Nobility of Femininity

Story by Runa on SoFurry

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Art - Crescent0100

Writing - Runa

Vivian - docflux

Talba - Runa

Just a nice little short story to accompany a pic I recently got! Figure it's just juicy enough to hold people, and just long enough to finish a fap!

Vivian attends a public banquet held by Talba with intentions of being dominated. what she gets is pretty much exactly what she wants. Talba is, of course, as lewd as her reputation implies.

Nobility of Femininity

I do this once a month or so. I purchase as much produce from the local vendors, hire any cook in town to assist my chefs, and put on a truly special feast for anyone in the capitol who needs to eat. I host it in the massive main hall of my castle, and rather than sit at the throne atop the stairs, I sit at the head of the table with everyone else. This allows me to be seen as one of my people, and shows that I have a connection with everyone in my kingdom, from the nobles to the citizen class.

This feast was no more special than ay of the previous feasts I'd come to enjoy with my people. We were serving every kind of meat that could be purchased or hunted nearby. Naturally, we had beef, chicken, pork, and various fish, but we also were serving keilor and yemmar flesh. Keilor were massive roaming beasts that travelled in the underbrush of the surrounding jungle, and yemmar were a deliciously tender, fat bird found in the canopy. Both were quite sweet by comparison and both were a delicacy in Arrenthen, and were virtually impossible to get anywhere else, making it a special event when someone got to eat it.

Though the banquet was open for all civilians in arrenthen, I still liked to treat the occasional as though I was in the company of nobles. I expected everyone in attendance to enjoy the soup, the salad, the appetizer, the entree, then the dessert and drinks in sequence like proper nobility. I realized that some might find this offensive, to try and make the civilian class conform to the expectations of the noble class, but I always prefaced the banquet with a speech, reminding my people that I do the banquet because I feel that all are equal in my eyes, and that I do this because I understand the disparity between noble and civilian classes. I know not everyone believes me, but I am sincere in my assertions of equality.

Three massive banquet tables laid out in my grand hall, easily able to accommodate hundreds of my people of all shapes and sizes. My royal guard would line the halls in between the pillars, and were not permitted to eat any of the food unless one of the guests offered. They were treated very well every other day of the month. I had to instill a sense of equality some how.

The meal went on perfectly fine from beginning to end. IT started with massive carts full of soup, utilizing the remnants of meat and bone from the carcasses in the broth, and filled to the brim with spices and vegetables. Some were creamy, others relying on the flavor of the broth. After that, all plates were taken and replaced with a salad of their choosing. Garden salad, a tangy zest salad, an oriental salad, and even a hot salad with rice and cooked beans. I preferred the tangy zest salad myself.

It wasn't until we got to the appetizers that I started to pick up on some interesting vibes from one of the guests. It was a royal purple furred female, not of Arrenthen. I saw her glancing over at me every few minutes in between sips and bites. She wasn't talking to any of the other guests, so she seemed to get lost in the crowd, but I noticed her.

I try my best to not allow my mind to prod at the thoughts and emotions of those around me - if I opened myself to the stream of consciousness of all around me, I'd likely go crazy - but with her I felt the need to prod her a bit. My telepathic ability allowed me to read emotions and thoughts with ease as though they were speaking directly to me, but it was a skill I deliberately shut off to ensure I didn't get overwhelmed. Still, I couldn't help but open myself just a bit so I could get a read on this lone guest that seemed to hold quite an interest in me.

Her name was Vivian, she was certainly not from Arrenthen, and she wasn't here for the food.

Intrigued, I prodded a bit deeper, keeping my eyes trained on her as I did so, lapping happily at my wine in between nibbles on the skewers of keilor and yemmar. It didn't take long for her to match my gaze, smiling awkwardly at me before returning to her meal, too shy to look at me beyond a few nervous glances.

The more I concentrated on her, the more of her I was able to unveil and read. She was here on a trip, here to see me. She'd heard of my reputation as being dominant, and wanted to try her paws at convincing me to have my way with her.

Cute girl like that, I couldn't say no to that. I had a reputation to live up to. Sure, it's a rather promiscuous reputation, but I was okay with that image as long as it was paired with my generosity and kindness.

I kept my eyes on her fairly consistently throughout the remainder of the meal, breaking only to give commands to my staff and to enjoy my meal. The banquet carried on without issues. We enjoyed the rest of our appetizers, the entree, and dessert before people started leaving. Families were done eating and needed to return to their homes to care for their crops or livestock, as would be expected. I wasn't easily offended, and I understood many were here only to enjoy a free meal.

Some of the guests walked up to me before leaving, bashfully thanking me for my kindness before leaving, and others were too shy to actually come up to me, losing their nerve and scuttling out the main hall doors before having a chance to thank me. I smiled every time I saw someone too shy to speak with me personally. I am a queen, and though I try my best to present myself as approachable, I know that's intimidating for most.

As the crowd thinned, Vivian remained in her seat, idly nibbling on her cake and pie and icecream, occasionally glancing up at me, trying to build the courage to say something. With the guests leaving, there was little to distract me from concentrating on her thought processes, plucking at her desires and fetishes until I knew exactly what she wanted, how she wanted it, and why she was too shy to just come out and ask for it. You know, aside from my rank and position.

"You know, there's no reason to be shy, Vivian." I declared before lifting my bowl of icecream to my beak so I could peck at it with my tongue.

She raised her head and perked her ears up, confused and taken aback. "M-me?" She asked, placing a hand on her chest.

"Yes you. I've seen you there, glancing at me for hours now, barely able to concentrate on your meal or talk to any of the others around you." I took another lick of my ice cream as I stared at her, my steely gaze piercing into her psyche.

"O-oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to offend." She sputtered. She took a few bites and looked like she was about to get up and leave, until I stopped her.

"Don't go anywhere, Vivian. Stay where you are. You are not leaving this hall until we've had a bit of a talk." I commanded in a voice that was a bit more aggressive than I was used to using.

She gulped slowly, only keeping ancillary eye contact with me as she laid her hands down on the table on either side of the plate. She was breathing heavily, her heart beating so hard that I could actually hear it from across the banquet table. This was good. I knew this was what she wanted.

Time went on, and the crowd thinned further until only a dozen or so guests were still around. It was a crew of increasingly drunk equines having a party at the other end of the hall, so I didn't bother with them personally, I just signaled the royal guard to kindly escort them out, leaving only Vivian and myself together at the head of the table. Rather than give further instructions, I walked over to her and stood behind her chair, clutching my talons on her back rest as I looked down at her. I was quite a bit larger than she was, so it was clear that she would not be able to stop me if I forced myself on her.

Luckily, she was into that kind of thing.

As I stool behind her, I pressed a single talon on her spine at the base of her neck, swiping down in one quick motion to slice the collar of her dress open, exposing the fur on her back.

She immediately spun and looked up at me with wild eyes, not sure of how to proceed. She was scared, but also excited. She wanted this, I could tell, but she still wasn't sure of how far I would go, and that scared her. It scared her, and it excited her - a dangerous and entirely sensual combination.

"Oh, don't worry, dear, I'll only hurt you a little bit." I wrapped my massive talon around her neck and shoulder, digging claws into her fur as I picked her up and tossed her onto her back on the red velvet carpet at the base of the stairs that led to my throne. I stood over top of her and laid my foot-talon on her, curling my claws up into the fabric of her dress before kicking it away, leaving her garmet in tatters and strips of torn fabric around her. She tried to cover herself to preserve her innocence, but I could see the curls of her lips as she fought back a dumb grin.

I got to my knees and looked over her, grabbing and tossing the tattered remains of her dress out from under her, leaving her naked on the floor of my grand hall, my royal guard watching me as I covered her body with my own. I kept my claws on her shoulder, scratching at her as I leaned in to bite at her neck, my massive beak nearly big enough to swallow her head. After a gentle squeeze, I pulled back a bit to only nibble at her a bit under the chin. As I got up, I looked down to see her with the widest, happiest grin on her face as she reached around me to cup my rump in each of her palms.

I gave another eager nibble at her neck before pressing my hips down against hers; I kept my tail raised high, just in case she wanted access under it. Sadly, she wasn't the take-control type, so she simple squeezed my hips and rump as I gyrated my body against hers in gentle waves. I wasn't usually this aggressive with my suitors, but it wasn't often enough that I got to play with another female, so it didn't take long before I felt my lips moisten and drool with anticipation.

As I rubbed myself against her, I felt that she, too, was soaking with excitement, so I reached down between the two of us and rubbed the back of my fingers against her clit, squeezing and pinching before backing off a bit, sitting up straight on my knees with one hand grabbing at her ankle, the other pressed against her mound as I forced my thumb into her. I gave another squeeze and a rub in circles before flipping my palm over and slipping my two middle fingers into her, pressing up against the upper wall of her sex. I could feel her muscles clenching down as she scrunched her eyes up and gritted her teeth. She was enjoying it, for now.

"Atlas! I want you to go to my quarters. Get the smallest plug and horse cock toy as well as the bottle of dragon lube from my top dresser drawer." I commanded the nearest of my guardsmen. He immediately turned and hopped up the stairs to go to my quarters.

Vivian looked up at me with a bit of worry and concern. "S-smallest? Are you sure?"

I grinned back down at her and gave a bit of a chirp. "Don't worry. Small for me may be a little too big for you." I consoled her, still rubbing back and forth across her g-spot, pressing the tip of my finger up against the engorged patch of hyper-defined flesh that was throbbing just in behind her clit. I used the fluid she was producing to rub into her rump, moistening the tight little pucker hidden under the base of her tail. I barely was able to carefully slip my thumb inside before Atlas returned with a small velvet pouch, the unflared tip of a horse cock toy sticking out the top of it.

"Very good." I thanked him as I pulled my fingers and thumb from Vivian with a sloppy popping sound as I grabbed at the bag, plucking the contents out to have both toys and the bottle of lube land on the slate-gray stones of the castle floor. I grabbed at the lube in one hand and the plug with the other, smearing the slick concoction all over the cone-shaped tip of the toy. I could see she was nervous, as the toy was a bit bigger than she was hoping for. "Don't worry, I promise it'll be fine." I assured her as I pressed the tapered tip of it against the underside of her tail.

She immediately groaned and writhed in place, the tip of her tail wagging happily as she grabbed at my shoulders and hips, claws digging at my feathers and fur. I was a little disappointed that she still wasn't taking any initiative with me; I could have used some wandering fingers plucking at my hungry mare-lips.

Still, I couldn't say no to an eager and willing submissive. I leaned into her, rocking back and forth to slowly spread her ass, bit by bit. I didn't want to hurt her, so I wasn't too rough or violent, but I was still pretty forceful, pushing in until she started to whimper, only so I could pull out, give her a moment to relax and tense her rump muscles, then repeat, each time getting a bit deeper and spreading her a bit wider.

The plug was made of a specially designed material, so it was especially smoothe, but it was almost as big as her fist, so of course it was going to be a bit cumbersome. That was the point.

I smiled and looked down at her rump, watching as her blue flesh stretched and strained to swallow the thickest part of the plug. Only a little more pressure and I was sure it would pop in. Just as I felt her body stop resisting, I pulled the toy out, leaving her gaping open and drooling the dragon lube all over her tail. Before she could catch her breath in between her ragged gasps, I pushed the toy in again with one powerful thrust. Once the thickest part slipped into her, I felt her muscles clench and pull the toy right out of my hand, squeezing on the neck between knot and base.

She let out a howling yelp that echoed through the main halls and she involuntarily started rubbing her clit at the top of her lube-drooling, blue-fleshed slit.

I didn't dare stop her from pleasuring herself, but I think I wanted to do a little more, so I leaned down and pressed my beak against her inner thigh, slowly pushing my tongue out to prod at her lips and slip into her, giving her a taste as I darted in and out of her, nuzzling and churring as I did so. I could feel her walls clenching, so I pulled away and started to lube up the horse cock toy with the dragon lube.

Once again, her eyes went wide as she watched me prepare the next step. "Wh-what's that? That won't fit!" She cried out, closing her legs on either side of me as her tail curled up around the base of the plug toy that was still nestled comfortably in her rum.

"Oh, don't doubt me, dear." I commanded as I yanked her legs apart at the knees, once again exposing her eager pussy. The blue flesh and lips were parted to gape just a bit, showing she was more ready than her outcry had indicated. I poured some lube into my palm and slapped it against her sex, using my fingers to spread it as deep inside her as I could, pressing my fingertips against her g-spot again, pleasuring her and preparing her for the toy.

She was slowly accepting her role, but wasn't ready for me when I pressed the toy against my palm and slipped it up against her sex, my fingers still inside her to guide it. I rotated both the toy and my wrist as I applied pressure on the toy, forcing it to spread her lips and eventually pop into her with a juicy, sloppy squelch alongside my fingers.

I could tell she was just tight enough that this must have hurt, so I pulled my digits from her depths, leaving her only with the undersized-but-still-large-for-her horse cock toy resting just inside her, the bulging rim of the head pressing up against her G-spot with the aid of the massive plug in her rump.

It only took a few small, shallow thrusts with the toy to make her cry out in pleasure and pain, a moan combined with a yelp all at once, followed by a droning groan of pure pleasure as her body relaxed and accommodated the cumbersome invaders.

With the ballsy end of the toy in my hand, I laid my other hand down on her belly, squeezing the cock toy in between palm and plug inside her as I pressed the end of it against my own mound, using my hips to thrust into her like I was wearing a strap-on.

To my surprise, she wrapped her legs around me and bucked up into me, crying and begging for more as I gently forced the toy in a bit deeper at a time until it wouldn't go any further in. Once I found her depth limit, I started pumping in and out of her, careful to not let the toy slip out of her entirely, for fear of not being able to get it back into her with her clenching so tight around it.

She grabed and clasped at my chest feathers and bit her lip, pushing back up into me and bucking her hips in erratic motions as I tried to match her, thrusting deep and pulling hard to have the tip of the horse cock sliding through her sex, the nubbly ridged of the head tickling her folds from within until I felt her clench down immensely hard, keeping me from easily moving the toy around inside her. I knew she was climaxing, so I pushed the horse cock toy in as deep as I could with one thrust, and she immediately exploded all over it and me, a thick gooey fluid erupting from her sex to soak both the toy and my lower belly, accompanied by a howling yelp.

I pulled the toy out in one motion, leaving her gaping and shivering in the convulsive spasms of orgasm, her sex twitching in delight and drooling her squirted fluids all over the base of the plug, her tail, and the carpet.

With her still shuddering in delight, I wrapped my fingers around the plug and yanked it out in one fluid motion, exposing her now cavernous rump for the gapey mess it was. I could see her muscles and flesh slowly returning to their natural state as the rim of her ass slowly closed itself up. As one last bit of telepathically guided, concentrated pleasure, I grabbed her rump cheeks and lifted her up to nuzzle my beak against her still open ass, burying my tongue inside her to taste the lube and her blue flesh for only a few moments before laying her down, leaving her in the fetal position as I got to my feet and walked away.

"Wh-where are you going?" She whimpered, still tingling with too much pleasure to sit or stand.

"I'm going back to my chambers. The banquet is over, dear. I hope you enjoyed yourself." I was leading her on, hoping she didn't just give up so easily.

"Pl-please don't leave me here, I want m-more!" she pleaded, begging for my attention and affection.

"You know where I am. Atlas, please do escort her to my chambers if she gets the courage for a second round."

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