World of Chaos: Chapter 15

Story by HowlingNightWolf on SoFurry

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#15 of World of Chaos

This story contains adult themes, including violence, sex, and occasional Non-consensual sexual interactions, often times between creatures of different species. This story is not for underage readers. If you are offended by such themes, please do not read this story.


The White Dragon ran up the beach, sailors leaping out to help pull the ship ashore. I was always impressed at the efficiency with which the crew worked.

The sun was just barely creeping above the eastern horizon. I turned to Captain Alrinil, whom I had been working with extensively over the course of our travels.

"The Isle of Manir." He said, glancing around. "Not exactly the place I would choose to go. Be careful, small one. The Kingdom of Manir may have been great once, but those days are over."

"Thank you Alrinil. We shall proceed with caution. I'm confident that my comrades and I are up to this task." I replied, hopping onto the sandy beach. I squelched loudly in the cold mud.

Struggling, my feet only sank deeper and deeper into the cold. Rekkdyr stepped off the ship next to me and reached down with a large hand, taking my arm almost entirely in hand, and pulled me from the mud.

"Thanks." I muttered, trying my best to clean my feet on a small patch of grasses on the beach. That was an embarrassing start to an adventure. My first steps into hostile territory, and I get stuck in mud. I can move swiftly and silently through the mountains and forest, stalk prey, leap from rock to rock, traverse rapid rivers, and yet, it would seem a muddy beach on the coast of Manir would prove to be more than my match. I groaned.

"We shall return to Rainhaven, and await word from our Lords and Ladies. It would be a most unfortunate thing if the ring were to be lost." Captain Alrinil stated, turning to me with a smile and a wink.

I couldn't help but notice Rekkdyr gently caress the large ring on his finger with a furry thumb.

"Again, thank you, Captain. We are indebted to the elves of Rainhaven." Rekkdyr said with a bow.

The elf merely nodded, a strange look, almost contempt, crossing his face as his eyes fell on the gnoll. I'm sure Rekkdyr noticed as well, but there was no reaction from the knight.

The only landable beach that didn't appear to be patrolled by forces from Manir was located on the far northwestern coast of Manir. There was a reason it was not patrolled, however. The beach was isolated on a distant coast, bordered on either side by large rocky cliffs.

The small inlet was separated from the rest of the island by the Nordeik mountains. It was a small chain of mountains that formed the islands themselves, and the official name for the cluster of Islands were the Nordeik.

The beach gave way to a forested valley of oak trees, as ancient as the city of Manir itself. The sun was well into the sky as we wove our way through the woods, no trail to follow.

"Hope you know what your doing." Skempta commented, walking along behind me as I peered at the sun, then around at the various mountain landmarks.

I sighed. "For someone with fey-blood, I'm surprised your not as well versed in the art of navigation."

She shrugged.

"Most of my life has been spent in the northeastern Sutvaldys, in the Avaltiss Reach. Direction is easy there. Landmarks are recognizable. Besides, never really had a destination I was trying to reach before. Just sort of went with the blowing of the wind." the orc replied.

"Many gnolls are adept hunters and trackers, at home on the southern plains. Yet if you asked me to lead us to Manir through this range below, I would have a better chance teaching an owlbear to dance." Rekkdyr grinned, showing his large canines. I couldn't help but think how well I would have fit in the hyena man's jaws.

I shook the thought from my head. I took another look at the gnoll. He carried himself with a strange quietness, dressed the finest of us all, save for the elf Ivaylis, and spoke with the fluid poetry of nobility. I couldn't help but chuckle.

"I suppose many of the worlds problems could be ended if racial assumptions were not made carelessly." I stated.

"Indeed." Ivaylis agreed, eyes falling to Rekkdyr.

He just continued onward.

It took a greater part of the day to traverse the oak valley. Aklys and myself could have probably made the journey in half the time, but our small, quick bodies were use to travel through such terrain, and as we had no trail to follow, our larger companions, notably Rekkdyr and Skempta, were slowed heavily by the thick vegetation.

By the time the sun began to slowly descend beyond the horizon in the west, we were camped at the base of a large mountain, a small winding trail running up into the Nordeik range beyond.

Unsure of our enemy presence in the area, we decided a fire was not such a good idea, so we sat around in the growing darkness. Rekkdyr and Skempta's eyes seemed to take on a strange glow, reflecting any bit of light that reached their eyes, similar to how cats eyes reflect firelight. Even Ivaylis reclined back, glancing around in the growing gloom, unconcerned with the fading light.

It was then, I realized, that my night-vision was perhaps the worst of the groups. I would definitely have to rely heavily on my companions should we face combat. I sighed.

"And this big dumb gnoll, bleeding from the head, barely standing erect, ribs broken, glares at me. He's sitting there, blocking Vailadriel from view, as the girl is cowering by the wall. I'm gripping this creatures weapon, having just ripped it out of a flaming troll-bear thing. All he say's is, 'if you want this girl, you have to go through me!'" Skempta laughed. She had been telling the group of the harrowing battle in which the orc and the gnoll became acquainted.

"A Troll werebear? I didn't know such a thing were possible." Ivaylis said.

"Nor did I." Rekkdyr grinned shyly, as he wiped down his elvish sword with oil.

Often times, magic is involved. Aklys told us.

Ivaylis nodded to the cat. "I would imagine so. The trolls healing would otherwise make it extremely difficult for any disease or curse to take, one would think."

"I cannot even imagine facing such a monstrosity." I stated.

"Luck seemed to be on our side that day." Rekkdyr stated.

"Ah, he's being humble." Skempta grinned.

"Any other memorable battles?" Ivaylis asked.

"Well, there was Krell." Skempta said.

Rekkdyr stood, returning his blade to his scabbard. "I going to fill my wet skin." he muttered, walking off in the direction of the small river. I couldn't help but notice a full wet skin hanging at his side.

Skempta caught his eye, and he just nodded.

"What was that about?" Ivaylis asked as the gnoll marched off into the night.

_Rekkdyr, it seems, still struggles with the memory of this particular story._Aklys projected, eyes watching the gnoll as he disappeared into the darkness.

"Does speaking of such things disrespect him?" Ivaylis asked.

"Perhaps it's best you know his scars, as we are to travel together." Skempta replied.

"Krell was a ferocious beast, a creature as unnatural as a walking corpse." she began.

Skempta proceeded to tell us the story of how Rekkdyr triumphed over the crocodilian humanoid, savagely killing the beast as it threatened Princess Vailadriel. I found it difficult to believe the gnoll she described was the same one that accompanied us now.

I also couldn't help but feel as if she had left out something important to the story. On their previous meeting, they had both badly wounded each other, but that was all she stated.

Save for the thin line on his face, Rekkdyr's scars seemed emotional, not physical.

Soon, conversation fell upon me and Aklys.

"So, any interesting tales of adventure from our halfling ranger and the nature spirit?" Skempta asked.

Aklys nodded at me.


"Well, when I first found out the damn cat was not just a damn cat, didn't exactly have time to express any awe or wonder." I stated, grinning to the snow leopard.

"I was in a meeting with a potential client, some highborn lad. Suddenly, I hear this voice in my head, all panicky. Turns out the cat I've been traveling with for months can talk!" I laughed.

We exchanged various stories like this, of Camden and his giant vegetables, and of Skempta and a strange story involving a rather lusty goblin chieftain.

Rekkdyr emerged from the trees, taking his place once again in our encampment.

Everyone grinned up at him.

"Well, we have quite the climb in the mountains tomorrow. I would suggest everyone get some sleep. I'll take first watch." I said.

"I don't need much rest. Call upon me for second watch." Ivaylis said.

With that, everyone prepared their bedrolls and tried to find sleep.


Dawn found us quicker than I would have liked. The halfling shook me awake.

"Skempta. It's time to continue onward." She whispered.

"Damn, halfling, the sun hasn't even risen yet!" I groaned, blinking sleep from my eyes.

She continued on to her next victim, shaking the large snow leopard cautiously.

Rekkdyr was already up, and dressed, sword strapped to his hip. By the look on his face, I'd guess he didn't sleep well, again.

It wasn't long before we set off, climbing higher into the mountains as the sun illuminated the valley behind us. It seemed as if we were racing to keep to the shadows, as the higher we climbed, the smaller the shadow cast by the mountains became.

The small switchback trail leveled out into a small mountain pass, rising peaks on either side of us.

Everyone in the company was tense as we traversed the passage, knowing well that this was a prime location for ambush.

I gripped my sword tightly, ready to fling my shield from my back at the smallest sign of threat.

The wind cut southward right through the pass, bringing the northern chill with it. I could feel the icy wind on my bare body, though it was not an unpleasant sensation.

The tiny halfling with us shivered slightly.

The sound of hooves came from ahead of us. Ciara was on point, and immediately drew an arrow, taking aim at the trail ahead.

I shrugged off my shield, tearing my sword free from it's scabbard and readying a defensive stance.

Ivaylis and Rekkdyr both tugged their weapons free as well, and we all held ground.

The sound of hooves also came from behind us, and I whipped around, being rear guard of our element.

A man came into view from around the rocky outcropping, gripping a large spear. I had to blink. His torso seemed fused at the waist to the body of a well defined stallion. A centaur.

I glanced back, seeing another blocking our way forward.

I growled, brandishing my weapon threateningly at the one before me.

"Orc, Gnoll, halfling and elf? Never before have I witnessed such a strange company. What business brings you to our lands" the one blocking our way asked. He too gripped a spear, though he was holding it like one would hold a walking staff, completely non-threateningly.

Ciara kept her bow trained on him, however. "We search for someone taken from us." She replied.

I considered the centaur before me. He was nude, save for a small leather harness strapped to his human back, and a matching harness running the length of his horse back. He had a large axe strapped to his horse-flank, and a shield strapped on his human back. His braided hair was long, falling down to about mid back, woven in intricate patterns.

His face was stern, serious.

Our eyes met, and he glared. I snarled in reply.

"Men of Manir seem to have a long reach." The other centaur stated.

"I demand to know who blocks our way." Ciara stated, bow still raised.

"My name is Riddaris. That is my brother, Hestross. May I remind you, that you intrude on our lands?" He said, nodding to the drawn arrow.

Ciara hesitantly lowered her aim.

"I am Ciara O'Connor of Northmeadow. This is Sir Rekkdyr of Rainhaven, Lady Ivaylis of Rainhaven, and Skempta of Clan Beastblood." Ciara introduced warily. She purposely left off Aklys.

"You almost went unnoticed last night, as you camped in the shadow of the mountain." Riddaris commented, taking a step forward.

"What are your intentions, centaur? We know not the hostility of this land, and will fight to defend ourselves." Ciara warned.

"Do not fear, little halfling. If we sought a fight, we would not have stopped for a chat." He replied. As a show of his intentions, he drove his spear into the earth, approaching her unarmed. Rekkdyr took a step closer to Ciara, still gripping his elvish bastard sword.

"You claim this gnoll is of Rainhaven, and a knight no less. I wonder how such a thing came to pass?" he said, eyes locking with the gnolls.

Ivaylis stepped forward.

"He did a great service for my kinsman." She stated.

"If you don't seek a fight, then tell me, why do you block our way?" I growled, eyeing the centaur, Hestross before me.

He met my growl with a scowl.

"We wanted to know your intentions, as you passed through our lands. The Island of Manir is not as safe as it once was. We too seek someone who was taken from us. Our sister, Elska." He said, a frown growing on his face.

"I'm sorry to hear of your loss. My brother was taken right out of the streets of Drifa in the Sutvalds." Ciara said. "And Skempta and Rekkdyr themselves were held captive to the slavers, forced to fight in a slave pit for the entertainment of others." She replied.

I wasn't quite comfortable with the halfling spilling our life stories.

"How can we trust what you tell us is the truth?" I growled.

Hestross tensed, gripping his spear.

"Belief is up to you. We shall not keep you any longer. If you wish to continue onward, I shall not stop you." He said, stepping aside in the road.

"Know only that the King of Manir is not as welcoming to outsiders as his ancestors may have been." the centaur stated.

"Thanks for the warning." I grunted, as we cautiously walked past him. I eyed Hestross one last time, before continuing on our way.

"Be wary! Such a company like yours will stick out in the kingdom of Manir!" he called after us, as we moved to put as much ground behind us as possible.


I panted on the cold stone ground, feeling my arms throbbing painfully. Healing magic had mended my dislocated shoulders, but it had done little to dull the pain.

"I grow weary of collecting samples, halfling. It would be much easier if you were to take an active role in fertilization." The woman spoke softly, opening her book before her.

She started to chant. I clamped my eyes shut, trying to force her words, her voice, from my mind.

A door opened in the dungeon, and a monster of a man entered, dragging behind him an otter.

He threw the poor animal on the ground before me.

The woman was still chanting.

I pushed myself up from the ground, my shoulders screaming in pain.

I felt a presence in my mind, whispering, but it was too distant to make out what it was saying. I clamped my eyes shut again, trying to drive her from my thoughts.

Listen. The voice whispered. I opened my eyes, feeling myself falling away. I approached the otter, falling on the frightened creature.

The animal bit my arm hard, but I couldn't react. She clung on, clawing and tearing at me. I just slammed the creature in the face, muttering a spell of my own.

The animal immediately stopped thrashing, laying on her back, completely still. I Reached for my cock, massaging it until it began to stiffen.

Kneeling down, I rubbed it up against the animals pussy, sliding it across the length of her cunt.

Fully hard, I slammed it deep into her folds to the hilt, with little ceremony. No love was felt as I brutally started slamming my hips to hers, thrusting hard and deep. I couldn't stop myself, as I rammed the poor creature again and again.

The chanting stopped, and I fell back, panting heavily. Cum oozed out of the animal's slit.

"There, you see? It wasn't so bad." The woman smiled. She nodded to the large man, who quickly scooped up the otter, still dripping my cum, and turned for the door.

"W-why are you doing this?" I asked, panting.

"You couldn't hope to understand our reasons. Know only that you are helping to bring about a new world." She smiled.

"N-new world?" I asked.

"My master has ideas for this world. As well as it's inhabitants."

The door closed with a slam, and the sound of an iron lock sliding into place was followed by silence. I slammed my tiny fist against the cold stone floor.

World of Chaos: Chapter 13

_Rekkdyr_ I gazed out over the forested valley from the balcony of my room. A large rucksack sat on the floor by the door, filled with various trail rations and equipment for the road. The sword Silvernight leaned against the wall beside it. The sun...

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