Tale of the Winter Prince Chapter 6: The Many Passions of the Winter Prince

Story by Tanuskidoodle on SoFurry

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#6 of Tale of the Winter Prince

This is an rp between me and Nate_The_Great_1.

The prince must now take a more active roll in his passions with his protectors. Then, an ambush allowed the protectors to show their true abilities.

Tale of the Winter Prince

Chapter 6:

The Many Passions of the Winter Prince

It's the early morning, and the protectors were training with their masters. The door to Arbane's house was slowly pushed open as Nathan crept in. The Grand High Elf was alone in his bed while he sleptin the buff. Morning wood, a sure sign of his virility despite his age, prominently tented the pure, white sheets of his curtained bed.

I smiled, sat next to Arbane,and kissed his lips. "Good morning, my love," I whispered softly.

"Morning, my Nathan." He returnedthe kiss to the dragon's muzzle. "How did the first half of the ritual go," he asked, unaware of his erection.

"I did beautifully," I said as I lay next to him

The elder male pulled his beloved prince into a cuddle and kissed him passionately. "Are you ready for the second half?"

I smiled and nodded. "I'm ready when you are," I said.

Smiling, Arbane sat up and gazed into his lover's eyes. "You have the seed of all your lovers in you. The emotion from the individual sessions as made your body more receptive to each of theirs. Now,you have to give them your seed. If you'd like,you can practice on me."

I smile and hug the Grand HighElf. "I'd love that," I said and started to kiss my future mate.

During the kiss, the elfin leader kicked away his sheets and repositionedhimself. Breaking the kiss, he said, "My chamber door has never been used before. You're the first."

"Then I would be honored to be your first," I said as I crawled on top of him.

"Mmmmmmmm. Prep me, my love"

I smiled and thrust my tongue into his chamber. Then, I pushed my member into him.

The elder male let out a loud gasp at the feel of the ridged member entering his virgin territory. Trembling, he gripped the sheets from the rushof pain and pleasure that sentshocks through his body.

I kept on thrusting and thrusting into him, but I was always careful not hurt him too much. "How are you feeling?" I asked as I thrust into the elf and leaned over to kiss those sweet lips of his.

The fair skinned male accepted the kiss without a word as he held Nathan's head in his hands and delve deeper into the kiss. His ass loosening with every push of the white member inside of him, Arbane wrapped his legs around the royal and pulled him closer.

With one arm, I wrapped it underneath Arbane to pull him closer to me while I stroked his member with my other hand. "Let me know...when you're ready...and we'll...cum together," I panted and grunted to the love of my life.

Holding tighter to his love, the elf said, "I want to erupt while riding you like a horse, my Nathan." He began panting as his face took on a pink hue.

I nod with a smile as I flipped over.Arbane was above me,and I was lying flat on my back. "Well, ride away, my love," I said as Arbane started going up and down on my member.

The elder male rode his dragon like a horse as he bounced off and back onto the youth with every impalement making him moan louder and louder. "Nathan, I'm close!"

"Me...too," I panted. We both got back into missionary style, and I pounded the elf silly.

"Aaaaaaaah...Aaaaaaaah!...AAAAAAAAAaaah!" His moans cresendo as his body trembled in orgasmic splendor. The elf's manhood shot strand after strand of hot, creamy semen onto the scale's sweat glistening body.

I panted and growled as my seed filled the elf's chamber.

The Grand High Elf pulled his lover into a needy, passionate kiss as his legs and arms tightened their hold upon his scalie body.

I kissed him with such love and passion. "I love you, Arbane," I said breathlessly.

"I love you two, my draggling." The elder playfully bit the neck of the dragon as they snuggled in the light of the morning sun shining through the window.

I moaned and chuckled as I snuggled up to my future mate.

Meanwhile, the four protectors were relaxing in the village spa, for they were given some down time by their trainers. Nude and lying on his stomach, Hachiko relaxed as an elfin masseuse worked on his blue fur-covered back muscles. Decland was relaxing in the hot tub with his cousin, as the jackal laidhis head in the feline's shoulder. Teroso was getting his head horn shined as his foot hooves werebeing re-shoed.

One elf comes up to them and said that I would like to see Buddy for a while.

The jackal got out of the tub and put on a pure green robe. After kissing his unicorn passionately on the muzzle, the teen followed the elf to Nathan, who was waiting on a heart shaped bed.

"Buddy... I asked you and your trainer to join me today because I wanted to show Cundir that there's more to you that meets the eye," I said winking at Buddy.

It was then that Buddy noticed the charcoal skinned elf, who was sitting upon the bed. Clad in only a red loincloth, the slender male ran his hand through his long, silver locks and said, "The prince tells me that you are a confident lover. I have to say, your performance during training shows nothing but a lack of confidence. I thought that we could somehow bring something from this experience into training and the battlefield." He cut his eyes at the canine, who flinched from the motion. "I'm waiting, boy."

I walked over to Buddy and hugged him. "It's okay. I'll be mating with you, and you can top him," I whispered.

"If he is enough of a man to top me." The archer, with his trained ears heard the comment. Buddy shyly approached the other man and said, "Sir, I am a confident lover, and I will top you." His voice was authoritative, but respectful.

Then, I watched as Buddy pinned Cundir to the bed and started kissing the elf with passion. I got behind and started kissing along the jackal's shoulders and fingered the elf's chamber to make him submissive for Buddy.

Allowing himself to be pinned and penetrated, the black hued elf moaned softly. In reality, he did like being the bottom, but he put up a front for his own ideals of masculinity. He also wanted to give his pupil reason to ravagehim. He had a thing for being topped by younger men.

Then, Buddy pushed his member into Cundir's chamber. He wasn't waiting to prep him up, but I took the time to tongue thrust Buddy for a while and stroke my member till the time came.

Between the dragon's tongue and his trainer's tight hole, Buddy came pretty quickly from the heat of the moment. Cundir's moans echoed,and he pulled the canine into a lustful kiss. After the kiss was broken, Buddy declared, "Nathan, I'm still hard. Put your princely rod in me and help me show him whose boss!"

I smiled and thrust my member into Buddy's prepped chamber. "With pleasure," I said.

With his fresh load lubing the tight canal of his trainer, Buddy's momentum, driven by the dragon penetrating him from behind, increased. The canine's red, throbbing puphood glided without resistance as the moans of his strict, sexually submissive trainer hit his eardrums, causing him to growl lustfully in the domination. Little known to the youth, this was part of a ritual. All the protectors would have to mate with their trainers as part of an ancient, Elven ritual to deepen bonds with their liege and masters and unlock potential within themselves.

I kept thrusting and thrusting until I whispered in Buddy's ear, "I'm gonna blow...I can't hold it back much longer...is you ready for me to fill you?"

The jackal's assault on his trainer's ass became slow and hard. He was grunting with every impalement, which staccotoed Cundir's moans as he replied, "Yes...my...prince!"

I thrust even harder, and I let out a big growl as my seed entered Buddy's chamber, which made the jackal pop his knot into the elf.

When the bulbous mass forced its way into the elf, the elder male screamed in pleasure as his manly juices coated his and Buddy's torsos. Simultaneously, the Jackal snarled in a display of dominant ecstasy when he came inside of his trainer for the second time, and Nathan's cream filled his insides with the royal's love. The three lay in the middle of the bed in sweaty coitus.

"I love you, Buddy," I whispered to the jackal as I gently nuzzled him.

"I love you too, Nathan." the jackal nuzzled the prince as Cundir nuzzled the canine's neck. "You can be a man, in the bed if not on the battlefield." the archer's voice was gentle instead of its usual stern nature.

"Was that a compliment I heard?" I smirked at the elf,and I thought I felt Buddy's tail wagging.

In fact it was. The jackal's tail brushed against the dragon's scales, for the canine was happy from the complement. Returning the smirk, the black elf replied, "Half a complement. Let's see if the boy can parlay this confidence onto the battle." His words were immediately followed by the placement of butterfly kisses on the golden fur's neck.

I smiled and slowly slipped out of the jackal. Then,I turned my attention to Teroso, who was in the next room with Iorisben

Decland was also in the room, which was a meditation room. The soft, padded floor provided excellent surface for peaceful thoughts. In the room, the Unicorn and ocelot meditated with their master.

"Umm... mayI come in?" I asked softly as I entered the room and sat next to Teroso.

The eldest in the room opened his eyes. The Winter Prince has graced us with his presence. To what do we owe the pleasure?" Ioriben was feigning ignorance. He knew full well of the ritual. The other two opened their eyes and smiled at the scale.

"I was hoping to be with all three of you...That is, if it's alright," I said blushing, but then I felt Decland pull me into a hug and Teroso hugging both me and the ocelot.

The mage chortles at his pupils' acceptance of the dragon's company. "It seems like I can't say no. You do make my students so happy, dear prince." "I'm always happy to see Nathan!" The feline declared as he kissed the scale's cheek. Teroso concurred. "I'll never turn away my liege's company."

"In that case, Ioriben, would you mind showing Decland how much you care for him while I do the same for Teroso?" I asked, removing Teroso's loincloth and tossing it into the air.

The bearded, bald, mocha colored elf gently pulled the spotted feline into a deep passionate kiss. Teroso leaned in and nuzzled the royal lovingly. "What would you like for me to do, my prince?"

"Get on all fours," I said. The moment he was down, I immediately thrust my already slick member into the unicorn's chamber. I knew I should of prepped him first, but since my last mating, my member was already wet with my own seed.

"Oh, my Prince!" The equine murred loudly from the sensation as he planted his hooves into the ground to steady himself for the dragon. Meanwhile, Decland was on his back as Iorisben was straddled over him. The ocelot eagerly worked his muzzle on the elder male as the caster lapped at the puckered flower of the slender feline.

I thrust harder and faster into the unicorn's rear and at last, released my seed inside.

The horse moaned as the warmth of the dragonic cum flowed into his body. "My prince! That was wonderful!" Iorisben was now getting his hole tongued by his eager young pupil. "I love having such an eager student!"

I smiled and kissed Teroso lovingly as I slowly pull out and then start tongue thrusting Decland in his chamber as Teroso does the same to me. "OOOOHHH...I love that tongue of yours," I moaned looking back at Teroso.

The magician repositioned himself over the ocelot's erect, black kithood as Teroso shoved a thick finger into the dragon's needy tailhole. Decland hilted himself up into his teacher's firm, fleshy ass and trembled. "H, h, h, hurry Nathan! I can't make myself wait any longer!"

I nod and had the elf lay on his back, Decland thrusting into him missionary style, me thrusting into the ocelot from behind, and Teroso thrusting his member in me. I moaned as I felt my climax approaching fast.

Teroso, in a rare gesture of selfishness, reached around the royal and tightly gripped the base of his dragonic flesh rod to stave off the orgasm. The equine, driven by something inside of him he understood all too well, began to pound harder into Nathan's tailhole as his unicorn's horn began to surge with magic. The spotted feline receiving and giving in the sexual act moaned from the two way pleasure he was experiencing. Feeling his magical energy churn from within him, his eyes began to glow white, and he began to thrust harder into his master's love hole, causing the old man to start screaming ina mix of pain and pleasure from the energy he was sharing with his prince and pupils.

I gasped and moaned from the pleasure on both sides. I leaned my head back so I could face Teroso and kiss his lips deeply.

Moaning in unison, the equine and ocelot thrust together and came into their lovers. Teroso held his shaking body tightly to the dragon, whom he was kissing, as Decland pulled Iorisben down to his level and bit him hard on the neck. The teeth piercing his skin and the jiiz filling him made the elder mage cum all over his feline pupil's face, causing the big cat to lap it up hungrily after his jaw released..

Once Decland and I were all full of seed, I slipped out of the cat, slipped Teroso's member out of me, and brought both Decland and Teroso in for a three-way kiss. "I love you guys so much," I said as our tongues rubbed together and breathed heavily.

The three casters nuzzle with the dragon as he comes down from his climax. "We love you too, Nathan!" The horse and the feline pant out in unison.

Later, I went back to Arbane, who was by now bathing,and I quietly submerged underwater and surprised him by tickling his feet.

The elder male laughed and huggled his beloved dragon. "How goes the ritual, my Nathan?" He kissed the dragon's muzzle as he held him close.

"Beautifully," I said, "All that's left is Hachi." I hugged Arbane and kissed him.

The elf snuggled in the water with his love. "He and Bahldr are wrestling in the woods"

"Thanks," I said, and I went off to search for them.

Before the dragon took his leave, Arbane kissed him passionately and their bodies almost melted into one.

I returned the kiss and then started stroking the elf's member before I knelt down to suck on it

Having to resist all carnal urges, the elf gently pushed the dragons head away. He looked his lover in the eyes and said, "Nothing would make me happier, but you need to save your energy for your final protector, my love."

I nodded and kissed Arbane one more time. "I promise when this is over, I'll come back to you," I said and then went off to search for Hachi and his trainer.

The fair skinned elf and the Akita are nude as they roll around on the ground in an attempt to own one another. They both put up fierce competition as the sweat and their matchfilled the surrounding area in the makeshift ring: a small clearing in the center of a circle of trees.

I arrive just in time to see Hachi win. I came up behind him and the moment he turned around; I kissed him right then and there. "A kiss for the winner," I said with a smile.

The hound accepted the kiss and cuddled the other male closely. "Thank you, Nathan." He turned to help his trainer getoff the ground, and they both exchanged a smile of congratulations. "Yes, the mutt here has improved greatly," Balhder declared as he slapped the canine's back.

I smiled and watched as Hachi hugged his trainer. "Well, I had you to thank, Bahldr," Hachi said as he pulled the elf into a kiss.

The white haired man accepted the kiss and drove it deeper into the passion of the moment as he groped the supple ass of the blue and white dog. After breaking the kiss, the melee master said, "Are you sure you want to kiss now? After all, sweat and musk is in the air, and there is no telling what kind of trouble we'll get into." He nomed playfully on his furry lover's neck.

"It will be worth it," I said smiling and kissed Hachi and the elf

The brawny elf returned the dragon's kiss as he groped both the dragon's and the Akita's firm rears. Hachiko brought Nathan into a loving, warm embrace as he ran a paw down the toned yet slender scale's chest.

I slipped out of my clothes, and the three of us lay down upon the soft grass.

A few silent moments pass as the trio cuddled together. Nathan noticedthat the Akita has a forlorn look in his eyes.

"Hachi...I want to thank you...for everything. The first time we met, you sensed something good in me, and I thank you for everything afterward. I love you, Hachi," I said as I kissed the Akita.

The hound smiled after the kiss. "Thank you for that, Nathan...I needed that today. I'm afraid that...never mind..."

"Shhh... let's treasure this moment," I said and hugged both Bahldr and Hachi close to me in my arms.

The elf makes the first move by running his hand down Hachiko's body as he kissed Nathan deeply. The hound began nibbling on the scale's neck softly and growled when he felt his trainer fondle his sheathe.

I moaned and then started stroking the elf's member and then bent down to start sucking on it while Bahldr took my place in kissing Hachiko.

The hunting dog held the kiss with the man he was lying beside as the dragon orally serviced the fighter. Then, the canine got on his knees and straddled the elf as he ran his crevice over the man's face. His physical begging was responded by an expert tongue on his tight tailhole.

The elf tongue thrust the dog with love,and I then moved on to sucking Bahldr's member

Stopping after every few licks to lovingly bite the ass of the hound over his face, Bahldr used his tongue to dig deeper into the love tunnel of the canine as the elf used his hand to stroke off the stiffening member of the Akita.

Then, me and the elf start to double stuff the Akita's chamber with our members.

The Akita held himself over his master as the young royal plowed him from behind. Hachiko passionately kissed the elf who held still and steady inside of the dog's rectum while Nathan took the active role in assaulting the canine's hole over and over.

"Ahh...Hachi...I'm gonna blow...Bahldr...are you ready too?" I grunted as I thrust into the dog.

"Almost, my prince! I'm so close, but I need to be pushed over the edge of ecstasy! " The Akita growled from the double penetration as he began to push back harder and harder, and his inflated knot was a sign that he himself was close to climax.

I reached around the Akita and started to stroke his member to keep it in rhythm with the thrusts.

From the dragon's touch, the hound howled as his jet cock shot bullet after bullet of white, canine jizz onto the elf's chest. The feel of the Akita's seed on his chest and tightening tailhole around his and the prince's cocks pushed the warrior over the edge and caused him to erupt in pleasure, painting the inside of the dog's rectum to match the ice dragon's cock.

I hugged Hachi from behind and panted. "I...I love you, Hachi," I said

"I love you too, Nathan." The hound nuzzled the dragon from behind before collapsing onto his trainer. The three cuddled for the next few moments. Later in the day, as the sun was beginning to set. Nathan and all of his protectors were taking a walk in the forest. It was a private getaway for just the five of them. They talked about many things that had nothing to do with the upcoming battle, so they were just enjoying each other's company. "Hey, Nathan," Decland spoke up, "what do you want to do with your life?"

"Well...I'm not really sure. I was hoping to spend the rest of my life with Arbane, and we could raise a family together," I said

"Don't forget about your royal life, my prince," Teroso said in a dutiful yet gentle tone. "You are the son of the King of Winter after all, and there will be times when life will not be soquiet for you." Buddy said in a soft, forlorn voice, "What about Decland, Hachiko and I returning home?"

"Oh yes...but I hope to live a simple life just the same, and I hope you guys will visit me," I said.

"I want to go home," the golden jackal spoke up, "but I don't want to leave my steed..." Reflexively, he latched onto the unicorn's thick, muscular arm and held tightly. "I know how you feel," the feline ran a gentle paw over his cousin's bare back. "I know mom and dad must be worried sick, but I have so many awesome memories here with Nathan and the rest of you." Decland looked up to his canine lover and asked, "What do you thinkHachi?" The Akita was too deep in thought to answer.

"I knew it was only a matter of time before you all had to go back to your own world...but maybe there could be a way of letting you come back anytime you want," I said. "I can ask Arbane or my father when this is all over."

The ocelot pulled Nathan into a tight embrace. Following suit, Hachiko, Teroso, and Buddy join in the group hug, placing the dragon in the middle of a warm circle of love and fur.

I smiled and kissed each and every one of them with love. "I'll miss you all so much," I said, close to shedding tears.

"Well, there's nothing saying that you can't be the Winter Prince from our world, is there? At the very least I'm sure the portal can be right at the palace." The big cat offered the scale a warm, optimistic smile as all four of them hugged the dragon even tighter.

I smile at Decland and kissed him lovingly.

Just then, a rustling in the bushes was heard and the four protectors instinctively turn their backs to the ice dragon in a gesture of protection and surround his slender frame.

Suddenly, there was a flash of fur that dashed past Decland, knocking the cat off his feet. The blur came up and there was a rabbit with very sharp fangs. "Didn't see that coming, did ya?" he sneered,and he sped off into the dark only to attack the group again. Next, came a bull running out of the dark,and he had his horns lowered, ready to ram anything in his way.

Teroso, planting his foothooves firmly into the ground, took the vampiric bull by the horns and held him in place. "You're servants of Exortos, no doubt." He gruntedas he had to match his own strength against the bull's. When the scarlet lapine attempted another strike at the prince, Hachi, wiht his claws drawn, blocks the claws of the assassin. "Well," the rabbit began in a sinister tone of voice, "looks like the draggling's pets have some fight in them." Buddy, quickly helped Decland to his feet.

I started shooting jets of ice at the ground, making the rabbit slip and hit a tree, and then I watched as Hachi pounced on him.

The rabbit nimbly sliped under the Akita and dashed headlong for Nathan's throat. Just as his claw was inches away from the dragon, a yellow barrier encapsulated the royal, and knocked the vampire back. With determination, Decland steppedin front of his friend and lookedupon the perplexed rabbit. Teroso tossed the bull into a nearby clearing and brandished his gauntlets as he ran towards the bovine. In the confusion, the jackal quickly climbed a tree and stood on a branch to survey his chance for a clear shot.

Buddy saw the bull was down and he took aim with a stone, released it and the stone hit the bull in the forehead, knocking him unconscious.

Buddy then used his slingshot to scoop up some smoke pellets and quickly tossedthem to the ground around the rabbit. The projectiles burst into clouds of smoke that surrounded the rabbit. While the attacker tried to reorient himself, a chain of magical energy materializedfrom Decland's barrier and tiedthe lapine up just as Hachiko's sense of smell guided him through the smoke. The hound readied his claws to strike at the rabbit. Teroso's gauntlets glowed with a white energy as he stood over the bull. Fists rose to the air, he preparedto strike.

Suddenly, the bull and the rabbit turnedinto smoke themselves. As vampire lore goes, vampires can turn into mist, a wolf or a vampire bat. "This was just a sample of the destruction our master has planned for you weaklings," sneered the bull's voice,and the mist disappeared. The vampires were gone without a trace.

Disregarding the intruders, the protectors continue to act for their prince. The hunting dog took his feral form and ran to The Grand High Elf to alert him to the danger; Decland, astride on the now feralmorphic Teroso, rushed to tell their master that the barrier must be strengthened; and the golden furred canine took hold of a vine and swung down to Nathan to stay close to his side.

"Oh, Buddy," I said and hugged him tightly. Shortly after, I was brought back to the village and Arbane ran to me. We embraced each other tightly. The elf had tears in his eyes; I shed some as well, for we were both glad that I was alive and safe.

The protectors were having a conference together with their trainers. Cundir spoke up, "We have less time than we have hoped. Soon, we will have to face the Black Serpent's army. We must redouble our preparations."

I was sitting alone in my room...crying...despairing...fearing what would happen if I lost the ones I love.

There was a knock on the door. "Nathan, it's Hachiko. May I come in?"

"Ye...yes," I whimpered still sitting on the bed. My tears were still there and the entire room was covered in snow and ice. "Sorry. Sometimes my powers are triggered by my emotions," I said.

The Akita entered the room, joined the prince in his bed, and pulled the scale into his strong arms and warm fur. "Arbane is tending to the preparations for battle. Me and the others will be sleeping with you in shifts. Teroso is outside the door; Decland and Buddy are helping the troops prepare for war. I know you are sad, but you need your rest. I am here to comfort you and lay with you as you slumber"

I sniffed and wiped my tears as the snow disappeared. "Thank you, Hachi...for everything...I love you so much," I sobbed as I buried my face in his chest.

"I love you too, Nathan. We all do. Hush now, you need to sleep." He gave the dragon a third-eye kiss before pulling the covers over he and the young royal.

I close my eyes and fall fast asleep in Hachiko's arms.

Tale of the Winter Prince Chapter 5: Confidence, Dancing, Underwater Passion, and the Full Moon

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