Earth's New Masters Chapter 26 Gofer's Tale Part 15 Secondhand "Effects"

Story by firefromheaven on SoFurry

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#52 of Earth's New Masters

David, Woden and the pups return after their fishing trip and find out one of the secrets of Gofer's past.

Master Woden and the pups didn't get home until about 1:30 PM the next day. Master Woden had to carry the little slut, "Master" David up to their room. He was obviously on an effects high. What I wouldn't give to have Master Woden fuck me to oblivion.

Master Woden returned and supervised the equipment being unloaded from the limo and returned to the garage. He could have asked me to do it all by myself, but he got each of the pups to carry their own stuff in. He didn't coddle his pups but made them pull their weight. With everyone helping it only took a few minutes to get it all done.

Master Woden came up to me and put his arm around my shoulder. "I'm sorry I had to leave so abruptly yesterday, but it was an emergency."

"I understand Master." I said. He didn't remember that I had been trying to tell him something important before we were interrupted by the phone call. He probably didn't realize I could say anything of importance anyway.

With everybody out there watching Chef wanted to be the one that was doing the grilling. When we were in the kitchen he where no one could see what was going on he was more than willing to let me cook all the food. Butler and I pulled out 3 picnic tables and set them end to end. By that time Master David had come out to join the family, even though he was still a little unstable when he walked. While they were waiting for the burgers to get done they discussed all the fun they had on the fishing trip. Then the conversation turned to the fact that "Master" David and Jeff were going to start a fly fishing school.

I looked at "Master" David and Jeff and noticed that they didn't have the top button of their shirt buttoned. In the collective we were taught that if there was a button on clothes it was there for a reason so you must always button all buttons. In a moment of daring I decided to unbutton my top button.

I finally went around and took their orders of what they wanted on their burgers. I started at Master Woden and then went in the opposite direction as "Master" David so I could take his order last. He knew I did it intentionally which made it fun. The fact that he always ignored it took some of the fun out of it though.

Everything went as normal until I got to my little Master. I took his order but before I could move on he said, "Hey Gofer, why don't you have your top button buttoned like all the other CHB's?" In my shock I dropped my notepad and quickly buttoned my top button. I should never have taken the initiative to undo the button. Wasn't I ever going to learn?

"I... I... I'm sorry Master Arnold I saw that Master David and Jeff didn't button theirs, so I thought that maybe it would be alright. It will NEVER happen again Master, I swear!" I said dropping to my knees in front of Master Arnold. Master started raising his paw and I had a flashback to my days at The Collective. I closed his eyes and cringed.

"Relax and stand in front of me Gofer" Arnold said then he reached up and unbuttoned the top button again. "Leave it like that, I think it makes you look sexy." He added with a wink.

I turned the brightest shade of red that you could imagine, my little Master thought I was sexy!

I continued to take the orders until I finally got to "Master" David and I made sure through my facial expressions that he knew what I thought of him as I took his order. He asked for a cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles, ketchup, mustard and mayo. He seemed pleased that he was finally able to order a cheeseburger without help from Master Woden. He was barely able to function and I had to be his servant...

I went over to the grill and started dressing the burgers according to the orders. I did "Master" David's last. He had wanted mayo on his burger so I spread some on the top bun. I saw a fly on the counter and I caught it. I grabbed him and stuck him wings first in the mayo so he stuck in it. Then I put the top bun on the burger. With a smile on my face and a song in my heart I delivered the burgers. Of course I made sure I gave him his burger last.

Again I started with Master Woden and went to the left leaving "Master" David for last. I had a hard time keeping a smirk off of my face as I set the last burger in front of him. I'm sure he thought my smirk was from leaving him for last. He still had no idea about the fly. I walked back toward the grill to help Chef get the second round of burgers going. I was watching him out of the corner of my eye and I could tell that he noticed it.

Finally he took a big bite out of the burger. He was just starting to chew when he spit it out onto his plate. I almost broke out laughing. He looked over at me and I smile a gotcha smile at him and then put on my poker face.

"Ewwww! Gross!" Mistress Brunhild yelled when she saw the fly. The boy pups all started laughing and Master Woden called to me to bring "Master" David a new burger. He had to wait until the next set of burgers was done before I could make him a new one. I intentionally took my time assembling the burger. Then I moseyed over with it and placed it in front of him.

"Here is your new burger Master David." I said with a subtle sarcasm that I doubted the Sheps would notice. He proceeded to open the burger and check under the lettuce, tomato and cheese just to be sure there wasn't any "extra protein" in his burger.

"Aren't you being a little paranoid David? What are the chances of another fly having landed on your burger?" Master Woden asked.

"I'm not taking any chances." He replied with a self-deprecating grin. That last little bit, showing that he was a bigger man than I was ruined the whole thing for me. I ate a couple of burgers, some macaroni salad, potato salad and watermelon while I waited for the others to finish. It was terribly hot and I was sweating to the point that my polo shirt was soaked. They were all finishing up so I started cleaning off the tables.

"Loki and I have some business to discus for a while, why don't you pups and Ferals take a dip in the pool?" Master Woden said. And they all ran down to the pool and cannon-balled into the deep end. I continued cleaning everything up and after I was finished I got a tub of ice and some soda's, put them on my golf cart and drove them down to the pool.

"Master Arnold, I thought the Young Masters might be thirsty so I brought something for the Young Masters to drink." I said as I looked at my feet too embarrassed to look him in the eye after he's said I was sexy earlier.

"Thank you Gofer!" Master Arnold exclaimed as he swam over to the tub and grabbed a Pepsi without having to get out of the pool. He popped the top and took a big swallow. The rest of them joined him including the ferals.

I couldn't contain my excitement, "You're welcome, Master Arnold. Is there anything else I can get the Young Masters?" The sweat was dripping off of my nose and chin, my clothes soaked with sweat.

"No Gofer, but I'm really pleased with the initiative you are showing. You look awfully hot, why don't you take your clothes off and jump in the pool?" My little Master asked.

"I don't wish to impose on the Young Masters..." I said panicking at the thought of my little Master seeing the scars on my back.

"You won't be imposing on us Gofer. Take you clothes off and hop in." Arnold said sounding somewhat amused. I dropped his eyes even further, the last thing I wanted him to see was my back.. "Are you embarrassed about being naked in front of us?" Arnold asked with a chuckle. I nodded. "Gofer, we've seen naked humans before, David and Jeff are naked and they aren't embarrassed

"Please Master Arnold, don't make me do this." I begged. I didn't care that this was completely out of character for a CBH. I didn't want my little Master to hate me.

"Gofer, this is for your own good, take your clothes off now and get in the pool. THAT'S AN ORDER!"

I could not disobey an order from my little Master, no matter how painful it might end up being. I took my shoes and socks off, then dropped my shorts and briefs. I was still facing them, I didn't care if they saw my dick, but I didn't want them to see my back. Finally I lifted my shirt off and dropped it to the ground. I hesitated not wanting to jump in.

"OK, now jump in!" Arnold commanded, the exact command I dreaded.

I jumped in the shallow end, bending at the knees to go all the way under, then stood back up. They saw the scars and they all gasped. They all knew what a bad boy I was. Those fucking scars, they would all hate me like all the CBHs had. Of all the beings in the world I didn't want my little Master to know about how bad of a person I was.

"What the fuck happened to you!" Drogo asked. I hung my head in shame and started to cry silently. Arnold glared at Drogo, who shut up immediately.

Arnold waded over to me and ran his paw over the scars, then asked in a barely controlled rage, "Who did this to you Gofer?"

"Please don't hate me Master Arnold."

"Why would I hate you Gofer?" he said and he pulled me into a protective hug. My body stiffened fearing that I would lose what ever was left of my little Master's love. Time after time I had been force to show my scars and everyone hated me for it. How could my little Master ever like me again after seeing how bad I'd been.

"Honest Master Arnold, I tried to be good... I tried to be like everyone else... I really did... B...b...but I guess I'm just naturally a bad Citizen." I said hanging his head in shame and crying uncontrollably. I didn't want my little Master to hate me.

"Gofer stop crying. I don't feel any different about you. You're the best CBH we have. I don't care what those evil bastards at the collective thought about you, you've been a good boy while you've been here and that's all that matters." Arnold hugged me again, and this time I relaxed a little. I sniffled a few times and finally managed stopped crying. Maybe I hadn't ruined everything.

I'm sorry Master Arnold..."

"Stop apologizing." Arnold said. "Do you want to play?"

"I don't know how to swim Master. A citizen doesn't need to know how to swim." I said going back into my useless CBH routine. Maybe I should have come out but in the heat of the moment I did what I was used to doing. I was still embarrassed and I wanted to leave to collect my thoughts. I glance over at David to see if I could catch him gloating, which would give fuel to my hatred. But he seemed to be as aghast at what had been done to me as all the rest. And when I caught his eye all I could see was heartfelt pity. I didn't want his fucking pity. Or at least I thought I didn't

"Well why don't you shower up and take a rest for a while." Arnold replied, obviously not wanting to press the issue.

"Yes Master." I concluded as I got out of the pool. I gathered up my clothes and went into the shower. I rinsed out my clothes since they were already wet with sweat. I washed up then wrung my clothes out as well as I could before I put them back on and made my way up to the house.

When I went to my room I got another shower and put on clean clothes. I lay on my bed, my mind in a complete turmoil. I still didn't have a complete feel for how my Masters thought. I wanted to trust them but trust had never really worked out for me. But my little Master said that it didn't matter to him. I wished I could believe that...

I didn't want to even show my face for the rest of the evening. I just did what I had to do and kept to my room the rest of the night.


Despite my bad day the previous day I got up early to start breakfast. When they were all seated I came in to take their egg orders. To my surprise David was sitting on Master Woden's left instead of his right. I usually went to the left, but this time I went to the right and smirked at him. He knew I was doing it to fuck with him. I went in to cook the eggs... er I mean give the orders to Chef. NOT! I wouldn't trust him making the eggs for my Masters. Anyway while I was cooking the eggs I could hear them talking about the fishing school that "Master" David and Jeff were starting. And that was going to be another thing that he would be taking up Master Woden's time with. Which meant less time he would spend with me.

When I brought the orders out I did the same thing and gave him his eggs last. What he didn't realize was that I always took his eggs off first so they had a chance to get cold by the time I took them all the way around the table. Fuck Him!

But I had another plan to add insult to cold eggs. When I put his eggs down I smirked at him like I'd done something with his eggs. I stood in the doorway between the kitchen and the dining room and made it a point to watch "Master" David. No one else noticed it. But through my eyes I convinced him that I'd done something to his eggs like I'd planted the fly in his burger the previous day. He was so concerned with what I may have done to his eggs that he couldn't pay any attention to the conversation at the table. When they were all done I gave him a gotcha look as I picked up his plate.

As I was cleaning off the table I heard Master Woden say, "Well David, I have a few calls to make this morning, but in a couple of hours I'll be done. I'll call Loki and have him bring Jeff over, then we can get started getting your school in order. Plus we also get ready for our trip, it's only two days away. The pups are heading out to play war games, but why don't you just hang out around the house until I'm done?"

Which pissed me off even more. If he'd have gone to play war games there may have been some time to be with Master Woden. When I finished cleaning up after breakfast I went out and started weeding the Horny Goat Weed patch. I was angry and I was taking it out on the weeds. I terminated them with extreme prejudice. Actually I pictured each one as "Master" David.

"Gofer." Someone called out right behind me and I almost jumped out of my skin. I had been completely absorbed in what I was doing. I looked up to find "Master" David. My eyes flashed my hatred for him then, but I quickly regained my composure.

"Yes Master David?" I couldn't keep the sneer out of my eyes or my voice.

"Can I ask you a few questions?"

"Of course you can ask me questions, you're a Master and I am just a poor obedient CBH." What a fucking stupid question. I was a CBH and he was a Master, even if a poor excuse for one. If he asked me to blow him I would be obligated to do that too. What disturbed me was the thought of giving him a BJ had made me stiffen...

"How old are you Gofer?"

I was shocked that he seemed to be interested in me as a person, "I'm 16 Master David, I came here a couple of months ago when I turned 16 and was ready to leave the Collective School. Well I mean what used to be the Collective School before the Masters liberated us."

"So you're about the same age as me." He stated. Since it seemed to be a statement not a question I didn't reply. Finally he asked what he'd come down to ask, "Gofer I'm gonna be blunt, why do you hate me?" What surprised me more than anything was the hurt I could see in his eyes.

I think I tried to read his expression too long, but he truly seemed sincere. "I'm just a poor CBH. We aren't capable of complex emotions like hate or love." I'd managed to put the sneer back in my voice but it was hard to do when he was wanting to bury the hatchet. Although that wasn't really fair. Our disagreement was completely one sided. But I convinced myself that it was easy to be magnanimous when you were a Master. I needed something to quell the guilt I was feeling. I could see sadness in his eyes as he turned and walked away.

Later in the day I was working on differential equations when I heard "Master" David call out, "Hey Gofer."

I took my time coming out of my room since it was only him calling me. If it would have been one of my Dog Gods I would have come running. He tossed a pair of shorts and briefs and I caught one with each hand. I immediately felt something wet and sticky on them. "Hey! Why are they wet?" I asked forgetting to even say "Master".

"Oh. That's just a little spooge." I glared at him before I put my blank CBH stare. "Don't worry, spooge in briefs washes off, I know from experience." He said with a chuckle. "Please wash those for Jeff and put them on my dresser when you are done." I gave him another dirty look, but only for a second before I had my blank CBH face on again. He was going to pay I thought as I left the room.

I didn't put his clothes in the washing machine, there wasn't even enough for a partial load so I just hand washed them I the sink. Despite the fact that it was for "Master" David, I cleaned them well and then put them in a plastic bag... Still wet... He'd told me to wash them, but he's never told me to dry them...

I didn't want to take the clothes in until they were no longer in the room. But I was given an excuse for that. My cell phone rang and I saw that it was Master Woden on the other end. I answered it with an over eager "Yes Master?"

"Gofer can you go and tell Master David and Jeff that we want them in the garage?" He replied.

"Of course Master! I'll do it right now." I said before clicking off the phone and running to get them.

"Master David. Master Woden sent me to get you and Jeff. He told me to tell you to meet them at the garage."

"Thank you Gofer."

"I'll run and tell Master Woden you are on your way!" I said and dashed to let Master know that they were coming. I ran all the way out to the garage and came up to my Master. "They're on their way Master."

As soon as they came down to the garage I grabbed the wet shorts that I'd put in a plastic bag and placed them onto Master David's dresser. When they came back up to "Master" David's room I heard "Master" David yell.


"Yes Master David?" I said with a syrupy voice.

"I asked you to wash Jeff's clothes. Why aren't they finished?"

"I'm sorry Master David," I said barely managing to keep a straight face, "I did exactly what Master David asked me to do."

"But they are still soaking wet!"

"Of course they are. When you wash clothes they are always wet."

"Why didn't you dry them?" He asked exasperatedly.

"Master David didn't tell me to dry them."

"You should know that they needed dried." He said, trying not to lose my temper.

"I'm just a poor CBH, we do what we are told. You only told me to wash them." I added trying to look innocent.

He tossed me the bag and said, "Please dry these clothes and fold them and walk back up here and put them on my dresser." I took the bag and could only make it half way down the stairs before I broke out into a giggle. Jeff wouldn't get his clothes before he had to go home.

Nothing else happened until after dinner. My Masters were sitting around the TV watching a movie when I brought in dessert cart. I stopped at Master Woden first and to my frustration he said, "You pick first David." It pissed me off that he got the first choice. He grabbed a piece of the cheese cake smothered in cherries and whipped cream. My Master grabbed the hot fudge Sundae. I then made my way around starting with my Mistress then my little Master.

After they finished the desserts I collected all the plates and put them in the dishwasher before coming out to see it they needed anything. When I came back into the room Master Woden said, "Gofer now that we are done with dessert, why don't you turn off the lights for us."

I complied immediately. My Master's wish was always my greatest desire. It didn't take long before the little interloper was on Master's lap. Master Woden had a boner and was running it up and down between "Master" Davids thighs which he was holding close together around Master Woden's rampant cock. The little Masters were giggling while the Mistresses were pretending like nothing was going on. After the movie was over Master Woden and David started walking out before the lights were turned back on. I was the only one that could see that they were both sporting wood and David's shorts were soaked with pre.

Master David gave me a guess what I'm gonna get smirk as he walked past. I wanted so bat to slap the smirk off of his face. Of course I knew what he was gonna get. The same fucking thing he got every night. The thing I wanted more than anything, the thing that I would probably never get. I was jolted out of my thoughts by my Master's voice.

"Gofer I spilled something on the love seat. Please be sure to clean it up." I knew exactly what he'd spilled on the love seat, and I couldn't wait until the rest of them left the room so I could "clean" it up.

I waited patiently as they all finally left the room. I made sure that they had all gone up the stairs to their rooms. Then I knelt over the couch. I could see the pre that Master had leaked onto the leather. I daringly lapped up some and my head started to buzz a little. I continued until I had licked it all up. Now not only was my head buzzing but a feeling of contented lassitude enveloped me and it was everything I could do to make it up to my room. It was the most incredible feeling in the world. And that was just from licking some pre up. I could imagine how great it would feel to have Master's huge load shot directly into my body. And to my surprise between the effects and thinking about giving myself to my Master, I shot my load into my shorts. But I didn't care much any more, I just fell asleep with the spooge in my briefs.


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