Earth's New Masters Chapter 26 Gofer's Tale Part 13 Deja Vu

Story by firefromheaven on SoFurry

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#49 of Earth's New Masters

Why does Gofer never catch a break. The interloper "Master" David is getting all the things he wanted including mind blowing sex with Master Woden

Deja Vu... I guess that's what you could call it. It was Aelwyn all over again. Everything had been going well. Not perfect... I had still felt the need to hide who I was, but I'd been the family's favorite human. Now everything is David... David... David... All my Masters ever talk about anymore is David. I might as well be fucking invisible.

The next morning was terrible. I was exhausted. Every time I got over my anger about David getting what I'd always fantasized about with my Master, they would have sex again and I would have to hear them going at it like two animals. I probably didn't get more than two hours of sleep all night.

The alarm went off what seemed like way too early. I got out of bed, took my morning shower and went down to help with breakfast. Chef was sitting on his fat ass waiting for me to come down and cook breakfast. I should have refused to do it and make him do it, but I cared too much about my Masters. Chef did just enough to keep his job, he didn't pay attention to detail like I did.

Master Woden was somewhat aware of the situation, although I don't think he knew the full extent of it. He told me lot of times that the food was much better since I started "helping". He's even given me a raise partially because of it. But just one word of praise from my Master meant more to me than any amount of money ever could. And now that little asshole had my Master fawning all over him. He did nothing for them, well other than let my Master fuck him senseless, which I would have given back all of my pay to be able to do for him.

Of course if I would have let my Master know that I was different from the rest of the mindless drones from the collective things might have been different. He still thought I had an IQ of 85, and try though I might to rationalize that it was somehow David's fault, I just couldn't. But I hated him even more for pointing it out to me.

As I was cooking breakfast I heard the boys come charging to greet David, yelling "David" at the top or their lungs. I could hear them wrestling around with David. Something they'd never even considered doing with me. After the commotion died down I could hear my little Master say, "Dad, can we play with David after breakfast? It was like twisting the knife in me. If I hadn't screwed up maybe they would have wanted to play with me. Maybe my little Master wouldn't have "out grown" me.

"I'm afraid not. This is our honeymoon, we are going sightseeing and then doing something special over night. We need to get to know each other better. Don't worry though, next week you will have plenty of time to acquainted while I'm at work." Master Woden replied.

"'Getting to know each other better,' is that a euphemism for screwing your brains out?" Master Arnold said with a smirk in his voice.

"You have always been an impudent whelp. But yes, for your information, we ARE going to screw each others brains out. I'm sure if you were a little older, that would make you jealous." I could hear him walk into the kitchen.

"Chef get off your lazy fat ass and finish the waffles!" I hissed at Chef. He was surprised that I was ordering him around, but he did what I told him.

I peeked through the door to see what was going on. My Mistress Fryeja hugged David and kissed him good morning. "I'd ask you if you had a good night sleep, but from the sound of things last night there wasn't much sleeping going on. From the sound of things, you two had a helluva time." She said with a smile. As if I didn't know that, I was sleepy because their caterwauling had kept me up all night.

"I'm sorry if we kept you up, we may have gotten a little carried away." Master said a little sheepishly.

"Don't be silly, I'm glad you guys had a good time. That's why I wanted you to go on the hunt in the first place. Woden, you needed this more than you realize, David is the best thing that ever happened to you. Being the leader has a lot of stress, having David as a companion has you a lot more relaxed. I can see that already."

"You're right as always, I haven't even thought of the office since I went on the hunt. Plus, I've been happier than I've ever been. Besides, he is a hell of a lot better than my hand. Cuter too." Master said winking at David.

"He definitely is cute, I don't think you could have found a better feral if you looked 100 years." she said smiling at me. "It's obvious you two were made for each other. You give him exactly what he needs and he gives you exactly what you need. Anyone can see that. When you get back to work, you better not take him for granted."

"No need to worry about that. It is going to be hard to keep my mind on work, thinking about what I could be doing to my boy. But now that I have the government set up, I shouldn't have to spend too much time at the office."

I could have been the best thing that had ever happened to Master Woden if I hadn't had been so stupid. Instead this little twit was getting to bask in my Master's glory. I wanted to hate him, but part of me knew it was wrong. He'd never really done anything to me like Aelwyn had. But he had just effortlessly taken everything I could have ever wanted and more than I even imagined possible. Besides hating him was a lot easier than hating myself.

I couldn't believe it. Master Woden was taking the little prick on a honeymoon. They were going to be gone for three days alone together. It just wasn't fucking fair. I never got to spend that much time with my Master. The only good thing about it was that I wouldn't have to listen to them fornicating all night long for the next couple of nights. I had already gone on line and ordered the following: a white noise generator, ear plugs, noise canceling ear muffs and a bright light which I attached to a timer to use for an alarm clock. At least maybe I'd be able to get a full night's sleep with them sounding like cats fornicating in an alley.

The only good thing with them gone was my little Master continued to review what he had learned in first grade with me. The good part was I got to have my little Master sit on my lap while he showed me what he'd learned. The bad part was that I needed to continue acting like a moron that didn't know first grade material. I'd passed my Calculus final in the module with a 98% score and my reading level for a normal human, (like an Illuminati or an overseer) was in the 95thpercentile for my age. But that usually only took up an hour of the day.

Now I was a little disappointed that my masters had given me so little work. There wasn't near enough to do to fill my days now that I wasn't spending time with Master Woden and my little Master. I spent most of my time on the sex education module and jerking off. The days dragged on forever. It seemed like a week but they returned in 3 days.

I heard the Limo pull up as I was driving around in the golf cart picking up any stray litter that may have blown into the yard. I watched as the pups charged out the door to meet the Limo. To my surprise they ignored their father, screamed "David" in unison and tackled him. They pinned him to the ground and licked his face with "doggy" kisses. Master Woden was laughing uncontrollably as David tried in vain to get up.

Master Woden asked, "Well don't I get any kisses? I mean I'm 'only' your father." They got up screamed "Daddy" and gang tackled their father, who let them bring him down and do the whole face licking thing all over again. When they finally let my Master Woden up they all walked up to the house giggling. To my disgust Mistress Freyja gave him a big hug and kiss right after she hugged and kissed her husband. "Welcome home David, we all missed you."

Well that wasn't completely true, I sure as fuck didn't miss him. In fact I'd prayed to my Dog God that he'd fall overboard and get lost at sea...

Master suggested, "Arnold, why don't you and your brothers get you bikes and take David on a tour of the grounds before dinner?"

"OK Daddy, let 's go pups!" My little Master said with the enthusiasm that he applied to life in general. I think it was one of the reasons why he was so well liked.

"But Master, I don't have a bike!" David said in almost a panic.

"Of course you have a bike, you can't get around with the boys without one. They ride them everywhere. Mom had one delivered while we were gone." Master Woden replied.

"But Master, I've never ridden a bike, I don't know how!" He turned a bright red, and I had to try hard to not laugh at his discomfort.

"I hadn't counted on that," my Master Woden said thoughtfully. "Arnold do you want to teach David how to ride a bike?"

"Sure I'd love to, Daddy! Come on David I'll show you how!" My little Master replied with the boundless enthusiasm that was his trademark.

My little Master had to explain to the idiot, "The one with the skinny tires is your racing bike, for when we go on long rides on the road. Mom and Dad usually come on those. The one with the fat knobby tires is your mountain bike. That is what we usually ride when we are riding the grounds or out with our friends, just in case we want to ride off road."

I grabbed a pruning shear and pretended to work on some of the topiaries around the yard, just so I could keep an eye on what was going on.

They all grabbed their bikes. Master Arnold demonstrated how to ride. He fell the first couple of times, but unfortunately he didn't hurt himself badly. He tried it with my little Master standing beside the bike steadying it. Even with that help the klutz still continued to fall. Although who am I to talk, I don't have a bike and have never tried riding one. For all I know I'd have even more trouble. But that didn't matter, he was the one looking like a fool right now.

But the little fucker was persistent and soon he was actually riding. Which pissed me off since it wasn't something I could do. Maybe I'd have bought a bike with my salary, except that would seem too out of character for a CBH. Maybe I could borrow David's bike when no one was looking and teach myself how to ride. I realized that it was time to go in and help cook dinner so I put the shears up and went in and made dinner. I had finished cooking dinner pretty much by myself, that lazy ass Chef was doing less and less as the days went on. He could actually cook pretty good when he put his mind to it but it was much easier to let me do it. When I told Master that dinner was ready to be served he told me to go get David and the pups.

"Master Woden sent me to tell the young Masters that dinner will be ready in a few minutes." I said to the little Masters. I did my best to ignore "Master" David. I didn't intend on taking him any more seriously than I had to. I made sure he saw my contempt and hatred before I hid it from the little Masters.

"Thank You Gofer, tell Daddy we will be there as soon as we get the bikes put away."

"Yes Master Arnold." I said with a smile and a deep bow. But I couldn't help but show my contempt for David by giving him a disrespectful smirk as I left. Why did he get to do all of this stuff that I would have given anything to do with my pups. I was the one that helped raise them, especially my little Master.


The next day I was a lot more alert. I woke up to the bright light after spending the night with the ear plugs and noise canceling headphones and the white noise generator turned on high. I managed to make it through the night without having to listen to Master fucking David senseless periodically through the night. The headphones weren't terribly comfortable but they weren't terrible as long as I lay on my back.

I got up before everyone, showered and went downstairs to start breakfast. Of course Chef wasn't down there yet. As soon as he figured out that I would get up early and get everything started he just made sure he got up right before the Masters so he wouldn't get caught. I didn't really care. If he didn't have enough pride to serve our Masters I did. I didn't care who got credit for it, my Masters deserved the very best service I could provide. Well all of them did except "Master" David, it just frosted my balls to have to serve him. There was nothing special about him, I couldn't understand why all my Masters loved him so much.

I started cooking the sausage and bacon and had them sizzling on one of the two big griddles we had. By that time Chef came in through the servant's door into the kitchen, just as I could hear the family coming down the stairs. I gave him a dirty look, but he just shrugged it off indifferently.

"Watch the bacon and sausage while I go ask how they want their eggs." I told him as I headed in with the notepad to take the orders.

I went to Master Woden first. "Master" David was on his right hand side so I went to the left and ended up taking "Master" David's order last. It was a way to fuck with him that I'd easily be able to get away with. After I got all the orders done Chef had taken the sausage and bacon off the griddle. I's already warmed up the second griddle and told Chef to start making the hotcakes while I cooked the eggs. "Master" David, the thought of having to call him Master was so galling, had asked for over easy eggs. I made sure I cooked all of my other Masters' eggs to perfection, but I made sure I broke the yolks of his over easy eggs.

I took out the platter of bacon and sausage and the platter of hotcakes that Chef had just finished then wheeled out a cart with all of the eggs on it. I gave Master Woden his first then went around the table to the left so "Master" David got his "broken" eggs last. I smirked at him when I handed him the plate but he seemed not to notice it.

When I put "Master" David's plate down, Master Woden said, "Thank you Gofer. It looks like you and Chef have done a great job with breakfast. You're definitely earning the raise I gave you before I left for the hunt. Don't think that I don't notice how good of a job you're doing."

"Thank you Master." I said, now a bit embarrassed about what I'd done. But not too embarrassed, I planned on fucking with "Master" David every chance I got.

I glanced over in time to see Mistress Freyja grab "Master" David's plate and heap it full of bacon, sausage and hotcakes. Then she went over to him, hugged him and kissed him on the forehead. I got red with anger and jealousy before I could control myself, but the only one that was paying any attention was "Master" David. He looked at me with curiosity before he dug into his breakfast. I stood inconspicuously to the side so I could be there if anyone needed anything else.

They started eating and after they ate and got the edge off of their hunger Master Woden started the conversation. "David, I have some work to do in the office until lunch time. Do you want to hang out with the boys this morning?"

"Yes Master, that sounds like fun."

"What do you pups have on the agenda for today?"

"We're going to meet up with our friends and play war games." Drogo answered.

"That's always fun, make sure you guys explain everything to David. Just because he's older doesn't mean he knows some of this stuff. Most of it is all new to him."

"Don't worry Daddy, I'll look out for him."

I was getting so mad that I had to leave the room on the pretext of helping clean up the kitchen. The next thing I did nearly blew my cover. I walked up to Master Woden's home office and got his briefcase that he always took to his meeting. It was sitting on his desk with his papers arranged around it. I put them into order and put them into the briefcase. Then I brought it downstairs.

They were just finishing up when I entered the kitchen. I was too embarrassed to look at him. I had my head bowed and my eyes were looking at the ground as I approached my Master. "Master Woden, I got your briefcase ready for you. I thought you might need it."

"Thank you Gofer!" My Master answered and he tousled my hair. I couldn't hide my smile, try though I might as I walked back out into the kitchen. I could hear them talking from my spot right behind the door.

"Gofer is really coming along. It's pretty rare for a human from the collective to show any kind of initiative at all. If he keeps this up I may have to teach him something more important to do." With that he got up and headed downstairs to the office to do whatever it is that the ruler of Earth did at work.

I quickly loaded the dishwasher and told Chef, "Since I pretty much cooked breakfast by myself you can clean the rest of the kitchen. I have things to do." I headed out to spy on "Master" David.

After my Master left to go downstairs to the office, I followed Arnold and the pups outside. "Come on David we are going to get some target practice in." I'd seen the pups working with the rifles in the last couple of weeks, but my little Master had never offered to teach me how to shoot them. I guess he felt it was beyond the abilities of a CBH, and I'd never done anything to make him think otherwise.

Little Master led them to the target practice area and told "Master" David, "These are paintball rifles. Have you ever shot a rifle before?"

"Yeah, we used them when we hunted elk and bison, or when there was a rogue grizzly bear in the area."

Master Arnold handed him a gun and showed him how to load it. Then he explained how the damned thing worked. I'd have to look up guns on the internet and see how they worked. Pretty soon they were shooting at the targets. To my great disgust David appeared to be really good at shooting. The pups were gushing over the little asshole again.

Arnold who as usual was in charge asked, "David, we are going to meet some of our friends to play war games, do you want to come?"

"I've never played that before, are you sure you want me to play? What if I make your team lose?" He replied.

"So what, it's just a game. But I don't think you will make us lose." Master Arnold said and walked over to him and hugged him. "Besides you're our brother now and our pack sticks together." At that point I was so heartbroken that I quietly slipped away. Now he was their brother and I was just a boring CBH according to my little Master. I was hoping to myself that he'd fall off of his bike and break his neck.

At about lunch time the pups came back with David bringing up the rear. He was still a little uncertain on his bike, but he was managing to keep up much to my chagrin. I was driving around on the golf cart when the rode up. They put their bikes in the garage then headed for the door. Mistress Freyja came out and saw them before they got to the door.

"Don't you even think about coming in like that! You pups are filthy! You have sticks, leaves and burrs stuck in your fur and mud all over you. And David you aren't much better. All of you head down to the pool and shower down there, I don't want you tracking all that mess into the house. David, I'll send a change of clothes down for you. Lunch will be ready by the time you get up here."

They walked toward the pool house and Mistress called to me. "Gofer go up to David's room and get him a change of clothes and bring it down to him please."

Of course I would never think of not doing what my Mistress asked of me. I grabbed a pair of briefs, a pair of socks, some shorts, a polo shirt and a pair of loafers and put them on the golf cart to bring down to "Master" David. I was trying to calm down and accept the fact that he wasn't trying to be a dick to me and I had almost succeeded until I got down to the pool house. I made sure that I wasn't visible and I spied on them. David had taken his clothes off at the door and left them on the bench outside of the pool house. Of course the pups were already naked so they were already in there when David had waked in naked.

"Why are you guys staring at me?" "Master" David asked

"It's nothing David; we've just never seen a human naked before." Master Arnold replied.

"Yeah, we were just curious on how you are different." Added Master Grimald.

Arnold looked up at me and said, "Can we touch it?"

Master Arnold cupped his balls with one paw and gently caressed his cock with the other. I watched infuriated while "Master" David's cock slowly hardened. He had a cock like Ralph had. I looked it up on line. He was uncircumcised. I had read that the Collective had circumcised all of us CBHs so it would be easier to keep clean. Master Arnold skinned his foreskin back exposing the bright shiny head. I was getting angrier and angrier. I would have given anything to have my little Master stroking my dick like that.

"Wow, do all humans have such short sheaths?" Master Drogo asked.

"I think so, although I haven't seen many men naked. The only ones I've ever seen naked are my tribe members and that was when they were being taken by the Sheps on the hunt. None of them seemed to have any more of a "sheath" than I do although we called it a foreskin."

Master Arnold slid it up and down several times. I could see David getting close to the edge, his balls were drawing up, a sure sign that he was ready to blow. He cried out, "You are going to have to stop, or I'm gonna cum."

"So? That would be cool!" Master Arnold said and quickened the pace

"Arnold, I'm your fathers lover, I don't think he would be happy with either of us if I did."

"Oh he won't care; Sheps give each other hand jobs all the time."

"Well I think you better ask him first."

I was furious now and I decided to interrupt this little love fest. I walked into the doorway and announced, "Master Arnold, I was told to bring these clean clothes down to the human. Where do you want me to put them?" That put a stop to the hand job that my little Master was giving that bastard.

"Just put them on the bench. And Gofer."

"Yes Master Arnold?" I said with the proper deference in my voice.

"'The Human' has a name. His name is David. He is also one of your masters now. I expect you to treat him with the same respect you give any of us Sheps. Is that understood?"

"Yes Master Arnold!" I bowed low. I was now on the verge of losing my cool, but my anger was directed at "Master" David, not at my little Master. I walked out the door and put the clothes down on the bench. I stood off to the side enough that I was inconspicuous.

"Well David, if you don't feel comfortable with me giving you a hand job, why don't you just do it yourself?"

"Yeah!" Master Drogo pleaded.

"Are you sure? I would think My Master would be furious if he found out!" The little bastard asked.

"Why?" Master Grimald asked with complete sincerity.

"Aren't you too young to be seeing stuff like that?"

"Of course not, we've seen plenty of Sheps jerking each other off right here in this shower before. Daddy has even let us jerk him off occasionally so we would know how the 'equipment' worked. I hope mine grows as big as Daddy's, I heard he has the biggest one of all the Sheps." Arnold said with pride in his voice.

"Believe me I know!" Master David said chuckling. "OK, I'll do it." He started stroking my member, slowly sliding the foreskin up and down. The asshole was showing off to MY PUPS. While he was in there jerking off I picked up the clean briefs that I'd brought down and wrapped the pouch around my cock and started to spank the monkey.

I had to think of something to get myself going and I was having a hard time ignoring Master David. If I didn't hate him so much I wouldn't have minded fooling around with him a bit. His dick was slightly bigger than mine and since my time with Ralph I had developed a fondness for uncut cocks. His balls were bigger than mine too and they hung lower. He was much more athletic looking than me. He didn't have big muscles but he was seriously well defined with a nice six pack. And before I really realized it I felt my balls draw up and I shot a big load right in the pouch of his briefs.

I was still a little troubled that I was thinking of him when I shot my load, but I folded up his briefs, the cum on the inside of the briefs so hopefully he wouldn't notice it until he put it on. I stayed and watched as "Master" David got closer to his orgasm and soon he shot his load onto the floor of the shower.

I walked away into some nearby bushes where I could see the bench without being seen. I watched as my pups got back at him a little. When they had turned off the showers the pups surrounded him and started shaking violently, drenching him with water and puppy coat.

"Hey! You miserable pups, you just wait! Paybacks are a bitch!" He said sputtering trying to get the puppy fuzz out of his mouth. It angered me again how little respect he gave them.

They all giggled. "We always say paybacks are a woman!" Master Grimald chided as they walked out. David had to get back into the shower to wash all the puppy fur off of him. By the time my little Masters had gotten out of the high speed driers he had finished washing and drying since he only had skin and not fur to dry. I was waiting in anticipation as he went over to the bench, picked up the briefs and put them on.

He quickly realized what I'd done. He yanked off his briefs, ran back into the shower and turned the water back on. He vigorously washed his balls, lathering up several times. I was glad to see that he found my spooge distasteful. The little cumslut seemed to love just about bathing in Master Woden's precious seed. He finally came out and dried off again, all without saying a word.

"What happened David?" Master Drogo asked.

"I think a bird shit in my briefs!" He said convincingly. He knew what had happened and I knew what happened. That was all that I cared about.

"Eewwww! That is gross, I'm glad we don't have to wear clothes." Master Grimald teased.

David finished dressing sans briefs and they all went up to the house. Once they went in I walked in through the side door closest to the kitchen. Chef and I cooked lunch for the family. Chef seemed puzzled at why I kept laughing to myself, but I kept my secrets to myself. But part of me was disturbed that I had thought about David when I came in his shorts.