Potions and Palm Trees: Preliminary Procedure

Story by Runa on SoFurry

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Art - Minnigan

Writing - Runa

Lethias - Lethias

Minnigan - Minnigan

Ceylon and Leera - Runa

In this story, Ceylon is preparing for a potion party when two of his friends arrive early, testing out their custom potions before the other guests arrive. Naturally, this delicious transformation turns both into immensely horny furs and scales in need of release!

Potions and Palm Trees: Preliminary Procedure

They would be arriving any moment now, in theory. Ceylon had prepared a party for a bunch of his friends on the beach at his resort home, and he was expecting them within the coming hours, despite having done nearly nothing to prepare aside from creating a batch of specialized potions for the occasion. It was a glorious blend of long time friends as well as some of his new acquaintances, two sets of friends he hoped to cross pollinate, as the magic of friendship was one he tried to share with all those he came in contact with.

Many of his friends were coming from far away, but he'd been sure to send plenty of coin with the messengers in every direction, so none of them had any excuses to not show up. Well, no reason to not afford to come. Despite Ceylon's generosity, he did live on a remote tropical island off the western coast of Tehgol, so it wasn't exactly the easiest location to reach even with the funds and will to visit.

Ceylon's home was a self-made modern-architecture castle resting at the base of a small cliff that overlooked the western shore of the island. The structure materials were composed of a stark, beautiful blend of reddened wood and dark ebony stones with tall glass panes on the western facing walls so he could look out over the beach. The home was a divergent blend of large, open, windowed rooms on the above-ground levels and tight, den-like cozy rooms beneath ground; this was to blend Ceylon's love for the skies with his mate's preferred love of dens and caves that would make a gryphon claustrophobic when not sick or sleeping.

Leera was always kind and understanding with Ceylon, especially considering open areas bothered and stressed her the same way tight confined areas upset him. Sure, as a gryphon he naturally was prone to sleeping in a den, but beyond that he hated having the walls close around him. On the flipside, Leera was a Saurossin naga, and she preferred it when she could feel her powerful coils pressed out against every wall and even the ceiling and floor at the same time, the only entrance or exit being a small hole that could barely fit her girth unless she squished through.

Still, it was a pleasant experience for both of them, even if Leera didn't like it when guests came to visit due to preferring her solitude. She preferred having Ceylon all to herself when they were both home at the same time, but she understood that Ceylon went through bouts of hyper-socialization wherein he would throw parties and invite friends over for games and other fun times. It was a compromise they both enjoyed and it worked well for both. Ceylon got his occasional social events, Leera got her solitude the rest of the time.

The gryphon was nervous-citedly padding around on the blood-red wood floors of the main lounge of his home - the room with the largest and tallest glass walls looking out over the beach. He had a satchel of potions hanging down around his neck, almost lost in the thick plumage of his chest as the glass vials would ting against the others. He was trying to put the finishing touches on the beach party area before his friends would arrive despite having only started minutes before, and he had no idea how much time he had.

"I don't know why you're rushing so much. This isn't a ballroom dance or a public event, it's just you hanging out with your friends on the beach." Leera questioned. She was mostly coiled up in her own personal, cozier side-room, with only her head sticking out of the arched doorway and resting on her specially designed leather pillow, tongue flicking slowly and slapping against the soft orange material.

"No, it's not about perfection, it's about being prepared. I don't want any of my friends to think I waited until the last moment to prepare for their arrival." Ceylon explained as he reached the stained wood doors and opened them with his beak.

"But you did wait until the last minute." She said with a smile and another flick of her tongue.

"They don't need to know that."

Leera started to slowly shift her body in her special den, pushing her form out headfirst to stretch her body across the floor and around the pieces of furniture in the room, her powerful muscles rippling in wave as she sidled up next to Ceylon. Together, they both looked out the door and over the palm trees to the beaches. "What do you even have to do? You already mixed and enchanted the potions, do you just put out some lounge furniture to accommodate both bipeds and quadrupeds and call it a day?"

"Well, pretty much, yeah. I just didn't put it out last night because the clouds threatened a storm and I didn't want to get the furniture wet. Today, it's sunny and bright, all we'll have to worry about is sand." Ceylon clicked his beak and sauntered out onto the deck, Leera in tow behind him as he hopped over the railing and down onto the winding cobblestone path. He reached back and grabbed a few of the chairs from under the deck and tossed them onto his back, using his wings for balance as he stacked three high for the bipeds. He rushed down the pathway from his home, down the hill, between the trees that were in the band of jungle between his home and the shore, and Leera was slithering up behind him every step of the way.

"I thought the point was to try out your new concoctions, each one specially brewed for each of your friends? Not the beach party?" Leera flicked her tongue against the sandy cobblestone as she kept pace, whole body laid down against the rocks as she pushed off the tiny grooves in the pathway.

Ceylon stopped and clicked his beak again, as if to scold himself for his rushed behavior. "I suppose that's right, I just like being prepared. I like having thing in order, you know that."

"Yeah, I know that, dear, but if it was that important you probably could have done the setup this morning. It wasn't like you didn't know they were coming today. You brought this on yourself."

"I know, I know, but that doesn't help me. I still have to set up the beach before they show up, I don't know how long I have, and that realization is what makes me panic. You can always help, you know. Grow a pair of those powerful arms and carry some furniture down to the beach!"

Leera hissed at him with a playful smile. "Not my guessssts, I didn't invite them. You carry the furniture, I don't plan on expending energy just to grow out some appendages. I'm sure your magic would move mountains, no need to be a pushover." With that, she pecked at him with a gentle nose-rub of a kiss before flicking her tongue over his beak and slithering back up to their castle home so she could curl up in her social den for the few hours left before anyone showed up. With anyone else, that would upset Ceylon, but he understood her mental state so he was okay with it; that's just how she was.

"Fine, don't help!" Ceylon called out as he scampered his way back down the path to the beach, folded up beach chairs balancing on his back. Once he got to the sandy shores, he reached around, grabbed the top chair with his beak, and yanked it forward to unfold it on one fluid motion. He brought his prehensile tail back around to help place all three of them in a quarter circle next to a palm tree before heading back up to the house.

But before he could leave the beach, he heard the faint flapping of scaley leather in the skies to the south. He turned and focused his eyes to see the first two guests arriving via the light gusts of the beach. It was Lethias with Minnigan in his arms, flapping their way over the hot sandy beaches; he was using the thermals to keep himself buoyed as he glided his way down, husband wrapped up tight in his arms.

Shit. They were here way too early, uncannily uncharacteristic of Lethias. Normally they were always half an hour to an hour later than intended. This was both a pleasant surprise and an unfortunate burden. Now Ceylon had to expose his own weakness, accepting that he just wasn't as well-timed with his last minute scramble as he'd thought. "Hey! Welcome to my beach!" Ceylon called to them as they flourished and landed on the dry sand of the beach next to the palm tree, Minnigan stumbled and did a little roll and a bow, raising his other arms to the sky in a triumphant pose.

There was an awkward pause for a moment before Minnigan finally said something. "This is normally where I'd say something witty, but I've got nothing. Anyway, we're here!" He did another bow as Lethias folded up his wings and started brushing off the sand from his plates.

"The wind brought us here a bit earlier than anticipated. I knew you weren't expecting us for another hour or so." Lethias explained, talon to the sky to thank the air currents.

Ceylon stifled an embarrassed blush. "Oh, that's fine! More time for us to spend with each other! How was your trip?" Ceylon immediately ruffled his wings out a bit and smiled, genuinely happy to see his friends, even if it meant he was caught unprepared.

Minnigan cracked his back a bit, all four powerful shoulders releasing some tension as he spun and twisted his torso. "Oh, you know, the usual, fought a sea monster on the way here, got caught in a battle to the death. We lost, but we got better!" He had the most serious, stone-faced look, which only made his humor funnier. "Seriously, though. You might have an infestation of sea monsters, here."

"Like I said, the wind treated us well. There was a westward current, and that helped me to fly here much quicker, and with a lot less effort on the wing shoulders." Lethias rubbed his own back around his neck as he rotated his arm a bit, wing extended ever so gently.

"Sounds like a good day! I'm glad the trip was a breeze." Not realizing his pun, Ceylon continued. "Anyway, I was just setting up some chairs for the party! Got a cooler full of drinks, and all the magic I need to start a bonfire. The burgers and hot dogs are all up at the castle, we'll be eating them once everyone is here! I also have a special treat for us all." He patted his own chest with the satchel of potions still on it.

Lethias' golden eyes lit up. "Oh?"

Minnigan followed suit, but with a more devious look his face accompanied by a grin.

"Yeah! Spent all week enchanting potions. Very hard blend of magics in each of these, and I was thinking about trying them out at work." Ceylon turned and walked up the path, chest puffed out and head held high as though he was taking his friends on a tour. His tail swished behind him, low to the cobblestone path.

"Magic? I like magic." Minnigan eagerly chuckled, probing a bit to find out what Ceylon was hiding in the satchel.

"What kind of magic?" Lethias asked, a cautious tone clouding his voice.

Ceylon continued to walk up the path towards the castle, head still held high. "Oh, all sorts of magics. Some you two will especially love, and others that I'm sure you're not interested. I made the blends just for you, you know."

Both visitors continued to walk behind the gryphon, looking at each other with a shrug, not sure what to take from that. Both Lethias and Minnigan had flashes of inspiration and ideas of what might be.

Lethias raised a talon. "So you're telling me that you have somehow concocted a growth potion?"

"Kind of. Yeah." Ceylon spun on the spot and sat on his haunches so he could reach into the satchel and grab the red and blue swirled potion vial that said Lethias on it. "It's not going to grow you to giant sizes, at least I don't think so. You won't get taller, but if my enchantments were absorbed into the potion properly, then you should get very big. In many ways."

The crimson dragon's eyes went wide, his gaze focusing directly on the vial in Ceylon's hands; the frills over his ears were practically fluttering. He knew Ceylon's proficiency with potions, so he had absolutely no doubt in his mind that the desired effects could be accomplished. It was an incredibly rare occurrence that he was able to indulge his primary fantasy, so the promise of it excited him immediately. In fact, despite his usually proper demeanour, the tip of his pink member could be seen poking out from the slit on his crotch.

"Now now, Lethias, no need to get excited just yet. We have to wait until later if you wanna have your fun." Ceylon know full well that Lethias wasn't usually the type to express his arousal, but with it being only Ceylon, Minnigan, and himself, he was more than willing to let loose. It was one of the few opportunities he caught where he could just be the sexual beast he was always hiding deep within himself.

"How long does it take to take effect?" The dragon asked, practically drooling at the thought of what the potion was going to do to him.

Ceylon hesitated a bit, contemplating himself before giving a solid answer.

However, Minnigan stepped in and laid his hand on his husband's scale-armor plated shoulder. "Don't use up all your energy just yet, you have to save some for later!"

"Can't I have some now?" He was on the verge of a whimper.

There was a moment of silence as the three stared at each other. Lethias had his talon out, waiting for Ceylon to give him the potion; Minnigan was comforting his husband; Ceylon was thinking about what to answer. The gryphon knew Lethias well, and above all else, he knew that the dragon didn't care for public displays of affection or getting intimate with people he didn't know, so he wouldn't be able to enjoy the effects of the potion to their fullest extent when the other guests were here. Ceylon had to balance out two options: Make Lethias wait for the others and hope for a bonding experience, risking his friend's enjoyment; or give him the potion now and let him get it out of his system, nullifying the whole purpose of the party.

After a few minutes of silent contemplation - the gryphon deliberately withholding the potion from his friend to intensify the suspense - Ceylon decided to pick both options; he had brewed a few spare potions just in case! "Alright, you can have this vial, but I have to warn you-"

Lethias didn't wait for the explanation. He just grabbed the vial and used a talon to pop the cork before downing it immediately.

This was very unlike Lethias, but Ceylon shrugged it off, knowing it was the exception and there was a very good reason for it. "As I was saying, I have to warn you, there are other effects at work as well. Not only will you bulk up considerably, but it miiiiight hurt a wee bit, followed by a hypersensitivity in your skin, due to the sudden stretching of it. But I'm sure you're okay with that."

Minnigan spoke for him, since Lethias was too busy looking at his own claws and checking out his body, waiting for the potion to take effect. "How much pain, if you don't mind me asking?"

Ceylon shook his head. "Not very much, just some mild discomfort. Might feel like a bunch of needles or a hot plate on his skin, but not a scalding hot plate, just an uncomfortably warm one." HE then turned to Lethias and poked at the dragon's belly with his beak. "It's gonna take about half an hour before it has any effect, so you can relax a bit."

Lethias reached out to grab at Ceylon's neck feathers, flexing his bicep a bit. "Oh, there's no reason you can't feel its effects now!" He bucked his hips a bit, the motion squeezing a bit more of his pointed dragon cock tip out from his slit.

Ceylon simply pulled away and laughed. "Sadly I'm not really in the mood for that kind of attention just yet. I still have to do some work on the beach to prepare for the rest of the guests."

Disappointed, Lethias turned to his husband and held him close, his other talon reaching down to squeeze at the chimera's sheathe. "What about you? You up for some fun before the others show up?"

"You know I have a hard time being bottom for you, dear. I wasn't exactly preparing for something like this." Minnigan had an uncomfortable look on his face, but really he was just disappointed.

"Actually, that reminds me." Ceylon pipped up, grabbing another vial from his satchel to offer to Minnigan. "Got something just for you."

The chimera took it and raised an eyebrow. "What is it?" He was naturally cautious, he'd had pranks played on him via potions in the past, and he certainly knew Ceylon was a bit of a joker from time to time.

But Ceylon wasn't playing any pranks, not today. "Oh, it's...a surprise. Okay, it's a pony, just drink it!"

Naturally, Minnigan refused to do so, but then Lethias stabbed a talon into the cork and plucked it out. "Go on, drink it!" He joked, gently pushing his husband's hand up toward his maw.

Minnigan resisted. "Would you stop, hun? I need to know what it's going to do to me, first."

"A noble and respectable reservation, but I assure you that its effects are something you will very much so like. It's a transformation potion, my own specialty; one of the first spells I ever learned for myself as a chickling. I'll give you a hint, it's not a biped-quadruped shifting spell." He winked and smiled a bit, helping Lethias to push the potion towards Minnigan's maw.

Normally, in a situation like this, Minnigan would lash out, say something aggressive, or resist violently, but he knew what Ceylon's two first transformation spells were. Form shifting and gender shifting. Since the chimera still had a cute little sheathe holding a very well endowed member, he knew the potion was going to give him female genitals. Eager and willing, he tossed his head back and gulped down the potion with a grin.

"Good boy. Or girl. What will you prefer?" Ceylon asked.

Before Minnigan could respond, Lethias let out a low-key shriek and slunk down, hiding behind his husband.

"What's the matter?" Ceylon asked.

Lethias pointed over Minnigan's shoulder to Leera, who was slithering off the red wood porch and down the path towards them. "Giant snake!" He wasn't afraid of snakes, per se, but he was very uncomfortable around them, and didn't like being in the presence of serpents - especially not ones who could so easily make a meal out of him. He knew he was safe, but the thought still drained all excitement from him.

The naga slithered up and lifted her head to rest on Ceylon's shoulders, pulling her body up into a tight coil next to her mate. "Oh, ssstop it, Lethias. I promise I won't eat you." she hissed at him with a grin, her tongue flicking out long and slow before slurping back up into her maw.

Ceylon wasn't as bemused as his mate. It always bothered him that Lethias seemed to actively dislike his mate. He understood that it was a simple choice, but it felt offensive to him knowing that his dragon friend was so negatively impacted by a subset of his own species. Both were scaled, and therefore saurossin, but with different families. "Oh, get over it." Ceylon growled at Lethias before turning and walking back up the path to get more seating for the beach. "And if you want to have some fun before the party, there's plenty of privacy in the bush between here and the beach!"

Leera smiled at Minnigan and gave him a gentle nuzzle to his neck before slipping her way towards her mate up at the deck, leaving the two guests to their own devices.

Minnigan looked down at his sheathe for a bit before happily taking his husband by the hand and guiding him down the path towards the beach.

"You know I don't like snakes." Lethias explained.

"I know, dear. Still not nice that you have that reaction every time his mate comes around. Kind of offensive, really. Little bit racist." He adjusted his glasses and looked back down to his sheathe, giving the tip of it a bit of a rub to see if the potion was taking its effect yet, even though he'd only drank it a few moments prior.

"I can't help it, snakes are just weird to me." He flexed his muscles a bit, only to notice he felt a slight cramp in his shoulder. He held his other talon up to it, only to feel it inflating. As he looked over, then back to his other shoulder, he noticed it clearly was bigger than the other! Almost instantly, he smiled a toothy grin and pounced on Minnigan, holding him down at the border of the sand and grass on the side of the path that had typical jungle trees rather than palm trees.

"Hold up a bit, dear!" Minnigan said, laughing. "Let me take my glasses off, first!"

Lethias was practically bouncing on his husband, his distended and bloated shoulder muscle clearly visible out of the corner of his eye. His cock was throbbing and slowly forcing its way out of its slit, leaving a slimy trail of self lubrication down Minnigan's belly. He held his talon over his bulging shoulder to feel the muscles growing, only to notice the same thing was happening to his other shoulder as well, making movement a bit more stiff.

Minnigan looked up at his husband with a warm smile, both of his lower arms reaching down to feel the skin of his sheathe melting away and parting, the opening turning into a soft pink slit. He felt the flesh shifting in his fingers to rearrange itself between his thighs on the underside of his pelvis, a tickling sensation emanating from his nethers to warm his lower torso. As the lips were taking form in his hands, he slipped his fingers inside and pressed them in deep, feeling the flesh part as the tip of his cock inverted, turning into a deep, cavernous pussy. So deep, so wide, that he could nearly fit his entire fist in there. A warm happiness washed over him as he realized this must have been part of the potion, mixed into the brew to compliment Lethias's growths.

All growths, including the cock that was sure to expand.

Lethias was still mesmerized by the bulging muscles of his shoulders. He kept up a pose with his arms raised and biceps, flexing them as the girth migrated down his arms, bulging his muscles out down both limbs until his forearms were as thick as his calves. He grinned a toothy grin as the sight of his skin stretching and instantly healing itself to accommodate the inflating mass of muscle underneath his scales.

Minnigan let out a long, drawn out moan as his fingers continued to explore his own forming female sex, his other hand pulling the lips aside to allow his hand to slip in with ease. He wasn't into fisting, but he found himself so easily malleable and overflowing with lubrication, so it was hard not to accidentally slip more inside than he intended. He bit his lip and pushed his hips up against Lethias' inner thighs, rubbing the tip of his cock - which was shrinking into a clitoris - into the underside of his husband's bulging shaft.

"Oooh! Look at that!" Lethias exclaimed as he continued to flex his muscles, reveling in the definition of his many muscles that lined his arms from deltoid to forearm. As he showed off, the tensing of the muscles migrated into his upper torso, inflating both pectoral muscles out against the blue stripes of his chest. He pushed his chest out, tensing the muscles in his abdomen until the girth expanded through his entire upper body, leaving his arms, chest, and belly bulging and well defined. He couldn't help but rest his hands on his chiseled abs, trailing a single claw in the crevasses in between each muscle.

Minnigan did the same, bringing his lube-soaked hand up to rub against his mate's form, giving a gentle squeeze and tickle until he felt the dragon's cock throbbing and pulsating, growing a little bit more with every heartbeat, a thick stream of precum dribbling out the end to muss up Minnigan's belly fur. He happily rubbed it in, then smelled at his fingers to find the gooey fluid smelled of berries and musk. He wanted to comment on that pleasant aroma combination, but then found his own belly to be growing a bit in mass, adding definition and expanding his muscles starting from the spot the cum fell on him. It didn't take him long to realize that the transitive properties of Lethias's altered fluids were having an effect on him, and he happily accepted it, letting Lethias continue with his showing off.

"Ungh! Look at me! Look at these muscles!" He boasted, bringing both arms down to press the biceps down against the outside of his pecs, resting his palms on the forming knot at the base of his cock. He could feel his own heartbeat in it, as it was growing in his hands with every pulse. As he straddled his husband, he watched as his length grew in size and added definition around the ridges, the head, and the bulging lobes of the knot. He needed to put that inside his lover before it got too big.

Lethias scooted back a bit, his thighs growing with every motion to further squeeze Minnigan's hips and lower body. He was somewhat taken aback by his husband's lack of cock, but he remembered almost immediately that they'd both taken potions. He cleared his mind and pushed his cock down, rubbing the underside of the head against Minnigan's clit before pulling back and pushing in, parting his lips with ease. There was a sleekness about his husband's newly formed sex that was just too good to deny, making it hard for him to hold back. He held his cock firmly in hand as he pushed forward, plunging as deep as he could go, only to be stopped half way by a wall deep inside.

Minngian grunted a bit as he felt the tapered tip of Lethias's cock stabbing at his depths. He held all four palms up to Lethias' belly, telling him to stop, and to slow down. "I'm not ready yet. Still forming inside."

"Chr?" Lethias cocked his head to the side and gave another gentle push, clearly lost in the throes of passion that stole the blood from his brain. All he could think about was his husband's flesh squeezing down on his throbbing cock.

"Try this." Minnigan offered as he grabbed Lethias around the waist with all four arms to roll his lover onto his back on the grass and sand, straddling him. Minnigan couldn't help but notice he was stronger than he used to be, and his arms were thicker and more defined than usual. This made him happy, knowing he had the muscle mass and strength to compete with his usually-stronger husband. "Okay, now you lay on your back and enjoy yourself, I'll go at my pace, okay?" Once he was sure of his stance, straddling his husband, he grabbed at a low hanging branch with two arms and helped guide Lethias's cock into him with the other two. With one fluid, lubrication assisted motion, he sat down and felt Lethias's length plunge its way into him, spreading his lips and pressing against his still-forming depths.

There was a short moment of panic as Minnigan imagined his lover's pointed cock tip going in a bit too deep on his growing sex, so he slowed down a bit and gently rested as deep as he could go, feeling himself open up within bits at a time, allowing his lips to swallow one tiny bit at a time of Lethias's length.

The dragon had a very hard time not bucking his hips up to fuck his mate as deep as he could go, so he grabbed at the grass on either side of his form and clenched his jaw, grinding his teeth as he gently undulated his torso. He felt Minnigan's slick flesh squeezing around him, forcing his massive shaft out to lay down against his belly, dripping bits of precum over his sides and onto his wings. He motioned to grab himself and aim it at Minnigan's pussy again, but felt his husband's lower hands grabbing on the tip and repositioning it against his hungry sex. Lethias looked up with longing eyes and a smile before gently bucking up in unison with his husband's squatting, burying all of his length, sans the bulging knot at the base.

The two howled in unison, Minnigan's mostly canine tones contrasting to Lethias's deeper, more guttural dragon growling. They pressed against each other, grinding hips and pushing against one another until Minnigan felt a deep, powerful lurching in his lower abdomen.

The canine Chimera wrapped his lower arms around his belly and made a pained face as he felt his internal genitals shifting and growing, displacing his other organs. IT was only uncomfortable for a moment before the sensation subsided and he regained his composure, realizing that he was done; his womb was formed.

Lethias realized this as well. He could feel the flesh opening up a bit deeper than his cock would go, even with him pushing up as hard as he could. He tried a few thrusts, but the bulge of his knot pressing against his lover's lips kept him from going any deeper. The sensation of flesh on flesh was amazing, but he had a desire to have that same flesh squeezing at the base of his knot, tugging on him and massaging him from the tip slit. With this fantasy bubbling up in his mind, he pushed up hard while also grabbing Minnigan's hips and pulling him down.

Normally, Minnigan would have resisted, unready to take so much so fast, but the potions were making his flesh as malleable as Ceylon's, so it didn't hurt. There was a minor feeling of discomfort, but no pain. He wondered if this is what it felt like to be Ceylon sitting on knots thrice too big for her without worrying about damage. Once he was sure he wasn't going to be hurt, he relaxed, closed his eyes, and pressed all his weight down on the twin bulges of his husband's knot, his upper arms pushing against the branch for extra leverage. He could feel his lips stretching, the friction burning a bit, but didn't stop. He could feel the crest of the knot slipping in deeper with each passing second.

With one powerful, lurching motion, Lethias's twin bulges squeezed just enough between Minnigan's engorged and immensely slick lips to pop into his depths, growing wider than before once inside. Lethias could feel his pulse and Minnigan's beating and throbbing opposite each other.

Another pleasured howl of pleasure erupted from both of them at the same time. A growl and a howl both reverberated through the trees in unison as the dragon's cock continued to expand and throb inside his husband, releasing stream after stream of hot cum in his husband's womb.

In a wheezing, exhausted motion, Minnigan let go of the tree branch and fell belly to belly on Lethias's chest, using all four arms to cradle his husband's head, cheeks, and ear frills as he gave him a deep kiss, the dragon's muscled, powerful arms wrapping around the chimera and holding him close. Minnigan squeezed his sex tight, tugging on Lethias's knot as he pulled away with a smile. "Insert witty knot related comment here." he said, before breaking down in gentle laughter, each movement of his body squeezing and tugging on the knot.

There were still gooey strings of cum erupting from Lethias's member as they were interrupted by Ceylon, hopping out over the stairs of the path with an exhausted announcement. "The others are here, you better take care of each other and come up to the house!" The gryphon smiled and laughed, seeing his two friends tied together in the throes of pleasure. "But, you know, take your time. I'll try to keep them busy for an hour or two. It'll be a while before you come apart." HE winked and hopped back up the path.

Lethias and Minnigan blinked at one another and smiled, offering each other a warm embrace on the hot sand of the beach.

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