On the Edge: Part 1

Story by Starlight Nova on SoFurry

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#11 of Role Plays

Oh? Another RP you say? How could I be doing another one and not be working on my other stories, especially the one I said I would have finished quite some time ago? Well, I have no answer for that, but this one really got my interest despite having 6 partners already, though on most of them I am waiting on them to post their reply, so I think I am good for now. As you all know, I really like...no, it would be, I really really really love dragons, particular dragonesses if their gravid with eggs. I just can't describe the emotions and feelings I get when around them, I go crazy, I go nuts for them. I can't get enough of them, and I haven't written enough of them to make me feel satisfied, or maybe I never will. This one however I am very happy about. My seventh RP partner, Dragonstrike and I have come together to tell a tail of the extinction of dragons. It is set in a fantasy world with other mythical creatures, elves, gryphons, wyverns, phoenixes, humans, etc. The beginning of it tells the story for the most part, but the gist is, Dragonstrikes character, a dragoness named Shira, has travelled the world and has not thought of taking a mate, even when they are slowly vanishing from the humans killing them for a couple centuries. My character, Starlight Moon who is an alchemist, had to flee when he was an adolescent, flying north to escape the humans but still encountered some on his way to the mountains. He also meets up with a group of dragons who are tasked with creating potions to help repopulate their species but the experiments go wrong and no one tries them for fear of what happened (which will be explained shortly in my post). Now having lived alone for about two centuries in a cave far away from humans and others of his kind, he dedicates his time to creating potions for males to try and boost their ability to impregnate a female while trying to also recreate the potions for females that had failed in the experiment with some notes he has on them. However, when a female wonders into his territory while in heat, he takes a chance and introduces himself, hoping she will become his mate and agree to help him with repopulating their race. The only problem is, he is ignored. What will he do to get her to come with him? Will she come willingly after some more persuasion, or will he have to capture her, forcing her to bear eggs in the name of saving their kind? You can find out by reading this story filled with teasing, denial, orgasm denial, masturbation, and forced impregnation.

Note: At a point when StarLight brings Shira to his home there will be a link to the layout and design, both exterior and interior. A little later, there will be a link to a red velvet collar to show the design of it, though what I have on the collar is only to show there is a design on it.


** ** Shira was rather odd for a dragoness. Whilst most dragons at this time of the year would be looking for a mate, she was avoiding one. She didn't want to mate to a male, she preferred being alone and free of the feeling of being held down in one place. She was a nomad of sorts, no real home, she tended to roam and keep moving. In her lifetime, she had managed to at least see a good portion of the world and was preparing to move out again. She had intended to stay at this place for a rest break but a male had taken interest in her sleek and well-fit figure with her orange and red scales looking like a river of lava on her with the mixed colors. Several times she had put down the male not terribly meanly just mostly ignoring his attempts. Well, she was leaving before he tried to annoy her again. Having dragged a meal over she munched on it quickly, the savory taste of mountain goat filling her maw.

StarLight Nova:

** ** Starlight did not know what to do. It was mating season and he could find no females to impregnate so they could repopulate their race, as there were only a few hundred of them left on the planet, all scattered throughout the land. The other races seemed to be doing fine, especially the gryphons. He did not know when it had all gone wrong; maybe it was because of their rivalry with the wyverns? Or maybe the phoenixes? No, it must have been the humans. Those small, pesky creatures with their knack for creating small pointy objects that they hurled through the sky to strike them down. At first they were ineffective, more of a nuisance than a threat, but then a few dragons began falling victim to them whenever one went to steal a cow or horse from a farmer. Others retaliated for their fallen brothers and nothing came from the nearby towns or villages to find out what happened. That soon changed after a few decades. Their numbers began drastically dropping, and he was just an adolescent at the time, so he fled from the area to try and find somewhere safe.

There was nowhere he could go without fearing for his life, only in the far north or south did humans fear to go, and so that is where I made my home in the mountains. The temperature is not that bad, but the winters can be brutal if your not prepared as it is only spring right now. I had encountered a couple females along the way, some more than willing to mate with me, others not so much, but I respected their wishes as we still numbered in the thousands. That was another few decades later and I had become a young adult. Now I had not seen nor scented a female in such a long time, only being paid a visit from a childhood friend who had found my location from meeting a female I had mated with. He told me he has not come across another dragon in any of his travels but has only glimpsed a few on the distant horizon. That told me we were becoming extinct if the humans continued to hunt us. I invited him to stay awhile, but he refused, saying he had to get back to his mate who was expecting quite a large clutch, a rarity in the times we are in. I definitely could smell her scent on him, so I wished him luck and he did the same for me. I soon realized how lonely my life had become since I had taken refuge in this cave I had found.

I proceeded to spend all my time except for sleeping and hunting to experiment with alchemy from what my parents had taught me and from what I had learned along my travels to where I am. Many dragons had tried to find a way to boost their virility as well as the fertility of females so that they bore a larger clutch when everyone realized their numbers were dwindling. There were a couple volunteers at first, wanting to help their race prosper, thinking they will be thought of as heroes for saving the species, but the attempts failed, ending in the demise of those who tried. It was not that it did not work, for the males at least, it was that the eggs grew too big for the females, and they either could not lay the egg, or their clutch would literally tear them apart. Not many females wanted to do anything with alchemy after that, leaving our numbers to decrease further as more answers and solutions were sought. Then came a group of dragons that tried to decrease the time of gestation, but that too, ended in failure, though not as devastating as the last attempt. Eggs were laid far ahead of time, within a few weeks or even a couple days instead of the usual three months, but the hatchlings inside did not survive.

I had collected many books on the subject, storing them in special pouches until I had come upon this cave I now live in. My father had told me I was very good at alchemy, saying I understood the concept within a few demonstrations. I often wonder if my parents are alive, though I would suspect they had succumbed to the barrage of humans not long after I left. Now it was my turn to try and save our species from dying out. Alchemy was still alive, but it was used for other reasons besides furthering the cure for keeping dragons in the world where we used to roam free and anyone could see five dragons within the same area at the same time. I started from scratch on a few notes I had managed to collect from the failed attempts, but since I had no females to experiment on, I had to begin with the most basic potions: enhancements. I could only work on the ones that affected males, as I did not want to be turned into a female myself, otherwise I would just doom our race further into oblivion. It took some time, and a lot of patience, but I managed to concoct the potions for enhanced virility and sperm production along with increased arousal and stamina.

During this time, a century or two had passed where I lived with no interaction with other dragons, having had no more visits from my friend who I came to think lived far away from me but was still alive. I had grown big and muscled but lean and strong, my silver scales shining in the sun like a thousand individual stars. My pair of horns on the back of my head had lengthened, becoming sharp and long along with my ear frills on either side of my head as well as a row of sharp spikes running down my neck and back. My wings had grown out, letting me fly in the air with barely an effort on my part while my tail had gradually developed a spaded blade on the tip that allowed me to slice through trees and keep my balance in the sky. All in all I had turned out to be a fine specimen of a male, someone who many females would want as a mate to bear strong and healthy hatchlings for the future of our kind, if only I could find one. When I was not working on trying to make the potions for larger clutches or decreased gestation time for the females on what notes I had, I was thinking of what else I could do to make sure my attempts did not fail while I tried out some of the potions I had made for males. To say they worked was an understatement. I spent the better part of a month in a lustful haze of arousal, balls swollen with seed as I never stayed within my slit for longer than a day without masturbating until I climaxed onto the cave floor.

After that I worked on how I could make the potions more efficient and either stronger or weaker, creating some for short term and long term without any side affects. The next thing I did was to expand my cave, as it was getting cramped with all the equipment and flasks I had conjured up with my magic. I dug deeper into the mountain, making a proper nest for me and a potential mate along with a separate room for various purposes that I could use it for. I had also created quite a few more potions in enhancements for males in hopes that one day I would be able to find a female that would be willing to try my experiments, as time was running out for us. So at first I did not know that a female was in my territory until I had gone out to hunt, as I had been very busy making another batch of potions. It was only then that I saw her elegant form, her breathtaking colors and wondrous curves as I looked down at her from the sky while she wondered around. I scented the air and found she was in heat, something very essential in ensuring she became gravid with a clutch of eggs. Maybe if I asked her, I could complete the potions of the failed experiments with vast improvements I am going to make to them and we could save our kind, but that is only if she accepts.

The thing about females, is that they are picky on who they choose as a mate. There are morals that dictate a male should be able to provide, defend, and care for their hatchlings, which has never been more crucial in their history other than now that we stand on the brink of extinction. Knowing this, I landed a safe distance from her before approaching, spreading my wings to accentuate my large statue and healthy form. My first attempt at swaying this female to become my mate did not end very well, or, I never got an answer at all. I had introduced myself and kindly said if she would like to be my mate, despite knowing being direct might not be the best way to approach this, but I was aching for some company along with knowing we only had a few more centuries or so before humans braved these mountains and found the rest of us to rid the planet of us. It is a wonder why they have not waged war on the other races, perhaps because they are wiser and stay out of their way.

Feeling defeated at first from being rejected from the first female I had seen in so long, I returned to my cave and pondered how I could get her to become my mate without making it look like I was insane or desperate. My second attempt did not go any better, nor did my third, fourth, fifth or sixth. I had steadily become angry that the female would not even acknowledge me and I had come up with the thought she did not want to be my mate, instead thinking she preferred to travel and did not want to stay in one place and be burdened with hatchlings. In the state our race was in, I could take no liberties with having no for an answer, as it was our duty to procreate to repopulate the species. If she was going to ignore me, then I might have to force her hand, but I would make one more try before doing so. I went out again and it took me some time to find her, but when I did I tried to remain calm while making small talk, but after talking to myself for quite some time, I flew back to my cave in a foul mood.

I was so close to just dragging her here so I could mate with her and begin the process of restoring our race, but I was nothing without pride, dignity and honor and respect towards females. I would make one last attempt, and if that did not work, then I would bring her here against her will so I could breed her. She would become my slave, my personal pleasure thing so that I could once again feel what a dragoness felt like around my length. I would feel guilty and remorseful about the act, but it would be for the greater good. Hopefully, in time, she would learn to love it and soon beg me to mate with her every day before laying clutch after clutch of eggs. She would also be the key to making the potions for larger clutches and decreased gestation time a success, and with more experimentation, I could create more potions to help with the process. As it is, I am looking through my books to see if I can find a potion to increase the pheromones I produce to make the dragoness more willing to come with me. I would never hurt her, but I would get her to my cave one way or another.

I had gathered plenty of ingredients for my potions over my long years here, and I would not run out for quite some time, even for the stuff that is rare to find. It took awhile, but I found a recipe that increases the amount of pheromones I produce, and thus, the thickness of my musk so that it will be harder for her to resist me. The only thing I have left to do is prepare for the scenario where I have to take her by force, and for that I have to change the extra room I created to bondage and make sure she could not escape. It took little time at all and before I knew it I was out flying around after having doused myself in the potion I created, trying to find the female again while my arousal built from the prospect of finally getting to mate a female instead of feeling the roughness of my scales. I soon found her eating a goat she had caught and I could tell by the way she held herself she was going to leave if I did not give it another go. Knowing I could not get upset over my other failures, I flew past her, going to hunt for something to share with her and try and have her at least talk to me.

Carrying a large buck from a nearby forest, I landed on the ground a few feet away from her as I dropped my kill to the ground to take a few moments to look her over. She was gorgeous, with wide hips, strong wings, a well-defined form, beautiful scales, and lithe tail. I had to have her, even if this try did not go well like my others, she did not have a choice in the matter anymore, and she would be bred by me willingly or not. Having felt my slit start to bulge at marveling at her form, I quickly pick up my kill and walk towards her in the most non-threatening manner I could manage. Setting it down in front of her as an offering to share before laying down myself, I let a few seconds go by before speaking.

"Can you at least tell me your name as I have told you mine? I have been very patient and I would like to know more about you. Could you at least indulge me with that kind dragoness?" I ask while spreading my ear frills, very well knowing this would be my last chance for her to consent to be my mate before I took her to my cave unwillingly. I place my right forepaw on the flank of the buck, pushing it towards her as rivulets of blood stream out of its neck where I had killed it. If she accepted my gesture and took a bite, but still rejected me, then it would be easier for me to carry her to my cave as I had placed a sleeping potion inside, and by now it had soaked in and would take affect wherever she bite into. Either way, if she had agreed to become my mate or not, I would have her. If she did not want to be my mate and bare my hatchlings, then I would force her to while trying to make her understand if she did not already know that we were near extinction.


** ** I heard the male and let out a loud hiss of displeasure at his presence. Suddenly my meal didn't taste as good to me now...My hunger ruined, his scent only made me angry. I had built up a tolerance to male's musk over centuries of being stalked by a different male. He finally had tried to rape her but she won the fight. She tried again to let him go peacefully but was forced to kill him as he attacked again. She could see a repeat of this already happening so she decided it might be best to disable this dragon so he wouldn't be able to chase her as she ran. Males healed quickly anyhow. With one last growl he got too close and she snapped, lunging onto him. It was so sudden and quick due to how fast females were that she managed to claw her way onto his back and start biting. "Leave me alone! I don't want to have to kill you like the last male! It brought me no pleasure!"

StarLight Nova:

** ** I lower my ear frills when she hisses at me, raising my wings partially in case I had to evade or dodge an attack. It did not seem my musk was having any effect on her whatsoever! Despite her aggressive posture, she still looked stunning before me with her teeth bared, and I knew she was getting fed up by my insistence. When I heard her growl I tensed up, but before I could move she pounced, appearing like a blur as she began biting my neck while on my back. I immediately stood up but wobbled in place with the addition of her weight on me. I made no move to retaliate, even when pain started invading my mind and blood dripped down my scales, I tried my best to shake her off, though I knew I had to do something more to get her to stop. When she spoke I instantly understood she had been pursued by another male who she had to kill, and I did not want to wind up dead, so instead of falling on my back and impaling her on my spikes, I tried to reason with her.

"Please! I only want to talk! I know I asked if you wanted to be my mate the first time I saw you, but that was only because I had not seen another female or dragon for so long. Would you not indulge me with your company at least?" I croaked out, vision becoming blurry while I swished my tail from side to side frantically, trying to think of what I could do to get her off me without having to hurt her. I folded my wings, keeping them low to the ground as I staggered about as she constantly shifted on top of me, she was surely angry. Would I have no other choice but to agree to leave her alone for her to stop attacking me? I know I lied about just wanting to talk to her, but how else am I going to get her to my cave. It is clear she does not want me, so at the first chance I get I will restrain her and bring her back. While she attacks me I make an effort not to move or show any sign I will attack her, staying low to the ground so as to try and convince her I will do her no harm.


** ** She fought like crazy to disable the male as he talked and tried to convince her. She roars out in anger, tearing into scales. Just as he lies down though she sees an opportunity to escape from the male. "I can sense your musk, I am no fool. Talk is the last thing on your mind. The last time I smelled a male this musky he tried to rape me." She kicks off him and darts out the cave, rushing to get away.

StarLight Nova:

** ** I growl in pain, closing my eyes while rapidly losing strength as the female on top of me renders my scales useless under her assault. I had clearly done no wrong except try and talk with her, but at the mention she can smell my musk I know I had made a bad choice in increasing my pheromones. It's not a second later that she pushes off of me, shoving me to the ground as I tremble in pain while looking at her flee. I can scent her overwhelming heat and willed myself to stand up but she had torn my back open, leaving me weak and defenseless. "Damn it." I mutter before falling unconscious with blood pouring out of me, pooling on the ground with her leftover kill along with the buck I had offered her. I could not let her get away, but I was in no condition to pursue her, so I had to wait until I healed enough to return to my cave. It might take a few days, but she will be mine.

By the time I wake up groggily later in the day, the first thing I do is scent the air, finding that the females heat has faded but is still there, although faint. I could still track her, but the way I am right now I wouldn't be able to move very much, so I had to regain my strength. When I attempt to move I could feel my back protest, sensing how sore it is from the hasty recovery and now I was hungry. My back would surely bear scars that I would be proud of despite the fact it came from a female who wanted nothing to do with me. I looked around until I found the goat that the female was eating when I arrived and quickly dove into it, finishing it off in just a few bites. The buck, however, was another matter as I had originally placed a sleeping potion inside it to put the female to sleep so I could carry her to my cave. Now that she has escaped, it was useless, so I extend my right forearm and neutralize the effects of the potion with my magic, making it safe for me to eat.

After I finished the buck, I came back to her scent, realizing I was getting aroused and that my shaft was coming free of my slit because of her heat. I hissed in both pleasure and irritance, knowing I had to find her before she got too far away, but this problem would only delay me either way if I ignored or dealt with it. Deciding not to let it go to waste, I carefully shifted onto my back as I folded my wings, wincing as some jolts of pain went up my spine while grabbing my member and tensing up. Precum spurted out of the tip, dribbling down my length as I masturbated at a furious pace, spreading my hind legs while my knot swelled as I growled and moaned. It was not long before I climaxed, spraying myself with my seed while I swished my tail, dirtying my scales as I lay there panting in the afterglow. If only she had agreed to become my mate and viewed the problem rationally, I would be able to avoid all this complication.

Once I regained my senses and washed myself off as best I could for now, I flew back to my cave to hide my musk now that I had to go and find her. I did not want her to know I was following her, and I was sure to treat her kindly yet strictly for denying me for so long. I was going to be hard on her, but it would not be without pleasure and the satisfaction that she would be saving our species with me. Arriving at my cave, I promptly grabbed the nearest empty flask and held my tail over it, concentrating to squeeze out the potion I had sucked up that would have weakened her so I could just as easily take her if she had stayed on me any longer. I carefully place it back with the others before walking down the line of shelves where I had stored many of my potions along the cave wall to grab a paralyzing potion, colored yellow. I also grab a sleeping potion, a knockout potion, a heath potion, a strength potion, and a stamina potion before putting them in a bag. I then look at the wall, searching the multitude of flasks before finding one to neutralize my musk, opening it up and pouring it all over my body.

With the bag around my neck containing the six potions, one to restrict movement, one to put to sleep, one to daze, one to heal my wounds, one to increase my strength, and one to increase my stamina, I fly out of my cave and back to the spot where I had seen the female. I lift my neck and take a few deep breaths to figure out which way she went while the potion went to work on hiding my scent. It was fading but it still had an affect on me, yet I could not stop and deal with it now otherwise it would ruin the effect of the potion I had just applied to myself. Spreading my wings before resettling them on my back with a huff, I make my way into the forest to find the female, weaving between trees as I follow her slowly increasing scent.

I was willing to go as long as it took to find her and bring her to my cave because I did not know if any other male was trying to preserve our species. I briefly wonder if my friend's mate has laid her clutch yet and what has become of them, but I was soon going to have the same situation if I could catch her. I was normally a gentle and considerate drake, but in these times I had grown desperate for a mate to produce many clutches of eggs with. I knew it would become a problem when they hatched and grew hungry, but I knew I could think of solutions for that later. Right now, I had a dragoness to find, whether or not she wants my company, she will be mine and I will impregnate her against her will. Just thinking of her squirming below me as I mate with her, thrusting my shaft into her until I penetrate her cervix works me up and I have to stop to gather and calm myself before continuing. I can at least control myself until I have her in my cave, then its time for me to have my fun with her. Oh how I will make her plead and beg so she would have been my mate from the beginning only to avoid this fate.

*Dragonstrike: *

** ** She was unhappy. She didn't want to have hurt the male but it was necessary. Truth was she kind of liked how sweet he had been to her in the beginning but she didn't want a mate...No, that was a lie, she was afraid to have a mate. She feared it. It was an irrational fear but it was still there. It mostly stemmed from the first stubborn drake she dealt with. She had made careful preparations to avoid her pursuer like frequent baths, not rubbing up against stuff and masking her scent, changing the type of mask occasionally. At some point a couple of days after this constant run she rested in a new cave she found, her body too worn out to continue.

StarLight Nova:

** ** I get anxious the longer I go without catching any sight of the dragoness while my back heals further as I travel. With her coloring, I should be able to spot her easily in the forest, but I had come across nothing except her tracks while I followed her scent. I could tell she worked to lose me from her trail, but she must have forgotten about her footprints. Even with that to go on when I would almost lose her scent, the leaves and foliage on the ground made it hard to follow. Given, her heat was strong and would continue to build but I worried I would be too late when she went out of it, which would be at least another week or two more. Just to be sure, every few hours I stopped and used my magic to trace her path, sending out faint pulses into the ground to make sure I was still on her trail. The fact she was going to this extent to get away from me told me she was feisty and would be fun to play with and watch her squirm as I teased her relentlessly.

After the first day without stopping, I began to become worried I would not find her, but I could still scent her heat and track her footprints, so I kept going. I was getting tired near midday but I could not stop so I drank some of the stamina potion I brought with me to keep me going while I searched for something quick to eat to restore my strength. As the days went by, I started to think of how I will get her back to the cave without her waking up and attacking me again, but I remember I had brought a paralyzing potion, sleep potion and knockout potion just in case. The only thing would be to ration them until I arrived home with her in tow. Her heat had also begun to fade from the air but I could still follow her by her footsteps, it just took me longer to do so and I was sure I was falling further behind her trail. She sure was persistent in getting away, but I was desperate to save our species, and her refusal to become my mate was really starting to get to me.

I was beginning to understand her hesitation in having a mate due to the fact she clearly told me she was nearly raped by a male some time ago, but now she did not have the liberty to be choosy as we were almost extinct. I did not want to have to tell those in heaven when I joined them it was this females fault that we all died out. I had tried to be considerate and kind to her, but all that got me was a pissed off female and wasted time trying to find her. I was most certain if I showed her more of my manners and that I would be willing to wait if she would be my mate, then she would accept, but I did not want that now. I would have her whether she agreed or not. If that changes her opinion of me, then so be it. I wasn't going to laze about, traveling the world when more of my brethren were dying by the hands of humans. I had no idea how many of us were left. Maybe if I told her this, it would make her more complaint, but with what I am going to do, it wouldn't matter even if I threw her to the wyverns or phoenixes so they could have fun with her.

Just as I am about to rest for the day after trailing her endlessly, I spot a concealed cave not to far away along with a much stronger presence of her heat. I pad forward cautiously, making sure to not make a sound as I approach the cave. I loop around to the side and peer in, seeing the dragoness sleeping inside, without a doubt exhausted from trying to evade me. A sinister smile creeps unto my muzzle as I rejoice in this opportunity to bring her back with me. My arousal grows as I look upon her, seeing her sleeping gracefully with her flanks rising and falling along with her strong scent that I can tell she has tried to mask from me. I look down to find my shaft erect and throbbing, dripping some precum in preparation of taking her. If I had to guess, because she killed the male who tried to rape her, that must mean she is a virgin, all the more enticing for me to take her and make her the mother of a new generation of dragons. A breeding queen.

With silent steps and slow breath, I crouch down low and make my way into the cave towards where she lay, observing her form all the way while contemplating how many eggs she could hold inside her egg chamber. I shiver whenever my member throbs, wanting to penetrate her tight folds before ejaculating my sperm inside of her but I hold off, wanting to bring her to my cave before I start anything. It becomes more difficult to hold myself back the closer I get except for the promise of intense pleasure and joy when we get back. Even when sleeping she appears beautiful with stunning curves and shining scales. It's a pity I will have to injure her after all as I reach up with my right forearm and silently unzip the bag holding my potions, taking the one out for paralysis. Opening it up, I dip the tip of my tail into it before closing my eyes and concentrating, absorbing half of it into my spade so I could then inject it directly into her blood for maximum effect.

I quickly put the half empty flask away, leaving my tail dripping in yellow liquid as I sneak up on her, planning to make her unable to move as I sleep next to her until morning where I will be able to take her back to my cave. The potion lasts for about twelve hours, so I will have to reapply it soon after I wake up so she can't move. Walking forward, I admire her neck with bright emerald eyes, her smooth scales and her developed form, shaking my head, as I know she will soon be bloated with her first clutch of eggs. No matter the situation, she will still be beautiful to me in a unique way with a swollen abdomen full of eggs. I won't be able to apply my potions to her right away as I have to finish them, but once I do, hoping they don't fail, then her production of eggs and speed at which she makes them will increase. After her first clutch, I will be able to create various potions to increase her pleasure, the strength of her contractions, keeping her in perpetual heat and many others.

With my tail swaying behind me and ear frills raised in excitement, I turn to my side parallel to her, deciding where to strike. I look at her left forearm and see how it is positioned, thinking I could lift it up and inject my potion into her armpit before she realizes what has happened if she even wakes up. I silently move closer while moving to touch her, placing my right paw on her forearm to feel her scales and warmth radiating from her. I shudder as my arousal climbs and my still erect shaft throbs harder and leaks more pre, urging me to take her right now but I block out the temptation. Flicking my tail around, I strike, penetrating her soft exposed scales with a precise action as I let some of the potion seep into her body to take effect. It would feel like a sharp pinch, but I had mixed my potion with a special ingredient to numb the pain a little. I let it sit for a couple seconds before pulling it out and dropping her forearm. I back off a few feet to watch it take affect. Within a few minutes she will be unable to move or speak, still breathe? Yes, but incapable of taking any action against me until it wears off should I forget to reapply it tomorrow.

Having finished that, I look at my member again with a sigh, knowing I will be torturing myself by sleeping beside her, but I will be able to relieve myself once I get back to the cave with the dragoness with me. I walk around her form, pausing when I am near her sex to lean down and take a nice long breath of her enticing heat before laying down a short distance behind her. Her fertility was already high and would only climb the deeper she went into heat and I hoped that at her peak I would be able to mate with her after giving her the potions, hoping they worked, otherwise I would have to wait for another dragoness to come my way. I shiver involuntarily while relaxing my frills as I lower my head onto my paws, breathing steadily with the air thick with her scent as it teased me. I shift my hind legs to find a more comfortable position as my shaft bounces against the hard ground and my rough scales, but I deal with it, finding the reward when I have her back very worth the wait. When I look at her one last time, I can see she is smaller than be, but not by much, which I could assume means she is also younger by a few decades. As I start to close my eyes, I spot her body tensing up from the effects of the potion, making it seem like she is stuck in rigor mortis, a state your body goes into when you die and all your limbs become hard and immovable. With a smile, I close my eyes and wait for tomorrow to come.


** ** I sleep peacefully on; blissfully unaware of what was happening. I have several dreams, most of them happy despite my situation. One dream involved me finding my mother again and spending the night in her embrace, receiving tender licks and snuggling to her warmth. I did miss her...Terribly so. I didn't even know if she was still alive, I sure hoped so.

StarLight Nova:

** ** It does not take long before I drift off into a deep sleep, filled with images of the female before me as I mate with her vigorously while I hear her call out my name as I pump her full of my sperm. My shaft leaks copious amounts of pre onto the ground as I shift around, murmuring soft phrases as I thrust my hips unconsciously with my ear frills twitching and my tail swishing back and forth lazily. This was my goal, to take her roughly and impregnate her so we could repopulate out race, but that was made difficult due to the fact she was adamant about getting away from me. It would be easier for the both of us if she just agreed to become my mate so we could save the dragon species. I did not know if my parents were alive, all the fun times I had with them, the many discoveries and the love I felt from my mother and father, only to be left in my memory. It made me sad to think about the dragons that lost their lives when this all began, of their mates who grieved for them, who tried to avenge them but only ended up in the same place, dead.

I become still as the night progresses and my shaft eventually regresses back into my slit, leaving a pool of my pre to harden on the cold ground, yet the scent of the females heat does not help, as I remain uneasy with a bulge to show. I move on to think about my friend, of the fun times we had together, playing in the sky, racing each other, doing hunting contests, wrestling with each other, even some more sensual fun when we were adolescence. It was natural for males to explore their bodies, sometimes with others intimately as they grew up. That was before I fled the humans, hoping my family and friend did the same. I made sure to avoid them, but there was the inevitable time or two when they found me, but I made sure to kill them all. When my friend came to visit me a couple decades later, I was relieved he was alive, and mated to a female nonetheless. I was happy for him, yet also jealous. I should have found a mate already, but because I was trying to stay away from humans, I could not do that nor did I have the patience and mentality to stay in one place. True, I did mate with some females on my way here, but I did not stay with them, leaving them to care for the eggs on their own.

The rest of the night I thought of how I could finish the potions for females that had failed while I was traveling. I had met some of the dragons that had been involved in the experiments before they failed and I could tell they were genuinely concerned about what was going on. I had gained some of the notes I now have from them when I told them I was an alchemist too, but did not have as much training as they did. I was lucky they taught me a few things, and I desperately hoped I could fix whatever mistake they made so our kind could live on. I did not know what bases they started with for the potions, but they surely overestimated the ingredients they used for the results that happened. I thought, that if I obtained some of the female's vaginal fluids from inside her and combine it with the potion then it would work, even if it was made for one specific dragoness. I could fine-tune it later when I decided to look for other dragons to give it to them, bringing along this female I intend to use for my experiments as proof it worked.

Come morning I shudder when a ray of light falls upon my eyelid, frills twitching at the sudden brightness invading my rest. I shift my head to escape the dazzling light but soon blink open my eyes to find the female still asleep in front of me and still paralyzed. I raise my head and yawn, getting a nice strong whiff of her heat scent that has only grown since yesterday and permeated the cave. I could tell she was approaching her peak, and it would only be a short amount of time before she was at her most fertile, virtually guaranteed to become gravid with a clutch of eggs. I shake my head, ridding my mind of any last remnants of sleep as I look at her form, marveling at her curves and her wings, how her muscles conform to her scales and the shine they carry in the morning light. Another effect of her heat is that my shaft splays free of my slit in no time, making me growl in annoyance when it throbs on the hard ground. I curl my neck to look at my length, seeing the glistening sheen of hardened pre on the ground and the crimson red shine of my shaft yearning to plunge into her vent, remembering the nice dream I had before I smile, getting an idea in my head of how I can wake her up.

I slowly stand up while stretching, popping various joints as I release the tension in my body while spreading my wings and swishing my tail before folding them on my back comfortably. Shaking my head again, I pad over to her haunches, lowing my head to take in deep breathes, inhaling her scent to get me riled up for what is to come. I shiver, moaning in delight at her wonderful scent as my shaft throbs in anticipation, ready to penetrate her tight sex and fill her to the brim with my seed but I have something else planned. I open my maw and drag my tongue slowly across her left hind leg, feeling the texture of her scales getting me worked up while I lather them in my saliva. I pull back while licking my lips, going to grab the base of her tail with my right forepaw to reveal her sex to me, smiling as I see her swollen folds tinted red and sparkling with her fluids. I spread my ear frills while siting down on my haunches before leaning forward, opening my maw to get a close inspection of her sex as I breath in deeply again, my shaft replying by throbbing harder and leaking more pre as I flick my tongue out to gently touch her folds and barely taste her.

I shudder with fluttering eyelids while standing up with a purr, releasing her tail before walking around in front of her, seeing that she is still paralyzed and unable to move. Oh how I could humiliate her right here and now. The things I could do to make her wish she had become my mate. "Just you wait little dragoness, your mine now." I say in a sneering whisper with my shaft bobbing beneath me, wanting to penetrate any available hole as my tail swishes back and forth, my spade still saturated with paralyzing potion. Where to inject it into her next? I wonder, raising my neck as I stand dominatingly over her prone body. Guess I could begin with that. I think to myself, shuffling my way over to her head while I sit down on my haunches again, grabbing my long shaft in my left forepaw before masturbating in front of her. Spreading my wings wide, I moan in ecstasy with closed eyes, feeling my knot engorge rapidly as my member releases pre at an astonishing rate given I had no relief last night. It dribbles down my length, tickling my ridges as I hiss in pleasure, bucking my hips wildly while frantically swishing my tail from side to side.

I throw my head this way and that with rippling ear frills and bared teeth, not caring if my growls and moans had awakened you as I continue to pleasure myself, going faster and faster as my peak rises. You could do nothing about it as you watch me while my shaft throbs with greater intensity, showing you how big and thick I am. It would definitely be a tight fit, glorious for me but painful for you as I thrust back and forth savagely, my erect ridges rubbing against your inner walls, goading your body into releasing more of your eggs for me to impregnate. My knot would surely be the main challenge as I try to squeeze it into you to tie us together. The fact you are a virgin is all the better, as I will be your first and only. Before I know what is happening my balls rise up with an intense pressure in my loins while my shaft becomes painfully rigid and my pleasure grows until I climax. I lower my left foreleg to aim my shaft at your muzzle seconds before I explode, flapping my wings while roaring out loud. If you were not awake before now, you would certainly be as it reverberates around the cave, scaring off nearby birds and wildlife that had not fled from hearing any weird noises.

I clench my teeth and still my tail as stream after stream of cum lands on your muzzle, able to feel each pulse and throb as my pleasure climbs further, coating your scales white as I pant when my orgasm finally fades. It takes some time before I regain my breath, and when I do I open my eyes to look at you while folding my wings, staring at me fearfully, unable to do anything while my shaft retreats back into my slit. I place my left forepaw on the ground as my chest heaves up and down, enjoying the afterglow while I can only imagine the pleasure I will feel when I mate with this female at last. A smile slowly graces my muzzle, turning into a sadistic grin as I stand up and crouch, leaning forward to place my head close to hers while chuckling softly. "How does it feel to be helpless? To not be able to do anything before me?" I whisper, swishing my tail into view, raising it up like a scorpion's, ready to kill. "If you had only become my mate, I wouldn't have had to do this. I understand you might be scared because of what the male you killed tried to do, but you could have at least been open minded about the first time I met you. Sure, I was direct, but I would have waited if you had tried to give me a chance." I explain while moving my head closer to you so you can clearly see any flecks of individual color in my irises, keeping my whisper low and soft.

By the time I am finished you can feel my breath directly on your muzzle before I huff out. I gradually pull away, adopting a stern expression as I turn to my left, walking around your neck but before I go out of view I lash my tail and dig the tip of it into the base of your head where the scales are soft as well. I pause to wait a few seconds while I renew the paralysis potion, having observed your body earlier to estimate I had thirty minutes left until it wore off. "But now you are mine." I speak again with a calm voice, walking out of your view with my tail swaying behind me. "I will do what I have to do so that we can save our species from extinction. No matter how much you struggle or resist, you will be the starting point for a new age of dragons. You will be the brood mother that will carry thousands of eggs as we rise up to exterminate the humans for what they did to us." I say, standing tall and imposing near your back and if you struggled to look behind you, you could see my emerald eye glowing in the darkness of what remained in the cave, glaring menacingly at you. As I wait, the potion is renewed inside your body, making you stiff and tense while I watch, seeing your muscles bunch up underneath your scales. This must be agony while your in heat, unable to do anything about me or your problem which I am going to take care of once we get back to my cave.


** ** She wakes up to see the male in front of her. Fear starts to well up in her, knowing the males intentions and watching him get ready to violate her privacy and dignity. She was never really given a choice whether she wanted to mate with him or not...this wasn't fair. Even if she hadn't attacked him she knew he would have tried to force her. Did the male have no pride? Was he even a dragon inside anymore or a sad memory of the justful species that would never force a dragoness to be theirs? Feeling the male begin to cum on her she begins to cry a bit, even paralyzed her eyes managed to form tears. She listens, feeling more and more depressed.

StarLight Nova:

** ** I could see her tears fall down her muzzle to intermingle with my cum as I watched her, the fear and emotions I vaguely felt from the temporary bond generated by the paralyzing potion making me feel guilty but I quickly push it away. There is no time for second thoughts now, its either I do this or our race dies out. I think with conviction, raising my head and narrowing my eyes before walking back to her, lowering my head while purring to her. "Shhhh shhh, now now my love, no need to cry. I will soon bring you back to my cave where I will mate with you, giving you an experience you never knew while ensuring the safety and continuity of our kind." I say to her softly while licking my cum and her tears off her muzzle, nuzzling her neck occasionally to try and calm her. I knew it was futile to do so, but I was compelled to do it anyway because of the rudimentary bond created by the paralysis potion that would vanish once it wore off at night. I raise my left paw and place it on her shoulder, gripping it firmly yet tenderly as I spread my wings.

"Besides, once you are gravid with a clutch of eggs you will have no need to worry about hunting as you will be too heavy to fly or escape. If you attempt to do so then you will surely doom our race." I explain, lifting my neck as I look down at her abdomen, once again admiring her curves, imagining what she will be like when she is swollen with eggs. "You don't have to worry about a thing," I say, turning my attention back to her to lick her muzzle affectionately while folding my wings and swishing my tail. "For I will be sure to feed and care for your every need. I will make sure that nothing goes wrong and that you stay healthy so you can carry another clutch of eggs, over and over until we are not threatened to the edge of extinction." I continue, removing my paw from her shoulder to place it in front of her head before lifting it up to wipe away another tear from her eye carefully, bringing my head close to hers at the same time.

"Did you even stop to think about what was going on around you as you lived your life?" I whisper, moving my paw to envelop hers, holding it tight as I crouch to bring it to my chest. "I spent more than 'two...centuries' alone with no interaction with any other living being except for killing my next meal. You know why?" I asked, knowing I wouldn't get an answer because she couldn't speak or move. "Because humans have killed most of us off, where there used to be ten of us within a few square miles, now you have to travel for days, months! To even find signs of where we used to live." I explain, letting go of her paw to let it drop to the ground as I walk past her, heading for the cave entrance before stopping. Even though she was paralyzed, she still had sensation in her body. "But we did not all give up hope. Some of us turned to alchemy, to make potions to enlarge the clutches of females and decrease their gestation period so we had a chance to build up our numbers again." I say forlornly, trailing off as a few tears come to my own eyes and I lower my head in remembrance to those who died in vain. "Both the experiments failed, and the volunteers who willingly gave their lives to try and help the species survive, perished." I say softly, sounding as if I was determining whether I was brave enough to risk putting you through that again, yet I remind myself I must not fail.

"But I will not repeat the mistakes they made." I said with strength returning to my voice as I curled my neck to look back at you with the morning sun shining on my silver scales. "In those two centuries," I begin as I walk back to you, determination sparkling in my eyes. "I had created a multitude of potions to help our cause." I say as I loom over you imposingly, not taking any action or moving just yet. "Given, they were mainly for males to ensure that our sperm reached your eggs and we could mate for hours without getting tired or having to rest to allow time for our balls to produce more." I say, lifting my right paw to place it on your left flank with lust growing in my eyes while my slit bulged in signs of my member coming out. "However, for the notes I gathered on the failed experiments," I say slowly, pushing you over, making sure not to injure your wings until you were lying on your back where I climbed on top of you, lowering my body so that I was pressed firmly against you with my slit rubbing up against yours. "I now have something they might never have considered, the essence of a female so that the potions do not end in disaster." I explain, grinding myself against you while clenching my pelvic muscles so that I do not release my member into you yet, making sure to save this moment until after I have you in my cave.


** ** She watches the male in terror of what was to come. He was so rough and mean just now but suddenly his mood shifted, cleaning her face and rubbing against her. She didn't have the ability to stop them, her anger still burning. She would talk to him when she could and tell him just how wrong his actions were. Just how vile to dragon customs. She listened about how the race was going extinct, but this fueled her fire. The male was trying to justify his vile actions! Somehow this only pissed her off. Feeling herself flipped she desperately feels the need to escape, especially after feeling him grind and tease her sex even though it was pleasureful, it made her cry more.

StarLight Nova:

** ** I lift my head in amusement while spreading my ear frills, sensing how her emotion changes from fear to anger at what I am telling her and what I am going to do eventually. I purr louder, stilling my hips but I take no action to remove them from her slit as I breath in to scent her heat, growling deep in my chest while feeling how wonderful her fluids are against my ventricle scales. I can feel my body is having an impact on her by the way her sex is engorging with blood and leaking more fluids even if she was not affected by my increased musk earlier while I am fighting to keep my shaft inside my slit from breathing in her pheromones. I smile at her when I see her cry, knowing she can feel the pleasure I am afflicting her with while I spread my wings and shiver. I then lower my hips onto hers, pressing harder against her sex while wrapping my tail tightly around hers as I bring my head close to hers, clenching my pelvic muscles tight so I don't take her virginity just yet.

"It does not matter what you think or try to do otherwise little dragoness." I say, bringing my left paw up to her muzzle to wipe away her tears again gently while tilting my head before cupping her muzzle. "No matter how strong or long you resist, I can sense your body is affected by having a male in close proximity." I explain, leaning forward to lick her snout tenderly while moving my right paw to grip her left forearm against my chest. "That it is reacting to my presence and is preparing to accept me, just like how I am getting ready to mate with you. I am sure you can feel it." I say while gyrating my hips in small circles as I watch your breathing and heart rate increase to my stimulation. If I did this any longer I would end up fucking her right here and now, but I had a strong will and I make sure to keep my concentration so I don't let my shaft out. "I am sure you can't fight your bodies natural instincts for very long." I say while parting my maw to breath heavily, feeling the pleasure get to my mind as I growl, releasing my grip on her muzzle to stroke her neck. "How much of my teasing can you take before you beg me to let me breed you, to pump you full of my sperm until you look just as gravid as you would with a clutch of eggs?" I say as I stop moving my hips and just sit on top of her, twitching my tail occasionally and shuddering from the intense pleasure while holding her forearm to my chest.

"I know you can feel that heat, the warmth inside you, screaming, aching to let a male fuck you until he sates it." I say, letting go of her arm as I stand up while a stream of fluids connects our crotch for a few moments. I relax my muscles, letting my shaft out once I know I wont penetrate her as her tail rises with my motion, still wrapped around hers. I sigh in relief of not having to hold myself back as I present the female with my imposing member once again, slick with both our juices and covered in sensitive ridges with a large knot at the base while the head narrows with a bulbous flare. "Just let go, enjoy the sensations. How long do you think you can fight me for before I take you?" I say while crouching again as my shaft throbs, clenching my pelvic muscles to have it slap against my abdomen as I compress it against her sex, hissing at the overflowing pleasure shooting up my spine. I close my eyes and bare my teeth, grunting at the surprising warmth emanating from her, of the forgotten feeling I have been deprived of. I take awhile to calm my breathing, getting used to the feel of her sex pressed against my shaft, able to be close to a female after so long. When I raise my head and open my eyes I can see the terrified look in her eyes, how she wants to get away from me, to attack me for trying to mate with her, or even kill me. I know this is against everything dragons stand for, but with the way our species is right now, I don't have a choice.

"Let me tell you something my love," I say, leaning down close to her as I nuzzle the side of her head while folding my wings and taking in her exquisite scent with every breath. My shaft throbs with increasing strength from being in constant contact with a source of immense heat, feeling like I am about to orgasm any moment while spurting pre onto her scales. "That might convince you this is necessary. You see, I did give you many chances to accept me, to avoid all this, but you ignored me instead." I explain, curling my neck back to watch her reaction as I swish my tail from side to side, still tangled with hers. "What would you think if I let you go, once my paralyzing potion wears off tonight?" I say, tilting my head to the right while spreading my ear frills with the beginnings of a smug grin. "I am sure you will attack me, even kill me for what I did, but with our species close to extinction, its either do or die." I continue, lowering my head to nuzzle her neck while purring with closed eyes, placing my paws on her body to hold her tightly against my chest. "And when you fly away, I will ask you, what would you see? After you have flown for a day or two, a month or more. Would you spot any more dragons? And what will you think when you find humans and they come to kill you? It wont matter how far you fly to get way." I say, lifting my head as I spread my wings to give them a couple light flaps to stir the air. "If we don't take the initiative now to repopulate the species, we will all die out, sooner or later, including you." I finish, thrusting my hips firmly against her sex as my shaft spurts some more pre onto her scales while I fold my wings onto my back. "Just give in, make it easier on yourself and I wont have to go so hard on you."


** ** I feel desperate as the male stimulates me, each wave of delightful pleasure driving me mad... I wanted to cry out from the slow circles he did against my wet slit. I listen as he talks about me resisting and most of what he said was true... Resisting the friction on my sex was hard. I felt it drive my mind wild. Soon the male showed his shaft and I wanted to gasp. It was so huge...That thing wouldn't even fit in me...Would it...I wished to not find out. The grinding reached a whole new level though that made me needy despite myself. The feeling of the pre on my scales was strange...Hearing him talk about the species extinction got me thinking but it was hard to do so when I was so close to orgasming.

StarLight Nova:

** **"Yesss." I hiss out, raising my head and closing my eyes while spreading my ear frills with bared teeth at the pleasure flowing through my body, overtaking my mind. If there was one side affect from the arousal potion for males that I had taken years ago, was that it permanently increases your libido slightly. I did not mind that, not when it meant I could easily mate with this female without having to rest nearly as long as it would have taken when the humans did not threaten us. "Feel it surge through your body. Don't fight it, embrace it." I manage to say as I moan while thrusting my hips urgently as my ridges flare out and my shaft throbs in time with my heartbeat, squirting pre at a constant rate. The feeling of my member against her sex is mind blowing, the way it quivers and leaks fluids to allow me to speed up, it is simply marvelous. However, I did not want it to end too soon, so I stand up, leaving my shaft to throb violently in denial while I breath heavily, calming myself down so I don't get worked up in a frenzy and lose myself to my instincts. When I open my eyes I smile at you, feeling you had been close to climaxing yourself, on the verge of knowing what it felt like to release all that tension in your body from not having a male to share it with.

I could sense you were apprehensive about being able to take my member from the temporary bond, that it would hurt and possibly tear you apart, but I knew it was necessary for our species to live on. "I wont give you satisfaction that easily little dragoness, not until I have achieved mine." I say, walking forward a few steps as I unwind my tail from yours while curling my neck to place my head next to yours with my shaft dripping with your fluids and my pre onto your scales. "I can tell you will be tight by how your smaller than me, but I can assure you it will only get better the more I breed you, the looser you become, though never enough to be comfortable for you despite the overwhelming pleasure. I will go slowly at first, so you can feel me inside you, every inch, every ridge, and every vein, stretching you wide, just like what your eggs will do once I manage to impregnate you." I explain, licking your chin while purring before nuzzling you, inhaling your scent as my shaft begins to soften despite having a female in heat below me as I instead focus my mind on what is ahead as it sags lower by its own weight.

"While you're with me, you wont have to worry about humans because I will keep you safe. I will make sure they never reach you or hurt you and our hatchlings. I will show you I am a good mate that can provide, defend, and care for our young." I whisper, raising my head to lick your snout with sagging ear frills and narrow eyes, almost sorrowful when I take some time to look at your face, that you remind me of my sister who I used to play with, who had similar colors but with yellow and blue on her muzzle and flanks. I shake my head not long after, growling softly at having conflicted feelings for what I am doing, from the weight and responsibility I am taking onto myself by doing this task of keeping our species alive. "I...I will pr...I will be sure to produce strong and healthy hatchlings with you so that they can grow up and spread our genes, our blood." I say with a bit of hesitation, quickly going back to my regular confident personality as my shaft goes into my slit from the mood. "We will take back what was ours, to teach the humans to fear us once we have grown in number and to show the other races we are not weak and bow before the whims of mortals." I say, straightening my back and spreading my wings halfway while swishing my tail and raising my ear frills proudly.

I proceed to walk to my right while being careful of her wings, heading around to her hind legs to get close to her sex that I can see is swollen and drenched in both our fluids. I crouch down on her tail and fold my wings, raising my forelegs to spread her haunches apart to access her crotch without any obstruction while getting to feel the muscles beneath her scale. I lean forward and take a deep breath near her sex, shivering at the intense concentration of her scent in one place, which is almost enough to make my shaft reemerge from my slit in a hurry. I shuffle my hind legs when I feel it bulge as my heart rate speeds up but I control myself while I look at her sex, observing her engorged folds and her undulating walls within as they pulse in short bursts. It has been so long since I have been this close to a female, I can barely stop myself from plunging into her vent to take her virginity with either my tongue or shaft, but I know it will be worth the wait back at my cave. I lean forward while opening my maw; slowly dragging my tongue across her sex to tease her while tasting her delicious fluids until I get to her clitoris, knowing this is the most sensitive part for her. I swirl my tongue around it, probing, nudging, and pressing it down before I lift my head up while licking my lips, knowing if I continue for much longer I will get her to climax, and I don't want that right now. I purr loudly at having been able to taste her after having felt her against my shaft, and I can tell she is not far away from the peak of her heat.

"So fertile and ready. Only a few more days until it is inevitable you will be gravid with your first clutch of eggs, and I will make sure it is not your last." I say with a delighted growl, paws still firmly on her haunches to keep them apart as I look up at her chest to see my pre on her scales. "But for now I must get you back to my cave so that I can prepare my potions to give me the best chance at impregnating you by drenching your egg chamber in my potent seed." I say before standing up, letting your hind legs fall to the ground as I walk back to your side with my tail swaying behind me, leaving you on edge from so much teasing. I crouch down beside you, placing my left forepaw on your left flank to push you back onto your right flank as I am careful of your wings while I circle around to stand near the entrance of the cave.

"I will say, I am amazed you led me this far from where I met you." I speak, staring out into the forest to enjoy the sights and sounds while feeling a slight breeze wafting into the cave. "Even so, it will only take me a few hours to get you back to my cave on the wing. It doesn't matter how far you ran from me, I will save our species." I explain, looking back at you while walking forward to join your side again. Leaning down, I gently wipe away any more tears before letting my paw travel down your neck in soothing strokes as I tilt my head and nuzzle your cheek while purring. "Soon, you will lose your freedom for a greater cause unless you come willingly, and I will make sure you spend every moment of the day either with me mating you or gravid with a large clutch of eggs." I whisper, licking her snout as I let my tail rub her haunch tantalizingly, making sure she understands I will award her with pleasure if she does not fight against me.


** ** I cry as I'm teased, trying desperately to ignore the pleasure, the crazy feelings filling my body. I try to not listen but I couldn't help it. I listen as you describe everything while you whisper to me before going silent. I seize the advantage to send feelings to convey that you didn't have to do this but you go back to normal, making me sigh inside. As you start to lick my sex I wish I could cry out. My resolve begins to break with the pleasure; it was so hard to not just enjoy the male's touches.

StarLight Nova:

** **"Shhhh shhhh shhh, it will all be over soon." I whisper in a calming voice while still stroking her neck, leaning forward to lick her muzzle as I purr lovingly to her, clearing the tears away. "So fragile, it's a wonder how easily someone's willpower can be overridden by their instincts, the need to procreate when a suiting male is so close to them while a female is in heat even if she doesn't feel she is ready for a mate." I say as I spread my right wing over her form, covering her while I bring her closer to me with my right forearm. "I know you will have a lot of things to say to me, but until my paralysis potion wears off tonight or I neutralize it, you're powerless against me." I explain as I can sense her resistance crumbling with everything I do, and with what I have prepared back home, I can feel she will be compliant before long. I lift my head with a brief flutter of my ear frills and a twitch of my tail while folding my wing as I stand up, walking away from her to head to the opposite side of the cave. I turn around and stop, curling my neck to look at the female in front of me, unable to fight, unable to move, unable to speak and argue against what I have said. With a victorious smile I sit down, unzipping the bag around my neck to pull out my stamina, strength, and health potions to place them on the ground in front of me.

"Since you went through the effort of leading me so far away from my home, I will need to strengthen my body so I can carry you back to my cave before nightfall. I wouldn't want you attacking me while I am carrying you, it would prove fetal for both of us." I say partly to myself as I pick up each flask and decide which one to use first. My back was still sore from when she surprised me, so I open the health potion and drink it before closing it and putting it back into my bag a quarter empty. A convenient side affect of the health potion is not only does it heal and restore any moderate injuries and minor illnesses; it also fills your hunger slightly so that I don't have to hunt and leave her here. Swishing my tail to my left as I feel my back knit together and scales regrow properly with the pain vanishing, I pick up the stamina potion and drink a few gulps and within a few seconds I can feel energy flowing back into my body before I put it away also. I take in a deep breath and hold it for a few second before letting it out, scenting the females overwhelming heat floating in the cave as I pick up the strength potion and drink a little more than a quarter of it. While I could fly with ease on my own due to my wingspan, carrying another dragon a similar size to me will make it harder, so by drinking this potion I can once again carry her with little effort.

Once I put the strength potion away, I stand up again and shake my body while swishing my tail, feeling reinvigorated and much lighter as the potions take effect. Spreading my wings, and curling my neck, I stretch, feeling much better now that the wound on my back has healed. "It's a nuisance I have to use my potions. Although I have plenty of ingredients it takes time to brew them." I say while looking at you nonchalantly, folding my wings while walking forwards to the center of the cave. "I am sure you will repay me for this, by carrying many clutches of eggs to ensure the future of our kind." I say as I turn my head to the entrance, breathing in as a light breeze flows in, stirring the females scent around to mix it with the fresh air, easing my troubles of keeping my shaft inside. Huffing out, I walk over to the paralyzed female, standing over her to drag her out of the cave. "I normally wouldn't be this rough with a dragoness, but seeing as how you're immobilized for the time being, it can't be helped." I explain while leaning down to firmly grip her neck with my teeth, making sure not to put too much pressure as I lift her neck up and walk out of the cave, straddling her body. Because of the strength potion, I could easily crush her neck if I wasn't careful. These potions therefor were only entrusted to alchemists who would use them for good, and kept away from those who killed their own kind.

Seeing how close together the trees are, I have to walk for a bit until I find a nice open area where I can spread my wings and take off. I then lower my neck to release the female, making sure I did not puncture her scales too much. "Seems your fine. I will warn you, this next part is going to be rough until I get enough height." I say in advance, placing my forepaws on her shoulders to get a tight grip while doing the same with my hind paws, keeping one leg on the ground to make sure her wings are tucked against her back before spreading my wings to their full extent. "Here we go." I say as I crouch down and raise my wings, tensing up my muscles before pushing off with my right hind leg while giving a strong down stroke to lift us off the ground. I lift my wings quickly before thrusting again, slowly gaining altitude as I bring my right hind paw to grip her haunch while my tail sways behind me to keep my balance. Soon enough I tilt up to rise into the air more easily as we start to move forward while the trees sway to the powerful gusts of wind coming off my wings. I search for an updraft and ride it as we soar higher into the sky, the wind rushing below my wings while I bring the female closer to my chest to keep her safe. Unfortunately, due to her being paralyzed, the rough take off jarred her neck around before I am able to smooth out my flight as we fly a few hundred feet above the trees.


** ** She felt the soft stroking; it felt so hard to ignore the soft touch of the male. Her mind was breaking down from the male's affection. She was relieved with the male not trying anymore to get her to agree. Soon she felt him beginning to move her. It hurt pretty annoyingly bad as she was carried, the sharp teeth against her scales grinding into her with little movements. Feeling him lift her she felt fine until a sudden movement causes her head to snap a bit up in a painful jar.

StarLight Nova:

** ** I look down to check on the female's condition after flying for a while with the sun rising in the sky, seeing her hang limp beneath me with her neck swinging freely above the trees. Her weight barely contributed to my ability to fly as I flapped my wings occasionally to maintain my altitude, so I wasn't worried that I would crash because of her. I was glad she was relatively unharmed from my rough handling, for if she was injured then I don't know how it would affect the potions or her pregnancy, as her wellbeing was my number one concern. I knew stress could be one factor in whether or not a female conceived, and I wanted to make sure she did not feel threatened or frightened. If she chose to do this with me on her own, then that would be better than having to force her and lower my chances by an unknown percentage as to whether she would take to my sperm. I had sensed her relief that I was not trying to get her to become my mate anymore, but I knew once we got to my cave she would realize how small her chance of escape was; and I wanted to make sure she felt comfortable.

As I travel back to my cave, passing over some mountains, the vast majority containing forest that I had pursued the female within, I think about how the potions I am creating for her will directly, or indirectly affect her. I know that most injuries wont inhibit her from becoming gravid, but any wounds around her abdomen or beneath her scales that touch her egg chamber/ovaries might. For that matter, I have to take into account what the potions might do to her other than increase the size of her clutch or decrease her gestation time. The dragons that had created the potions did not let out what other side affects their may have been other than that it had failed. Everything that I have worked on up until now with the notes I have rests on if it will succeed with the addition of her vaginal fluids, and I do not want to have the death of this female on my head. All I can do is try and think of what could possibly happen during the time the eggs are growing inside her and prevent it from happening if I can figure out what might be the cause of it.

That also brings to mind the repercussions of having multiple pregnancies in the span of a year, as it could take quite a toll on her, yet I can't forget about the health and strength potions I have that can negate the damage. Dragons are virile and lustful creatures by nature along with being fearsome and brave including many other characteristics, but that doesn't mean they have to mate and produce offspring all the time. Because of their long life span, they don't reach maturity until forty years, which various from species to species. Not all have a mate by then, if not waiting to join with one from adolescence. It usually takes many decades after, even a century or so before a dragon finds the right mate, and that doesn't include the fact that females become fertile a few months before maturity and males a few months after.

It takes careful planning and decision on both parts of the mated pair to decide whether they are ready for hatchlings while there are other factors that can influence when and where it is appropriate with the amount of available food being the first and foremost problem to sustaining hatchlings. If an area does not have enough big game that can support four or more dragons, then that spot is most likely not viable to raise a family in, as females can have anywhere from three to eight eggs in a clutch, sometimes less, sometimes more. It's seen as unlucky to have less than three eggs in a clutch, and lucky to have more than eight, taken that she can handle the strain. The next reason is competition. If humans or other races are in the surrounding area, then it is wise not to settle down there for fear of being attacked by them or straining the food source that may already be stretched thin. Another important reason is shelter along with the size of the cave and territory. If a cave can't contain a minimum of five dragons comfortably, then it is too small. It doesn't matter if the cave is too big, as there is always room for the family to grow and live together. Territory is decided upon the number of dragons living in one area and the food source they require as well as their ability to defend it from other dragons, while shelter is important during rain or snowstorms, and it is never a bad idea to include a ledge for safe landing and take off.

By the time the sun has reached its peak and started to descend, I can begin to see the mountain range I made my home in. Of course, my cave is very spacious and contains a ledge so I don't risk knocking over a bookshelf or spilling my potions, that's not to say it happens once in awhile because of the strength of the wind created by my wings when I flap them. The first thing I need to do is secure the female inside so she can't escape, and what I have crafted in preparation is something I have thought of decades ago in case I ever got a chance to do this. While I continue to make my way to my cave, I don't feel any fatigue or exhaustion from hours of constant flying, saying that my potions did there job. I start to readjust my grip on the female, knowing landing with her beneath me is going to be difficult, but it's not something I haven't done when I have spent days inside neglecting myself to go hunting and bring back four kills in each limp. When I approach the entrance I start flapping my wings harder to slow my descent until I am at a hover, carefully lowering myself onto the ledge before letting go of the paralyzed female. There is probably something that I will have knocked over inside my cave but for now I tilt to the left to land on the ledge myself.

"I apologize for the rather uninteresting flight, but that couldn't be changed." I say, directing it at you while shaking my head and folding my wings, feeling them ache a bit from the length of the trip. "Anyway, this is my cave, my home where I have spent most of my life, and I suppose you should get used to it, because you will be living by my side for quite some time, or rather, for the rest of your life." I say as I lift each of my legs and flex my paws before stretching, feeling how sore they are from holding onto you. I then walk to you, straddling your body the same I did earlier and lean forward to grab your neck, making sure not to hold too tight as I drag you into my cave. For the most part it is rather dull and empty except for the mess of books and scattered paper to the left within an alcove which was affected by my landing and that I will have to clean up later. On the right is a line of shelves containing most of my potions, some of which are kept elsewhere for other purposes. Further down the right past the shelves is a tunnel leading to a cave that I had shaped to keep you in and which I am leading you to right now. Near the center at the back is another cave with no tunnel that contains my treasure, or what there is of it, as I have not had much reason to build one seeing as how I am an alchemist. The fact its visible right from the entrance may give other dragons reason to steal from me, but make no mistake, I have spelled the entrance so only I can enter and others get a nasty shock. The last part of my home, which is not visible from where we are, is my nest that can be found through a tunnel after walking into the alcove containing my books and subsequently, the majority of my equipment I use to make my potions. StarLights Home Exterior / Interior


** ** The flight was rather boring. Funnily enough, it was so damn boring my irritation from being bored distracted me from my impending doom. I started doing silly hatchling games to keep my occupied, like counting as many birds in the sky as I could. It passed slowly but sooner or later I felt solid ground under me. Hearing you say for the rest of my life makes me so sad, I loved nature and spending time in it. Flying through the clouds, it was cruel to be ripped from the gift of flying. Not much I could do considering I'm stuck with an overly horny male.

StarLight Nova:

** ** As I begin walking down the tunnel that will lead me to the cave where you will be staying, I sense your disappointment that you won't be able to fly or take a stroll in the woods. I knew that preventing you from using your wings and getting fresh air wasn't fair, but you had tested my patience for far too long. You would soon find that staying with me would be the better choice than to let a group of humans find and kill you, as every loss of either gender hurt our kind greatly, considering the fact there were only a few hundred of us left. I would make sure you bore many clutches and that you laid them with little to no complication before I took you again, letting you have no rest. I would enjoy every second of mating with you, every minute I got to caress your body, lick your scales or sex, smell your scent as I hilted my shaft deep inside you, letting you feel it pulse and throb intimately within your vent, ejaculating my sperm inside you to find your eggs. It will be a glorious start to our comeback, a wondrous way to repopulate our species, and I will have the pleasure of being the sire of the new generation, the father, the savior.

The tunnel curves left and right while I drag you along as the light fades from the main cave, the passage wide enough for me to easily traverse without my wings scraping against the wall but not for two dragons to walk comfortably side my side. Still, to a human or smaller race, my home would seem like a large underground network of tunnels and caves where one could get lost were it not for the fact it was in the side of a mountain. I send my magic out to light some flames in sconces every few feet along the walls that shimmer white, illuminating the way before we come to the entrance where I light more fires around the edges. The most notable object in the room is to the right; a large flat slap of magically reinforced rock that can bend and twist to the desire of the one who created it with magic cuffs bolted on to restrain the subject. Along the wall behind it lie a variety of different bondage gear and erotic toys, from gags, to dildos, to blindfolds, to spreaders and lengths of leather to tie wings against a dragons back. There are also suction cups and vacuum beakers to collect a females fluids or a male's essence to add to a potion or increase their pleasure.

On the other side of the cave is a number of shelves and tables made of rock that hold potions specifically for females along with the equipment to brew them as well as some books and scrolls, including the notes on the potions for larger egg clutches and decreased gestation time, neither of which are close to completion. For the most part the shelves are bare of any potions, save ones for increased arousal and stamina with some for males on the side so I don't have to walk into the main cave to retrieve them. The only other thing worth mentioning is a small box sitting on a table holding something valuable that will be made clear shortly as I walk forward to the opposite wall of the cave between the bondage equipment and alchemy work space. I gently lower the female down onto a design etched into the ground while I face the wall and raise my right foreleg, placing my paw onto a similar design of a fierce dragon in a striking pose with chains surrounding him. I close my eyes and spread my ear frills, whispering a few incoherent words of a spell before lifting my paw off the wall as the design starts to glow blue. I pull back and turn my attention to the female, crouching down to hover my right paw over her left flank as I use my magic to neutralize the paralysis potion, but it will still take a few minutes until she is able to fully move again.

Satisfied, I walk over to the alchemy station I have set up and open my bag around my neck, taking out the potions I brought with me and placing them onto the shelves as a soft hum fills the cave centered around the design in the wall. I tilt my head up and hum along as it steadily grows stronger while I concentrate in releasing the rest of the potion I have absorbed in my spade into the appropriate flask before putting it away. I busy myself with rearranging the area, sorting my notes and clearing away some unnecessary books as the ground below you starts to glow a bright white as I swish my tail contently behind me. As I am about to rest my paw on the small box, the hum reaches a crescendo and the sound of ethereal chains erupts from the ground and I turn around to watch the show with interest. A pair of white see through chains locks onto your wrists, snapping together while another pair lock around your ankles. Two more rise from the ground on either side of you to wrap around your wings, holding them tight against your back while another one grabs onto the middle of your tail. None of the chains tighten to keep you firmly stuck on the ground, but give you enough slack to allow you limited movement around the cave once the paralyzing potion wears off.

"Well my fine lovely little dragoness." I purr and smile at seeing my spell work perfectly as I raise my head and walk towards you slowly, accentuating every sway of my hips, knowing I was safe from you with these strong chains to hold you back. "How do you like your new home? This is where you will be spending all your time from now on, either waiting for me to mate with you or lying about, heavy with a clutch of my eggs growing inside you." I say, swishing my tail as I continued to walk towards you confidently. It would still be a few moments until you could move properly but if you tried you would be able to shift your body slightly to get comfortable. "But no need to worry my darling, what I said earlier was true, I will make sure you are well fed and cared for as you lay each clutch, before doing it again, and again, and again." I say while lowering my neck each time and pressing my frills against my neck to bring my head closer to you, staring for a brief moment before lifting my head up and turn away to walk to my workstation. "You see, those chains I have placed on you cannot be broken by brute force, but they do provide a lot of comfort that regular shackles don't, in that they prevent chaffing, as well as the added benefit that you can't feel them, but if you try and escape, you will be able to feel their weight as your slowly pulled back to this spot your in now. It also prevents you from attacking me by tightening the slack whether I know you're about to or not." I explain, turning in a half circle to lie down on my right flank in front of my alchemist station.

"I can tell you have also seen what I have in store for you." I say with a smug expression on my muzzle as I raise my left foreleg to point to the rock slab and array of bondage equipment and toys. "But don't fret, I will go easy on you for your first time, to make it something for both of us to remember, the start of a new era, the resurgence of dragons." I say while putting my left foreleg down and curling my tail around. "And while your progressively becoming gravid with a clutch of eggs, I will be creating the potions that will assist in getting us closer to my...'our' goal of repopulation of the species." I explain as I tilt my head and raise my ear frills lazily, shuffling my wings as I watch you begin to gain movement back into your body. "Right now though, I want you to settle down and look at this rationally. What good will it do us if I let you go and we continue on with our lives? Given time, you will be found by the humans and they will kill you like I have already said, but here, with me, your safe." I say with a nod of my head at the last part, my slit beginning to bulge at the prospect of putting this female in her place so I lower my left wing to hide it, doing so in a way to arouse the least suspicion. With her near me in this cave while she is very close to the peak of her heat, her scent has begun to permeate the air, making it harder to contain myself as I take calm breathes. "And as seeing how my potion is about to wear off in a few seconds, I don't see any reason why I can't listen to some of your questions or arguments before we get started." I say with a lustful growl and devious smile as I notice her muscles begin to relax, allowing her to move and speak, though she will be sore and stiff for a while after, and because I neutralized the potion, the temporary bond created when I injected it into her will only last for a few more hours.


** ** She stares at the sex toys as she is being drug into the room with worry. This was a lot different then just simple sex he wanted. He wanted to try all different things it seems. As she rests and soon feels the male neutralize the paralysis potion, I listen to him with a defeated feeling after I was bound and left defenseless. My whole body aches but I begin to feel able to talk. "Why...why do you think this is ok?! You even remember the punishment for rape? It was the castration of said male and loss of wings. What makes you think any of the other dragons wont do the same to you? What makes you think this is morally even an option? Sooner or later if you had let me go, I would have found another male and felt more ready then..."

StarLight Nova:

** ** As I listen to the female speak her mind my eyes widen and I lose my smile while my frills widen to their full extent and I tilt my head back from the strength of her argument, momentarily speechless. Hearing her tell me that what I am doing is wrong, that I would end up trapped on the ground with no way of reproducing, that I would not be able to fulfill my goal of saving the dragons or ever getting to feel pleasure again, takes my breath away. Everything that I have worked on for all these centuries would be for nothing if this happened. Not only would it be painful and I would be scarred and shunned from dragon society, but also our race would surely fall to the ruthless humans. I remember her saying that a dragon had tried to rape her, but she had fought him off and killed him for trying to force himself onto her after giving him a chance to leave her alone. The fact she is reminding me of what happens when a male tries to rape a dragoness when there are not many of us left angers me but I can't get over the fact she is not doing anything to help solve the crisis the humans started centuries ago. Even if I were to let her go, I know without a doubt she would attack me and attempt to kill me in place of those dragons that would punish me, given she could find any at all. She and our future hatchlings would be safer with me than traveling about, and I have to wonder how she managed to stay alive for so long.

My ear frills gradually sag against my neck as I narrow my eyes and tilt my head down while curling my neck to stare at the ground, shuffling my paws as I hear her tell me if what I am doing is right, if it is even an option I could consider doing or going through with. I agree that my current actions have led me down a path of desperation that would be seen as crazy, maybe even insane or ludicrous, to use a female to try and save our race by forcing her to bear clutches of eggs she has no desire of being the mother of. I would have not even considered doing this if there were more of us, like when I was fleeing and had encountered various females along the way, at least then we still stood a chance at rising up and attacking the humans to try and put some fear into them so we could recover, but no one had taken the initiative. Dragons continued to live their lives, unaware of what was going on, thinking themselves invincible, untouchable by the hands of mortals, that is until some experienced dragon slayers killed a respected elder dragon, something that the rules implemented by our kind long ago say the act of which would end in the death of the transgressor. Since humans had killed the elder, many dragons did not know how to act or respond at seeing humans being able to kill them, let alone injury them. They knew they could kill them easily with their fire, but it would come at the cost of some lives of the ones who went to kill them, thus a council was formed to select skilled alchemists to come up with a plan to save the species.

While what I am doing is wrong, or what I intend to do is as I had given the female many chances at becoming my mate, the reasons behind them and the responsibilities of the task hold a heavier weight than what she could ever understand. My family and friends along with other groups of dragons were a few of the first that had to either face the humans or run from them and leave their territory. I had to abandon them as I had been out flying for something to eat when I had seen an armored group of them coming a few days out. I panicked and came back to warn everybody, saying goodbye, and before I knew it, I was by myself, heading north and away from any humans. I knew I could not accuse her of not knowing or being oblivious of this fact, as I would be a hypocrite if I said she should have already found a mate, but she should have at least acknowledged the state we were in. Then there are the times I have told her what might happen if I had let her go, and she says she would find another male and be ready by then. What couldn't she understand by what I have been saying that our race was becoming extinct? Given, I had told her while I was pleasuring her and she couldn't think straight, but that did not give her an excuse to at least contemplate it while I carried her to my cave. It would take her months of travel and trying to find another dragon, let alone another male, and what's to say that he doesn't try and do the same thing I am doing? She would not be able to escape a male when she is in heat, and this also takes into account that the humans have been spreading out and taking over our land while we try and find places to live in safety.

I finally close my eyes and take deep breathes while letting the edge of my left wing rest on the ground, feeling that my erection had subsided quickly after she had spoken. What she had said threatens to make me rethink what I have been doing, of my confidence and the pride I have from what I have accomplished. The potions I have made will surely help males with impregnating their mates, but that's not to say other alchemists are already using their potions to do just that. Instead, what she said makes me question my own resolve to keep her with me, to use the female potions on her, to subject her to the possibility that they will fail again and risk the punishment for rape, of taking a female unwillingly should another dragon find out about what I have done. I growl softly at the prospect, knowing they will risk it too less they already have mates, that we can't afford to punish males who were only trying to increase our numbers while I take in a shaky breath before speaking.

"I've known the consequences of going down this road for a long time." I say, tail flicking while my ear frills rise slightly. "I have pondered over what I will do, how I will act when a female comes into my territory, but after centuries of waiting while our numbers dwindled, I could not bear the thought of being the last one alive as I wasted away in this mountain." I explain, turning my head to the left as if I was ashamed for being in this predicament in the first place, not so much that its my fault but that the dragons that had originally tried to create potions to help the species had failed in their attempt. "While your argument is completely true in what I am doing, it is how you're looking at it that's wrong." I say as I open my eyes and turn my head to look at the female with misty eyes and fierce determination. "For me trying to create potions to help keep our species alive is well within my rights to do so, it's the idea of raping you that your correct on." I say while moving to stand up, shuffling my wings while being aware of my tail so I don't knock over anything and break something on the tables behind me. "And I will remind you, I did give you many chances to become my mate. I don't care how long it took once you were with me for us to mate, I would have travelled with you so I didn't take away your freedom to explore." I say while dipping my head and raising my foreleg to wipe away the tears before they could form.

"But you were so against settling down and caring for hatchlings, that you would abandon the future of our race to see the world and experience the sights while being at risk of having the humans find and kill you." I say while raising my head high, flaring my ear frills out as I walk forward a few steps away from my alchemist station and spread my wings halfway. "It was probably because the male you killed knew we were on the verge of extinction that he was frantic, looking for a female to carry on his line, to try and prolong the inevitable without taking the time to impress her." I explain while tilting my head to the right to look at her haunches while scenting her overwhelming heat with every breath I take, feeling my shaft once again start to become erect with my blood racing through my veins in anticipation though not enough to create a significant bulge in my slit just yet. "Though if I did let you go, I have no doubt you would launch yourself at me to try and kill me to punish me in your own way for attempting to rape you, even though I have not done so yet except to tease you." I say, lowering my head down marginally while licking my lips with a lustful smile and growl at the delightful memory of what her sex felt like against my shaft, causing the tip of my phallus to poke out of my slit with a drop of pre showing. I clench my pelvic muscles to keep my member inside and give one involuntary thrust of my hips with an accompanying grunt while I spread my wings wider and swish my tail with a shudder of pleasure. I shake my head and calm my breathing before returning my attention to you, making no effort to hide the noticeable bulge in my slit, going as far as to even widen my stance with my natural musk intermingling in the air with your heat.

"I will tell you that will not help us at all in the current state we are in, as it would instead cripple our efforts to repopulate our species with each death and castration." I say as I turn around to head back to my alchemist station while folding my wings but stop and curl my neck to look at you one more time. "And as for being ready to take a mate when you find another male...what's to say they wont try and force themselves onto you? That they won't be as desperate as me, or even more so in the times we are in if you can even find one?" I ask her with a grin, turning around with my tail twitching and swaying back and forth energetically as I hold my phallus inside with trembling ear frills while leaning onto my haunches as I place my right paw on the small box. "The only reason why I have waited so long to breed you is so I could give you more chances at consenting to this, to try and make you understand my position." I say as I open the box, reaching inside to pull out a velvet red collar made of magically reinforced steel infused with special crystals resistant to magic. The edges are lined with gold with intricate designs around the band and a large silver crystal inlaid at the center as it widens.

"Your lucky I caught you when I did, as any other male might not have been so generous as I am to find a female in heat wondering around by herself." I say while turning around, presenting you the collar in my right paw as I walk towards you on three legs. My movement is slow and halted as an intense pressure builds up inside my crotch, my phallus eagerly wanting to penetrate a female's tight vent from being denied earlier when I had teased you. I spread my ear frills and whisper a few words in draconic, the design etched into the wall behind you glowing brighter as the ceiling area above you now turns white and two more ethereal chains come down to snap around the middle of your neck and muzzle, preventing you from harming me when I approach you or talking until I remove them. "But I will make sure you enjoy it, all you have to say is I consent to being bred by you." I smile, crouching down while giving the collar a squeeze as it opens up, the back end splitting while becoming flexible so I can place it around the base of the females neck. When I move to place it on her, I can tell it is too small, but the instant the metal touches her scales it grows to accommodate her size before I connect the two end pieces, locking it firmly onto her. Once it is secure a sharp pressure forms inside the back of my mind, making me feel dizzy but it passes before I can wonder what it was. I shake my head to clear my mind, feeling like the temporary bond created by the paralysis potion has become stable somehow, but I don't think on what it means as I have more important things to worry about.

"There," I say while raising my right foreleg to make a small half moon gesture in the air as the chain around her neck opens up, only to join with the back of the collar. "The color suits you nicely and goes well with your scales." I comment while turning around to head back to my alchemy station, and with a flick of my tail the chain around her muzzle opens and retreats back into the ceiling. Walking becomes harder to do as I can feel my shaft pulsing inside my slit, forcing me to spread my legs apart as the bulge grows so I relax my muscles, letting it spill out and throb, spurting a healthy dose of pre onto the ground. I sigh and shiver with a flutter of my wings at the pleasure shooting up my spine, ear frills contracting against my neck before I continue walking back to my workstation. "That collar is like those chains, made to feel comfortable around your neck." I start to explain as I sit down on my haunches and grab some notes to read with my tail swishing back and forth as my shaft throbs in front of me. "There are special crystals imbedded into the steel that compress your magic and get absorbed into the main crystal if you try and use it. It also has some unique properties I worked on for decades just for a moment like this." I say, bringing my tail around to lightly touch my shaft, eliciting a shiver and a deep growl from me as I close my eyes while my breathing increases, ear frills twitching in delight. "I...it prevents you from leaving this cave should I release you from your chains to allow you to walk around." I huff as some smoke trails out of my nostrils, feeling my loins tingle and balls swell, urging me to relieve myself either with my paw or by fucking and impregnating the female I have. "And you cannot take it off, only I can do that." I say with a grin, shuffling my notes and my wings as I finish my long-winded speech, allowing her some time to think about what I have said and reply.


** ** I listen quietly, wriggling into a comfortable position to where I'm laying with my back facing the roof and my head rested against the ground. With a little sigh I watch you squirm as you talk, obviously as needy as I felt, my sex swollen with desperate need and leaking a puddle on the ground below me with some of my juices. "It's so hard to let go of all I've been for my life. You're probably right when it comes to other males that they would attempt the same thing. I really just don't have much of a choice. I was doing ok and starting to get use to your presence you know before you made that stupid move of increasing your musk. I was beginning to enjoy your company." She says, scooting a bit forward. "You terrified me when you did that. It brought memories of the last male. If you just had given me more time I was considering talking to you." She squirms a bit as the chains grab her and she was collared. She tries to flare her wings in protest but is stopped. Feeling it retreat she continued. "I guess I don't have much of a choice then to let you breed me...just be gentle please, I'm scared." She says, consenting with a touch of fear in her eyes. She unconsciously cowers down a bit but forces herself to raise her tail.

StarLight Nova:

** ** I pause in reading my notes on the two potions I have yet to finish when the female speaks, raising my ear frills in her direction while my shaft throbs relentlessly, crying out for pleasure and attention with a twitch of my tail. I listen to her tell me its hard to abandon what she had been doing, of traveling the world and seeing what it has to offer. I know it's an injustice to take away her right to feel the wind or sun against her scales, to smell the air with no worries whatsoever, hell, I don't have the privilege of saying otherwise when I have been here in my cave all alone, spending all my time working on my potions. At least she understands I am her best bet compared to other males, but when I hear her say she doesn't have a choice I clench my teeth, knowing my resolve falters when I am around females while my shaft leaks some pre and starts to soften again. It took a lot of courage to do what I did to end up here, and I did not want to wimp out now because of something she says that challenges my goal. I had never been able to say no to my sister, even if it got me in trouble, I wanted to do all I could to make sure she was happy. I was gullible as an adolescent, prone to do things that would not be advised and that I would not do had I known beforehand, but everything back then has made me into the drake I am today. When I was in the cave with this female, I had comforted her and soothed her while I spoke and she cried, knowing we might have been able to become good mates had I not messed up.

When I hear her tell me she had been getting used to me with every visit I turn my head and twist my neck to look at her with wide eyes and ear frills, shaft throbbing in renewed vigor for some unknown reason, being reminded of my many attempts to get her to become my mate and what that led to. I could vaguely sense her fear in my head when she said I frightened her by increasing my musk, causing me to flinch at my stupidity of not recognizing the signs when she had been relaxing around me. I did not know she had been warming up to me, and I had blown it by doing something rash to try and put my plan into motion of increasing our numbers. I felt bad at having reminded her of the male she killed, but I had to keep in mind we were near extinction. I had lived without the touch of a female for so long, I guess I couldn't control myself and let my instincts take over. When she goes on to say I could mate with her while cowering before me, the guilt from before creeps back into my mind but it doesn't stay for long when she says to be gentle.

I am relieved she is giving in yet also mesmerized when she raises her tail, presenting herself to me; ready for me to take her while she is in chains. I lower my frills and regain my composure while breathing in her scent as my shaft jerks up against my abdomen, leaking pre to dirty my scales but I am not paying attention, only grunting at the discomforting pleasure. While I cannot see her sex and only marginally spot the puddle on the ground from her fluids, I can definitely smell her pheromones that are heavy in the air. This brings me back to when I had her paralyzed in the cave she had taken refuged in, how I teased her, rubbing my shaft against her sex, how it felt against my ridges, and even how good it felt to ejaculate onto her muzzle. I have to dig my hind claws into the ground to keep myself from fucking her where she is, of plunging my phallus into her tight vent to take her virginity before knotting her, watching her swell with my seed and become gravid with a clutch of eggs. I growl softly and shake my head, turning away to instead look at my shaft to see it throb in time with my heart while leaking pre down my length to make me shiver when it trails over my ridges. I open my maw to take deep breaths to calm myself, closing my eyes to lightly nudge the spell containing the female so that it releases her tail, letting the ethereal chain on the middle of her tail phase back into the ground.

After awhile I open my eyes and look up at the potions I have, spotting the one for increased fertility for females, knowing this is the only one out of the three experiments that the previous dragons had gotten right. I did not want to mate with her right now, even if my body was telling me yes and was more than willing to take her, to make her mine, I just could not do it right now after everything she has been through. It would be so easy to mount her, to breed her, to claim her as my own, yet I know she might not conceive the first time even when in heat if I do it because of any unnecessary stress or anxiety. With a sigh I stand up as I shuffle my wings, turning around while my shaft throbbed achingly hard and leaked pre at a steady rate, dripping onto the ground but I do not pay it any mind as I approach the female. I stop a few feet before her, looking down as I can feel she wants me to mate with her, to satisfy her heat, to give her pleasure and quell the fire raging inside her loins as I swished my tail behind me. Every second counted, and every day that went by meant there could be a chance another dragon died, but I did not want our first mating to fail, just like the potions the dragons had made to assist in the repopulation of our species.

"No," I say in a whisper, looking at her in calm contemplation, reviewing how I have acted towards her, forcing her, making it feel like she had no choice when all I wanted was for her to agree to help with my goal. "I already said I would take it easy on you for your first time, you can rest assured there." I explain, swishing my tail back and forth as I raise my ear frills. "And that was an error on my part, I am sorry." I apologize, dipping my head down while closing my eyes momentarily before walking closer to her, nudging my mind against the spell to release her wings from the chains binding them, watching as they unravel and sink back into the ground, leaving only her legs and neck bound. "I was not thinking, and I had grown frustrated from you constantly ignoring me that I somehow thought that by increasing my pheromones, you would be more susceptible to agree to become my mate since you were in heat." I say with a slight shake of my head and a blink of my eyes. "But you have to understand this," I say while crouching down on my forelegs and spreading my wings, bringing my head next to hers as my shaft throbbed harder and my knot swelled in such close proximity to a female. "I am doing this for the good of our species. We are slowly dying out, the humans are killing us, and in time we will all be gone. But now that there are so few of us, its harder for them to find us now that we have taken heed of the situation and fled either to the north or south, but it will only be a matter of time before they brave these mountains to search for the last of us." I explain as I fold my wings onto my back, huffing out before standing up, turning around to head back to my alchemy station with my shaft bobbing up and down with each step, splattering pre onto my scales or the ground.

"So you can relax for now, I will not mate with you today." I say, taking in a deep breath as my frills flutter in nervousness, knowing that doing this could cost me valuable time where I could be impregnating the female with the first clutch of many. "If you did not know, if a female is stressed, feels threatened, frightened, uncomfortable, or even slightly unsure or unwilling to mate with a male, her chances at conceiving can go down by a certain amount with the reasons stated before. That is why I am going to give you a potion to increase your fertility while you're in heat, as it takes some time to take effect. And I have a feeling you'll be at the height of it sometime tomorrow, so that should allow you enough time to calm down." I say as I count the number of potions I have, having had plenty of time to brew many of that kind.

The potion for increased fertility takes time to come into effect, but by morning it will have negated any of the drops in chances for her to conceive, or even increased the chances if she is calm, and it lasts for a week, so there is no doubt she will become gravid after our first mating. While it also acts like the potion for perpetual heat that I am planning to make soon, the side affect is that I can be sure her heat will be in full swing tomorrow and I can mate with her multiple times throughout the day. I knew I still had to make a list of the possible side effects that could happen during the time the eggs are growing inside her when I have those other two potions done, but until then I guess I will have to wait three months for the first clutch to arrive. Before I sit down and wait for the female to reply, I curl my neck around and raise my ear frills while my shaft throbs incessantly as I ask a question. "I...I ughhh," I stutter, knowing this is far overdue while I shuffle my wings. "I still don't know what your name is." I ask, feeling my shaft throb and my balls swirl with pent up sperm, waiting to be ejaculated into her egg chamber at the first chance I get while the pressure in my loins only grows worse.


** ** She listens to the male diligently, trying to ignore the strong heat, the constant need to be rutted by a strong male like the one near me. He seemed almost remorseful earlier when he had heard what I said. Maybe he wasn't the monster I thought him to be and he was just as lost as I was in this world. It just wasn't a friendly place to live anymore. The world had changed to where this usually terrible crime was the only thing to save our race. Maybe I'm being stupid in not accepting the males offer right off the bat. She wraps her tail around the right side of herself and pushes her wings along to her sides for comfort. After this she replies, him being so close to her making her heart beat fast. "I...I'm realizing how bad it is. I know this is necessary now, I just wish it had started on better terms. C...can we restart? Spend the first part of the day getting to know each other in a friendlier manner and you court me, preparing me for the rest of the day. My name is Shira by the way." She says.

StarLight Nova:

** ** I had sensed her thoughts vaguely when I was near her in the back of my mind like a whisper, how she was being affected by my presence,and I by her heat. I wondered why I could sense her thoughts and emotions, and the only thing I could come up with right now was that when I had put the collar on her, the rudimentary bond created from the paralysis potion became stable. So, that meant I was now bonded to her, on what level and if it would grow and deepen remained to be seen, but at least I could judge her mood with everything I say. I smile when I feel she understood the measures we were taking to stay alive, to prevent our extinction and maybe, somehow, take back what was ours, to drive the humans off and maybe kill them all. As I watch her get comfortable my shaft begins to soften and my knot shrinks but does not go back inside my slit, falling limp beneath me yet I can still feel that need for release as it leaks pre onto the ground. I then listen as she tells me she understands the situation and I agree that this could have gone differently had I not made one careless mistake, but when she asks if we can start over, by getting to know each other as I court her before mating with her later in the day is out of the question for me.

"Shira..." I whisper as my ear frills relax against my neck while I look at her, tilting my head down as I ponder over her name, thinking how nice it sounded, how well it suited her. "As much as I would love to get to know you better and for me to tell you about myself, we do not have the liberty of time." I explain, raising my head and turn around to walk towards her again with my tail swaying back and forth with my phallus hitting my inner thighs with every stride. "You should be thankful I am not taking you right now, that I am letting you rest from the ordeal I put you threw these last few days. I could just as easily mount you, breeding you with no mercy before I stuffed you with my sperm." I say, crouching down in front of her, bringing my right foreleg to her neck to caress her scales gently with the back of my paw while pressing my shaft against the ground and taking nice slow breaths. "But I am allowing you to relax, to recuperate so we can both be refreshed and awake before the fun begins." I say before standing up to head to my alchemy workspace to retrieve the fertility potion. "For every day that passes, for every month, year, and decade that goes by, I lie in my nest or pace back and forth, wondering, imagining how many of us are left, if the humans have decimated our numbers enough so that there is no hope left in that we can recover." I say as I raise my right foreleg to grab the potion from the shelf, watching the pink fluid slosh around inside as I tilt it before walking back on three legs with my shaft still swinging beneath me.

"We can still talk, we can still get to know each other, but 'after', I mate with you." I say, spreading my ear frills slightly while I sit down, curling my tail to the left as I shuffle my wings. "I don't hold anything against you and I hope you don't either, but I am already taking a risk by letting you have the ability to get comfortable in your new home so I can have the greatest chance at impregnating you when your at your peak." I say while letting my gaze roam over her stream lined body as my shaft hardens again, throbbing with increased intensity to where it stands up in front of me, not ashamed at all at showing her my phallus. "Now, I want you to drink this, all of it. There is no taste to it, and you can either do it yourself, or I can force it down your throat." I say while raising my left foreleg to balance on my hind legs as a blue flaming aura engulfs my paw, the same color that the design etched into the ground below you and on the wall contain. As I wait for her answer my shaft leaks more pre down my length, tickling my ridges and I have to clench my hind paws to keep myself from thrusting my hips while I can scent her heat invading my nostrils, making the pressure in my loins barely tolerable as my knot swells. I can only imagine what she will feel like around my girth, her vent pulsing, rippling, gripping my ridges and knot before milking it as I roar in the throes of my climax. By the time she is well underway with a clutch of eggs, I will have her begging me to mate with her even while gravid so she can feel my shaft inside her, to feel the pleasure rolling up her spine, and the fact she is in heat will make her all the more willing to accept me.


** **"Ok...I guess that's ok." She says, slumping a bit on the ground. She was getting tired from all this. "I...guess I should be grateful..." She says whilst curling up into a comfortable position with her tail wrapped around her. "You really are eager to breed me...is it really that bad, your need to fill me? I don't feel as strongly about it even if I still feel needy." I listen quietly, eyes widening. "Ok, I'll drink it." I open my mouth widely.

StarLight Nova:

** ** I let the luminescent blue flames tickle my paw as I listen to her speak while my shaft throbs in front of me like an unrelenting steel rod, displayed clearly for her to see it up close as I use my tail to balance myself with the tip twitching in time to my phallus. I could sense the defeat in her voice and in her mind, that her will to fight back was slowly being smothered from how she accepted what I said. It was also nice that she understood that I could mate with her right now if I wanted to, but I had another reason for not doing so. If I were to take her, with the way I have teased her and kept myself on edge after masturbating onto her muzzle, I would no doubt climax before I had even managed to knot her and I wanted to make sure that every last drop of my sperm reached her eggs. I wanted to be able to feel the pleasure of breeding this female, of being able to feel her vent constricting around my shaft, to feel my ridges digging into her walls as I made her cry out in bliss. Just thinking of mating with her makes my phallus leak more pre while the pressure inside my loins increases so that it feels like I could orgasm without even penetrating her, crumbling any of my control to pounce on her but I manage to stay myself.

I continue to listen to her say how keen I was to mate with her and why I wanted to fill her desperately. Had she not listened before? Sure, it was nice I would be able to mate with her, to feel the company of a female and receive pleasure in kind even if she was not completely willing, but it was more to save our species than just to fuck her, to sate my need of spilling my seed. When she says she is not as eager about me breeding her, of climaxing inside her than I am I tilt my head back a little and smile, spreading my ear frills in amusement before she says she will drink the potion. "You will want me too soon enough." I reply with a chuckle, lowering my left paw while the flame vanishes, leaving behind a few sparks that fizzle out. "Just like when I had found you in that cave, you cannot resist your bodies urges, your need to have that fire soothed by me, to have something fill that void inside you." I say while opening the flask, holding it under my snout to breath in as my shaft bounces against my abdomen, making me grunt. "And odorless too." I say as an afterthought, watching her open her maw to let me pour it down her throat. "Besides that, I won't deny that I want to mate with you, but again, it's for the greater good so that we can repopulate our species, one clutch at a time." I explain while I lean forward and spread my wings, carefully tipping the flask to empty it into her muzzle, making sure to have it flow at a slow rate so that she can easily drink it without choking or spilling any. While she can't speak I raise my left paw and stroke her cheek, purring calming words before moving down to her neck, shivering when my shaft tenses up and spurts some pre onto the ground, warning me if I go on like this for much longer than I will climax.

Pulling back once the flask is emptied I walk back to my alchemy work space with a smile on my muzzle while folding my wings, swishing my tail back and forth as I hum a tune to myself. Placing the empty flask on the table atop some books I turn around to face the female again, admiring how she looks in chains, and how she will look after I am finished with her, broken down, covered in my cum and gravid with a clutch of eggs. "Then again," I say after a pause with my shaft throbbing, almost leaking sperm instead of pre from my arousal at this point. "I don't think you will ever see a male with this much restraint again, do you, unlike the male you had killed?" I ask her with an insulting jab, letting her know his death only hurt our kind while tilting my head to the right and spreading my ear frills as I walk towards the tunnel leading out of this cave. "I am sure you a fighting with yourself, trying to ignore your heat, your bodies cries to let me mate with you as is natural." I say with a growl, drawing out the last few words as I walk past the exit and circle back to my alchemy station with my shaft throbbing and leaking pre all the while.

"I wonder how you would react if I teased you tomorrow, keeping you on edge without letting you have any release. Lets see how long you put up with that until your begging me, pleading with me to mate with you, to sate that fire inside your loins, that ache in your vent." I say while curling my neck to the right to keep my attention on her until I am back at my alchemy station. "But yet again, sooner or later I will get what I want, what all of our kind desires, to once again fly free, to travel without fear of being hunted down and killed by humans." I say while raising my head and flaring my ear frills, breathing heavily with my maw open slightly, almost overwhelmed by her pheromones in the air as I spread my wings halfway. I can feel the pressure in my loins building, growing until I get lost in my instincts and launch myself at her or surrender to the painful throbbing and orgasm where I stand. I am considerate enough to stay for a bit longer to listen to anything else she has to say, knowing I will climax at the lightest touch of my paw once I get away. Of course, this will not put a dent in my ability to come back and breed her tomorrow, as I am going to take some potions myself to ensure I can go all day without stopping, something I am definitely looking forward to.


** ** I stare at the shaft I knew I was going to get quite well acquainted with almost hungrily due to my instincts. I heard him talking and my will just finally crumbled to nothing. I thought of how much I wanted to end this heat for at least as long as it took me to lay. I wanted to be bred at this point but I was too tired to do it right now, a yawn escaping me. I wriggle a bit into a rather comfy sleeping position at least. "Can I at least have a nest if I'm going to be a mother. I need something more comfortable." I say, tilting my head a bit with my tail swaying.

StarLight Nova: start here

** ** A surprised growl escapes me even before she speaks, eyes going wide when I feel her thoughts that she has fallen to my constant barrage of explanations and assurances that she wont be getting away as the tip of my tail twitches and my shaft hits my abdomen again from seeing her glare at it but I don't react, stunned as I am. I could sense that she was succumbing to her heat, that she wanted nothing more than for it to be over with, and for that to happen she needed to be gravid before it started all over again. I lick my lips tantalizingly and purr to myself when I sense that she wanted me to mate with her now yet was too exhausted to do so, watching her yawn and reposition herself. I would not have any trouble appeasing her wish, but I quickly shake my head, knowing I had given my word I would let her rest and not mate with her until tomorrow, nevertheless it was still tempting to do it. However, I did not expect her to be this willing so soon after just saying she would want me to mate with her soon enough, telling her of the things I would do and teasing her by saying how she wouldn't be able to resist me for long, that her body needed me. My thoughts continue to wonder as I think about if I should even tease her tomorrow. It would surely get me riled up and it would be fun to watch her squirm and writhe as I denied her climax, but it would defeat the purpose of what I am doing now by wasting time when I could be impregnating her with the first clutch of many.

I raise my head and growl curiously while spreading my ear frills when she speaks, tail flicking this way and that as my shaft starts to soften a little yet my knot remains fully engorged and painfully hard with a puddle of pre forming beneath me. Her simple request for a nest is something I could easily give her as I smile compassionately. "Of course my little dragoness," I reply, deliberately not using her name to show her what she means to me, but in time, I might should she gain my trust and respect. "I will provide you with the softest bedding you could ever imagine laying on and make sure that your eggs will be warm and toasty throughout the coldest night." I say, staying where I am for I know if I go any closer to her in the state I am in I will surely be brought to the ground as I moan in pleasure while I orgasm uncontrollably, and I am already fidgety as it is. "I hope you have a goodnights rest and may the gods grant you many strong and healthy hatchlings with me." I say while doing a mock bow, spreading my right wing and crouching low to the ground and mirroring the movement of my wing with my right foreleg before standing up and walking towards the exit, pausing to look back at the female in chains. "Until tomorrow my love, I will make sure to bring you a nice big kill so you can last as long as me." I say before departing, giving a slight flick of my tail to extinguish every flame in the cave except for four right above where the female is laying.

My body is soon flowing with energy at how ecstatic I am about being able to finally mate with Shira, of being able to feel her tight vent around my thick shaft after so long of not seeing another dragon as I walk down the tunnel with the flames extinguishing themselves when I pass by. I spread my wings out until they lightly scrap against the walls before folding them against my back, shaking my head and shuddering with a low growl while my shaft continues to throb painfully, demanding that I grasp it and release the burden I have been carrying for too long. It takes considerable concentration for me not to bend over and masturbate right where I am, to take a firm hold of my knot and feel the pleasure roll through me as I shiver and tremble in delight while smoke rises from my nostrils. I would take time to relieve the tension from my body if not for my sore paws as I can feel the potions I had taken earlier in the day begin to wear off, leaving me fatigued from the endless pursuit of following her through the forest. I was glad the tedious explanations to make her understand the dire state we are in are done with, as I can't wait to breed her, to claim her as mine. In time I hope she could learn to appreciate what I have done for her, all the attempts I made to get her to understand, the trouble I went through to have her do this willingly, to not leave me with a guilty conscious when the first clutch is laid.

I shake my head and growl to myself while swishing my tail with twitching ear frills as I enter the main cave, heading straight to the rock ledge so I would not have to spend time cleaning up the mess I make. I stop momentarily when I see my treasure, of the gold and gems I have collected over my life before I lower my neck and hiss, feeling my shaft hit my abdomen painfully, sensing my balls rise up and leak some cum out of the tip while I quiver and breathe heavily with closed eyes, trying to hold myself back. It takes some time before I regain my composure, curling my neck to look at the ground to see a small puddle of sperm and pre mixed together, knowing I would have to clean that up before it hardened. I huff out, not interested in doing that right now while looking back at my treasure, thinking of how I have gained a priceless gem to use however I want, to care for and sleep with, something another male would dare not steal. Feeling my shaft throb as if my skin is about to fall off or as if its being crushed and strangled, I decide to get moving and walk towards the rock ledge, not pausing to look at the alcove to see what damage I had caused when I had landed. When I get out of my cave I raise my head and take a deep breath, scenting the fresh air and cool breeze as it blows underneath me, making me shiver and clench my teeth as my shaft leaks more pre. The end of the day felt very nice and calming, how the colors blended together in the sky as the last rays of light reflected off the clouds.

Unfortunately, I could not wait any longer to relieve the pressure in my loins as I spread my wings and sit down on my haunches at the edge, curling my neck to see my shaft throbbing with my ridges flared and knot fully swollen with veins ribbed across my length. I lift my left foreleg while spreading my hind legs to wrap my paw lightly around my knot, shuddering as I open my maw to breath heavily, closing my eyes when I gently rub it against my sensitive flesh, shuddering with every jolt of pleasure. Not wanting to tease myself, I tightly grip my knot, paw barely able to encompass it, feeling my balls rise up as my climax suddenly bears down on me while I lift my head and bare my teeth with my frills pressed against my neck, growling as my whole body tenses up. I quickly lift my right foreleg up and stroke my length a few times as my tail thumps against the ground frantically while my shaft throbs in increasing intensity. I hiss as pre leaks from the tip without restraint, flowing down to cover my paw and ease the friction before I arch my back and open my maw in a silent roar, flapping my wings as my shaft hardens and goes still before pleasure erupts in my mind. I tighten my grip on my knot as the first spurt of cum travels up my shaft before flying over the edge to fall to the ground far below or to hit a tree. Every subsequent spurt after that only further increases my pleasure as I spread my ear frills and move my right foreleg to just below my cocktip, able to feel every pulse and contraction as my pelvic muscles work to expel all the cum built up in my balls.

Each throb leaves me in ecstasy while I close my maw as my breathing becomes labored and I settle my wings onto the ground as I shake with smoke trailing out my nostrils. If only I was deep inside a female right now, this would go on for at least half an hour before stopping, but alas, it ends too soon, leaving me panting for breath as my shaft gives a couple weak throbs with cum dribbling down my length before softening. I place my right paw back on the ground to balance myself while still gripping my knot with my left paw, feeling it shrink and leave me in the afterglow. I gradually open my eyes to look at my rapidly retreating member while my tail swishes on the ground lazily, recovering from such a big climax. Once my phallus is back inside my slit I place my left paw on the ground to stand up, folding my wings and move into my cave before crouching down to roll onto my back, shifting my wings so I don't hurt them. I curl my neck as far as I can to reach my crotch to clean myself of any leftover cum or pre while spreading my hind legs. I shiver at the touch of my tongue rubbing against my slit as I purr, making me shaft stir inside, ready for another go but I back off before it has a chance to progress any further as I am already tired. I take a few moments to rest, imagining how pleasurable it will feel inside her, wondering how her tight vent will conform to my shaft as I slowly push into her before penetrating her cervix. I shake my head and growl when I feel my crotch tingle, calming my breathing and clearing my mind while standing up, folding my wings onto my back as I turn to look into my alcove where all my books and scrolls are kept.

It was nice to be able to release the tension and arousal building up inside me from rubbing my shaft against her sex when I had found her in the cave, but to find that my scrolls were scattered on the ground makes me sigh. At least none of my books had fallen, as they are rare and invaluable to achieving my goal and not easily replaceable. I proceed to walk forward to clean up the mess with my tail swishing contently, humming softly to myself. Organizing my scrolls was easy to do, given I did not step on them and rip them up, as long as I was careful I was able to put everything back into place the way I had it before. I had collected many scrolls and books on recipes for potions new and old as well as many others on history, culture, and lore, some I had been entrusted in to keep safe from others, and some I had been told must never be found. Thinking that where I live no dragon would find me by chance, except for my friend, I would be able to defend it without much trouble, or burn it should I not be able to. Having had centuries to read all them, I have only gotten into a small amount of the ones that pertain to alchemy and anything that might help save our species. There was so much knowledge here it would take me decades to read it all, and I could very well do that if I were not concerning myself with something else.

By the time night had fallen I was almost done with getting everything back in place, all I had was a small pile of delicate scrolls to deal with. As I remove one of them something catches my eye in the text of another scroll below it, able to see from a few flames I had lite while entering the alcove. I carefully set the one I had down and clear away the area to reveal the scroll that had me intrigued. What I had glimpsed was something pertaining to the two potions I was trying to create from the failed experiments, something that had been highly looked down upon after the second attempt but some still tried. I back away, looking around in fear as I spread my wings and ear frills. I was sure I had read and categorized all the alchemy books and scrolls that I needed and were useful, and I don't know how I missed this one, unless...Slowly, I walk forwards and pick up the scroll in my right paw and roll it up, searching for a sign, an insignia that was often etched into the cover to tell me to keep it safe or to not be found at all. Those were the ones I usually did not bother to read, respecting the dragon's wish for it not to be known, but for something like this to be in my collection, why had I not known about it earlier? When I find the design, of two dragons dancing around each other, I question who had given this to me. I remember a dragon had found me some time after the experiments on the potions failed, bigger and older than me with dark green scales and a chipped right horn. I close my eyes, trying to see if I could recall his name, why he seemed so familiar. I go back to when I was meeting the dragons that had gathered to create the potions, all of them coming from different places in the world, joining for an important cause. I was introduced to all of them, treated kindly as a few taught me things that I am using now in my potions, but one stands out, a male, with dark green scales but no chipped horn, one of the leaders of the group.

I open my eyes and gasp, almost dropping the precious scroll when I figure out who it was. "Rel'ach." I whisper, bringing the scroll closer as I reassure myself that the design is what he had placed on it before giving it to me. "But why him?" I ask myself, tilting my head as I go back and see if I can recall any moments or events that could have made him give me this scroll. I did not know exactly what it contained, but from just having skimmed a small section of it, this was a very important scroll that they jotted down notes for the potions. I frown while staring at the design, knowing he was one of the major contributors to having come up with the idea of making these potions. He was well liked and respected, but something must have gone wrong when I had left, something that must have compelled him to make sure this scroll found the right paws, to never be found again...Or perhaps, he thought I was someone who could make the potions a success? I think to myself, going back to what I can remember of hearing of the casualties, of the females who died trying to repopulate the species. I think about who his mate was, having been introduced when she was gravid, not having taken a potion yet, one of the...

"His mate volunteered." I say to myself as my ear frills sag, tears forming in my eyes yet I still don't know what compelled him to give me this scroll and for what reason. "It doesn't matter now, if it can help, then I have to read it." I say, rushing over to my alchemy workspace on three legs, being careful not to step on the scrolls still left on the floor. I clear a small space before unrolling the scroll, quickly looking over to see what it contained while looking at some pictures and examples. "Blood." Was the word I found the most used as I whisper it, trying to figure out where to start as I scan the scroll. "Only the blood of the female, not a male." I say to myself, reading that the rest of the ingredients were the same. "They used blood? Why?" I question, looking for an answer, a solution. "Magic is inside us, and is contained within our very self, thus, our blood contains the magic we use." I read, tilting my head as I gradually understand the more I read on. "Only the blood from a female is to be used in a potion meant for females." I whisper, eyes going wide as I comprehend, or partially understand why the potions could have failed, as they used the blood of a male as the final component. "So if I used my blood for potions I will use on myself, will it make them more effective?" I ask, continuing to read for a while more to be able to grasp the concept so I could use this information for Shira. I found out after a bit of searching of the requirements and possible side effects of these potions. Blood is required for both of them, though beneath it as a sub note it's mentioned it can work with the basic components, that adding blood guarantees it will work for the specific female. It also says to consume before and not after impregnation for the larger clutch potion and after for the decreased gestation potion, which I can see why it failed, as most females were anywhere from just having been bred by their mate, or were quite a ways into their gestation. The last note says the potion for larger clutches takes two days to come into affect while the potion for decreased gestation tales effect instantly.

Before I can ready anymore I let out a big yawn, shaking my head as my ear frills twitch, showing how tired I was from a long day of arguing and talking as well as arousal. I decide to put the scroll off to the side and take my bag off my neck, wondering off into the tunnel to my nest to go to bed, having gotten a fairly good understanding of what went wrong. This also confirms that using her vaginal fluids might also work, but I did not want to take the chance of her dying. I could only use the potion for decreased gestation if I worked on it in the morning as I only had part of either potion done. I would need to get a few drops of her blood, either by her consent or by restraining her. After, while I let it brew, I would mate with her until it was finished, this way I could at least increase the rate at which the eggs grew so I could make the other potion for next time. It would take anywhere from a few days to a couple weeks for the eggs to be laid, given how many she had in this clutch and how much food she received to let the eggs grow at a faster rate.

Arriving at my nest, I let out another yawn and circle around a few times within it before laying down, resting my head on my paws as I look at my small collection of childhood items and other valuable or sentimental pieces, first and foremost being fragments of my egg. It brought back happy memories of the time I struggled to get out of my shell, how tired I was after breaking it and how my parents adored me, feeding me small pieces of meat along with my siblings. Having settled down, I could feel my body relax while I let my gaze roam, spotting some old brittle bones from my first kill of a wild rabbit. The next item I look at is some dull and flaking scales from my parents for when I had to leave when the humans were coming, something for me to remember them by should something happen to them, also one of my most cherished. Tears come to my muzzle when I start to remember my time with them, of the love I felt from being held by my mother or flying on top of my fathers back to feel the wind against my scales. I close my eyes and sniff, bringing a paw up to wipe away the tears as I curl up in my nest, wrapping my tail around as I feel a heavy weight on my heart of how I might never see them again. "I will make you proud, mother, father. I will make you both proud of me, by saving our race." I whisper before drifting off to sleep.

Morning arrives before I know it as I wake up to the sweet scent of a female in heat, making me blink open my eyes and raise my head quickly while yawning. Extending my ear frills I stand up and stretch, spreading my wings as I think of how her scent could have travelled so far within my home from such a confined space to begin with. Either way, I can feel her pheromones effecting me as my shaft stirs inside my slit but I take a few deep breathes before walking into the alcove where I had made the discovery that will change how I work from here on out. "Today's the day I get to impregnate her." I say joyfully to myself as I clean up the last of the scrolls on the ground, walking to my alchemy station to look over the notes again to be sure I did not just dream of them. I sigh with a smile on my muzzle before I begin working, having copied the notes on the two potions so I could work on them here or in the cave where I have Shira. I take out some ingredients while retrieving two flasks that are half full and set them aside, grinding various plants, herbs and bones before putting each of them into a separate flask to heat them up to extract their core essence. Now that I was sure on my path that these potions will work, given I could trust the contents of this scroll from who gave it to me, I work diligently for about an hour before growing hungry, leaving what I have to brew while I head out to hunt for something for me and Shira with the tip of my shaft peaking out of my slit.


** ** I watched the male quietly, too tired to do much more then rest my wings and muscles. Hearing him talk was strangely calming to me as it sounded very faintly like how my father used to sound. He believed so strongly in his goal that nothing would stop him. Her heat had been progressively getting worse as the day went until now she felt terribly affected by it each second. "You can stop the false care, I know all you care about is your goal and nothing or nobody else." She said with a sharp tone. She knew the male didn't really give a shit about her personally. Almost forgotten anger burned alive again at this thought but she sighed as it dissipated and cooled down. Resting her head in as comfortable of a position after the lights where out she soon managed to fall asleep. All the night she tossed and turned as she dreamed of old memories of hatchlinghood. She slept throughout the night, her exhaustion keeping her out cold even as the other went out for food. A bit of blood from a wound had oozed out onto the ground nearby.

StarLight Nova:

** ** I close my eyes and let the wind carry me higher into the sky as my shaft retreats back into my slit yet I can't stop thinking about how nice it will feel to finally be able to penetrate her, to thrust in and out before climaxing inside her and make her swollen with eggs. I had listened to her speak back to me when I was leaving, how I could sense the spite in her voice and the anger in her tone when I had bowed to her. That temperament would need to be suppressed if I wanted her to be obedient, to obey my orders without question, but I would still allow her to ask me what she wanted to. Her accusation that I did not care about her hurt my pride. That could be as far from the truth as the earth is to the sun as I did care for her and I was going to look out for her wellbeing and health while she was gravid with a clutch of eggs. Even if she could not understand that from how I act, from what I say to her, I will still stand by her side. I could only imagine that she misses her parents too, how all our complications and emotions are fixated on the downfall of our kind. I swore that I would bring us back to our former glory, to see us once again soaring through the skies, and if the cost was the dignity of a dragoness, then I think that is well worth it.

Opening my eyes with a flap of my wings I curl my neck to look down at the ground, floating on warm thermals while scanning in between the branches to see if I could spot any animals grazing, that I might be able to drop down on unsuspectingly. With the tree's leafy cover being too thick I can't see anything and so I have to continue flying, hoping to find something soon as I know by now the fertility potion I gave her will have taken affect and she will feel a strong tingling in her abdomen along with the fire and aching in her loins. I can only hope she will become gravid with a large clutch, as that's the sign of a strong and healthy female while anywhere from five to eight eggs will be a blessing. I also have to keep in mind that females only have a limited number of eggs in their ovaries, and once that is depleted I will have to search for another to take her place. Given, that wont be for awhile, but after her 10th or 15th clutch, I will have to start worrying, especially if I plan on using the potion for larger egg clutches coupled with the potion for decreased gestation, as females aren't made to bear so many. By then I hope enough of the eggs will have hatched and the hatchlings matured so that I can start breeding them as well. It will be inevitable that they will be related to one another, but that's just another problem you run into when you're close to extinction.

A loud bleating call suddenly brings me out of my thoughts as I look down, having flown over an open field with a herd of deer running from the sight of me appearing above them. I lick my lips and smile, taking my time to chose the strongest stag to bring down, seeing as how the herd is fairly large. Spotting my target I fold my wings and dive, keeping my eyes on my prize before pulling back while flaring my wings for a hard landing. My foreleg comes down hard on its back, crushing its spine, killing it instantly as I take in a deep breathe and breathe fire at a doe that is close by. It prances around with its pelt on fire before falling to the ground, twitching as I inspect my first kill. Satisfied that it is sufficient for Shira, I drag it over to the doe before eating my share, not particular caring for the charred meat, leaving the stag for her. After I have devoured all of the meat and some of the bones, I look up to see the herd has yet to make it to the forest, slowing down when seeing I was not pursuing them anymore. I grin and let out a low growl, jumping into the air after them to make another kill. My action startles them as they bolt, running frantically to the forest line but I easily catch up to them, pouncing on a young buck while snapping its neck to bring it back to where I have the stag. I soon dig into this kill as well, knowing the stag I caught will be more than enough for her, and if not, I can always catch another.

Sating my hunger, I fly to a nearby lake to clean myself before going back to my cave with the stag secured in my jaws, arriving after just forty-five minutes of leaving. I set down lightly on the ledge before walking in and placing the stag on the ground to check in on how the potion is doing to find it sizzling nicely. I throw in a few more ingredients while reading the scroll I found to make sure I have what I have to do down pat. I couldn't help but fantasize about mating with Shira, making her cry out my name as her vent pulsed around my shaft. I shiver when I feel my shaft pulse inside my slit, my blood pumping within my body as I got ready to breed her. I could scent her heat was even stronger now, and I knew she was at her peak and very fertile, and would stay like that for a few days. I would make sure I took advantage of those days, mating her for all it was worth it, filling her, stuffing her with my sperm until she overflowed to ensure she became gravid. "I will finish this later, I don't exactly have to have her drink it right after I mate with her, as I can be assured both of us will be exhausted by the time we stop. That's not to say she will be positively starving when the eggs are growing." I say to myself with a grin but pause, thinking I could bring it into her cave to monitor its progress whenever we take a rest. I turn off the flame and let the flask cool while putting my bag around my neck to place it in. I then walk into the main cave to pick up the stag and walk down the tunnel to wake her up if she was not already. As I enter the tunnel I ignite the flames on either side until I come to the entrance where the cave lights up while I spot how her sex has leaked a pool of fluids all around her.

I smile awkwardly with the stag in my jaws as her heat must be tearing her apart, to not have anybody to quench it while watching her twist restless in her sleep. I walk forward to place my kill down in front of her as she is still contained in the chain spell with the collar around her neck, scenting the air to catch a whiff of blood not belonging to the animal in front of me. I stroll around her form to see if I could find where it is coming from while spreading my ear frills before spotting that her right forepaw was injured, making me wonder when that could have happened. My eyes go wide as I can see blood dripping from the wound and I quickly open my bag and take out the potion that I was currently working on to decrease her gestation for the eggs so she would lay them sooner. Opening it up, I carefully lift her paw over the flask with my left paw while waiting to see if she would wake. When she doesn't I smile, ideas coming to my mind of how I could surprise her, how I could take her right now but I knew that would not be considerate for her, for what she has gone through. Having collected a few drops of her blood, the scroll saying it does not matter when I add it to the potion, I make my way over to my alchemy station and start up a flame before putting it over to brew again. I then bring out some more ingredients and place it in to let it extract the essence while letting the female get some more rest. As I work my shaft gradually emerges from my slit because of her constant heat in the air and I make no move to stop it, shivering as the folds slide over my ridges and pre leaks from the tip while it throbs weakly. This was going to be a lot of fun once she woke up, but for now, I will let her sleep. If I finish what I am doing before she stirs then I will wake her up myself as I wait for the potion to brew, the color turning blue to let me know that its done.


** ** She awoke after a little bit, stretching and giving a needy whimper, feeling her virgin sex's heat. The pooled up fluids made the ground drenched around her backend. "M...morning." She manages to say despite the crazy amount of need surging through her system. She could smell his musk, her heat stricken mind losing its barriers that prevented her from being affected by it. A long moan escapes her as she thinks about him.

StarLight Nova:

** ** I hum to myself as I gather the potions I will use to greatly enhance my performance while I shuffle my wings and swish my tail, occasionally trailing the tip over my ridges so I stay aroused, not like that is a problem with the amount of pheromones that are in the air. I could feel the pressure in my loins growing again, the same intensity that I had yesterday but I am at least able to withhold myself for the time being. I tilt my head back and forth while adding some ingredients whenever the notes call for them, having already added some of the females blood to guarantee it will work this time. Bringing forth the potion for increased sperm production so I can add my blood to it, I open the flask and hover my left forearm over it, creating a small cut in between the scales as I grunt at the pain while watching a few drops fall into the potion, making it hiss when it comes in contact. I repeat the process for the potion for enhanced virility, just for an extra precaution, the potion for longer orgasms, which I am sure to enjoy, and the potion for increased knot duration. After I have added my blood to all the potions I am going to drink I take a few sips of the health potion to heal the cut I made with my claw, reminding myself to give some to the female to heal the wound on her paw. All I had left to do was drink some of the stamina potion and I was all set to go, and I did not think it was warranted to drink the arousal potion, but I do so anyway.

Just as I set said potion down with my shaft throbbing vigorously while leaking pre, I catch a soft whimper from behind me before hearing the female speak. I curl my neck and raise my ear frills to look at her, listening to her moan when I sense she is thinking about me. I smile and nod my head with a shudder going through my body, not caring whether she takes notice of it or not but I return the greeting. "Good morning my little dragoness, how was your sleep?" I ask, waiting a few seconds before inquiring about the kill I brought her as my tail flicks idly. "I got you a large stag for if you were hungry, wouldn't want to start our mating on an empty stomach now would we?" I say while standing up, walking over to her side as I take deep breathes, feeling my shaft throb harder in anticipation as I scent her irresistible heat. "And how are we feeling, I am sure you will be very willing to let me mount you so I can sate your heat, hmmm?" I question, moving along side her as I walk to her haunches with my tail swaying behind me, looking down to see the ground simply covered in her fluids and I can only imagine what her sex will look like, all swollen and engorged, ready to take my shaft as I purr contently. "Looks like you can't wait for me to fuck you and I'm sure you will be a good little dragoness and do what I say right? But first, we must take care of a few other things." I say while heading back to my alchemy station to grab the health potion, glimpsing that the potion I have brewing still needs some time before its complete.


** ** I wiggle before smelling the meat faintly past my own heat and the musk. I was quite hungry so I begin on it replying. "It was better sleep then I've been having...I feel so...needy." I say, my tail instinctively wafting my scent around as I eat. "Why can't we just start! I need it." I say whimpering a bit, finishing as much of the meal as I can. I wasn't much a fan of eating already dead prey when the blood isn't flowing but it was ok I guess.

StarLight Nova:

** ** I listen to the chains rattle as she moves before hearing her respond to my initial question, nodding my head to know she had some decent rest while also chuckling when she admits how she feels. I shudder when I scent an intense wave of her heat flow over me, my shaft hitting my abdomen to make me grunt and splatter my scales in pre as I flick my tail and twitch my wings. I grab the health potion and turn around as I hear her plead, wanting me to mate with her right now, to feel my shaft deep inside her. I smile, happy to know she is so willing from having resisted me for quite some time, only having come around yesterday so I can sooth her heat as my member throbs and leaks pre when she whimpers. "Rather eager are we now? I remember you were against this, but I guess your heat has taken control of your rational thoughts and instincts." I ask, seeing if she can give me a reason to mount her while walking towards her, purring as I feel my knot swell in preparation of taking her. "But I am afraid I can't do that right now, not in the condition you are in. Open your maw and drink this, it will heal the wound on your paw and any other injuries you may have, we don't want it to get infected while we mate do we? No no no, that wont be good at all." I say, waiting for her to open her maw to cup her chin with my left paw and pour the health potion down her throat. Being in such close proximity to her my irises narrow to slits and glaze over while a growl forms deep in my chest with my shaft throbbing painfully. I shake my head and spread my ear frills when I feel my instinct start taking control, pulling back to walk to my alchemy station to give her the stamina potion.


** ** She whines louder and louder as she realizes the male didn't intend to breed her right away. She pleads with her eyes, tail raised completely. "But...but...I need you so bad! I thought you said time was precious!" She replies, drinking on the potion obediently. She seems so out of it though and as needy as any dragoness ever will be. She probably would have jumped on the male and rutted herself on his shaft if she wasn't chained down. "Please!!! Please!!!" She squeals out desperately as he walks off to the potions.

StarLight Nova:

** ** I pause and curl my neck to look back when she whines, eyes going wide as I see her lift her tail high, presenting herself to me while I can sense the desperation in her voice when she speaks. At the same time I can see the muscle beneath her scales flex in her hind legs and I can only drool at the thought of what her swollen sex is doing right now, grasping onto nothing where soon my large shaft will be stretching her wide. My tail flicks back and forth energetically as I begin to pant, shaft throbbing while my knot engorges and it feels like someone is squeezing it painfully as I have to grit my teeth to keep myself from mounting her without a second thought. I did say that we did not have any time to lose, but I did not want her dropping to the ground in exhaustion after I have mated with her roughly for the better part of the day. I look into her eyes, seeing how she stares at me, her mind gone while I sense her genuine desire for me to take her, her need for me to claim and breed her. I chuckle with a smile before turning back to set the health potion down and retrieve the stamina potion, feeling the pressure in my loins build while my shaft leaks pre at a steady rate. I am surprised she is so impatient about me mounting her, wondering if I even had to tease her to get her to submit, instead just letting her heat get to her and make her lose her mind and give herself to me.

"Be patient my love, you said you wanted me to be gentle for your first time, so I am only making sure you do not fall to the ground with fatigue. I want to make sure your awake for the whole experience, to feel the pleasure ripple through your body while feeling my weight on your back." I explain, walking forward to sit down in front of her with my shaft throbbing and ridges flared, spreading my wings to flap them lightly, stirring the air while I curl my tail to the left. "Now, open up and drink this and then we can get started. I will reward you greatly for waiting so long." I say with a quick lick to her snout, cupping her chin with my left paw again when she opens her maw to allow me to pour the potion down her throat, reinvigorating her with energy so that she can last the whole day as I fold my wings. I purr loudly while she drinks the orange liquid, closing my eyes and spreading my frills as I take in her heated scent with every breath, tail twitching while my shaft throbs painfully, urging me to mate with her. I shudder before opening my eyes, tilting the potion away from her as I stand up, making my way back to my alchemy station to get myself ready and prepared. I had barely been able to stop myself from taking her right then and I knew the next time I was close to her would be when I was on her back, thrusting vigorously into her contracting and awaiting vent before ejaculating inside her egg chamber, the thought of which makes my shaft tense up and spurt some pre onto the ground.


** ** I felt beyond needy at this point...It was as if my life depended on me getting bred by the male. I was quite off my guard after all that's happened. All the preparation yesterday had made me drop my defenses I normally had. I was a strong willed dragoness and back before this I had learned to get through heats without much trouble. Feeling the bottle I suckle on it, drinking the liquid, barely preventing myself from pouncing on the male and forcing him to breed. My tail sways when I stand up, stretching a bit before following as closely as I could to the alchemy station, staring at him with my best puppy dog eyes.

StarLight Nova:

** ** I do not hear her reply to what I say, only the rattle of chains as she stands up while I place the flask on the table, ready to drink the ones I had made for myself for this day, for this moment while barely resisting the impulse to buck my hips and spill my seed from just her scent alone. At first I thought she was turning around to lift her tail and show me her engorged and heat addled sex, but when I turn around to the continuous noise of the chains, I see her walking towards me with large, pleading eyes. I open my maw with shuddering breaths as my tail flicks to and fro and I flare my wings halfway, raising them up while spreading my ear frills as I feel the skin beneath my scales shift uncomfortably. I usually got like this when I was particular aroused or lustful with a very willing dragoness nearby to stir me on. Before she can approach any closer than she is the length of the chains pull taught, keeping her at a respectable distance from me. Still, I struggle to stay my hips as they tremble with my shaft throbbing and leaking pre, slapping against my abdomen repeatedly to dirty my scales as my breathing increases, wincing with every jolt of rough pleasure up my spine. I could sense her mind had degraded in a way to mirror her carnal instincts yet still retained her intelligence in the back of her mind, waiting to reemerge once her heat passed, but until then she is acting like a beast who only wants to fuck. As I stare at her in turn I am drawn to the mess of blood on her muzzle and her claws from when she ate the stag I got and when I look to the ground behind her I can see that there is still a good bit of it left, though I probably would not be able to get her to finish it with the way she is now.

With what appears to be a stalemate going on between us I smile and let out a soft chuckle before turning around so that she looks at my back while I grab the potion for increased sperm production and drink a quarter of it, doing the same with the potions for enhanced virility, longer orgasms, and increased knot duration. Most of these were self explanatory: the potion for increased sperm production ramping up the amount of sperm my balls produce after I climax, the potion of enhanced virility making my seed more lethal in their chances at penetrating a females eggs and impregnating her, the potion for longer orgasms, and the potion for increased knot duration did not need much to say otherwise to know how they worked. Not trusting myself to speak right now, I lower my head and relax my ear frills to take the bag off my neck so it would not interfere in our mating while waiting for the potions to take affect in a few minutes. My breathing starts to become shallow and quicker the closer it got to the time I would breed her, to pump her full of my sperm before she swelled with eggs. I close my eyes and bare my teeth as my body tenses up when I feel my internal balls swirl and rumble, the affects of the arousal potion coming into play as I feel some semen traveling up my shaft, unable to stop the pleasure flowing through my body. I grit my teeth and growl, scraping my claws on the table made of earth as it leaks out, dribbling down my length to run over my sensitive ridges while my tail swishes back and forth across the ground and I spread my wings a little further while panting heavily. It seemed I could ejaculate any moment right now the way things were, as I had not felt the intimate embrace of a dragoness in so long, that my body longed for it while my shaft throbbed with increased vigor to the point it really hurt, that it ached just as much as her sex.

I shake my head with a huff and lower my wings before standing up and turning around, raising my head high and opening my eyes as I walk forwards, mantling my wings to display myself to the female. When I get close enough I spread my wings, flapping them a few times to impose my larger size on her while opening my maw. "Back! Get back!" I command with a slight growl while advancing on her, folding my wings before snapping them open with each word I say, nudging the spell with my mind so that the length of chain gradually recedes back into the ground, pulling her back to where I had initially placed her on the ground. I wasn't trying to frighten her but I wanted her to go back to her place, to show her who is in charge so I could reach what was left of the stag. I fold my wings while dipping my head down in a nonverbal apology before rubbing my snout against hers while purring, pulling back so she could not pull me towards her and reach my shaft. The chains kept her in one place now, only allowing her to lift each of her limps to move them about with the one chain connected to the back of the collar she wore. I let my gaze linger on her for a few seconds more before leaning down to grip what remained of the stag by the neck, turning around to head towards the tunnel to dispose of it so it would not get in the way, but before I do I pause and curl my neck to address Shira. "Don't worry, I won't be gone long." I say, voice a little muffled because I am holding something in my jaw. Without waiting for a reply I launch myself forward with only a moments hesitation as my body and instincts were pulling me towards her, exiting the cave at a run with my shaft bouncing all over, hitting my haunches and abdomen in painful shocks but I keep running until I reach the ledge. Dropping the stag off the cliff, I return with haste to the awaiting female with my arousal climbing by the second.

If I wasn't breathing hard before, I was practically hyperventilating when I come back, skidding to a stop at the entrance with my neck low and wings spread as my flanks rise and fall quickly to my rapidly beating heart along with my shaft as it leaks copious amounts of pre while the pressure in my loins grows continually. If I were to mount her this instant without any delay, I would certainly climax within a few seconds of penetrating her just like how I felt yesterday, taking no precautions of being gentle or slow to ease the pain of her first time. I take some time to recover myself, curling my neck with my maw open wide as I pant heavily and close my eyes to slow my breathing as my shaft throbs insistently. It was probably not a good idea to run so I could get rid of the stag, as walking would have seen me back to her just the same, but with the nature of things and what I am going to do, I did not want to waste anymore time, even if that left me exhausted before I have my first orgasm. I was not in a position to mate with her right now, but I could think of something else she could to do to get me ready while letting me feel the pleasure of her tongue running across my aching shaft, the reason being so I could last longer before I climax again while taking her. I eventually raise my head while closing my maw and opening my eyes, folding my wings onto my back as I get my breathing under control to see Shira looking at me expectantly. I stride confidently towards her with my shaft bobbing beneath me, leaking a river of pre onto the ground before I stand in front of her. I lean forward to lick her snout, cleaning her scales of any blood leftover from when she was eating the stag, letting my tongue drag slowly over them while purring to show her some affection.

I shuffle my hind legs forward while pressing against her, still licking her muzzle while raising my right foreleg to rest it on her chest, to feel the warmth radiating off her scales and the faint beat of her heart which sends my arousal higher than I could comprehend. My tail sways back and forth frantically, looking for an outlet to release its energy as I tilt my head to the right and open my maw before kissing her, locking our jaws together whether she opened hers or not. I let my tongue investigate, snaking forth to flick against her maw, looking for entrance to explore, to wrestle with her tongue in an exchange of saliva. I only keep it up for a few moments before backing off, lowering my right foreleg while licking my lips as I sit on my haunches, letting my shaft throb uninhibited in front of her, leaking pre at an astonishing rate, given the potion of arousal kept me at least semi-erect even if I was not aroused. Spreading my hind legs wide and curling my tail to the left while still purring, I tilt my head while I let her bask in the sight of my rock hard phallus. "I know your patience wears thin my dear, but don't fret, for the rest of the day I will ride you into another realm of ecstasy, after, you do one thing for me." I say while growling amorously, flaring my ear frills as I smile, dipping my head down to hint at what I want. Whether or not she understands, I make my intent clear with what I say next. "Lick. I want you to bath it in your tongue, soak it in your saliva so that it shines. This will only help to make the next part easier on you my love, but it will still hurt nonetheless, seeing as how you're a virgin, and soon to be mine." I explain while baring my teeth, waiting for her to get started, for the pleasure to send me over the edge.