My another day as a loli

Story by Drbigt on SoFurry

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It had been some time since Ailin had her way with me, in more ways than one. Ever since that day, the memories of that moment came back to me in a dream, often with me waking up with a massive hard on. Despite my protests and reluctance earlier, I ended up loving every moment of the cat girl having her way with me.

It's just barely noon when I finally decide I can't take it anymore and decided to gather my courage as I walked up to Ailin, who's watching television while sipping on a glass of a milk on the sofa. She was so adorable and so tiny, it's incredible to think of the things she was able to do to me. The things she made me feel when she took me like no one had ever before.

Ailin realized soon that I was watching her as her ears perked a bit and she'd look at me "What?"

"Ailin, uh... remember that whole transformation... the time when, well uhh... we had some fun?" I'd mumble.

Ailin got a big toothy grin as she'd nod slowly "Yup! We certainly had fun, you were moaning like a bitch that was so cute."

"Y-Yeah, about that... do you think that maybe... uh, well you know... we could do that again?" I would stumble, while blushing beet red.

Ailin was silent for a bit, as she'd rub her chin "So, you want to be a little girl with a dick again?"

"Yes, please Ailin." I'd reply while swallowing hard, hoping that my bluntness would not offend her.

Ailin smiled again, even wider than before as her eyes would begin to glow purple just like last time even though she didn't say anything. But her actions spoke more than words as I could feel my hair start to lengthen once again, reaching up towards my shoulders as I began to shrink down in size as I was beginning to turn into a young, little shemale once again.

"You're much cuter as a girl, Nekoh-chan" Ailin would joke as she'd lean closer to give a playful spank at one of my big ass cheeks.

Despite having become smaller in size, my rear and my cock were the same sizes as earlier making them stand out on such a tiny frame. As my body and skin was becoming much smoother and resembling that of a girl, I'd bite my lower lip a bit.

"Uhm, Ailin? Do you have any clothes that I could borrow?" I'd finally speak up.

Ailin seemed genuinely surprised but then nodded "Maybe something I have will fit you! Let's take a look."

Ailin would make her way to the wardrobe and I was about to say that there's no clothes for her but when she opened it, she'd move her hands inside and to my surprise I realized there was a secret compartment in the wardrobe as she pulled out a box of various costumes.

"How about you go as a French maid, nya?" Ailin cooed as she threw the apron to me.

I blushed heavily and bit my lip a bit "M-Maid? That's not what I had in my mind!"

"Oh, it's not naughty enough for you?" Ailin teased me while poking her tongue out.

I blushed even deeper red, as I'd cough a bit "I-it's not like that! I just was thinking something else, okay!"

Ailin smirked but didn't say another word as she'd go through the compartment before she'd pull out what seemed to be like a very fetish oriented nurse outfit, ones you find on sex shops rather than on a real nurse.

"How about this?" Ailin cooed happily.

I mumbled a bit but took hold of the skirt, starting to put it on me along with the white top that hugged my petite breasts and that nice, fat cock of mine with a bulge appearing on the front of the skirt and a pair of white high heels. A cute little hat would complete the outfit as I shrugged a bit.

"I guess this isn't that bad..." I'd mumble before I saw Ailin.

I hadn't even realized it but Ailin had been putting on a costume as well, though this one was much closer to a dominatrix outfit. Black, high heeled stiletto shoes, corset, a black cop and gloves and even a riding a crop that she was tapping against her hand.

"What the hell is that!" I cried out at the sight of this dominatrix loli.

Ailin couldn't help but grin a wide toothy smile "Oh you know, I figured I'd dress up a bit too. Like it? I think it's a lot more fitting on me than it'd be on you, nya."

"W-Well it's all good and all but maybe you could... I don't know... make me bigger again?" I'd inquire, while blushing again.

Ailin seemingly realized immediately what I was talking about as her eyes would glow in its now already familiar purple glow and I could feel the transformations occur once more; my lips would begin to swell up huge "bimbo" like, while my butt and hips would grow wider to strain and nearly shred the nurse's outfit as well.

"Well, well! You really do seem like a sexy nurse. Are you here to give me my injection, meow?" she'd tease me while playfully poking my chest with her crop.

Before I could answer however, the eyes of Ailin would glow again as soon from within her pussy would emerge that fat cock that I had seen last time as she let out a cute meow while blushing, clearly the growth of the cock turning her on as it would soon become erected.

Without another word, I'd move closer as I'd lower my head to the same level as the dick as I began to lick across the tip of the cock while moving my hands to gently start stroking the dick. Meanwhile, Ailin had other ideas as she took hold of my head and began to push her dick into my mouth even faster than I was prepared as she began to roughly fuck my mouth, making me gag into her lengthy, loli dick. Despite how rough she was fucking my mouth, I knew that my dick was growing hard from the feeling of her having her way with my mouth.

The cute cat girl kept on pounding my mouth harder, making me gag a bit from the size of it as she was feeding inch after inch of that fat, young cock to me, her balls slapping against my chin ever now and then as she pushed the dick deep down my throat.

"I'm going to cum, nya" Ailin would meow in cute manner as she kept on pounding my mouth harder and faster.

Soon, she began to release that thick cum deep into my mouth and down my throat, making me swallow it all down as she kept on releasing that sperm deep into my mouth as she kept her dick still, deep inside of me. I could feel how my belly would slowly begin to grow a bit more bloated as she forced me to drink up what must have been gallons of her cum. Finally, what felt like after ages Ailin's orgasm would fade as she'd slowly pull her cock out from my mouth and despite having cum like from a water hose; the dick was still rock hard.

"Turn around; I want to play with your, meow." Ailin would murmur as she moved her hand to gently squeeze on my thick buttocks.

I blushed heavily but nodded before turning around and getting down on all fours, as she would move her hands to hike my skirt up a bit more to better show off my rear before getting closer to me, rubbing her thick loli dick against the entrance to my ass.

Soon Ailin began to push her dick into my rear, making me let out a moan as an outline of her dick could be seen growing larger on my belly as the cat girl continued to thrust her dick deeper within me. Soon, she began to move her hips back and forth and began fucking my ass hard, her heavy balls swaying and slapping against my own balls with each thrust into my ass.

"Such a tight rear it must have been very hungry for me, nya" Ailin teased me as she'd move her hands over to my wide hips so she could easier pound my rear.

Meanwhile, I was enjoying myself as my dick was rock hard and leaking some pre cum as I blushed beet red, moaning like a bitch in heat as Ailin continued fucking my ass hard as soon she'd drill her dick all the way, balls deep into my rear.

"You are way too tight little cutey " Ailin cooed out happily as she'd give a playful spank on my ass, making me yelp a bit from the surprise.

However, all good things must come to an end and Ailin meowing and her cock starting to bulge even bigger was indicating that she was getting close to an orgasm.

"P-Please come inside Ailin-chan" I'd coo happily while blushing a bit.

That was seemingly all it took as with a final thrust as deep as she could go, Ailin let out a loud meow as she began to unload massive loads of cum deep into my ass, filling up my stomach and making it bulge from all the cum before she'd pull her dick out and unload another big spray of cum all over my back and my butt cheeks and even my balls.

"That was so good, nya." Ailin cooed out happily.

However, while I was still relaxing after that heavy load, Ailin would poke my side and when I turned to look at her, Ailin had went on all fours and was shaking her rear at me.

"It's my turn, meow" she'd coo happily as her eyes would glow in their familiar purple hue again.

I could feel the effects of her gaze begin immediately as my cock began to grow bigger than before, reaching sizes I never would have thought it could get as the new huge dick and its veins were throbbing with each heartbeat of mine.

"A-Ailin are you sure? And with such a huge, fat cock too" I'd whimper but instinctively moved closer, bringing my dick to poke at her cute butt.

She'd immediately nod her head "Just be sure to put it into the right hole, nya."

Hearing this, I'd swallow hard before taking hold of her by the hips and starting to thrust my dick into the pussy of Ailin, making her let out a passionate meow which sounded almost like a feral cat's.

I moved my hands to gently grab hold of her hips as I could feel a strange feeling in my throat, I was actually having sex with Ailin who seemingly loved the feeling of my dick deep inside of their pussy.

"Ailin you feel so tight" I'd moan out happily as I blushed having actually said that out loud.

Ailin murmured happily as she'd lick her lips while turning her head to look at me "Not as tight as you are big, nya."

Hearing her compliment my new size was driving me wild as I began to move my hips back and forth, rocking my dick into her harder and faster with each thrust as I pound my dick a bit deeper into that hairless, young pussy.

"Ohhh it's so tight" I'd moan out happily as I'd feel bold enough to actually give a playful spank in the rear of Ailin.

Ailin didn't seem to mind and instead replied with a soft purr before meowing again, as my balls slapped against her balls and I kept on drilling my dick deeper until I was buried all the way down to the base of my cock inside her pussy.

Ailin suddenly reached backward to grab hold of my head to bring it closer as she'd began to kiss me passionately, our tongues dancing together as I kept moving my hips and sending my cock in and out of her wet sex.

"I'm going to cum" I'd moan out happily as the tightness of her young pussy was getting too much for me.

Ailin meowed several times as her face flushed red "Come inside, I'm about to cum too."

Hearing Ailin say that was enough to drive me completely wild as I'd pull my cock out before thrusting it all the way as deep as I go before starting to unleash the biggest load I have ever shot, deep into her pussy and all the way down her womb that I began to fill with my potent seed. Ailin clearly didn't mind as with several meows, she reached another orgasm as she began to shoot loads of cum all over her flat chest, her soft tummy and even the floor.

"So good, nya" Ailin meowed as she'd murmur happily in an after sex bliss.

I'd reach closer to be able to kiss her again on the lips "I love you Ailin."

We would both snuggle up close, hugging each other with our cum filled, bloated bellies rubbing against each other as we'd fall asleep cuddling like this.

The End

Bonus random story: Bitchy Princess

Once upon a time in a distant kingdom lived a princess, spoiled rotten to the core. If you'd have to describe the princess, she would make anyone think of a menacing shark, ready to scarf down her prey. She had slitted gray eyes that were like two pools of mercury, while her silky, wavy, yellow hair was neck-length. She was very short and she had a chubby build while her skin was cream-colored. She had thick eyebrows and small hands and she had an upturned nose. If you think that she sounded somewhat unappealing, this was actually what most people thought though no one dared say that out loud. Why?

Because this girl, having been spoiled and pampered since her childhood had grown incredibly narcist, hating all the pretty girls who would dare think they were prettier than she was. The self-serving, unscrupulous princess was only out for herself and did not mind obtaining her own happiness at the expense of others.

One day the Princess' hair was being combed by one of her maids, the princess not wanting to do any of this on her own of course.

"Miss Jessica, how do you like it?" the maid inquired as she had made a cute ponytail for the girl.

The princess blinked a bit before looking at the maid "Why you made me have a ponytail, are you trying to make me seem like I'm a lesbian?"

The maid was taken back to say the least, not only because she had not expected the young princess to know what that word even meant but also because she had no idea how this even made sense.

"P-Pardon young miss, what do you even mean?" she'd mumble.

Jessica turned around before grabbing hold of the maid by her hair "My hair, you dumb dyke! You made me look like I'm some sort of a carpet licking lesbian! Are you trying to get frisky with me?"

Before the maid could answer, Jessica dragged the maid by her hair over to the bed.

"Lie down on your back or I'll have you flogged!" the princess would hiss.

The maid had no choice but to nod and lie down on the bed on her back, as the princess would move up over to the bed. Jessica lowered her panties down to her ankles before sitting down, smothering the face of the maid with that chubby, heart shaped rear.

"Lick it" the princess ordered as she'd move herself so that her pussy was rubbing against the mouth of the maid.

The poor female had no choice but to close her eyes and bring her tongue out, as she would begin to lick at the young pussy of the spoiled princess. Her only comfort was in the fact that the vagina was at least somewhat clean and devoid of traces of urine.

"That's it; you think I'm a dyke? I think you're the carpet licker around here, what with how eager you were to lick my pussy! I bet you had wanted to do this all along!" Jessica taunted the female.

The maid couldn't answer even if she'd had wanted to, as her mouth was too busy servicing the sex of the princess; the tongue softly probing to push into the pussy of Jessica, trailing within her as the maid did her best to try and pleasure her with the tongue. Some of the juices from the princess' pussy would slowly drip down along the lips, slowly making it moister all over as Jessica moaned a bit.

"Good girl, just keep on licking some more." she'd moan while blushing beet red.

The maid realized that the princess was getting close, she'd press her mouth against the pussy lips while pushing her tongue as deep as she could get it while circling her tongue within the inner walls of the pussy, making the female finally moan and have a strong orgasm, spraying her femine juices into the mouth of the maid who had no choice but to drink it all down.

"Now I hope you learnt your lesson" Jessica cooed while getting up.

Of course, the maid just nodded albeit she still wasn't even sure why she had gotten angry to begin with.

The End

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