How to Train Four Raptors

Story by Cheetahs on SoFurry

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A success driven trainer finds out just how much her four raptors love her in quite the unexpected way...

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Who wouldn't give anything for the chance to train four beautiful exotic creatures? I know I wouldn't miss the chance. But does Lythia, an aspiring trainer, think the same way? She sees her squad of four raptors as nothing more than an investment, and the approaching contest gives Lythia the opportunity to become financially sound and renowned at the same time.

Yet to do so, she must ruthlessly train her raptors and make sure they can obey without question. That means long training sessions, a moderate amount of food from keeping the lizards from getting too fat and lazy, and an extra, tasty treat courtesy to one of her fellow colleagues who decided throwing out female arousal bombs in a pen full of males is a good idea.

Fortunately, Lythia has the means to deal with that. Pleasuring raptors is no problem for a woman who can deal with anything. Lythia thinks she's in control, but she soon finds out her raptors have their own lesson to teach, and she's poorly prepared to become their student...


Lythia didn't sleep that well. Night caught her fretting, and in the morning little had changed. She kept thinking about the competition looming next Friday. She had less than a week to train her squad to perfection, meaning they had to listen to their trainer like an obedient dog, amuse the crowd with all manners of tricks and games, and most importantly, work as a team.

That was the hardest part. Raptors might have hunted in packs, yet they were at odds with each other like cats and dogs. None was really alike. Not in her squad, at least. Perhaps buying them from different breeders was a mistake, after all. Lythia aimed to avoid gene defects, and she succeeded. Her raptors were perfectly healthy, and as different as the men that handed her the eggs two years ago or so.

Where did she buy them from, again? Amethyst, the youngest male, belonged to a bearded man standing side by side with his boy. Lythia vaguely remembered their soothing voices and radiant smiles as they persuaded her to grab the violet speckled egg. The color was pleasing to the eyes, sure, but nobody knew what hid inside apart from the creature's gender.

Lythia caved in. Warm words got to her better than most other approaches. In that regard, Amethyst had something in common with his vendors. He had a gentler nature than the rest of his kin, an uncommon trait among raptors that attracted appropriate disdain from the rest of the squad.

Jade was a week older than Amethyst. Lythia remembered that perfectly, because she bought their eggs the same day. Canara, her trusty friend and trainer-in-training suggested something a little greener than the dull emerald color blessing the scaly hides of most common raptors. Lythia went with it, and paid a good amount of money to the spindly ranger that handed her the emerald egg.

Amber was acquired three weeks before. She went alone on that trip, gripped by the desire to grab a playmate for the first raptor egg she acquired. Onyx was her first. She won him in a silly dancing contest where she showed off her fighting skills more than her dancing moves. The crowd loved that, and the black egg streaked with red stripes was her fitting reward. Amber was her first real purchase though. Lythia was very proud when she snatched his egg from a traveling wench that babbled about how tasty raptor eggs were. She knew nothing, of course, and her eggs were liberated for a pittance faster than she could say smelly hag.

"They're all so big now. So old," Lythia mumbled silently as she stared at the blank ceiling above. "Time passes so fockin' fast. Few years back I watched 'em hatch, and now I'm about to enter my first freakin' contest. This is tough. Fockin' freakin' tough. I don't even have a combo piece. How the fock am I going to widen the cunt mouths of the jury without a combo?"

She fretted about the most difficult part of a training exercise for the better part of an hour. That left her even more tired, significantly more cranky, and with a sour taste in her mouth.

"No," her heavy palm fell upon her cheek, hard enough to sting. "If ya wanna complain, do it after the fockin' contest. Otherwise is just a waste o' time, like fockin' sleepin' an' ponderin'. Get to work. Up. Up!"

She rolled out of the bed. The floorboards creaked under her weight. Lythia undressed from her pajamas and headed towards the training clothes piled on her chair. They reeked of raptor, mud, and sweat, three scents well known to any perseverant trainer. Lythia put on the tawny shirt, jumped into her frayed blue jeans, and headed right outside.

Sun fell on her skin when she opened the door, its weak warmth hinting at early morning. Not that she needed a watch to keep track of the passing of time. Nothing screamed morning quite as loud as the boisterous birds perching on the tall trees surrounding her little farm. Lythia saw quite a lot of flapping activity today. This was usually a good omen. If a day started in such a vigorous fashion, that meant she had the necessary strength to pull off her fabled twelve hour shift.

"Better get goin'."

Lythia headed straight towards the raptor pens. The temptation to eat was there, but she wasn't feeling like wasting more time given how lazy she was in bed. She drank five palms of water from the water feeder she had outside the fence, then unlocked the iron portcullis.

She didn't have to walk much. The raptor squad was already on its feet, regarding her with four pairs of eyes as different as the markings decorating the beasts' scaly hides. Onyx and Amber took a step forward, distancing themselves slightly from their submissive brethren.

"Fockin' gimme a moment," Lythia stretched a hand to stop the curious Onyx. The other three raptors flanked her, claws flexing, heads tilting this way and that as they took in her scent.

Lythia approached a bit more to please the beasts, ignoring their different sets of vocalizations. Raptors made all sorts of noises when they liked or hated something.

"Alright. We have runnin', leapin', huntin', prey...gotta find fockin' rabbits or something faster since Alex stole my jumpin' balls. Fockin idiot if I ever knew one. After that comes playin', more runnin' around, add in a bit o' brawlin cause humpin' in the mud is a rising trends among the dickheads, and what else...? What else? Oh right, my combo. Gotta think o' that too..."

Lythia squinted her eyes as she moved from one raptor to the other. She had four of them. Four males. What could she possibly do with them to win the jury's favor? That was the million dollar question. Lost in thought, she failed to notice one of the raptors' heads sneaking behind her back. Its oozing nostrils blew a warm gust of air, and its slimy tongue lashed between her fingers the span of a heartbeat.

Lythia pulled her hand back in a blink, giving the middle finger to the curious Amethyst. "Do that again, and I'm gonna get you to climb that," she pointed at the sentinel tree growing on the far end of the pen.

The raptor tilted his head, eyes sparkling with confusion.

"Yeah. Lets see how your fancy claws can handle that."

The raptor blinked, then hissed. One of his brothers nudged his neck. Amethyst ignored the prodding until teeth got involved. He whirled his head around, snarling at the annoying sibling. That got them all riled up. Amber and Onyx teamed up, advancing upon their retreating brothers. Jade pressed into Amethysts' hide, and, encouraged by his sibling's lack of retaliation, he snapped back at his bigger brethren. The whole squad bared their fangs, hissing at one another.

"Cut it," Lythia clapped her palms. "Come on, you aren't fockin' hatchlings."

They were, only bigger, meaner, and scalier.

"I said cut it!" She stomped the ground with a heavy boot, slamming her palms with quaking blows until all four pairs of eyes looked back at her.

"Do I have your attention now?"

Onyx opened his maw to hiss. Drool fell along the side of his jaw. Amber wasn't pleased to have his scales dirtied by all that falling goo, so he accidentally pressed into Jade, who lashed out with his claws. The conflict disappeared in the thundering clack of Lythia's palms.

"Stop arguin' and listen to me, you scaly focks. I see one of you misbehavin', and I'm gonna get mad."

Her aggressive tone put them back into place.

"Alrigh'. We're gonna train like last time, boys. Work hard till noon, rest a bit, then push on for another hour or so. I'll give you your meal then, to put some juice into those raptor haunches. Then, we'll continue workin' again till sun falls. If I catch one of you fockin' with my schedule, I'm gonna feed your meal to the others and cut on the special menu. Got any objections?"

Apparently no, as far as raptors could express themselves.

"Good," Lythia rubbed her hands together. "Lets do this, champs."

The day officially started with the hissing complaints of her lazy raptors. Lythia wasn't easy on them. She made sacrifices too, purposely skipping breakfast. She had a quicker mind when hungry, and fleeter feet. She split her raptors in pairs. Jade and Amber chased each other around the forest, leaving Onyx sad and alone. Being the alpha of the squad, he had the intense delight of receiving the most menial of tasks. He walked behind Lythia, who guided him along a pre-established track while his smaller sibling Amethyst nipped at his tail.

"Harder," she pointed back and slapped Onyx' neck when he showed displeasure. "You gotta deal with pain, m'boy. Think this is unfair? Alex' squad will eat you alive."

As she walked with Onyx, Lythia's mind churned. She needed to get ahead of Alex. He was stupid as a sack of bricks and lazier than a sloth, but his brother packed some serious knowledge inside that shovel-shaped head. He knew what buttons to press to get the girls to behave, and since three days ago he also found out the perfect way to eliminate competition. Acorns, pine needles, and other inconspicuous garbage soaked in female arousal made their way into Lythia's forest. The smallest whiff drew every male insane with lust. Lythia found that out just how effective this was three days days ago, when her boys almost raped Canara during the feeding time.

"She can handle herself. Canara's tough. Tougher than me, perhaps, but peh. Who am I kiddin'? She fockin' goes out there to gather mushrooms with only a knife. A fockin' knife!" Lythia turned towards Onyx. "What would you do if I stuck a knife in this pretty hide o' yers?" she jabbed a finger between his nostrils.

Onyx clamped, but not fast enough. "Kill me with your breath? Might work," Lythia laughed and tickled him again, and again, keeping him distracted until Amethyst's teeth got a proper growl out of the raptor's throat.

That's when she needed to invest a little bit more effort to pacify the feisty creatures. After she smothered the conflict between these two, she summoned the others back at her side and continued with the harder, focus driven exercises.

Hours passed slowly with a growling stomach. Lythia really kept to her schedule, training her raptors until the sun fell through the lush canopy in its earnest. She wiped her sweaty brow, flinging the salty water towards the ground.

"We need to practice more huntin'. Onyx, I noticed you're far too quick on gettin' yer teeth around things. They're your brothers, not your prey. You hurt them, you hurt me, and I'm not goin' to allow that to happen."

Onyx crouched and growled, expressing his obvious displeasure.

Lythia turned to Amber. "You're too fockin slow, son. This isn't a game. Run faster, like your life depends on it. It has to look real otherwise those wankers are getting their guns out. Do I look like I want to be judged by idiots?"

Amber couldn't care one bit. He settled on the ground to lick his sickle-like claw.

"Fockin hatchling is what you are. And you?" she pointed at the remaining two. "You're fockin' terrible at fighting. Cut on the licks. Out with the nuzzlin' This isn't a fockin' cute fest, nor some perverted mating prelude. Get these teeth out," she pulled up Jade's lips, much to the raptor's annoyance. "Yeah. Show them like you mean it!"

Amethyst hissed. He wasn't fond of seeing his brother roughly handled.

"Step," Lythia pointed towards his feet. "Take one more, and you'll see what-"

He lunged at her. The pesky bastard! She was quick enough on her feet to back away, but the harm was already done. Onyx lashed back to protect her, giving the start to a growly, toothy raptor conflict. Claws lashed out, jaws snapped and grabbed, flinging saliva everywhere, and tails lashed about as the group fell into chaos.

"Alright boys, you brawled enough," Lythia clapped thrice. "Cut it, or I'm gonna bare me own fangs."

They didn't even hear her.

"Cut this shite. Hey! Onyx. Stop fockin' bitin'!"

Too late. His jaws already latched around Amethyst's fore leg, drawing a sharp cry that made Lythia's hairs stay on end. She went in there, punching Onyx' in the throat until his grip relented. He turned on her as soon as he had the chance. Lythia jumped back, then rolled when he tried to grab her, coming to a stop on the ground. Onyx lunged with his open maw, almost grabbing her leg before Jade slammed into him head first. Both of them fell on the ground, becoming easy prey for their remaining brethren.

"Stop now. STOP! Freakin fockin stop!"

If only they listened instead of battling like fucking hatchlings. Lythia got onto her feet and turned towards the house.

"Canara! Bring the fockin sludge bucket!"

Their angry growls and yowling cries tugged at her heart with each passing beat.

"Canara, where the fuck are you?"


In the house, judging by her high pitched voice. "Get the fockin' bucket ready. My boys are...fockin stop that, will you?" She slapped Onyx over the nose and jumped back swiftly enough to avoid meeting his snapping jaws.

"Stop. Just-"

Being the second in charge, Amber took advantage of Onyx' distraction and nipped his tail, forcing the raptor to kick himself free. That left him exposed to his two other siblings, who took advantage of the situation to claw, grab, and restrain their leader. That set off a chain reaction between the whole group.

"I'm here!" Canara finally said.

Lythia peeked behind her shoulder to see her team mate frown in dismay at the bantering raptors.

"Slow again. Next time be on your toes," Lythia grabbed the blue bucket from her stiff hand. "I'm not keeping you here to watch them you know."

"I just-"

"Leave it," Lythia waved her dismissively. "Just take a step back and lemme deal with this crap. I'll call if I need your help."

She dipped one hand inside the sticky sludge. The contents were still surprisingly warm. Lythia grabbed the sponge, bathed it quickly inside the gooey fluid, then held it as close as she could towards the raptors.

They all froze when the first droplets touched the ground. One by one, the raptors rolled on their bellies, stretching their necks towards the dripping sponge. Their nostrils widened in the same manner as the black slits of their eyes as they inhaled the heavy scent of a female in heat. Lythia swiped the soaked sponge along their curious noses, bathing their senses with the most pleasant treat a male could receive. In the span of a few heartbeats, her raptors went from bantering to snarling with desire. They got up on their feet, sniffing and lashing with their tongues at bare air as they tried to taste the oozing delight. Lythia noticed their members poking eagerly from the shelter offered by the hard slit nestled between their legs.

"Smells good, yes? Want more?" she allowed each male to get a good lick of the translucent treat. "Come with me. Yes, you two," she separated Onyx and Amethyst and waved for Canara to grab the other two.

"But...I don't have a bucket!"

"Get one then you stupid cunt. I don't want raptor cum all over my yard, bitch."

"Gaaah!" Canara groaned and rushed to shepherd her raptors towards the house. "Come on, boys. Lets beat that wench at her own game."

Lythia gritted her teeth. There was no way the apprentice could beat the master, especially not when she had the juice of life squeezed between her fingers. She pressed harder onto the dribbling sponge. Her two raptors flicked their tongues out, moaning strangely at the overly intense fragrance that soon dribbled all around their soaked snouts. Lythia picked her pace, leading both of them towards the tree stump she often used as a bench.

A shuddering growl made her heart leap in her chest. She looked back to see Jade's trembling tail.

"One's done!" Canara's yell came.

Lythia's blood quickened in her veins. Canara milked Jade for all his worth, then propped the bucket right between Jade's shivering legs. The raptor thrust into it, cumming so hard against the bucket's edge that drops of pearlescent fluid flew all around his belly to land near his curling claws.

"Fuck," she hissed. Something warm played along her fingers. When she turned, Lythia's jaws further pressed onto one another. Both raptors licked and slurped the juice from the soaked sponge with greedy licks, trilling with delight. She looked between their legs to see who was more aroused. Both had their members fully out and throbbing about, though Amethyst was definitely the wetter one. Cloudy drops fell from his tip constantly, a testimony to his unbridled desire to mate.

"Wait your turn," she pushed Onyx's snarling snout back. "I'm doing you first, Amy. C'mere."

It only took a rub along the raptor's jaw to gain his benevolence. Amethyst was her dearest of the four. He was more gentle and obedient than his brothers, yet he wasn't afraid to defend himself when challenged. In that regard, he was almost like her.

"I know you like them long and hard, but I have to do you fast this time. Sorry 'bout this, Amy. I hope you understand."

The raptor closed his violet eyes under Lythia's quick caress. She stroke his head to get him used to her touch, then slid along his side. His muscles were stone hard, shivering with the strain he harbored underneath his tail. Lythia licked her lips once, took a short breath, and grabbed the raptor's member inside her hand.

Amethyst throbbed with a hissing snarl. His wet member expanded in her grip, rubbing against her skin as the raptor thrust into her hand, sliding the whole length of his slimy, tapered member against Lythia's curling fingers.

"F-fuck," she cursed as she slit all the way into his slit, where his fluid drenched muscles constricted with a hard, pumping spurt.

Lythia felt the surge as it traveled along his engorging cock, a wild and powerful force as magnificent as the creature itself. With a sharp cry, Amethyst lowered himself into half a crouch, pushing as hard as he could into Lythia's grip. She pumped her curling fingers around his member, yet nowhere fast enough to prolong the raptor's bursting bliss. The drops turned into streams, and soon enough he started shooting whole spurts of precum. Lythia wasn't prepared when he came. Amethyst's seed rushed out like a storm, driving into the bucket so hard she almost dropped it.

Lythia closed her eyes. Pelting drops of warm cum splattered over her shirt, belly, and face in the second it took to lift the bucket over the raptor's erupting cock. Once that was done, she held the raptor sheltered within the bucket's tall walls. She worked her grip up and down along his smooth member to facilitate the flow of his seed. Amethyst came with short bursts, working his muscles as hard and fast as he could while he cried out his bliss. The jets turned thicker and stronger. The smell of his seed was like a mixture between citrus and saltwater, and rose all around his spurting member.

Lythia scrunched her nose at that, trying her best to resist the temptation of licking her lips. Raptor seed tasted as strange as it smelled, and on a full stomach it had the potential to cause digestive distress. Thankfully, Lythia had nothing inside her but a willingness to trample Canara's dreams of being first. She inserted two fingers inside Amethyst's slit, scratching the base of his cock while her others worked around his pumping shaft. Raptors liked the feeling of being fully buried inside their mate, and thus were a lot more receptive near their slits. When Amethysts' spurts slowly lessened, Lythia released his cock, slapping his flank with her messy hand.

"Away, dear," she waved towards Onyx. "Your turn."

Amethyst pushed his head into her chest to give her a lick. Lythia pushed him back with all her strength.

"Not now, you stupid lizard. Go. Shoo!" She slapped his nostrils hard enough to annoy him. "Leave!"

He backed away a few steps, then dropped on the ground to clean his still oozing spurting member. Lythia peeked between his legs for a bit. It was kind of cute to see raptors care for their genitals like dogs did, yet Onyx' desperate hiss didn't allow her much in the sense of a break.

"Turn around," she signaled with a whirling finger.

The raptor took that a bit too seriously, whipping his tail over her ducking head.

"That's not what I freakin' meant, but whatever. I can still work."

She bent her back forward, ducked her head under the raptor's lengthy tail, and reached for his malehood. Onyx tensed as soon as she grabbed his rock hard cock, but unlike Amethyst he held his ground.

Lythia started stroking him with swift, circling strokes, swirling from tip to base like a jumping spring. She grabbed hard around his tensing meat, insisting on the slightly ridged head. Onyx dug his claws into the ground when she tickled his opening. His tail swished to the side. A low growl left his throat, and he looked back with what seemed to be the most pleading gaze Lythia ever saw in a raptor. His crimson eyes were half-lidded with pleasure, making him look quite cute given how much his pupils widened. He panted, hard, half of his pointy tongue rolling in and out of his drooling maw.

"Come on, cum already," she quickened her strokes, looking back every so often. Canara grabbed Amber with both hands, pounding his member like it was a tough roll of batter. It was no surprise the poor male growled his heart out and bent forward, almost falling head first into the ground under the overwhelming weight of harsh stimulation.

He was going to cum within the next seconds, and there was nothing Lythia could do aside from pumping up her own efforts. She slammed Onyx's slit with a closed fist, then spread her fingers inside his nest of flesh, grabbing his member right from its origin. The raptor snapped his jaws at her. The threatening gesture was nowhere near as shocking as his lashing tail. It came down right along Lythia's back, forcing her jaws shut with rippling pain.

"Grah. Just..." she went down the whole length member around his member. "Just fucking cum already!"

Jade's cries filled the yard.

"No way... in hell... he's cumming before you do," Lythia slid onto the ground and grabbed the bucket between her legs. She delved both hands into Amethysts' warm seed, grabbed a hefty amount between her cupping palms, and splashed Onyx's cock with his sibling's sticky essence. Then, she started stroking him with both hands, one to grab and hold him at the slit while the other rubbed around his head, over and over again.

Onyx's legs crumbled under his bulk, a yowling cry escaping his clattering maw. His tail fell on her shoulder, where it shuddered and shook like the rest of the raptor's body. His member acquired the strength of stone, and remained that way for a couple of heartbeats before Onyx finally unleashed his burdening essence.

Lythia held her breath when his climax hit. The bucket exploded with the might of his release. Drops of warm seed pelted her all over during the first few heavy spurts. Onyx choked on his growl, crying from how good it felt. He desperately thrust a few times, and when his member found no proper sheath, he scrambled onto his legs.

"N-no. Don't do that!" Lythia said desperately as his slimy cock slipped from her grip the next time he throbbed. With his member freed, the raptor thrust his pounding erection all over the place in a desperate attempt to insert himself back into his imaginary female. Lythia grabbed around his cock, but Onyx was too wild once he reached his peak. He backed right into her face, streaking her legs with stripes of his hot essence before his member slammed right into her face. Lythia took hold of the slimy member, yet she couldn't prevent his oozing seed from ramming straight into her crotch. It was too hot, too wild, and undeniably stimulating. She almost choked on her breath as the intense pressure worked through the fabric of her frayed jeans to tickle away at her gender. For three spurts, she rolled her eyes in her sockets and shivered as wildly as the raptor, trying to stifle the primal groan that resurfaced from her throat.

The fettering bliss lasted only a few heartbeats. When her bearings returned to her, Lythia grabbed onto the raptor's spurting cock and managed to direct the stream between her splayed legs. Onyx still thrust and growled, his gushes turning progressively weaker until his cock emptied itself of every drop of seed.

"You're done," Lythia said, her lips feeling wet and gross due to the droplets of stray seed burdening them. "Come on. Go away. What are you looking at?"

Onyx slid his tongue along her leg, washing away his own mess with a broad swipe. She allowed the raptor to continue his treatment. It felt kinda good to have such an experienced tongue lapping away the milky splotches, but Onyx outstayed his welcome when he pushed his curious nose into her crotch.

"Do that again. I dare you."

Onyx looked into her eyes, blinked, and poked his tongue out yet again. Lythia caught it mid lick and pressed her forehead between the raptor's nostrils.

"Challenge me again. I double dare you, you son of a lizard!"

Onyx hissed right in her face. His breath reeked of seed and fetid meat, but Lythia held her ground, dominating the raptor until he backed away.

"Take your brother's example and clean yourself for crying out loud. I swear, if I see a single drop falling on my grass, I'm gonna cut your next meal in half."

Onyx started cleaning himself much to his brother's enjoyment. Amethyst sniffed along his crimson streaked haunches, picking off the stray drops with his agile tongue.

Lythia shook her head. She bred raptors, not kittens. Sometimes, even Amethysts's gentler side was too much for her to bear. She grabbed the bucket in her messy hand and strolled over to Canara, who had an annoyingly smug look about her.

"Beat you to it by at least half a minute, boss. Did you see how-"

Lythia cut her off. "I'll show you beating next time, bitch. You just wait."

"Gosh, you really are mad!" Canara waved for her to sit. "I wasn't serious, you know. That Raptor Reaver contest is a lot more important than these pervy raptor games or whatever the heck they are."

"I...yeah, you're right," Lythia took a seat, placing the bucket between her legs. Canara frowned when she looked inside. Her own bucket was halfway filled with pearlescent essence, whereas hers barely held a quarter.

"Yeah. He came all over me instead of aiming where it counts," Lythia said. "I could've taken you if Onyx wasn't such a bastard. I swear to God he does it on purpose."

Canara smiled. She ran a finger along a drop of seed, rubbing the substance between her fingers. "Maybe you should spend a bit more time with him. Show him another side of you. Dominatrix works well during training, but..."

"But what?" Lythia frowned. "Shall I cuddle him? Recite bed time stories? Speak sweet words into his ears? He's an animal for crying out loud, and he should be damn pleased I stroke his cock aside from filling his belly at my own expense and sanity."

Canara pursed her lips and looked the other way. "I know the contest is important for you, Lyth...but you weren't always so success driven. Remember why you started your own squad."

"To make money," she grabbed Canara's shoulder and looked into her cerulean eyes. "Canara, despite what you may think, I always viewed these beasts as an investment. I inserted a certain capital into their hatching, feeding, and training, and now it's time to get that money back. This contest IS the sum of everything I did since I bought these scaly bastards. If we win, you can get your own squad and do whatever the fock you want." she tried to smile, but only ended up looking even more pissed. "What do you say about training your team, eh?"

"It''s nice," Canara admitted with a half hearted smile. "But I'm not sure if I'm willing to part ways with Jade, and Amber, and Amethyst. Even Onyx grew on me, as hard headed as he might be."

Lythia patted her shoulder. "Next time, he'll grow inside you. Tomorrow, we're switching."

"Mhm," she nodded. "Yeah. We should get rid of these though," Canara peeked towards her bucket.

"Let me," Lythia offered. "Since I'm messy and all."

"Don't shower yet," Canara handed over the raptor essence. "They like it messy."

"This time, I'll take your advice. Go prepare them. I'll be back in a minute."

Lythia weighted Canara's words on her way to the outhouse. The buckets were rather heavy in her slender arms, especially the one filled by Amber and Jade. A quick look revealed almost three quarters filled with viscous sludge. Lythia turned her nose at the permeating stench and kept her eyes on the beaten path. It was hard to see nature's beauty for what it was when a particular thought became lodged in her head, yet the wind's gentle caress and the sun's pleasant warmth slowly smoothened the furrows darkening the trainer's stern face.

"I'm gonna go eat after this, and train those bastards till sunset. Have to feed them too though. Wonder how much meat is left..." Lythia mumbled to herself as she stood in front of the latrine's door. "Meh. One thing at a time."

The smell of waste was far less pleasing than raptor seed, so Lythia worked quickly. She laid down the heavier bucket, then tilted her remaining one at a sharp enough angle to allow the contents to spill into the latrine's hole. The trickle turned heavier after the first few seconds. Near the middle, the seed was at its thickest. Lythia turned the bucket over. Everything spilled in one go, with a squelching sound that reminded her of the yolk she used in cakes.

"Fockin' gross," Lythia mumbled.

She picked the next bucket and repeated the procedure. She wanted to look away this time, yet something kept her eyes glued to the pearlescent fluid patched with milky splotches. It looked rich, smelled rich, and tasted quite the same, as disgusting as that was. Lythia had to give this sludge the credit it deserved. Gross or not, it represented the years of investment she fed into her raptors. Their healthy seed was a clear sign how well they matured, and how long they would keep producing wealth for her.

"Milkin' them till the seed runs dry," Lythia smiled. She upturned the bucket, grinned when she heard the heavy splash from below, then came out with two empty buckets.

She ate lunch, as planned, and trained her squad as promised. By sundown, her raptors were so worn out even arguing between themselves felt like a tiresome chore. Lythia led them all to the common pen and locked them together. Bonding was an integral part of any team, and raptors were no exempt from this rule.

"Sleep well. If you need anything, just growl or somethin'."

They followed her movements as she left. Lythia went inside without as much as a flinch. She cooked dinner with Canara and planned the following days until the sky darkened.

It must have been near midnight when her raptors got really noisy. Lythia went out to investigate, leaving Canara behind in case Alex or some other douche decided to pay a visit.

"Anything?" Canara's voice came.

Lythia scanned the surroundings. Even the branches of the trees barely shifted. There was nothing to report. Absolutely nothing.

"Get in the fockin' house and watch the windows. Don' want those assholes to bomb the house with female cum."

"That's mega stupid. I'll be here in case-"

"Inside. I'm not arguing," Lythia insisted.

Canara was so dense sometimes. Only after she head the door banging Lythia headed towards the raptor pens. She passed by each enclosure, squinting her eyes in the looming darkness.

She drew in a sharp breath when she noticed the lock on the main shelter was missing.

"I forgot to lock it? Fockin' 'ell, can't remember shit... Onyx? Amy? You around?"

Leaves rustled from behind. Lythia turned on her heels, coming face to face with something big and warm.

"Haah!" she jumped back, slamming against the iron bars. "It's...Are the hell did you get out?"

Onyx slowly advanced towards her, keeping the same blank expression about his face. He didn't even blink, fixing her with his vermilion eyes while the rest of the squad appeared on either side, adopting the same stalking approach.

Lythia spread her arms to the sides, bending her knees softly, like a predator biding his time to pounce. "Easy, boys. I just came to check on you for cryin' out loud. Had to make sure that focker Alex didn't play his dirty tricks again."

They kept advancing, approaching dangerously close to her personal space.

"Ok, that's far enough. Next step you take is going to cost you breakfast."

They took that extra step.

"Lunch. Dinner!" Lythia slowly retracted her arms as they pushed their heads through. The raptors touched her from all sides, their warm breath rolling through her sweaty, smelly, seed soaked shirt.

"Ok...I'm not going to punish you, but I'll reward each and every one of you handsomely if you give me a clue on what the fock you want. Seed? Is it pleasure you're after?" Lythia said, seeking solace into Amethyst's eyes.

The raptor bowed his head, nudging her arm with the tip of his snout. Lythia lifted her hand and flinched when the creature rubbed into her limp palm. Slowly, Jade and Amber imitated their brother, rubbing along her arms and legs, trilling with that guttural sound that was between a growl and a hiss. They liked something. Her smell, or the promise of a reward. Lythia wasn't completely sure. She tentatively stroke each raptor, going over and around their heads, tickling their chins, caressing their necks and treating them like overgrown, scaly dogs.

It was bizarre, and strange, and scary at the same time. Raptors were wild creatures. Smarter and more cunning thanks to genetic enchantments, but still retaining the instincts and traits that made them the dangerous creatures that they were.

Onyx hissed, and suddenly all the raptors pulled back.

Lythia flinched. She remained completely still as Onyx leaned is head forward, making sure to keep his sharp teeth bared when he poked into her chest.

"You want a rub too?" she asked with a meek smile.

Onyx shook his head, then pointed his widening nostrils towards the forest stretching behind the fence.

"Freedom? Is that what you want?"

He poked her chest again, trilling louder.

Lythia crossed her arms over her chest to appear a bit more imposing. "I can't free you yet. There's a contest to win, and more money to make. This is your home, for fock's sake. Why would you-"

Onyx cut her off with a growl. He looked at Jade. Lythia did too, before a hard prod shoved her into Amber's awaiting grip. Lythia winced at the sharpness of his claws. His little arms were not overly kind to her skin.

"Amber..." she said softly, grabbing around his neck. "Please...make him understand. Please..."

She wasn't so lucky. The raptor released his clutch and poked her like his brethren did before, making sure she kept her eyes towards the forest. Lythia was still unsure about this strange behavior.

Then Amethyst came at her side. The raptor's blooming eyes stared into hers for a couple of heartbeats before his snout rubbed into her arm and pointed towards the forest.

"Fockin're really forcing me to do this, aren't ya?"

Four different pitched growls answered her at the same time. Not even the most talented trainers had the means to escape this predicament. With unsure steps, Lythia walked towards the fence, flanked by her four raptors. They directed her towards the door, then told her to open it in their wordless ways.

Lythia pretended to work on the lock, feigning effort and frustration.

"Gah!" She threw her arms up, getting a few hisses out of her entourage. "I can't open it without the key, and the key is in the fockin' house. I need to go grab it."

Onyx bumped into Jade, who rushed towards the house in a storm of flying debris. He returned a minute later, with the whole key chain jingling inside his clutch.

Clever bastard. Lythia half heartedly procured the key that opened the lock. Canara was probably behind this, with her delusional thoughts of friendship and bonding. She had to be disciplined, of course. Punished for such insolence. But right now, Lythia knew she needed to focus on a way to escape this peculiar situation. She walked out of the pen, with all four raptors surrounding her. They bumped heri n the back, forcing her to pick up the pace. Lythia sped up into a jog, breathing heavily as her strides slowly lengthened into a full blown dash. The light dimmed the farther she ran. With the moonlit forest soon covering everything around her, Lythia forced her mind into overdrive. She had to come up with something, fast, yet four raptors weren't exactly a breeding ground for creativity. There wasn't much she could do against them. Lythia had rags to wear. They had scales. She had her fists, whereas they had sharp claws and deadly teeth.

She was severely unmatched to fight them, and outnumbered, so all she could do was obey their whims and wait to see how much weirder this night could get.

They all stopped in a clearing, where the moon's light revealed more of the surroundings. Lythia looked around to see trees, panting raptors, bushes, and more trees.

She was truly and utterly secluded from civilization, and completely alone.

"Where...where the hell did you take me?" she turned to Onyx. "Why here? This isn't your home! Isn't where I fockin' raised you."

The raptor growled at her, bared fangs dripping with saliva. Lythia took a few steps back. Onyx was a bit more imposing than his squad, but never did he look so imposing. The way the light fell on his dark scales accentuated the vertical stripes streaking his back all the way to his tail. His pupils dimmed slightly in the silvery light, making his vermilion eyes sparkle with frightening beauty.

"Alright, stop," Lythia held her hand forth as she attempted to bargain with the creature. "Whatever it is, I can provide, and you know that."

He probably did. But that didn't mean he had to stop. Leaning his head forward, Onyx encroached upon her, making the distance between them smaller with each measured step.

Lythia stepped back, again and again, until she met something hard. She knew it wasn't tree. Trees weren't warm, didn't hiss, and lacked any form of claws or teeth. She glanced behind. Amber's fiery eye blinked at her.

"F-fock me," Lythia's eyes darted to the sides. The other two raptors formed a complete circle around her. A circle that kept narrowing with each breath she took.

"Wait. Onyx. Amber. Jade, Amy. We can bargain. We're my fockin' clutch. I raised you. All of you!"

And what a marvelous choice that was, to have her money making hatchlings turn from chicken-sized twats into deadly, menacing, hissing reptiles.

Onyx lunged forward. Lythia closed her eyes. A shove took her in the chest. Then came another from the side. And another from behind. Lythia's balance wavered. She fell on her belly with a long groan.

The raptors prodded around her, sniffing and poking. They moved their clumsy arms around her body, undecided whether to grip her from her legs, her neck, or her belly. Lythia pushed them away in turns, but they kept coming back, not quitting until one of them managed a tight enough of a grip to pull her up.


Her moaning yowl didn't discourage them. The raptor kept pulling, his sharp claw tips piercing through shirt and skin alike. Lythia grabbed the raptor's scaly wrists, jumped on her legs, then whirled around, smacking the creature with an unexpected blow. The raptor stumbled back, hissing and snarling.

"Fock you. Fock all of you!" Lythia adopted a fighting pose, knees bent, hands curled into heavy fists. "You wanna grab? Wanna fight?" She hurled a fist at Onyx, who took it straight between his nostrils.

Amber and Amethyst glanced at their distressed sibling, then turned their eyes upon her, hissing their spite.

"Come on. I dare you. Double dare you, you scaly focks."

They both lunged at her. Lythia unhooked her fingers, slamming their sensitive nostrils with a crackling blow. The raptors snapped their jaws at her, more in a mocking gesture rather than fighting. Lythia didn't realize that just yet. She kept bashing their snouts and slapping their chins, thinking she held the advantage all along. When her energy dwindled, she realized how useless this was. The raptors never intended to harm her, and her own blows were hardly damaging.

"The fock do you want?!"

They kept circling her with their ominous gazes.

"What do you fockin want, you scaly bastards?!"

Amber lashed out at her. Lythia side stepped his charge, only to be shoved from behind. Her balance crumbled, her legs twisted, and she met the hard ground right on her belly.


Claws grabbed her arms, slid along her back, and clutched around her legs. Lythia broke their grips. She threw their arms away, punched them in the chest or the snout, depending how far she reached, and fought for her freedom until her arms burned with fatigue.

They were too many, too stubborn, too resilient.

"I'm not-" she panted. "Not givin' up," then threw Amber's clawy grip into the wind. "Back...stay....gaaaaaaaaah!" Lythia groaned as they fell upon her with everything they had.

She was trapped, and helpless, pressed into the ground by their heavy heads and heavier chests. Two hugged her, while Onyx and Jade walked around with hidden purpose. Lythia gritted her teeth. They had her at their mercy, that was for certain, and she was too proud, stubborn, and vengeful to plead with these stupid reptiles. Whatever they were about to do would happen anyway, with or without her interference.

Claws scraped along her arms. There were like six of them, belonging to a single raptor, most likely. When Lythia peeked to the side, she was greeted by Onyx' foul breath as he hissed in her face. His claws trailed towards her neck, where they slinked underneath her shirt.

Lythia gritted her teeth when the raptor started pulling. She was strong. She was above begging. Her children wouldn't hurt her. Not now, not like this. She held on to that conviction as the weight left her back. An ounce of hope bloomed inside her, only to stifle into nothingness when Lythia turned her head back to be stared down by three different pairs of reptilian eyes.

Onyx continued his work. He was rather gentle at first, testing the resilience of the material. When it failed to break, he pulled harder, dragging Lythia back until her shirt ruptured. Onyx threw the material on the ground, fully revealing her naked body.

Lythia covered her breasts. She felt exposed and shamed by these lesser intelligent creatures.

"Get back!" she hissed and slapped at the approaching snouts. "I'm your master, not your fockin' play thing. I OWN YOU!"

A brave façade, yet as bare as her skin. The raptors were not intimidated by her words, nor her pitiful defense. They pushed their nostrils all around her body, rubbing into her and licking the sweat off her body.

Lythia curled into a ball, sniffling softly. They won. She was defeated, ashamed, and disgusted beyond any comprehensible measure to be sniffed and licked like an animal.

And the raptors still wanted more. With her shirt out of the way, Onyx started working on her pants. Lythia's heart jumped in her throat. She lashed with a fist, only to expose herself to a raptor's inquisitive snout. She managed to push the reptile just after he licked her breast, and remained curled, hoping Onyx was as dumb as a beast. His clumsy claws went in all directions, and soon he started hissing with obvious annoyance. He didn't know how to get past this harder, bizarre cloth. He grazed with his teeth, then pulled with his claws. The sharp tips dug through the material, yet not deep enough to secure a leverage.

Lythia hoped this was it. She hoped some iron buttons and a leather belt were stronger than a raptor's persistence.

She was wrong. Onyx kept trying, not stopping until he found the rim of her pants. Then, like he did with her shirt, he snuck his claws under and pulled hard. Lythia left the ground, then fell back with a heavy grunt. The buttons snapped, the material ruptured in several rifts, and in the span of a pounding heartbeat Lythia's bottom was completely exposed to the chilling wind.

The raptors were all over her. Every available snout rushed towards her nethers, bathing her with rippling waves of humid moisture. Their raptors drew in greedy whiffs, and their tongues circled and poked insistently. They haven't smelled a female from up close before, and they were hungry. Long, slimy tongues danced around her ass cheek. Some slid around her hole, or poked inside. Others showed more interest in what she had below. Lythia pressed her legs together. The raptors still found her exposed pussy. Two tongues lapped around her folds, defiling her flesh with their oozing saliva. Lythia shuddered with rage, though even she couldn't stifle the gasp that left her throat once the two tongues penetrated her defenseless sanctuary.

"Nghhh," she curled her fingers into fists. The raptors nuzzled and pushed into her pussy, lapping like starved dogs. When their senses went ablaze with her scent, they pulled back and snarled, allowing the others to sample her taste.

They had such insistent tongues. Lythia's walls quivered with fettered delight. Each squeeze stroke her pleasure, urging her to relax and allow those silky tongues to tickle her innermost sanctuary.

Lythia tensed all over, refusing to extract any form of pleasure from this horrible form of abuse. Raptors were not meant to turn on their trainers. Their vile tongues had no place anywhere near a woman's privates.

Yet they licked, and hissed, and snarled their bliss, tasting her until their tongues turned numb.

Lythia took a heavy breath, savoring the few seconds break she had before a pair of clawed arms latched around her chest. Lythia winced. The sharp tips raked her sensitive skin, drawing smothered lines into her skin as the beast adjusted its clutch. She knew what followed. Panting breath, intense trilling, unsteady legs raking and clawing the ground for extra balance. She saw this type of behavior when she milked her raptors, and no matter how much her mind opposed the idea of what was about to happen, there was a single, viable truth to this encounter.

She was the prey in the raptor's den, and she was being taken in the most primal way a female could be had. Onyx jabbed her, rubbing his hardening member along her backside. He slid between her cheeks, and hissed wildly, picking up his attempts until his long, hard, vile looking member sunk inside her passage, spreading her open faster and wider than her muscles allowed. Rippling pain rushed along Lythia's form, escaping through her guttural groan. Her muscles tensed in the same manner as her fingers. She clawed at the ground, hoping that the pain would soon end.

It only picked up, along with Onyx's moaning growl. He liked her insides a lot more than her hand. His member pumped with engorging blood, expanding inside her already stretched walls at a frightening rate. Spurts of heated fluid drove out from his tapered tip, pelting her flesh with hard streams of raptor essence.

Onyx clamped his jaws shut, dancing from one leg to the other as he adjusted inside the woman's clamping walls. He remained inside her, clacking his jaws and tightening his grip, muffling her mewls with his heated desire.

"Ghaah. Get...out!" Lythia leaned her weight on a hand and slapped back with the other, curling her fingers as she tried to reach his member.

Onyx jerked back. His whole member slid out, dashing lines of cloudy fluid onto the ground. Lythia breathed heavily, staring at the raptor's trembling jaws. His tongue played along his fang, and he leaned his head forth to sniff her pussy. His tongue stroke once, slurping the load into his restless mouth. A loud, moaning hiss erupted from his throat, showing the raptor's desperate desire to mate.

To Lythia, he was just disgusting. That arm-long member represented everything she hated. It was oppressive, and wild, lacking any trace of love and kindness.

Onyx moved forth to grab her. Lythia shook off his grip two times. Her third attempt earned rows of sharp teeth around the back of her head. Onyx held onto his clutch until he slid back inside her folds, then erupted with another moaning yowl. His claws hurt a lot more than his teeth. Lythia's throat seethed with an angry groan. She hated to be taken and bred like a wench by such a wild, ruthless creature. She could not fight back with her arms, so she clenched her pussy as hard as she could, trying to trap the needy raptor inside. To no avail. Onyx's member slid along her soaked insides like oil, ramming stronger and deeper.

Lythia's breath cut when he gave a jerking thrust. He was too big. Too hard. Too strange. She tasted cock before. A friend, fresh out of the college bench took her to dinner before he took her in the pussy. She thought he was the biggest and the meanest fuck she took when he pounded her without a shred of affection. Clearly she had no idea how raptors worked. Their claws were sharpened blades, digging into her skin when they gripped. Their breath was long and warm, stifling the air around her. Their touch was cold and insensitive, same as their hides.

And their members? They were the wickedest, most horrible thing that ever existed, throbbing too hard and too fast inside her walls. Her shivering muscles had no chance of holding the raptor back. He came in and out as he liked, licking her neck and nuzzling into her head with every pounding thrust.

He was going to cum, and flood her womb with his seed. Tears fell from Lythia's eyes at the thought of being bred by her own pets. Onyx already treated her like his female, clutching her tight and stretching her hard. Her instincts burned as hot as her skin. Among all that raptor stench, she smelled blood. Her blood, oozing from the many cuts Onyx' claws traced above her breasts. Lythia opened her eyes as wild determination strengthened her fatigued body. She had to fight. Needed to overcome her status as a prey. She had to show these stupid reptiles who was in charge.

There was only a single problem. Or rather two. She only had pine needles an earth crumbs as weapons, and there were still three raptors circling around. Three raptors that licked her swollen lips, snarling fiercely from the potency of the scents spilling from her dripping cunt.

One of them stopped right in front of her. Lythia grabbed onto his solid claws with a hand, twisting and pulling. The raptor didn't even feel that. He slid his fore arms along her sides, clutched her right behind the breasts, and dropped his heavy head on her back. Lythia grunted. She had no idea why the raptor did that. Perhaps he wanted to sniff her pussy. Or maybe he wanted to clean Onyx while he mated.

She was wrong, again, and she knew that when the musky smell of raptor arousal invaded her nostrils a split second before his slimy member rubbed all over her face.

Lythia slapped it hard. The raptor hissed, thrusting harder. She grabbed his cock and squeezed as hard as she could. The raptor snarled savagely, jumping back, growling right in her face.

Lythia punched his loud mouth straight in the teeth. Rippling pain exploded from her fingers. She pushed her arm into the ground, struggling to stifle her weakened scream. Meanwhile, the raptor took advantage of her distraction. He grabbed her once again, and started thrusting like a rabid dog in his desperate search for a proper sheath to house his dripping member. Lythia shut her eyes and bared her jaws shut. She thought she was safe, until the acrid smell of his cock tickled her throat just enough to coax out a rasping cough. Her mouth opened to tickle the itch.

That was all that the raptor needed. The stream of hot air directed his member right inside her parted mouth. Lythia's lips stretched without her accord, and her cheeks puffed with a startled groan. It all happened so fast. In one moment she coughed, and in the next her mouth was choke full of raptor cock.

The beast cried out in sheer bliss, while Lythia choked and spat, and pushed with her tongue, drooling like a mutt from the liquid pooling inside her stuffed mouth. The raptor spurted like crazy, filling every available space with his aqueous precum. Lythia scrunched her eyes shut and swallowed, forcing the disgusting fluid down her throat. She didn't have the luxury of space, and her nostrils did all what they could to keep a steady flow of air.

At least until her assailant decided to bury himself even deeper. Tempted by the surrounding heat, the raptor forced his shaft deeper inside her mouth. Her teeth grazed his smooth flesh. The reptile snarled in displeasure, only to erupt with a moaning growl once he found her throat. His tip burst with short streams of precum, forcing Lithya's throat to constrict in a heavy coughing fit. That massaged the raptor's sensitive tip just like a female's cunt, stirring him in all the right ways.

Lythia struggled to spit him out. She grabbed his cock, slammed his slit, even grazed and scratched the base of his rock hard meat. The raptor's claws dug into her skin, making his pain obviously known. Lythia stopped immediately, afraid what the beast might do to her if she caused more pain.

She realized this was the worst place she could be in: grabbed by two brutes that shared her between themselves like common prey. Too bad she was wrong yet again. A third raptor had enough of sniffing around. He moved around her, sniffing and poking his head in all sorts of places until he found her ass hole. He licked with complete abandonment, and fully gave in to his mating instincts once he tried to slide under her. Lythia found herself pulled back by Onyx's strong grip. Amber's cock slid out of her mouth completely, dashing lines of sticky goo onto her chest as Lythia gagged and choked on his essence. She stood on her knees, staring at the full grown cock throbbing and spitting between her breasts. Amber's precum shot all over her face, dribbling in spurts every time she spat out. Her pussy wasn't better either. She was incredibly sore from all that stretching, and strangely aroused thanks to the hot precum that gushed out in a slimy riptide. For a few seconds she remained still as a statue, her mind struggling to comprehend this bizarre situation. Was it reality? Was it a strange, demented dream?

Lythia blinked. Her tears fell along her cheeks, meeting Jade's scaly hide. In a few seconds he got right under her, belly up, arms spread to the sides, maw panting with desire.

Onyx shoved her back. Lythia fell into Jade's embrace. The raptor's claws wrapped around her back, securing her tightly as his member thrust up to find the narrow space between her butt cheeks. Lythia felt his moist member rub up and down, failing time and time again to penetrate her other hole. She smiled with mocking spite. At least two of them wouldn't get their happy ending. Three, if she was lucky.

She wasn't. Amber found her mouth in a single thrust, and went as deep as his member allowed. Her mouth stretched to the brim, her tongue was shoved to the side, and her throat invaded by the raptor's throbbing length. The momentum also caused her to slam face first into the beasts's quivering slit. Bittersweet smells invaded her nostrils, and flesh massaged all around her face. It was warm, and thick, and gross. With her weight leaned on a single arm, Lythia her other hand and grabbed as hard as she managed around the raptor's thick base. The pressure exerted upon his cock and the intense massage pumping through her mouth pushed the creature over the edge. His toes raked at the ground, his grip became shaky and loose, and his hips started jerking uncontrollably, working his member in and out faster than Lythia could even catch her breath.

He ended up bursting right before going all the way in. Thick seed exploded from Amber's rock hard member, flooding her mouth in a single spurt. Lythia's cheeks puffed from the immense load. The pressure forced an exploding wave of seed through the narrow cracks of her lips, lasting as long as a single beat of her frenzied heart. With his climax reached, Amber pushed himself back. No matter how much she shoved or punched his slit, Lythia couldn't get the raptor's cock to retreat. He was all the way inside her, at his climax, sheltered within one of the wettest and warmest holes he ever mated. Wave after wave of hot seed splashed down her throat. He was so deep inside that even swallowing was optional. The raptor just had to squirt his seed and directly feed her his essence in a long, continuous stream.

Onyx couldn't hold himself back for long either. Hearing his sibling's climactic cry, he started pounding her pussy in his earnest. Lythia's body rocked with the momentum of his thrusts, breasts jiggling back and forth. His cock slapped against her butt, flooding her dripping cunt with the full length of his tapered meat until the raptor's breath hitched. His head fell hard on her back, his claws curled with a shivering grip, and his moan almost deafened her ears. With a shattering throb surging through his cock, Onyx broke loose. His thick seed exploded in a thick stream, washing across her tightening walls like the raging sea on a stormy weather.

Lythia tensed every muscle she had in her body. Onyx buried himself all the way in, slapping his wet slit against her equally wet lips. Lythia's cunt dribbled with streams of raptor cum. Onyx's seed rushed deeper than anything she ever took inside her carnal tunnel, flooding the most intimate part of her body. He came so quick, and so hard. His member pounded with climactic bliss, pumping out rope after rope of thick raptor essence. Lythia shivered, her teeth clattering against each other as the heated pressure became unbearably hot. With her only entrance plugged by the raptor's thick cock, the only way his seed could travel was inwards. There was no greater delight for a male than to inseminate his mate's womb, and Onyx did just that. He grazed her neck, licked when he could, and held her tight while his seed washed inside her fertile womb.

And he wasn't the only one cumming. Jade's thrusting attempts culminated with a sharp thrust that sent his member inside a hole that was not meant to be pierced. Lythia would have howled if she had the means to do so. Her ass spread open like a ripe peach, forced to accommodate the raptor's desperate thrusts. Aroused by the scent of spurting seed, Jade barely lasted a few thrusts. He climaxed halfway into her ass, splattering his seed all over her trembling cheeks. The fluid was unbearably warm to her sweaty skin, and extremely potent given how hard raptors climaxed. Lythia couldn't keep still even if she forced herself to. She quivered and shook, rolling her eyes in their sockets and raking the ground with her curling fingers as she took in the virile essence from all three raptors at the same time.

The fourth remained away, licking away at his bothersome erection in hopes of bringing about his release. He wasn't very successful at it. His tongue offered the lubrication and the heat needed to spur the pleasure, yet not the necessary pressure to unleash the seed trapped within his member.

Lythia wasn't sorry for him. Not right now, when her body felt torn and abused from every direction. Amber still kept unloading inside her throat, shivering from how good mating felt. Onyx pumped greedily inside her, unconcerned for how sore her lips felt from his engorging cock. And Jade? Jade resumed his furious thrusting, determined to shelter the whole length of his cock inside her ass. Thanks to the overwhelming amounts of cum he spat, that was quite possible. His tapered member broke through the ring of muscles like a spear and rammed in slit deep.

Lythia sucked in a sharp breath. Jade's maw burst with an ear splitting moan. The tightness around his member must have sent his pleasure soaring way past its limits, for his spurts flooded her tunnel faster than his thrust. Lythia's muscles stretched to their limits to accommodate the bursting seed.

Spurt after spurt, growl after growl, Lythia took it all in. She broke through the debilitating pain burning across her gashes. She surmounted the spurts of seed tearing her body apart. She withstood the waves of cum flooding her mouth, up until Amber's oppressive cock finally pulled back.

A drenching spurt of splattering seed fell upon Jade's neck. Lythia coughed harshly, forcing as much ooze as she cloud out of her clogged throat. Amber's seed was thick and messy, sticking to her tongue and cheeks. Jade pushed his head up to lick at her chin. Lythia was too weak to even push him back. She licked alongside his tongue, pushing out globs of sticky essence and breaking through the bridges, forcing as much ooze out as she could. Jade helped her with that. Something about his tongue felt more enticing than before.

Lythia slid a hand under his jaw, staring into the raptor's Verdant eyes for a few seconds. The world started to suddenly spin. Overcome with weakness, she fell into the raptor's embrace. Jade welcomed her on his neck, as messy as he was. A moment after, she could feel Onyx slip out of her pussy, along with copious amounts of seed. Jade was the last to retreat, enjoying himself down to the last drop before he too pulled out of her ass hole.

With their desires satisfied, the raptors dropped in a pile around Jade. Onyx placed his lazy head on Lythia's belly, while Amber did the same for her arm. They both sensed the smell of blood, and licked her wounds with soft caresses of their mobile tongues.

Amethyst joined in, still hard, still panting with desire. He went over his siblings' work, tasting their seed along with whatever remained of Lythia's feminine fragrance. Lythia waved him closer. She laid a trembling hand on his forehead, and rubbed with suave strokes. She couldn't bring herself to hate them, and that puzzled her. She had every right to. They took her, abused her, and filled them with more cum than she could possibly hold inside her frail body. Why? Why did she have to be so weak?

Lythia sighed. The taste of seed was still fresh upon her tongue, and her muscles still shivered from the shock. By all rights, she should have been mad enough to gauge their cocks out of their slits.

Yet when she looked in their sparkling eyes, she couldn't help the flood of emotions and memories to rush out from every corner of her mind. These raptors were her children, not her toys. She remembered when each of them broke through their tiny eggs to take their first unsure steps into the world. She recalled fondly the moments when she cut small bits of meat and fed them in turns, watching them squabble in a hissing bundle of adorableness.

She realized that, no matter how much she convinced herself they were a walking image of her investment, she cared for them a lot more than she realized.

Perhaps this night happened for a reason. Maybe the pain she suffered was a necessary lesson to learn. Lythia's lips stretched in a weak smile. A lesson... she was supposed to be the teacher here, yet something in the back of her mind told her it was she that had been taught a vital lesson. Even after her raptors hurt, raked, and tormented her body, she loved and treasured them, because wildness was part of their lives. Raptors weren't necessarily gentle, even when they shared their most valuable of essences with her. They treated her like their kin, rough at first, then gentle after.

Lythia closed her eyes. She basked in the soothing warmth of their tongues. Her breath slowly steadied. The taste of seed wasn't so disgusting to her tongue anymore. Even the ache in her pussy subsided thanks to the nurturing seed that coated and healed her battered flesh. It must have taken a couple of hours for the shock to fully disperse. Lythia went in and out of her dream state several times. When she opened her eyes, each of her raptors was asleep, save from Amethyst, who still went over every wound marring her body.

"It's enough," she rubbed under his chin, coaxing a pleasant trill from his throat. "You can rest now. Come. Join your brothers."

Lythia lifted an arm for him to cuddle under. Amethyst rose onto his feet. A protrusion poked from his slit, slick in the falling moonlight.

Lythia stretched her hand and clutched his member. The raptor hissed softly, slapping his tail onto the ground.

"Still hard, after all this time," she released his member after a few strokes to rub along his neck. "Tell me, Amy. Show me what you truly desire."

The raptor pushed his head towards her pussy. He sniffed a couple of times, then turned around to regard her with an unsure gaze.

"Lick," Lythia spread her legs apart. "Sate your curiosity. I won't...ah....I won't mind if...mffff," Lythia moaned softly as his tongue carefully lapped the cream from her folds.

"In-inside," she grabbed the raptor's cock, forcing him to stand up. "Get...inside..."

Amethyst straddled her from the front, piercing her with a slow, gentle thrust. His fangs bared with lust, legs trembling from the sheer heat wrapping around his member. Lythia too gasped, assaulted by a flurry of unexpected bliss. She grabbed around the raptor's neck and pulled him so hard he collapsed right on top of her.

"Stay there. Please," she scrunched her eyes shut as she inhaled the smells latched between his scales.

Amethyst licked her neck, pushing himself deeper bit by bit until he fully sheltered himself within her fleshy halls. Lythia clamped wildly around his length. The pressure felt so good, and every spurt of precum tickled her pleasure in the most wonderful ways.

She stroke around his head, scratching between the scales and rubbing quicker every time he pumped inside her.

"Shhh..." she soothed his trembling lips with gentle swerves of her fingers. "Rest. Sleep. Just...stay inside...for as long as it takes to..." Lythia's words trailed off amidst the haze of delight.

She soared among the strangest tides, trapped between dreams and reality for what seemed like hours. Amethyst started growling sometime later, after she spilled her essence on three separate occasions. His hot seed triggered her fourth orgasm, and her fifth, rolling dangerously close towards the sixth and the seventh. By that time her body was too exhausted to cope with the flooding pleasure brought upon by his precious seed. Lythia's senses fled her one by one, and the last thing she felt was her trickling ooze as pleasure embraced her once again.


You probably didn't see that coming. Or maybe you did. Four raptors are certainly a force to be reckoned with. I had divergent thoughts regarding the last scene. On one way I wanted to make it sweeter and heart-warming. It fit with my particular tastes better, but not with Lythia's character. She was quite cold before this particular incident, and a rough approach was exactly what she needed. Until she understood raptors had their own feelings and desires, she couldn't fully open up to them. Hopefully, now she sees how wrong her ways were.

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