Rodent Round

Story by Quillhog on SoFurry

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#5 of The Game

Things don't go as planned for this canine. Written 2015.

"You're amazing!"

"Yeah. The dog's getting' some now and it's because of you."

Orville ignored the praise because he had work to do. "You guys have known each other for a while?"

Venn smirked, "Oh don't listen to Hein. I ran into him once last year. I came out at the end and watched a tiger force himself on a cat half his size and that was the end of the day. He teased me about missing everything, but I heard he only saw three himself and got none. Come to think of it, I think it was the same tiger you killed."

The porcupine didn't want to talk about his accident earlier, "And what about you, Ratt?"

"This is my first time. Have you done this sort of thing before?"

"My first time too, but I was sent with a plan."

"What kind of mess do we have out here? A rat, a porcupine, and a weasel? Looks like I'm gonna have to do all the work again." A wolf pushed his way onto the mound and took his place at the top.

Venn stepped up, "We've got things under control. You can just sit back and watch. We're doing things different today."

"Different? You mean rodents actually doing something? I doubt that. I've got point."

Orville put his paw on Venn's shoulder and addressed the wolf, "We don't have to fight each other for their entertainment. If we work together, we can save lives."

"What makes you think any of these lives are worth saving? We're all just fodder and the ones that survive are the ones that fight or fuck; those are our only two choices in here." He stopped and smiled at the dugout as a rat stepped out.

She was almost twice Ratt's height and he stepped to the front of the mound, "One for me?"

She smiled when she saw him, then gasped as the wolf shoved him in the dirt.

"Don't bother, you'll never catch her. Now what kind of mood am I in today? Fuck or feast? Why not both?"

"You don't have to do this." Orville tried pleading with the salacious canine.

The wolf glared at him and growled, "Watch me."

Orville looked back to the now terrified rat and took a breath, then shouted "Survive!"

The wolf backhanded the porcupine's nose and the rat took the opportunity to tag the plate and start her run. It wasn't much of a head start as the wolf quickly overtook her and knocked her to the ground. She curled and dodged under his teeth to sink her own into his neck. He howled in pain and tried to push her off, but she held her jaws firm. He scratched at her and tried to stand up, but his struggle only hurt him more. Suddenly, there was a lot more blood and she let go, gagging on the sudden flood in her mouth. She knew that letting go meant he could finally kill her, but death didn't come for her. She opened her eyes to see the wolf holding his neck and writhing in the dirt. She scrambled to get away, sliding backwards until her paw found something. She looked and it was the first base. She glanced to the mound and saw the ferret walking toward her. After surviving the wolf, she didn't want to end that way and shot to her feet, dashing past the surprised mustelid, who waved his arms frantically. She hit the next base and ran hard, then suddenly stopped and fell in the dirt to avoid the wall of spikes blocking the base. She cowered, but was surprised as the porcupine reached down to help her up, "What's going on?"

"We're changing the game." He pulled her to her feet.

"Can you do that?"

"You can do anything you want." Orville moved around behind her with his paws on her shoulders.

"But that wolf tried to kill me."

"And you killed him instead. You're a hero." He slid his paw down her arm and raised her hand over her head.

The crowd cheered and chanted, Fuck her! Fuck her! Fuck her! and she started to get nervous.

"A-are you going to fuck me now?"

He raised her other arm and the crowd cheered again, then he slid his paws down to her body. "Only if you want me, but if you step on that base in front of you, he'll come for you." He directed her attention to Ratt waiting on the mound. "You can let him catch you or you can run for home plate and get to choose your prize."

"But that's The Game."

"Yes, but now you are in control."

She smiled, her mind shifting from victim to winner. She put her paws on the porcupine's paws on her hips, then stretched her leg to tag the base.

Ratt eagerly stepped into the grass and headed for her, but suddenly, she took off for home plate, racing past him with a grin. He followed her until she stepped on home plate and stopped with the crowd laughing and cheering.

She waved to the crowd with both arms, then turned to him, "I want my prize now."

He smiled as he looked up her body: her rat tail moving anxiously behind her; her human style breasts just above his head; and her eager grin turning him on the most. She stepped into the grass in front of him and grabbed his face, directing it below her belly, and the crowd cheered. He could smell her arousal and grabbed her hips as he started licking that fragrant slit. She moaned and spread her legs for him, rubbing his ears with her thumbs as she held his head in place. The audience resumed their chant and Ratt was ready to comply. He slid his paws down and pulled on the backs of her knees, knocking her down on the grass. He quickly moved between her legs and was ready to dive in, but she had other plans.

She remembered the porcupine's words; she was in control and she wasn't ready to give that up. She quickly rolled over, pinning him in the grass to surprised cheers and a change in the chant: Fuck him! Fuck him! Fuck him!_Positioning herself over his hips, she reached down to find his erection and lined it up, then sat down hard to raucous applause. She began riding him and the crowd matched her rhythm: _Go! Go! Go! She watched as the ground crew carried the bloody body of the wolf past them and that symbol of her victory urged her on, riding harder on her prize.

Ratt was unprepared for the sudden turn of events, but did his best to keep up with her as long as his body could hold out. When she felt his release inside her, she pushed down on his hips and pulled his head up to her chest as the crowd cheered again. It was an energizing moment, surrounded and filled with excitement and pleasure

After a moment of reveling in her conquest, she heard the announcer praising their performance and promising more excitement with the next morphs coming to the field. She looked up and saw a raccoon waiting in the dugout. The attendant waved for her to come off the field, but she wasn't done being in control; she liked the feeling and wanted more. She dropped Ratt back in the grass and stood up, taking a moment to smile down at his blissful expression and spent penis.

As the human started to come out on the field to get her, she turned away and focused her attention on the ferret and porcupine standing by the mound. She walked up to them as the crowd excitedly chattered and put her paws on their chests, then slid them down below their bellies. "I don't want to choose one prize. I want all of you."

Venn was quickly ready and she wrapped her paw around his erection, but Orville wasn't certain, "You don't have to."

"But I want you." She caught his lips in a kiss and slid her paw over his balls, then then found his hidden head and stroked to coax it out.

He could taste the wolf's blood on her lips, but her touch distracted him and he held her shoulders as he returned the kiss.

The crowd went wild, their cheers resolving to a new chant: _Fuck them! Fuck them! Fuck them!_Their cheers encouraged the rat and she bent over, coaxing the ferret with her tail raised.

Venn didn't need any more direction and grabbed the base of her tail as he shoved his shaft into her. She pushed back against his thrusts as she worked the porcupine's penis, then gasped in surprise as she noticed the two fangs sticking our of it. She couldn't stop the ferret's enthusiastic thrusts to ask about them, but she wasn't sure she could let the porcupine have her next like she wanted. As consolation, she sucked on the fleshy tip and stroked behind them, teasing his balls and trying to pleasure him as much as she could. Suddenly, a final thrust knocked her off balance, pressing her face against the porcupine's belly and she moaned in satisfaction as she felt the ferret pump his load into her. She opened her eyes to find Ratt watching and holding his shaft. She smiled and pulled herself off of the ferret, then kissed the shorter rat to excited cheers.

Eyeing the animated crowd and then the annoyed field attendants, she decided it was time to leave. She took his shaft from his paws and stroked it a couple times, then grabbed his hips and threw him over her shoulder. A quick turn and she passionately kissed the porcupine's lips, fondling his balls while Ratt grinned at Venn and the audience laughed and cheered. With a final wink, she turned to give the ferret a quick kiss and grope, then headed off the field with her prize to raucous applause and cheers.

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Dog's Day

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