Tangled Up In Pleasure - Chapter 1

Story by Snow Flake on SoFurry

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Tangled Up In Pleasure.

By Nikita (Snow Flake)

Snow Flake belongs to Nikita - http://www.furaffinity.net/user/snowflakethesnowleopard/

When Snow awoke, he could sense that today would be a great day. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and fresh snow littered the area around his cabin. He couldn't imagine what could ruin such a beautiful day and was excited to see what it would bring as he was back at his cabin in the mountains where it was a constant winter. The reason why he wasn't at school was because it had gotten out for the summer and Snow wanted peace and quiet so he chose to retire to his cabin. Like how any person would be, he was excited to see snow. He spent his first few days messing around in it as his school was in a hot climate and being a snow leopard, he preferred the cold.

After making a few awkward looking snowmen and constructing a large fort, Snow decided it was enough of his childish antics and retired back to his cabin. However, after being pent up and not doing much, he felt like taking advantage of the nice day and go on the walk in some nearby woods.

After eating a quick breakfast, Snow got dressed and packed his satchel with a sandwich and apple to eat in case he got hungry before he departed off to the forest; his hind paws making soft crunching noises on the fresh fallen snow. As he walked, he listened to the quiet singing of the birds and enjoyed the sunshine that fell on him as it relaxed him.

Within a few minutes, he broke through the outer wall of the forest which he progressed deeper into. While he walked, he didn't make any effort to make a path back as he knew he could follow his paw prints back and he had been walking in almost a straight line since he entered

After walking for a while and venturing deeper into the forest, Snow felt himself becoming hungry. Deciding to stop and take a break from his walk, he sat down on a pretty large rock and placed his satchel next to him; undoing the buckles and pulling out his food. Tearing off the foil, he placed it back into his satchel before taking a big bite of his sandwich; grunting in approval.

Snow kept eating away at his sandwich till he finished it up along with his apple which he tossed away the core into the snow. After such a nice snack, Snow wanted to continue on his walk but instead heavy drowsiness fell over him and a yawn escaped his muzzle. Snow debated whether he should take a nap before continuing his journey into the forest or instead returning home. However, out of both options that existed, the taking the nap option won. Lying onto his back with his paws behind his head, he curled his tail around his feet before shutting his eyes. Within seconds he fell into a deep sleep.

As Snow slept, he was unaware of the things that were crawling under the snow towards his sleeping form. If was rather taking a cat nap or awake, he would of heard and been alerted by the sudden sound of snow breaking as something emerged from within. However, Snow kept sleeping peacefully and what ended up pulling him out of his sleep was when something squishy and warm wrapped around his ankle and began to gently squeeze and pull.

Yawning and blinking his eyes, Snow awoke from his short dream that he was having due to pressure on his ankle. He first thought that it was just his tail that ended up getting tangled due to his dream but when he looked down groggily, he was surprised by what he saw. There was a light green object that looked like a vine that somehow caught on him and thinking it was nothing, he sat up and reached down to untangle it. When his paws came in contact with the thing, he felt that it was warm and throbbing and yelped. He got ready to start clawing at it when suddenly another one popped out of the snow and wrapped around his other ankle causing him to gasp and began to struggle to get out of their grasps.

Before he could do more, he heard more noises from around the rock as more of the tentacles appeared and one wrapped around his wrists which he desperately tried to bite at only to fail as the tentacles seemed to be able to harden or soften to avoid his sharp teeth. With him resisting and growling, the tentacles became tighter around his ankles and wrists before they forced him to be apart as if he was making a snow angel. At this point Snow was panicking and extremely worried about himself and it didn't help when the tentacles lifted him into the air as if he weighed nothing and held him there.

While he struggled in the air, another tentacle appeared and unlike the other ones, it crawled down his chest to be at the base of his jacket before sneaking under it and going all the way up to his chest; stopping short of his neck. When it stopped, Snow got confused before he felt it start to pull outward causing the fabric and zippers to break. This in turn caused Snow pain and began to whimper loudly until the tattered and destroyed remains fell to the ground. Without hesitation, the tentacle repeated the action to the shirt he was wearing underneath.

Right as he thought it was going to do the same to his pants; it wrapped around his chest and held him steadier in the air. Snow kept going at his struggle to bite and claw at the tentacles but his energy was running out and got to the point where he lay limp within their grasps; wondering what would come next. However, what caused him to resume his struggling was when a tentacle that was unlike the others appeared with some orange fluid dripping from the tip as it came to rest above his muzzle. His eyes growing big at the sight, he shut his muzzle tightly and kept his lips sealed as the tentacle began to poke and lather his lips in the fluid which smelled bitter and very musky.

Snow kept playing the avoidance game for as long as possible until another tentacle, like the one on his chest had done, suddenly ripped his jeans and boxer briefs painfully causing him to whimper loudly and get distracted by the pain. This allowed the tentacle to push in and get into his muzzle. Growling loudly, Snow bit down trying to bite it in half only to feel it toughen and for his teeth to fail at doing anything. He kept trying to bite it in half while avoiding the fluid that was leaking into in throat but his jaw soon tired and he gave up; swallowing what had been leaked into his muzzle. To his amazement, the fluid didn't taste like how it smelt and was rather sweet; almost as if he was eating freshly made caramels from the local chocolate shop. Due to this, he began to eagerly drink what was being leaked into his muzzle.

From the corner of his eye, Snow spotted another tentacle that did not look like the one ones but more like a fleshlight approach his form. Snow didn't have to even think of what it was for as the moment it got to his crotch, it started to tease his sheath and balls causing him to moan quietly around the tentacle in his maw that was slowly feeding him the liquid that unknowingly to him was more of a drug that was starting to cloud his judgement; his member starting to escape his sheath.

When half of his length was out, the fleshlight like tentacle latched down all the way to his sheath and began to vibrate and squeeze as if it was another fur. Within no time he was fully aroused and leaking pre into the tentacle while his barbs flared and were pleasured causing him to moan and gasp around the fluid and tentacle in his muzzle.

Drunk with pleasure, Snow didn't realize the two small tentacles that came up and latched onto his nipples until they began to tug and pinch. This caused Snow to buck up with his hips and release a spurt of pre into the sucking tentacle which it drew away. He at this point was drugged with pleasure and was enjoying all of the violations of his body but what broke him away from his bliss was when he saw a tentacle similar to the one in his muzzle but bigger appear over him and also leaking the same fluid.

He stared up at it in confusion and trying to figure out what this creature had in mind when it suddenly went down to his crotch and started to poke around under his balls. Becoming wide eyed, Snow started to struggle and trying to get away only to have the tentacles holding him tighten and hold him more steady. In combination to being held, the fluids that he was being fed were heavily drugging him and led to his fears being washed away by each swallow he was taking. So rather than struggling to resist, Snow started to shake his rump lustfully towards the tentacle and lifted his tail out of the way to allow it to smear the fluids all across his crack and on the outside of his tailhole.

The moment that the tentacle was done lubing Snow's rear, it pushed in with no warning causing him to whimper and moan around the tentacle in his muzzle due to the pain which as quickly washed away from the drugs he swallowed. Slowly but surely, the tentacle sunk deep into him before beginning to pull in and out of Snow's tight pucker; the fluids from the tentacle being used as lube.

After a while of the multiple points of simulation on his body, Snow couldn't hold back and finally orgasmed; the fleshlight tentacle suckling hard on his shaft as he throbbed strands of cum into it which were drawn away.

Right after he orgasmed, Snow thought that the tentacle around his cock was done but only to be proved wrong when it began to simulate him again like before but harder to keep him erect and after a few more moments, he came once more. This whole milking process kept repeating itself while he was being simulated and fed and during that whole experience, changes were rocking Snow's body.

Due to his positioning and having his eyes closed, he didn't see that every orgasm he had, his chest began to swell out as his member, sheath, and balls grew smaller and smaller within the tentacle's grasp. Within a few drawn out orgasms, there was an obvious pair of large B cup breasts which the tentacles on his nipples kept teasing but more furiously as they were more sensitive while his member was just a mere inch. Within seconds, he had his last and weakest orgasm as he was drained the last of his male seed before his cock, sheath, and balls retracted into his body to become a pair of moist and virgin female lips; the he becoming a she as the cum filled tentacle pulled away.

Snow was completely unaware of the changes that she had gone through as she kept being pleasured and she only realized that something was wrong when she felt a tentacle rubbing against her new female lips. She would of screamed at the sight of having breasts and a pussy rather than a cock but the drugs she swallowed prevented her from thinking otherwise; she in turn only grew more excited and soon her virgin feline lips were glistening with arousal as she grew excited from the aspect of double penetration. After stroking her labia, the tentacle pushed in hard and fast till it bottomed out with its tip against her cervix; poking and teasing it causing her to moan and struggle in pleasure. Like the tentacle in her rear, it began to thrust in and out of her at a faster pace causing the simulation to be greater and filling her with newly formed pleasure that she as a male never experienced. It didn't take long for her to reach her first female orgasm and when she did, she felt spent.

However, the tentacle in muzzle made sure she wasn't out of the equation. It began to feed her a new combination of liquids that energized her and aroused her body further. While it muzzle fucked Snow, it forced her to look up and between her breasts at the tentacles that were being shoved in her.

At first, Snow didn't spot anything until she spotted some blue orbs moving from the upper part of the tentacle towards her holes. It took her a split second to realize what the shapes where and when she did, she squealed; not from fear but excitement as the orbs which are the size of her clenched shut paw got closer and closer to her. She knew that they were eggs and the aspect of being filled by them from this mysterious creature was too sexy for her. Greedily, she kept swallowing the fluids that she was being fed as her body and mental state changed her to become a horny and relaxed subject to be filled with eggs.

The first egg that hit was in the vaginal tentacle. It stopped outside for a moment against her spread lips before beginning to spread her wide before popping into her; causing a small orgasm to rock her body as she moaned and clenched around the tentacle. The tentacle inside of her velvet feline canal began to draw the egg further and further into her body till it was near the tip of the tentacle which now began to push against her cervix and spreading her open without much resistance due to the state she was in. After the tip got through and opened up in her womb, it quickly carried the egg through her cervix and into her womb causing it to fall in; marking her womb as an egg carrier for this creature as more eggs began to speed towards her.

Similar to the tentacle in her vagina, the one in her ass was pushed far deep in her rectum till it was secure. Quickly, more eggs joined the others and within no time, Snow's belly was bulging from the outlines of the eggs inside of her womb and ass.

After a while of being fucked and filled with eggs, Snow had counted six eggs in her rear while there were eight in her womb causing her belly to look as if she was pregnant with a litter of kittens. She also had noticed that during the whole process of being filled, her breast size went from being a B cup to a heft pair of D cup breasts; this whole scene causing Snow to drool around the tentacle in her muzzle. When the last egg arrived to her womb and was dumped into her, she yowled loudly and had one final orgasm.

The tentacle in her muzzle was the first to go with the nipple ones following right after. However, right before the ones in her tailhole and vagina pulled out, she felt them throb hard and spurt some of the orange fluid against her cervix and in her ass which felt thicker and hotter than the fluids she guzzled down. Snow could only guess what the point of this fluid in her was to fertilize the eggs or have them sealed in her. Either way, she didn't mind.

With a loud sigh, she was placed back onto the rock that she was pulled off as the tentacles slipped away; her body leaking from her two spread holes as reminders of the ten eggs in her. Licking her lips, she placed a paw on top of the outlines and gently stroked as she got lost in her thoughts.

After a while of lying there, Snow got up, gathered her ruined clothes and satchel before began her return trip home; some fluids still leaking from her and making a path on the snow while her nipples ached from pain and pleasure. As she walked, she wondered how she would explain her gendershift to people at school. What was most on her mind were thoughts of the eggs in her and curiosity of how long they would stay in her. Along with this, she thought of how fun it would be when she returned to the cabin. Who knows, maybe she'll even bring her boyfriend next time!

Story: © Nikita

Characters: © Snow Flake

Official Owner: © Nikita

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