Logan and Roxanna: A New Beginning Part 2

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#5 of RolePlay

This is a roleplay continuing one of my earlier stories, Logan and Roxanna (Revisited) (https://www.sofurry.com/view/751364). Please check it out, if this rp catches your fancy. This is a product of hard work between myself and Smoke Gatedrifter. Be sure to check out his music. ;)

This shows what happens the following day of the events in the story mentioned above. Logan and Roxanna's first day as lovers continues with the adolescent lovers taking a bath together. After a very eventful night at the ball, intense, passionate, love making ensues.

Logan and Roxanna: A New Beginning Part 2

*The young fox enjoys the ride home, chatting with his scaled lover. When they arrive home, Logan addresses her.* "My lady, when is your soiree?"

"In just a couple of hours," replies the blonde dragoness as she steps out of the limo. Her silver highlights shimmer in the sun as she continues, "First we have an etiquette crash course with Galesworth." She walks up to the front door of the estate. Then, we need to bathe and get dressed. Lastly, we'll get in the limo and sit or the hour long trip to the soirée."

*The fox slumps in his pocket.* "Great. I just love long car trips."

*The scale reaches in and nuzzles the micro with her digit as she enters the mansion.* "It's ok because we'll have each other to on the way there and back." *Her tone is one of contentment as she smiles down at the tiny vulpine.*

*The micro fur looks up at the larger female with a smile.* "A fact, for which, I am glad." *And he kisses the scaled digit.*

*The teens arrive at the room gales worth as prepared for their quick etiquette lesson. It was all a refresher for the girl, having to deal with the demands of high society. First was the table manners portion, which she passed with flying colors. Then, she remembered her articulation skills well enough for Galesworth to give her a gentle reprimand. Finally, it came to the ballroom dance refresher. Which, given Logan's size, did prove to be difficult.*

*Logan tried his best in the ballroom dance refresher, but this did not save him from almost being squashed.*

*Roxanna picks up the little fox with a saddened look on her face from the fact that she can't dance with the vulpine.*

"its okay, Roxy." *The micro tries to cheer up the dragoness.* "Can't you hold me in your hands and dance with me like that?"

"I suppose we could try that." *The blue she dragon skritches the micro's ear as she smiles.*

*The fox's eyes close, and his footpaw kneads against Roxana's palm.*

*Galesworth interrupts the teens' affectionate moment.* "Young Miss, Young Sir, I regret to inform you that I fell behind in getting your outfits ready for this evening. I will have to finish preparing them while you two take your bath together." *The avian butler winks at the two teens.*

*The owl dutifully bows as he states, "The water is drawn and ready for the two of you. Be mindful, for you only have about 20 minutes." "Thank you, Galesworth," Roxanna declares before excitedly dashing to the bathroom with the tiny vulpine clutched in her claws.

*The micro fox giggles with excitement at the prospect of sharing a bath with this stunning blue creature.*

*Roxanna rushes into the restroom and closes the door.* Sitting the micro on the counter the dragoness coyly asks the tiny fur, "Logi, what should I take off first?" as she leans in, giving the boy a view of the top of her blue breasts.

*Logan blushes, both from embarrassment and excitement.* "Can you take your blouse off first?"

*The scale runs a clawed digit up the micro's body, stopping at his chin. She looks down upon him and inquires, "Can you take you blouse off, what?"

*The vulpine bows his head, remembering his manners.* "Can you take your blouse off please, Mistress?"

*The dragoness slowly unbuttons her blouse, button-by-button, and tosses the garment into the nearby hamper." "I took my top off, my pet. Now it's your turn."

"Of course, Mistress" *The fox grasps the bottom of his blue Star Wars shirt and slowly slides it off, tossing it into the hamper with Roxy's.*

*Clad in only her black skirt and pink lingerie, the blue shedragon smiles down at her faithful, obedient pet as he strips himself of his top.* "What should come off next?" she asks as she stretches her back with her arms up to the air and chest thrust slightly forward.

*The fox steps towards the female.* "Mistress, may I take off your bra for you?"

*The mistress steps forward and kneels down so that her mammaries are on the same level of the micro.*

*Logan's eyes light up, and he carefully climbs onto the blue she dragon's breasts. He gingerly takes hold of one of the straps and eases it off her shoulders. The micro then crawls to the other side and repeats the action. He looks up into the face of his mistress.* "I can't reach around to the back" and he smiles softly.

*The dragon leans over the counter to flatten her back and allow the micro more access.*

*The micro vulpine climbs up onto the dragoness' back.* "Thank you, Mistress." *He quickly unclips the strap at the back, allowing it to fall loose.*

*As she feels the micro crawl back up her body, the scale straightens up and holds her breast teasingly in her arms.* "What next?" There is a murr in her voice as she waits for an answer.

*The micro grabs onto the bra strap to stop from tumbling to the ground.* "Ah! Mistress, can you help me up?" he says, dangling from the piece of lingerie.

*The young lady grabs the micro and puts him on the counter before letting the bra tumble to the ground.* "I think we should get in the bath. We don't have too much time" *Roxanna pulls down her skirt, revealing her pink panties, shyly turning around afterwards from embarrassment.*

*The fox nods, blushing somewhat.* "That is a very good idea, my lady; however I do not believe there is any cause to be embarrassed around me." *He slowly strips off his black pants, revealing his blue underwear, with quite a noticeable tent.*

"It's just...that last time you saw my...extra slit and what it holds inside...you were really eager for sex, and I'm not sure how you would react...when you're not as revved up for physical intimacy." *The dragoness is letting her insecurity from her past experiences show through.*

*The micro steps to the edge of the counter.* "Roxy... It doesn't matter to me that you have an extra set of genitals. I love you, and it's not going to change. In fact, I love you more because of it." He smiles reassuringly.

*Filled with the fox's love, the dragoness swipes him up and cuddles him into her breasts from the overflow of emotion that she feels.* "Oh, Logi!"

*The micro laughs happily and cuddles Roxanna's breasts lovingly.*

*Using her boobs to hold the micro in place, Roxanna slips off her panties and stands in the tub.* "Do you know how to swim?"

*The tiny vulpine nods his head.* "Yes, I can swim. My parents taught me when I was really young."

*The adolescent girl nods and gently sits in the tub and lays back until the micro is floating in the water, just above her womanly orbs.* "Now it's time to relax for a bit," the dragoness says as she sighs and lays back her head.

*The fox treads water, his underwear weighing him down slightly.*

*Roxanna murrs at the sight of the vulpine's wet briefs clinging to his erect member. She lifts him out of the water and teasingly traces her tongue over his body, hooking it around his underwear and quickly pulling it off, before letting him back in the water.*

*Logan giggles, blushing. Once he enters the water again, his member stands out from his body. He swims over to Roxanna's head and lightly kisses her cheek.*

*The dragoness returns the kiss tenderly.* "Tell me about your life before yesterday, my pet?"

*The fox rests his footpaws on the dragoness' shoulders.* "Before yesterday? I was going to school like any normal kid, but I never really had much. Other kids would always have better lunches, better books, pretty much better everything." He shrugs. "I know I sound kinda selfish, but I just wanted to live a better life with my family."

"I don't think it sounds selfish at all." The young lady's voice was kind and understanding. "What happened with your parents' jobs?"

*The young fur ponders the question for a moment.* "I don't really know how they lost their jobs, but they did. I guess their bosses were just insensitive to our financial position."

"Well, I'm sure the stipend I'm giving them will be ample enough to keep them afloat until they find new employment." *Roxanna nuzzles her head up to the tiny fox.*

*The micro hugs the larger female's head.* "I sure hope so."

After a moment of loving silence, the dragon asks the fox, "What did you mean when you said you loved me more because of my extra slit?"

"You're a lot more than other girls. You're special." *The young fur smiles, hugging the dragoness' muzzle.*

"The dragon's face turns a slight shade of purple from the emotion and warmth the vulpine is giving her.*

*The micro fox giggles.* "Roxy, you're blushing!"

"I can do the same to you." *The dragoness runs her tongue over the yellow bodied, black socked micro, paying special attention to his ass and tail.*

*The fox blushes himself, his face turning a shade of light red.* "I-I guess you can. Heh."

*The blue scale's black cock head emerges from the water.*

*The micro notices, and slowly swims over and grabs onto it*

*Roxanna moans softly.* "We don't have much time, my pet."

"I know." He looks back at the dragoness, and gently noms her cockhead, "I wanted to show you that I am completely fine with your other... slit."

*She murrs softly.* "I suppose a little fun couldn't hurt."

*The fox wiggles his butt seductively.* "No, as long as we keep it in the time constraint." *He rubs the head with his hands, staying up by wrapping his legs around, doubling as a makeshift cock ring,*

"Good boy, Logan" *The girl lays hear head back as she feels the boy pay loving attention to her cock."

*Logan puts his mouth over the hole at the end of her black dick and slowly pokes his tongue into it, all the while continuing to pleasure her head with his paws.*

*Her body freezes from the sudden intrusion; all she can do is moan with her claw over her muzzle*

*The vulpine continues his pleasing of Roxanna's dragonhood, reaching his tail down through the water to tickle her clit, as far as he can reach.*

*Roxanna slumps down slightly and raises her pelvis to better feel the bushy tail swabbing against her vaginal lips.*

*The young fox swirls his wet tail around in the folds of his Mistress' vagina.*

"Put it in," whispers the young lady as she holds back her sounds of pleasure.

*The fox looks at the dragoness with an apologetic look.* "Mistress... I want to, but... I have no protection, and I don't want to get you pregnant."

*The heated dragon scoops up the micro and nuzzles him as her arousal subsides.*

"You... you're not mad?"

"No, you're right..." She pants heavily as she continues, "We should stick to outer pleasure until you have protection." *She kisses the micro.* "I'm just overwhelmed by how much you think of me."

*Logan blushes deeply, something on his mind* "R-Roxanna? Will you be... my girlfriend?"

"Yes!" She replies in a hushed whisper.

*Logan almost jumps out of the dragoness' arms for joy.* "Thank you! I've wanted to ask you for a little while now, but, I haven't been able to pluck up the courage until now."

Roxanna manages to say, "I love you, Logi" before a knock sounds at the door. "Young Miss, Young Sir, It's time to get out and get dressed."

"Thank you, Galesworth." Logan replies, before whispering, "I love you, Roxy."

*Roxanna gets out, with the micro in her palm, and dries them both off. She then carries the micro to her bedroom where the clothes are waiting.* "Would you pick out my lingerie?"

*Logan blushes again.* "Um, sure." He looks through Roxanna's collection of lingerie, until he finds a matching black thong and low-cut bra. "How about these ones?"

"They are perfect." *She takes the underwear and slowly pulls the panties up her blue legs.*

*The vulpine watches, his foxhood standing proudly out from his naked body.*

*Next, she puts on the low-cut bra, which pushes up her already firm womanly spheres upward, as she hooks it in the front.*

*Logan shakes his head, coming out of his dazed reverie.* "I should probably get dressed too, huh?"

"I picked out your tuxedo for tonight. It's in your bedroom on your bed. I hope you like it."

"Ooh, thank you, my lady!" *The fox runs into his micro house and up the stairs to his bedroom, where he finds a white tuxedo, dress shirt and waistcoat, with a black bowtie, along with a blue G-string. Eagerly, he pulls on the thong and adjusts his package so it is comfortable. He then puts his arms through the sleeves in the dress shirt and buttons it up. He pulls the white pants onto his legs and tucks the shirt into it, before sliding on the waistcoat, then the coat on top of everything. He finds some nice black shoes and pulls them on along with some socks.*

*The dragoness giggles as the micro dashes into his house. She slips on a pair of white, thigh-length stockings and secures them with a white, lacy guarder belt. Then, she puts on a flaming red, ankle-length ball gown, which had a slight V-neck dip and was cut off and ruffled up at the shoulders. Next, she ties her hair up into a tight, twisted bun before she pulled on a pair of red,elbow-length gloves. As she hears the micro come out of the house, she sits on her couch and puts on her three inch tall, black heels.*

*The micro comes out of the house smoothing down his tuxedo. When he looks up, he stops in his tracks, and simply stares at Roxanna* "Roxy, you look... amazing."

*The scale blushes slightly.* "Thank you, Logan. Are you ready?"

*He nods.* "Yes, I'm ready."

*Roxanna lays her claw on the table for the micro.*

*The tiny fox climbs onto the claw, careful not to crease his suit.*

*The dragoness walks to her purse and lets Logan climb in. She walks to her closet and grabs a black jacket and heads to the limo waiting outside..*

*The micro vulpine lays comfortably in Roxanna's wallet, trying to sense what is happening outside by the movements he feels.*

*When she gets in the car, she lets Logan out in the seat.* "Now, we wait an hour."

*Logan sits on Roxanna's lap and rests against her stomach.* "At least we're not alone."

*The young lady smiles and nuzzles the micro with a digit.*

*The tiny fox holds onto the finger and lovingly kisses it.*

"I love you, Roxy."

"I love you too, Logi. I can't wait to get to the soiree with you." *The girl lifts the micro to her muzzle.*

*The micro pecks a kiss on the macro's muzzle, blushing slightly*

*The dragon flicks her tongue on the micro's face and smiles.* "It'll be a lot more bearable with you there."

*The vulpine giggles.* "I won't have to stay in your purse will I?"

*She giggles* "No, that's why I brought the jacket. It's light enough to wear inside and has pockets in the front, so you can see all the action with me."

"That's good." *He hugs the dragoness' muzzle affectionately.*

*She smiles and nuzzles him with her face.* "It'll be a lot different from parties you've been too."

*The fox looks down.* "I haven't really been to any parties. No one invites me, and even when they did, I couldn't go."

*The dragoness frowns* "I'm sorry..."

*Logan shakes his furred head, looking back up at Roxanna.* "No, no, it's fine. No reason to apologize, or feel sorry for me."

"It doesn't sound like you were very popular. Tell me about your school." *She lays the micro on her shoulder.*

*The fur sighs and begins his tale.* "My school was alright for those who could fend for themselves. Everyone else there save a few were middle-class citizens, but I was just nobody compared to them. Nobody liked me, or even gave me a chance. My size didn't help either, and they were always teasing me about how small I was. Someone tried to step on me a few times. The teachers didn't really do anything about it either."

*Roxanna frowns from the sound of the micro's tale.* "You mean, you were the only micro at your school?"

*The fox shakes his head.* "No, there were a few others. My best friend, Thomas, was a micro wolf.

*She smiles at the prospect of the fox having friends.* "Tell me about him."

"Thomas is... well how do I explain him. He's funny, and he always likes to make light of a situation. He gets a bit hot-headed at times, but he's a really nice guy underneath." *The micro chuckles.*

*She smiles from seeing her pet/lover happy.* "Go on, tell me more*

*His eyes glaze over, reminiscing about the good times.* "We would do everything together. We even had a secret hideout underneath a tree, hidden in its roots that no one else knew about." He chuckles."We had a secret stash of junk food hidden away in there that we'd snack on if we were feeling down."

*Sensing something bad from the fox speaking in past tense, Roxanna offers the micro a digit.* "What happened to him?"

*The fox's face falls.* "He moved away. We still keep in contact through the internet, but the internet at home is always glitchy."

*The dragoness gently caresses the head of the tiny fox as she feels relief on the inside. She thought what happened was much worse.* "Well, now you can stay in better contact with him."

*Logan smiles up at his owner/lover.* "Yeah, you're right. Thanks, Roxy." *He holds lovingly onto her finger.*

"If you'd like, I can see about arranging a visit."

*The vulpine shrugs.* "I don't know. I mean we haven't seen each other in ages, and it would be nice to see him again, but I'm not really sure."

"Why are you not sure? I know the mansion is huge and can be a bit overwhelming, but I think we could find something that you two can do to reconnect. You sounded a little hesitant. Did something happen between you two?"

"No, not really. It's just that I think we've grown apart a bit from not seeing each other."

"The quality of a friendship is based on the quality of time you have together, not the quantity.*

"Yeah, I guess you're right." *The micro lovingly hugs Roxanna.* "Thanks, Roxy."

*She nestles her face warmly into the micro's warm body.* "Just because I'm a homebody with few friends, doesn't mean you have to be."

*Logan giggles.* "You have me, don't you?"

*The scale smiles.* "Yeah, I do."

*The young fur climbs onto the larger female's muzzle.*

"Is there anything else about you I should know, my pet?" *She uses a claw to skritch the back of his head.*

"Ooohhh..." *The fur's hindpaw begins to kick from the skritches.* "Um... Not that... ahh... I can think of."

"Did you put on your collar?"

*The fox pulls down the collar of his white tuxedo to reveal the black leather collar Roxanna gave him.*

*The dragoness runs her claw down over the fox's back.* "Good boy, Logan."

*The micro vulpine grins happily and climbs down from the dragoness' muzzle, dropping into her lap.* "Thank you, my lady."

"How did you enjoy the ride with Marco? Forgot to ask earlier."

*Logan thinks for a moment.* "I quite enjoyed it, actually. Except for when he said he'dtake it easy with me, and then just slammed into my tailhole."

*She giggles* "Well, you did kind of challenge him, and he is a power top."

"I got that sense." *The fur rubs his ass.* "Lord almighty! I can still feel it."

"I'm sure Jalin could too. In fact, I'm willing to bet that's why he was running late."

*The vulpine giggles.* "I guess that was why he blushed when I told him Marco was ready for round two."

*Roxanna shares in the vulpine's giggles.* "Their story is an interesting one."

*Logan's ears perk up.* "Oh? Do tell. I love a good story."

"Well, Marco was actually a teacher at a school that was largely for macro students, and Jalin was one of his students. They were both in the closet and caught each other's eyes."

"Oh really? How did Marco manage being a teacher?"

"He commanded respect from a lot of students, though he did have a few that didn't like him. That's how the relationship between him and Jalin got out."

"I guess being a confident and dominating personality would definitely help in a role like that. But a student ratted them out?"

"That's right. Jalin's conservative family kicked him out of the house, so Marco maxed out his credit cards so they could move across the country."

"Oh, that's terrible." *The vulpine snuggles into the dragoness' belly* "So they moved here, did they?"

"Yes, they did. Marco even managed to get Jalin a beautician's license. They are paying off his credit cards and their rent together." *The scale lowers her digit to the micro's chin.*

"That's nice: a happyish ending." *The micro vulpine takes hold of the digit and kisses it tenderly.*

"Is there anything you want to ask about me?"

*The fox thinks for a moment.* "What was the reaction of your previous partners before me towards your extra slit?"

*The dragoness looks down at the fox with a look of deep sadness.* "Summarily, they freaked out and left me. Then told their friends, and the news spread. After that, I had some guys who dated me just for the chance to see it for themselves."

*Logan's face turns to a look of horror.* "That's horrible! I would never leave you, especially for that." *He hugs the she dragon fiercely. *

*She lightly clutches the vulpine in her claw as tears well up in her eyes.* "I love you, Logan."

"I love you too, Roxy." *He buries his face into the dragoness' shirt.*

"Logan, I'm sorry for being weak..."

*The fox shakes his head vigorously.* "Weak? You're not weak! You've gone through so much stuff, and still you've carried on."

"Thank you, Logan." *Tears begin to fall from the shedragon's eyes as she covers the micro to protect him from the droplets.*

*The small tuxedoed fox snuggles into Roxanna's belly.* "It's not you who should be thanking me; it's me who should be thanking you for bringing me here."

*The dragoness points to her purse, where her handkerchief is kept.*

*Logan crawls over to the purse and extracts the handkerchief, as big as a sheet for him, and pulls it over to the she dragon*

*Roxanna gently picks it up and wipes away her tears.*

*The small bushy-tailed fox watches with a loving smile on his muzzle.*

*The dragoness picks up the fox and nuzzles her snout into his body.*

*The tiny vulpine hugs her snout and kisses her.*

*The dragoness flicks her tongue at the vulpine's muzzle.*

*Quick as a fox, Logan playfully noms on Roxanna's dragonic tongue.*

*Roxanna giggles from the ticklish sensation on her skinny tongue.*

*The micro shares the giggles, closing his eyes as he lovingly sucks on the dragoness' tongue.*

*The dragoness runs a gentle paw over the micro's head, back, and butt.*

*The vulpine shivers pleasurably, his bushy tail wrapping around the claw as it passes.*

*The dragoness resists every instinct to pull the micro into your waiting maw.*

*Logan releases her tongue, kissing her muzzle lightly before dropping lightly back down into her lap and snuggling into her dress.*

*The dragoness brushes her hand against the fox.* After a few minutes of loving, silence, Roxanna ask, "Is there anything else you want to know about me?"

*The micro vulpine smiles up at the scale* "Only what I will find out in its own time."

*The she dragon smiles and relaxes with the micro in her lap as they take the rest of the drive to the soiree.*

*As the two lovers are approaching their destination, Logan pipes up* "What is the soiree going to be like?"

"It's a social gathering that business friends of my parents are hosting. You know the usual things: a small orchestra playing in the background, fancy food, a bunch of upper-crust snobs hobnobbing with each other." *The dragoness gets a distant look in her eyes.*

*Logan giggles.* "And you're attending because your parents couldn't right?"

"Yes. It's also a way for me to get out the house. I'm not really looking forward to it. I'm not a big party person."

*The tiny fox hugs the large dragoness.* "Neither am I, but being with you makes it that much easier to bear."

"I feel the same way." *The dragoness smiles down at the micro.*

*The vulpine returns the smile as the limo pulls up in the driveway.*

*The scale puts on her coat.* "Are you ready to face the boredom?"

*Logan wrinkles his nose.* "As I'll ever be."

*The dragoness gently picks up the micro and places him in her front jacket pocket. After the driver opens the door, she steps out onto the red carpet that leads from the driveway to the mansion and walks up to the front door. The Doberman doorman offers to take her coat, but she politely declines. She walks inside. The scale and her micro partner are greeted by a view of a ballroom from atop the grand staircase. Many rich and affluent furs, scales, and avians are chatting and dancing as they dine on the exquisite horderves and the finest of drinks that money can afford.* "May I have your names so I can announce you?" a butler politely asks the two lovers.

*The vulpine is too caught up gazing at the wide variety of food to notice the butler's inquiry.*

"Logan and Roxanna," the scale gently says to the butler. "Announcing, Logan and Roxanna!" *All the eyes of the guests focus on the young couple as Roxanna descends the long staircase down into the grand ballroom.*

*The fur blinks and looks around, feeling self-conscious with all eyes upon them. He whispers to the dragoness.* "I've never actually been in a crowd this big before."

*Roxanna returns the whisper.* "It's not much different from being in school. Just stay by me, my tiny white knight, and everything will be fine." *She reaches the bottom of the staircase to be greeted by a big, brawny, grey naga, wearing a light blue dress shirt and a dark blue blazer and bow tie.* "Dear Roxanna, how have you been?" *He gingerly grabs the dragoness' left claw and bends down to plant a kiss on it.*

*The micro giggles softly, noticing the burly scale standing before them. He pokes his head out of the pocket a little more, watching as the naga courteously kisses Roxanna's claw.*

*The dragoness is taken by surprise by the sudden, unwelcome intrusion of someone from her past. Retaining her ladylike demeanor, she resists all urge to snatch her hand away from the ashen-colored serpent. She places on a fake smile.* "Hello, Ross. I am doing quite well. How are you this evening?" *She gently pulls her claw back.* *The naga speaks in a gentlemanly tone.* "Why, I am fine this evening. Care to join me for a dance, fair lady?" "No, I'm sorry, but I am being escorted by my date tonight."

*The micro waves shyly from the safety of his pocket.*

"I see...Well I should leave you two alone then." *The naga slithers away as Roxanna signs in relief.* "That was close."

*Logan look up at Roxanna* "Close? What do you mean?"

*Roxanna walks towards the buffet table.* "That boy, is someone I'd rather have not run into."

"You've had a bad experience with him in the past?" *The fox fixes his glasses on his nose.*

*The dragoness signs, bends her neck down, and cups her claw over her muzzle to whisper to the micro*. "Yes, he was one of the first guys to bush me off after he found out about my extra slit. Not only that, be also spread it around the school I was at. However, when he found out whom my parents are, he changed his tune quite quickly. He's been sending me emails and gifts for months, and every now and then I run into him at these functions."

"So he was just a hollow scalie thingy then." *The vulpine giggles softly.*

*Roxanna returns the giggle.* "And I think him seeing us together got under his shedding skin."

*The fox's giggling continues, until he gets a thought.* "Hey, Roxy? Do you shed your skin?"

"Once a year, yes."

"What happens?" the fox asks, interested.

"Well," the dragoness blushes slightly.

*Logan cocks his head to the side.* "Is it something you don't want to talk about?"

"No it's not that. I just have never talked about it before. Really...I just shed from head to toe and I come out a lighter shade of blue until my new skin adjusts."

"Amazing. I'm fascinated by reptiles, arachnids and crustaceans and how they need to shed their skin."

*The she dragon skritches the micro fox's head as she smiles from the vulpine's enthusiastic comment.*

*Logan murrs from the skritches.*

*The dragoness picks up a serving plate and places an array of finger foods onto the plate. The delectable smells waft in the air into the tiny fox's snout, filling it with their fragrant aroma.*

*The micro's tongue lolls out of his mouth, then remembering this is a formal event, he manages to regain his composure.* "That smells good. That smells really good." *He stares hungrily at the food on the plate in the scale's claw.*

*Roxanna giggles at the typical response by the micro and brings the plate up to her pocket for the tiny fox to have his pick of the fancy appetizers the party has to offer.* "Try not to fill up, Logan. There is going to be a main course later on tonight, and it's considered rude not to at least try a chef's dish."

*The vulpine looks up at the dragoness and nods, before carefully taking a piece of a marinated chicken wing, being unable to take the whole thing.* "We wouldn't want to be rude, now would we?" *He giggles and nibbles at the piece of meat in his paws.*

*The dragoness takes the rest of the wing and eats it, after giggling at the cuteness of her eager micro pet.*

"Mmmm... This is good." *Logan finishes his chunk of chicken and licks his paws afterward.*

*From then on the night goes off without a hitch. The young couple hobnobbed with local business leaders. Roxanna held her composure of a young lady as she eloquently spoke to every one of her parents'business associates and some of their teenage offspring. An elk asked about the attractive little fox in her breast pocket, a request which the scale was more than happy to respond with a telling of Logan's tale. Dinner was served and the dragoness requested for her beloved pet to have a place at the table in front of her.*

*As the main course is served out onto the table, the tiny vulpine once again almost drools at the sight of the elegant and exquisite foods.*

*The dragoness scoops micro-sized portions of the Peking duck, stuffing, and mixed vegetables for the micro and places them on his plate.*

*Logan looks up at Roxanna.* "Thank you."

*Roxanna smiles down at the vulpine.* "You are quite welcome, my pet."

*The tiny fox blushes, returning the smile before returning his attention to the plate of food.*

*The rest of dinner passes by quite uneventfully. The dragoness and the micro fox chat up the others sitting at the table before the dishes are collected and music starts to play, signaling the time for the ballroom dance.* "How exactly are we going to do this?" The dragoness asks as she looks down at the tiny vulpine.*

*Logan looks back up at the scale.* "I thought you could hold me in your hands and dance with me like that."

*Roxanna smiles and lays her claw on the table for the fox.*

*The tiny vulpine gingerly steps onto the offered claw, standing in Roxanna's palm.* "I'll try not to fall off," Logan adds, giggling.

*The scale slowly raises the micro up to her snout and nuzzles him.* "Are you ready?"

*The fox hugs the dragoness' muzzle and gives her a light kiss.* "As I'll ever be."

*The dragoness slowly walks out onto the dance floor with Logan in the palm of her claw. She stops and bows slightly before she offers a digit from her spare paw to the micro fox.*

*Logan bows back, before accepting the offered digit,* "May I have this dance?"

"You may." *The dragoness smiles as she begins to step, side-to-side, in a waltz type fashion.*

*The tiny vulpine in the middle of the blue dragoness' claw mirrors her movements on her palm, returning the smile, happy to be with his lover/owner. Logan blushes, giggling quietly, while still looking lovingly up at Roxanna.*

*The dragoness, in a reversal of gender expected roles, twirls the vulpine around her digit.*

*The fox twirls around her digit, his tail giving a flick before returning to the previous routine of back, forth, back, forth.*

*Roxanna giggles to herself, in a manner befitting a lady, at the site of the smiling,twirling vulpine. After the music subsides, the young couple walks back to their seats at the table.*

*The fox's cheeks are flushed, and he has a wide grin on his muzzle.* "That was fun. Thank you, Roxy."

*The dragoness breathes heavily as a light veneer of sweat adorns her scales.* "It was, and you are very welcome, my dear pet." *The dragoness sits in her chair, and she retains her lady like demeanor.*

*The vulpine's bushy tail wraps itself around the leg of the chair as he smiles up at his owner, admiring her every asset.*

*Roxanna looks down at the fox.* "I think I've had enough of being in the public eye for tonight. How about you?"

*Logan nods his head, somewhat drowsily.* "Yes, I've had enough. Though, I must say that it wasn't as boring as you said it would be."

"That's only because you were here with me, my precious vulpine." *The dragoness lowers her claw for the micro.*

*The tiny fox's cheeks turn red as he smiles and hugs the scale's blue claw.*

*The shedragon brings the fox up to her muzzle and nuzzles him into her face.*

"I love you, Roxy," the micro whispers, and kisses her lips lightly.

The dragoness' heart flutters and she whispers, "I love you too, Logan."

*Logan lovingly nuzzles her muzzle.* "Shall we depart?"

"Let's." *The dragoness slips the micro into her coat pocket.*

*The vulpine lands softly in the pocket and bounces slightly on her supple breasts.*

*Roxanna walks up the stairs and towards the entrance. Suddenly,she is grabbed from behind and forced against the wall. The smoky grey naga from before holds the dragoness's arms as he reaches in with his tail and pulls the unsuspecting micro out of her breast pocket.*

*Logan cries out from surprise and calls out for help.* "Help! Somebody help!"

"Let him go!" *The scale struggles with all her might, but the naga's grip is too strong.* "Let's see how you like your little fox after I crush the life right out of him."

*Logan tries not to panic, unable to move in the naga's vice-like grip.*

"I said let him go." Roxanna continues to struggle against the hold of the naga's strong arms.* "Silence, freak. You should've gone out with me when you had the chance."

*The ash colored scale tightens his hold on the tiny vulpine.* *The dragoness' body is pushed into the wall, the sound of the word "freak" causing her to drop her guard.*

*The micro yells out in pain.* "Aaaagh!" *He manages to pull his arms free, remembering he is wearing a collar. Reaching up, he begins to remove it. Once done, through the pain of being crushed by the naga's muscular tail, he throws it, aiming at the naga's eye.*

*The collar hits the naga in the eye, and he recoils from the pain, letting go of Roxanna to grab his eye. The herm takes her chance and kicks the ashen reptile right on his pelvic slit with the point of her stilettoe-heeledhindclaw. She picks up a nearby vase and smashes it over her assaulter's head, knocking him out cold.*

*The tiny vulpine starts to fall when the naga's tail relaxes, the distance between him and the floor quite considerable given his size, and he yells out again.* "Aaaagh!"

*The dragoness acts quickly and catches the falling vulpine in her claws, sliding on the ground.*

*Logan lands softly in the she-dragon's claws and instantly all fear vanishes, knowing he is in safe hands. No, safe claws. He hugs one of her digits.* "That was scary."

*Panting heavily from the exertion of stress.* "Yes, it was."

"Why would he do that? He was in the wrong in the first place." *The fox eyes the downed naga warily.*

"I forgot to mention...He's an entitled sizist with a jealous streak."

*Logan shudders.* "You mean he'll try again?"

*The dragoness slowly staggers up and uses her free hand to pull her cell phone from her purse.* "He won't. I'm calling the police now."

*The vulpine watches with keen interest.* "That's a great idea."

*The police act quickly and apprehend the ruffian reptile. After he is carted away, Roxanna calls the driver on the phone and the young couple are on their way back to the mansion they call home.*

*Logan is silent for much of the trip home, mulling over the recent events at the soirée, shuddering when he thinks of the ashen naga.*

*Sensing the micro fox's worry, the scale runs a gentle, reassuring claw over his head the entire way home.*

*The tiny vulpine smiles up at the dragoness, happy for her reassuring touch.*

*The dragoness walks to her room cradling the small fur in her claws, after the limo drops them off.*

"Thanks for taking me out, Roxy. I enjoyed it." *The fox jumps out of her arms and down to his table where his house is.*

*Roxanna smiles.* "I'm glad that you enjoyed it, my pet. It was exhausting, all things considered. What should we do now?"

*The micro yawns and stretches his arms.* "First thing's first. I want to get out of this tuxedo." *He pulls at the collar of his white tuxedo, before suddenly remembering something.* "Hey, did you get my collar?"

*The scale Pulls the micro's black leather collar from her purse and offers it to the vulpine with an extended claw.* "I have it here. But you may not want to wear it now. It would clash with the outfit you'll be wearing tonight."

*The vulpine's eyes brighten and he gleefully takes the collar back, but refrains from putting it back on.* "Thank you, my lady. I am most grateful," after which he bows respectfully.

"Now, I want you to go into your attic and look in the black dress cabinets. Put on something sexy for me, and I will to the same for you."

*The fox nods his head.* "Yes, my lady.* *He turns on his heel and enters his house. Going upstairs, he finds a panel in the ceiling with a rope attached to it, which he pulls down to reveal a staircase into his attic. Logan climbs the stairs and looks around once inside. Spotting a black cabinet, he strides over to it and pulls it open. The micro gasps at the contents. Inside the cabinet was a wardrobe of sexy, micro-sized 'play clothes'. The vulpine excitedly pulls out different items, examining them in turn, before deciding on a jet black G-string which supports his package, along with a pair of red short shorts that barely come halfway down his thighs, but match his fur, and a tight-fitting purple t-shirt which showed his abs. Fixing his glasses on straight, Logan the micro fox climbed back down from the attic, downstairs and back outside.*

*After Logan goes inside his micro house, the scale steps into her closet and peruses, with a discerning eye, her more sensual clothing. Roxanna selects a white negligee, which is so sheer that the shedragon doesn't even feel like she's wearing anything. Underneath, she has selected a rosy pink, silk bra and matching panties. The teenage girl selected the same type of bottoms that she had on the previous night: tie-side. She sets the bows firmly, but leaves them loose enough for Logan to untie later. Looking in the mirror, he feels something is missing. She undoes the bun in her hair, letting it cascade down past her shoulders to its full length. She then chooses a pink, rhinestone butterfly barrette and attaches it to the blonde and silver locks on the right side of her head.* "I hope he likes this," she thinks to herself before she steps out back into her room to meet her pet/lover.

*As the tiny vulpine exits his abode, he looks up and sees his owner/lover walking out from the closet. His jaw almost hits the desk he's standing on. He simply stands there, staring in wonder at the transformation.*

*Roxanna walks slowly and seductively to the table and bends down when she is close enough, giving the micro a look at her cleavage. With a masterful gaze she looks upon her pet.* "That's a very sexy choice of clothing, Logan. Your lady is pleased." *She extends a dominant, yet loving, claw to the tiny vulpine.*

*The fox's eyes brighten, and he kneels before her, accepting her claw and kissing it.* "Thank you, my lady. Might I say that the clothing you have chosen is also?"

*The scale smiles as she runs her digit over the micro's headfur.* "Is there anything my loyal little fox would like for his mistress to do for him on this night?" *The claw traces lovingly down the tiny vulpine's back.*

*The submissive micro bows his head.* "Only what you would wish to. I am your humble servant."

*The scale picks up the micro by his back scruff and looks at him with a gaze that is dominant, seductive, and loving at the same time.* "I wish for you to make me feel like a woman."

"Your wish is my command, Mistress." *The fox looks back up into his owner/mistress/lover's eyes.*

*The scale lies on her bed. As the mattress, covered in pink pastel bed sheets, slightly gives way to her body, she gently places the vulpine on her belly. Without a word she wiggles her toes and kneads her footclaws.*

*The small fur notices, and instinctively crawls down the large dragoness' leg to her footclaw. Standing up, he begins to massage her large foot as best he can, given his tiny size.*

*The dragoness lets out an audible murr at the attention the tiny fox is giving to her feetclaws.*

*The micro tenderly kisses each digit in turn, massaging around each one as he goes.*

"Oh, Logan..." the teen murrs softly. "Now, I want you to come up here," she teasingly caresses her womanly orbs, "and pay my body the same attention, every inch of the way."

*A hardness slowly forming in his loins, the fox slowly crawls back up the blue-scaled leg, kissing and caressing as he goes along.*

*Holding tight to her breasts, the dragoness murrs louder from the approaching fur that has ignited a long forgotten passion.*

*Logan comes up below her breasts and tries to crawl between them.*

*Roxanna gently opens her breast, leaving just enough room for the tiny fox to snugly slip through.*

*Slowly crawling through the scale's cleavage, he emerges on the other side and looks up at his mistress with a look of love in his eyes.*

*The mistress leans in and gently puckers her lips.*

*The micro obliges, kissing her lips as passionately as he can.*

*The scale accepts her pet's loyal token of love.* "Now attend to my womanly orbs, beloved."

*Logan bows his head.* "Yes, Mistress" *Turning around, still on all fours, he crawls towards the dragoness' bra-covered breasts and pushes down one of the cups to expose the nipple.*

*Roxanna murrs from the soft feel of the micro's paws padding against her soft supple chest under her negligee.*

*The tiny vulpine nuzzles the scale's black nipple, before putting his mouth over it and gently suckling on it.*

*The scale sounds a closed muzzled moan as she feels the fox's member, straining against the tight G-string and shorts, as it jabs against her dirty pillows,and the vulpine lovingly tends to the nipple like a newborn kit.*

*The vulpine shivers at the touch of the claw on his back, doubling his efforts on his lover's nipple, his member straining to break free of its confines.*

*As Logan continues his suckling, Roxanna's claw runs her digit over the fox's tight ass, taking a moment to caress and give it a dominant tap. She then slips her finger under her dutiful pet and allows the needy member to run over her blue, scaled pointer.*

*Logan moans aloud around the large nipple, shuddering as Roxanna's digit touches his hard, throbbing cock as his tail curls around her finger.*

*Loving the feel of the fox's tail embracing her digit, the dominating herm uses her free claw to gently yet wantonly rip Logan's skin tight, purple tee.*

*The vulpine whimpers submissively, feeling the claw against his skin, tearing away the shirt.*

"Stand, my pet."

"Yes, Mistress." *The micro crawls out from under the scale's pink, silk bra and stands up on her chest, his shirt torn in two.*

*The dragoness' long, slender, reptilian tongue slithers out of her muzzle. She drags it upwards along the right side of the fox's leg, flicking it on his noticeable tent. Then, it dances over the vulpine's exposed chest on stomach.*

*The tiny fox stands as still as he can, but flinches when the reptilian tongue flicks against the noticeable bulge in his pants. As her tongue explores his torso, he shivers from the pleasure gained from his submissive side.*

*As she continues her treatment of the submissive fox's body, Roxanna uses a single digit to pull away the shreds of the vulpine's tiny shirt, exposing his entire top half. Her serpentine tongue, then, slithers around Logan's neck and muzzle gently constricting his snout. She slowly pulls her pet into a dominant kiss.*

*Logan attempts to return the kiss as best he can with his muzzle restricted by the scale's long, thin tongue.*

*She sucks the micro into her maw. Her tongue then unravels and begins dominantly exploring over every bare inch of the scantily clad vulpine's young, virile, body.*

*The tiny vulpine makes a small squeak as the much larger scale draws him in, though he obediently remains still for his mistress, trying his best to please her.*

*The warm wet muzzle of the dragoness encases the micro as her tongue wraps her obedient pet and slithers under his confining shorts to lap at his bare glutes.*

*His furry tail, now soggy, involuntarily wraps around one of the she-dragon's canine teeth. The fur's glasses become coated with saliva, so much that he can barely see anything out of them. In the back of his mind, there is the instinctive fear of being in the maw of another creature, but this is vastly overpowered by the submissive urge and desire to please his mistress/lover.*

*The dragoness, using her skillful tongue, undoes the vulpine's shorts and pulls them down. She loosens her tongue's hold on the micro and slowly opens her maw for him to exit.*

*Feeling the tongue loosen and his tail's grip on the tooth beginning to slip, he cautiously turns around and slowly crawls out of the dragoness' muzzle, his fur almost dripping with saliva.*

*As the vulpine crawls, the dragoness' tongue holds tight to his shorts, forcing them to slide down his legs as he exits her maw. With a gentle yet forceful pull, she yanks them off of his feet and leaves the micro in only his blackthong.*

*The pull of his tight shorts causes the tiny fox to fall forward, before quickly regaining his balance and climbing out onto the scale's chest, dragging his soggy tail along behind him.*

*The scale licks her lips, with dominance and sincerely gazes upon the micro with want.* "You taste divine my pet."

*Logan turns around to face the dragoness, his head bowed respectfully.* "Thank you, Mistress. You are too kind."

"As a reward for your faith and devotion, I shall allow you to access my twin slits. Would you like that, Logan, my pet?"

*The micro vulpine looks up at his Mistress with longing.* "I would love that, my Mistress."

*The dragoness' black cock has already began to erect, straining against the pink tie-side panties.* "Make your mistress feel like a real woman."

*With his head still bowed low, Logan begins crawling down his mistress' body, over her cleavage--which jiggles as he climbs over it--and then crawls down her belly until he reaches the sizeable tent in her panties. From here, the tiny fox crawls left and carefully undoes the tie on the side, then he crawls over and does the same on the other side. Once done, Roxanna's black cock easily pushes away the now-free fabric, exposing itself and allowing it to stand erect and proud. Logan lovingly wraps his arms around it and starts kissing it from where he can reach down to the base.*

*Although she maintains her dominant demeanor, Roxanna trembles from the feel of the crawling vulpines paws against her scales. She waits on baited breath as Logan unties her panties. When she feels the micro caressing and kissing her fully erect manhood, she lets out soft, yet audible, sounds of pleasure.\* "Logan..." she utters her pets name in whispers of unbridled passion.

*The vulpine looks back and smiles* "I love you, Mistress."

"I love you too, my dear pet." *The scale moans as her toes and tail curl from the micro fur's loving words. In anticipation for passion, she grips the cushions with her painted claws.*

*The diminutive fox releases the she-dragon's manhood, and then carefully climbs down to her slit in between her legs, being very careful where to put his paws.*

*Even the slightest touch from the vulpine's every pad on her genitalia is enough for the dragoness to softly moan in pleasure.*

*Hearing his mistress's moans, Logan feels a thrill go through his tiny body.* "What would Mistress like me to do?"

*The dragoness reaches a commanding claw down to her devoted, faithful, pet. She scratches him under the chin.* "I want you to do to me...what you did last night. Use your expert paws and tail and make a real woman out of me."

*The micro shivers pleasurably from the scratches.* "It would be my pleasure, Mistress." *He gives Roxanna's love button a quick kiss, before carefully climbing back up to the large black cock.*

*Shivering from the kiss, the she dragon's cock bob's ever so slightly from the anticipation of the pleasure Logan is about to give her.*

*The vulpine's cock nearly bursting out of his tight thong, he wraps his arms around the she-dragon's and in a series of licks runs his tongue up the bottom of the thick black dragon dick.*

*Letting out a long, soft moan, the femdom can already feel the pre begin to work its way slowly up her shaft. Meanwhile, her womanly folds begin to churn and slicken from the approaching moment of ecstasy that is about to come.* "Logan...I love you!"

*The micro fox squeezes the scale's cock, making the pre emerge from the tip.* "I love you, Mistress!" *He dips his tail down and lightly brushes it over her pleasure center.*

*The adolescent herm shudders and arches her back from the gentle caress of the vulpine's tail. Pre begins to profusely pour out from the ridged, black baby maker and cascade down the shaft onto the waiting fox.*

*The micro lifts up his head and opens his mouth, taking in as much of the pouring pre as he can before swallowing it, the rest ours down his head and soaking his body, making his fur wet and sticky.*

"Logan, I can't wait any longer! Put it in!"

*Logan obediently lowers his tail down to Roxanna's female slit, and then proceed to swish it about, providing very pleasurable sensations to the she-dragon.*

*After letting out a high-pitched moan from the initial entry,Roxanna growls with pleasure as the fox's tail masterful dancing inside of her flower. She digs her claws into the mattress and arches her back into the air from the unbridled mix of desire and love that she feels for her pet.*

*The tiny fur uses his paws to rub and massage the macro's black cock, occasionally using his claws and lightly dragging them down to give a different sensation, all the while using his tail in her love box, running it over all her sensitive parts.*

*Roxanna simply lets the fox work on her twin genitalia for the next few minutes as she writhes in the pleasure. Soon, she feels her climax approaching and just when she's at the point of no return, there is a sudden, loud wrapping at the door.* "Young Miss, Young Sir, I hope I'm not intruding, but I must speak with you." *Galesworth's voice is clear and understanding, yet firm.*

*The sound of the loud knocking at the door startles the young fox, and he falls backwards onto the bed, only to be sprayed with the she-dragon's femcum, leaving him even more drenched an even more sticky.*

"I...Is this something we can talk about through the door?" *The shedragon remains motionless as he quietly pants, coming down from her climax.* *The owl's answer is attentive.* "It seems I've made it in time, thank the gods."

*The wet fox gets up, slightly confused, before climbing up onto Roxanna's belly.*

* An envelope is slid under the door.* "Before you two go any further with what I knowyou are doing, take a moment to consider properly protecting yourself. I bid you both goodnight." "Goodnight , Galesworth." *The she dragon's reply is all that she can muster.*

"Goodnight." *The scantily-clad vulpine climbs down off the scale's body. He then very carefully climbs down of the bed, which is a considerable distance up for someone of his stature. After this feat has been achieved, Logan walks over to the door, takes hold of the envelope, and then proceeds to drag it back towards the bed.*

*Roxanna manages to sit up on the couch and lay her tail on the ground for the vulpine. She raises him and the envelope to her shoulder and gently places Logan beside her head as she takes the envelope from him. With a swift claw, she tears it open, pulling out a letter and a black, micro-sized morphsuit. She unfolds the letter and reads it out loud.* "Dear Young Miss and Sir, Not myself being a stranger to the desires of mortal existence, I perceived that adolescent passion would indeed consume your hormonally driven bodies. It was this realization that caused me to write this letter, as well as provide a means that would allow you to experience this passion safely. I managed to rework the budget for this month and procure this skin suit for the Young Sir. In short, it is akin to a full body condom, allowing for pleasure as well as prevention of pregnancy. Do please use it . Yours, Galesworth."

*Logan's cheeks go slightly red as Roxanna reads the letter.* "I didn't expect him to be so upfront about it."

"You'reright, I had to get my sex ed from a special video prepared for me when I was younger. He had a lot of trouble answering my questions." *Roxanna picks up the zentai outfit in her digits.* "Would you...want to explore...inside me?" *Her voice proves to have a noticeable amount of nervousness.*

*The micro's cheeks blush a deeper red.* "Umm... I think... I would like to." *He feels his cheeks burning as the colour in them deepens.*

*A small smile forms on the shedragon's muzzle as she reassumes a slightly dominant demanor.* "The take that thong off and suit up." *She holds up the suit to the vulpine.*

*His submissive side kicking in, he bows his head and pulls down his thong, revealing his rapidly re-hardening cock. He looks up and takes the outfit from the dragoness' fingers. The fur studies it for a short time, before finding the way in. He puts his legs in first, then feeds his arms through the arms. Turning around and looking back up at the she-dragon, he says* "Could... could you do the back up for me, Mistress?"

*Without a word, her reptilian tongue slips out of her muzzle and slowly zips up the back of the suit. She then raps it around his body and pulls him in to kiss her muzzle. After lying on the bed and getting comfortable, she breaks the kiss and lays the micro on her womanly chest mounds.*

*Logan lies on the great mounds of scaly flesh and gazes lovingly at the scale.* "I love you, Mistress."

*The scale lovingly runs a digit over the fox's tail and back.* "I love you too, Logan."

*The micro fur shivers from the touch, the zentai suit not hindering the touch at all.*

"Would you like to snuggle in your mistress' breast after we are done?"

*The vulpine hugs the dragoness' breasts.* "I would love that, Mistress."

"Then what are you waiting for?" *The dragoness gives the fox a slight pat on his firm rear.*

*Trying, but failing to contain his enthusiasm, Logan crawl-scampers down Roxanna's belly, stopping at her crotch.*

*She exhales a lustful breath of air as her flower quivers in her pet's presence.*

*The fox quickly kisses the she-dragon's black cock, before jumping down onto the couch. Turning around, he is faced with the huge, wet pussy of his mistress/lover/owner.*

*The kiss on her member causes he lips to wetten even more as she anticipates her pet/lover about to enter her hot, ready, virgin flower.*

*The micro pulls the headpiece of the morphsuit over his head, then lightly places his paws on either side of her hot, wet honeypot.*

*Roxanna's entire body jerks slightly from the tiny paws on her vagina, and she gasps softly yet audibly in expectant desire.*Bottom of Form

"Are you ready, Mistress?" *The vulpine lightly rubs his tiny paws on the dominant dragoness' flower.*

*The heated teen, caught up in the expecting pleasure, says noting in response. Her tail curls up and lightly pokes the micro on the small of his back as the fox's small hands caress her quivering lips.*

*Taking the gentle poke in his back as a sign to proceed, the micro fox moves his paws from the outside of the feminine flower, and slowly pushes them into Roxanna's slit.*

*Roxanna lets out a soft, high-pitched gasp from the feel of her bottom lips being parted by her tiny, vulpine lover.*

*He slides further in until his face touches the dragoness' nether lips.*

*Roxanna moans softly as she relaxes her vaginal entrance for the tiny fox as he continues to slide into her. Every fiber of her being is screaming to feel the vulpine work inside of her virgin flower.*

*The zentai-clad vulpine lowers his head, flattening his ears, and slowly pushes it inside his mistress's dripping wet tunnel.*

* The dragoness lips relax, but her hymen puts up resistance against the vulpine's enthusiastic entry.*

*Encountering difficulty, and ignorant to the anatomy of a virgin, the fox increases his efforts in trying to push inside.*

*When the fox breaks through, the dragoness screams from a mix of pain and pleasure from the piercing of the hymen by the tiny vulpine.* "OH, LOGAN!"

*When Roxanna's hymen is broken, the resistance being put up against the eager vulpine's entry suddenly disappears. The energy he was applying to break it is suddenly put into launching himself deeper inside the she-dragon's depths, and he quickly finds his footpaws being the only part of him left sticking out.*

*The dragoness quickly brings her panting, sort breathes under control as her virgin vagine adjust to the presence of the persistent micro. The vulpine's tiny, hot body inside of her causes her to tremble slightly from the sensation of first time entry into her flower.*

*Wriggling his body, he manages to both move in further and stimulate her at the same time. The vulpine's muffled voice comes from within* "It's so hot in here, Mistress. I love it!"

*Though she cannot hear his words, the vulpine's voice causes pleasurable vibrations inside of the dragoness and causes her vaginal walls to further slicken from the stimulation.*

*The fox wriggles further inside the hot, slick tunnel until he encounters her cervix, blocking his path. He reaches out his arms and begins to rub the fleshy barrier.*

*The dragoness digs her claws into the sheetsand arches her back as the vulpine delves deeper into her vaginal canal. Short, staccato gasps of first time pleasure escape her lips when she feels the efforts of the micro canine inside of her.*

*Logan undulates his body, doing his best to please his mistress, loving every second of being inside her hot wet love tunnel.*

*Her pet's vigorous undulations carry the scale higher and higher to the heavenly experience of romantic and physical connection with her devoted lover. She arches her back and throws back her head as she feels her climax quickly approaching.*

*Finding her G-spot, the vulpine begins to hump it, his foxhood very pronounced in the form-fitting suit rubbing against it. The sensations of the she-dragon's vaginal muscles contracting and releasing around him, forcing his body into different positions is like a boat on a fast-flowing river of ecstasy, while his humping like the motor, pushing him faster down the river towards the falls.*

*Roxanna moans in a high pitch as she feels her G-spot being hit from every angle, the intensity of the vulpine's thrusts and her own natural, lust driven vaginal ministrations and undulation. Heat radiates from deep within the scale's physical being as the fox's sexual work causes her canal to slicken and wetten even more like the rapids of a forcefully flowing river.* "OH, LOGAN, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. NO ONE HAS EVER MADE ME FEEL THIS MUCH LIKE A WOMAN BEFOOOOOOOOOOOORAH!"

*Logan feels the scale's vagina contract around him suddenly, effectively immobilizing him, while bringing his own pleasure to a climax. His canine cock twitches, then hot sticky cum erupts out from the tip, coating his fur and filling the gap between his skin and the morphsuit.* "AAAHHHH MISTRESS I LOVE YOU!!!!"

*The warmth of the micro's orgasm causes the dragoness to experience her own orgasm erupting from deep within her deepest being. Her body seizes and her claws shed the mattress as her torrent of womanly juices surge forth and send the fox through a vaginal water slide ride, and Roxanna's moans of pleasure cresendo to inaudiableity.*

*The zentai-clad vulpine shoots out of the she-dragon's vagina from the force of the contractions and slides along the bed with the help of her lubricating juices. He lays there listening to the orgasmic screams of his owner/mistress/lover.*

*The blue scale can only tremble as waves of post orgasmic pleasure jolt through her body with varying intensities. Her moans of lustful bliss practically echo in the room for a few moments until her soul completely descends the other side of the plateau known as virgin release. Wanting to feel the touch of her pet and lover, she gently moves her tail until she feels the fox's body. The macro lays her tail beside Logan and nestles it tightly to his panting body.*

*The fox puts his arms around the tail as best he can, embracing her, wanting to feel her touch as much as she wants his.*

*Mustering all the energy she has left, she raised her tail and lays the tiny fox gently into her orbs of womanhood as that he can nestle into her supple, soft, dirty pillows.*

*Logan curls up on top of Roxanna's womanly orbs, still encased in his morphsuit, and looks lovingly out at her.*

*She leans in to run a loving tongue over the microfur, who was nestled so perfectly in her perky, soft bosom. Murring from the taste of her own juices and her beloved's sweat, she says, "I love you so much, my Logan. No one has ever made me feel the way you do." A gentle claw is placed over his body as she began to stroke him with a gentle digit.*

*The micro sighs happily, utterly spent.* "I love you, my one and only. I've... never had anyone in my life like you." *Nestling into the soft cushion that is Roxanna's chest, the tiny, blissfully happy fox loses his battle with exhaustion. His eyelids droop, and he quickly falls sound asleep.*

*Soon, the she dragon gently scooped up the fox in her claws and opens her muzzle, and her tongue softly coils around the micro male and she swallows him whole into her second stomach. "You'll be nice and warm in here, she said to the slumbering fox as she rubbed the scales above her lover's resting place. *As she feels his furry body curling inside her in response, she curls into her own bed and nestled under the covers before falling asleep.*

Tale of the Winter Prince Chapter 4: A Calm Night

**Tale of the Winter Prince** **Chapter 4: A Calm** **N**** ight** The Winter Prince laid in bed as he tossed and turned in his sleep. He and his beloved protectors managed to escape the Castle of Seasons when it was under siege from the Black...

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Unexpected Exploits Chapter 2A: Adventures in Cubsitting: A Shower Session, a Dominating Cub, and the Discovery of Submissive Bliss

**_Unexpected Exploits_** **_Chapter 2A:_** **_Adventures in Cubsitting:_** **_A Shower Session, a Dominating Cub, and the Discovery of Submissive Bliss_** Liam awoke the next morning on the couch with his two new lovers. On his right was the...

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A Story of Transcendent Love: Family Secrets Shared Between Lovers

**A Story of Transcendent Love:** **Family Secrets Shared Between Lovers** It is the time of night in the Transcendence world. Two furs are in bed together--snuggling nude under the cinder red covers--and enjoying each other's company. The last few...

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