My Dragon, my Friend, my...Lover?

Story by Cheetahs on SoFurry

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So what do we have here? A little big story where a human male goes to an inn to have a drink on a hot and bothersome day. As he starts talking to his drunken partners, he stumbles upon the holy grail of any male: an exquisite brothel with a very wide offer of females and very affordable prices. Since our guy is a bit of an ugly bastard and his dragon a bit of a wuss, they go there...only to discover that everybody's a male! After a slightly terrifying revelation, the dragon and his human remain around to make the best of this unfortunate situation.


Krizor walked inside the Fancy Beast tavern. He got looks from everyone, as he always did when he advanced with such a quick stroll. Loyal customers always attracted attention, and Krizor didn't that mind at all. If he was lucky, one of these bastards was going to buy him a drink.

He went to the counter, slowing his steps, looking left, then right. Peh. It was another one of those days where the revelers were more interested in passing out before noon than doing a good deed. Felines slouched over their tables, canines drooled on them, and a couple of humans pointed fingers and laughed. It only took a second before their chairs bent over too much, causing the drunk bastards to fall on top of each other and curse their misfortune.

"The regular," Krizor said as he slammed his bum on top of a fancy cushioned chair. The lion next to him threw a quick glance at the stains covering the counter. Krizor shrugged.

"Not my fault some drunk oaf spilled more than his ale," Krizor waved towards the barmaid. "Narsy, how's my drink coming along?"

"It's coming," the shewolf said. "Kinda hard to procure your special ingredient with these conflicts goin' round."

The lion to the left looked again. Krizor pretended to ignore him. He thanked the bartender when she slammed the mug down on the dirty counter and grabbed it firmly in one hand. He was just about to take a sip when that pesky lion invaded his personal space by leaning over like another drunkard.

"Looks like seed," he said with a voice between a hoarse whisper and a growl.

"Sod off, mate," Krizor took a hearty gulp and smashed the mug down hard enough to pelt that bastard's shiny mane with the so called seed.

The lion didn't even snarl. His eyes remained fixed on the mug, and more important, its contents. "It's seed," he said again in that growly voice of his. "Looks like it. Smells like it."

Krizor scoffed and buried an arm in his mane. If this bastard moved as little as a finger, he would end up on the ground like the rest of his lot. "Smells like your cunt, most likely. It's sour milk, and goes along great with me ale."

The lion backed away, roaring with laughter. He was stronger than he looked, and definitely quicker.

"Narsy, get this fluffy bum off his chair. I have too big a sack and too grave a headache to put up with this shite."

"Can't, you fockin arse. If ye wanna move something, it has ta be that big bum o' yers," the lion said.

"He's right. Loyal customer," Narsy shined the badge he had under his drink.

"That's right. Even more loyal than you," the lion smiled and grabbed his mug. "Keep yer sack weighty, human, cause I'm gonna warm this seat until I pass the fock out."

That was absolutely great. Narsy really had a way of picking her favorites. Last week it was a horse who puked all over her counter. The week before that a group of humans brave enough to jump inside the bar and slow enough to get their arses handed to them by the guards.

Krizor drank his bittersweet mead and looked around the tavern. There was a lot of whispering going today. Few of those who remained sober had the guts to speak loudly, probably because of the flying restrictions imposed by Neran'dar. It ruined the business, the magistrates said, and promoted aggression. Krizor knew sheit when he smelled it. The restriction was just another excuse to choke the other kingdoms off their wealth. Everybody owed to Neran'dar, and without a fast way of trading goods, all the great trading guilds would slowly collapse.

Krizor didn't even know why he cared. He was a sellsword, not a merchant. His job was to protect whatever lay in the bag up to a certain point, then get his pay. Petty conflicts and politics were above his paycut, and he treated them as they deserved: like drunken revelers.

"Oy, Narsy," Krizor waved to the shewolf.

"Busy," Nansy carried three mugs to the back. That's where the expensive drinks rested. Somebody was going to fill his throat and empty his pockets.

"Any chance you'll un-busy yourself?"

"Nuh-uh, sweet cheeks. Work is work."

Krizor frowned. He was even more upset than the empty bottom of his mug. Temptation urged him to get another, but his pocket spoke differently. He didn't have that big of a sack, despite what he said to all the oafs he met. Business went from bad to worse. The coin he had was just enough to cover the bare necessities. That meant few drinks, cheap food, and no whores to feed with his cock.

"Wha'd ye think of her?" the lion slammed a heavy paw on the back of his neck.

"Whoah!" Krizor slouched under the unexpected blow. He would have twisted that arm if lion's weren't freakishly strong. So he smiled, and laughed, pretending to be amused. "Heavy paws, buddy."

The lion petted him with a drunken smile and pointed back at the shewolf.

"Hey, don't get hard for her buddy. She's taken."

"Huh? By who?"

"By me," Krizor whispered.

A growly laughter followed. Damn that girl's sharp ears. Krizor shook his head, clapped his hands, then coiled them around his mug. "Bad joke. I know. I just thought this place deserves a bit more laughter."

"It does," the lion retrieved his paw. "Only have to take one look at yer face to be smilin' for days."

"Sod off," Krizor looked towards Narsy. She lifted her shoulders and slouched her blackened ears. "What? You think I'm ugly too?"

"Mate, you look worse than me unshaved cunt."

Everybody laughed at that. Of course. Nansy always made the best and the sharpest jokes. Their prickle persisted for days. Krizor drank whatever remained inside his mug and got off his chair.

"Gratitude for the drink. Joke was a sour one, but-"

A paw grabbed his shoulder. Krizor grabbed it back and twisted. The lion barely felt a thing. With a single shove, he sent Krizor straight into the hard wood of the counter.

"Gah, my back. Could've at least be gentle about it-"

"Fock tha'. I have deal for you."

Krizor winced. "Yeah. You're trading pain for whatever curses I'm about to unleash upon you."

"No," he leaned closer. "I trade cunt. This place, on the fringes of the Renthari drylands has the best and cheapest cunt money can buy."

"Really?" Krizor smirked meekly. "That's where your mother makes her coin?"

The lion snarled.

" 'pologies. I mistook her for your sister."

That didn't annoy him as much. "Wanna go or not?"

"Of course I do. Can't miss the chance to impregnate your whole family."

The lion couldn't hold himself back at that. He laughed and spat everywhere. Krizor forced back his irritation. As annoying as this beast was, the promise of a female was worth the disgusting slime pelting all over his face.

Krizor wiped himself with an arm. "How much, you growly, smelly piece of sheit?"

"Fifty coin two legs, twenty coin four legs."

That was cheaper than a meal in the tavern.

"You're sheiting me, mate. There's no way those cunts sell themselves for nothing."

"Is way. They are travelers from a seed worshipping tribe or something."

"So getting filled is part of their creed?" Krizor almost laughed at how ridiculous that sounded.

"Seed, life," the lion mashed his paws together. "Don't believe. Go there. See for yourself."

Krizor took a few moments to ponder. He arched his neck with a groan. "Narsy? Wha'd you think?"

The she-wolf licked her white splotched muzzle. "Worth taking a peek, love. At the very least you'll have a sore butt and a thirst for my drinks when you get back. More coin for me."

Krizor liked that judgment. He shook the drunk's lion paw, collected his legs from his char, and walked out of the tavern. The sun was a savage beast today. It bit into his skin as soon as he stepped onto the cracked soil. Krizor scratched his arm and looked around for his dragon. He was being late, again. That was to be expected from a beast that could sniff females from one end of the world to another.

"Want transportation?" a thin voice came from behind.

"Nah. Transport yourself somewhere else," Krizor waved that bastard off without even looking at who the fock he was.

"Seem to be alone out here, ser. My cats can carry you to ShadowBrook in less than an hour."

"Not interested," Krizor repeated.

"Only a hundred silvers, ser. Is bargain, this price."

Krizor took a few steps forward, but the pest seemed to be following him. He was getting really annoying, prattling about dragons and other beasts. When he grabbed his arm, Krizor spun around and planted a palm in the zhardarian's chest. The little man stumbled worse than a drunkard and fell.

"Five hundred for a dragon, ser," he said with a voice cracked by annoyance and pain. "They're fast. Reliable. Safe. Can even suck your cock if you demand them to!"

Krizor rolled his eyes in disbelief and ran away from that bastard of an inn. He sweated all over trying to get away from that wretch, but it was worth it. The bastard latched onto a bear, undoubtedly making him the same deals.

Krizor took his shirt off and wrapped it around his head. Waiting in the heat was annoying even with a few ounces of mead inside him. Sweat oozed from every pore of his body, stinging his grime covered skin. He scratched and rubbed, forming dirty clumps under his nails.

"Where the fock are you, ye scaly basterd?" he asked as he scanned the sky over and again.

Ryth landed next to him a thousand or so breaths later. Krizor looked at the tips of his ivory claws, then climbed along his spiky neck towards the tip of his snout.

"What in the blazes took you so long?"

"A hunt," the dragon tucked his tawny wings at the sides.

Krizor walked towards him. "Fockin' lousy liar. These were the first thing I checked," he kicked one of his forepaws, forcing the dragon to lift it with an annoyed snarl. "See that? It's clean, like a newly hatched whelp!"

Ryth placed his paw down. "I didn't say it was a successful hunt."

"Yeah, yeah. Ye'always say that when you go hunting for cunt."

"I wasn't-"

"Takes a man to admit it," Krizor slapped his paw as he circled the beast with a critical gaze. "Sorry mate, but last time I checked you were a proper beast, with scales, claws, tails and all."

Ryth crouched and swung his head around to the empty saddle resting between two neck spikes.

"Only gettin up when you admit your shame."

"There's nothing to admit," the dragon growled.

"Then you'll wait, just like I did. Admire the scales. Groom your paws. Lick your focken slit or something."

The dragon fluttered his wings. He always did that when he prepared a verbal retaliation. Krizor was thinking about his own quip when a thin growl disturbed the silence. The zhardarian dwarf was back, leading a dragon by the makeshift bridle around her violet head.

"Focken blazes and their bastard sons," Krizor grabbed his dragon's wing and pulled it down to cover himself. "Eat that basterd if he comes any closer, and don't fockin tell him you're mine."

"You know I can't eat him!"

"You certainly can. I'll handle whatever drunks the inn throws at us if it comes to blows>"

Ryth clacked his jaws. Krizor didn't really like how he sniffed at the air. He was interested in something, or someone.

"I know I'm stinky, mate. No reason to rub it in."

"The dragon. She's female," Ryth's claws raked into the parched soil.

"Oh, so you want to eat her out instead? Wonderful."

Ryth stood up, wings flared, tails swishing behind him. Barely a few minutes passed, and the bastard was already looking to impress.

Krizor cursed. He crouched under his belly, hugging a forepaw. Not the best of camouflages, but dwarves weren't known for their visual acuity. "Calm your lust, drake. You know I can't afford a sheath for your cock."

Ryth lowered his scaly head to look at Krizor. There was a great deal of confusion within his emerald eyes, and lust. His pulled out before Krizor could touch him and looked back at the female. He was restless on his paws. Almost excited. His tongue restlessly played over the tip of his snout, and his wings fluttered in their joints. They stirred a storm of dust when they flapped, just like the tail slamming behind him. Krizor lunged to the side, barely avoiding getting hit by the finned tip.

"One thousand silvers for her, kind ser. Ye can have her for a whole day. She's kind, obedient, and very wet down there," the dwarf laughed with child-like mirth as he rubbed his dragon's chin. The beast closed her eyes, humming with delight.

"We should get her," Ryth growled.

"Are you bloody deaf? He wants one thousand!'

"You have the coin!" the dragon fixed his gaze upon him. It made Krizor feel bad for what he was about to say.

"Had. It's all gon now, mate."

Ryth blinked, his blackened slits expanding and narrowing in the falling sunlight.

"I spent it on drinks and supplies. How else was I going to treat your wounds whenever you returned from your so called hunts?" his voice rose at the mention of that last word. Dragons were instinctual creatures. There was no secret they craved for a mate. Ryth hunted for females almost every week, each time returning with a bloodied paw or a crimson snout from these unfriendly encounters.

"Don't look at me like that. You were fockin' bleeding!"

That didn't make his dragon's growl any lighter. "How much did you spend?"

"Doesn't matter now, does it?"

"How much?" Ryth pressed his snout closer to his chest.

Krizor gripped his snout and hugged it hard before the dragon had the chance to retreat. "I'll get you a female, you lustful bastard. Just wait."

"I waited years..." the drake's voice trembled, just like his lips.

"Well, wait a bit more," Krizor scratched around his jaw. "There's this brothel I found out in the tavern."

"I need a mate, not a whore," Ryth hissed softly.

Krizor grabbed onto his fangs, preventing the male from retreating. "Yes I know, but this place has everything. Wolves, cats, dragons. Why not give it a chance?"

The dragon closed his eyes. His warm breath rolled over for three long gusts before he opened them again. "One chance."

"Good. I forgive your terrible breath for this wise decision you made," Krizor turned to the dwarf with a proud smile sketched on his face. "Seems my dragon and I reached an accord. Your services are no longer required."

"But..she's soft!" he guided the violet female on her side, hands slithering over her wings. She lifted them both, doing the same with her hind leg. "If you will just take a peek at what she offers-"

"Focken blazing basterd!" Krizor slapped his dragon's nostrils and forced his head away from the revealing sight. "Fly. Fly away before that whore flashes her cunt at us."

The dragon sniffed the air. It took several slaps and a punch between the nostrils to turn his mind away from doing what a male knew best. Krizor used the dragon's hind paw as leverage because he knew Ryth wouldn't lay down. Not when half of his cock emerged from his slit.

"Fly," Krizor jumped inside the saddle with a monstrous groan. "Fly, now!" Krizor kept on slapping his neck until the beast obeyed.

Ryth took off with an ear splitting roar. He lurched towards the sky like a crackling whip. Krizor grabbed hard onto a neck spike and closed his eyes as the sky and earth switched places . Ryth beat his wings frantically, almost causing Krizor's drink to spill out of his stomach.

"Glide. Straighten...yer fockin...wings!"

The human sighed in relief once the dragon steadied himself in the air. He opened one eye, then the other. An azure expanse stretched as far as his eyes could see.

"Gah. Fockin close," he grumbled to the silent dragon. No words left his maw, only a constant rumbling. Krizor knew how hard it was for a dragon to fight his instincts. That's why he rubbed his neck instead of slapping it for misbehavior.

"I will hold on to my word, you naughty beast. Your days of impregnating the ground are over."

Ryth still remained silent.

"Your paw then? That's what you use to empty your balls or whatever hides below that slit of yours?"

No answer.

"Alright, your maw. Blazes, isn't that like disgusting? To drink your own seed right out of your filthy cock?"

"It is the only way," the dragon finally said. "And I keep myself clean if you wonder."

"Oh, you're alive. Funny how the weirdest topics tickle your interest."

"Says the human chasing for whores."

"With a slight difference. I actually spilled myself inside them."

Krizor's smile deflated in the whooshing wind. He hated partaking by himself whenever a joke was involved. It made him feel selfish, like the thing he just said. "Alright, sorry about that. You know my mouth tends to get the better of me."

"You stated a truth. Why should I take offense?"

"Because you have the right of it," Krizor scratched around an ivory spike. It was huge, almost as big as his forearm, and curled inwards like a fang. "You're a proud and magnificent beast, and I'm an ugly human whose only solace is fucking whores. Females don't look at my charm or stand impressed by my wit. Coin is my only power. It's you who should breed every day, not me."

Ryth agreed with a growl. They had this talk many, many times, and after the dwarf incident none had the mood to argue.

"Tell me more about your technique," Krizor said to ward off the silence. The high skies never offered much in the ways of tranquility. Wind wailed like a needy bitch, and Rayik's wings felt like searing whips latching onto toughened hide.

"My what?" the dragon turned his head around.

"How you pleasure yourself," Krizor waved around with a smile. "I want those nasty, gritty details that turn your stomach and keep your mind busy for hours."

The dragon's lips pulled up, revealing rows of glimmering teeth. "As long as you don't stain my scales with whatever human drink you had inside that inn."

"Peh. I had only a single mug." Krizor slapped the side of his neck. "Worry about your story. If it fails to entertain, I am going to recount my own bed adventures."

Ryth filled the sky with growls and roars at that prospect. He pushed himself into a few simple aerial maneuvers until Krizor's head became too heavy for talk. He leaned forth, arms wrapped around a neck spike, lips twitching with an uncertain smile.

"I'll get you a feline for that."

They flew for hours, with little breaks in between. By the time they reached the borders of the Ranthari Drylands, Ryth's wings trembled with strain and Krizor's arse stung something fierce. They landed upon the scattered plains, along with other fliers.

"That brothel must be something else," Krizor commented as he looked around with a half opened mouth.

Dragons of all colors filled the skies, and beasts of all sizes ran across the plains. He saw wolves, felines, bipeds, quadrupeds, even riders mounted atop the saddled beasts. Ryth was the only one unimpressed. He continued to stride forth like nothing happened. Krizor caught up with him and slapped his shoulder to get his attention.

"Don't be a sour-scale. Enjoy. Feel the bliss of these fine travelers as they rush towards the greatest time of their lives."

"They're all males, human," the dragon swiped his tongue along his flaring nostrils. "You could smell them as well if your senses were half as developed as you think."

Krizor laughed. "I'd rather not. Besides, what did you expect? Hatchlings clutched at their mother's breast? Of course we'll have an ocean of males. Brothel is almost offering cunt for free! It's you who's being weird here, not them."

"No, just..." Ryth shook his head and looked towards the establishment rising in the distance. "I expected something else."

"Now you're being a sour-scale," Krizor rubbed along one of his legs. "Get on your belly and give me a ride. The quicker we get there, the faster I can prove how wrong you are."

The brothel looked more like a castle rather than a pleasure house. A big, blooming garden surrounded what looked to be the fanciest establishment Krizor laid eyes upon. There were statues, and trees. Trees leaden with fruits, in this sun-parched desert!

"I think that's the entrance," Krizor directed his dragon towards the pile of swishing tails, restless limbs and fluttering wings. Two fancy dressed males, a white canine and a sandy furred feline greeted him. Krizor bid them good day right before he dismounted. His stiff legs gave him as soon as he touched the ground, allowing his arse to take the punishment. The two helped him up and even dusted off his sorry arse.

"There really was no need for that," he laughed. "Just show me and my trusty dragon into this fine establishment."

"Right away, Ser," the canine wrapped an arm around his neck. "If you will follow me please."

"What about my drake?" Krizor looked back to see Ryth led away by the feline.

"He'll be led to his kin, of course. Unless he has other preferences we can attend to," he smiled toothily.

Krizor chuckled. "Nah. He's straight as a board. Get him a juicy female to mount and he will be moaning with joy for days!"

The canine smiled broadely. "We'll make the proper arrangements."

Krizor couldn't help but give in to his mirth. Somehow, he knew his day was going to get infinitely better.

He was led to the nuptial chambers after answering a series of short questions. He didn't shy away from revealing his lewd tastes. Pleasure was omnipotent. It didn't care about species or status. Even the white wolf agreed with everything Krizor said, dipping his head after every proposal and smirking at every joke.

"Here we are," he said with a big smile. "Are you prepared? Perhaps desire to take a moment to make sure you-"

"Just open the door, you silly dog. I want to see how feisty these girls can get."

The wolf smiled wider and pushed the black door open. Krizor stepped inside the room. The smell of scented oil was the first thing he noticed. It was sweet, and spicy, like a well cooked meal basted in sauce and seasoning. Then, the grunts came, in all their variations. Krizor's smile deepened when he heard the cute yelps of the canines paired with the sharp hiss of the feline kind. There was a lot going behind the veils. He just needed to get close enough and see.

"Are all these...ahem, gentlemen breeding their chosen ladies out in the open?" he asked, matching the luxury of this place with a properly elevated language.

"Not in the open," the wolf slid a paw along a silky veil. "Nobody sees unless they pay."

"That's stupid."

"Many disagree," the canine dipped his head.

"Only my cock cares, and he's about to forget in a few minutes. Lead me to my lioness, will you?"

The canine walked between the veiled nests, and Krizor followed, staring at the torches mounted on the walls. If they offered so much heat and light, why were these oafs using candles inside their silky nests?

The answer came to him when the wolf pushed the silk away to reveal a naked feline. Oil smeared that perfect shade of golden fur, empathizing the strong muscles rippling underneath. They ran along the muscled abdomen, all the way to the strong legs and the plump orbs nestled between them.

Krizor blinked. It had was a...

He whipped his head away from the grisly sight and grabbed the wolf by the shoulder. "Wrong bed, mate. I asked for-"

"A strong lion," the wolf waved towards the surprised male.

"Lioness. Female. There's a stark difference between cock and cunt!"

The lion roared with laughter, and the wolf joined him in his reverie. Krizor stared at them both with a mixture of anger and disappointment. "I'm not paying you to laugh your butts off."

"Show him," the lion said.

"Nah. You do it," the wolf slapped him over the muzzle.

"Bloody oafs. Do it at the same time and spare me of your fockin nonsense!"

They pulled on a hidden lever or something. Krizor didn't have time to see what it was. All the silky curtains dropped at the same time, revealing what truly happened inside this room of many pleasures. Males, of all shapes, forms and sizes grabbed, licked, or mated one another. Krizor's eyes widened like plump fruits. They dashed between the many pairs of balls and dangling sausages, squinting, then widening once again. There was no female in here. Only cocks, and balls, and overflowing amounts of cum.

"What...what in the blazes is this?"

"What you asked for," the wolf shrugged.

"Sod off, mate," Krizor turned around and pointed an angry finger at him. "I pay good coin for this. You'd better take me to my lioness, or else-"

"Do it," his leonine companion poked the wolf. "Get him to the bestiary, and see if the beasts are a proper sheath for his cock."

Krizor eagerly left the cock fest. He was led through a couple of corridors and into the inner gardens. What he saw there made his heart leap. Pens were drafted around a circular road. Pens filled with feral beasts that lapped at their cocks and bred one another. Wolves yelped and whined, one stuck inside his partner's arse while the other male panted eagerly, spilling copious amounts of seed from his overly engorged cock. Felines licked and played games of domination. Whoever won got to be on top, mounting whatever it found first: maw or tailhole.

"This cannot be right," Krizor said with disgust.

"Perhaps you need to take another look," the wolf waved towards a pair of eager dragons.

Krizor scrunched his eyes. He saw a tongue wrapping around a thick cock, unleashing a terrible cry from the creature's throat. Krizor shoved his head away just as one of the dragon started to cum. He ignored the sight, though he couldn't block the thick jets of semen splattering on the ground.

He slammed a palm onto his forehead and grabbed the wolf with his other. "Take me out. Now!"

"There's still one last room to visit."

It was a trap. Krizor knew that. Still, his curiosity got the best of him. Or perhaps it was the malicious intent of proving this bastard wrong. As he stepped down the row of winding stairs, Krizor no longer knew the reason for his persistence. He just wanted to hug his lioness. Squeeze her against his bare skin, feel her soft fur, and kiss those soft, squelchy lips with the tip of his cock before burying himself inside her. He fantasized about that for a bit, and even got hard at the prospect of spending his seed.

After the iron portcullis shrieked open, Krizor's excitement reached a whole new level. He saw a tawny shape maneuvering around a black dragon. He strode eagerly, peeking under the dragon's wing. His lioness turned out to be nothing more than a juvenile male stroking the black beast's belly. The dragon yowled eagerly. His tail straightened and his wings lifted, revealing the whole throbbing extent of his cock. It was a muscular thing, with spiky ridges and visible veins. The lion squeezed it hard, forcing out a jet of thick cum to spear onto the ground below.

Krizor squeezed his eyes shut, but no matter how long he shook his head, he couldn't get that image out of his head, nor block the dragon's cries or the strident smell of his fresh seed.

"Is there something wrong?" the wolf laid a paw on his shoulder. Concern oozed from his voice. Genuine concern!

Krizor wiped his hand off and groaned in disbelief. What was this place? Why was he here, surrounded by moaning males and the splashing of their seed? Lewd squelches rose from the many prisons scattered around this dungeons. Someone was busy rubbing, and by the sounds of it, those who were rubbed enjoyed themselves immensely.

"Show me out please. I had enough of this...whatever the fock you're doing."

Good thing that fluffbrain heeded reason. This was the only good thing Krizor had right now. A loyal servant with the right amount of wits to understand a basic request. He was led between the prisons. Perverse curiosity made him look at the wailing beasts trapped inside. Each quadruped was paired with a biped, be it a human or another species. They licked, mounted, and took each other in more positions than Krizor ever knew they existed. There was no sense to what they were doing, nor he tried to make any of it. After he saw a dragon pushing his pole-length cock into a human who willingly bent underneath him, Krizor kept his eyes forward. He counted the cobbles, then the steps as he finally climbed back to the upper levels. He paid the wolf fifty silvers, as per agreed with the drunken at the tavern, then waited near an orange tree for his dragon.

Ryth appeared much quicker than he expected. Krizor almost didn't recognize his growl, with all the wailing and grunting and moaning resonating within his mind. He turned around and gasped.

"It doesn't hurt as bad as it looks," Ryth bowed his head in shame. He was hurt. Bloodied.

"What in the blazes happened?" Krizor rushed towards his snout.

Ryth lowered is head just enough to allow the human to embrace him. "Other males. They licked me at first, then tried....tried to mount me. I held them back as long as I could, but they were too many. Too strong."

"Shush that maw," Krizor slid a hand along a thin cut. "I need to inspect this. See how deep those bastards pierced."

"You don't have to-"

"I do," Krizor unwrapped his shirt from his head and teared it with his teeth. "Just focken lay on your belly instead of staring and lemme take care of this blood."

Ryth did as he was told. He dropped on the side, exposing the pale scales of his belly. Krizor washed a hand along his neck, then followed along each of his limbs. He wasn't hurt badly. His toes were mostly intact, same as his claws. Only a few dented scales rose along his belly, most of them straightened with a simple jab of a finger. His hind legs oozed the most blood. Krizor carefully prodded at the crimson substance, letting it absorb into the cloth.

"You're worse than a mother bathing her hatchlings," Ryth said.

Krizor continued his work. He couldn't let himself be distracted by anything right now. "I'm careful. There's a difference."

"You know I had much deeper wounds. Wipe your ridiculous carefulness along with the blood."

"Why? Are you hurrying somewhere?"

"Thirsty," the dragon growled, loud enough to get Krizor's attention. He watched as he flicked his tongue over his arid snout, then dropped his cloth and smiled.

"You witty lizard. You don't want to drink their water, do you?'

"Can you blame me?"

"Nah," Krizor laughed. "They probably mix in seed with their water. I don't trust these weirdoes one bit. Now hold your paws still. I'm almost done."

Ryth had troubles doing that during his mirthful fits. He busied himself by licking along a forepaw, but that didn't stop his other limbs from jerking and clenching their toes. Krizor quickly maneuvered between the long, curved claws. Once the small cuts were cleaned, he moved on to the bigger ones, wiping the underside of the dragon's flanks with broad sweeps. The brown rag soon acquired a deep maroon shade. Krizor threw it off and picked a clean one for Ryth's tail. He cleaned along the sides, passed between the shrinking spikes, and brushed off the sand from the finned tip with the back of his hand. Good thing the membrane wasn't torn off. Krizor wiped the sweat off his forehead and returned for his dragon's private bits. Something glistened on the softer scales around his pale tailhole. Krizor squinted his eyes and crawled closer for a better look. He straightened his index finger, circling around the cold, gooey moisture.

"Is this seed?" he frowned as he tested the aqueous fluid between his fingers.

"Some males couldn't hold themselves back," Ryth growled softly.

That made Krizor's blood boil even hotter. He cleaned every trace of moisture around his dragon's privates, then took care of his spine and wings. When he was finally done, he crawled towards his head. Ryth's emerald eyes followed him closely. He was about to open his mouth when Krizor dropped upon him, giving that snout a good, well deserved hug.

The dragon growled, wings flapping in surprise. His warm breath tickled Krizor's bare skin, but the human didn't relent. He gripped onto the sides and even clutched one horn while he stroke every scale he could get his fingers upon.

"Don't get bloodied again. You hear me?"

"Hard not to," the dragon squirmed inside his embrace."You really are in a weird mood today."

Krizor stepped back and blinked the sting coalescing inside his eyes. "I about you," he admitted with a long sigh as he looked into those verdant eyes. "You're important to me. Blazes, I don't even have to explain myself, you stupid whelp!"

Ryth slid his tongue along his bare body before he could react. Krizor closed his eyes and shivered when that warm, fleshy surface slid all the way from his belly to his face. He scrunched his eyes shut, grumbling like a drunken dwarf until the dragon retrieved his tongue.

"Great. I now taste of dragon too instead of smelling like one."

Ryth launched more devious licks, but he found the human quick and ready for the upcoming strikes. After their little game ended, Krizor led his dragon away from the once promising establishment. He walked at his side, watching how the tips of his claws disappeared into the sand while grumbling about how sore his arse failed. Ryth failed to humor him. He just couldn't understand how it felt to ride when he was the one carrying the burden on his back.

The nearby oasis proved to be an excellent place for relaxation. Ryth drank his fill and splayed onto his side, enjoying the warm sun upon the smaller scales of his belly. Krizor rested with his back against his neck. He had more room to maneuver when he could use the dragon's legs as support for his own. With one leg hoisted above and a hand stroking his dragons' scales, Krizor couldn't feel happier.

"Look at all these smiley growly oafs, splashing into the water you drank from. Isn't it annoying when your kin is a lot more stupid than mine?" Krizor said as he watched two dragons swim around each other, wings flapping and paws slapping in the clear water.

"We live by different rules, human."

"Instincts, I know. They rule you more than you rule them. Tell me something I don't know."

"Humans are quite tasty."

He earned a slap over the nostrils for that. Ryth snarled, moving out of Krizor's reach to avoid a second blow.


"Cheater. You know how sensitive that spot is."

"It's the only one I can use against you!" Krizor picked a forepaw and tried scratching between the dragon's fingers. "See? No reaction."

"Maybe you should try a different place," he looked at him with a knowledgeable grin.

Krizor sighed. "I know every part of you better than I know myself. It's easy to soothe your aches. Punch, punch, and whatever pain you have disappears. If only my fockin' bum worked in the same way."

"I can-"

"Don't even think about it," he tried to lift the dragon's gigantic paw. "A single swipe from this paw can tear me in half."

"I'll be careful," Ryth said. He curled two fingers around, showing how gentle his grip could be. That elicited a grave chuckle.

"I'm thoroughly convinced of your positive intentions. These brutish claws, however..." Krizor trailed along a claw's underside until he reached the tip. "They don't inspire much trust. I'm sure you understand why."

Ryth rolled on his back with a growl. He stretched his limbs and flared his wings. Krizor knew he wanted something. A prolonged stare always harbored a hidden desire.

"Fine, you witty beast. I'll rub your proud wings. But only because you carried my sore arse all the way here. It's never a pleasure to knead your joints. Always leaves my fingers sore, it does."

Ryth didn't say a thing. He always went silent whenever something good was about to happen. Fortunately, Krizor kept his secret well hidden. He massaged around the thick joint with careful expertise. A dragon's wings were highly sensitive. One could easily tell that by the soft rumbles escaping the beast's throat. Krizor straddled his chest for a better position and worked on both wings at the same time. Ryth thoroughly enjoyed that. He kneaded and clawed at the air with every firm push. Krizor alternated the speed and the force, providing short bursts of unexpected delight. He slowly moved along the main joint, leaning towards the soft membrane. It was warm, durable, and a joy to caress. Krizor thoroughly immersed himself in the massage, barely realizing the change in Ryth's growling patterns.

Only when his jaws snapped with a strange snarl Krizor blinked out of his reverie. He looked back at the dragon. He was still resting, head lowered on the ground, eyes closed.

Too bad the same couldn't be said about his member. Krizor gritted his teeth when he saw it, preventing the startled gasp from ever leaving his chest. He never saw his dragon's privates, certainly not from up-close. Ryth was big. Not quite as thick as the beast from the dungeons, but certainly big for human standards. His tip alone was almost as big as Krizor's forearm. Soft ridges flanked the sides in organized patterns, disappearing inside the slightly bulged slit. It was wet, and shiny, glistening with the wet sheen characteristic to a female's privates.

Krizor looked away. He just couldn't stare at his dragon's maleness, no matter how perversely curious he might have been. He grabbed hold of a wing, and gently dragged it over the exposed cock. He pulled and stretched it, yet no matter how hard he tried he couldn't get the blazed wing from remaining there.

Krizor crawled towards the dragon's head. Ryth was still resting, rumbling with the soft growl characteristic to a calming moments of bliss. Krizor placed a hand on his jaw. He scratched gently, following up to the dragon's chin. Ryth slowly opened his eyes. They were so big and magnificent before the pupils fixed themselves on the first thing they happened upon.

"I feel bad for disturbing you, but-"

"Don't. I think I know the reason."

Krizor gasped, pleasantly surprised by Ryth's affectionate nuzzling. He moved his snout around his bare chest, allowing the soft scales to scratch and massage at the same time. Krizor grabbed his head and scratched around the sides.

"You know why I woke you?"

"I have a vague idea," he shifted on his side, hissing softly when his member touched the blades of grass.

"That will not hide it from prying eyes."

"It's the least I can do for now."

Krizor waited. He didn't know what got his dragon aroused, only that his erection persisted a lot longer than it did in humans.

"Doesn't seem to go away on its own."

"There's a reason for that."

"Care to share?"

Ryth curled his tail around himself, growling softly as more of his cock pushed through his expanding vent. "Wounds encourage us to fight through bizarre means. The males that wounded didn't aim to hurt. They aimed to arouse."

Krizor rolled his eyes at that. "Come on. Are you going to do it here?"

"I have to," the dragon growled. "It will only become worse the longer I try to resist."

"Blazes, you really are a beast," Kraizor got on his feet. "Alright. What about that dune over there?"

"What about it?" Ryth asked absent mindedly.

"We can go behind it and allow you to solve the problem without everybody staring at us."

"It's..." Ryth looked at his predicament, then back at Krizor. "Does it really matter? We're surrounded by dragons. The worst they can do is taste the seed I'm going to spill."

"And then they'll become mad with lust and try to mount you! No way I'm going to let that happen" he grabbed one horn, forcing the dragon to get on his fours. "Come, and keep your wings loose. These lustful bastards will get ideas if they see you exposed like that."

Ryth reluctantly obeyed. His cock slapped against his belly, forcing a curt hiss from the beast's throat. Krizor kept a brisk pace, knowing how annoying it was to have that pestering urge and no means of relief. Ryth became more restless with each step. Krizor calmed him with rubs and distracted him with questions, but that only worked up to a point. Once instincts took hold of him, Ryth could no longer be swayed by logic. He dropped in the sand and curled around himself, wing lifted over his throbbing member. Krizor knew he was fully aroused. He just didn't want to take a peek and see the full extent of his dragon's predicament.

"I'll be here and...keep an eye out or something," he gulped. Ryth was more than a companion. More than a friend. He was closer to a brother than any human had the right to be.

And that made it very uncomfortable for Krizor to be around him when he started licking himself. Wet, squelchy sounds mingled with his rumbling growl as the dragon pushed himself closer to completion. Krizor counted numbers, fiddled with his fingers, and scanned the horizon. He even made shapes in the sand, or pinched the bare skin of his arms. Nothing distracted him from the dragon's licking. The slurps became longer, the licks messier, and his growls increased their pitch until a shuddering roar escaped from his throat.

Krizor turned around, reacting instinctively to the cry-like noise. Instead of danger, he saw Ryth, with his maw pressed upon his spasming slit. The tip of his tongue was coiled around the base of the cock, pushing into the fleshy vent with every spasm. Krizor could almost feel the strength within those clenches. Ryth's whole frame quivered. His paws curled their claws inwards, his wings flared and trembled, and his tail shivered and jerked into the sand.

"Blazes-" he grunted and whipped his head around when a burst of milky goo dribbled from the dragon's maw. Krizor really didn't want to see that. He rubbed his eyes and groaned, failing to get that image out of his head. Every time Ryth suckled and gulped, that throbbing burst reappeared before his eyes.

"Are you done yet?"

A long, growly moan answered him. Krizor crossed his arms and waited for the dragon's bliss to subside. Ryth's blissful cry slowly smothered into a soft moan, and then into the pleasant rumbling characteristic to a satisfied dragon.

"Now I'm done," he said, growling happily.

Krizor turned around, only to spin back into place at the sight of the dozen pearlescent splotches splattered around his belly. "You said-"

"That I released, not that I cleaned myself."

"Well, get to it then. Don't allow me to stop you."

"Why do you act so strange whenever I feel the need to spend my seed? We shared meals together. You slept under my wing for years, and touched every scale on my body."

"I know, dear dragon. This's a human thing. Hard to understand," Krizor grumbled. He looked at Ryth with the corner of his eyes, unable to ignore his companion.

"Does it frighten you when I tend to my needs, then?" Ryth looked up with those deep, glimmering eyes. "Am I disgusting when-"

"No, blazes no!" Krizor dashed back and hugged his snout, messy or not. "I love you more than I love myself, you silly beast! I just get stupid sometimes. You know that."

Ryth rumbled with delight. Krizor allowed his tongue to wash over his face. In that moment, he felt only the warmth and affection coursing beneath those heated licks. He didn't care about the earthly scent of dragon seed or the slimy sheen coating his skin. Ryth was his greatest treasure, a jewel he wanted to keep as close to his heart as possible.

"Clean yourself now, alright?" he smiled meekly when their eyes met. "I want you to be all beautiful and shiny for what I have in mind."

"What have you lodged inside this fuzzy head?" the dragon nuzzled, ruffling the human's hair with his breath.

"It wouldn't be a surprise if I tell," Krizor laughed as he leaped away from that pesky snout. "Be quick!"

Krizor ran as fast as he could, but he was no match for a dragon. Even on land, Ryth was frighteningly quick. He flapped his wings hard, using them to leap through the air. He was so majestic, sparkling and soaring through the air before he stumbled at his landing like a youthful fledgling. Krizor laughed. He caught up with the dragon in a dozen strides or so. Ryth was in bright spirits. He walked at a brisk pace, avoiding to further embarrass his human companion through his draconic superiority.

Krizor mounted his dragon when he reached the outskirts of the brothel. Cutting through the crowd was a lot easier when a lumbering beast pushed every smaller creature aside. The ferals snarled or growled while those who could speak threw an insult or a curse. Krizor ignored all words in equal measure. Once he found his wolf attendant, he jumped from Ryth's back and took the canine away from his blabbering companions.

"Ser, I am-"

"Weighted by the coin I will provide," he whispered, leaning closer to the wolf's twitching ear. "I happen to have desires of a more carnal nature. Supply me with what I need, and you will be generously rewarded."

The canine had no option but to nod his head and wave off his curious mates. Krizor dug a hand into his pocket, unlatched his coin pouch, and spilled almost half its weight into the wolf's clutch.

"Do we have an agreement?"

"Yes, Ser. We certainly do. I'll just...just put these safe while I make the arrangements."

He summoned two of his mates at his side. Krizor threw them a quick smile and walked back towards his dragon.

"I saw shinies," Ryth said, still looking at the three plotting wolves.

"No day will come when a dragon's eye misses anything," Krizor patted his shoulder. "I made a deal that will make you melt with delight."

"You paid with shinies!"

"So what if I did?" Krizor walked ahead, brushing a hand along the dragon's sinuous neck. "It'll be worth it. You'll see."

"But your stash-"

"Shush your snout, drake. What I prepared for you will make you rumble a lot louder than you did behind that dune."

Ryth remained unconvinced. He scooped the human with a paw and pressed his snout into his chest.

"We agreed not to spend."

"Peh. You agreed!" Krizor tickled the inside of his nostrils. "And you're silly to think your paw can trap me for long."

Ryth's eyelids twitched, and his lips trembled. Krizor used the momentary weakness to break himself free, sliding away from the dragon's grasp just before he sneezed.

"I'm going to catch you," he said from behind.

"Try all you like, beastie!" Kraizor surged into a mad dash through the gardens. Two wolves yelped and jumped to the sides, and a feline even tripped, cursing at the meats spilling from his tray. Dragons were quick, but Krizor had the advantage of nimbleness. He used the trees and the living fences as assets, slowing the dragon with everything he had. Ryth lost his patience after several growls. He flapped his wings, crashing into an empty alcove and blocking Krizor's path.

"This seems a fine place," the human dropped on the grass, leaving the dragon completely bewildered.

"What are you doing?" Ryth tilted his head.


"For what? Your rightful punishment?" he approached like a stalking predator.

Kraizor chuckled. It was tempting to think how a dragon would go about punishing him. "No, you silly whelp. Them," he pointed over his shoulder.

"The breeding gryphons?" Ryth cocked his head even further.

"Wha?" Kraizor took a quick peek. Indeed, two snowy birds were getting it on in front of the small crowd gathered around them. "Peh. Perhaps this isn't the right spot," he got up with an annoyed grumble.

Ryth got in the way. "I won't move until you tell me."

"I'm not giving my surprise away to soothe your festering curiosity. Come along and keep your nostrils open. You will know soon enough."

The dragon begrudgingly agreed to follow. Krizor led him into the heart of the brothel's gardens. He found a clearing nestled inside a field of flowers of all colors and trees of all shapes and sizes. The wolves came along just when Ryth started to become a pest. Four carried a gigantic tray, while the others brought in smaller plates and rolled along two barrels. Ryth was petrified as the canines moved around with stark efficiency. The four placed the tray at the tips of his fore paws, while the others rested the barrels just within reach of his neck.

"It smells good. What is this?" Ryth asked, licking his snout in anticipation.

"Please allow me to explain," Krizor waved to the canines, who took the lid off the huge tray. A steamy wave rolled forth, summoning a loud rumble from the dragon's throat.

"That fat thing in the middle is roasted boar, basted with the freshest and most delicious herbs in all the kingdoms. Surrounding it you'll see an assortment of meats. Deer, rabbit, and whatever these puppies had in the larder. Please don't look at it like I'm about to sink my hands into it. It's all yours."


"Mhm," Krizor nodded. "I'm going to sate my hunger with these little trifles," Krizor revealed his own, smaller dishes. "Wined chicken split with sourfruits, pork ribs dripping with dubious looking sauces, and this fine...whatever the blazes it is."

"Deepshell crusted with swamp potatoes, all wrapped in a fine layer of Dust Egg membrane," one of the attendants said.

"Is that really an egg?" Krizor frowned.

"No, Ser. It's a sweet fruit that grows in the region."

"Oh, good. I'm hungrier already," Krizor smiled and clapped his hands thrice. "Off you go, lads. Thank you very much for your service. I hope you have nothing against leaving me and my dragon partner alone as we prepare to indulge in the fine treats you have brought us."

They nodded and bowed. Krizor gave the white one a hug and thanked him again for being so prompt with his request.

"Anything for you, Ser. Enjoy."

"I certainly will, dear canine."

Ryth approached once they all left. "I dread to ask how many shinies you gave to that dog."

"Wolf, dragon. Big difference. And as you can see, we find ourselves with startling amounts of food for very little coin!"

"Your definition of little needs adjustments."

"Not when I have such a heavy pouch," Krizor rubbed around his pocket, almost cringing at how lithe it felt. "Let's eat now. We're staring at each other and talking like old crones over a sumptuous dinner."

"Is this what that is?" the dragon extended a wing over the meal. "Bribe for that time you sent me hunting for-"

"It's food. Eat it now and talk later."

Ryth opened his maw to voice another concern, but he thought better of it. With his wings folded at his sides, he dropped on his belly, shielding the boar between his forepaws. Krizor lowered on his side and looked over the three trays lounging ahead of him. They all looked so delicious. Krizor dug into them without a second thought. He ripped into the juicy chicken, then picked a few potato shards from the slimy conch. The mix of sour and sweet was a divine combination to his tongue. He ate hungrily, looking at Ryth between mouthfuls. He was truly a beast, tearing and ripping into his boar with the fierceness characteristic to his kin. Whole chunks of meat were ripped by his slavering maw, then squeezed by the row of sharp teeth. Juices trickled down the sides of his snout, smeared along the scales every time Ryth licked himself clean.

"That's not helping," Krizor gestured with a potato. "You might want to take smaller chunks and actually enjoy this meal."

"Are you telling me how to eat?"

"I'm pointing out basic manners, drake."

"There are no manners in the wilderness. Meat is meat. Those who are too slow at eating their prey will find themselves robbed of their effort."

Krizor spat the food from his mouth as a hearty laughter burst through his mouth. "We're in a garden surrounded by more cocks than you can count. What can possibly happen here?"

Ryth had no reply for that. He ripped into the boar's leg, chewing on the stringy meat only thrice before gulping it down.

"Bah. Suit yourself, drake. When that boar is done and you come sniffing into my trays, I'll point at those bones and remind you of the terrible choice you made."

He slowed down after that. Dragons were not in the habit of enjoying a meal, but Ryth was good at pretending. Krizor sighed with delight and enjoyed the rest of his meal. He liked to take his time. Great food was like females. Exquisitely precious, and truly delightful to the senses. He managed to clean almost half of each tray before his stomach threatened to spill. Krizor leaned against his dragon's flank when the food was done, sipping from a flagon of honeyed wine. Ryth curled his neck around, sniffing insistently.

"Want a sip?" Krizor waved the flagon in front of his twitching nostrils.

"Will you give me if I say yes?"

Krizor waved him to approach. He grabbed the dragon's snout when he was close enough and slid his hand between his teeth.

"Open this, will you?"

Ryth complied. His tongue twisted, and his lips became all wry once the flagon spilled its contents inside his maw. He flicked his tongue out, pushing away more drink than he swallowed.

"You wasteful bastard. That was my good wine!"

Ryth disagreed with a rumbling growl. "It burns and stings. Why drink such a vile concoction?" the dragon rubbed his snout into the grass.

"I'm not sure you will ever understand that, dear dragon," Krizor smiled as he picked another flagon. This one had a much sharper fragrance. A proper wine that turned any reasonable man into a lumbering drunkard. Krizor took a few gulps and stopped when his head started to become a swirling ocean for his unreasonable mirth. He placed tray after tray on the finned tip of Ryth's tail, laughing every time they fell off.

"Ye dragons can keep only two things straight. Yer heads, and yer cocks," he fell upon his flank with a loud 'hic'. The world spun before him. In some ways it felt like dragon riding. Krizor gasped when he looked at the wobbling ground, trying desperately to anchor himself on anything he found. His hands went all around Ryth's hind leg, scratching and raking between the scales.

Ryth only had to sniff once to recognize the odor of alcohol. He grabbed one of his barrels and rolled it under an upraised wing.

"Wha?" Krizor looked at it and laughed. "Yer givin' me water? Water for what?"

"You know."

"Course I do. What I need is more wine!" Krizor raised the flagon and took another hefty gulp. Ryth disapproved with a shake of his head, but that only amused the drunken human.

"Shake it all ye want. Yer water tastes of seed! And I'm not...I'm not...." He hiccupped again as the world spun before his eyes. "I'm not drinkin yer seed, drake. Not did...hic!"

"I should get you that Rhuvaryi thing. Clear your mind before-"

"Before what?" Krizor jabbed a finger towards his snout. "Think yer smarter than me? Brighter?" he slapped a hand against the scales.

"Of course I am," the dragon flared both of his wings, leaving Krizor's mouth hanging.

Since when did Ryth become so majestic? His head was angular and beautiful, with just the right width for his snout to make it look elegant rather than fat. His neck was sinuous and long, almost matching his tail. The spikes flowing along his spine added an edge of danger to his agile form until his broad wings rose at the sides. Krizor never saw two wings this big. They covered the sky with their tawny membrane, allowing no wind or sun to pass through.

"Whoa. That's...hic! Is beautiful. C'mere, beautiful beast. I wanna touch and feel ye," Krizor beckoned with drunken stupor. When Ryth cocked his head again, he crawled and grabbed the finned tip of his tail. He stroke greedily along its length, then turned upon the dragon's hind leg. Ryth lowered himself on his side, thinking he was going to get another massage.

That was exactly what Krizor wanted. He fell upon the crevice nestled between his legs, splitting it apart with both hands. Ryth growled and raked at the ground with wild urgency.


"Wha...why should I?" Krizor laughed and plunged a hand into that nest of lubricated flesh. "Feels good in'ere! Wetter than a female an' warmer than a stove, hic!"

Ryth growled, louder this time. Thick toes wrapped around Krizor's middle, and the drunkard only laughed. He didn't care about them. What he wanted was to touch, and feel, and inhale the pungent scent wafting from the dragon's exposed slit. His shelter ran deep, and his muscles were strong. It took a fair amount of effort to push all the way to his cock. Krizor laughed over Ryth's snarl when he grabbed the tip. It throbbed hard, and within three spasms it pushed its way out of the cavernous depths.

"There ya go. Lookin like a male again."

"I don't want to hurt you, human."

"Then don't," Krizor looked around the pole he held within his grip. "Love me instead. This cock o' yours can pierce a mare whole!"

He rubbed until it grew harder and bigger. Ryth became restless after he squirted his first jet of precum. Krizor found that unnaturally appealing. He kept poking fingers through the little hole sheltered in the center of his tip, and even tasted his cock with a quick lick. The sweet sheen made his eyes brighten, and his throat wheeze with laughter.

"Ye really taste like a female. Wonder why the fock haven't we bred so far. Yer wet 'n, nice, and I'm...I am....what the fock am I, dragon?"

"A drunk that should go to sleep," he swiped his tail, destroying Krizor's wavering balance.

The human fell on his back, staring at the star speckled sky before Ryth's head shadowed everything. He waved the dragon closer, and sighed in contentment when his warm nostrils breathed hot air into his bare chest.

"Yer so warm. So beautiful. Told you how much I love ye, haven' I?"

"Not often enough," Ryth rumbled silently.

Krizor kissed his snout. He kissed and licked around and between his nostrils, even going as far as kissing his fangs. When Ryth wanted to speak, he grabbed hold onto his tongue, and kissed that too.

"Love every part of ye," Krizor smacked his lips. He furiously started rubbing his drake, going through every scale on his body. "Yer head. Yer neck. Yer paws 'h wings an' tail. Even yer cock!"

Ryth hissed softly when he found his pride clutched again. Aside from that, he did nothing. Krizor didn't care if it was out of love or something else. He was too drunk to care. After he satisfied his curiosities, he dropped his pants down and proudly grabbed himself.

"Wha'd you think o' this?"

Ryth cocked his head, saying nothing.

"C'mon. I'm naked, like ya. Look at how ye scales sparkle without cloth an... fockin burdens. I really should....fock," Krizor blinked thrice, then fell on his back. He grumbled in disappointment when Ryth coiled around him. He wanted to touch his wet cock a little bit more while the courage still lasted.

"You took it away," he ran his hand along the dragon's chest. "Where the fock is it? The fock is your cock at?"

"Out of your reach, like the rest of your wits. That wine must have stole every last one of them."

"It didn' steal shite, dragon. Is still here," Krizor slapped his head twice. "Will remember all after I take a bit o' rest."

"Yes. Rest," he brought his snout closer, and closer, until the warm puffs made Krizor's eyes heavy. "I will get you a Rshulvir potion when you wake up."

"Focken blazes, I don' wanna sleep," he said tiredly. "I wanna love...make love to you, dragon. Y'know I have no one else. I one...else..."

"I know," Ryth started to lick with slow caresses. "Rest. Just sleep."

His tongue made it infuriatingly hard for Krizor to maintain his awareness. He grumbled and moaned as his body went limp, starting from his legs. " warm...I love ye so much, dragon. So much."

Krizor awoke with a throbbing headache and a strange, breezy feeling around his bum. He peeked an eye open to stare at nothingness. Ryth's wing shadowed everything. He touched the membrane, grumbled, then crossed his arms above his belly. Something stirred between his legs. Krizor extended his arm to rub, then froze when his fingers pushed through unreasonably dense hairs.

"He was...was he...?" A heartbeat later Krizor knew the answer. Tempted by warmth and promising caress, his cock jerked up. No matter how much he gritted his teeth or bit his lip, his member grew to completion.

Krizor cursed. He got hard, right under his dragon. He looked left, then right, and finally groaned when he realized he had only a single choice. He reluctantly touched along the wing, poking and prodding.

Ryth lifted it, allowing the cold air of the night to pierce the warm shelter. Krizor cursed, coiling around himself.

"Why am I naked?"

A forepaw pushed him closer to the dragon's chest, but Krizor denied him. "No, no. I don't want your warmth, dragon. Give me answers. Why am I naked?"

"Don't you know?"

"I...I had a couple of gulps, sure," Krizor grabbed his head. It pounded like a drum, soft and hard at the same time. "Maybe more than a couple. And you did nothing to stop me!"

Ryth turned around and returned with a small vial between his jaws. He spat it on Krizor's expecting hands.


"I went to the wolves after you fell asleep."

He frowned instead of smiling. "You left me naked, and alone, with all these sausages roaming around?"

"They came to me, human. Leaving you alone in that drunken state was not something I am capable of doing."

Krizor shook the vial. Verdant liquid swirled inside. "They must have asked for something in return."

"Just a simple bath," Ryth said. "Drink now. That smell is irritating my nostrils."

Krizor gulped the contents and vigorously shook his head. The Rshulvir went down his throat like an ice storm, dispersing through every corner of his body with revitalizing efficiency. Krizor wobbled and hugged one of his dragon's legs for balance. He felt weak for a few moments, but that passed once the sharp liquid obliterated his headache.

Krizor blinked thrice to moisten his eyes. His head felt normal again, and the ground stop shaking beneath his legs. He stumbled for a bit, trying to find a place to rest. The sound of licking made him peek to the side. Ryth was grooming a paw, sliding his tongue carefully between his claws.

"I feel much better. So, how late it is?" Krizor looked at the sky without waiting an answer. The sun had set, leaving behind shades of flaming orange upon a field of amethyst. He also noticed all the food was gone, along with the wine and the barrels.

"Focken basterds. They took it away?"

Ryth growled a short reply.

"And you did nothing to stop them?"

"I was grooming myself," the dragon said. "Whatever deals you make are yours to fulfill."

"Stellar judgment, that," Krizor sighed. "I spend half my coin, fill your belly, amuse you with my terrible humor, and you let those pampered fluffies take away our meal!"

"I ate my fill. You did too. What are you complaining about?"

Krizor opened his mouth, then shut it. Whatever was coming out was better left unsaid, so he put his leggings on, pushed his back against the dragon's side and took hold of his hind paw. Scratching something soothed his temper. Krizor kneaded along the meaty fingers, feeling the soft flesh hiding behind the small scales. Ryth's rumble flared within his throat when Krizor started kneading along his foot. He went along each finger, grabbing and scratching between the scales. Ryth clenched harder the closer he advanced inwards.

"I know it tickles, you scaly bastard. Might as well stop pretending and let that growl loose."

"Barely noticeable," the dragon said with a strained hiss.

"Oh yes?" Krizor raked along the insides of his paw, causing every talon to curl and press its tip into the scales. A long growl escaped Ryth's straightening neck. His tail shivered and his wings stretched, trembling with strange jolts.

"Stop...stop that."

"Or what?"

Krizor got a wing right in the face. He grabbed and pushed into the membrane, finding a new target to antagonize. Ryth turned his neck around. He watched, blinking his eyes and licking his snout until another shudder washed over him.

"This tickling is getting to you."

"it's not."

"Your wings dare to disagree, dear dragon. You can see how they tremble, right?" he pulled down the sandy membrane for emphasis. His joints shook worse than an aged man.

Ryth jerked it up and curled his neck under his lifting leg. Krizor found himself firmly squeezed against the dragon's belly. He grabbed onto a neck spike, then looked at what summoned such urgency. It was pink, wet, and glistened with the characteristic sheen of arousal. Krizor would have slapped his face with his hand if he could.

"Fock me. Sorry for that. I kind of forgot what tickling does to dragons. Would you accept my honest apology for revitalizing your throbbing problem?"

Ryth threw him a quick glance, then slid his tongue along that bare, moistened flesh. He was slow, and thorough, pushing deep into the crevice formed by his expanding vent. Krizor pulled his eyes away as soon as he could, embarrassed by what his actions wrought. Did he willingly arouse his dragon? He shook his head, scrunching his eyes shut.

" My mind slipped. Wine. It's the wine," he kept whispering over Ryth's incessant licking. "Maybe he's not aroused. Dragons groom all the time, right? Just a bit o'licking to pass the time."

But he never believed that, just as he refused to accept the heat rising beneath his skin. Rshuvir would be too convenient for any reveler if it didn't have any side effects. Krizor's fingers flexed repeatedly, forming fists, then grabbing around the dragon's neck spikes. It was coming. That wave of heat he felt the first time he had one of these fine beverages. Sweat oozed from his skin. He wiped it quickly, focusing on his breathing. Deep, long breaths. That was what he needed.

Along with a warm cunt around his throbbing cock.

Krizor bit his lip hard, tasting metallic blood within his mouth. The sting washed that particular thought away, only to allow others to slip between the cracks. Lionesses caressed their exposed holes, inviting him to take a closer peek.

Krizor blinked. The image dispersed. He was in a forest now, surrounded by feral wolves that whined and sniffed at his crotch. The alpha, a snowy female with startling blue eyes turned around, presenting him with her wet, dripping snatch. She licked her muzzle repeatedly, backing towards him closer and closer, until her cunt touched the tip of his rock hard cock.

"Naah," Krizor grunted. "I can't. Must hold back. Have to..."

"Have to what?" a soft growl distracted him.

That scaly bastard couldn't pick a worse time to talk. Krizor pushed his snout away. Warm slime latched onto his skin when he made contact with the scales. Ryth licked it, flicking that warm, fleshy tongue around his fingers.

Krizor slapped him between the nostrils, forcing him back. "No licks."

Ryth's lips trembled with irritation. "I was only-"

"I know what you were trying to do. Keep that tongue away, or I'll hit you harder."

Ryth shook his head in bewilderment. He didn't talk, or try to understand. He just obeyed, like he always did.

Krizor winced. Hurting his dragon was a lot worse than some bothersome arousal. So he bit back his pride, cast away his shame, and rubbed the beast's wing.

"I'm hard, dragon. Fockin aroused from that Rshulvir you gave me."

"And I'm to blame for that?" Ryth hissed with obvious disappointment.

"No, of course not. I was careless and stupid to drink as much as I did. Hope I haven't done anything bad to you during my fit. You know I lose control and all."

Ryth approached, eyes gleaming with mirthful intent. "You might have touched certain parts of me you wouldn't even gaze upon."

"Drat. Yer cock?"

He dipped his head, much to Krizor's shame. He licked his lips, tightened his fists for extra courage. There was no way to walk but forward.

"What else have I done? Tell me everything. I'd rather know it now than later."

"You spoke from the heart, human. Told me how much you appreciated me. Even showed it, through those weird pecking you do with your mouth."

Krizor's eyes widened. "I kissed you?"

"And licked me almost everywhere," the dragon said.

Krizor's heart climbed in his throat. He whipped his head around, unable to look his dragon in the eye. He invaded his privates, even going as far as grabbing his cock. Did he kiss that too? Lick it, like Ryth often did during his grooming sessions?

"After that open display of affection, you cast your pants down."

"Why?" Krizor whispered softly, as if lowering his voice evaded this terrible truth. "Why in the blazes would I do that?"

A warm presence brushed along his arm. "Because you wanted to be like me, unburdened by cloth and rules."

Ryth's tongue was too warm and relaxing to push aside. Despite his better judgment, Krizor allowed it to slide over his bare chest. He was too distracted by the bathing breath to realize that all the warmth concentrated in a single place. Krizor gasped softly, fists tight, eyes scrunched shut. His cock reveled in the heat. It throbbed, harder and harder, until a thin stream of precum escaped from its tip.

Krizor's body jerked. His hips pushed straight into the dragon's snout, forcing a soft growl from his parting maw. Intense heat washed over Krizor's privates. His body quaked as a loud, unbridled moan escaped his tightening throat.

"Back...get back..." he hissed, slapping Ryth's snout with weakened blows.

"I can soothe your fire."

"Focken, blazin' beast," he rolled to the side and pushed his stifling erection into the hard ground. "I-I don't want your focking tongue. Just keep away until this heat subsides."

Ryth didn't give up. He pushed his snout around the sides, sniffing insistently until he climbed close to the human's ear. "It will only get worse. You know my words are true."

Krizor's lips trembled. He wanted to say it out loud. To prove the wrongness of the dragon's words. Yet his cock had other plans. It lurched within its fetters, spitting its warm fluid into the fresh grass. Krizor forced his mind to wander. He imagined forests, and deserts, even taverns filled with unruly drunks. No matter what he did, the seething pressure within his groin turned his thoughts back to the monster throbbing below his crotch.

"Haah," he rolled on his back with a monstrous groan. "I guess you win, dragon. I have to take this problem into my own hands and push this fockin heat out before it drains me."

"I can-"

"No, you can't," Krizor blocked him before he got too close. "I'm not putting my cock inside your maw. It's disgusting, shameful, and unreasonable."

"Is it?" the dragon simply asked.

Krizor didn't know what to say without insulting him, so he kept his mouth shut. That was the worst choice he could have made. Ryth glimmering eyes led him back behind that dune. Wet, lustful licks washed around his cock, urging his seed out with desperate intent.

Unbearable pressure spiked from Krizor's cock when he remembered that thick, messy spurt. Ryth's seed splattered all over his slit, overflowing from his suckling maw. It must have been so hot in there. So moist. Krizor grabbed his crotch and stumbled back. Three spurts of warm precum slithered out of his tip to dribble slowly along his receding foreskin. They flowed like oil, smearing the grass with translucent slime.

"You're close. I can smell it," Ryth said, inching closer to the shivering human.

Krizor lacked the strength to push him away, moaning like a whelp when Ryth started sniffing around his groin.

"Trust me, human, like you trusted me in the past. Let me liberate your burden. It is no weakness to accept my offer."

Krizor gritted his teeth and snapped. "You bloody stubborn beast. Can't argue with one who licks his cock all day," he looked around to gather courage, then released a monstrous groan. "You'll do it fast. No licking or grooming or whatever the fock you do before you burst."


"And we'll not speak about this. Ever."

Ryth bowed his head in acknowledgement.

With a crackling sigh, Krizor pulled waved him to approach. Ryth growled at the sight of it. His warm breath rolled over the overly hard member, making Krizor's legs lose their strength. He leaned back, grabbing on whatever he could find behind him. It was a leg. Or a tail. He didn't really care when every muscle in his body felt like it was about to snap.

"Do it, fock you. Do it before I burst all over your scales!"

The dragon's tongue wrapped around his member, cutting his breath. Krizor gasped and choked as his cock was bathed in the hottest shelter he found himself in. Ryth pulled softly, dragging him past his teeth, into the hot shelter of his maw, where tides of saliva swirled from one side to another.

Krizor crumbled like a worn pillar. He grabbed onto the dragon's horns, gasping and struggling to breathe. He never tasted such warmth before. Ever. Ryth's tongue gently slid free. Krizor felt the tip sliding along his balls. His spheres tensed and shook, overwhelmed by the fleshy contact. The tongue retreated along his shaft, forcing a long gasp out of his throat. Once again, Ryth coiled himself around the entirety of his cock, squeezing and pumping gently until he pressed further. The motion pulled the foreskin back, exposing the human's overly sensitive head to the swirling waves of heated saliva. The fluid bathed his cock, lubricating the way for that thick, constricting tongue.

Krizor's body trembled violently as overwhelming pressure exploded from the depths of his crotch. His cock became harder than stone. Instincts urged him to thrust, and plunge deeper and deeper into something that was shockingly similar to a female's constricting walls.

He scrunched his eyes shut just before the riptide came. Krizor grabbed the dragon's horns, slammed his bare chest onto his forehead, then roared like a beast as his legs collapsed underneath him. Thick spurts of seed washed through his cock to pelt and smash against the dragon's restless tongue. He pulled and suckled, encouraging his cock to throb harder and spew more of its fertile seed.

Krizor's throat crackled with bliss. He thrust three more times and screamed when the pleasure became too much to bear. Ryth caught him onto a forepaw just before he fell. He pushed his maw harder into his crotch, emulating the tight embrace of a female's folds. Krizor gave him everything he had. He milked his balls down to the last drop, spending himself with moans and screams into his dragon's suckling maw.

Ryth let go when the fertile stream ended. He pulled back, allowing the spent member to unceremoniously droop from the human's soaked crotch.

Krizor breathed fast, recovering from the most intense orgasm of his life. He felt liberated and good, despite the sticky feeling around his cock. He grabbed himself with a hand, gasping at how hot the dragon's saliva felt upon his skin.

Ryth pulled back. No signs of seed were obvious to the naked eye even when he flicked his tongue over the tip of his snout. "You were unreasonably quick."

"It's not my fault your maw feels like a wet, over glorified cunt," he rasped.

"You liked it then?"

"It was...agreeable," Krizor smiled meekly. "Now shush your snout and let me rest."

Ryth slowly lowered the human onto the ground. He coiled his tail around him, brought his wing over him, then touched the tip of his snout to his head.


The dragon growled in confusion.

Krizor grabbed around his heavy head and guided it onto his chest. Once he found a comfortable position, he rubbed his dragon with a fond stroke. "It's warmer this way."

"Won't my breath stir your lust?"

"We agreed not to talk about it."

Ryth closed his eyes, though not before flicking his tongue towards the human's privates. He was such a mischievous whelp. One that Krizor loved dearly. With an arm draped between his eyes and another coiled around a horn, he fell asleep like a hatchling nestled under his mother's caring wing.

***THE END...for now***

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