World of Chaos: Chapter 14

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#14 of World of Chaos

This series contains adult themes of violence, sex, and interspecies relationships. If such things offend you, or you are not the legal age, you should not read this story. Otherwise, enjoy! Let me know what you think!


The moon shone bright in the starry sky, casting a flood of silver around us. The small elf girl shrugged off her thin black gown, letting it cascade to the white stone floor of the balcony.

Vailadriel stood before me, completely nude, the light of the moon glowing beautifully off her white silken skin.

She gave a shy smile, cheeks turning red, as she took a seductive step toward me.

"Vail?" I asked, as she slowly reached up, placing her hand gently on my scarred face.

She pulled me down for a kiss, our lips meeting under the soft star light.

Breaking the kiss, she pulled my ring belt loose, letting it fall to the floor with a clatter.

I quickly removed my surcoat, tossing it to the side carelessly.

Vail gave me a shy grin, running her fingers through the fur on my chest.

She gave a light shove, and I sat back on the cold stone of the balcony, taking the hint.

She fell atop me in another kiss, our tongues dancing in our joined mouths. This was difficult due to the mere size difference between us.

She broke the kiss first, sliding her hand down the length of my body to grab my erect penis, which was stiff with arousal.

She gave me her soft smile, guiding my hyena cock to her soft velvet pussy, slowly sliding it into her folds.

A quiet moan escaped her lips, as I slowly pressed my hips up to meet her warmth, driving into her wet hole as carefully as I could.

She was so tiny, my cock stretched her wide. I was worried about hurting her.

"Ah! Rekkdyr!" She gasped as I pushed through her virginity, sliding ever deeper into her silky depths.

She pressed her lips to mine, our tongues meeting once again in their sloppy dance.

I slowly began to intensify my bucking, sliding deeper and deeper, feeling a powerful sensation building in me.

Vail burst in climax, moaning against my lips. Her fingers clenching in my chest fur, and she forced herself down as far as she could on my large cock. I wasn't even hilted.

Just as that strong sensation was reaching it's peak, the world fell away, and my eyes opened to a very different night sky, heavily overcast with cloud cover, the moon completely hidden from the world. Darkness.

The gentle swaying of the longship made my heart sink. I sat up, glancing around the deck of the White Dragon, seeing my companions and the crew, all asleep around me, save for the few deckhands up to ensure we stayed on course.

I sighed. It had only been a dream. I could feel my stiff cock pressing uncomfortably tight in my trousers.

"Bad dream?" Ivaylis asked.

I hadn't noticed her near the dragon carving at the point of the ship. She had been sitting there, a small globe of light glowing in the air beside her. She had the book that Lady Eava had given her open in her lap.

"Not sure what kind of dream it was." I said, pulling myself up from the bedroll on the deck.

"Must have been intense." She said, closing the book.

I walked over to the elf.

"Ivaylis. Why did you come along?" I asked suddenly. I had been surprised that one of the Royal Guards would volunteer for such a meeting, well outside the duties of one in her position.

She hesitated, then stood. Her eyes glanced out over the northern seas. The wind lightly played with her hair.

"It was under my watch that Princess Vailadriel was captured. I was charged with her security during our journey to Drifa. They were having a harvest festival, and the princess wished to attend. The druids of the Circle of Autumn always perform wonderful ceremonies during these times, and Vail's brother lives among them, as a member of the circle. She wished to see him." She spoke, eyes distant.

The cloud cover gave way just enough to reveal the waning moon above. It was just enough to illuminate the seas around us.

"On our way to Drifa, we were set upon by the slavers, who had planned an ambush. They did not know we transported royalty, as we carried no banners, nor did we wear our guardsman armor. I felt it would draw unwanted attention to us at the festival, and the rumor of slaver activity was prevalent." She said.

"No matter how hard I fought, I just couldn't reach the princess. We were outnumbered. I believed a small element would be enough, thinking a large warband would be noticed immediately. I was wrong."

I glanced out over the seas as the elf spoke, her voice breaking a few times as she fought back tears.

"You blame yourself for her capture?" I asked.

"Of course, I do. I was in charge of her safety, and I failed." She replied.

"She is safe now, returned to her home." I commented.

"Because a gnoll did a better job at protecting her than I could." Ivaylis snapped.

I fell silent.

"Damn, I didn't mean that. Not like that." She said quickly, voice softening. "You fought bravely and did the right thing. I'm merely frustrated at my own failures. Vocalizing them thoughtlessly." She added.

"No apologies are necessary. I understand the failure to protect someone. It eats at you, drives you mad." I commented.

Ivaylis was silent for a while.

"I guess, Sir Rekkdyr, I am here to regain some shred of honor by finding and bringing these slavers to their knees." She said finally, breaking the silence.

"Not an easy task." I stated.

She turned to look at me, and her eyes grew wide when she saw my face.

"You stand there listening to my complaints. I insult you carelessly, and yet, you stand there and listen. You fought through hell to protect Princess Vailadriel, gaining her affections in the process. You then willingly depart, knowing it can never be. I cannot imagine the afflictions that plague your thoughts tonight, and still, you stand there, listening to my troubles." She snapped, more at herself than me.

"Sir Rekkdyr, have you ever...?" She asked suddenly.

"Have I what?"

"You know...bedded a woman?" She asked sheepishly.

I shook my head, a frowning slightly.

"By the gods, I'm absolutely thoughtless and insensitive tonight!" she cursed herself again.

"No, It's no insult. I was raised among humans. No girl would suffer the shame of laying with a beast, even a civilized one." I commented. "Vail, I mean, Princess Vailadriel was the first ever to show any attempt at physical affections."

Ivaylis gazed out over the sea once more.

"I'm sorry. To find love for the first time ever, only to be it an impossible love...I cannot even imagine."

"I should be use to the disappointment. Knowing I cannot live among my own kind, though I may never find companionship in the world I was raised in. It's not something easily accepted." I replied at length.

We sat in silence for a long while after that, listening to the sound of the waves upon the ocean, until the soft glow of sunlight began to illuminate the east.


Opening my eyes, I saw Aklys standing before me. Her large eyes giving me that wonderful gaze of seduction.

"Aklys!" I cried, rushing forward to embrace the feline.

Camden, where have you been? I've been desperate without you! She said, swishing her tail impatiently.

"I'm sorry, Aklys, I was getting water." I replied, holding up a large bucket from the stream.

She slinked up to me, nudging me down with her her giant paw, plucking at my heavily knotted rope belt in the process. She nuzzled my robes open, revealing my cock.

"Aklys, Ciara's gonna catch us again!" I warned.

Will it be any different than last time?" She asked, her light blue eyes shining innocently.

I shook my head. My sister, despite her disapproval of my relationship with Aklys, still stood by me. Why was I blessed with a saint of a sister?

A large rough tongue slowly dragged across my throbbing dick, forcing me to squirm.

"Ah! Aklys! I'm still sensitive!" I cried, as a large fang gently nibbled at my cocks head.

I heard a seductive laugh in my head.

She suddenly took the entire length of my shaft in her mouth. When a large cat lunges forward to swallow your cock, it can be somewhat intimidating. And very arousing.

She started massaging my penis with her tongue, while simultaneously sucking and slowly moving her head back and forth.

My member was tiny compared to her large mouth, but she had proven herself well experienced. I felt my climax building, and I thrust up into her eager lips, spraying powerfully into my feline lover's mouth.

Instantly, the world was replaced by darkness, the only light coming from a small torch hanging in the hall outside my cell.

"Well, I've been encountering some strange fetishes." The woman said, stepping way from my throbbing cock, that was still dripping cum. She placed a cork in the vial she had been using to collect my semen. "But fucking a big cat? That's quite the trigger."

"Fuck you!" I spat, feeling the pain returning to my arms.

I was chained to the wall of a dungeon, held aloft only by shackles about my wrists. The cell was designed for someone of a human's size, so my feet dangled a great distance from the ground. My shoulders had long since dislocated from holding my own weight.

"You were given the opportunity to help in our work, by doing this willingly. You refused." She reminded me.

"I would not lower myself to rape and torture for survival!" I growled weakly.

"As you said. And so, we must collect it manually. To be honest, I rather am surprised that an academy trained wizard was so quick to break. Your thoughts should have been better shielded, and yet, they were so easy to read." she gave a wicked smile.

I glared at the woman. She wore a strange, shredded black skirt that hung low around her hips, falling in tatters about her legs. Her chest was covered in a simple blackened leather chestwrap, covering only her breasts. Her raven black hair fell about her in a wild mess of tangles, twigs and thorns caught in it throughout.

I spat again.

"How I wish we had the Naettura here. I'm certain she holds some interesting qualities that would prove beneficial to our work." She continued, turning for the door.

"By the way, your sample," She said, holding up the vial of cum," is going to fill a goblin this time. Wonder if anything will come of it?" She laughed, leaving the room.

As the door slammed, I was shrouded once more in darkness.


The sound of growling caught my attention. It was just ahead, through the icy tunnel.

I rushed forward, bursting into a chamber.

"Haeko! No! Please!" Istas cried. The two wolves came into view. Haeko had mounted our sister, and was currently trying to slam his erect wolfhood into her virgin sex.

I rushed forward, slamming my jaws tight around the scruff of his neck, and tearing him free from my sister.

He slammed against the Icy wall of the cave with enough force to leave a crack.

"I've endured much from you since my return, but his is far beyond the line!" I roared, bearing down on him.

"Aatu!" Istas cried, as Haeko leaped up to meet my attack.

We clashed, biting and snapping at each other, Him slamming me back, and me returning the assault.

"You should have stayed lost!" He growled, tearing into my scruff with his large fangs.

I shook him free, flipping around to bite his foreleg.

With a yelp, he lunged forward, twisting around to nip my ear.

We rolled, claws and fangs kicking and biting.

I came up, blood covered and sore, circling around my brother, who met my gaze. We locked eyes, glaring.

"You would weaken our pack? Defile your own sister?" I growled, frost billowing up from my muzzle in clouds.

"Anything for the survival of the pack!" He roared, leaping forward for my throat.

I slammed forward, our jaws clashing, muzzles biting and nipping at muzzles, flesh and fur.

It appeared that I had grown larger and stronger in my travels, and I managed to gain the upper hand, slamming him to his back, teeth bared above his.

He gave an icy burst from his lungs, which froze the blood in my fur, but otherwise left me unharmed.

"You are defeated, Haeko!" I growled in his face. He shook violently beneath me, trying desperately to kick me off.

"No!" He roared.

"Bol!" I growled, causing flames to erupt in my jaws. I held them there before his gaze.

Haeko froze instantly. Fire was the greatest fear to any winter wolf, as it's heat seemed twice as deadly to us than any other creature.

Fire and frost danced together from my mouth as I spoke.

"You are defeated. You shall step down as alpha, and flee the pack lands. If you so refuse, you shall die!" I roared, flames singing the fur on his face.

"Y-yes, Aatu." He whimpered beneath me. I cautiously let him up, the fire dissipating from my jaws.

"Leave now. You are a traitor to your family, and your pack." I barked, nodding toward the tunnel.

"Aatu, please!" Istas said. I glanced at my sister.

"He's sick! He needs our help!" She pleaded.

I couldn't understand. He had just tried to rape her. Defile her. His own sister. How can she possibly forgive him?

My distraction was just enough for Haeko. He leaped forward, catching his jaws around my throat. I felt his teeth sink deep into my flesh painfully.

He gave a violent shake, tearing at my throat. I gasped, stumbling, before falling to the icy floor, my blood gushing from my torn neck.

"No, brother." He said with a feral laugh, blood dripping from his muzzle.

He trotted over to Istas, turning back to catch my gaze.

"You will see now, as I ensure the continuation of our pack. Take comfort in that, as you die." He said, turning to Istas again.

She was staring at me in shock and horror, far too stunned to react as Haeko moved around behind her.

I clenched my eyes shut, hearing the word in my mind. Kvikr. A spell of healing. I just couldn't manage to say it though my destroyed throat.

Istas gazed upon me in terror. Haeko leaped up on her back.

"B-bolhyrr." I coughed weakly, spitting blood. Fire erupted in Haeko's face, causing him to leap away from Istas. The burst startled her from her thoughts, and she quickly leaped around jaws closing around the larger wolf's throat. Soon, her silver fur was coated in dark red blood, as his lifeless body dropped to the ground.

The last thing I remember was falling into darkness, a soft silver light radiating above me.

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