Tale of the Winter Prince: Chapter 7: Making Love Before War

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#7 of Tale of the Winter Prince

This Chapter 7 of an rp between myself and Nate the Great1.

It's the day before the battle, and the Winter Prince's emotions are in a torrent. Can his protectors calm his tortured soul?

Tale of the Winter Prince:

Chapter 7:

Making Love Before War

The morning sun peaked over the sky as the destined day of battle approached. Buddy was curled up as Nathan held tightly to him from behind. The jackal's tail swayed gently in between the prince's bare legs as their naked bodies nestled together in bed. Buddy was asleep; however, his body stuck to the scale's.

I lifted one eye lid and kissed Buddy's cheek. "Morning kid," I whispered softly.

The canine teen stirred slightly and mumbled in his sleep, "Morning, my prince."

I smiled and turned Buddy towards me, and we both started kissing.

The kiss woke the jackal up, and he pulled his prince close to him. The gesture was both protective and loving.

I got on top of Buddy and was running my hands all over him

"Oh, Nathan!" He exclaimed in a hushed whisper. The short, skinny canine moaned into the kiss with every touch from his lover's claws .

I then started to move downward and suck on his member.

"Nathan!" he gasped audibly as he felt the eager, hot tongue of the blue scale on his youthful, canine dick. The jackal gripped the sheets and lightly thrust upward into the wonderful maw as he panted in the early morning.

I then started to thrust my finger into his chamber as I began tasting his pre.

The golden furred teen turned onto his stomach and lifted his tail to give the royal better access to his willing tailhole. "My prince, we don't have much time. Please, make me yours before we have to set out to plan the battle."

I nod, and then I thrust my member into him missionary style.

The jackal moaned from the feel of Nathan's dragonic dong inside of his tight canal as he held his beloved male tightly to his virile body.

I thrust faster and faster, and then I released my seed into Buddy's chamber

Buddy moaned softly as his own man cream paints his torso white. He couldn't resist the need to pull the prince into a tight embrace, causing the load to cling to both of their youthful bodies.

"I love you so much, Buddy," I said as small tears escaped my eyes. "I just wish I had the power to protect you all myself."

"Nathan, no one can do everything by himself. That's why you have me and the others to protect you."

I looked at Buddy with a smile and then hugged him tightly as I cried softly and tiny snowflakes started falling slowly.

Holding back his own tears, the young canine silently and lovingly cuddled the dragon in his arms as the liquid sadness soaked into his chest fur.

"I love you and the guys so much," I whimpered softly.

Feeling his beloved prince's sentiment, the golden canine stood with Nathan in his arms and walked towards the door to the hallway. He then said in a confident voice, "We love you too, and it is that same love that will see us through this, my treasured liege."

"Buddy, please, you don't have to be so formal with me. You can just call me Nathan," I said smiling.

"My treasured Nathan." The golden teen flashed a warm smile to the dragon before using his foot and kicking the doors open.

I snapped my fingers, and we were both dressed in a matter of seconds

Despite his smaller size in comparison to the dragon, the canine confidently nuzzled the male in his arms and carried him all the way to the war room. Around the circular table were the prince's betrothed, protectors and their trainers.

I sat down next to Arbane and on my other side sat Buddy.

The Grand High Elf embraced his dragonic lover and kissed him tenderly on the muzzle. "How did you sleep, Nathan?"

"Fine, I guess...Well...I'm just worried about the battle, I suppose," I said.

"Fret not, my beloved, for we are all behind you in this. You are not alone now, nor will you ever be again." Pulling the youth into a sideways hug, the elf sat up and called the attention of the other attendees to the meeting.

"Well, the first thing we need to do is free the guardians, and more importantly, my father, the Snow King," I said.

Hachiko spoke up. "We've had scouts posted on the outskirts of the castle constantly to keep up with information. From their reports, we've gathered that Exortos has not executed the Guardians yet. I think he wants to make it a show of power, so he will wait for a time when he has the biggest audience." "Which means he will most likely wait until some of the animals emerge from their homes to scavenge for food." The black, unicorn mage cupped his chin in thought. "We don't have long."

"And that's not the half of it," said one elf, "It's said that Exortos has asked Prince Langwidawn to guard the prisoners."

"Langwidawn," I gasped as I remembered him being mentioned before when my father got captured.

"Langwidawn," The spotted feline in white robes interjected. "Isn't he the man that takes the heads of his victims and uses them as his own?"

"I'm afraid so," the elf said.

"And he's also the one who trapped my father in that glass ball in the first place," I said in a shaking anger.

Buddy laid a gentle paw on the scale's shoulder. "Nathan, I know it's hard and you're full of so many emotions right now. However, you need to keep calm. Your anger and sadness will play right into Exortos' claws if you don't, just as mine did."

"But we can't just leave the guardians there," I said. "We have to free them."

"You are right, Nathan." Decland reached out a comforting paw to the ice castor. "We have to free them, and we will. At the same time, we need to keep our heads level. The Black Serpent knew that this would upset you, and that is what he is playing for."

"Then we need a distraction to keep Exortos busy and then me and Decland can save the guardians," I said

"Yes." The akita stood and walked over to the dragon, embracing him when they met. "But the scouts have also told us that Exortos is always accompanied by four servants. Two of them seem to be the bull and the rabbit that we fought earlier, but the other two are a mystery. Given the unknowns, we may not be able to split up our forces." The blue and white canine rested a comforting head on his royal's shoulder.

"But we have to do this...We have to... Exortos took everything from me: ... my mother... my father... even my life! Should I just wait while he takes away the ones I love?" I said looking around with tears in my eyes.

Decland waved a paw over Nathan's muzzle. The spotted hand glowed a soft, warm white, causing a sleep inducing light to radiate from it.

I looked at the light and felt my body go limp as I fell into a deep sleep

The prince woke up on a lavish bed surrounded by the canines and the unicorn. They were naked together and cuddling with him. Decland wass nowhere to be seen.

"Where's...where's Decland?" I said looking around.

"He's still awake. We are all asleep in a spell that he has to maintain control over." Hachi tightened his hold slightly on the dragon. Buddy interjected, "Yeah. He knew that some turmoil had awoken inside of you, and he wanted to help you work it out. So, he put a spell on all of us so we could watch your memories and help you with the feelings that arise." "It is in this way, my liege, that he hopes we can help calm you for the battle ahead." Teroso sat up in the bed. "It's a very powerful yet taxing spell, but he's confident that he can hold it long enough for you to get things sorted out."

Suddenly, flames surrounded me, and I saw a golden dragoness holding a baby dragon in her arms. "Nathan...Mommy loves you," she said as she took off a necklace and placed in the bundle with the baby right before it disappeared. Just then, there was a crash and a tall, scaly figure.

"So, it begins." Teroso looked stoically upon the scene.

I watched as the black snake spotted the dragoness and lunged at her with its mouth open and teeth sharp. The scream was loud and clear. "NOOO!" I screamed as I blasted the snake with a full blast of snow and ice.

The blast phased through the illusionary memory as Hachiko and Buddy held tightly to their prince. Teroso said, "My Prince, this is a memory. No amount of interference from us will change what happened."

I saw as the dragoness turned to me and smiled. "I'm so proud of you, son. You're becoming the leader I hope you will become," she said as I rushed over to her and hugged her, "I love you, Nathan."

"I love you, too," I sobbed as I felt her fade away into nothing.

"Decland did say that the spell would be greatly influenced by Nathan's emotions." Hachiko said as he and Buddy sat up in the bed.

I looked down at the sheets and took a deep breath. "I'm ready... how do we go about this?" I said with a calm and steady voice.

Teroso beckoned the teen over to him. "Think about the pain you've had in life, and memories will begin to project. Our job here is to help you work through what you feel and comfort you when the emotions become too strong."

"And I thank you, for you already have," I said smiling softly and kissing Teroso's lips. "I know I'll never again feel the comfort of my parent's love...but I'll settle for the freedom of their people."

"But you will feel a parent's love. At least that of your father's. He is still alive." Buddy sat up, causing the covers to fall off of his body as his tail wagged.

"I know," I said. "I think I'm ready to do what I have to....Will you all stand by me always?"

"Always," the three sai in unison as the scene turned into a blinding white. The prince and his three protectors awoke in the same bed they had slept in the previous night. Decland was passed out on the bed, for the spell had drained him of his mana and physical energy.

"We'll set off tomorrow. For now, I want to show Decland how much he means to us," I said as I cradled the ocelot lovingly in my arms.

"I'll go tell the others," the hunter said before assuming his feral form and running out the door. Teroso examined the unconscious feline. "He will be out for a while. That spell should've been too difficult, but he forced his body to take the strain."

"Poor Decland," I said softly and kissed his lips till I felt his hand upon my cheek.

"N...Nathan..." His voice was weak.

"Yes, I'm here," I said, stroking the cat's head, "Teroso, can you send for Hachi please? I'm sure Decland would be happy to see him."

"I'll get him." Buddy dashed out of the door as the unicorn lay on the other side of the ocelot. Teroso's horn began to glow blue, and a thin sting of magic attached to Decland. The equine then used the thread to feed a small, steady stream of magic into the younger male's body. "This will help with the mana strain, but he will have to rest for his body to recover."

"I'll help watch over him. This will help repay him for watching over me," I said softly and kissed the cat's lips.

"I...I'm so glad you're alright..." His energy began to return, but he could not move his body much. Teroso disconnected the thread after the feline's mana was full. "That should help you along in your recovery, Decland."

I smile, and then Hachi came in his feral form and began to lick Decland's cheek with love.

The ocelot giggled enthusiastically. "I'm fine Ha-chan. I just need to rest." Buddy came into the room and blushed at the sight of the feral akita's developing hard on.

"Buddy, Decland's a little tired, but I'm sure Hachi wouldn't mind if you helped him with his heat," I said, winking that the akita.

"It's ok Hachi...I don't mind." A tent could be seen in the feline's robe. "I want too, but my body isn't up to it." Buddy approached feral and pulls him into a kiss.

"I can take care of that," I said as I pulled down Decland's pants and began sucking on his member.

The feline moaned, but it was muffled by the equine's mouth embracing his own in a passionate kiss.

Meanwhile, the jackal discarded his loincloth and slid under the feral. He took the black member into his muzzle, prompting Hachiko to lap at the teen's own red member.

I moaned and then started sucking on Teroso's. Just then, Arbane came in and started kissing me passionately.

"My Nathan. Did the spell help?" the elder male looked at his beloved with concern as the others continued their mating.

"It worked like a charm," I chuckled and cupped the elf's cheek and gazed into his eyes lovingly.

The fair skinned man slipped his hand into the pants of his lover and began to trance a finger along his slit. "I was worried, but it seems your healthy enough to make love without me." Hachiko hopped of the adolescent canine and gazed upon him dominantly, prompting the golden fur to get on all fours. Teroso took the spotted feline's boyhood in his strong hoof and gently worked it as the younger male wrapped his arms around his thick, muscular neck.

"Without you? Nonsense," I said. "There's plenty of room for everyone, my love." I then stripped Arbane of his clothes and mine as I began sucking his member.

"Oh, Hachi!" Buddy exclaimed as the feral mounted him and forced his trembling ready cock into his chamber.

The jet equine began to stroke his own member with his free hand as he continued to tend to the motionless ocelot's needs.

Arbane moaned as Nathan's wet, warm maw worked on his cock.

I then pulled Arbane down on top of me and kissed him with passion as I felt him pull me closer to his chest.

The elder male cupped his beloved's cheek. "May we hold each other and release together like this?"

"Yes, lets," I said and kissed him deeply.

Without a word, Arbane tightly grasped the prince's erected boyhood.

I moaned greatly and hugged the elf tightly. "My love...I...I need you in me...please," I whimpered.

"If that is your desire, my prince." The elf took his place in the missionary position and lifted his younger lover's legs.

Hachi was now wildly assaulting the archer's prostate, and the boy was letting out long, loud, staccato moans of pleasure.

The younger mage was being edged on the height of pleasure by the horse as he softly whimpered for release.

"AHHH! AH! OH YES!" I moaned as I felt the high elf thrust in and out of my chamber.

"AHHHHHH! HERE IT COMES!" The jackal screamed when he felt the howling feral force his inflated knot into the boy's tight ring. Hachiko continued thrusting inside of the teen as the golden canine spooged all over the floor under him. The lust driven feral's seed warmed his entire body as they both collapsed onto the ground. The akita then licked the archer lovingly on the neck and face as they nestled together. When the elder mage finally let him cum, Delcand bit the equine's neck hard as his teen seed shot into the air and landed on his chest and stomach. Continuing to hold the feline tight, Teroso grit his teeth from the surprising force of the bite and doubled his efforts on his own, splotched staff.

I gritted my teeth tightly and screamed as I felt my seed go flying the same time I felt Arbane fill my chamber.

The burly unicorn grunted at the sight of the royals' climax and fired his seed into the air. the mass of horse jizz landed on Arbane's back and Nathan's face as the caster held tightly to the teen beside of him.

I panted softly and kissed Arbane softly. "That was...amazing," I said with a smile

Still connected to his beloved, the elf leaned in, said, "I'm so happy you are yourself again," and kissed the boy passionately. Decland was unconscious in post-orgasmic sleep while Buddy and Hachiko were motionless from the intensity of the emotional lovemaking. Teroso sat up and addressed the prince. "My prince, shall I take the other protectors and leave you and the Grand High Elf in private?"

"Yes, thank you," I said as I lay there in Arbane's arms.

The unicorn cradled Decland in one of his arms as he lifted Buddy and Hachiko in the other and took his leave so the royal lovers could be alone together. Arbane then lifted Nathan off the floor and helped him into bed.

"Arbane, I have a favor to ask you," I said. "I have a plan that just might work. What if I went with Decland and Hachi to the castle of the Guardians to face Langwidawn and free my father and the prisoners. Decland can come in with me and Hachi can follow afterward should anything happen."

"Do you think we could handle the main army with just Buddy and Teroso?"

"That's why I'm asking you, just until we can bring in reinforcements. We need all the help we can get," I said looking up at the elf with a serious expression.

"Hmmm." He stroked his beloved's head as he pondered. "I think it would be better to have all your protectors with you. No doubt that the Black Serpent would be expecting you to go directly into the castle. He will likely have his most powerful guards posted to prevent your entry. You should take all four of them with you."

"But if I take all four, then how do I know you'll come back," I said with small tears rolling down my cheeks, "Please, let me do this."

"I'm concerned about you coming back. The world can live without me, but you need to survive to lead it."

"But I can't survive without you... and neither can your son. Did it occur to you that I might have the chance to save your only child? I'm not helpless," I said.

Clinging tight to the younger male, Arbane declared, "Your words cut like a knife, my prince."

I sighed and hugged Arbane tightly. "Don't worry, my love. I can bring back your son, I promise," I said.