A Costly Bargain

Story by Cheetahs on SoFurry

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The Champion finally arrives, and the group has to pay the price for their costly bargain.

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Description: Makaidos starts to doubt his judgement. Fear slithers under his scales as the imposing champion walks into his cave. Endrythel might have been a real threat, yet the champion doesn't seem to be any more benevolent when he unveils his costly demands...

What will Makaidos have to pay, and more importantly, how will he get out of this tricky situation? Read and find out...


The beat of wings tickled his senses like an annoying insect. Makaidos opened his eyes. It was still relatively dark in the cave. Only two Embari lamps remained fully functional, but he didn't need the gift of sight to realize the chilling truth behind the thundering thuds and the clacking of approaching claws.

The champion has arrived, just as he promised. Makaidos quickly nudged his companions. One by one they scrambled onto their paws, too fatigued to realize what was happening.

"Stand straight, Rayik," Makaidos nudged the sleepy gryphon. "This dragon has a weird sense for respect. Behave as if Endrythel himself stood before you."

That stirred uneasiness into all of them. Makaidos disliked to use fright as means to any end, but in this case it was necessary. The steps grew closer, and with them the pressure bottling inside his throat increased. Makaidos flapped his wings twice to shake off that annoying weight. When he tucked them, they still trembled, even harder than before.

"Allow me to speak. Do not say any word unless the champion asks you to."

"Why are you telling this now?" Rayik clacked his beak in annoyance.

"Because you would have trembled like me if I did," Makaidos favored them a curt glance, then fixed his eyes on the mouth of the tunnel. "Just wait and stare. It can't be any worse than what we've already been through."

But it was. Each of them huddled into the other to banish the unwavering chill of apprehension. Waiting was the worst, and that repetitive clack of claws upon stone was the worst. Makaidos flexed one paw at a time, distracting himself in any way he could until two fiery eyes emerged from the darkness. Huge and intimidating, the champion pushed himself inside without a single word. Three dragons followed in his wake. A blue one with a finned crest running along his spine, another red that bore a color reminiscent of blood, and a gold one with twisting horns and a spiked spine. They all fanned on each side, remaining with their backs pressed against the walls while the champion continued his approach.

Makaidos bowed his head, and his retinue followed. "We are humbled by your presence, HighClaw."

The champion snorted at that. "I'd rather see you eager. Prepared. Ready. Not humbled," he nuzzled an itch along his right wing, then turned his eyes to Makaidos. "You will honor our agreement, yes?"

"Of course," Makaidos said. The following silence was more than unnerving. A look back revealed the weary stares of his three companions. They didn't even look at the dragon, only at his feet. And for good reason. The last encounter with an esteemed dragon left them ravaged and bleeding.

Makaidos opened his maw, closed it, then opened it again. "What is it you desire?"

The champion rumbled in satisfaction at that choice of words. He sat on his flanks and wrapped his tail around his bulk. One paw grabbed onto it, kneading with short, elaborate movements.


Makaidos cocked his head, confused.

"That is what you said," the champion's nostrils flared. "You would do anything to see yourselves away from my domain."

That was not his sole decision to make. The sisters bowed their heads, then Rayik, and finally him. "Name your request, and see it reach completion."

The champion thought a bit. He lifted his tail in a weak grip, only to allow its finned tip to drop back onto the ground. "Do you know what a champion's greatest reward is, drake?"

"Legacy," Makaidos said without thinking. "Their names are carried by the roar of the crowd, towards the far corners of the world. Even when he perishes, a champion's name will forever be remembered with fear or reverence, depending on their deeds."

"Half true," the big red said. "Names can only carry so much weight. Reputation is ephemeral, a mere breeze before the arrival of the storm that washes it away."

He got onto his fours, lifting his pale wings until their tips touched the spiked ceiling. "I want to become that storm. Like rain upon fertile soil, I will give life to thousand of offspring that will in turn breed and further my legacy far more than deeds ever will. My claws may bend, and my scales can break, but my blood and my seed will live as long as the whole world itself."

There was power behind his words; a desire that encompassed far more than fickle arousal. Makaidos flinched when those piercing eyes fell upon him. He matched the dragon's stare, determined not to show any weakness.

But it was not him that was the target of his gaze. The dragon advanced, brushing past Makaidos as he stretched his neck towards the cowering females. Their muffled hissing was shadowed by the greedy whiffs of the male's twitching nostrils.

"You don't have to speak or impress like the male behind me. I can tell your bellies will give life to strong, healthy offspring."

Makaidos' tail shuddered. He peeked under a wing to see the dragon's snout approaching closer towards one of the sisters' tail. She snarled, then whimpered in confusion once her eyes sought comfort in Makaidos. Fear was trapped within her glimmering eyes. Unnerving amounts of cold, slithering terror.

"HighClaw, if there is-"

"They will do, drake," he licked his snout. "Now step back and wait with the rest of my guards. I will have these females for myself."

Rayik was more than happy to oblige. He darted towards the opposing wall, curling into a shivering pile of misery. Makaidos looked at him, then back at the females. Sari still crawled away from the male, while Vari understood the simplicity of this situation. When there was no way out to escape, the only option remaining was to bargain or to fight. The female picked the former. She rolled on her side, playfully licking at the red male's snout. He sniffed her, and licked his snout in anticipation of what was to come. A long, lustful rumble reverberated from his throat. He nuzzled the willing female's neck, then licked along her chest. Vari's paws grabbed onto anything they found, yet nothing stalled the male's advance. His eyes were fixed on her tail, and his nostrils aflame with her scent. He hovered above her exposed folds briefly to catch in the mesmerizing fragrance before he plunged his tongue in with a wet, splashing noise.

Vari tensed hard when that thick tongue pierced her folds. A storm of licks followed, greedy and instinctual. The champion wasn't gentle by any means. He had a voracious appetite for cunt, shown in his desperation to taste and slurp. He lapped the insides of her flesh like he starved for months, and when he didn't lick, he rubbed. Vari grabbed harder onto his horns and spikes. She was growling fiercely, almost ready to spend her first wave of luscious heat.

A short, yowling cry left her throat instead. She snapped at the male, clacking her jaws until a forepaw choked the breath out of her throat. Blood surged through Makaidos' frame, heating his muscles and flaring his strength. He could have pounced that male. His agile eyes found at least three ways to unbalance him.

And then what? Nibble at his scales while the guards came from behind? It was a reckless move, one that brought a lot more pain than it prevented. Vira was not suffering. Makaidos told himself that until his mind perceived the red male's treatment as some kind of stimulation. Claimed by lust, he nibbled around her folds, prickling the oversensitive flesh with the sharp edges of his restless teeth.

His paw finally retreated when he pulled back with a long, satisfied growl. His tongue lolled out of his drenched mouth, rolling in and out in the same rhythm as his rapid breathing.

"Greet me," he lifted a hind leg, inviting the dragoness to lick his slimy slit by pointing his snout at it. "Get a taste of what will soon be inside you."

Vira crawled under him, wings tucked, paws raking the stone. She seemed reluctant to sniff the male's privates until a deep breath carried his scent deep inside her nostrils. The female moaned weakly and dashed her tongue along the crevice, slurping the slimy drops into her maw. The effect was immediate. Her tongue rushed out like a whip, circling and lapping between the hard folds with restless abandon. She liked it. How couldn't she favor that strange concoction of lubrication and seed? Makaidos was almost dazed by the male's virile musk the first time he ingested it.

Yet now things were different. It wasn't a male that licked around his slit, but a female. And that had a way of stirring the champion's lust. A bulge appeared underneath his scaly folds, becoming wider with each lick. Vira pulled back with a snarl when the flaring tip of his cock pushed through the hard walls. It was thick, and bulged, surrounded by a circle of barbs that curled and expanded every time he throbbed.

"It's enough," he gently pushed the female's head away with a forepaw. "I will have you now, just as you will have me."

If Vira wanted to say something, she didn't show it. With her head propped on the ground and her flanks spread, she invited the male to pierce her trembling folds. The champion straddled her. His huge paws fell on either side, while his wings shadowed their forms. Makaidos was about to snarl in displeasure when the male's wings flared back up. He threw Makaidos a quick gaze, then turned back to his females, preparing her with soft licks for the upcoming penetration.

Their growls were soft and measured, characteristic to two loving mates, until his cock prodded at her exposed folds. Then, it all changed. Vira became more restless, and the champion more enraged. He felt the silky texture of her cunt with his prodding tip, then pressed further inside. The barbs flared inwards, grabbing onto her crevice. The dragoness claws latched onto his scales.

"Too big," she snarled, licking desperately at his hissing snout.

Only a rumbling growl left the champion's parting maw. With no consideration for the female's request, he thrust, forcing the layer of barbs to disappear inside her passage. Vira snarled at that, claws sliding harshly along the male's armored hide. Those barbs must have hurt. She was thoroughly furious, until the male plunged himself deeper into her tunnel.

Makaidos noticed another layer of barbs surrounding his flesh as his cock slid further out of its shelter. These were bigger and pointier, and headed straight for Vira's unprotected lips.

"Too big..." she winced again. "Take it out. I can't...can't take you."

"Yes you can," the red male said with a sizzling growl. He rammed his next row of barbs ruthlessly through her passage, scraping her flesh and igniting her wrath. Vira fought with anything she could, clawing and snapping and biting. The male did not care one bit. His growly snarl empathized his great delight at penetrating such a soft, lovely female. He quivered inside her, struggling to remain on all fours. Makaidos thought he was about to pull back.

He couldn't be more wrong. With a deep roar, the male pressed his belly against hers, allowing the entirety of his cock to sink inside the parting walls.

A sharp cry left the female's throat. She was forced to take all that length in without any hope of relief. The male's flanks bulged with rippling muscles, then pushed down hard, making sure he plugged her good. Vira sharply rolled on her back. The twisting motion caused twin roars to explode throughout the cave. One belonged to Vira, sharp and shrilling, while the other was guttural and strong, just like the red male. His eyes lost all their fire, shielded by the scrunching wall of his eyelids. The pleasure must have been intense. For all his strength, his whole form started to tremble like a hatchling lost in a storm. He barely managed another thrust before his wings straightened in their joints. His claws curled inwards, jaws becoming stiff like stone.

Vira yowled, slamming her back into his belly. A thick spurt of overflowing seed sprayed out of her stuffed slit. The male grabbed the back of her neck and forced her on the ground as he buried himself slit deep into her folds. He growled fiercely, flapping his wings and jerking his tail up with every throb. His tailhole spasmed again and again, each time sending a fresh wave of seed deep into Vira's defenseless womb. She cried like an abused hatchling, coiling her tail around the male's brutish paw and raking at the ground while he spent his hot seed inside her. A constant gush dribbled from her folds. If so much leaked out, there was no telling where the rest of the fluid piled up.

Makaidos forcibly waited as the bigger, better, and stronger male unloaded himself inside his companion before his very eyes. He licked Vira's neck during the hard pumping, soothing her rage with wet affection. The bastard liked every bit of it. He pulled back just one bit, then thrust inside, massaging the female's receptive flesh with his barbs while he still ejaculated inside her. The stimulation was too intense, even for Vira. Her seething roar became mellow and controlled. Thicker gushes fled her lips, worked by the spasming bliss of her harsh, unrelenting orgasm. She shuddered all over, neck straight, wings stiff, tail jerking with each spasm. The champion nibbled hard around her neck, adding fire to her passion. He wanted Vira to clamp down hard on his cock. Every one of those hard squeezes suckled the seed deeper into her womb, and the champion was more than pleased to provide more. He continued stroking her lust for as long as he could before his torrent turned into a feeble trickle. When he was finally done, he pulled his huge cock out of her. Vira snarled, then yowled as the first row of barbs plopped out of her overflowing slit. The champion slowed down enough to avoid choking her. The poor female barely had strength to breathe from the ordeal.

"I need a moment to recover," the champion said when he pulled himself out. He walked towards his guards, leaving the female panting in a puddle of sticky seed. His cock swished messily from side to side with each step he took. It was massive, and reeked of fertility. Makaidos had troubles taking his eyes away from that impressive rod until Vira's cries obliterated the hate and admiration he held towards the champion.

"Leave her," came a voice from behind.

It was Rayik. He pushed a wing around Makaidos' and pointed towards the opposite wall. "Come with me. Give them space. I doubt they wish a male near them after that kind of mating."

Makaidos couldn't help but agree. He huddled under Rayik's warm plumage, watching the two sisters comfort each other with long licks and gentle rubs. In the opposite side, the champion regained his breath. His three drakes cleaned the seed from his cock, lubricating it for the next mating.

"Smug bastard. Thinks he can have everything and anyone," Makaidos hissed.

"He can. Position and proper size offer much to those who achieve it," Rayik said between comforting coos. He rubbed his beak along Makaidos' neck to calm the seething rage slithering below his scales.

"He hurt her, Rayik. I can't stand idly and watch."

"We agreed to a bargain, dragon. Last I remember, size was not one of the terms we discussed, nor pain. Keep your head straight and your mind focused."

"It's hard to, when I see my friends suffer at the claws of-"

"Endrythel?" Rayik asked sharply.

He knew what effect that name would have on him, and Makaidos was somewhat grateful. Hate and pain were strong allies in time of need. They gave him focus, and borrowed enough strength to avoid lashing at a dragon that could kill him with a single swipe of his paw.

The champion regained his vitality a lot quicker than any of them expected. Sira was especially terrified by him. She paced around the cave, searching the farthest spot away from the approaching male.

"I will not hurt you willingly," the red male folded his wings to appear less intimidating.

"You will, as you hurt her!" Sira flared her wings defensively and crouched, ready to strike. "Did you think I would stand idly while she cried? Ignore the claws that grabbed her, and the cock that-"

The dragon's snarl silenced her. "She agreed to the bargain, as will you."

"No," Sira drew back. "One clutch is enough."

"For some. I intend to sire thousands."

The lust in his voice wafted through the whole cave. Makaidos was especially prone to threats. He pushed himself up, shaking Rayik's pestering claws off him.

"You can't interfere!" he pecked at his eyes, forcing the dragon to shield himself with his wings.

"But he will-"

"Mate her, fill her, leave her. Just as we agreed. Or you would rather have us all dead?"

It was hard to argue with such ruthless logic. Makaidos stilled his rage. He took a deep breath through his nose, and exhaled through his maw in the form of a rumbling growl. Endrythel. He had to focus on him, his nemesis and nightmare alike, to snuffle out the rage.

Sira was backed into a corner. Makaidos avoided her eyes. He couldn't look at her pleading stare and do nothing to help her. With no other options to retreat, she lashed out at a dragon much bigger and stronger than her. The red male shoved her into the wall. Once she collapsed, he straddled her from behind. Sira lurched forward, but a harsh grip around the back of her neck stifled her strength. Her wings went limp, as did the fire smoldering within her throat.

With his prize caught between his paws, the male poked his erect cock under her tail. He found her passage within four thrusts, and filled her with ruthless efficiency. Unlike before, he did not wait for the dragoness to get accustomed to his girth. He wanted her to widen and stretch according to his own desires.

Makaidos turned his eyes away. He couldn't look while the male pounded a friend he cared so much about. Sira's cries echoed through the cave. She was hurting. She pleaded for help.

And no one answered her cries. The guards were more busy tending to their own erections rather than watching another male claiming a dragoness that could be theirs. Vira still tended to her sore slit, and Rayik preened his feathers. Were they all blind to what happened just in front of them?

No. Not blind. Afraid. Only Makaidos found the strength and willingness to look, more out of respect to Sira than anything else. He extracted no joy from misery, nor did he feel aroused by the fertile scents entering his nostrils with each breath he took. If his gaze gave Sira the strength to endure, he would keep it for as long as he could.

Sira's roars became rough and worn. Her throat was dry and raw unlike her rapidly flooding slit. The male was still pounding her, rushing in and out with short, jagged breaths. He panted like a beast, lost in the frenzy of mating. His cock spat more lubrication than others released seed. A puddle of translucent goo formed under his jerking legs, increasing with every thrust.

Sira went limp from all the extortion. Her eyes were blank, staring into nothingness while the male's growls increased their pitch. He pushed harder and faster, scratching away the tender walls of her folds until his seed washed forth. Sira jumped into his belly at the feel of it. Even her own body could not hold back when a male released inside her. She squirmed and thrashed, announcing her own climax with a shrilling cry. The two dragons snapped and nibbled at each other, losing themselves in a frenzy of lustful instincts.

Makaidos scratched the ground. He couldn't help but feel aroused from the heated coupling that happened before his very eyes. He never thought of taking a female from behind like that. The position gave him a very good view of what transpired. He could see the male's slit, squeezing fiercely around the base of his cock. Veins thickened around its glistening form, flaring with each pounding throb. Makaidos imagined how much seed traveled along its shaft. His eyes followed the rock hard flesh until it disappeared under Sira's tail. She pushed it to the side, revealing both her narrowing tailhole and half of her fleshy folds. Only splotches of pink could be spotted between the dribbling slime. Seed spurted out to coat her cunt into a thick layer of creamy essence. Its silky touch urged her walls to clamp down around the erupting cock. The male's organ shivered. It thrust with soft caress, and circled around to stimulate the female's muscles. Sira tightened harder, and harder, until the gushes slowly subsided. She was suckling his seed in, and the champion was in bliss, roaring and moaning out his victory.

When the haze died down, the male pulled himself out. He fondly licked Sira's neck, apologized for the pain he caused, then left her there to writhe and moan as he collapsed on his side. The three drakes rushed towards him. The champion pushed them all away. His eyes were still fixed on Sira, and the precious fluid that oozed out of her folds.

"He's not going to leave," Rayik suddenly said, making Makaidos shudder in surprise. His cock was halfway out, and he quickly pushed a paw between his legs to cover it. The rough, cold touch sent a shiver along his spine. Makaidos tensed and shuddered, blaming fright over arousal.

"What? Why?" he said, making sure Rayik's eyes had no access to his cock.

He didn't look back, nor flinched. His eyes were focused, unmoving, just like the rest of his body. "I know that look, dragon. It's the same onethat I had when I was craving for your tailhole."

"You can't mean that," Makaidos licked under his beak and stared into the avian's amber eyes. "We made a deal, didn't we?"

"Instincts do not obey our will, nor they care about rules," Rayik looked to the ground. "I dislike bowing to dragons, but in this case, I can only hope I am proven wrong."

Makaidos remained silent. Words distracted him, just like the champion said. The red male's eyes scanned the cave, even meeting Makaidos in the process. He thought he saw reason within his gaze, but he was proven wrong when the male got onto his fours. Instead of turning towards the exit, he approached the two females to sniff and lick at their seed soaked slits.

"It pains me to break an established agreement, but I have to remain, and ensure the successful impregnation of my future clutch."

The females looked at him, bewildered and exhausted. None understood what happened or why. For that, the male lay next to them, comforting them in turns with fond rubs and gentle licks.

"The burden you carry inside is more precious to me than anything in the world. I cannot let you fly away without eliminating every shred of doubt."

"Why?" Vira asked. "You mated us both. Filled our bellies with more seed that we can possibly bear."

"That is true," the champion bowed his head. "Yet other males could have spilled themselves inside you long before me. I have to wash away their seed with my own before I free you."

"No," Sira crawled away. "No, no, no. You mated us. You filled us. We had a deal!"

"A deal that I am going to change for the sake of my future hatchlings."

"You mated us....filled us..."

"And I will continue doing so."

"Mated us...filled us...." Sira trailed off in the warm embrace of her sister.

The champion allowed them a bit of respite before he poked his snout at the closest slit. It was Vira. She tensed when his tongue pierced her, but allowed the male to lick unrestrained until he grew hard once more.


How was that? Harsh? Brutal? Exciting? There are many words to describe the champion's actions, yet wrong is not one of them. He had a deal, and "anything" really allowed him to claim whatever he wanted. The fact that Makadios got cold feet is his problem, right?

We'll see in the following chapter if the champion goes for another round of breeding, or Makaidos does something (stupid) to stop him. Meanwhile, I'd love to hear your opinions on this particular chapter. Was the rough approach better for this particular mating, or do you guys prefer gentler dragons with moderately sized cocks? Voice out your thoughts in the comment section below!

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