Chapter 5: Whispers

Story by Akutenshi Ishimura on SoFurry

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Chapter 5: WhispersDate: November 22, 2777Time: 1925 (Military Time)Cale had made his way towards the med bay when he heard a female Otter raise her voice. "Ishimura, sit down now!" "I'm fine!" He heard Ishimura reply. He rolled his eyes and got down the hall and turned left. "No, you are not!" He heard the female Otter reply to him. She's gonna lose, he thought to himself. Ishimura was rather stubborn when it came to doctors, especially when he was conscious. "You are NOT putting me in that damn machine!" "Yes i am!" Cale walked into the large med bay and stared at the both of them. "Hun, stop giving the doctor trouble and do as she says." He said crossing his arms and staring at Akutenshi. "You know i hate those damn things!" "The tanks won't hurt you." She replied. "I spent forever in one not too long ago!" He shouted back. "That was for serious injuries, these are minor it'd only take an hour in the tank!" "Fuck that!" He responded. Cale took a deep breath. "Akutenshi Ishimura!" He shouted, Akutenshi's ears lowered in fear. Good. "Get your furry ass in that tank right now." He said calmly staring at Akutenshi. The Wolf's red eyes looked hurt and looked between Cale and the Doctor. "Now." After a few minutes, Akutenshi sighed and nodded. "Fine...." He mumbled something as he followed the Doctor into another room. "It should only take two hours at the most." The Otter replied as she stopped in front of the tank. "You know what to do...." She said looking at him. "Strip down and get in the tank." Akutenshi's ears flattened and he growled.  "Hun..." Cale gave him a warning and he nodded beginning to undress. Cale couldn't help but blush as he stared at Akutenshi's body. His muscles flexed as he removed the clothing. First his shirt, the scars on his chest shown along with the markings on his right arm. Cale smiled a little and giggled. He slowly removed his pants and Cale stared at the Wolf's crotch smiling. "When we're done here, report to our cabin, we'll have a little fun. But you have to behave." Cale said teasing the Wolf. Akutenshi stopped and stared at Cale his ears flushing and he gave a sly smile. "Deal." He said as he stripped all the way and allowed the doctor to place several items on his chest to help her read his vitals and lead him into the tank. "Like i said, an hour in the tank and you'll be fine." He hooked up a rebreather and gave her the thumbs up and she went to a control panel and started entering commands. Liquid began to fill the tank and for a brief moment Akutenshi looked like he was going to lose it. Cale put a paw on the tank and smiled as Akutenshi put his paw to the tank. "I'll see you in an hour hun." He said as he turned to walk out the room. "I'll be in the hangar working on the mech." And he proceeded out the room.Location: Serenity Comms Room (SCR)Time: 2201 (Military time) The Captain

took a deep breath and waited for the last of several dozen other Captains to appear in the Comms Room via hologram. "Status report?" He said. "Alpha detachment has suffered heavy casualties." Said one of the female Captains. "We've lost the New York, Denver, Reclaimer, and Autumnn. The remaining ships have sustained minor damage." "Bravo detachment suffered minor losses. A few fighter squadrons and one mech squad where destroyed. Ships are still in working order and require minor maintainence." Said a young Fennec Fox. The Captain nodded. "All other detachments are filing their reports sir." Said a young man next to him. He wasn't a hologram, He was real. A middle aged Tiger stepped forward, his green eyes shined in the dimly lit room. His standard grey naval uniform shimmered a little in the room. "Commander Akens." The Captain said. The Commander had been standing off to the side and nodded as he walked up to the Captain. "Reports are coming in from the scans that the Prowler had taken. The enemy ship has a number of advancements that a typical Lothian ship lacks. The ship has the same offensive capabilities of that the Titus is suppose to have, maybe a little better. Stealth systems are far more supirior than any other we've seen as well as their engines. In a sense, they are far more than what the Serenity by herself can handle." The Captain nodded. "All ships are to rendevouz at Aegis and are to go with their respective detatchment and beginscouting the peremiter around Foraoise and the two other planets near her. If you get any whispers you are to send a transmission to the other leading vessels of the other detatchments and then start tracking them. Command believes that these whispers are Lothian transmissions. For a while we're use to hearing normal transmissions from the enemy, looks like they've found a new way of communicating. The Second Fleet will rendevouz with us at Aegis and will take defensive position around the planet."  The Captain finished and looked at all the other Captains. "If it is what High Command is thinking, then the Lothians next target will be Aegis. We will not let them take it. I expect to see everyone there in two hours. Use of the Gate System is permitted. Hit warp four and deloy your Gates and enter the wormholes. Once you exit report back in and split up. That is all." All the Captains nodded and one by one faded away. He turned to Akens and stared at the Tiger for a little. "We need to return to the bridge, get ready for anything." Akens nodded as they proceeded out the room and to the bridge.Location: SGT Ishimura and LCPL McCoy's cabinTime: 2401 (Military Time)Akutenshi walked up to the door and took a deep breath. He raised a paw and brushed it against a litle indentation on the wall next to the door and it opened. The room was dimly lit. Akutenshi smirked as he walked into the room and draped his trench coat on the chair next to the desk

and heard Cale clear his throat. His smirk turned into a wide grin as he turned to face the half dressed Wusky, his ears flushed red. Cale was on the bed on his side staring up at the Wolf. "It has been a while since we've done it hun, and i told you, once you got out of the Tank, we could have a little fun. Besides, I'm not due in the hangar for the next twenty-four hours and i know for a fact that you aren't suppose to be working since you just got ou of the Tank. Doctors ordered rest for you." Cale smiled staring up at the wolf. "Such an intelligent individual we have here." He responded as he put a knee on the bed and leaned down to kiss Cale. Their lips connected and he held the kiss for little murring quietly. He put a paw up on the Wusky's side and rubbed it gently and affectionately. Cale put a paw up to Akutenshi's chest and rubbed it gently as well. Akutenshi could feel his member start to poke out of his sheath. His ears flushed even redder as he moved his paw down to Cale's waist and then down to his groin and gave a slight squeeze. Cale gasped and moaned as they broke the kiss. Akutenshi stared into Cale's bright blue eyes and smiles as he pulled his shirt and pants off and laid next to the Wusky and then kissed him again as he rolled ontop of him not breaking it. He started to rub his groin up against Cale's and moaned with him. Within a few minutes they finally pulled their underwear off. Akutenshi reached down and started to stroke Cale's throbbing member and murred smilin. Cale gave little squeaky moans of pleasure as his member throbbed in Akutenshi's paw. Akutenshi scooted down and then slowly put the member into his mouth. Cale gave a loud squeak and moan as he felt his tip enter Akutenshi's mouth. He continued taking him all the way into his moth, using his tongue to taste Cale's member, his own throbbing a leaking a little pre. Cale bucked a little and let out little whimpers of pleasure as Akutenshi's head bobbed up and down his member. Akutenshi went back up to the tip and started to suck on it and heard Cale give out little murrs and whimpers as he leaked pre. He smiled and stopped then took his paws and grabbed Cale's legs and lifted them up and pressed his own leaking tip up against his hole. He looked up at Cale and saw him give him a little nod. He smiled and started to push on in and Cale moaned loudly as his tip pushed into his hole. With the tip in he started to slowly push the rest of his member into Cale and grunted as he pushed all the way in to his base. Cale yipped a little and moaned as he wrapped his arms around Akutenshi and tightened his muscles. Akutenshi gave off loud moans as he felt the Wusky's hole tighten around his member and started to slowly pull in and out of the hole. He leaned in and kissed Cale as his thrusts got harder and harder. Cale moaned loudly as Akutenshi pumped more and more. Akutenshi could feel Cale's member throbbing harder and felt him

leaking more pre against his abs as he continued thrusting, only going faster and harder. He felt his knot begin to form and felt it push up against his hole. Cale broke the kiss and gasped. "Do it hun." He said in a low voice, almost a whisper. "Knot me..." He said moaning. Akutenshi began to thrust more and more and felt his knot slowly enter with each thrust and felt himself nearing his climax. He began to push more and more until he felt his knot go halfway in then stopped and pushed a little more. Cale yelped and moaned as Akutenshi felt his knot pop into the Wusky and howled as he climaxed, shooting his seed deep inside Cale. He panted as he continued pumping more and more into Cale. He felt the Wusky whine and then felt him enter his climax and come. He felt the sticky substance shoot between their stomachs and their chests and smiled murring. Cale returned the smile panting. "I love you hun." Akutenshi responded by kissing him passionately and smiled. "I love you too." He wrapped his arms around cale and rolled him ontop of himself and they laid their smiling and panting. They wrapped their arms around each other and slowly fell asleep.Location: Serenity's bridgeTime: 0130The Captain sat in the chair and watched as the stars reappear and took a deep breath. "Status on repairs." "Hull repair is done, all major systems are ready to go. We did sustain minor damage Captain." Said Nicole in response. The young female Human turned to the Captain. "All ships are reporting in. They've begun to split up and are beginning to scout the peremiter around Foraoise." "Good, take us to coordinates Zero-Nine-One dash Eight-Three-Six Nielson." "Aye Captain." He saw the view screen angle and the orange glow of the Foraoise off in the distance. Within a couple seconds it dissappeared and the Sun appeared. The light blinded him for a minute until the view screen polarized and the light died down. "Begin scanning for the whispers." He ordered and saw a young Cat nod in response and began entering commands into a console next to her. The Captain took a deep breath and looked around the bridge and saw all twenty-four personnel hard at work. "Nicole, anything from the other ships?" "Negative." She responded. "Picking up minor radiation sir." Said a middle aged Human responded to the Captain. "Alright." He said back.  The sun began to dissappear as the view screen angled away from it. Something didn't feel right. The Captain stood up and began to walk on the bridge moving from station to station. First comms, then Helm, Weapons, Scanning, and then Deployment. He returned to his seat and shook his head. This was not right. "Nielson, pull us up on coordinates zero-nine-one dash zero-five-three." "Aye Captain." Nielson responded. The view screen tilted to the right as the ship changed course. "Anything yet?" He asked. "Scans have yet to detect anything Captain." responded the Cat. "This isn't right." He

muttered to himself. "Captain, picking up a faint whisper approximately thirty kilometers from our position." "Nielson, get us to it's location immediately." Nielson nodded and put in the new coordinates. "Picking up faint radiation signatures." Nicole said. The Captain nodded. "Proceed, put the ship on yellow alert." The lights in the bridge dimmed to yellow and an alarm sounded for a few seconds then stopped. "We are coming into range of the whisper sir." The Cat said again. "Entering visual range." "Show me." The view screen changed again and he saw a dim light flashing. "Beacon maybe?" "Get us closer." He ordered. They slowly came up to a small device, a yellow light flashing ontop of it. "Scanning device." The Captain stared at the device, it was a small cylinder shaped device. Several panels on it's side with panels and the light flashing. Nothing to complicated. "Scan complete, confirmed beacon. Unknown origin. But it is giving off a faint whisper." "Can we track where the signal is coming from?" "Affirmative, beginning trace now." The cat was hard at work as the Captain scanned the room. "Trace is complete, it appears the beacon is getting the signal from the planet Captain." The Captain looked up at the Feline. "Can't be." He said. "Well, either it's bouncing off of a satelite or something above Aegis, our scans must be wrong, or it is receiving transmissions from the planet's surface." The Captain grimmaced. "Set course for Aegis, get us docked and notify command." "Aye Captain." "What about the beacon?" Akens said walking up next to the Captain. "We don't want to mess with it, let whoever is using it think that they are still a step ahead of us." The Captain responded. "Notify all ships to go to yellow alert, any signs of Lothian ship will mean automatic red alert for all ships in the area." The view screen tilted to the right as they turned to face the small glowing planet. God help us, he tought................The setting was dark, he was panting heavily as he ran behind two taller figures. Explosions sounded off in the distance as well as several bursts of gun fire. "Come on! Keep up!" Someone said up ahead. "They're right behind us! Move it!" The two figures turned right and he followed seeing a soldier in a tan metal suit and a helmet motioning them away from the alley. "Integrity this is Colonal Phoenix, we are being persued by Lothian warriors, requesting immediate evac!" The man sad as he followed them close looking back every few seconds aiming his gun. "Integrity do you read me?!" He said again. He looked down at him and frowned. "We have a Pelzigan couple with their kid, we need immediate evac!" The two figures in front of him stopped and hid pulling him to the side. The soldier did the same as he hid behind another wall. They where in some other alley by now, it was dark, the only thing he could see was the omnious orange glow of the fires from somewhere in the city. "It's ok hun." Said a female voice. The one

holding him. He looked up and saw a female wolf trying to force a smile. He looked around the room and gave low whimpers. He was scared, frightened. The attack had begun several days ago and they had been running since then. He looked behind the female wolf and saw a male wolf putting a paw on her shoulder. "We need to get moving." He said as he pulled up a small hand gun. "They'll find us soon." The soldier nodded. "Honey, take Akutenshi and get ready to run. Phoenix, follow them." "What about you?" "Going to do what i signed up to do, fight these bastards and give you some time to get out of here." The female wolf started to argue with him but was silenced as there was a dull thumbing noise. They looked around, panic filling them, taking control. "We don't have time to argue ok?" He said. "Take him and run. Phoenix, i'm trusting them to you, get them out of here." The Soldier nodded then put a hand up against his head. "Understood Integrity, we'll move out to the exfil location. Should be there in ten minutes." He looked over at Ishimura then up at his mother. "We have to move, the ship will be at the exfil point in ten minutes, if we're not there in fifteen they're leaving us." His mother voiced a protest then stopped and looked at the father. "I'll see you guys onboard the Integrity, I promise." He said and hugged both of them.  "Get out of here now." He said as the soldier started to walk in the opposite direction. His mother nodded and picked him up and started walking with the soldier. His father went in the direction the thrumming noise came from. They proceeded towards a tall skyscraper and looked up to see a small dropship beginning to land ontop of the roof. "Integrity, we have reached the building, making our way up." The soldier said. He nodded and motioned for the two to move into the building watching their backs. When they got in, it was silent. The soldier moved into the building and activated a flashlight that was attached to his right shoulder and scanned the area. "Looks clear." He whispered and they proceeded in. The entrance to the skyscraper was mainly intact minus chunks of cement missing from the pillars that supported the ceiling above them. Dust fell as the pillars shook trying to keep the ceiling from collapsing. Across from the doors there was a small round desk with a small computer screen on it and a big tv screen up on the wall. The TV shot out some sparts and sizzled. Akutenshi's ears perked up as did his mothers as they heard something scittering across the floor a few feets behind them. "We aren't alone." She said. There was a loud clank as a canister rolled between them. "Flashbang!" The soldier yelled and there was a blinding light. All he could hear was one word, his name......He woke up to Cale shaking his shoulder gently. "Wha-What is it?" He said sitting up still naked. "We need to report to mission debriefing hun." Cale said as he stood up and

reached for his clothes. Akutenshi stood up next to him and put both his paws on Cale's sides rubbing the fur. "Alright." He said giving Cale a gentle kiss on the lips and smiled reaching for his clothes. Within a matter of minutes they had reached the briefing room where Akens stood at the front of the room and motioned them in. Akutenshi's squad as well as Cale's mech squad were there. The Tiger looked around the room then walked over to the wall and the lights dimmed. "Listen up!" He shouted in the room. A holographic display came to life at the front of the room next to Akens. A small town was shown with a giant temple with spires sticking up along the side of it was visible. "We believe that the whispers are being relayed from the beacons we've found around the planet Aegis. We have tracked the signals to the temple in the middle of Kaltou town, one of a few towns that are scattered along the surface of Aegis. Now, as many of you know Aegis was recently colonized twenty years ago. So it is still developing. The source of the signals that are relayed to the beacons are coming from the temple itself. We will be entering orbit over Aegis and deploying several teams ground side to investigate the temple. The scientists down there have been studying the temple for about ten years now since it was first discovered. We believe it to be an ancient Pelzigen temple. But we are not entirely certain as to what it is. While you are down there you will be staying with the scientists and doing as they say. They know this temple better than you will so i suggest you don't go ignoring their warnings. We've already lost a few dozen people in the ten years of studying this structure to, unknown reasons." Akutenshi staired at the structure. It felt like he had seen it befor, like he had walked on the temple grounds. He shivered a little. "You are to enter the temple and make your way to the center where it is believed there is a control center." He looked around the room. The holographic display zoomed to the temple and showed the sections that they had discovered.  "Mech squads will be deployed around the temple to aid security, we believe that there may be a Lothian attack in bound to this planet. Fleets One and Two will be setting up defensive positions around the planet. Once you find out where the signals are being emitted you need to relay it back to Serenity and allow the scientists to find a way to stop the transmission. As I have said, you have two hours to prepare yourselves, get to it." Akens finished. The display moved through a set of corridors and passages into a large room with monitors then zoomed back out. He pushed the button on the wall again and walked out the room. Akutenshi sighed and looked over at Cale. They staired at each other and nodded as they stood up and walked out the room. Everyone followed suit. They walked together until the first hangar appeared where Cale dissappeared into with his

group and the other mech squads. Him and his group went into the armory to start getting what they needed. "Mysterious dissappearances." Said Kijani in a sarcastic tone. "Pretty sure those damn scientists just fried themselves to death messing with the electrical wiring in there." He reached for a Plasma Shotter. A shotgun that fired plasma rounds and was far more acurate than older models. Still had the spread to deal with but it was good for moderate range combat and if the need came for them to take out multiple targets at once. Miranda smirked. "Human scientists have no clue how to handle our ancestors technology. Always too touchy for them." She said as she picked up two Plasma Repeaters. The long barrels of both of them shined in the light. "Hey now guys, some of those dead scientists are Pelzigans. Careful of what you say." Akutenshi said as he picked up his favorite Phaser Cannon. An MKV-12B Phaser Cannon. One of the newer models he had fallen in love with. It had the shape of an old .45 caliber  Hand gun, with a rotating chamber towards the handle then a long barrel sticking out at the end. He holstered it and reached for his suit. A standar UGM battle suit that had it's own personal shield attached to it. The pitch black armor shimmered in the light. He fitted the chest piece on and heard the magnets click together then put the shoulder pieces on hearing the same metalic click. Piece by piece he put the suit on until only his head shown. A black nylon turtle neck covered his neck. It buzzed as the suit came online and he could hear the shield beginning to form around most of his body with a sizzle. He reached for the helmet, the visor was a tinted golden shade. When he fit it over his head the helmet activated. To the sides came the altitude meters.  At the very top the shield meter began to fill. To the bottom right of the HUD came his heart beat and a small imprint of his body. Everything turned from white to green and he smiled. "Alright guys, let's get moving." He said as he turned to face the door. Lupin ran into the room and he stopped. "I'm being attached to the squad as your pilot, was told to let you know that your ship is ready." He said and stared at the group. Akutenshi felt something coming from the man. A strange feeling, an Aurora that he could feel but not see around the Human. He nodded. "Don't get in our way, drop us off and pick us up, that is all." Lupin nodded. "Let's get moving then." He said and turned to the left and ran towards the hangar. "Joy, a Human escort, I've always wanted one." Said Kijani as he made his way out the room. Akutenshi had shook his head and started to pack the ammunition they'd need in case things went bad. "I'll meet you guys there." He said and saw Miranda leave the room in her suit. He took a few more minutes than need be to relax himself. Something about this mission scared him, he wasn't sure what. He finished packing the ammunition and made

his way out of the armory and towards the hangar. Time: 03:30 (Military Time)Location: Upper atmosphere of Aegis.The drop ship shook violently as it made it's way through the planets Ozone layer. Lupin hit several buttons and the reverse thrusters where thrown. There was a sudden jolt as the drop ship tried to slow itself. "Gonna be a bumpy ride boys and girls." He said into the comms. He heard a snark reply from Kijani and grinned. He looked to his right and saw his copilot making the appropriate adjustments to help him guide the drop ship to it's location. "So far so good Lupin." Said the young Female Human. He responded in kind." Approach vector alpha-two, minor storm there, make the appropriate corrections in our NAV computer Britney." He said. The drop ship shook even more violenly. "Whoa! She did not like that!" He shouted and tilted her to the left a little to compensate for the gravity pushing on her. "Breaking through the Ozone in T-Minus five!" Britney shouted. Below him he could see the Serenity taking her position just below the Ozone. They had made a premature decision to launch before they where scheduled too and where unlucky enough to get it granted by the Captain. Within five minutes they broke through the Ozone layer and were beginning to pass the Serenity. It took them three minutes to finally clear the massive ship. Above him he could see several dozen mech's deploy from her under belly. Lucky bastards don't have to put up with the Ozone. He thought. "Storm is brewing over Kaltou. Making adjustments to handle the storm. Prepare for a rough landing people!" Lupin shouted in the comms. A disgruntled reply from Akutenshi and he could hear Kijani trying not to throw up his lunch.  Within twenty minutes they had entered the storm and broke through the clouds. The small town below them dimmed with a few dozen lights. "Town's lost power, Generator was hit by lightning. Emergency generators have activated given the town limited light." Britney said. No shit. He thought. "Approaching Landing Zone. Prepare for deployment." He said into the comms. Akutenshi gave an affirmative. This was a fun ride, he thought to himself. within a few minutes they saw landing lights flashing and he angled the drop ship over the landing platform and gently put her down. "Good job Lupin, we're deploying now." Akutenshi's voice came in staticy over the comms. "Affirmative, don't get lost in there!" Lupin replied. "Funny." Akutenshi replied.........Once they stepped off the drop ship they where belted by hail and rain. There was a small square building next to the entrance to the temple which didn't seem fazed by the town's power outage. Blue lights shined brightly through the many windows and a few dozen bright white lights shot up from the senter of the temple. It seemed Alien yet familiary to him. A scientist wearing a grey pancho came running to them in the storm. "Sergeant Ishimura?" He said. He nodded in response.

"Glad to meet you, you're a little early you know?" He nodded. "We decided to leave ahead of schedule." He said. "Ah." The Scientist responded. "Doctor Monroe." The scientist said. He was a pale Male Human with a frail body. Akutenshi nodded again. "Please, take us inside so we can start our search!" He shouted as the wind picked up. Lightning streaked across the pitch black sky and thunder boomed loudly. He whinced at the sound. "Will do Sergeant!" Monroe said as he turned towards the entrance of the temple, it was a good few hundred yards from where they stood. "We have a team inside the temple right now." The Doctor said. "Good." Akutenshi responded. He and his team followed the Doctor towards the entrance and into the temple. The noise of the wind and rain died drastically as they entered the temple. Akutenshi looked around the entrance hall with its spiraling support beams. The area was dimly lit making it hard to see the environment itself.  "This way." Said the doctor as he took the poncho off and put it next to one of the flood lights and took a flashlight out of his pocket and turned it on. The light pearced through the darkness. The scientist was wearing a white lab cock with grey kahki jeans and black shoes, typical of a scientist, Akutenshi thought. The man was practically bold. He had a communicator piece in his ear and taped it once. "This is Monroe to Shriever, you read?" He said. He waited a few seconds then tapped it again. "Monro to Shriever, you there?" He said again. "Strange." He said. "Maybe it's the temples walls or the storm?" Said Kijani. "No, these devices are build to cut through any known interference, the only reason they aren't responding are....oh god!" He said and started running down the nearest corridor. "Doctor!" Akutenshi yelled after him. "Night vision, catch up with the Doctor!" Akutenshi shouted and he tapped a setting on the left side of his helmet and the area was washed in green allowing him to see the area better. Vegetation had taken back most of the temple. They started to sprint after the Doctor, their guns hefted in their paws. "Doctor! Stop!" He shouted into the comms. There was static. Fucking shit! He thought to himself. They turned down several corridors chasing the sound of the Doctor until they came into a well light room. The light nearly blinded Akutenshi as he turned the night vision off. He allowed his eyes several seconds to adjust to the new lighting then his jaw dropped in horror. The room was awashed in blood and limbs. Doctor Monroe stood in the center of the room looking horrified. "Oh my god." He said.  Akutenshi moved towards the Doctor and put a paw on his shoulder. "Doctor, what happened?" The Doctor shook his head and looked around terrified. "This is exactly what had happened last week, we almost had a break through in reaching the temple's control room when the team was slaughtered by something." "What do you mean by something?" He

said. "A defense mechanism or something else entirely, the cuts on the limbs look almost perfect from the team that was killed last week." He said. Kijani moved in behind Akutenshi holding his gun up aiming down the sites, Miranda followed suit. "Doctor, we need to get out of here and wait for the rest of the Guardians and Soldiers to drop." He said. Just then there was a sudden sound, a rock falling from the ceiling. They all turned towards the hallway they had just came out of it and took aim. "Heads up, whatever killed these poor bastards is still here!" Akutenshi shouted. There was a strange sound, almost as if there where claws scratching against the walls. Akutenshi's fur stood up. He watched as a long claw came out of the darkness and slowly a ten foot tall figure walked into the light. It resembled a wolf yet it wasn't. It's fur was completely pitch black, it's eyes glowed red as it stared at the group. The Doctor stumbled backwards and Akutenshi grabbed the scruff of his shirt and threw him behind him. "Stay there." Akutenshi had a feeling he knew what it was. "Nach bhfuil muid do namhaid." He said staring the creature down.  "Agus nach bhfuil mé mise!" "Ansin, cén fáth go raibh tú ag ionsaí na daoine seo?" "Leomh siad foghail ar thalamh naofa i gceist le haghaidh Pelzigans!" Akutenshi nodded understanding. "What the hell are you saying to each other?!" The Doctor screamed, the beast growled. It was a ten foot tall Lycanthrop. A Werewolf. "I know you can understand what we are saying. And i know your but a member of a pack, wheres the alpha?" Akutenshi demanded. The Werewolf stared at him and gave a low growl. "Beidh sé a bheith anseo go luath." "Understood, we'll wait here." The Doctor stared at Akutenshi looking dumb founded. "The alpha of the pack is the one who controls the Werewolves. They are, in a sense, one of the few remaining species of ancient Pelzigans. Back when we were far more advanced than we were now." Akutenshi said. "It's rare to see one, let alone in a temple or complex like this one." Kijani added. They stood there for a few minutes staring at the Werewolf until another walked in beside it. The Alpha. It had what looked like a skull on the top of it's muzle and face with red markings on it. It's dark red eyes stared at Akutenshi. "You must be the Alpha." He said in a calm voice taking his helmet off. "Yes." He gave in response. "Who are you?" He asked Akutenshi. "Akutenshi Ishimura, Pelzigan, and Guardian." He responded. "Why have you come?" He asked. "To investigate the temple, protect the scientists you've been so content with murdering." He lied. "These tresspasers have no right to enter this temple." "Oh really? and what about the strange signals we've been getting from here." That hit the mark, The Alpha stood there glaring at Akutenshi. "There have been another form of intruders we have yet to dispose of. They have adept knowledge of this temple." "The

Lothians." "Correct." Akutenshi folded his arms. "They got within the temple five of your years ago." The Alpha said. "The ime the scientists started dying." "We were contempt with allowing your scientists to explore the temple until someone gained control of the equipment within it. Ever since then they have found a way to activate the fields around the control room to keep us from entering. When that happened we couldn't risk anything else happening." Akutenshi nodded. "But there is no need to kill the Humans Alpha. Not anymore." The Alpha nodded. This was strange, typicaly the ancient Pelzigans where harder to convince. "The Lothians are the ones you want. not the scientists." He said. "Only for a Guardian we will stop our attacks." "Can you lead us to the force fields? Maybe show us a way to deactivate them." "The ability to shut them down is lost, the Lothians have activated generators within the control room, and shut down power to the outside locations that would allow us to do so." The Alpha said.  "Understood. Serenity, this is Ishimura." Akutenshi said after tapping the comms panel on the ear piece. "This is Serenity Ishimura. What is it?" The Captains voice came over. "Lothians have been confirmed to be transmitting the signals. We have encountered an ancient Pelzigan Werewolf tribe." "Come again?" "What? About the Lothians or ancient Pelzigans?" "Ancient Pelzigans." "That's an affirmative Captain. Ancient Pelzigans in the temple have been guarding it ever since the Lothians gained control of the control room. We're gonna need a strong and durable generator brought down to help us bring down a force field they have erected around the control room. Gonna need to power the consoles on the outside so we can lower the force field." "Understood, ETA is one hour." "Acknowledged." He looked at the Alpha. "We will have the intruders out of the temple soon enough." The Alpha nodded. Time: 0435 (military time)Location: Temple EntranceHe watched the dropship begin it's decent and then watched it land a few minutes later. A team of Humans exited the drop ship with a circular object on a hover board. "This way!" Akutenshi said. He looked over to the second dropship that Lupin was in and nodded. He lead the team into the temple then allowed the Alpha to show the team where the panels where that required energy to deactivate the force fields. Within a matter of minutes the generator was hooked up and they began to assign Marines to their positions to prepare to breach the control room. The temple was more than just a normal temple as he had learned from the Alpha, or as he wanted Akutenshi to call him Grimm. It was a central relay hub that would allow instantanious travel from Aegis to practically anywhere within the Epsilon Eridani System. Aegis was, in a sense, in the middle of the System so it offered a good place to put the relay hub. It was also a mass cannon. One capable of

piercing any armor known to date. Akutenshi and his group set up outside the main entrance to the control and Akutenshi clicked his headset on and off indicating for the force fields to come off. A few seconds later the shields flickered and died. They pushed into the circular room. It was bright to say the least. The helmets visor had to polarize so he could see properly and saw a group of Lothian Soldiers standing in front of a control panel. There was a giant spire in the middle of the room that was firing pulses of light up into the sky. The Lothians had long arms and legs, with claws for hands. Their head was more of a pyrimad, dark green eyes shimmering in the light. They gave them a low growl, their scales flickered then they dissappeared. "Chameleons!" Akutenshi shouted into the helmet then suddenly saw a Marine get lifted into the air and thrown across the room. He had hit the ground head first and Akutenshi could hear a faint snap as his neck broke. He pushed several buttons on his wrist pad and the area turned a different color to reveal the heat signatures of the Lothians. They stood seperated staring at him. He aimed at the closest one and fired several rounds. They hit their mark and green blood spirted out of the bullet holes, the Lothian fell to the ground with a loud screech.  "Thermals only! Open fire!" He shouted and there was a barrage of fire from everyones guns and the Lothians began to drop. One had leaped onto the ceiling and ran on all fours across the ceiling towards a Pelzigan Marine where it rammed a claw into the mans neck and threw him at Akutenshi. He rolled to the side to avoid the body and heard it land with an audible thud against the ground. The man tried screaming but blood spurted out of his mouth. Akutenshi fired several rounds from his Hand gun and the bullets hit their marks nearly taking the Lothian's head clean off. Another had landed behind him and he twisted to the left barely dodging it's claws. He pulled the gun up and put it to the Lothians chest and pulled the trigger, several bolts shot out of the Lothians back side and he threw it across the room. He looked around and saw several others drop and nodded realising they had killed the Lothians. He sprinted to the console they had been guarding and looked for Grimm. The werewolf walked into the room and reached him with ease. It looked at the console and hit several buttons and the lights stopped shooting out. Akutenshi deactivated the Thermal Vision and took a deep breath. "The signals have stopped." Grimm said. Akutenshi nodded. "Serenity, this is Ishimura. We have gained control of the control room." He said. There was static. "Serenity? Do you read me?" He said. "This...Serenity-Att.....Lothian forces are..." The transmission was garbled in static. Akutenshi cursed. He looked over at Grimm. "We're gonna need your help." He said. if what he heard from the garbled transmission was right, the Lothians had

more than likely landed troops in the town. "I will assist as will my pack." Grimm said. Akutenshi nodded.

Guardians: Downfall Revised Chapter 6

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