First heat

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#1 of First Heat

Bunny is a cuntboy going into heat for the first time. his mother helps him through it.

This is an rp with :linkfoxstar30: turned into a story.

Samantha belongs to :linkfoxstar30:

Comments, suggestions, ways to improve are always welcome.

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First heat

Bunny lays in his bed tossing and turning feeling a tingle between his legs, an itch that won't go away. He rolls over looking up the ceiling. he pushes his blanket, pajama pants, and panties down to his knees and pushes a hand between his legs. He gasps at the first contact with the virgin slit between his red and white thighs. He bites his lip to silence another gasp and touches himself again. A muffled gasp leaves his lips as pleasure starts to trickle into his body for the first time. He presses his hand against his white furred mound and gasps feeling a wetness on his palm and a surge of pleasure. He strokes his palm across his mound, letting out a yelp when his hand grazes across his tiny clit.

Samantha, Bunny's herm mother walks down the hall after waking up needing to use the bathroom. when she passes by her son's room she hears a yelp and stops. "Bunny, Is everything alright? I'm coming in, dear."

Bunny quickly pulls his damp paw from between his thighs and pulls his blanket back up hiding his pushed down pants. "I'm okay, Momma." Bunny says as she opens the door.

Samantha opens the door and walks in. as soon as she enters the room, a spicy scent fills her nose. she takes a few sniffs of the air and smiles, "Oh dear. So it finally happened. Are you okay, dear? I know what is happening to you." she says sitting down on the bed next to her son. she sits there closer to the source of the smell making her cock stir in her black satin panties under the thin robe responding to the smell of a female in heat.

"I'm hot and itchy between my legs. It's wet down there and I haven't peed myself." Bunny says holding his damp paw up and his mother shivers at the sight of his juices dripping down his hand. "What's wrong with me, Mommy?" Bunny asks looking at her with a look of worry on his face.

Samantha pulls his hand closer to her and sniffs his fingers letting out a soft moan then bits her tongue. Under the robe she is wearing her panties are tenting as the smell of her son in heat is making her male side come to life, wanting to breed a fertile female. She takes a deep breath trying to clear her mind, but only fills her nose with a raw dose of the heat scent. "Your beginning to hit puberty, dear. Your experiencing your first heat. It means that your body is now becoming sexually active and is now receptive to having a cub in you." she says then mentally slaps herself for the thoughts starting to trickle into her mind and images filling her mind's eye.

"What's that, Mommy." Bunny asks seeing her robe lifting over Samantha's rising hermhood. He presses his thighs together remembering sex ed, but his mind blurs as he tries to remember anything specific.

Samantha looks at the rabbit in heat sitting next to her and smiles. Her inner ears turn red at the question and the answer. "That is my penis. Your scent has given me an erection. You should know this already. you did have the basics of Sex-Ed taught to you about males, females, and herms." Samantha says seeing a glazed over look in her son's eyes and smiling at him again.

"I know Mommy, I was just playing." Bunny says with a giggle trying to collect his thoughts "Can I see it? I've never seen a real one. they only showed us pictures at school." he asks with a smile. He pulls his pants up and crawls closer to her feeling wetness between his thighs at the thought of seeing his mother's penis. He sits down next to her and looks up at her making her heart melt at the innocence of the request.

Samantha Shivers a little when Bunny moves the blanket aside and revealing his pants pushed down around his knees and exposing his soaked crotch to the open air releasing a potent cloud of pheromones making Samantha's head spin a little. She lets out a whimper as her cock twitches and releases a few drops of pre-cum wetting her panties. "Alright baby. Just a peak, dear." Samantha says standing up and pulling her robe open and pushing her panties down below her balls and lets her son have a look at her stiffening penis.

Bunny moves onto his knees and watches his mother push her panties down revealing her long, thick cock with pre-cum covering the head. She pushes her panties under her balls and looks down at her son. With the barriers between him and her cock gone, the smell of her hermhood hits him making him gasp. his body starts burning with a new desire he has never felt before. He moves a hand to his lap and pushes it between his thighs putting pressure on his mound trying to calm the need radiating from it. "It's pretty, Mommy." he says watching it twitch and drooling pre-cum. "What's that stuff dripping from it. they said semen is white, but that's clear." he says seeing pre-cum dripping from her cock adding her scent to the room.

Samantha stands there. Her body burning with a desire to mate, but the motherly side of her fights with the feral side of her mind. One side tells her to take him and breed him until he is carrying her cubs and the other side is telling her to pull her panties up, close her robe, leave the room and lock the door behind her until his heat has passed. the thought of her first heat fills her mind and the suffering she went through makes her heart break thinking about inflicting that pain on her son. She watches him biting his lip as he looks at her cock. "Poor boy. Suffering through a rabbit's first heat is the hardest with only a fox's matching it." she thinks before answering his question.

"It's called pre-cum. It comes out of a penis when it's hard and the individual is aroused." She tells him feeling her cock tingling as she talks to him.

"It smells good, Mommy." Bunny says sniffing the air moving a little closer to her cock, following the smell. He gulps swallowing a mouth full of saliva as his mouth waters a little as the smell fills his nose.

"I'm so hot down here." Bunny says pointing as his pussy. He twitches a little being, so close to a fertile body, wanting to be bred and breed as many cubs as possible.

Samantha looks down at her son's lap and sees a growing wetness and lets out a moan. Being so close to him and his almost bare pussy sets her lust aflame. Her cock twitches and spits a rope of pre-cum across his muzzle and nose filling him with her scent.

The taste and scent of her pre-cum fills him, making his head spin. He shoves both paws between his thighs and starts rubbing his slit letting out moans and grunts trying to satisfy the lust burning through his veins. "Help me, Mommy!" He begs failing to satisfy his body. He falls on his side, pushing his pants down and lifts his leg exposing his swollen and soaking wet slit to her.

Samantha whines in need. her cock, so hard it hurts. "B-B-Bunny! That's incest. it'swrong for parents and their children to have sex." She tells him trembling as she fight to control herself with his tempting slit exposed and the mind clearing scent surrounding her. Without realizing it, she moves closer to his wet, needy, ready to be bred slit. "Just one lick and you can leave." a devious voice whispers in her ear wiping away the motherly side of her mind. She drops to her knees in front of him and pulls him to the edge of the bed and looks at his slit. The white fur is matted with his juices. she licks her lips then lowers her muzzle to his pussy and runs her tongue up his slit tasting his juices.

"Mommy!" Bunny moans out feeling her long flexible tongue running up and down his slit, flicking his clit. "It feels so good. How can something that feels this good be bad!" Bunny moans out grabbing his mother's ears and holding her to his slit. "Please don't stop!" He begs tugging on her ears holding her in place as his hips start to grind against her muzzle.

The motherly part of Samantha's mind is screaming at her to stop. if she doesn't, she'll end up taking her son's virginity and breeding him like his and her bodies are craving. The need to mate drives her on pushing aside the motherly part of her keeping her eating out her son's pussy like it was her last meal.

"Oh Mommy, Mommy! I feel something!" He moans out feeling his first orgasm about to burst and wash over his body. He humps her face drawing out more pleasure until "What's happening. I feel like I'm gonna pee!" He moans tugging on her ears, tensing up as the pleasure builds to a peak.

Samantha licks and slurps at her son's pussy until he arches his back and cries out. As he orgasms on her tongue, she locks her lips around his gushing slit and gulps down his juices as fast as she can. She drives her tongue into his spasming pussy and licks across his hymen. When his orgasm dies down and he lays there panting with a glow across his body. "That son is what's called an orgasm. It's a release when pleasure is reached at it's highest point. Did you enjoy it?" She asks in a husky voice, pussy juice dripping from her muzzle.

He lays there, his body tingling as muscles relax in the afterglow of orgasm. "Can I see yours now?" Bunny asks sitting up when he regains some strength, still a little out of breath.

Samantha looks at her son "Which one dear?" she asks standing up and shows him her still rock hard cock with pre-cum dribbling from the tip. She lifts it and her balls and shows him the swollen mound behind her balls soaking wet and drooling down her thighs just like his.

"Your penis." The horny bunny says moving up onto his knees once again with his pussy swollen and dripping down his thighs.

Samantha gets up and removes her robe showing off her red and white fur and then she takes off her black satin panties. The smell of Bunny's heat has filled the room by now and his mother, as well as him, is in no conscious mind to stop. She gently slaps her huge ten and a half inch dick on his muzzle as he moves to sniff it before he decides to taste it.

Bunny crawls up to his mother and sniffs her cock. his body twitches as the fertile smell fills his nose. He opens his mouth and runs his tongue across the tip of her cock. She strokes his head as he tastes her pre-cum for the first time. His eyes roll back as a miniature orgasm tears through his body making him gasp and groan. he takes her cock between his lips. Her taste cover his tongue and he pulls off it wrapping his fingers around her cock not even close to touching finger tips. "You taste good, Mommy." he says stroking her cock making her eyes flutter shut.

Samantha moans as her son sucks her off. She strokes his head combing her fingers through his hair. She begins flexing her cock spewing pre-cum from the head in ropes that cover his tongue. He starts bobbing his head on her cock taking it as deep he can until he starts gagging on her thick meat. Even while gagging, he tries taking her cock deeper craving more of her delicious cock. "Easy, baby. My dick isn't going anywhere. You like sucking on Mommy's cock? You gonna be my little slut?" Samantha says without realizing the effect the pheromone rich air is having on them. Her body burns with lust. she looks down at her son gagging on her thick kitsune cock. In a pheremone drugged mind they both crave sex. Her body wants to plant her seed in a fertile female while his yerns to take in a males seed and bear his cubs.

"Yes, Mommy. I love how you taste. I'll be your little slut, whatever that is!" Bunny moans pulling his lips off her cock and looking up the her. he milks her cock, soaking his face in her sticky, slimy pre-cum. He takes a hand off her cock with a coating of slimy, musky pre-cum and pushes it between his thighs. he starts rubbing it between his legs teasing his pussy with a coating of pre-cum. He bobs his head faster and harder trying to take her cock deeper into his mouth, but can't get it any deeper. He keeps gagging on her cock wanting more.

Samantha lets out a murr as she watches her son eagerly sucking her cock, drinking down her pre-cum and trying to swallow more of her cock. When her cock shines with a thick coating of saliva. she pulls him off her cock and smiles down at him "Are you ready for a full on demonstration of sex, baby?" she asks pushing him back and rubbing her cock up and down his slit. Pre-cum leaks from her cockhead making his pussy even more slippery.

"Yes, Mommy! breed me like your slut!" Bunny moans stroking his belly feeling her cock teasing his clit.

Samantha murrs as she hears her son begging for her cock "Bunny, baby. You need to relax. You're a virgin and have a hymen. My penis is quite big and when I push it in. it'll hurt, but I'll stop and let you get used to it, so you don't move, Okay." She says pressing the head of her cock against his slit. His folds part around her cockhead slowly penetrating him until the head kisses his hymen. She then rolls her hips back and shoves her cock past the thin barrier until she hits his cervix. Three quaters of her length penetrates him, stretching him open making his eyes tear up at the sudden pain of being deflowered. She leans down and kisses him, holding him until he pain passes.

"Mommy!" Bunny moans stroking his belly "More!" he says humping his hips against his mother's cock.

Samantha winces as Bunny's pussy grips her cock like a vice "Woah, son. I know it feels good, but you need to go slow. We don't want to hurt you, right. Wait a few minutes before we start moving." She tells him feeling a small trickle of blood from his broken hymen. She kisses him again.

Bunny Whimpers trying to control his hips, which jerk in small movements "Let me play with your boobs?" he whimpers looking at her soft breasts.

Samantha gives Bunny her most motherly glare. "Let me play with my boobs WHAT?" she asks.

"Mommy!" He moans with his hips starting to jerk more, starting to lose control.

Samantha wraps her fingers around his little hips and tightens her grip "I taught you better manners, son! If you can't use them then we are done playing!" she tells him slowly pulling her cock from his pussy making him panic at the thought of losing the pleasure. She smiles teasing him with little shakes of her cock tickling his walls with very move.

"No Mommy, please. please let me play with your boobs!" Bunny gasps arching his hips trying to get more of her cock back in his body.

"That's better, dear." Samantha says leaning over and letting him play with her breasts. He finds a nipple and takes it between his lips and sucks on the nub making it stiffen even more.

"Thank you." Bunny says into her cleavage. He sucks on a nipple rubbing his tongue across the nub teasing it. She strokes his head trying to calm him down, so he relaxes and takes her cock easier.

Samantha moans in pleasure, but her lust is building and Bunny's heat is driving her to fuck him. "Time for you to reap what you sow." She tells him starting to slowly hump him.

Bunny moans out stroking his belly feeling her cock moving under his paws. "Thank you, Mommy!" he moans feeling pleasure building up as his hips jerk adding to the friction around her cock. His muscles grip her cock, milking it, helping to make his tunnel even more slippery.

Samantha begins pumping in and out of her son's cunt. She moans softly enjoying the tightness of her son's virgin pussy. His tunnel grabs her cock with every move pulling on it, trying to keep it as deep as possible. He cries out very time she presses the head of her cock against his cervix threatening to pierce it and breed him.

"Mommy!" Bunny moans into her soft cleavage. He moans deep into her fur feeling another orgasm starting to build up between his legs. "So good!" he moans feeling his mother's hot sticky pre-cum leaking out against his cervix "More, Mommy, more!" he begs into the soft fur covering her breasts. his clit drags along her thick shaft sending pulses of pleasure through his body. his pussy ripples around her cock milking it, approaching another orgasm. "I'm so close, Mommy!" he groans into her cleavage.

Samantha lets out a lustful moan as she pounds her cock in and out of her son. "Oh baby! You don't know how much I'm gonna fill you up. I hope you can handle it." She moans closing her eyes. She savors the pleasure washing over her body. Her cock pounds against his pre-teen cervix until the tip pushes through the tight ring into his womb. Both of them gasp feeling the tight ring open and her cock enters his womb.

"Do it, Mommy! Give me your cubs!" Bunny moans feeling her cock driving deeper into his belly. He arches his back pushing up against her sending waves of pleasure through his body. His pussy milks her cock trying to draw the fertile seed from her balls. He strokes his belly feeling her cock twitching in his womb drooling a steady stream of pre-cum into his core.

Samantha fucks her son with short fast jabs tapping the back of his womb wracking him with mini-orgasms. Nearly a minute passes of her womb fucking him before she drives balls deep into him and let out a howl. Her cock flexes swelling larger, her knot grinding against his pussy lips and clit trying to get in, but he is too small. Her cock spits a rope of fertile cum deep into his womb. Another shot follows it with his cervix creating a seal trapping the cum in his womb. She howls out her pleasure as he starts milking her cock with an earth shaking orgasm of his own. His belly starts swelling with the second shot and grows bigger with each shot after it. In the haze of orgasm her knot forces its way into his pussy stretching him wide open.

He lays there under her. Her cock spitting cum deep into his womb inflating him like a balloon. His belly stretches outward growing by the second. Every shot of cum into his womb sets him off. He watches his belly with mostly closed eyes cumming harder and harder each time she floods his womb.

Samantha lets out the last of her load with a panting groan. Bunny's belly is swollen to the point it looks like watermelon is stuffed in his womb. She wraps her arms around him and rolls over, so he is laying on her belly. She raises her hand and brings it down on his soft little ass making him yelp "You are sooo grounded for this! Making me impregnate you. Better get use to this knot for a bit. With you being so tight it will be an hour or two before it deflates." Samantha says stroking his ass after swatting it a few more times.

Bunny lays on his mother's stomach with his head between her breasts nuzzling the fur. He lets out a yelp when she swats his rump a few times. "I love you, Mommy." he says rubbing his head into her cleavage feeling the soft mounds on either side of his head. "It's worth being grounded if we can do this again." he says feeling her cock still in his womb stirring her cum around bathing his eggs with her fertile seed.

They fall asleep in Bunny's bed. Her cock locked in his womb staying hard all night. In the morning they take a shower together draining Bunny's filled womb leaving him with a slightly swollen belly. They both know that the cuntboy is pregnant with his mother's cubs.

Over breakfast they talk and Bunny agrees to keep his mouth shut about the sex and father of his cubs. After breakfast they have a quick screw on the table and she sends Bunny off to school. A few weeks later Bunny starts getting sick every morning and samantha brings home a pregnancy test to confirm what they already know and with a positive result they fuck to celebrate right their in the bathroom.

The end.

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