Served Hot

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Gift story inspired by Rape and Revenge, by Quetzalli and featuring Skynex and Sheela (characters (C) Rajak).

Picture(s) and character(s) used with permission.

More Skynex and Sheela in SnookeredNote: The images are supposed to be embedded in the story, but I cannot get IB to play nice, and I don't want to upload the pictures here and get views off of them. If I can find a way to get them here, I will. Sorry, to my audience here.

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Warm, spring sunlight trickled through the gap of parted curtains. It started off high on the far wall, almost toward the ceiling; and crept its way down, until it fell upon the slumbering feline. It lit up his yellow hair, refracting off of a few of the unkempt strands that had been mussed up through tossing and turning.

When the light fell over his lidded eye, the delicate bubble of sleep rippled and began to lose its influence. He covered his eyes with his arm, and rolled onto his back. Letting out a big yawn, he licked his dry lips and grimaced at the taste of morning-breath in his mouth.

For a few moments, he let the blood work through the fog of drowsiness in his limbs. He tried to recall the dream he was having, but it fell away and he was left with only the sound of birds chirping in the tree outside.

He had little appetite, so as he sat up and set his footpads on the soft carpet, he decided to take his morning shower first. He stood, tossing the covers off, and went into a stretch. Standing on tip-toes, the arching stretch pronounced his flaccid boyhood. From the marked coolness with just that little nudge away from his body heat, along with a sloshing in his bladder, his kittenhood began to lift away from his scrotum.

His muffled footfalls trailed out the door and down the hall, his stiffening member bobbing more and more as he approached the bathroom. He looked about in the hall for a moment, observing that it was rather dim and quiet.

He opened the door, listening to it creak as it settled in mid-swing. The light-switch snapped as he flicked it on, and the fan sputtered to life a moment after. He walked up to the sink, eager to brush his teeth and get rid of the morning-mouth.

He spread the toothpaste on the brush, and leaned into the counter as he began at the lower-right of his mouth. Halfway through, his knee hit the cabinet, causing it to clatter shut all the way. He grunted at the discomfort, but there wasn't really any pain.

As he spat and rinsed, the nasty taste on his tongue cleaned away, his attention turned to his erection. There is nothing quite like having such a stiffy that you can't pee, and as he stood in front of the toilet his heart began to beat more heavily as he dreaded that this was going to be one of those stiffies.

Stemming the rising bubbles of agitation, he put the seat down and plopped on, using his fingers to push his rigidness toward the water. And then, he waited. And waited. And waited. He started to shimmy and squirm on the seat, trying to soften the hardness or focus on relaxing that little muscle that held his bladder closed.

It was a vicious conundrum. As much as he tried to concentrate on relaxing, the more acutely he could feel just how swollen his nethers were, to the point where he could even feel his heartbeat down there. Every once in a while he was able to think about something that distracted him enough that the barrier might suddenly be overwhelmed, but as soon as that feeling of the muscle giving way started some stupid reflex made it tighten up again.

After what felt like far too long, he gave up.

It was one of those mornings where being proper just wasn't going to cut it, and only the warm water could bring him relief. The hooks clattered together as he pushed the curtain to the shower aside and stepped through. He left it open just a crack to help the air circulate better.

The pipes were a bit loud, always letting out a shudder when he twisted the knob. The water hissed beside him, drenching his left arm and shoulder in cold streams. He shivered, stepping further aside and extending his hand to feel the temperature. From the air that swirled about as the streams of water cut through, he could still feel the heat and firmness of his loins. His sac even began to huddle up against it for warmth and comfort.

For several moments the water was still rather cool, and then in a few seconds it arrived to a comfortable, steamy heat.

He leaned into the spray, resting his head against the wall and letting the warm water soak into his fur and drip down his body and off his muzzle. He took in a breath, the tension in his loins melting away from the relaxing heat, and let it out along with his own stream of water that splattered upon the pink tile.

With the water's hiss echoing in the shower stall, he did not hear the slight tap of the cupboard door against the flange as it opened. With the relaxing heat and massaging streams gently flowing over his scalp and the back of his neck, he did not notice the draft as the curtain was drawn aside just a little further. With his mind reeling from the elation of feeling relief where he had once felt so uncomfortable, he was defenseless.

He was letting out a gratified groan as the last dribbles of discomfort trickled from his urethra, when suddenly he was whipped round, and pushed against the wall. His breath caught; the motion not violent, but not exactly gentle, either. From his earlier posture, a blood-rush kept him from being able to react.

A cord was tied about his wrists, and he was forced to squat from the dizziness. When the sparkles from his eyes cleared, she was standing before him with a mischievous and delighted grin.

The left side of her body had been caught by the shower, water dripping from the black fur on her thigh. Her grin changed to a smile of adoration, her left hand reaching out as she squatted. She took hold of his kittenhood, which was only at half-mast.

He winced when she tenderly wrapped her fingers about his girth, and cradled his sac with her other paw. Despite what reluctance he may have had, her little yellow fingers knew how to make his boyhood betray him. In just seconds, he was more solid than if he had awoken with morning wood.

With a coo, she relinquished him, but from the look in her shimmering blue eyes he could see what she was going to do to him. Showing him her teeth through a grin, she stood up.

His eyes were drawn to between her legs, where her petite mound was rosy and puffy. A drip of water fell from it, but her thigh had long since run out of water to freely let fall. He let out a protesting grunt when she grabbed his ankles.

With the gentleness of a sister, she pulled him to lie on his back, arms left to raise up toward the hot-water knob where his wrists were tied. She turned about and stood with her heels by his ribs, and squatted down. Leaning forward, she gave his pecker several kisses, before taking it between her thumb and first two fingers at the base. With her other hand, she spread her folds, and dragged his tip from her clit to her cunny. Pressing his glans to line up with her entrance, she let out a light mew as she lowered and his pink head popped inside.

Both shivered as she took him further inside, her with pleasure, and he begrudgingly.

She cupped his balls once more as she sank down on him to the roots, gently holding them to her clitoris. She took in a breath and let it out slowly, trembling with delight as she so did when she enjoyed his girth forcing the tension in her tight girlhood to stretch out.

When she settled, she straightened up, letting her hands hover freely out by her sides. Adjusting her knees and posture, she glanced back as she began to ride him like a proper little cow-girl.

His jaw hung open, his face in a silent, half-disgusted, half-delighted expression. He breathed in, only to have his lungs forced to let the air go as she gently put weight on his pelvis, letting up just before it got to be too discomforting.

She loved the way he gasped, and the way he throbbed within her. The way his flange gently stroked her silken walls as she rose, and then put tension on them as she sank back down. When tears began to bead in his eyes, her heart began to go_pitter-pat_.

She could typically influence--nigh control--when he unleashed the passion that he so tried to deny and hide away in guilty shame. When she saw the tears begin to trickle down, she gasped with glee, and bore down on his girth as best as she could.

He let out little squeaks, his hips bucking and his knees twitching as he emptied his sticky kitten-cream into his sister. The tears welling up in his eyes began to flow freely down his cheeks, threatening to gush as much as his boyhood.

She closed her eyes, basking in the slipperiness of his seed coating her feminine chambers. Her cheeks were rosy, and she hummed in satisfaction at what she had taken. She had craved it since the night before, and was so tempted to indulge herself right then, but the delayed gratification payed off in spades.

She lifted off of him, a hand poised between her legs, ready to cup her vulva and keep her brother's reluctant love right where she wanted it. She let out another mew as his flanges tugged gently at her labia minora, before popping free.

Clamping her palm to her muff, she turned about, blowing her brother a kiss as she waddled backwards out of the shower stall.

A few moments later, the door creaked as it settled ajar.

He sniffled, a mix of delight, pleasure, disgust, and shame all swirling about in his stomach and loins. He backed up, pins and needles rushing down his arms. When they faded, he blindly found the rope tied about the neck of the knob, and undid the knot.

He turned the shower on once more, and didn't care that it had gone cold as he let the stream wash the evidence of his deed from his boyhood.

* * *

She lay upon her bed, her body still tingling with each little readjustment she made. The sticky jism in her kittenhood was starting to cool and get to the point where she wouldn't need to worry about it escaping her folds.

She could still hear the water running through the pipes.

It had been nearly fifteen minutes since she had gotten her fill--for the time being. His showers were typically long, for he was very fond of grooming his yellow coat to a shimmer. Considering the complications she had caused, she began to see that he was going to take a bit longer.

With her stomach eager to eat, and content with her loins, she stood and made her way to the kitchen. She looked back down the hall, seeing the closed bathroom door and hearing the hiss of the shower. She smiled, wondering why he would waste so much time and hot water, when he surely knew she was planning to make a mess of their sexes later on in the afternoon.

Her hands floated on the railing and the wall as she wandered down the stairs into the kitchen. Her fingertips loved to brush the bumpy textured-paint. She opened the fridge to grab the milk for her cereal. She spent quite a while at the cereal cabinet, her tail swishing back and forth every few seconds in a pendulum of thought. She settled on_Lucky Charms_, snagging the box with a bit of a twirl.

The bowl rattled as it settled on the wooden table, and the chair creaked as she pushed it out. The cereal sprinkled against the_Corelle_, and the milk splashed in last. She dipped the spoon in and stirred it about for a moment, before taking her seat and scooting the chair back in with little chuffs.

For a time, she enjoyed the sugary taste of the cereal, the creamy milk, and the marshmallows dissolving on her tongue. The clock in the kitchen_ticked_ and tocked as she took her time eating her breakfast.

About halfway through her large bowl, for she was a growing girl, her ear twitched. The soft beat of padding footpads disturbed her rhythmic eating. In mid-slurp, she decided to finish enjoying the morsel before giving her brother any attention, but he laid his hand over the free one resting on her thigh.

She still did not look in his direction, but let out a curious hum as her palm was taken to a place she rather liked. Her fingertips hefted his dangling pouch, and her palm pressed the hard kittenhood to his tummy.

He stepped inward, making the vantage a little awkward, but she was reluctant to let go her gift-given prize. But then, her gift-given prize turned out to come with a price.

Her wrist pressed against the leg of the chair, and a familiar length of rope quickly secured it in place. She uttered a questioning grunt, before letting go of the spoon. It clattered onto the table, droplets of milk spattering on the wood, and a bit settling in the silver curve.

She bit her lip as her other wrist was snagged and bound to the other leg of the chair. She lifted her feet when she was pulled away from the table. Her brother stepped in front of her, his muzzle agrin and his eyes meeting hers.

Then, his gaze slowly panned down to her crotch. He took hold of her ankles, and tugged her rear closer, making her vulnerable to his activities. This also brought the tip of his erection to almost touching the petals of her flower. Hearing her gasp with anticipation and delight, his grin changed from toothy to closed-lip.

She smiled wider and wider as he took his kittenhood between his fore- and middle-fingers of one hand, and pushed his hips forward just enough to touch his glans with her vulva.

As he began to gently rub his tip up and down her slit, her muzzle closed and she slowly licked her lips from left to right. She coaxed him with coos and mews, with pleading eyes and a squirming tummy.

Just as she was starting to grunt and groan with frustration, nectar beginning to trickle from her petals, she felt an added pressure to his teasing tip-rubs. She breathed in, anticipating the entry, and clenched her abdomen to add a bit of resistance to his endeavor.

But his tip only dipped into her vestibule, barely spreading her folds. The ropes softly scraped on the chair as she shook in frustration, grimacing at her brother and begging him to do the deed.

But with a grin that changed from closed-lip back to toothy and menacing, he backed away a step and leaned forward, resting his chin on the seat of the chair. He kissed her thighs, further taunting her, before lifting up.

Her eyes went wide, and her grimace turned into open-mouthed shock. Her pupils trembled at the sight of the humongous purple dildo her brother hefted in his hands. She squirmed and struggled in a different vein as he pointed the tip at her delicate kittenhood.

She winced and tensed as he began to push it into her, without any lubrication besides what she had mustered in the hopes of his, comparatively smaller, equipment. She began silently screaming as it slipped further into her chamber, chafing and stinging the whole way. The whites of her eyes were nearly all that could be seen, her pupils shrunken so small at the pain.

Her brother grinned, quietly chuckling. Despite her reaction, he knew that this was more a thrill to her than what she had pleaded for earlier. The little masochist was in heaven, the pain translating into pleasure somewhere between groin, heart, and brain.

In taking advantage of her brother earlier, she was still rather eager. It only took a dozen or so thrusts, with friction easing up every time, to send her eyes crossing, her throat moaning, and her thighs and tummy quivering in ecstasy.

Even as she was in the midst of her orgasmic throes, he pulled the dildo out of her with a gently-violent tug. Her body tensed and he helped keep her from getting too uncomfortable on the chair, fighting to hold her legs still and keep her from twisting the wrong way.

When she was finished with her bliss, he helped to sit her up.

Her petals were red and puffy, swollen and irritated from the friction. Her plans of making a mess of their sexes later would have to wait until tomorrow, but at least she was thoroughly satisfied. She felt a tug at her wrists, and her brother bid her farewell as he hefted the dildo over his shoulder and padded out of the room.

She waited for several moments, breathing heavily. Once the sparkles left her eyes and the tingles left her toes, she wriggled. Her wrists were still bound, but the knots had been loosened such that she could easily untie herself, especially given how practiced she was at doing so.

She reached down and tentatively touched her petals, wincing at the pain. She was going to have to go easy on it for longer than she thought. Carefully sitting upright, she slowly scooted her chair back toward the table.

Finding her spoon, she dipped it into the cereal bowl. Her brow squinted, and her eyelid twitched. She let out a growl and then swore in anger at her brother loud enough that he might hear her on the other side of the house.

Her cereal had gone soggy!

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