World of Chaos: Chapter 16

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#16 of World of Chaos

This story contains graphic scenes of violence and sex, often times between creatures of different species. If you are underage, or offended by such things, please do no read this series. Otherwise, let me know what you think!


"Kvikr." a soft voice whispered from the darkness.

My throat was aflame, the fiery pain more intense than anything I have ever experienced before. My vision blurred as I blinked away the shadows, trying to claw my way to my feet.

The world was spinning, my lungs struggling to grasp enough oxygen with each inhale.

"Aatu, calm yourself!" Istas voice barked. I felt a soft caress on my shoulders and I eased somewhat. My vision began to focus ever so slightly.

"Istas?" I asked, laying back. Her voice had sounded strange.

"Rest, Aatu, your wound is serious." she said.

The world swam into view, though it still swirled nauseatingly.

There was a nude girl before me, eyes and hair of moonlight silver, her smooth skin as pale as snow. Her ears were pointed like an elf's.

"Kvikr." She said again, holding her hand above my torn neck. A soft silver light radiated from her fingertips, and the flames of pain died down slightly.

"Istas?" I asked, gazing at the elf in shock.

"Do not be alarmed, Aatu." she spoke softly. She chanted again, bringing forth the silver light once again.

My mother had been a full blooded arctic elf druidess, who used shapeshifting magics to take the form of a great wolf. My training in magic was still elementary at best, but i knew magic had to be the cause for our birth. I wasn't quite sure what we qualified as, Half-elf? Half-wolf?

"Mother began to teach me shortly after your disappearance. She told me to keep it a secret from the pack." She stated, face emotionless.

"Why did you not use your magics to protect yourself from Haeko?" I asked weakly.

My sister, or the elf that spoke like my sister, glanced down onto the icy floor of the glacial cave. Her eyes were filled with sorrow.

"So many are dead. Our pack, our family. So many taken. I wanted it to end. No more death. I couldn't be responsible for the death of yet another packmate." She whispered in response.

"And now you are, because of me." I coughed.

"Easy, Aatu. You're still weak. My magic can only go so far." she said, eyes falling on me.

"Orlo, and the pups!" I remembered, trying to rise to my feet again.

"Aatu. Orlo's dead." Istas said, placing a hand on my side, holding me down gently. "The pups have been taken. Our pack is dead." She replied, tears swelling in her eyes. Her face still remained unusually emotionless, however.

My heart sank at her words. They had been taken. Orlo dead.

"W-what happened?" I stuttered.

"The slavers. They scoured the caves. Orlo tried to fight, but he was old. Tired. The only reason we were not taken was because I cast a spell to conceal us." She explained.

I tried to rise again. I had an idea where they were taking them.

"Istas. I know where they are going." I stated, catching her eye. Her hand still rested on my side, fingers running through my fur.

"You're in no condition to travel. Besides, how are we supposed to rescue them? We are few, and they are many." She stated.

"Two wolves, trained as druids." I reminded her.

She considered me for a moment.

"Kvikr." she said, another attempt at healing my injured neck further. No longer was my throat even scabbed. It was healed over with an angry looking red flesh. Sore as hell though.

"We still have a pack. They need us now, more than ever." I stated, rising to my feet. Her hand slipped from my side, allowing me to rise.

"Okay. Where do we begin?" She asked, wiping a tear from her face.

The truth is, The human I had interrogated spoke of a land called Manir, across the sea. It was a good start, but I had no knowledge of where or how to get there. I did, however, know how to find the city of Drifa.

"I fear we may have to enter the human world." I stated. My sister glanced down.

"We should travel to Drifa, to seek counsel with the Circle of Autumn."


The way through the mountains were rocky and steep, but we pressed on, ignoring the aches in our legs.

The incident with the centaurs had left the group on edge, every member holding their weapons closer, their eyes scanning the surrounding rock outcroppings.

I found myself near the front of our element, walking just behind Ciara as she served as pathfinder and trailblazer for the group. I'm sure it looked absurd to see a group of misfit orcs, gnolls, and elves following behind the small halfling.

The halfling fell back to me as we walked, coming along side me.

"So, Princess Vailadriel, huh?" She asked in a low whisper.

I considered the halfling for a moment before answering. Her expression was friendly enough, but I couldn't quite judge her intention.

"I'm unsure what you mean." I replied at length.

"I've noticed how you are around her. If your fur didn't shield you from the world, you would be the color of an apple every time she entered the room." She laughed.

I glanced ahead, sighing deeply.

"If Ivaylis and you have noticed, I wonder who else knows? The Lords and Ladies of Rainhaven? Lady Aralyn?" I asked.

"Maybe, maybe not. That doesn't matter." She replied.

"A gnoll outcast and an elvish princess can never be together." I grunted.

The halfling frowned.

"I would have agreed with you wholeheartedly. Before I met Aklys."She said, glancing back at the cat that trotted alongside Ivaylis.

"Aklys? What's she have to do with anything?"

"My brother and her are lovers." The halfling stated.

The look on my face must have been one of shock, because the halfling laughed.

"I did not approve of their relationship at first either. But I love my brother, and chose to stand by him when others did not. When he was taken, the thought that I gave him such a hard time for loving such a beautiful, and noble being like Aklys. It was too much. It was all I could think about. If he loved her, and she him, who was I to judge them. They are two consenting creatures, each fully capable of understanding their actions. I may not understand the attraction that draws them together. It's not for me to understand." The halfling explained.

A weight pressed on my chest, though no force was visible. My heart ached deeply, with no cure in sight.

"It's all well and good for a halfling commoner and a nature spirit to find happiness in each other. I fear my situation has much greater complications." I replied at length.

"Perhaps, perhaps not." She said, walking onward. "Even a gnoll is allowed to find happiness Rekkdyr." She added, smiling.

I watched as she resumed her place at the head of the element. A low growl escaped my lips, despite myself. Why did everyone seem so keen on my personal feelings?

The sun was just beginning it's descent post midday. The pass wound down into another valley, one that would allow us to travel southwards for a few days, before cutting east to what appeared to be another pass in the distance.

We walked in silence for a while, winding our way through the forest valley. The sounds of the forest were all accompanied our footsteps.

The wind blew fiercely, and with it, a distant weeping sounded, carrying to us from somewhere off to the west.

Ciara stopped instantly.

"You hear that?" She asked, straining her hears against the wind.

"Perhaps it's the howl of the wind?" Skempta said, though she too listened.

It was an unmistakable sound of weeping. Not just weeping, a horrified wailing, of a woman.

Ciara took off instantly in the direction of the sound, leaping boulders and logs with east. We all took off behind her. The sound of crying grew closer, until the forest opened to a single lone tree, a large willow, it's branches sweeping gently in the breeze.

The sound seemed to be radiating from the tree itself. Ciara took a step toward the trunk.

_Back away!_Aklys screamed mentally, startling me. I jumped, quickly looking at the cat.

I seemed to be the only one that noticed, however, Skempta, Ciara, and Ivaylis all slowly approached the tree.

The cats eyes met mine, and I could see near panic on her face.

Don't let them touch it! The cat said, leaping forward with a growl. She slammed into Ciara, crashing atop her.

Ciara roared, flipping around with a small elbow, trying to push the cat off of her. Ivaylis rushed the cat, her single-edged bastard sword flew free of it's scabbard, slashing quickly at the animal.

I bolted forward, drawing Silvernight from it's place on my hip, and caught the blow with a hard parry.

"Ivaylis, Aklys, What are you doing!" I roared, just as another slash from the elf's blade narrowly missed my shoulder.

The tree bewitches them! Aklys voice snapped in my head.

I blocked another assault with my blade, before stumbling backwards, crashing against the bark of the willow tree.

Skempta stood above me, a wicked grin across her face. Her shield and sword were in hand.

The elf circled around beside the orc, both stepping toward me threateningly.

I regained my feet, bringing my blade to bear.

"Skempta! Ivaylis!" I roared. "I don't want to harm you!"

Skempta thrust forward, her blade being knocked harmlessly wide by Silvernight. Ivaylis pressed forward, chopping high. I managed to duck the attack, spinning low to the side, to bring my sword up, slamming the flat of the blade against the elf's head. She stumbled backwards.

Skempta dove forward, bashing out with her shield. I was still off balance from my attack against Ivaylis, and was unable to avoid the slam attack, stumbling backwards yet again. Faster than I could react, the Orc was on top of me, thrusting her blade into my chest.

I blinked, not feeling any pain. The mithril breastplate caught her blade, and forced it to glance harmlessly aside, There was not even a scratch in the metal's finish.

She snarled, moving to slam forward with her shield once again. I ducked down, coming back up with force, slamming the edge of my crossguard into the orcs ribs, sending her stumbling backwards.

I glanced over at Aklys, seeing her sitting atop the halfling girl, completely stationary. Her eyes were glowing a strange greenish white, a far cry from their usual crystal blue.

Ivaylis slashed, catching me painfully across the thigh, though not too deep.

I chopped high, forcing her to duck, before redirecting my blade to sweep low.

She leaped the assault swinging her own blade horizontally, about chest level. I threw myself backwards onto my back, avoiding the attack. Her blade slammed hard into the trunk of the tree.

The entire tree shook violently suddenly, branches and leaves rattling harshly. A strange bluish pus trickled out of the gash left in the bark on it's trunk.

Ivaylis stumbled backwards, breathing heavily. I got an idea, pulling myself to my feet, just as Skempta rammed forward, driving an antler painfully into my forearm.

I dropped the pommel of Silvernight into the side of her skull, dropping her to the forest floor.

Blood trickled down my arm, but I ignored it, turning to the tree. With a mighty chop, Silvernight cleaved a branch completely clean, much easier than any weapon I would have expected. The stump sprayed that same bluish fluid, Causing a scream to erupt from Ivaylis. I looked to the elf, seeing her on her knees, sword discarded at her side, fingers gripping the moist forest floor.

Keep doing what you're doing, Rekkdyr! Aklys stated in my head.

I obeyed, slicing another branch clean off.

A strange vibrating sensation filled the air, and Aklys slowly stepped off of the halfling she had been pinning, eyes still glowing that greenish color. Ciara sat up gasping heavily.

This time, against everything I had ever known about proper sword use and care, I cleaved as hard as I could at the trunk of the tree itself, the blade slicing completely through.

The tree gave one last shudder, before slowly teetering on it's trunk. I rushed forward, planting both hands on the upper part of the trunk, and gave a mighty push, forcing it to fall away from us.

It rocked back, slowly tipping, before crashing noisily onto the forest floor.

Ivaylis was screaming in what sounded like agony, before Aklys slammed into the elf, eyes glowing against the hysterical woman.

The elf immediately stopped screaming, eyes meeting the snow leopards. A moment later, The elf was sitting up, blinking.

Ciara slowly stumbled to me, catching herself against my knee.

"W-what happened?" She asked, still gasping and shaking noticeably.

Ivaylis was shivering uncontrollably as the cat looked to me, then to Ciara.

That was a Sorrow Willow. I haven't seen one since the Hordes of the Dead marched on the Old Kingdom. Aklys explained, worry on her feline face.

"Sorrow Willow?" I asked.

"T-they were supposed to be from the land of the dead." Ivaylis stated, still gasping.

They lure their victims with the sound of weeping. Any who step within the border of the tree fall under it's spell. They wish nothing more than to touch the tree, to fall at it's base. The cat told us.

"Why was I unaffected? I actually touched the tree." I asked.

Aklys gazed upon me, concerned, then her eyes fell to the ring on my finger. She gave what looked to be a very human-like grin, eyes softening somewhat.

Your blessing from the Princess Vailadriel shielded you.

I glanced at the ring on my finger. Vail's face appeared in my mind. I closed my eyes.

"What of Skempta? I'm afraid I knocked her unconscious." I stated, turning to kneel by the orc.

Blood still coated one of her antler's spikes.

The tree is dying it's hold over the orc is gone. She should awake herself, though with a pain in her head.

"Aklys, how could a creature from the land of the dead come to the mortal realm?" Ivaylis asked, pulling herself to her feet, and cleaning the moist earth from her bastard sword.

That is what worries me.

"Guys!" Ciara yelled, clinging to my leg.

I glanced down at the halfling, seeing a strange fog drifting in around my legs. It was an unnatural, sickly pale color, drifting up around the halfling. I yanked her up from the fog, pulling her to my shoulder.

"What sort of witchcraft?" I growled, gripping Silvernight in my free hand, the other bracing the halfling on my shoulder.

_The dead rise!_Aklys growled, muscles tensing, fur standing on end. Her feline eyes scanned the clearing around us.

I thrust my blade into the earth, grabbing Skempta, and pulling her up to tree trunk, before retrieving my blade.

Ivaylis stepped to my side, gripping her sword in her hand once more.

Aklys growled low, standing on my other side.

The day seemed to give way to an unnatural night as the pale fog slowly billowed up about us, blocking out the sun.

I took a breath. The stench was almost unbearable. Rotting, putrid flesh assaulted my nose.

Ivaylis vomited, wiping her mouth, and regaining her defensive stance.

A dark silhouette rose from the gloomy treeline ahead. Followed by another.

A deep, low chuckle slowly emanated from the sickly green darkness.

The sound of a sword being drawn pierced the silence.

"Behind us!" Ciara said from my shoulder. I spun around, seen more forms slowly stalking out of the darkness.

We rearranged our defensive line into a circle, all standing around the unconscious orc.

Ciara leapt from my shoulder, landing atop the still oozing trunk of the Sorrow Willow.

An arrow flew from her bow, slamming with a thud into one of the dark forms that slowly shambled from the darkness. It made no sign of slowing.

Heavy boots stomped into the moist earth, making louder thuds than they should have.

Another arrow flew from the halflings bow. It too found it's mark.

The hideous, deep cackling grew louder, until the form slowly stepped into view, the fog thinning about it enough to reveal the rotting face of a human, flesh dripping like oozing pus from his horribly disfigured face. The eyes were merely empty sockets, jaw hanging open in an impossibly large gape, teeth long since rotted from the bone.

"Anoron Pilin!" Ivaylis shouted, a burst of golden light launching from her outstretched hand. It struck the rotting corpse right in the chest, sending it reeling back. An ear shattering wail erupted from the creature, slicing into our ears as effectively as if someone had driven a large dagger into our skulls.

I dropped to my knees, gripping my ears, eyes squinting in pain.

The creature slowly started to dissolve in the same, radiating glow of light.

Suddenly, as quickly as the wail had started, it ended. Shadows all started rising from the mist around us. I regained my feet quickly, brandishing Silvernight.

They were all around us, all slowly shambling toward us. Still, that laughter continued.

Aklys clamped her eyes shut, before opening them once again, that greenish white glow returning.

Another arrow flew from Ciara's bow. I noticed a light frost forming around the shaft as it protruded from the chest of another corpse as it shambled towards us.

I stepped forward, cleaving Silvernight across at the creature, tearing it in half as easy as if I had just chopped a candlestick.

It roared in fury, slowly dissolving into a strange silvery glow, mirrored by the fierce light suddenly being shed from the runes on my blade. That same wail echoed throughout the glade.

"The light in the Shadows." I whispered to myself, seeing the elvish script on the blade burning fiercely.

At that moment, Aklys rose, giving a mighty roar, and a gust of wind erupted from nowhere.

The fog violently started thrashing and whipping about us, as Aklys stepped forward, toward the creature. The gust of wind seemed to redirect itself at the creature, slamming it with force.

The creature stumbled backwards, legs splintering and breaking apart, bits of flesh tearing away.

The fog began to drift away with the wind. Just as the darkness seemed to lessen slightly, the corpses all began to laugh in unison, halting their advance.

"Aklys!" they all spoke, though the same voice seemed to come from each one.

She gave a roar of pain, collapsing instantly. The wind halted, though the shambling corpses did not resume their advance.

The great cat was panting besides me, eyes clamped shut.

"You have grown weak!" the corpses spoke.

If she replied, I did not hear it, her mental projection silent in my mind.

"Where are your kind now? Lost and broken, a mere shell of what they once were!" the corpses cried.

I rushed forward, chopping the nearest one to me cleanly in half. It wailed before falling into fierce silver light.

Ivaylis chopped another with her blade, this time roaring in flames.

"You cannot halt this worlds demise, Aklys. Not anymore. It has already begun. You will descend into chaos, a shadow from which there is no return."

I cleaved another corpses head off.

Suddenly, a bloodcurdling roar erupted from all around us, echoing from no discernible source.

Aklys rose, eyes shooting open, the greenish glow returning.

She gave a mighty roar, the air filling with a strange sensation. It seemed to vibrate against your skin, a light buzzing filled my ears. Light seemed to grow from the heart of the shambling corpses themselves, erupting in fissures across their bodies, before consuming them in an eruption of light.

When the light cleared, the corpses were no more. Aklys stumbled, collapsing once again to the earth in a heap, consciousness leaving her.

That same laughter seemed to echo through the trees, this time emanating from nowhere. It slowly faded off into the woods, the fog banished with the walking corpses.

Ciara leapt from her post, landing by the unconscious cat, checking on the animal, My eyes met Ivaylis and a look of pure horror was pasted to her face.

"We need to get out of here!" She whimpered.

I grabbed the orc, and she, the cat.

We quickly took off through the forest, driving southwards as fast as we could manage, leaving the tainted glade behind.


The kobold cowered in fear as I approached. She was small, barely a foot and a half tall. There was no way she was fully grown.

The presence in my head pushed me, whispering beyond the edge of thought. I growled, raising my hand to the frightened creature.

A muttered spell had her completely immobile.

Fuck her, plant your seed in the creature! I gave another feral growl, pulling the reptile girl's legs apart. Saw a slit between her legs, and gave a triumphant roar as I drove deep into her folds, feeling her rough scales on my cock.

The raven haired woman laughed behind me.

I could see the look of pure terror in the kobolds eye, though she was unable to move. Her eyes met mine.

"NO!" I shouted, pulling myself from the poor creature. I stumbled backwards, falling to my knees.

The woman's eyes widened for a moment, though it was quickly replaced with that smug grin.

"It was only a matter of time before your will returned." She grinned, stepping toward me.

I moved to stand, trying to be as imposing as I could muster. A naked hafling was not a very intimidating sight.

She merely laughed. Her foot kicked out, catching me in my stomach.

I dropped back to the stone floor.

I heard her chanting once more. I clamped my eyes shut, trying to block her out.

Before I could react, I was back at the Kobold, slamming deep into her reptilian hole.

Falling back, I could see my cum slowly oozing out of the girls genital slit.

My spell suddenly ended, and the creature immediately started thrashing, pushing away from me as quickly as possible.

And that is how it went, day after day, a new creature would be brought in and the woman would cast her spell.

Everything imaginable, from beasts to humanoids. I saw gnomes, foxes, minotaurs, and even a sphynx.

And then, one day, the door to my cell slowly opened.

I glanced up from my place on the floor, expecting to see the black haired woman. Nobody entered. The light of the torch flickered into my dark cell.

I stood peering into the corridor, it was completely vacant.

Cautiously, I crept out, into the hall, blinking against the light of the torch lined corridor.

Still nothing. I slowly crept along the hall, seeing a doorway at it's far end.

Excitement filled me as I rushed towards it, pulling the door open, and diving through. There was a staircase.

I leapt up the stairs, two at a time, spiraling up to a single oak door, air blowing from the crack, sunlight filtering through.

I tugged at the iron grip, pulling the door open. I leapt out into sunlight.

My knees slammed painfully into the cold stone floor of my cell. I glanced up, the door locked, darkness consuming me.

The woman's laughter cut into my chest painfully, heart sinking once again. It had been an illusion.

Tears swelled in my eyes, and I sobbed against the floor. I missed Aklys. I missed Ciara. Hell, I even missed my father. I glanced up at the woman, hatred filling my gaze.

"You will never be free of this place! Just accept that, and give yourself to our cause!" She said, black eyes falling on me.

I slowly stood, eyes never meeting her. Rage slowly fading. Defeat replacing it.

"Acceptance, perhaps? You could enjoy yourself, here. It's still possible." she said.

I opened my mouth to speak, coughing through my dry throat.

Here eyes widened in realization as soon as I finished my spell, causing her to freeze in place, her limbs immobile.

I stumbled to her, placing my hand on her stomach.

"Nuar Pilin!" I shouted. A bolt of flames erupted from my hand, blasting straight through the woman's stomach. She was unable to move, from the paralysis spell, and the flames erupted through her back.

Her eyes showed great pain, as I stumbled to the open door, collapsing into the torch lit corridor beyond. It was nothing like my illusion, as it was lined with cell doors identical to my own, all sealed. I pulled myself up against the wall, seeing the far end.

Just then, a blinding flash of pain erupted in my head, dropping me once again to the stone floor.

I heard shouts, as my vision blurred, and darkness consumed me.

World of Chaos: Chapter 13

_Rekkdyr_ I gazed out over the forested valley from the balcony of my room. A large rucksack sat on the floor by the door, filled with various trail rations and equipment for the road. The sword Silvernight leaned against the wall beside it. The sun...

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