Seducing the Alpha

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A visit goes wrong when a lustful cheetah teases and mates the matriarch of a cougar tribe.

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Mia and Revad are two cheetahs in search of adventure. Their paws lead then to a cougar settlement. The rules are simple: keep to themselves, avoid stirring trouble, and above all else avoid mating with the pridelord's mate. Easy, right?

Not for Revad. When the female's advances become too irresistible, he gives in to his instincts, leading to an all-out punishment by the rest of the pride.

Will the two cheetahs endure what the cougars have in store for them? Read and find out!


"This soil hurts my paws," Mia complained.

Revad walked a few steps ahead. He remained silent for a couple of moments, then finally opened his mouth to speak. "Does it? A minute ago the sun was warming your fur too much. The minute before the flies were getting too annoying. And before that-"

"Don't. Please don't. Not now."

"Your wish is my command."

Finally, some peace. It was his fault they were both in this mess. Revad, with his intense desire of exploring something more exciting than his native plains led to this horrendous expedition that earned both cheetahs mean tempers, irritated paws, and an endless crave for fresh water. He was so many things right now, but brave or beautiful was not one of them.

Mia even ignored his balls. Normally the gentle swings of his sack made her flesh tense and her pussy moisten up with desire. Right now, she was just tempted to give them a good smack. The only downside to that was Revad's big mouth. If his pride was hurt in any shape or form, he was going to throw a rant that lasted until nightfall.

So Mia walked behind him, trying to remain as patient as any thirsty cheetah could. Blast it. There was nothing positive in this stupid desert. Everything was bare. Every hill, every mountain, every valley. Shrubs rolled along the dusty ground every time a gust of wind blew. Mia didn't consider them plants, for they were as hot and crusty as the soil beneath her feet.

"Silence doesn't suit you well. Come on, tell me about that lion you sucked before we left the plains."

"There's nothing to talk about, Revad," Mia said. "And silence does suit me. In fact, I'll refrain from saying a single word until we either find a sign of life or water."

He flicked his tail to the side to reveal his male pride. Mia swerved away, much to the maroon male's disappointment.

"That's how you want to play, eh?"

"I left my desire to play back on the plains."

"Along with your sense of humor, vitality, and anything else. I can't believe how spoiled you grew. I mean I can try to, but instead of my mate I see this sun-battered wretch that complains on and on."

Mia stuck her dry tongue out at him. She walked a few more steps. It was easy to endure the heated earth, until Revad invaded her private space.

"Stay away," she snarled.

"Alright. Bloody balls, you're angry."

"I'm thirsty, hungry, dirty, and I haven't had a good fuck in more than a day."

Revad's icy eyes widened in surprise.

"Yeah. Lack of water does make your cock limp and your seed sticky, so just...just stay away."

"I can offer you a drink if you'd like."

"No," Mia hissed as he prepared to turn around. "Just no. Keep your cock to yourself."

Revad's gaze sunk. Great. Now he probably was as miserable as her. Mia put on a burst of speed and leaped eight strides ahead of him. She needed space to cool off. The sun was making her say stupid things. She hated hurting Revad, perhaps more than the heat.

The two cheetahs walked towards the canyon rising ahead. During midday, even a bit of shadow was a welcome relief from the sun's fiery teeth. Mia went in first. She walked inside the crevice, loosening a soft sigh until the pungent smell of urine bared her fangs.

"It's fresh," Revad confirmed after a few sniffs. "Probably spilled in the morning. Whoever marked these rocks must be-"

"Watching you," a voice said from nearby.

Mia turned her head to her right. A brown feline emerged from a rocky outcrop. It flicked its pink tongue over its white tipped muzzle, ears twitching with interest as its dark amber eyes fixed on Mia.

"A female, and a fertile one at that. What brings you to-"

"She's not alone," Revad strode towards the cat with his head held high. "Tell us what you really want, cougar, before I ruffle your pretty fur."

"I was about to, until you interrupted me," the feline leaped, touching the ground right next to Mia.

Mia took a few steps back, adopting a defensive posture while Revad circled the cat from behind.

"Try something, and I'll claw your sack off."

"You're both so tense," the cougar sat on his haunches to lick a fore paw. "I was about to welcome you in our territory. Visitors are such a rare treat, after all."

"There's more of you?" Revad asked.

"A fair number, yes," the cougar pointed towards the winding path snaking along the rocky rift. "We made this canyon our home. Ahead you will find our dens, should you choose to accompany me."

"And why would we do that?" Revad rubbed along the male's side. He might have been looking for a challenge, but the cougar offered none. A deep purr rippled from his throat, and his tongue slid along Revad's muzzle, leaving the cheetah shocked in the process.

"So salty," the lone male cleaned his muzzle again. "You must be dying of thirst. Please come with me. We have plenty of water to share, along with other pleasures."

Mia agreed to let Revad do the talking, and that's why she silently followed the conversation. Right now, her mate was as silent as she was, so she slowly pushed her head under his neck, nuzzling gently.

"I don't trust him."

"We have no other choice. Besides, what's the worst he can do to us?"

"He can mate you!" Revad said, slightly too loud.

The cougar growled with amusement. "Oh no. I have my own mate to worry about, fair cheetah. So what do you say? Are you coming or not?"

Mia only had to glance at his balls to make up her mind. "We're coming."

Revad wasn't very happy with her decision, but followed along nonetheless. The male took the lead. He talked about his home, the prey inhabiting these dry lands, the secrets to find water and all the possible threats hiding inside the nooks. Mia allowed his words to sail past her ears. Her attention was fully focused on the cougar's grey paw pads. They looked so soft and meaty. She wondered how they tasted like until she climbed along towards his fuzzy tail. His mate must have been pleased to receive a cock from such a plump sheath. How did cougars mate, anyway? They were such a rare sight on the plains. Mia imagined them trying all sorts of positions until growls made her ears twitch.

The male leaped through the narrow opening, allowing a good glance at what lay inside the canyon's belly. A wide valley wedged along the wall. Dens littered the place, and at their entrances lay at least one cougar. Many cats wandered around, some looking at Mia, others just minding their own business.

"And we're finally here," the male licked his sharp, snowy fangs. "There are only three important rules you have to follow. No squabbles, no mischief, no mating."

"Are you sure about that last one, cougar?" Revad said. "I will find myself at odds with it."

"Quite sure. You can mate your female, but any other will be out of your reach. Do you understand that?"

Revad dipped his head, and Mia quickly followed.

"Good. I'll take you to our Alpha's den now to be properly inspected."

Revad's tail swished with eagerness. The bastard was probably dying for the chance to woo another female. Mia only hoped his rational mind and the cougar's warning overcame his lust.

They followed the male into an empty den. Sun fell through the cracks, illuminating what looked to be a rather simple shelter. Aside from pelts and a few bushes for decorations, the den was as barren as the rest of this land.

"Don't touch that," Mia hissed.

Revad poked at the dusty furs a couple more times. He stopped only when her hiss turned into a proper growl.

"What? Are you afraid these furs are going to come to life and strangle me?"

"Just stay still. Why do you have to nose through everything like a cub?"

"Because it's an exciting new place," Revad moved over to the shrubs. He sniffed them too, then turned around to spray them with a jet of urine.

Mia collapsed on her belly. She knew she couldn't reason with him when he became like this.

"Fine, I'll stop," Revad padded towards her and seated on his butt two paws away. "I just want to enjoy myself a bit. What's the harm in that?"

"There are rules at play here. Cougars aren't like us. Who knows what they'll do to us during this inspection ritual?"

"Oh, I don't know..." he approached his head. "A bit of sniffing," his warm breath rolled along Mia's cheek, making her ear twitch. "A bit of licking," he slid along her whiskers, making her tremble with delight. "Grooming... and my favorite bit, tail raising."

Mia was too taken up with his licks to notice his tail slithering under hers. Rough fur tickled her dry pussy. She involuntarily contracted, allowing for a jolt of hot pleasure to rush through her spine.


"Oh, I won't do it here. Not yet, my purring queen," he licked her a couple of times, then pulled back. "We'll just get rid of this alpha female and take one of these dens for ourselves, then do all of those dirty things that are racing through your mind right now."

Mia shuddered with delight. She wanted that. She wanted to mate so much. Her tail lifted above her pussy, allowing her scent to travel inside her mate's flaring nostrils. Revad mewled softly, dashing three more licks along her nose.

"How cute."

The cheetahs immediately looked towards the den's mouth. A cougar lay there. She was definitely a female, judging by her suave scent. Her emerald eyes shone with a gentle light, and her white socked paws barely made a sound as she walked on the smooth stone.

"You can keep licking. Nothing stirs me quite like a couple of young felines ready to mate."

Mia blushed fiercely. "We-we weren't about to-"

"Your scent speaks otherwise," the Alpha said.

"We were just playing around. It''s nothing like that, really. In fact, we were both eager to get through this inspection ritual or whatever you cougars have."

"Oh, you are going to like it."

Mia stiffened when that big, white tipped muzzle bumped its dark nose against hers.

"Do you want to be my first, sweet kitty?"

The cougar's tongue rushed into Mia's maw as soon as she opened her mouth to reply. It was sticky, warm, and slid so gently along her teeth. Mia licked her muzzle quickly once the female retreated, much to her amusement.

"Relax. I'll be as gentle as I am with my own cubs."

Whatever that meant. Strangers were meant to keep a certain distance, but this female had no boundaries. She sniffed, licked, and touched wherever she wanted. Mia had to roll on her back to escape her prodding, and even then she wasn't safe from her tongue. The female slowly licked each of her paws, then ventured slowly towards her tail.

Mia closed her eyes. She hoped the cougar had a bit of decency, but the warm puffs of her breath approached closer and closer, and her bare lips were most eager to receive her moistened tongue...

The cheetah mewled with delight when her folds were spread apart by a hot, muscular tongue. The cougar's purr was all she heard. Her lapping tongue was all she focused on. With her front paws laid on her hind legs, the Alpha had unrestrained access to Mia's pussy, and she ate her out like there was no tomorrow. Lick, slurp, flick, lick lick lick. Her wriggling tongue almost drove the cheetah on the brink of ejaculation.

"Tasty," the Alpha pulled back. She licked her dripping muzzle, leaving Mia to tremble and moan on the ground.

"Pl...please..." she begged. "Finish...finish what you started..."

"I will, as soon as you inspect me."

Mia took full advantage of the chance to explore a beautiful cougar such as her. She groomed every fur on her magnificent body body, starting from the tip of her black nose to the far end of her white tipped tail. Her pussy wasn't spared either. It was soft, and juicy, eager to be stimulated by a cheetah's hungering tongue. The female stifled her pleasure between clamped jaws, allowing only her shivers and intense contractions to speak of the great pleasure that surged through her body. Quick spurts of sweet release squelched from the depths of her pussy, pushed into Mia's tongue by eager contractions.

The cheetah got her own orgasm once the female finished. She remained on her belly, still trembling, still moaning. Never she took such a skilled tongue inside. Never.

She watched as the Alpha rubbed along her mate. Revad was most pleased to have such a delicate female tease him with her exquisitely clean fur, her playful whiskers, or her teasing tongue. So pleased in fact that he raised his tail for her halfway through the inspection. The female didn't venture that far yet. She turned around, presenting her own pussy to him. Revad sniffed her with deep, erratic breaths. His eyelids trembled, his jaws shook, and a long, needy mewl escaped him.

"I-I can't," he stepped back, his needy grey eyes meeting the ground. "I have a mate. Mia is...she's the only one I'll-"

"It's alright. You can taste her," Mia encouraged him with a quick lick along his muzzle. "She tastes like no other female I ever licked."

Revad still refused, until the cougar started licking his long, spotted tail. Revad flung it high over his sack. It was impossible for the cougar to not take interest in his fat jewels. She took a deep whiff of his musky smell, then closed her eyes, approaching his balls with a dreamy gaze. Her tongue rolled over his big, furry sack...

...And Revad's throat erupted with a short, needy whimper. His toes flared, causing his claws to scrape the ground.

"You have such beautiful balls," the female licked again, and again, sending Revad's pleasuring soaring higher and higher. "So big, so firm, so tasty."

His cock grew inside his sheath. A few licks. That's all it took for his barbed head to push through the fat little sheath.

"And your member matches them. May I?"

"Y-yes. Yes yes yes. Please, just...just..."

Revad's breath stuck inside his throat when the cougar opened her maw to take the entirety of his equipment inside. She gently shut her jaws, a soft rumble escaping her throat as her lips puffed and pressed around a male's most sensitive organ.

Revad was in heaven. He looked behind with a pleading gaze, his pupils ripe with lust, his tongue moist and eager, rolling between his canines with each panting breath he took. He was enjoying it a lot, and Mia could easily tell that from his shivering muscles. Not every day he had both his balls and his cock sucked at the same time.

The cougar kept him inside for a few seconds before she pulled back to lick her lips with a messy stroke of her tongue.

"Delicious. I think I tasted a bit of seed. You cheetahs do climax notoriously fast."

"I-I didn't cum. Not yet. Not in your mouth," Revad said, his monstrous erection pumping eagerly below his trembling tail. It was a big, ruddy thing with hooking barbs that curled inwards every time fresh blood rushed through the organ.

Mia too moistened at the sight of his cock. Revad was indeed fully grown and most eager to cum, already wet and throbbing with orgasmic rage.

"That's good to hear. Save your seed for your mate. I'll leave to bring you something good to eat."

Revad tripped her on her way out, forcing the female to stop."Your cunt..."

"What?" the female turned around.

"Your pussy. That's the only thing I want to eat right now."

Mia blinked. Did she hear that right? The Alpha certainly did. Her tail was all the way up, her eager pussy already squinting for an eager male to taste her. Revad didn't wait one more second. He dug his nose between her folds, then kissed her lubricated lips with the tip of his tongue.

The cougar mrowled with delight. She pushed herself harder into his muzzle. Revad started licking her without mercy. He tasted her with vertical strokes, then tilted his head sideways, spreading her walls apart from every possible angle.

Mia looked with a mixture of envy and arousal how her mate ate another female before her very eyes. She wanted to be the cougar, trembling weakly every time those scratching barbs clung onto the overly sensitive flesh.

But she wasn't. She was just a cheetah, laying on the ground, keeping the stone warm and wet while her mate feasted upon another's pussy. It wasn't long before the Alpha soared over the peak of her pleasure. She bowed on her forelegs, lifting her pussy high into the air. Revad poked the tip of his tongue through her spreading walls, penetrating her just in time to get a quick squirt onto his face. With a long, choking moan, the cougar loosened her passion, and Revad was there to lick every drop of it.

The wet sounds of squelching flesh quickened Mia's arousal. She got horribly wet down there. So wet in fact she turned around and licked herself clean. She desperately tried to push herself past the edge and cum, but her own touch felt stiff and cold, lacking the fire displayed by her mate.

"Mate me," the Alpha dropped on her belly.

"Revad, no..." Mia whispered.

He only threw her a fickle glance before he straddled the cougar.

"The rules, Revad. The rules...she's a cougar. I'm your mate, not her."

"And he'll breed you shortly. I just want the tip inside me, to see how a cheetah feels like," the cougar said.

Revad licked her neck, preparing her for the upcoming penetration.

Mia crawled towards him. She had to stop this. Had to relieve Revad of his lust before he did something stupid. She flicked her tongue out, rushing towards him, almost touching his cock before it thrust forward. Revad's wet balls greeted her tongue instead, along with the salty taste of his pucker.

A desperate growl filled the cave, instilling a sense of dread inside Mia's thumping heart. She looked at the cougar's pussy and saw her stretched almost to her very limits. Revad tailhole started to tremble violently, and his balls pulled up, revealing the fat entrance of his sheath. It kissed the cougar's pussy, and in a fraction of a second Mia knew.

Revad couldn't hold himself back. Instead of sinking just his tip inside, he pushed himself all the way into her pussy. His sensitive cock was no match for a cougar's greedy slit. The female clamped down mercilessly, offering Revad no chance to pull back.

He threw his head up and growled, unleashing his seed with violent spasms and trembling paws.

The cougar screamed like a dying fawn when the male broke loose inside her. She was scratching the ground, lost in the frenzy of mating. Her wailing roar soon attracted attention. Other growls came from outside.

This was bad. Really, really bad. If the other cougars came in to see their leader bred by an outsider, they would...they would...

Mia purged the thought from her mind. She could not dwell upon the situation when she could do something about it. Her tongue rolled along Revad's balls, feeling them pound with orgasmic throbs as they pumped their creamy load inside.

Mia finally met her pussy. Gushes of her heat oozed out, accompanied by Revad's fertile cum. Mia licked fast. She ate out the ejaculate of a union she hated in order to protect her stupid mate from a looming punishment.

She was too late. A weight crashed upon her back. Cougars filled the cave, surrounding their Alpha and looking with concerned or horrified gazes as their leader screamed out her pleasure for all the group to hear. She was so loud, so needy, so horny. Her mating cry only ended when her orgasm reached completion, and even then she wasn't ready to part with Revad.

"Let him inside. Just for a couple more spurts."

Two cougars shoved him off right after that.

"Gratitude," the Alpha stood up on shaky paws. "I really needed a good filling after my mate left to care for his wounded brother."

"What shall we do with them?" a male asked.

The Alpha walked around. Seed still dripped from her pussy. Many males moved to clean her, and she kept them all back with growls and hisses.

"Fill them. All those who watch and have reached breeding age can spill their seed in any hole they desire. And please, don't be gentle with the male. Fill his tailhole. Fill it so good, he'll cry louder than he ever did inside a female."

Mia froze as felines shifted and shuffled around her. She knew what was about to happen from the moment her pussy was licked by three tongues at the same time. She was going to get raped, right here, in this narrow den, with Revad's squirming body not even a few meters away from her.

"On your back, spotty female," a shove sent Mia's chin hard against the stone. "Stay there, nice and calm, while we fill your pretty hole."

"Just make sure you last more than a few thrusts," Mia hissed angrily.

The males growled with delight. The first must have been a young one. He barely penetrated her before he started shaking like a newborn. Streams of hot seed shot into her pussy, hot, moist, but not quite enough to trigger her orgasm. The next one was a bit more experienced. He treated her neck with loving licks and the soft song of his purr while his member squelched inside her cum drenched folds. He thrust quick and eagerly, tickling her flesh with his soft barbs until he too announced his moment of great delight. Mia's jaws clamped shut. She was so close to cum. So close.

Then, another male took her, shoving his hard cock with such passion he took the wrong hole. Mia's eyes widened like two ripe fruits. She remained frozen stiff for a moment before her eyes scrunched shut. The male slid inside her tailhole, scraping his barbs all the way along her overly sensitive muscles.

It felt so good. So hot, and so good to have that part of her filled with such hard, throbbing cock. Mia growled fiercely, shuddering from every joint of her body as the wild orgasm rushed through her flesh. Her pussy squirted mercilessly, wetting the male's balls with too much fluid. He grabbed her neck hard and moaned. Quick spurts of cum filled her ass in an instant, making her orgasm even better. The male pushed his cock in and out, spreading the sticky cum onto her pussy and filling her tailhole more and more until he gave her all he had inside his dripping balls.

"She's loose," he panted. "So loose, so warm. She definitely took more cock in the ass than she did in her pussy."

"Allow me to test that," the next one said.

"Not alone, brother. Never alone."

Mia's eyes teared up with unmatched bliss. Both her holes were filled at the same time. The cougars thrust eagerly, stuffing her with their barbed cocks. She blinked her eyes quickly, forcing herself to remain awake long enough to see Revad's fate before the overwhelming pleasure robbed her senses.

He was on his back, belly up, so that his cock and balls rubbed into the belly of the lucky male that straddled him. His tailhole was pounded viciously, and when one cougar was done, another came, climaxing even quicker due to all that hot cum plastered around his shivering ass. Because he only had a single hole available, many males sought his muzzle. Revad could hardly breathe when cocks poked his nostrils from all angles. He opened his mouth, taking three males at the same time. They all came long and hard, not leaving his mouth until streams of cum overflowed along the edges of his maw.

Revad dropped his head on the ground to breathe. His tongue was covered in cum, his whiskers a dripping mess, but he was safe, for now. Two other males fought over his tailhole, while another two were licking his big, precum filled cock. As much as he hated to be dominated, Revad couldn't hold back for long. His hips betrayed him, thrusting into the tongues of his oppressors, and the cougars licked, licked, licked, urging his balls to release their fiery load.

Like a young male having his first orgasm, Revad cried out louder than any other cougar. His spurting seed shot like arrows into the necks, muzzles, and chins of the many males above him, staining everything for two spurts before his cock was buried under a pile of tongues. No drop of cum went to waste in that ball of lust and fur.

Mia's orgasm hit her like a storm when she saw how eager the cougars were to feast on cheetah seed. The sight of Revad's cum filled tailhole also reminded her of the two males that furiously pounded her holes at the same time. She sealed her eyes shut, expelling her essence with ruthless squirts. The strong spasms sent both males way over the edge. Their hot seed shot so deep inside her eager flesh that stars filled Mia's vision.

For a moment, everything spun. Then, darkness washed over her, claiming her along with the debilitating wave of intense pleasure that surged through her muscles every time a fresh squirt of cougar cum filled her womb.

Mia awoke sometime later. She didn't know where she was or what happened until Revad's tongue washed along her dry muzzle.

"You fainted," he said softly. "The pleasure must have overheated your body."

"It felt so good," Mia winced, rewarding her mate with a loving lick. "They took me...took me at the same time."

"I know. I spent a generous amount of time scooping their seed out of you."


"Because I'm your mate, that's why," Revad licked her again. "I may have lost control of my instincts, but I'm not ready to lose you, Mia. I love you with everything I have."

"I know," she pawed at him, urging him to cuddle against her belly.

Revad got onto his paws instead. She had no idea why, until his forepaws came on either of her sides and the tip of his barbed cock touched her lips.

"Do it. Fill me. Relieve your balls inside me."

"I already did," Revad thrust his cock inside her pussy, forcing them both to quiver and shake. "Three times, during sleep."

He thrust again. Mia hugged his cock. So big. So perfect.

"You mind was sleeping, but your body was eager to receive me. You came with me, Mia. We came at the same time."

"Grrraaaawwwrrrrrr," Mia mewled with feral eagerness. "Cum inside. Do it. Cum inside me!"

"It will spill out. There's already...grrr...already so much of my's hot..."

Mia felt it. A couple of thrusts later, she felt the bounty her mate spilled inside her. She instinctively embraced her mate with her silky lips. With one last thrust, Revad pushed himself balls deep, spilling his hot essence. He came, long and hard, filling Mia with his love while the beautiful songs made by their purring throats reverberated around the small cave.

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