, half human, I could love her just the same. I did not want to scare her when I left, but an idea came to me that would cement our relationship so that nothing could tear us apart. So one day, when Adele was taking a nap inside the cave, the progressing weeks taking a toll on her body as the eggs grew and developed, I slipped off to create my present to her.

It did not take a lot of time, at least I hoped not, but manipulating water can be the most tricky when dealing with the elements. No sooner had I gotten a rough shape of what I wanted then when I launched myself into the air, precariously holding my gift to her in my right claw. I just hope she will like it.


** ** Adele had begun to form a wonderful love and friendship with her mate. Though she was young, she felt like he was a loving and caring dragon. She did not worry about his two races that much, seeming to not care at all. Her love only grew with each day that passed.

As the eggs grew, so did her body. Her horns grew out, seeming to have an upper curve as she filled out. Her wings grew out wonderfully, showing off her body. Her hind legs grew with the weight of her clutch, giving strong and much needed muscle. She felt more confident as she grew, though more tired.

As he became more distant, she felt worried that she had done something wrong. Adele became quieter, seeming sad that he was pushing her away. Though she didn't know why he was doing it. She seemed to get more upset and near tears as she thought.

Adele seemed to not care as she felt her mate leave her. She just decided to curl up and sighed loudly as she slept, though a tear streaked her purple face as she whined. Why was he leaving her? At this hour? She hoped for the best as she waited for him, what seemed like forever to her.

StarLight Nova:

** ** I pump my wings through the air, powering my way towards our cave with my gift in hand. I hoped I had not taken too long; I did not want to upset her. She was turning out to be a gorgeous dragoness, and only one such as her deserved a gift of the magnitude I am going to give her. As each day came and went, under the carefully supervision of me, Adele soon grew into a wonderful adult. Her horns lengthened, becoming sharper with and upward curve. Her wings became elegant, reaching twice the length that she was long. The best were her hind legs, filling with pure muscle to support her frame as well as our clutch of eggs and hold me whenever we mate.

By the time I near our cave, the sun had risen higher into the sky. Since I kept Adele full and happy on large game, she did not have to eat every day as she began to nap for longer periods of time. With grace found by many years of practice, I land on the ledge leading into our cave, hopping on three feet while balancing my gift.

Settling my wings against my back, I awkwardly walk forward and spot Adele curled up into a tight ball in our nest. My smile falls as I see her all alone, ear frills drooping with her wings covered lazily over her body. With determination I continued forward, nudging my mate awake with a mental probe. She stirs after some time, growling in irritation.

Nowhere near deterred, I walk until I am in front of my mate while she lies in the nest. I wait until she looks at me showing mixed emotions on her face. Smiling once again, I bring forth my present, a still rippling figure of water held together in a pose of two dragons, one behind the other in a moment of love by my magic. I extend my left foreleg as if to offer it to her as she raises her neck in curiosity before I take a deep breath and slowly exhale a cold mist over the sculpture.

Adele recoils a little but continues to watch in fascination. My breath changes the property of the water, turning into what seems like glass or diamond. The hazy detail held by the water is lost as the stature is refined one thousand percent. Tiny scales appear; the tails become more defined as do the wings, horns, body, flanks, neck, head and mouth of the dragons. The sculpture is of two dragons, a dragoness and her mate. The mate is balancing behind the dragoness on his hind legs with his wings wrapped securely around the dragoness's form as she is apparently gravid with a clutch of eggs.

The two dragons soon gain color, the dragoness turning a marvelous purple with darker shades along some of her features while the mate turns bright silver. It is unmistakable who the two dragons are. When I finish blowing across the sculpture, Adele gasps in surprise, seeing the two dragons showing their love and devotion to one another. The mate has his head curled up next to the dragoness while wrapping his forelegs around to lightly caress her gravid stomach full of eggs. The stature shows every emotion that I have in Adele, every joy I have in being with her.

"This is for you, Adele. Words cannot begin to describe my love for you. I will always be there to protect you, defend you and our hatchlings. I never want to see you sad, only when we part, would I allow that." I say to her stretching my neck forward while using my magic to lift the stature and bring it in front of my mate. I continue my position, curling back my right foreleg while lowering my neck and wings to the ground, waiting for her to accept the gift. My tail swishes nervously while my breathing is steady.


** ** Adele was upset when he came back. She knew he could feel it, but she felt something good was going to happen. She didn't know what, but once probed and woken up, she stared at the water in front of her. What on earth was he panning to do to her? Or what was he giving to her that would take her out of a nap.

She rested her head on the side of the nest. She then looked at his gift with confusion on her face. Was it a joke? What was he trying to prove here? Was she just a bunch of water to him? But then she began to notice the form of the dragons as he formed it.

When he finished and handed it out to her she got up. Slowly walking to it, she sniffed it before looking at him. She soon nuzzled his neck and licked his cheek with a purr of happiness. "It's wonderful! You are amazing, I love stuff like this!" She cooed as she snuggled close to him. Her body rested on the cool ground of the area, making her shudder and relax next to him.

StarLight Nova:

** ** I sigh in happiness when Adele accepts my gift, coming up to nuzzle to lick my cheek. I rise from my bowing stance and extend my wings to embrace her, curling my neck around her neck as I purr loudly. "I will never leave you." I whisper, simply content to be close to my mate, to feel her warmth and the beating of her heart.

When we break apart I go over to the nest and Adele follows me. Turning around, I position the gift of the two dragons in front of her before explaining something about it. "This gift is special Adele. When you touch a claw to the top of the drake's head, it comes to life. Whenever I am not here, when I am out hunting or something else, know that I can talk to you through this stature." I say, wings resting lazily on my back while my tail flicks back and forth.

"When you touch a claw to the dragoness's head, I have put spells on the drake to calm you whenever you feel lonely or sad. I just want to let you know that you are mine, I will not let anything hurt you." I say, standing up to purr and nuzzle my mate under her chin soothingly, humming a love song.


** ** Adele smiled as he came close to her, growling her love to him as they were in their embrace. Her purple form against his silver form always made her happy! It reminded her of silver and a gem together. She licked his neck and flicked her tail as he moved to the nest.

Adele soon rested on the ground, looking at the statue. It was nothing she had ever seen before! Her eyes seemed to dilate a little as her face lit up. She loved it so much, as she listened to his story of what it could do. "And if I should start to lay the eggs, and you're not here? Can I still get to you? Not that it may happen, but if there was the chance..." She said to him honestly.

She was scared of that thought though. What would happen if she started to feel contractions? And he was gone to hunt for food, what would she do then? She shuddered at the thought of what would happen if it did. "Star, I'm nervous..." She said to him gently, blushing as he hummed a love song. Her heart melted under his touch and care.

StarLight Nova:

** ** I settle back down as Adele voices her concern. My wings rest neatly on my back and my frills are partway extended in happiness while my tail lies idly by my side. "Yes my love, you will be able to contact me no matter the time of day or weather." I reply, lightly nipping my mate's neck in compassion.

When I hear her voice drop lower, my ear frills relax and I rise up to comfort her. "Do not be worried Adele, my mate. No matter what happens, you will always have me by your side, to live with and to raise our hatchlings. I would not do anything to hurt you. You are my love, my soul and desire." I say, consoling Adele as best a mate could, trailing a soothing claw across her cheek and down her neck, eliciting shivers from her.

"Through all that has happened now, I will stand firm to protect you. Not time nor disease will take me away from you. I will go to heaven and back if need be." I whisper, curling my neck around hers, the stature between us as I thrum contently to my mate. No matter what the days, weeks or months bring, I will stay by my mate's side faithfully, forever.


** ** Adele nodded as he began to speak to her. How she could listen to him for hours, speaking his love and compassion he had for her. She nuzzled him and purred her affection happily to him. Her thoughts were full of love and kindness, knowing he could read them if he wanted.

"Star... I don't know what to say. You've been so gracious to me. You've put up with my mood swings, my arguments, my everything. Yet you still love me all the same." She whispered to him lovingly. What a wonderful mate she had! Willing to sacrifice everything he had just for her health as well as the hatchlings.

Soon however as they were talking sweet nothings, she felt a small amount of pain coming from her egg chamber. Was it finally time to lay? She whimpered a little bit as her ear frills went close to her head and she bit her lip. "I think it might be time to lay..." She said with concern laced in her voice.

StarLight Nova:

** **"Even though I may be different, you and I are still the same. I would love you no matter who you were," I reply, humming to her with true devotion and passion. My tail flicks from side to side lazily as we discuss random things, the statue I made for Adele still between us.

As time passes, I here Adele whimper, ear frills pressing against her head as she bit her lip. My fear is confirmed as to what might be troubling her as she says our eggs are coming. The suddenness with which it happens surprises me, but I soon regain my senses and stand up on all fours. "Be calm my mate, I am here for you," I whisper, padding forward to sensually lick her scales behind her ear frills, trying to get her to relax.

"I want you to breathe deeply for me when the contractions come, don't push until they are past your cervix, OK? The first egg will hurt the most, just like the first time when we mated, I need you to stay strong for me Adele, can you do that? Breathe deeply, let the pain flow through you, do not push until you have to." I say to her, moving the statue away from her so she does not break it. "Come, get into the nest, I will comfort you however you want, I am here, don't be afraid." I croon to her, wrapping my mind with hers while showering her with my love.


** ** Adele tried to form words, but the slight discomfort gave way to mild contractions. She was scared out of her mind, but also excited to see her first clutch of eggs. What would they look like, she wondered? Time would show her soon enough when nature did its work to her. She nuzzled him when he licked her sensually and relaxed as the first contraction passed and she shuddered a little bit.

"OK, I will... It's not bad yet." She said to him with a weak smile, though soon a stronger contraction came through. She hissed but did as he instructed. Deep and slow breaths came out of her, weakly walking over to the nest and relaxed there. "Keep close to me? I just want some comfort while I pass through the pain of our first egg." She said to him sweetly, hissing again.

StarLight Nova:

** **"It will be just fine Adele, take as much time as you need. Hold my paw if you want, lay down on your side until it is time to push so that way you don't wear yourself out quicker." I reply, padding around to lie down against her back on whichever side she decided to lay on.

Once she gets comfortable I spread my appropriate wing to cover her gracious form, giving my mate the security and safety she wants to feel. I lean my neck forward, licking and nibbling on her neck to calm her through her contractions as she takes steady, slow breathes to weather the pain. I swish my tail and curl it around Adele's tightly, bringing it further away so it won't get in the way of her laying the egg.

I purr a soothing tune to my mate, thrumming with happiness that she is going to lay our first clutch. Hopefully all the nutrients and attentions I have given to her have prepared her body for the stress of laying. If it is still too much, then I can always give her pleasure to override the pain if she wants to. But for now, I just lay beside Adele, covering her beautiful form with my wing and lightly caressing her sensitive stomach scales with a few talons, the swell of her stomach creating small gaps between her scales so I can see the vulnerable flesh beneath.


** ** Adele decided to rest on her left side, the contractions on her body making her whimper. She then tried to relax again as she breathed in deeply, feeling her first egg slowly move down.

Adele nuzzled her mate as he hummed the song to her, jumping a little as she felt his tail around hers. A small growl escaped her mouth as the contractions became stronger. She knew she was close to laying her first egg. It was so nerve racking that she was having her first clutch of eggs! Adele kept close to Star, breathing deeply.

It took a little while for the urge to push came to her. Her first egg was past her cervix. So she followed her first instinct and began to push. Growls and hisses came from her as she pushed, hoping it was making some progress as she looked down. Nothing yet, and she whimpered. It hurt like hell! Though soon she felt her sex begin to part slightly to show the egg.

StarLight Nova:

** ** I continued to whisper encouraging words to my mate as she breathed evenly to allow the pain to pass. For her first laying it could either take an hour or two or half a day or more depending on how many eggs she held in the clutch. For now I just let my paw trail comfortingly around her swollen stomach, feeling each contraction while melding my mind with hers so she can know I am by her side for the whole thing.

The time it takes for the first egg to pass through her cervix was just a few minutes over the average time it took others to get to the same point around the same age as Adele is. With patience and deep breaths, the first egg soon makes it through Adele's cervix, loosening the tight ring of flesh to the rest of the clutch she carries. I croon my love while twitching my tail in happiness, laying my paw on her swollen stomach and nuzzling Adele beneath her chin.

"Just a little more my mate, you almost there, you're doing a great job," I whisper to her, purring with full love and compassion with my right wing draped lightly over her side. "That's it, deep breathes and then push, it's almost out, keep going." I encourage, using my magic at this point to dim the pain.


** ** Adele groaned as she continued to push out her egg. Her sex began to stretch farther out as the egg began to show itself. She hissed a little bit as it began to push through her body, the burning feeling seeming to intensify greatly as it passed through her.

She put her head on the edge of the nest and closed her eyes. The feeling of being a new mother seemed to dim the pain a little. Whimpers soon came out of her as a tear streamed down her cheek. She felt so vulnerable right now! Then she realized she had a mate who was right next to her, ready to fight whenever needed. "Star, it hurts."

After a while, she didn't know how long it was, her first egg passed through. It landed in the nest with a soft thump, making Adele gasp with surprise. She looked at the egg now that it was out of her. She then purred softly as she nuzzled it, her tail flicking a little bit. It seemed to have a little purple hue to it, but all seemed healthy.

StarLight Nova:

** **"I know, I am right here for you Adele," I respond, increasing my magic to numb the pain even more. Contractions keep on passing as Adele pushes valiantly while laying her head on the edge of the nest as a tear rolls down her snout. The first egg soon crests, stretching her folds wide as to show some of the pink flesh within. I know she is in a great deal of pain as I keep my mind firmly against hers, thrumming with pleasure and to help sooth her as she pushes it out.

Before I know it, the egg plops out of her and into the nest while Adele gasped at the loss in weight of the egg. I raise my head and twitch my tail in turn as my mate nuzzles our first egg. I purr with her, folding my right wing and position myself to stand up as I hear Adele panting heavily after just forty-five minutes or so. She turns her neck to look at me quizzically at what I am doing but I just smile back at her, placing a quick draconic kiss on her scaleless lips before padding towards the egg, marveling at the color.

With careful ease I lower my neck and pick up the egg within my maw, walking forward to bring it in front of Adele. After placing it on the soft bedding of the nest I lick at the egg a few times to clean it of her birthing fluid before going back to kiss my mate again. "It's a wonderful egg Adele; you're doing just fine, keep it up," I praise, turning back to my position behind her, laying down once again to drape my right wing over her delicate form.

The contractions keep coming, but are not as strong right now. I lavish my mate in attention, licking her neck with pure affection and love for how well she is taking this, whispering sweet words of encouragement so she can continue.


** ** Adele watched her mate put the egg gently in his mouth and whimpered, not knowing what he was going to do to her egg. When placed in front of her, she purred and nuzzled her mate. When kissed, she gently kissed back, her tail flicked a little bit. "It's so pretty! I wonder what the others will look like."

She moved around a little to relax a bit when the contractions continued for her next egg. Adele rested her head back on the edge of the nest; paw resting on her stomach a little. Her second egg began to pass her cervix and she groaned a little bit. Why did it feel bigger than the other one? She sighed and breathed in deeply, looking at Star a little.

After a while, her second egg began to crest. Adele looked at the second egg, seeing it have a silver shimmer to it. She sighed as she continued to push the egg out of her body. When finished, she looked at the other egg with a small smile pursing her lips. "Another healthy egg." She said softly, looking at him with a grin on her face.

StarLight Nova:

** ** My purring does not stop as Adele starts pushing again, the second egg passing through her cervix to enter into her birth canal. When I hear her groan, I calm her, moving my right paw to grasp hers which lies on her swollen stomach, gripping it firmly to let her know I am always here. I twitch my tail, becoming nervous when I feel that this egg is bigger than the last one with my magic. I do not let my mate see my concern; instead I use my magic to numb the pain as much as I can, lowering it so that she only feels discomfort and the sensation of the egg moving through her.

I smile back when Adele turns to look at me, nuzzling her beneath her ear frills, thrumming with happiness that she is laying our eggs. The process is long and hard, but with me by her side I know she can make it. Lying here next to her makes me feel slightly useless, seeing as how I am only comforting her. My instincts tell me to calm her, sooth her, while my mind is saying to make it pleasurable for her so she does not even realize she is laying.

The second egg crests soon enough and Adele looks back to see it have a silver hue to it. I turn my head to see it too, smiling when I see her stomach rippling with another contraction to pass the egg. I squeeze her paw, reassuring her that I am right beside her as I lay my head on her neck and purr deep within my throat. The egg drops to the floor of the nest and I lift my neck to look at my mate grinning at me. "Yes it is, I am sure the rest will be just as beautiful as you my love." I reply, licking the side of her face in gratitude before using my magic to move the egg in front of Adele.

I nuzzle her before looking back at the egg, telling her she can clean this one as I remove my grip on her paw and trail a claw down her swollen stomach that has two more eggs in it. I use my magic again, delving inside to her egg chamber to check if the last two eggs are healthy and strong. So far I see no defect or problem that could result in a cracked shell or putting my mate in extreme pain in the process of laying. My mind is made up once Adele finishes cleaning the second egg and I move it to join the first one.

I lean forward, curling my neck while inciting to my mate that I want to face her head on, eye to eye. Once she agrees, I lick her snout once before opening my maw to kiss her, tilting my head ninety degrees to the right. As I am doing this, I loop my dexterous tail, curling it so that tip is near my mate's sex. As the next contraction comes, making her either gasp or groan while the next egg pushes against her loosened cervix, I flick my tail tip across her folds and exposed clitoris due to her hormones. I continue this even after we break the kiss, smiling at her, merging our minds together to show her all my love and passion I have for her while returning my right paw to grasp hers, holding her tight with my wing.


** ** Adele purred as she felt his paw wrap around hers. Though in pain, Adele could sense that he was going to be uneasy about this egg being bigger than the others. It made her blush that he cared so much about her in that way. She kept close to him so he would not have to worry about her hurting.

Adele nuzzled him from time to time as they lay there showing him that he was not useless at this time. She needed him to give her comfort as she felt so exposed. "Star, how long will it take before the eggs hatch?" She asked him quizzically, licking the side of his jaw sweetly. She seemed quite interested in how this whole thing was going to work now that they were going to be parents.

Adele cleaned off the egg, nuzzling it a little after it was clean to make sure it was ok. When Star asked, she looked back and gave him a kiss back. The next contraction made her groan out a little bit, but she felt pleasure soon after! "O-- Oh! Star!" She moaned out as she moved around, wanting more pleasure as he tightened his wing.

StarLight Nova:

** **"A month or two, maybe three at the most. I am very proud of you Adele, I love you so much." I reply, nuzzling her before going to kiss her and trail my tail across her sex to give her pleasure.

I smile when she squirms; wanting me to please her more and I grant her wish gladly. I reverse the direction of my tail and put the tip inside of her folds after using my magic to dull the spade blade, eliciting another shiver from Adele as the third egg moves gradually past her loosened cervix and through her birth canal. As the contractions rapidly grow stronger again I push more of my tail into her, curling it so that the edge catches just right on her clitoris to make her shake in ecstasy.

I purr continuously to my mate, her velvety walls rippling against my tail as I flick it back and forth to pleasure her further, using some of my magic to create small electric shocks to raise her levels of lust to ignore the pain of laying our eggs. I nuzzle her, guiding her head back to look at me again as I tense up my tail, rubbing it against her walls sensually, making her moan in pleasure while the third egg travels down her birth canal closer to my tail tip.

I grin at her lovingly, shifting my weight to further embrace her with my right wing and grip her right paw with mine firmly. I casually bring up my left paw, letting it trail gently over her jaw line, feeling her smooth scales and relishing in her warmth. I close my eyes again, tilting my head the same way to kiss her except this time prolonging it as I move my tail deeper into her vent.

As I kiss her, I shove the tip of my tail past our egg so it is behind it, my dulled spade blade distending her slippery walls in pleasure instead of discomfort. I quickly change the tip so it does not have the spade, making it dexterous; I wrap it firmly around the egg while shooting small sparks of electricity inside of her vent across my tail to increase her pleasure. I can feel her walls rippling and pulsing unevenly as a climax quickly rises up inside of her loins. When her next contraction hits, I pull, helping the egg along as well as feeling its size.


** ** Adele gasped as she felt him enter her. Was he really doing this when she was laying eggs? She groaned and moaned as he invaded her tunnel. Adele soon felt her third egg pass through her body, making her shudder a little bit.

The pain was soon diminished, and she could only feel the pleasure he brought her. It felt wonderful! Her eyes closed as she began to purr loudly and snuggled close to him as he pleasured her in this way, the egg slowly moving down as she moved in pleasure.

When she soon came to her climax, she gasped and moaned out, the egg seeming to move fast as her vent pushed it down with vigor. The egg seemed the same size as her first one, though it felt bigger due to his tail being wrapped around the egg.

StarLight Nova:

** ** After we break our kiss, her climax soon bears down on her, making her bare her teeth in pleasure while I pull the egg out, aided by her powerful vaginal muscles. Fluids gush past my tail and onto the cave floor, coating her haunches causing them to be slippery. As the third egg quickly progresses through her vent, I move my right paw down to her deflated stomach while still embracing her.

I lick and nibble on her neck, letting my emotions of pure love and passion flow into her mind. I can see that she is losing her strength from pushing for a few hours, so I willingly lend her some of mine, letting her continue on. The dragon statue that I had put off to the side to avoid being damaged now glows brightly with our respective colors, her deep purple glistening and my pure silver reflecting off of hers. The statue also changes physically, the dragonesses stomach deflating as if linked to the state my mate is in.

I move a single claw in small sensuous circles across her sensitive stomach scales while I use my agile tail to pull our third egg out. With a gasp, Adele shivers as the egg exits her sex to land on the soft nest in a deluge of vaginal fluids and my tail still curled around it. I lean my neck back so she can see the newest arrival, a swirl of deep violet and silver gray. I unwrap my tail, using my magic to place it in front of Adele so she can clean it again before I place it with the others, showering her with my love and praise on how well she is doing.

As I loosen my tight grip with my right wing on her side without letting go, I can see her chest rising and falling rapidly. It seems that big climax and contraction took a lot out of her, so I lean forward to rest my head underneath her chin, whispering soothing words to her. "You are doing great Adele, your almost done, one more to go. I know you can do it, I believe in you."


** ** Adele whimpered as she felt her third egg being pulled out from her body. She closed her eyes and tried to relax her body for her next egg. "T-Thank you Star. That felt amazing." She said to him softly. She nuzzled his jaw, licking his cheek and smiled. "You're an amazing mate. I couldn't have asked for more."

She kept close to him as he nibbled her neck, resting her head on the nest. Her body seemed to be getting weaker from the contractions. Adele let out a moan of disdain not liking that her body was giving up so easy to just three eggs. There could have been more at least. She bit her lip a little bit to keep her relaxed.

Adele moaned when she felt her mate circled her scales with his paws. She couldn't help it; her hormones were all jumbled up from everything that was going on at the moment. When the egg popped out, she looked at it and purred. The colors were beautiful, and she couldn't help as her eyes sparkled. She cleaned it off and sighed happily.

Adele looked at Star when he rested his head, and she purred. "Thank you Star. I'll need a few days to rest after birthing these eggs." She whispered as the egg slowly began to move down, making Adele grunt.

StarLight Nova:

** **"And I will protect you for every minute that you need to recover." I whisper back, licking her neck lovingly as the fourth and last egg made its way past her loosened cervix with ease and into her birth canal.

By now, my slit containing my large member is bulging, yearning to get out and feel my mates rippling walls. I shift my hind legs uncomfortably, leaning back while holding her tight. The contractions keep coming, never letting up, gradually growing stronger until pain begins to creep into her mind once again over the residual afterglow of her orgasm. My attention snaps back onto Adele as she lets out a whimper while resting her head on the edge of the nest.

I shake my head, clearing my thoughts as my problem is still persistent, not wanting to be ignored as another contraction and a few seconds of pushing leaves Adele breathing heavily. I move myself closer, spreading my wing to encompass her frame and pressing my right paw against her deflated stomach beside her own paw. I lean forward, licking my mate's scaly brow to wipe the perspiration that has gathered from her efforts while whispering encouraging words to her.

I cannot last much longer in this condition, so I get ready to help my mate and myself at the same time. Leaning in close to her ear frills, I whisper to her while curling my mind around hers, lending her substantial amounts of strength so she can complete the task. "You are doing just fine my love. Why don't you stand up for the last one, let gravity help with making it easier."

I pull back, flicking my tail across hers with my tip converted back to a spade that is still dulled lightly across her clitoris to dim the pain as she thinks about what to do. I would support her of course with my strength, lending it to her willingly while helping her stand at the same time. The perspiration that covers both of us only makes my arousal that much harder to ignore, the bulge growing, becoming ever more insistent of wanting to be let out.


** ** Adele purred as he spoke to her, nuzzling him happily. She yawned and began to sit up, whimpering a little bit. Now she began to feel it coming out of her body. She was glad she was laying for the first three eggs; otherwise she'd be going nuts by now!

But she did feel something against her body before she stood up. She looked at her mate's engorged slit and blushed. Her tail flicked at it, seeming to want to play with him as she laid their last egg. Another contraction hit, making her shudder in pain. "S...Star. Please help..."

She wanted him to mate her, but where? She thought to herself. What could be any worse than this? Her tail flicked up, showing her tail hole, and she thought. What if he mated with her there? That would help both of them greatly! "Star, you can mate me in my other hole..."

StarLight Nova:

** ** I breathe in a sharp intake of air as I feel Adele's tail brush up against my bulging slit, making my desire that much harder to ignore. When she shakes in another contraction, I hold her tighter, using my magic to dull the pain until it fades. "Sh Sh Sh, I am here Adele, no need to be afraid." I whisper, projecting soothing emotions to her to calm her, taking her mind off the situation temporarily.

My eyes go wide when my mate suggests taking her in her tail hole, so much tighter and unused to very large 'intruders'. I shake my head; a little bewildered Adele could have been thinking of the same thing. Not that I am complaining, I eagerly nuzzle her under her ear frills, thrumming loudly in gratitude while positioning myself to support her while she stands up.

As I watch her ready herself to rise, I merge my mind further against hers until our emotions and thoughts become slightly indistinguishable from each other, partly for her comfort and to show my love to her. I guide my vast reservoirs of magic and energy into my mate, lending her the strength needed to stand up and endure one last egg. Adele's scales rattle from exhaustion and anticipation at the highly unusual act, well, not the act but the position. My tail moves on its own, helping to balance my weight as well as my mates. My wings are tightly pressed to my sides, out of danger except for my right wing that is pressed uncomfortably against my back, but I bear it for the sake of Adele.

I comfort her all the way, letting her lean on me when a contraction comes, soaking in the pain to dilute it so she does not have to take the full brunt of it. The process is slow and laborious, but the accomplishment is totally worth it. Once Adele is standing, albeit shakily while hanging on to my energy as a life preserver, I walk in front of her, taking a quick glance at the previous eggs laid before moving in to kiss her.

"If anything should be to your displeasure or dislike, just tell me and I will stop." I say, reassuring my mate that I will never involuntarily hurt her or make her cry. Giving one last lick below her chin and a small nibble on her scales, I walk back around to face her swollen and reddened sex, sore from the hours of laying three eggs so far. I give our mental link a gentle tug, signaling to her that I am starting, my member gradually emerging from its home, engorging and growing bigger.

I walk forward, inhaling deeply to take in her lovely scents, greatly increased in her current state due to her rise in hormones. My wings flutter involuntarily as my tail swishes back and forth lazily, waiting the coming moment. Her clitoris is still erect; twitching every so often as if sensing what is going to happen. It does not take long for my five-foot shaft to fully harden, throbbing with the slow beat of my heart. A small dribble of pre-cum leaks from my cock tip, giving away my aroused nature, the numerous ridges along my length swell with a lustful haze setting over my mind.


** ** Adele whimpered as she felt him keep her closer to him, wanting more of his love as they snuggled close to each other. She soon stood up fully, making her groan and uncomfortably shift positions so that she could lay the last egg of their clutch.

Adele felt him merge their minds together, giving him a weak roar of love. She nuzzled him under his jaw, licking him a little bit to show him she loved her mate. He was giving her so much attention; it felt weird to her for some reason. But all that soon shook off as Adele felt another contraction. Her yellow eyes dilated as she waited for him to make a move.

Adele nodded as he spoke lovingly to her, giving him one last nuzzle on his cheek before shuddering again. The last egg was coming on fast, and she hoped they wouldn't hurt it when they mated.

Her tail soon moved, showing her virgin tail hole, her clitoris twitching for a second at the rush of air. She wanted this badly; she needed some release from the pain, to help the last egg move out of her so she could rest.

StarLight Nova:

** ** I sniff readily, my nostrils taking in Adele's sweet scent as I spread my wings in preparation to mount her. My chest billows in and out while my member throbs in eagerness to the coming act. I see my mate raise her tail for me as well as her sex widening as the last egg rapidly makes its way through her vent. Coming like this I doubt she would be able to hand me, lot less if I can even penetrate her that is.

Thinking of the best way to get her ready, I pad forward, lowering my neck until my snout is right up against her wet folds, my breathe brushing up against her hard clitoris in waiting. With a slow, languid lick, I get a taste of Adele's vaginal fluids dripping steadily from her vent. I start up a nice rhythm, beginning from the bottom before flicking her clitoris as I see Adele shaking in renewed pleasure.

I move my haunches forward while bringing up my left claw to replace my tongue to pleasure her clit as I start to get her tail hole ready for penetration. I push in, making sure to get as much surface area as I can inside wet so the initial penetration is not as painful. While I gently play with her clit with my left claw, I lube up her tail hole for what is to come.

When I use my magic after a few minutes to check the position of the egg, I stop, walking backwards a few inches to give myself room to jump onto Adele's back. The egg is halfway out, and if I don't hurry quick enough then I will miss my chance at my own release. With my shaft bobbing eagerly, releasing a few more drops of pre-cum, I take a few steps forward before hopping onto my mates back, hooking my arms in the crevice between her hind legs and flanks as she gets accustomed to my weight while spreading my wings and swishing my tail for balance.

I position my member right in front of her gaping sex with her last egg pushing its way forward with the help of frequent contractions. Not waiting any longer, I nudge Adele's mind again to tell her that I am ready to begin before stepping forward and carefully thrusting forward into her virgin tail hole. I make sure to go slow, using my magic to lessen the pain and discomfort created by the contractions and the last egg as well as my member.

It takes awhile before the tip pops in, squirting a generous amount of pre-cum inside of her intestines to ease the penetration. I bring my left hind leg forward to gain more of a foothold to thrust into her while Adele lays our last egg. I lean forward, whispering encouraging words that it will be over soon while gradually thrusting forward until my first ridge enters into her tail hole, making me grunt in pleasure as the vibration shakes my mate's clitoris as well. I continue on until my deflated knot has reached her tail hole, waiting awhile for Adele to get comfortable before I set up a slow, but vigorous rhythm.


** ** Adele gasped and felt him begin to lick her wet folds, moaning out her eagerness of what is to come. She was so ready for what pleasure he was going to give her. Her tail flicked as she shuddered a bit.

Adele felt the egg come ever closer to being laid, and she hoped that it would be over so they wouldn't hurt the last egg during their mating session, but she knew that Star would be careful if it did come out before they were finished with anything. When he hopped on, she grunted a little bit to get adjusted to his weight and sighed, groaning at the contraction that came next.

Adele blushed as she felt him slowly flow in all the way, making her shudder again in lust and love. So this was different, but she actually really liked it! It felt wonderful to try something new despite the circumstances she was in at the moment. Her egg began to crest a little bit as he began to move his cock inside her tail hole, making her moan lightly.

StarLight Nova:

** ** My thrusting motion helps the egg along its way until it parts her sex, ready to come into the world like its brothers and sisters. The pleasure quickly rises up in my loins due to the heavy musk in the air as well as the tightness of my mate's tail hole muscles loosening up because of my large member. I spread out my wings while flicking my tail back and forth for balance as I lean forward to whisper words of love and encouragement to her, moving my front legs up to tightly grasp her deflated stomach.

I use my magic as well to decrease the discomfort she feels, multiplying the pleasure whenever my haunches compress Adele's clitoris firmly to make her growl out at the sensation. I increase my thrusting to achieve my release before the egg is laid, the shell gradually stretching her folds, getting pushed back slightly whenever my knot smashes up against her tail hole. I bare my teeth, feeling the multiple contractions that run through Adele starting to wear on her strength even though I am giving her my own energy to continue laying.

Unexpectedly, my cock tip hits a certain spot within her tail hole that makes her sex ripple and pulse uncontrollably in a large climax. As my mate rides out the pleasure, the involuntary muscle contraction pushing the last egg further out, I change my pace to keep my speed but sacrifice the depth so I do not hamper the eggs progress. Her clamping muscles also squeeze my member within her tail hole, making me hiss in pleasure as the pressure in my loins is ready to burst.

I know it is not possible to knot her while mating this way, as the stretching would be very uncomfortable and disheartening to the mood, so I use my magic to increase my pleasure until I can't take it anymore. My internal balls rise up before I still my motions, haunches resting up against her hind legs as my member stiffens and my knot swells fully before the first spurts of my sperm erupt into her tail hole. As I reach my climax, Adele experiences a rather large and long contraction which makes her grunt and moan in mixed feelings from the pressure of the egg on her sex and my hot semen being fired into her intestines.

I immediately start lavishing her neck in long, dedicated licks, calming her as I shift my position to pull out while still pumping sperm out of my member. All at once, my shaft flops out, spilling semen on our nest and on Adele's hind legs while the egg slides out of her sex as she moans at the last rough stimulation caused by the egg shell against her sore folds. The distance to the ground is high and before it can hit the ground, not knowing if it would crack or not, I use my magic to slow the fall and put it off to the side.

My mate breathes heavily, wings, tail and neck drooping to the ground in exhaustion at the monumental task of laying four eggs. Breathing slightly labored myself, I wrap my mind firmly around Adele's to congratulate her, padding around beside her while picking up the last egg which is a beautiful sunset color, wrapped in dark reds and oranges with sparkles of silver and purple.

"You did very well Adele. Come, rest, I will get you something to eat to restore your strength. You can use the statue to contact me whenever you want; I am never too far away to comfort you." I whisper, dropping the egg in front of her, aiding her in slowly sitting down to then lay on her side with me nuzzling her appreciatively.


** ** Adele whimpered as the last egg came out of her, finally relaxing now that she was able to breathe. When he aided her to relax, she got down on the nest and yawned a little bit. It was a LONG day, she thought to herself as she looked up at him.

His semen slowly dribbled out of her tail hole, as he began to walk to the edge of the cave as the rest of her body began to relax from the hard work that she had to go through. One of her claws gently scratched her face, closing her eyes a little to get some shut eye from everything.

After what seemed like a few hours, she slowly woke up, sore. She looked at her eggs and smiled, sniffing each one of them as she cleaned the last one off, waiting for Star to come back from his hunting trip so she could eat. Her stomach was rumbling, and she was dirty from the birthing process.

StarLight Nova:

** ** It takes unusually longer to find anything for Adele to eat, as if the creatures of the forest sensed two powerful dragons in the cave above. This does not hamper me at all as I pump my wings to gain altitude to try and find something, anything in which my mate can regain her strength with. I must admit, laying four eggs was exhausting for her, and she no doubt is sleeping right now, too tired to clean herself off.

I drift in and out of various clouds, my mind always reaching out periodically to check my wards placed around the cave to both confirm Adele is alright and no intruders have gotten in. My long sinuous tail picks off small water droplets from the high clouds, falling away as I dive every now and again to see if I can spot anything worthy to feed Adele.

The heat and stress from the moment has long since worn off, replace by an afterglow of warmth and content. A flicker of movement catches my eye and I immediately dive down with my wings strapped tightly against my back along with my fore and back legs to make me more aerodynamic. I narrow my eyes to try and pick up the movement again...There!

I twist, turning sharply to the right while using my strong tail to guide my movements. The disturbance, what looks like a large horse thunders through the forest to someplace unknown. My mouth salivates at the thought of some nice juicy meat to munch on. In another second I refocus to staying on target until the horse breaks out of the forest near a medium sized lake.

Within a few seconds I pounce on my prey, splaying my wings to rapidly bleed off excess speed and plow my claws into the flanks of the horse before beating my wings again to stay airborne. The stallion, almost pure black with a shining coat struggles in my grasp until I deliver a swift bite to the neck in which it stops moving. With blood staining my paws and chest, I bank to the left to touch down near the lake, dropping the horse to the ground and pad forwards to clean my paws, chest and muzzle and slake my thirst before abruptly raising my head.

I blink a couple of times with a few water droplets dripping off my muzzle, mind temporarily blank. Just as fast I shake my head, having a feeling of déjàvu, and I quickly remember why, this is the same body of water I came to before I met my mate Adele. The memories of the time I saw her, small and just on the verge of adult hood, hiding when in her first heat in which I offered to help her with, which led to me being her mate.

"Good times...Good times." Having enough time to think back to wonderful times I turn and grab the horse before thrusting my wings down to rise up into the air with born grace and beauty. Soon enough, I will have four hatchlings to feed and teach alongside Adele, oh the times we will have. Knowing I have been gone for long enough, I speed my way back to our cave, again periodically checking to see if she is ok, looking for one or two more fresh kills before heading back.

Once back at the cave, I see that Adele is awake and resting lightly in the nest, curled around our four eggs with the look of protection and care only from a mother. Whether or not she heard me come in, I give a small nudge on her mind, padding forward before dropping the horse, stag, and some fish caught when I retracted to the lake from earlier.

"How are you doing Adele?" I ask, dropping the horse in front of her while placing the two in easy reach within the nest and its resting occupant. I come around to lay behind her, leaning forward to lick the sensitive scales behind her ear frills in love and affection while thrumming loudly.


** ** Adele circled around her newborn eggs, smiling a little bit as her eyes sparkled with that new mother glow that everyone had. She sighed happily as she waited for her mate to bring her food. Her body relaxed now, still covered as the hours slowly passed by for both of them.

When he returned, she looked up from her resting spot, hiding a little as she saw it was her mate. Her tail thumped, showing her appreciation for the food that he was so willing to give her, instead of feeding himself first. She thrummed a little bit, wanting him to share in the glory of their first clutch of eggs.

"I'm sore. Eggs are hard work and their not even babies yet." She said to him with a soft chuckle, humming when he licked her ear frills with a smile and a quick lick to his cheek. When the horse was given to her, she slowly began to eat, not wanting to disturb the eggs as she ate.

StarLight Nova:

** **"I am sure you will make a great mother." I reply, accepting the lick while spreading my wing partially to lay it on her side in a show of love. While she is eating I turn my head to look at her hind legs where the mess still lays although it has dried up from the time I left to get something for her to eat.

I bring my right arm to wrap around her body to hold her tight to me while I use my magic to clean her off. My heart sings with happiness as I watch my mate eat when I finish, her shining scales glinting in the few rays of sunlight that stream into the cave. Our four eggs we have lay nested protectively underneath Adele as she eventually finished the horse and moves on to the stag. The joy of being a father is not nearly as much as the love and compassion I have for my mate. I bring my mind closer to hers, my emotions freely flowing across to her, comforting her while laying my neck gently next to hers.

The day is almost over, as the sun slowly dips down in the sky and the colors change to brilliant oranges and red of autumn. Over the coming months until our eggs hatch, I will make sure that our territory is protected and Adele is cared for with what she deserves, the love and devotion only a mate can give, and only a partner can return.


** ** As the months pass, Adele tried her best to help however she can, and when she could. When he would go out and hunt she'd clean the cave and nest if it got dirty, so she felt like she was doing something rather than doing nothing at all. She seemed excited, the babies would soon be coming and she'd be ready to see them.

It was the beginning of autumn when she felt something stir. She grunted and yawned, blinking her eyes to see if something was wrong, looking at her eggs. One of them was slowly moving, making her eyes widen and her heart begin to thrum happily as she moved to look at the purple egg. She sniffed it, and nuzzled it softly to feel if the dragon inside was making movement.

To her happiness it was, and she began to smile from frill to frill at the sight. They were finally coming, and she got to see what beautiful dragons lay inside them.

StarLight Nova:

** ** The months to come were filled with anticipation and nervousness as to when the eggs would hatch. While Adele kept the eggs warm and cleaned the cave on occasion, I hunted our food, ensuring that neither of us starved as it gradually became colder out. The rest of the time I spent with my mate was just enjoying each other's company and singing songs to her. The eggs were just fine and I made sure to check every so often telepathically if they were healthy or not. From what I could tell, all of them were just fine and were expected to hatch within three months.

Of course, I was out hunting when I felt a change in Adele's mood. From the time she laid our eggs, I had connected our minds together so she would never feel alone, and I could feel her joy as one of our eggs started to hatch. I obviously did not want to miss any of our hatchlings as they came to be greeted by their parents. From where I was now, I could not do that, so I took a hard right turn and used my magic to strengthen my wings so I could get back before they hatched. I sent a mental communication to my mate to tell her that I will be there shortly, I had just left a while ago and I bet I could make it within a few minutes if I pushed myself.


** ** Adele felt him call out to her, smiling a little bit as he began to come and want to see them. She thrummed loudly as she waited for him to come along, watching the purple egg began to move a little bit more in front of her. Her tail began to flick, happily away from the eggs so they would not get hurt. She sniffs the rest of them to make sure that they were coming along just fine as well.

The first egg was being pecked at, Adele seeing a little crack where the egg was being attacked. She purred loudly as she watched, puffing out a little bit as she smiled. "That's it..." She whispered to the egg, smiling as big as she could muster as she waited for Star.

StarLight Nova:

** ** My landing might not have been as graceful or well practiced as usual, but I was in a hurry to get back to our cave as our eggs began to hatch, skidding a few inches before stopping. Throwing up some loose dirt at the overhang, I pant heavily with my wings and tail drooping at the burst of speed I put on when I saw the mountain in sight. Raising my head shakily, I see Adele inside observing as the first hatchling begins to break out of its egg.

I lower my head to take a few deep breathes, scales vibrating not in exhaustion but in pure joy. With a smile on my face, I slowly walk towards our nest, giving a brief nod of my head as Adele looks up to see me. I spread my ear frills with my wings comfortably at my side, padding to the other side of the nest to lie down, nuzzling her neck before giving our eggs my attention. I can see the purple one rocking a bit more urgently, obviously wanting out of the cramped egg.

Excited, I extend my mind towards the hatchlings, linking my mind with its infantile conscious. The hatchling recoils from my touch but renews its attack on the egg that is keeping it prisoner as I radiate comfort and soothing thoughts. It seems the other hatchlings felt my mind as the sunset colored egg and the violet/silver gray egg start to rock gently. I look back up at my mate and spread a wing, laying it on her side while we wait for our hatchlings to be greeted into the world. I begin to purr in love and admiration as more cracks appear on the purple egg.


** ** She looked outside as she saw her mate come closer to the cave and smiled a little bit. She hummed out a little bit as she saw him come to her and nuzzled him happily when he came close and smiled. "I'm glad you came back so quickly, our little ones are almost here." She whispered as she looked them over again.

When she saw the little one begin to attack its purple confinement some more, she came a little closer to it. She soon saw some of the shell come off, letting the baby dragon's head pop out. Adele's eyes widened as she saw the first of her little ones look up at her and made a little noise as it tried to wiggle out. She wondered if it was going to be a little girl or a boy as she let itself work out of its chamber.

StarLight Nova:

** **"I would not miss it even if the world was ending," I reply back with affection, wrapping my tail around hers as the hatchling in the purple egg poked its head out of its shell. "I am glad you chose me as your mate Adele," I say while the purple hatchling rocks its egg more to try and get out. I place my right paw behind it so that it does not tip over. "Come little one, your almost there, you can do it." I encourage, sending soothing emotions to the small hatchling as the other eggs start to wobble with just as much vigor as the first one.

I spread my mind to encompass the silver one, which is not moving as much as the others. Curling my neck back and smirking, I lean forward to just tap the egg with the tip of my snout, causing the hatchling to chirp out in alarm before I send calming thoughts of warmth and encouragement if it can escape its egg. That seemed to give it motivation as small cracks begin to appear on the silver egg even as the purple one finally claws its way out of its egg.

Flopping onto the nest, it shakes its head and tries to stand up on unsteady feet. I return my gaze from watching the silver egg and lower my head to help the small hatchling gain its footing. It shakes itself, or tries to of the gooey egg liquid as I give a few deep sniffs of the air. "It's a female." I tell Adele, able to tell its gender from its scent. It chirps as it looks at the bigger purple dragoness and then at me. "Welcome little one." I say, lowering my head to the ground with a smile on my face.


** ** Adele smiles as she looks at the small female in front of her. A small hum came from her as she licked the liquid off the little one, so it didn't have to worry about it anymore. She then rested her head down on the nest as she looked at her, a sparkling purple, untouched by the earth and ready to learn. It made her heart fill with happiness.

She soon looked at the other eggs with a gleam in her eyes. She soon moved a little, looking at the silver one as it moved. "You can do it sweetheart, I know you can." She smiled, seeing it break the top of the shell and chirped, followed by the others soon after. "That was fast." She said happily.

StarLight Nova:

** ** I tilt my head down to smile as the rest of the hatchlings make various progress on their egg. I keep one eye on the newly hatched purple dragoness as she pads unsteadily between us, chirping occasionally, asking for food. The silver egg is the next one to break, a big piece of the egg falling off, followed by a wing and a foot before it shakes and cracks appear all over. I nudge my mind against it again and the silver hatchling chirps before a piece of egg shell falls off where its head is and it rolls over, the egg following it.

I lean forward to give it some help, opening my jaws and gently biting down to make its escape easier before curling my neck back up while the purple dragoness sits patiently in front of Adele. She looks at me with big eyes, chirping again to let me know what it wants. My smile widens as I extend my mind to touch the purple dragonesses mind, letting it know that Adele and I are its parents. The curious dragoness looks up at her mother, chirping some more while the silver egg breaks apart, revealing an almost exact replica of me.

I blink my eyes a few times, eyes wide in playful disbelief. "If I can guess at anything, I would have to say that the silver hatchling will have as much luck as me as I had with you." I say to my mate, lowering my head to lick the egg juice off of the silver hatchling, male by its scent. I pick some of the smaller egg shells off of its back, nudging it towards the inner circle we made and closer to his sister, chirping indignantly in defiance for some food all the while.


** ** Adele couldn't help but smile at seeing her little girl chirp for food, making her tail wag in happiness. She looked around her cave, knowing she had some leftover food for the little one to eat before looking at the silver dragon and gave a small purr of happiness. She looked down and nuzzled the little silver one, giving it a bit off affection before letting Star clean him off.

Adele soon found a little bit of leg from a deer that she had saved for another day. She padded over to it, and picked off a good size for the purple one to eat off of while the others hatched. She set it down next to the purple hatchling, licking it afterwards to show it earned the food. "And he will find a wonderful mate, indeed." She smirked, looking at silver one happily. "Hopefully like me."

StarLight Nova:

** **"And by them hatching relatively fast, I can tell they will all be strong and wise, as well as beautiful." I reply, purring as the violet/silver gray egg and the sunset egg both start cracking further, tiny pieces of shell falling off to the ground.

I extend my mind to both of them, flashing brief pictures of me and Adele as well as their hatch mates and the food that is awaiting them. The sunset egg, having dark reds and oranges with silver and purple flecked all over breaks apart, a large piece of the shell falling to the ground before the hatchling inside stops moving. I raise my head in concern, focusing my mind on that hatchling while the silver and purple hatchlings eat the piece of meat given to them by Adele.

I lean forward, sniffing as I peer into the egg to look at the hatchling inside. It is turned away from me with its right arm resting weakly on the egg of the opening. I breathe out a puff of air which startles the hatchling, making it turn its head against the shell and look upside down at me. I smile, laughing as I lower my head a little further. "Come on little one, you siblings are waiting for you." I tell him, male by its scent, showing pictures of his sister and brother already out of their shell.

That seemed to get him jealous as he lifts his right arm and tries to rip the rest of his egg apart, wiggling around frantically to get out. I pull back, looking up to see the violet/silver gray female panting on the ground with a piece of her shell on her back. I chuckle, looking over at Adele as the sunset colored egg finally breaks apart, revealing the last hatchling in our first clutch. "They all look beautiful." I wonder absently, looking back at the other two as they begin to fight every once and a while for certain areas of the deer's leg.

I look back at the male hatchling, dazzling colors on his scales, dark reds on the majority of his stomach, belly and neck with orange on his wings. The silver and purple flecks are not numerous, but give him a certain flare and vibrant hue. I let Adele clean the last female while I clean the exotic male of the liquid that covers him.


** ** The silver and violet egg seemed to be slow at hatching at first, but soon hearing the others chirp and fight at each other, she slowly got out and laid on the nest for a bit. Adele smiled and walked over to her, licking off the fluids that had covered her.

A perfectly purple female with a silver underbelly with specks of silver around her body. It made Adele hum loudly with a smile on her face as she nuzzled the newborn and brought her some food to eat as well. Then she went over to Star and nuzzled his neck. "They're all perfect, each already seeming to light up." She giggled and cooed.

She looked at the sunset one and marveled at the colors on him. "He will have a wonderful body when he grows older; look at all the beautiful colors." She said, nuzzling that one as well as she led him to the food where the one she had just cleaned was eating.

StarLight Nova:

** ** I nod, thrumming loudly as our first clutch of hatchlings eat their first meal of deer meat. "He does look wonderful. No doubt any dragoness that chooses him as a mate will be pleased." I reply, licking Adele behind her ear frills before leaning back, observing the family that my mate and I have created. Just thinking that months ago, she was in her first heat and hiding from any males, afraid of what would happen. Now with four hatchlings, two females and two males, that life could not get any better.

With my wings resting comfortably on my back and my tail entwined with Adele's, I begin to hum a song, one I learned a long time ago. The rise and fall of my voice, the deep baritone and rumbling from my throat tells a story of many who lived before us, and of those who will live when we leave. I lift my head and close my eyes, swaying gently to the melody as our hatchlings eat. They stop momentarily to look at me in amazement, occasionally chirping in confusion or trying to join in.

I open my eyes after a while, looking down on every one of them in silence, seeing the potential they hold of a new generation; a generation I sired with Adele. The precious moments I have with them now will be with us for countless lifetimes, in our hearts and held within our minds as we grow old. I raise my head to look at my mate, Adele in admiration, smiling and remembering when I first found her. I lean in, nuzzling her under her neck in affection. "I think we better start thinking of names for them." I say to her, lowering my head down to the nest at eye level with the four hatchlings to speak with them. "Welcome little ones." I smile widely, watching as they chirp loudly before going back to eating the deer.


** ** Adele smiled and cooed, her chest rumbling with a happy growl. She was quite happy with the clutch that she had given birth to, that Star also seemed to enjoy them. Her smile formed and she moved around a bit. She squeezed his tail gently when he entwined them, licking him a little bit as he hummed.

She let him hum out the song, moving some of the things around in the nest so that the little ones would not get hurt if they were to move around. When the purple one came to her, curious as to what she was doing Adele hummed, nuzzling it. "Hello little one, it's nice to see you." She said happily, the baby dragon chirped and nuzzled her mother's snout.

StarLight Nova:

** ** I glance up to see the purple hatchling interact with her mother, smiling as I twitch my tail in response. She is certainly energetic and upfront about bonding with us. Finding a name for her would only be suiting to fit her personality. She takes after her mother with her purple scales and serene nature. The two males and other sister continue to tear into their meals as I lift my head, the purple hatchling catching the movement and turning its head to look at me.

I stare back, looking into her eyes while she tilts her head. I chuckle, leaning forward to nuzzle her chest as she chirps, placing a bloody paw on my nose. "Now look what you have done." I scold playfully. The female's eyes widen while backing up and flaring her wings but I lower my head, gripping behind her neck gently with my teeth. She falls still with a complacent chirp as I move her back next to her sister. "Finish eating, I am sure you're hungry." I say, watching as the purple hatchling chirps back at me before turning around to rejoin her sister.

I raise my head, looking at the two males devouring their food. Time will tell what their personalities are as I turn to look back at Adele. "What do you think of Cyra for a name for the purple one?" I ask my mate, purring while readjusting my wings. The sunset colored male will certainly be extraordinary with a unique name. If we can't think of names for them now, then when they get older perhaps, they can choose for themselves.


** ** Adele smiled and looked at the two as they interacted. It made her swell with pride knowing that she had given life to such beautiful dragons, and that soon they would grow up to be something amazing. She licked the blood off her mate's nose, laughing a little bit as she sighed and stretched her wings a bit. "I think that would be a pretty name for her. It seems to fit her quite well."

As for the other three, she looked at them and made sure that they ate. Keeping them in line as they were older was going to be a challenge, but she knew that it was a part of growing up and teaching them things needed for survival. She padded around, yawning a bit as she sat down near the nest. It was going to be fun though! Being a new mother and all that.

StarLight Nova:

** ** I close my eyes when Adele licks the bloody hatchling paw print off my snout and watch her move to a different position. I could tell it was going to be a test to both of us for when they grew older, but I knew that together we would be able to turn them into fine adults. I turn back and observe the young dragons as they eat their first meal, chuckling as the two males occasionally fight over certain areas of the deer leg. Playing would be the most important aspect in growing up as they would be developing their muscles in that time, no doubt fights will break out and someone will get hurt. Soon enough Cyra, the newly named purple dragoness, finishes as she was the first to start, leaving her violet/silver sister the rest of the deer leg.

She sits back on her haunches, licking her lips to try and clean her scales. I bring my head down to lick the back of her neck, causing her to chirp in surprise and stumble as she tries to turn around. The abrupt motion makes the other hatchlings stop momentarily to see what is going on, finding their sister on the floor of the nest in a tangle of limps and wings. The silver dragon tilts his head, idly licking his own lips until he sees me reach down to clean her off. Getting the wrong idea as I open my muzzle, he jumps into action, running awkwardly over, falling a few times before he jumps, grabbing onto my right ear frill.

His weight, for that of a hatchling, pulls my head down as I look sideways at him while his feet touch the ground again. He growls in high-pitched chirps, warning me not to touch his sister. I keep my head down to lessen the pain, watching as he tugs backwards, futily trying to get me away from her. The sunset colored male and violet/silver dragoness look on in amazement before chirping loudly, encouraging their brother to 'subdue' me. I can't do anything without risk of tearing my ear frill, but I cannot let a hatchling just out of the shell show me off, so I lift my body a few inches and return with a growl of my own, much deeper. The sound startles the silver dragon, causing him to release my ear frill and stumble back, the other two dragons flinching.

The purple dragoness who had tripped strikes when I least expect it, jumping, or scrabbling onto my neck scales as I lie back down. I release a surprised growl of my own, leaning more on my right side while tucking my wings in, displaying my armor plated chest scales and softer underbelly. The purple dragoness bites down on my scales to hold on, and after she maintains a foothold, begins to walk on my neck towards my head. I tilt my head back to look at her, causing her balance to waver but not fall. She still has bloody paws from eating, dirtying my once pristine silver scales.

When she arrives at the back of my head, she hops up onto my head between my horns and looks upside down at me. "Hello, nice of you to get my scales dirty." I say to her, a deep rumble of laughter coming from within my chest. The dragoness loses her footing with a chirp and falls off but I catch her within my teeth gently on her neck again. I straighten myself out and roll back onto my stomach, setting the purple dragoness down in front of me while her silver brother shakes himself in defeat. Once I give the purple dragoness a few loving licks, I turn my attention to the silver male with his back turned towards me.

The sunset colored dragon backs off when he creeps towards his brother to comfort him when he spots my gaze. I extend my mind to give him reassuring emotions of love and care, making him relax and know I won't hurt his brother. When I am done with him, I lean forward to give a swift lick to the back of the silver dragon, causing him to lean forward and flare his wings but he does not stumble. He looks back and turns around, chirping incessantly at me. I wrap my mind around his, conveying soothing emotions to get him to understand I met no harm to his sister. "You sure are a feisty one." I say. The silver dragon gradually stands down and relaxes, giving in to my licking.

"Go finish your food." I tell him, pulling back and bobbing my head in the direction of his sunset colored brother and the ravaged deer leg. The silver dragon tilts his head at me but walks up to me, stretching his neck out and gives me a small lick before rejoining his brother. I raise my head back up, turning my attention back to Cyra and her sister who has gone back to eating.

"Cyra, my little one," I say within her mind, causing her to perk up and look at me as she had been licking desperately at her snout. I laugh at her persistence to clean herself, lowering my head to assist her. She chirps a few times before leaning in to my licks. "Cyra." I say again, making her open her eyes and chirp again, her mind full of content as she recognizes that that is her name. When I finish cleaning her, she gives my snout another lick before padding off to her mother. I sigh, turning my head back to start thinking of a name for the protective silver male. Whatever dragoness has him as a mate will be eternal thankful. I think to myself, looking over to Adele to watch Cyra play with her. I turn my head to try and look at the bloody paw prints on my neck and use my magic to clean it off. At least I know our hatchlings are active and healthy even if they gang up on me.


** ** Adele watches in amazement as her mate interacts with the clutch. It was something that she was obviously going to enjoy, seeing how each of their personalities were going to go with each other. Already, she saw the silver one protecting his purple sister. Which was great for whatever mate was going to take him. The purple one seemed quite adventurous, like her when she was a little hatchling.

Though she wondered of the others, they just seemed to be hungry, not showing their personality quite yet. The sunset one she was a little jealous of, but she knew that she would get over it soon enough. It was just that he was so handsome but as he got older and got a personality, she wouldn't care as much as she would like to have. Her ear frills listened in to Cyra attacking her dad, making her chuckle some as she watched them battle. Adele made soft noises and hums, resting next to the nest as she yawned some.

StarLight Nova:

** ** The next hatchling to finish is the timid sunset male while I look over to see Cyra pad up to Adele and nuzzle against her chest before curling up to go to sleep under her wing. I can feel she is getting tired herself, and while I may not be tired, I could do for a nap. The extravagant hatchling pads backwards a few steps before stopping, licking his lips and cleaning his paws like Cyra had done. He seems to clean himself much more efficiently, probably from watching her when the silver male was attacking me. He can't get all of it though, around certain spots on his muzzle where his tongue can't reach. Fortunately, his violet/silver sister finishes her meal soon after and looks over at him. She observes him for a few seconds before padding over, leaning forward to help him clean himself.

I smile, thrumming happily as his sister helps him while the silver dragon focuses on eating the deer leg that has almost been stripped to the bone. The sunset hatchling shies away but his sister is persistent, moving forward every time he tries to escape her tongue. He soon gives in, letting her clean his muzzle before returning the favor. I can feel those two are going to be great hatch mates. Thinking it is time to join my own mate, I stand up and resettle my wings, the violet/silver and sunset colored hatchlings looking up momentarily to see me pad over to their mother but soon get back to lavishing each other.

The sight of Cyra sleeping under my mate's wing fills me with joy that is soon interrupted as a sharp pain erupts from the tip of my tail a few inches from my tail blade. I stop, neck rising as I cringe and eventually look back to see the silver male latched onto my tail. "That hurts you know." I say, projecting my mind to him. He chirps in defiance, pulling my tail backwards, his teeth only able to dig into my scales. It seems I did not see him move when I stood up to walk over to Adele. This hatchling is surely going to be a boisterous one.

I turn around in a half moon, lifting my tail off the ground as I settle onto the nest on my left side once more. The silver hatchling chirps as he feels his hind legs leave the ground, wiggling to try and get me to lower him down. I bring my tail around so he is in front of me, still struggling out of fear to hold on. I lean forward to nuzzle his stomach, causing him to chirp loudly, the sound muffled as he refuses to let go. _"I can play this game all day you know,"_I tell him, the violet/silver female and sunset male turning to look at what is happening.

"Fine, very well."_I say to him, lowering my tail so he can let go. Once his paws touch the ground he bolts towards Adele, but my reaction is faster. _"Oh no you don't. Its time you fess up." I growl playfully as I reach out my left arm to trap him underneath. I make sure not to ruin his wings or squish him as I maneuver him close to me. He chirps loudly, trying to get his brother and sisters attention to help him. Cyra opens her eyes and lifts her head before going back to sleep. The violet/silver female and the sunset male look at each other, their scales shining but do not intervene; not wanting to get whatever punishment their father is giving their brother.

I flip him onto his back, being mindful of my claws before leaning down to clean his bloodied scales, being far messier than any other of the hatchlings in our clutch. He continues to chirp, trying to struggle out of my grasp, resorting to biting on my paw but it gets him nowhere. His motions become sluggish as he finally lays back and accepts his fate. Even after his scales are as clean as when he had come out of the shell, I continue for a minute or two before stopping. "There, nice and clean." I say, standing up to pad over to Adele again.

The violet/silver female and sunset male scamper over to join me with their wings trailing behind them as I lean down to nuzzle my mate under her chin. I brush up against her, circling around her back to come up next to her. The silver male, defeated in his battle gets ups slowly, looking on as his brother and sister rush over to join their parents and snuggle between them. I turn my head to watch the silver male as he stares back at me. I lower my head a little bit and extend my mind to him. "Come." I say.

I can see him start to move, getting up on his legs but hesitates to continue forward. I tilt my head in confusion, wondering why or how he could have changed from the protective energetic male to hesitant and uncertain. As he stands there I think through some names, strong names that might fit him well. "Come here." I say again, lifting my left wing in invitation as the violet/silver female cuddles up against Cyra with the sunset male huddling up against my chest. The silver male looks over to the carcasses of the deer leg and back over to me. He begins to walk forward in a small arch towards Adele but stops again.

I huff, stumped as to why he could be acting this way. I envelop his mind with love and compassion from a parent, showing him I will protect him as I will his brother and sisters. He chirps once, lets out a strange high growl he lifts his right paw to place it down again. He stares at me, occasionally padding forward a few more steps before stopping. The nest is not that big, if I wanted to I could get up and bring him over, but I do not want him to be intimidated by me. Instead, I look over to Adele to see if she has an idea of why is might be acting this way. "Do you know why he is not coming over to us?" I ask, looking back to see his legs start to weaken from exhaustion yet he remains where he is. He is probably five feet in front of us, and I do not know how much longer it will be before he falls asleep where he stands.


** ** "Maybe he doesn't trust us? I mean, he was biting you a lot because he was trying to protect his sisters." She said as she nuzzled Cyra and kept her close against her wing. She rested her head on the nest, looking at the silver male looking tired. "It is OK little one; you do not have to be afraid of us. We mean you no harm what so ever." She said to the other, rumbling a little bit to let him know that he would not be hurt in any way.

She soon looked to the violet silver female and the sunset male scampering over to their dad, chuckling a little bit to see their wings trail behind them. It made her so happy that they were happy to follow their father, and that Cyra trusted her mother so well. She did wonder who the other three were going to take after when they get over. Though the silver was stubborn to protect the ones he loved, like Star.

StarLight Nova:

** ** The silver hatchling chirps a few times and tilts his head; tiredly swishing his tail as his wings droop down to the floor. Cyra twitches against the nuzzle and begins to purr while sleeping under her mother's wing as I try to figure out why the silver male was not coming closer. Just out of the egg and he was acting like he was afraid of us. I huff out, crossing my forelegs and curling my tail to rest it near Adele. I can feel the violet/silver female and sunset male settling down to sleep as I lay my head down on the nest to think. Seeing me put my head down, the silver hatchling pads forward a few steps, wobbling as he shakes his head to stave off his exhaustion. He looks like he is staring at something...or someone.

I raise my head again and turn to look at sleeping Cyra, seeing her snoozing soundly with her new name. A name, he must want a name too, I think to myself as I turn back to look at the silver male who is lifting his forelegs like horses, prancing about anxiously. He stumbles a few times but manages to get back up. Let's see if I can't come up with a name for him then. I close my eyes, going through the names I think will be good for him. He's protective, energetic, stubborn, surely going to grow up to be strong and a good flyer as well. Hmmm. A chirp interrupts my thoughts as I see the silver male sit down on his haunches, head drooping down with his eyes half lidded and his wings brushing the ground.

I smile, extending my consciousness once more towards him, causing him to look up in a daze. "Are you Sevaulle?" The silver male gives a quick growling chirp in disagreement, obviously disliking the name. " Jeakath?" Another no. "Ashul?" Another no. "Samech?" This time he snorts and shakes his head, almost losing his balance but spreads his wings before dropping them. I take a few minutes to think before picking a name I know he will like. "Are you Braen?" I prompt, making the silver dragon tilt his head in thought. I can see his eyes closing but they snap open and he nods his head with an excited chirp. "Braen it is then."

I raise my left wing again and this time he pads over, walking over my paws before curling up beside Cyra. I turn my head to look at our sleeping hatchlings, sighing in happiness as I can only imagine the fun we will have. I lean forward to give each one of them a lick and a nuzzle before looking at Adele. "Seems like he was just jealous of us giving her a name. I don't know how he could know what he liked for a name or not, but I think he will be something special indeed." I say, giving her neck scales a nibble before licking her snout. _ _


** ** Adele watched as the silver male pranced around the nest. She wanted to just pick him up and bring him to Cyra to relax some. But she held back as she watched her mate figure what to do. Her tail flicked as she watched, interested to see what he was doing.

She soon smiled as she watched her newly named male come to Cyra and rested her wing over them. "You guys had a long day, rest now." She said as she looked to Star.

It made Adele so happy to see them asleep and not complaining. It helped with the fact that now she could relax, even if it was just a little bit. She smiled and nuzzled her mate after he licked her. "I'm so glad they're relaxed. I hope their personalities are just as unique." She said to him.

StarLight Nova:

** **"I am sure they will be by how things have gone so far." I reply, leaning my head up against hers as I purr. By the time our hatchlings had eaten and fallen asleep the sun was starting to go down. Adele and I join shortly after, wrapping ourselves around them as we drift off into sleep within the nest in a bundle of scales and wings. The coming weeks will tell how things progress for us while winter nears. It will be harder to catch food to provide for the family but I know we will be fine.

The cave I chose high up in the mountain should provide good cover from the wind and snow in the coming months. The angle of the entrance to the cave and overhang should let the snow melt into water that will pool into a dip in the ground where I formed with my magic to provide fresh water for the hatchlings. While they all play around the cave, wrestling with each other, I continue to fly around our territory, protecting our home while catching food for us. I had created a small recess in the cave near the back where I place the statue I gave for my mate to keep it safe from the hatchlings, not that it could break. It had changed since Adele had laid our first clutch of eggs and they had hatched. It now showed me on her right side with us both lying down with my wing over her and my tailed wrapped around hers while our hatchlings were placed at different positions around us.

When winter finally hit, it came on slowly. The temperature dropped to where I had to skin the pelts of the animals I killed and dry them out to line the nest with to keep the hatchlings warm. They all seemed curious as to what the white stuff that drifted down was, as they were all now a couple months old. Cyra had bonded well with Adele and I while Braen continued to defend her whenever he saw me try to lick her clean after they ate. The other two were exhibiting more of their personalities now that they had had some time to settle in with us. The violet/silver female was caring and compassionate to her siblings while the sunset male was more drawn back, timid and cautious while observing from a distance. He did not participate in their scraps very often, but Cyra often pulled him in, as she was upfront and adventurous. The violet/silver hatchling would usually help the sunset male whenever he got pinned unfairly by his rough housing brother.

It was interesting to watch them grow; steadily building the vital muscle that was required to survive outside without their parents. Braen was taking full advantage of it as he grew larger and I had to restrain myself from using my full strength in our daily fights. I knew he was sure going to be one hell of a fighter by how headstrong he was when going up against his father. The sunset male on the other hand was more intelligent and calculating. While he was growing nice and strong, I wanted to see him interact more with his siblings. At least when it came time show his true colors, I know he would shine through.

As they grew, so too did their appetites. I was forced out for longer periods of time as snow began to fall, searching high and low for any sight of prey. While I knew Adele could look after them and contact me with the statue I made for her when I am far away, I did not want to be away for longer than a day at most. A couple weeks into winter, the hatchlings had started do more than wrestle and eat. Adele and I had been talking out loud so they could hear our voices in what I hoped one day where they could speak as well. We could understand their chirps and warbles for the most part, and while they could send us their emotions, they had not yet shown any signs of talking, but I knew they were trying when they sat down and chirped for a while.

Our life was satisfying with our growing hatchlings. Sometimes it was too cold even for me to go out and look for food, but I had stored some meat within an inner food sack to keep the hatchlings fed at least. When it seemed the sun was out and it was a slightly cool day, we took the hatchlings out on the overhang to explore outside. By then we had named the violet/silver female Avayla. That only left the sunset male without one. I knew we would name him in time; he was special in his own ways. Whenever a snowstorm would come, we would all huddle up in the nest, all warm in cozy. I would hum a song while Adele cuddled with our hatchlings. Most of the blizzards did not last very long, half a day or so, maybe two max. From what I knew before meeting Adele, it was always snowing lightly and it could turn dangerous instantly, but I guess that was because I had traveled further north before coming down.

Well, maybe I should not have said that too soon that winter was light and airy where we were, as it would prove me wrong very soon. I had gone out to look for some food when the sky was mostly clear, leaving our hatchlings in the care of my dedicated mate as I flew off into the chilly January air. We had not been able to have any 'fun' while raising the hatchlings but that was the last idea on my mind. I should have paid attention to the temperature around me as it rapidly plummeted and snow began to fall, but I was more concerned with finding food for our hatchlings and my mate. I was even ignorant when the winds picked up, pushing and pulling me up and down through the sky harshly.

It finally dawned on me that I should have turned back to fly towards the cave when I could see no more than ten feet in front of me. The heavy clouds above blocked the sunlight, making it seem like night already. If I had noticed the storm early enough and turned around, I don't know if I would have made it as it had come from over the mountains I had made our cave in. I still would have had to suffer through freezing temperatures, savage winds and blinding conditions to make it back. Now all I thought about was the safety of my mate and hatchlings as the snow fell without any sign of stopping, coating my wings, making me flap them harder to maintain altitude. I could clearly see my breath in front of me as I decided to turn around and make it back to the cave.

Unfortunately for me, Mother Nature had a sick sense of humor as a strong gust of wind caught my open sails and disoriented me from my path. Because of the white out conditions, I had lost which way was home and I did not even think about extending my mind to locate Adele in this monster of a blizzard. I was too busy fighting the winds to keep myself steady, so I continued on, having scratched finding food off my list to finding shelter until the storm past by enough so that I could fly safely again. I did not know how high I was from the ground and trees so I just kept pumping my wings every few seconds to stay in the air, correcting myself if the wind decided to blow against me. I was beginning to grow tired from this as the hours dragged on with nowhere to rest in sight.

For you...

My love I would do anything I would fly to the highest peak if you told me to I would dive to the bottom of the ocean to bring you the shiniest pearl I would face an army just to keep you safe beside me I would brave the most treacherous forests...

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