The DogBoys: A Non-Sexual Interlude

#4 of untold scenes: the dogboys **the dogboys: a non-sexual interlude rev. 1.01** _authors note: well, i had intended to re-write the works from part 3 on, but never found the wherewithal.

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The Bandit Problem

Out in the hills of Italy, there once stood a grand mansion, with a great view over the coast and many nearby orchards that were said to produce the ripest, tastiest, and most plentiful fruits in the country. However, this mansion was also a common...

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Ch3: Talking it out

"MARCUS!!" The jackalope jolted awake, nearly falling off of the couch in the process. His head whipped around, trying to get his bearings. He'd packed up and come back downstairs to watch some videos on the big screen before the sun came up... and...

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The Idea Of Evil

_ **Evil.** A mere four letters, and yet it holds such meaning to people. The implications of evil go far beyond the word itself; it extends farther into the idea, the very essence of what it means to be...evil. Millions have tried to avoid it,...

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Werecorgi [M / TF / SFW]

Below is my attempt :) please note that the tf is male only and this is a non-sexual story! i know, weird for me, right? :) this is a major parody of hipsters and no hipsters were harmed during the making of this story. credit goes to the lovely, ms.

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The Art of Destruction

Please read this carefully, and analyze it. It's a PSA of sorts about young love and how powerful it can often prove to be. He had invested all of his money in a proverbial Enron, and paid the heavy price. He knew he wasn't attractive, and...

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'Kara' by Harun Synopsis: When she finds that her children are gone and her dead lover may be responsible, Jenna embarks on a quest for redemption. Note: First Story. Enjoy. PART ONE It was the same place she'd found herself...

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Strictly A Business Matter

_I miss the wind. Its gentle caress upon your skin, the way it billows through your hair like a silken comb, encompassing and soft like a lover's embrace. It is a calming breeze, one that allows you to put things in perspective, and return to an...

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Blood Rose-10

She watched him stalk away, tension clear in every line of his body and let her ears fall flat to the sides. She couldn't remember feeling hatred towards anyone. Ever. Dislike, absolutely. But living with nuns taught her that love fixes all problems...

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Teri's Lament

Teri's Lament A story by Terinas Tiger * * * Teri awoke to a pillow smacking against his face. He hissed and turned his head to one side, pulling his bedsheets up over his head. "Raah! What's-" There was a floomphing sound as he was...

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NOC ch14: While You Were Sleeping

The trip back to Temptations flew by in an instant for Marcus Lewis. Even without any headphones in his ears, none of the noises around the jackalope registered. From the walk to the bus stop to when he slipped through the back hallway and into...

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Wolfhood: Chapter Eight - Choices

The first thing Aiden was aware of as he was coming to from a drowsy slumber was a splitting headache, feeling the throbbing cross a line over his forehead from...

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