Blood Moon Chapter 2

A run away f/herm slave, young woman, youngest being later teens 2. a female sorceress, who run in with slavers has left her injured and weak, most likely f/herm from magic experiment gone wrong. 3.

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Let's Make a Story #2! (FINISHED)

Female \> herm f. herm 6. species of animal a. killer whale b. lizard c. kangaroo d. hyena e. sergal f. gryphon g. llama h. weasel 7. degree of tf a. bestial anthro (half n' half) b. feral c. taur d. other? 8. trigger of tf a.

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Chronicles of the Wasteland Warrior Chapter 1: Prologue

The story in general will contain m/herm, f/herm, m/f, and m/f/herm, a bit of non-con as well as action, romance, and some silliness.

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Sample #2: Transformation, M/F->Herm

"What does it do?" Triesta pried the vial out with one of her long, manicured claws, her sleek feline tail twitching in curiosity. "Drink it and see," her newlywed husband, Gabbro replied. "It's only temporary. But if you like it, there's a...

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david's college days part four

David had to do a double take sarah had a penis and boobs but no pussy she was an m/herm/f/herm david could never tell the difference.

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A Dance for the Night (part two)

Fox/wolf, f/herm, anal, bizzare ~~disclaimer: this story contains material not meant for those below the age of 18. you know the rest of the speil. if your not supposed to be here, leave now.

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My life as a slave

Keywords: dragoness, vixen, bondage, master/slave, f/herm, feudal japan, assassin, exhibitionism, rape, whipping my name is reika and i am a slave. my mistress placed me in my cage and chained me because i disobeyed her orders.

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Demon from within the Closet Part 1

This story has two main tags: [f/solo], and [f/herm]. ctrl+f the tag in order to arrive at the particular scene involving that tag.

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Lycan Awakening

The lines of reality had long since blurred. Over time, many of the people between realms had come to accept that they were not alone in their universe. Humans had taken it the hardest, grating and fighting...

Splintered Chromosomes Ch. 8

I tapped my fingers against the throttle in time with Motley crew's Kick start my heart blasting from the speakers and with a quiet giggle I rolled my SR-71 Raven onto its side and looked down at the earth miles below as I tore through the...

Erika Whitehoof - Chapter 2

#2 of whitehoof [f/herm] [excessive cum] [breast growth] [anal] [tauren] [elf] [inflation] **whitehoof - chapter 2** by biodaemon2 the magically fueled lust that had taken over the tauren girls body had exhausted erika so completely

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Tammy Ch 3

With this part of the project figured out, Tammy finally felt like she could take a moment to breathe. She hadn't really been exploring the city much at all, which was really a pity. Heck, she'd not even gone back to Cadi and Dawn's place. She walked...

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