Blind Date

Story by Dracasis on SoFurry

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Soooo... yeah! I finished something finally =o

It's not the idea I wanted to do before. And it's not one of the four other stories I have uncompleted in my WIP folder. But it is a full story all the same so yay for that!

I have no idea what sparked it, it's something that's been around in my brain for, like, a year now. I had a related dream one night and beat this out the next day- go figure.

It's a dirty dinner date between the feral male Oros and a lovely if unsuspecting female Verlich that goes from cute to sexy in 8.1! While there is certainly a bit of drugged consent, it's not rapey. Dirty, underhanded, slutty fun, but otherwise quite kosher ;P

As a side note, the name of the drug is totally made up so don't bother googling it or anything XD

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The evening was going swimmingly thus far, the two feral dragons sitting comfortably at the table, eating, chatting, the delightfully dressed female giggling as Oros grinned a toothy smile at his own humor. He quite thoroughly enjoyed this blind dating service. It didn't always hit the mark but the nights like this made up for those that he had to bog through. Vivi was a lovely example of the feminine side of their species, her luxurious body accented with such fine serpentine curves and that delicious chocolaty brown hide... He regretted only that so much of it was hidden under the flowing feral baby blue dress she wore, especially with the hints of the cotton-white lingerie that clung to her limbs. He could only guess how far down her tail the scale-tight undergarment would hug.

Lifting his glass, the red-scaled feral male took a conservative sip of the champagne, his black throat and underbelly itself hugged by eloquent feral attire. Black slacks hugged his lower half with a white button up shirt to match, wrapped in charcoal colored vest. The shaggy mane of snow white fur on his head trailed down the length of his spine, disappearing beneath the clothing overture only to reappear at the base of the tail an continue unabated to connect with an equally puffy ball on his tail tip. Both of them had lovely slick-back horns cresting their heads, but while his was an inky black, hers were a radiant ivory.

She would do nicely, he decided at last.

"Have you ever tried skinny dipping?" The great drake inquired to his smaller partner while collecting both glasses. Vivi's cheeks flushed slightly.

"I'm not sure I should tell you either way Oros." She chortled, playfully avoiding the question while drawing a fresh bite of bloodied meat to her maw, carefully laying it upon her black tongue. His blue eyes watched her muzzle work with a side interest as he tipped the bottle over the edge of his glass, then hers in turn, filling them with amber bubbles.

"You should try it, it's not vulgar or anything my dear, just the freedom beneath the surface is like flying weightless." He rumbled, gripping her glass with the whole of his paw, covering it while captivating the specks of emerald in her eyes with his own.

He'd done this often enough not to even need to verify the two little tablets had fallen out of his rotated ring. The soft balls of powder dispersed almost immediately, crudely mixed by the carbon bubbles while the soft fizzing sound remained dampened by the paw clamped over top. He drew her cup back toward himself for a moment, making a playful face at her.

"Would you try it with me my lady?" She giggled again, putting on her most playfully straight face as well.

"Certainly not today my dear Oros. But perhaps some day." She replied definitively.

"I suppose that is acceptable." He nodded in a delightfully exaggerated fashion, stretching his paw out to relinquish her beverage within easy reach of the brown dragoness. "I still have hopes for you though." He added with a wink, lifting a bite of his own meal to an accepting muzzle, watching her take a sip of the newly spiked champagne.

It was still another half hour of collective conversation and dining before he really started to see results in her. It was when she snorted at one of his rather mild jokes that he grinned in satisfaction. It embarrassed her, but only for a second before she forgot about it, retrieving her glass and draining the last half of it in one gulp. Without hesitation the big male refilled the empty container anew. This time it took her hardly five minutes to drain it. He could tell things were beginning to work in his favor.

The drink and drug did wonders to relax the pretty girl, her elbows soon propping her head up on the table, the beautiful ruby studded golden bracelet around her right arm sliding out of place. He gave her one more drink before moving things forward, the lovely dragoness more than willing to lift the glass to her lips and take it all down at once, the big male rumbling softly as he watched her throat work.

Shifting the conversation to liquids wasn't hard; their topics had become more and more erratic as the night progressed. It took scant minutes of talking about different kinds of hoses and flow systems while slowly pouring water into his spare glass before that alcohol soaked bladder of hers decided it was a good time to relieve itself. He could see her clench up, fighting to suppress the grin that threatened to spread across his features.

"Uh... oh, I think I need make a stop at the little lady's room." She puffed, drawing back slowly, wobbling a little under the weight of her drugged, drunken mind.

As if coming to her rescue, the red drake stood as well, lifting his head to glance about. "Not a problem my dear, let's see if we can't find the restroom for you." Within moments he was by her side, cradling her against his flank. Oros knew well where the restroom in this restaurant was; she wouldn't be the first girl he'd led to it, nor the last.

For a brief moment, Vivi felt a little awkward having him beside her. He was larger than she by almost a quarter and his ruby bulk moved in uncomfortably close. But as quickly as it came, it disappeared, his broad feathered wing laying over her, letting the drunken dragoness lean against his flank. He gave her cheek an affectionate nuzzle and with that, she determined his intentions were nothing but friendly and helpful.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Oros simply knew just how to work her body and mind into a receptive state. Standing tall, the eager drake lead his lovely companion slowly through the quiet tables. To any onlookers, they were hardly more than an inconspicuous couple, the larger regal male overshadowing any vibe his drunken companion might have given off. Just as he wanted it, despite what they were about to do, he wanted everyone else here to be blissfully ignorant.

The restrooms themselves were wide and spacious single-occupant stalls designed to handle a full grown dragon with room to spare. It was one of the reasons he preferred this restaurant for his dates. Pressing the door open, he stood in front of it, holding it for her as the somewhat unstable dragoness continued on alone. He let his eyes roam over her hidden haunches for a moment, the barest rumble of anticipation slipping from his throat.

The restroom hallway was fairly isolated but the big drake didn't take any chances, giving it a quick glance to be sure no one was nearby and no one was coming. Satisfied, he followed his date in, closing and clicking the door locked behind him. The brown dragoness had already dragged herself to the other side of the urinal divider giving Oros free reign over the sink and mirror.

While his eyes certainly wandered over the end of her tail sticking out from the end of the divider, he didn't press. The crimson male had all the time he wanted to enjoy her and he was going to enjoy her thoroughly. Sitting before the mirror, the big male admired himself for just a moment, grinning that dirty, devious smile before putting it away. Dipping a paw into his vest, the big male withdrew a small polished steel case and popped it open. Within was a small portable camera, the case itself little more than a drive and battery allowing many hours of recording.

His nostrils flared as the sharp scent of her urine caught his attention as the smaller dragoness began relieving herself of the pressure he'd helped build in her bladder. Despite their kind's move into a more civilized world, the pungent pheromones of a dragoness in season still sent a shiver of lust down his spine. It was a rare treat to sample in this world of abstinence, scent pads and perfume. However, his date's sigh of relief reminded him that he had little time left to prepare for the evening's fun.

He didn't need much though drawing the cord out and plugging it in. The flick of a switch and the yellow light popped on for but a second before turning green. Lights, camera, action- he grinned a devious, toothy grin at the small round lens. There were always a variety of good options in this restroom but he decided on something simple and effective. Setting the device down on the ground, he flicked out the little stand, adjusting the degree to an appealing angle.

The timing was perfect; the big drake shifting his head back just in time to see her hind end start to back up, the big girl finished relieving himself. Looks like it was his turn to enjoy a bit of relief.

It was clear she was about to say something, his name just escaping her lips as he interrupted her. It was likely for some pointless inquiry as to why he was in here with her but he didn't need her to speak and, instead, stole away the rest of whatever she was about to say by kissing her. It was no simple peck on the cheek of course, the great drake's jaw parted to catch her in a startling embrace. In an instant their tongues met, his paw slipping behind her head to hold her in place as he made out with the smaller dragoness intimately- far far more intimately than a first date should have allowed. But the relief of pressure in her abdomen didn't change how sensitive to the touch she was and, though her tongue wrestled uncertainly with his for a brief moment, it quickly became clear her body was thoroughly enjoying the contact.

To an outsider, seeing the two jaws full of teeth locked with one another would seem to lack any sort of passion but Oros was a fantastic kisser. Even if vexsedimine wasn't coursing through her veins it still would have made her blush like a schoolgirl. With it in her, however, it made entrancing the lovely hen all the more simple with her alcohol addled mind reeling with the intensity of the situation. He let his tongue draw across the roof of her mouth and curl around her own oral appendage, the pair of forked tips mingling with one another. It took careful ministrations but eventually he drew the tongue from her maw to his allowing him to impress even more sensation with his lips.

He let the kiss linger for some time working her body into a state one would be hard pressed to find completely natural. The way she stood there, bolt still, soaking in the brand new sensation that she was experiencing the full effect of. He drew her tongue from his lips slowly, watching it dangle from her maw with a bit of a dirty grin on his muzzle. He slid his paw from the back of her head to the side, cupping her eloquent cheek and massaging the finned frills of her ear right around the earring.

The sensitive membrane spread wide, the stimulated female letting off a sharp exhale with closed eyes. It was as if no one had ever touched her ear before! She even tilted into it like he'd found a particular soft spot. It made it easy for him to draw her out into the full open center of the restroom and into the full view of the camera, the big drake sitting, admiring his fine catch of the evening.

He pet her, caressed her, coddled her, letting his paws roam over her body while the drug-enhanced drunken hen soaked in the caresses. It was nothing too forward yet, though she'd have to admit his touch felt sooo good! The red drake just grinned down at her, watching her reaction to his motions. Each girl was a little different, some took a little more... explorative attention to get in the mood but this little lady was so underappreciated, everything he did seemed to make her swoon. She really should thank him for introducing her to all these new sensations. In fact...

"So you wanted to thank me?" He hummed softly, those bright, dilated green eyes looking up at him with an adorable curiosity. He smiled down, hiding his wickedness beneath that beaming regal demeanor. One forelimb hugged around her neck, rubbing at her throat and chest while the other groped around his lower half, massaging his full, hard arousal out of the zipper slot.

The big drake had no shame as the two silvery-grey spires pushed eagerly out into the open, the twin hemipenes already at full attention with their tapered tips and ribbed spiny ridges quite ready to begin. He had to contain their desire for now, he had plenty of time to take advantage of her and he needed to make sure his future paying customers would have the full feature. Large powerful hindquarters drew the big male around in front of the little earthly colored dragoness, that light circular splotch of milk-chocolate coloration around one eye making her look delightfully innocent.

It wasn't just her sense of touch that was heightened, her nostrils an unstoppable machine as they drew in the feral male's unbridled musk. She wasn't one of the girls who immediately jumped forward and tried to devour his dicks though, even drunken as she was, there was still that hesitant lady-like part of her mind that made her remain unnecessarily polite. She was staring though, observing all of the details of his impressive spires in a way that was very unladylike.

Oros took his time with this one. She was delicacy to be savored. Of course he'd end up discarding her like a used tissue eventually but for now, this rare treat was like a finely prepare desert for him to enjoy bit by bit. The big drake eased himself forward, smearing his slick sticky slitslime across the bridge of her brown snout. The black bellied male propped himself comfortably against her snout, letting her wear his cocks proudly for several moments while light gyrating motions helped encourage little dribbles of precum to soak into the cracks between her scales.

There was still a moral struggle in her; he could feel it in the way she held herself stiffly against him. Even with the vex coursing through her system she was resisting the hot waves of desire pulsing through her system. The fact that she hadn't tried to push her way past him the moment she caught wind of his intent meant he had her, it was just going to take a little longer to work past her mental defenses.

And take his time he did, sinuously glazing his twins across her snout and throat until the only thing she could smell was the hot heavy scent of a virile male. She never took him into her muzzle, never let her tongue lick across his bare flesh but it had a profound effect on the drunken hen all the same. When he shifted to stand, her snout followed him, keeping her nose between his legs. Only the barest curve of a grin crossed his muzzle as he moved to stand completely over the smaller hen.

Even if she were resisting the urge to suck him off, Oros had no such compunction. Drawing her dress up around her midsection was easy enough and it took hardly more than a sensual caress of his paw along the underside of her tail to get her to lift it upward. That left only the white lacy lingerie that clung tightly to her hide to keep him from his prize. The dirty drake showed off his plaything's undergarments while rubbing the flat of his splayed paw firmly against the fabric. Her body rocked forward slightly in response to his touch.

He'd pegged her as rather insecure in her social life, moderately successful in her business life and desperately lacking in her love life. Truth be told, Oros wouldn't have been surprised if he was the first drake to touch her like this in years. His claw hooked the edge of her panties, drawing away the snowy white fabric to reveal the cusp of her inky black pussy lips. Holding her undergarments out of the way with one talon, he extended another, sliding it purposefully from the top of her vent to the bottom. He paused there, applying a gentle pressure just above her clit for a moment before repeating the motion letting just the tip of his curious talon slip inside her sex this time.

Curious. The big male perked a little, hooking his claw on the delicate folds of her gender and peeled it apart some, thus revealing the puffy bubblegum pink inner flesh. Ahh, that's what that was- he thought to himself with a dirty grin, his own pink oral organ slithering free from between his lips and into her tender pussy folds. Even if she had no intent of tasting him, he wasn't going to pass up the opportunity to have a taste of his own.

Vivi jerked and tensed as her undertail was quickly and suddenly violated, every inch of that muscular passage clenching up tightly. It did nothing to stem the tide of slippery dragon tongue burrowing through her delicate folds, the thing delving deep and giving her insides an intense lick on its way out. With it came a whole mess of sloppy pheromone rich fluid that he simply drew into his maw, stringy strands of the excess dripping off his chin. He curled his tongue within his maw, rubbing the scent against the roof of his maw purposefully, enjoying himself thoroughly and giving the camera something to watch.

His paw held her open nice and wide as he repeated the motion twice more, even shoving the curled tip up inside her before letting the stimulating tines scrape across her vulnerable folds. By now her vent was a wet mess, coated in a mixture of saliva and sexual juices. It was a shame the camera could not record scents, the heady feral perfume circulating in the small restroom area was amazing. Rrft...

The great drake lifted his hind leg some, exposing the dragoness' snout thoroughly coated in his own scent, quite literally dripping with his lust. She exhaled sharply as he backed away, giving her a moment to catch a breath. He eyed his lovely little prize for a moment, judging his options.

The silver-maned male might be able to get away with just full on barebacking her but considering her resilience, it was better not to chance it. Things were going so smoothly as it was. That large feral rump rotated, plopping to the ground with his hard slick spires put on full display. His change in posture caught her attention, the drunken hen swinging her body around putting those fine hunches on full display for the camera. From his pocket, he produced a small wrapped package. To anyone over 12 it was clear what he had in his hand, though the size of the condom might throw his two-legged viewers off for a moment.

"Don't worry babe, I'll cover up of course." He commented as if their sexual engagement had been previously discussed.

Despite its size, the rubber sheath was still a snug fit, the great drake wedging his tip into the end and unrolling it with several satisfyingly provocative strokes across his stiff spire. He'd done this plenty of times before but he took his time, more to give a show of his healthy twin girths than anything.

There was something about condoms with drunken girls that seemed to just work. Perhaps it was showing his forward responsibility on the subject that made him feel trustworthy? He hadn't quite figured it out but, as the big male circled around behind his prize hen, she didn't fight him off or argue about it. In all honesty, this drunk and so deep in her heat, he had a hard time believing she could want anything less than a nice fat cock fucking her insides raw. She just didn't want to get pregnant because of it of course.

The eager male slithered around behind her, gripping her rump and drawing it back into focus in front of the camera after she belligerently began trying to circle to follow him. He gave her undertail one last deep chested breath, letting it out in a long, eager rumble. His thumb claws hooked the edge of her panties, drawing the fabric down around her hips, just far enough to leave those juicy pussy folds exposed.

That was enough foreplay, he decided, hopping up onto the smaller hen's backside, his massive spires swinging wildly between his legs. It would be no easy task for her to take his weight, the great drake not only a quarter larger than she but aptly boasting the muscular bulk that came with the males of their species. Thankfully he was able to nearly stand over her, his feral body overshadowing her as he brought his hefty spires to bare.

The big male slid easily into the second act, one forepaw sliding up along the length of her throat until it came cradling her head just beneath the jaw while the other reached back to grip his twin spries, giving them both a good firm stroke. His snout nuzzled and groomed the back of her neck, feeding her with fresh sensation- but more than that, kept the drunken hen distracted. He held her against him as his hips rolled forward, his eager spire aimed at her fine vent.

He didn't miss a beat, feeding the whole condom covered cock into her all at once. It took some persuasion to get her body to accept him, his paw massaging her vent while the tender flesh just beneath molded to the shape of the hemipene being shoved into her. Inch by inch he felt his cock slip through his talons and into her despite its size. The drunken girl didn't argue. He had to imagine what it must be like for her to have her first taste of cock in who knew how long.

His camera recorded the event from start to finish, captivating the intense imagery of his soft ridges climbing up into that vulnerable pussy, squished against his spire before disappearing entirely inside of her. Rrrffl... Damn she was gloriously tight inside. He had to give credit where credit was due. With those cute little panties around her hips, she couldn't even spread her legs. She'd taken him nearly to the hilt with those fine child-bearing hips of hers squished together. He grinned deviously; and it was far from over.

Her little startled gasp as his teeth scraped across the soft scales of her neck was angelic. The dirty male even went so far as to dig his fangs into the divots between her scales when he bit her neck, adding a twist of pain to ignite the fuse of pleasure in her as he began dragging his hefty spire across her delectable sex. Its uncovered twin dangled along her belly on the outside as a prize display of just how deep he was on the inside.

The well endowed drake rocked forward, mashing his pointed tip against her inner barrier just for fun before drawing back and easing himself in a little faster this time. There was nothing better than forcing a drunken hen's body to accept his lust into its the deepest recesses. And again, more vigorously than before, the big male bounced his tip off the cusp of her womb, each time picking up a bit of speed.

Her vent ached already but the only pain she felt was the occasional sparks as his fangs sank deeper into the flesh of her neck and each time, it was immediately washed over by the all encompassing pleasure of feeling her snatch being so throughly drilled. There were so many things wrong with this scenario: the who and where, the why of it feeling so good. She should have known something was wrong with how drunk she was simply off champagne. She knew she shouldn't be doing this while in heat... Any red flags the sober corner of her mind tried to wave were instantly pounded into submission through her drunken pussy.

And pounded that drunken pussy was, the devious male picking up momentum slowly. Cumming was the easy part, making a good show of it however- that took effort and the great drake was nothing if not ostentatious. The fat flesh stuffed under her tail scraped across her inner walls, stimulating the poor girl, his rubbery ridges grating across the clusters of nerves deep within, forcing the blissfully unaware hen to energetically ovulate for him. The natural reaction to breed came whether there was a condom or not and the virile male was something her body craved with every alcohol soaked fiber.

The big drake paused his ruthless rutting for just a moment to curl his forepaws along her hips, holding her hind end in place while simultaneously tugging her neck outward, stretching his little fuckable female into an even more accessible stance. With every nerve exposed, the horny drake lurched forward, driving his dick right down into her cervix, the tip shoving its way inside. Her soft hissing yelp of surprise did nothing to abate the onslaught that followed as the guileful male began viciously pounding his cock into her womb. He could feel her resist his advances, trying to draw herself back in, protect her body in some meager way but he simply growled at her and held fast, fucking deep and hard into that deliciously vulnerable vent.

She could do nothing to stop the heart-pounding pleasure being hammered savagely into her cunt, though neither did she truly want to. Instead she simply let herself be fucked from one orgasm straight into another. The breathless moans and gasps of lust warbled over the air in time to the impacts of his hips meeting hers. Vivi had never known it could feel like this with her yawning pink insides being so brutally ravaged. The dirty drake kept up the rigorous pace right up until he felt his own climax encroaching.

He had to pinch it off just shy of actually cumming, a soft hissing growl escaping his lips, jaw squeezing around her neck as he went from remorselessly hammering the little hen to a dead stop in the span of a heartbeat. The red drake's urethral vein plumped up but the only thing that came out was a thick slimy glob of sperm-laced precum that drooled into the reservoir tip, the rubbery guard the only thing preventing the sticky fluid from sliding unchecked across the curve of her fertile womb. It would have been so easy to just let go...

Oros didn't even entertain the thought however; he wasn't done with her, not yet.

Even with its moderate microphone, the recording device he'd left in the corner was easily able to pick up the details that sloshy wet shlopping sound as his sheathed spire popped free, its entire length slick with her juices and throbbing with an almost irksome appearance at being forced out of her warm honey pot before being allowed to finish. The departure was more a side effect of all the other motions. Drawing that fine ass back toward the camera while keeping her upright the whole time was a tricky maneuver.

He swept her front legs out from under her, long chocolaty forepaws dragged along the ground as he got right into position. She was little more than a panting ball of sex and alcohol so drawing that thick tail up over her backside and pushing those hind legs more firmly together met with no measurable resistance. Keeping her chest pinned to the ground beneath a forepaw, he glanced back just long enough to adjust the camera's angle with his tail before propping a hind leg up against the wall. With everything just right, the big drake reached down below gripping both hemipenes and giving them a firm stroke from base to tip, both of them aimed at her one vent.

There were a variety of ways he could see this going as the dirty drake began feeding his fat flesh into the deliciously tight hen beneath him. She might notice and intrupt him, but he doubted she could tell the difference with that sore, well fucked vent slowly swallowing him whole. And, as the last few inches disappeared inside her, he knew he was right. He held himself buried balls deep in his little hen. Mmm, it was like being stuffed inside a warm oven- save that this oven was really a drunk dragoness about to get more than she bargained for this date. Best part was she wouldn't remember a thing come the morning thanks to the vex.

He stretched out the first few thrusts as he always did, savoring the heady pleasure of getting away with such sexual delights. Of course he hadn't gotten away with it just yet of course- he reminded himself as he began casually pounding her pussy, but at the rate he was going, she'd have to stop him soon. Especially now with one of his cocks dangerously bare and ready to breed this dragon bitch full of eggs. Hell, considering the amount of sperm-laced precum he was pounding past the bruised ring of her cervix she was probably already pregnant. But best not to leave anything to chance though- he thought while a wide, insidious smirk spread across his snout.

While the great drake stood regally over her, the poor drugged dragoness looked like a sex-starved slut splayed out on the ground like that, pinned to the ground with her wet panties keeping those fine juicy pussy flesh as tight as a condom. She more cock between her legs right now than most whores got in a week though- he reminded himself, shoving the twin tips just inside her womb once more. A soft pleasure grunt bubbled from his nostrils, the great drake letting his eyes slip closed as the tide of sexual thrill rose steadily through his frame.



Just... a little... more...


The first jolt of violent pleasure rocked his frame as he felt his cum-delivering veins bulge once more. Only this time there was no restraint, no reigning it in for the sake of the camera. Instead it got to record the virile male's whole body sagging slightly from the intensity of the sensation, that cock stuffed cunt bulging just slightly from the added girth being wedged inside. And, just as designed, the hot spray of dragonseed that barreled down his protected cock slammed helplessly into the stretchy condom. However, the contraceptive covering did little to stop its twin from simply using her womb as its reservoir instead.

The big male casually pissed long streams of pearly white semen deep under her tail, hard stiff thrusts punctuating each lance of cum being dumped into her gut as he came hard. His head jerked down as he felt the slight snap of the condom give way inside her. Ahhh, right, that was the wrong way to put one of those on wasn't it? He chortled to himself, grinding his crotch flush against hers to make sure every drop was put to good use.

There would be no doubt to what he'd done to her as that trim little gut of hers bulged quite nicely with the added weight of dinners 'desert'. He could only imagine what she'd piece together tomorrow, perhaps she'd think she'd just eaten too much? Finished with her, he drew out nice and slow, making a spectacle of revealing his drained dicks to the camera until, at last both dropped free with a wet splash of cummy fluid. The ruined condom hung from his cock, leaking a long sticky glob of a very obviously white substance to the ground.

Taking a step back, the sated male reached beneath him, gripping the base of his shafts and giving them both a good firm stroke to squeeze out the last excessive globs of sperm for the camera, winking deviously at it as if this were all just a joke. Vivi was still sprawled on the ground, ass up, body locked in place despite no longer being pinned in place. The world was just a wash of heat... she just needed a moment...

He didn't give it to her as the big male's forepaws gripped her rump, spreading those black nether lips enough to show off the glob of cummy goo glazing her juicy pink inner flesh before diving his tongue deep into her core. The poor hen let off a soft yelp, tail stiffening as her sore, well pounded pussy being violated once more. It wasn't for her pleasure or relief that he was inside her though, that tongue rolling around to clean up the evidence. He didn't want to spoil the surprise she was going to get a month from now after all!

With his seed locked away in her womb busily fertilizing every single one of her defenseless eggs, there was nothing of the male left within tongue's reach but a sore, foggy memory. Oh, and a nice cum-inflated gut he supposed, giving it a disingenuously soothing rub to help make sure all that genetic material was put to good use.

Standing, the well dressed drake massaged the ruined condom off his shaft before flushing it, cleaning himself up completely while the used hen groaned and stretched, trying just to get her four feet under her. With a mist of perfume over his clothing, one wouldn't suspect the dirty drake had just fucked a clutch into an unsuspecting hen by looking at him. Scooping up the camera, he packed the precious cargo away securely.

The door clicked open, the portal yawning wide, the poor girl's vent still very much on display. Luckily for her, no one was in the hallway. He paused just inside the archway and turned to her.

"Oh! It's occupied." He spoke to her with an actor's proficiency as if he'd just interrupted her private time for the first time. "I do apologize, I'll find another stall. Sincerely!" The black-bellied male ducked out quickly, swinging the door swiftly closed behind him. Just one more point of inconsistency in her foggy memory.

"Oh-" The large drake flagged the nearest waiter down, producing payment. "-would you run our bill with an 18-tip. The service was... quite enjoyable, but I am in a bit of a rush I'm afraid." Retrieving the card, the server bowed with a gracious smile, turning to make haste. "Oh! And if my companion returns, would you tell her I apologize for the hasty departure, something... came up." He rumbled.

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