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#8 of Alex and Samantha

This. This is a chapter I've been waiting to write. As fun as the party arc was, it kind of dragged to write. (And, judging by the page views, kind of dragged to read too. xD) This chapter hopefully changes all that. It was fun to write and deeply personal in ways I can't actually discuss under a pen-name.

Plus, who doesn't like some incest?

"I made popcorn," Alex said. He maneuvered his way through the dimly lit living room, carefully cradling the snack bowl to his chest.

"'Kay." Sam barely acknowledged him. His sister stared, unmoving, eyes reflecting the small light of the DVD player clock. She finally scooted over as he approached, took the bowl from his hands, and placed it between the two of them on the sofa.

Alex sighed, but decided to ignore the gesture. The movie started and he breathed a deep sigh.

The last week had been rough--the twins had barely spoken to one another. When they had, Sam's cold, disinterested tone had shut down Alex's attempts to break the tension. He'd even tried addressing the elephant in the room, only to have her storm out, paws clenched into fists and hair standing on end.

Hence the movie.

It was a gamble; he'd half expected her to yell or throw something when he sent the text.

Movie tonight? You can pick.

He'd watched her from the next room, ears flat and dread tying his stomach in knots. Her phone had vibrated and she'd snatched it up, only to stare down at it for a long moment, face blank.


And yet, desperate as he was to reconcile with Samantha, surely there was an easier way. Musicals weren't really his thing. Neither were romances. Especially not historically set romantic musicals like M--

"There waaaaas a boy" his sister sang softly, melting into the sofa. For what seemed the first time in ages, a hint of emotion crept back into her face. She snatched up a few pieces of popcorn, then continued the song in a sad hum.

Oh. So this was one of _those_movies. It wasn't long before Alex was so distractedly bored he felt as though he'd been the one downing absinthe. He munched pawfuls of popcorn one after the next, sneaking glances at his sister all the while.

Despite the fight and everything that followed, the sight of Samantha illuminated by only the fluorescent silver of the TV still took his breath away. She was positively the most beautiful creature he'd ever seen. She'd let her hair down, one paw toying with the auburn locks hanging just off her shoulders. Her eyes were bright, and looked just a tad moist, as she chewed her lip and rested his chin on a knee. The leg was drawn up beneath her, tight against her chest, bringing her young breasts into a bit more prominence.

Alex blinked nervously, trying to rein in his wandering thoughts. It was difficult. The dubiously sexy Cancan dancers, abundant cleavage, and hiked skirts on screen were making it nigh impossible to keep his mind on anything but matters of the flesh. One actress in particular reminded him a bit of Morgan. She was a bit older, but had all the same curves. Morgan. His mind roamed and he closed his eyes. He remembered the way she'd lain, the way she'd licked him, the way her face had looked when he covered it with cum. But... arousing as the thought was, for some reason it still couldn't compare to the simple, unassuming beauty beside him. He wanted Morgan, but he needed Samantha. Loved her.

He exhaled a shaky breath and blinked a bit of moisture from his eyes. God, he'd almost ruined things with her. Maybe he had.

Turning, Alex grabbed the popcorn bowl and set it on the ground. Samantha glared at him and adjusted her legs, placing them like a fence between them. He ignored them, crawling toward her and reaching over to grab her paw with his.

"Stop," she growled, trying to tug her paw back.

"Sammy, please." He said, letting all of his regret and fear broadcast across his face. "Please, just listen. I'm sorry. I'm sorry about the other night. I was drunk and it was a mistake, okay? You know me. You know I love you. You know I would never do anything to hurt you. Not on purpose. Please. I love you. I can't stand this. I hate feeling like this. I'm sorry. I promise it won't happen again." More words continued to spill out of him. He realized after a moment that he was crying slightly, but the realization did not bother him as much as it would have normally. There was a burning pain in his chest, like heartburn, but spread across his chest from shoulder to shoulder, throat to navel.

His sister's expression softened, though only slightly. She stopped trying to withdraw her paw. "You're a jerk," she said. Her voice was hard, though he could hear the pain in her voice. She was hurting as much as he was. Maybe more. "Such_a jerk, Alex. I _trusted you. I thought that stuff was going to be something special we shared with each other. And you just wasted it with that... slut!" She snatched back her paw and rubbed her face roughly.

"It still can be," he said. "Special, I mean."

Samantha tucked herself into a ball, hugging her knees and eyeing her tail as she bounced it from the toes of one hindpaw to the other.

"I don't know if it can be, Alex. That... really hurt. I'm not sure if I'm ready to trust you again. Not yet, at least."

It felt like someone was squeezing his throat tightly shut. The pain in his chest was worse than ever. But a part of him was glad of it, somehow. It felt right. Like he somehow deserved to suffer.

"I understand," he said, quietly."

Samantha gave a soft smile, then reached out and ran a paw through his hair. "Thanks for apologizing though. Really. It means a lot."

Alex shrugged. "Course."

"It's okay if you want to snuggle for a bit though. I miss that a lot." She gave him a small, hopeful smile.

"Course," he repeated, giving her a small grin. It was a dishonest smile, but the best he could manage.

Scrambling, Samantha stretched horizontally on the sofa, leaning forward to leave a large gap behind her in which Alex could lie. He did so, gently wrapping his arm around his sister's waist. It had been barely a week since they'd last done this, but even so the softness of her body took him by surprise. He buried his nose against her neck and breathed deeply, savoring the clean, familiar scent. Slowly, the painful tension in his chest began to drain away.

Together, they watched the movie in silence. Though it still did not grip him, he began to find it tolerable. Morgan, at least, did not trouble his thoughts.

"Never fall in love with a woman who sells herself," Samantha murmured, grasping his paw where it lay across her waist.

"Hmm?" Alex frowned in confusion. A second later, the narcoleptic Argentinean on screen repeated the line.

"It always ends bad!" she roared in his ear. Her self-satisfied giggles quickly turned into a shrill scream as Alex's paws began to tickle her. "Noooo! No!" She thrashed and squirmed, rolling about in an effort to escape.

And then he was kissing her. He wasn't sure who'd initiated it. Samantha stiffened, and for a second he thought she was going to pull back. But instead, she made a small sound, like an exhausted whimper, and suddenly she was clutching his back, returning the kiss with a desperate hunger. When at last she pulled back, she gave a throaty sigh. "God, I missed that." She burrowed against his chest, eyes closed.

"Me too," he admitted.

Propping herself up on an elbow, Samantha gave him a stern look. "I hope you don't think this means I've forgiven you."

He shook his head. "I know I'm not that lucky."

Samantha grinned, and something inside him sparked to life. Something had changed. He couldn't put his finger on it, but there was something that had been restored with that smile. "Luck's got nothing to do with it, Alex. You want my forgiveness? You've got to earn it."

Forcing himself to suppress the hope rising in his gut, Alex merely nodded. "What did you have in mind?" he asked.

Biting her lip in a delightfully seductive manner, Samantha reached down and tugged the waist of her sweatpants down an inch, revealing a white-furred hipbone. Alex scrambled further down the couch, tail wagging and legs dangling over the edge. He leaned in and planted kisses along her hipbone, nipping lightly. Behind her, the movie continued to play, forgotten.

Staring up at his sister's face, Alex continued to kiss his way along her waist. Her ears twitched, adorably, flattening somewhat as he eased her sweats a bit lower. She was wearing a lacy green thong he hadn't seen before. The material was so thin it concealed basically nothing, and he could see her clit poking against the lace. He lapped deeply up the crotch of her panties, deliberately pressing harder with his tongue than before.

"Alex!" Samantha said, grabbing a fistful of his hair and yanking him up a bit. "That's gross. Wait for me to take them off."

He bit back a playful retort and instead made his eyes go wide. He whined softly, nuzzling between her legs with his nose. She laughed and lifted her hips, sliding sweatpants and panties down past her knees in one swift motion. Alex grabbed her legs, lifting her hips even higher until she was practically inverted. Samantha yelped, struggling briefly, but only succeeded in snarling her hindpaws in her half-removed clothes. Without a moment's hesitation, Alex wrapped his arms around her midsection and dove in, tongue-first.

The first slow lap along his sister's pussy earned a loud, shaky moan. By the second, her tail was trembling, spasming up under his chin. He inhaled deeply, savoring the taste of her skin and the tang of her arousal. It wasn't that the taste was something to write home about--just that the unusual recipe of reconciliation, love, and taboo made for an enjoyable experience. He licked again, allowing his tongue to flick lightly across her clit. Samantha shivered, toes curling.

He dragged his tongue along one side of her folds then the other, and then right down the middle, easing his way between. His sister gasped, going a bit limp. The slight kicking of her hindpaws ceased. He licked her again.

"Yeah," she murmured. "Just like that."

He smiled, repeating the motion in a slow rhythm. Samantha answered him with a pleased moan. Slowly, her body relaxed. Her legs hung lightly the air, still snarled amid sweatpants, while her arms lay lightly sprawled on the sofa above her head. Her tail lay over his shoulder, curled effortlessly around his neck.

All-in-all, it was a pleasant experience for both of them. But he was looking for a bit more than just _pleasant._When it came time for the next lap of his tongue, he held off. Samantha made a curious noise, wriggling slightly as if to entice him back to his feast. Chuckling deep in his throat, Alex nuzzled the crease at the inside of her thigh, then slowly trailed his way downward.

Samantha stiffened almost immediately. "What are you--?"

Alex gave her tailhole a gentle, cautious lick. And Samantha answered him with a gentle, cautious scream. He licked again, boring down a little harder.

"Alex! Why are you ohhhhh--!" Her words faded almost instantly to indecipherable moans.

He gave one more lap, then drew back slightly. "Sorry, is that--?"

"Don't you fucking stop," Samantha growled. "That feels so good. I don't know whyyyyyiiiie!" Another lick. "But it does."

He planted a row of kisses between her ass and her now soaking vulva. "Tell me what to do, Sammy."

She bit back a low moan, spreading her legs a little wider. "You know I love it when you caaaaoooooohhh... call me Sammy."

"I know." He continued to worship her with his tongue. For a few minutes she was content, apart from occasionally squirming when he hit a sensitive spot.

"Alex?" she said after a bit. "Could we move?" She twisted around without waiting for a reply. She remained that way for a long moment, head pressed against the sofa, breathing heavily. When she finally rose, she gave him an apologetic smile. "Sorry. Just all went to me head." Leaning in for a kiss, she suddenly thought better of it and instead offered an affectionate laugh. Crouching on all-fours, she lifted her naked backside, tail tucked against her back. "Where were we?"

Alex gave a laugh of his own. He leaned in, nuzzling her clit with his nose. "Right about here." He stretched out his tongue as far as it would go, then dragged it upward, licking her from clit to tailhole.

"Good... memory..." Samantha gasped. She wriggled her hips, moaning with every kiss and nuzzle her brother gave. The noises she made rose in pitch, interspersed with gasping pants, as Alex slowly brought her closer to climax.

"F-f... my pussy. Alex. Finger my pussy." Samantha begged, knees trembling.

Alex shifted on his knees. With one paw, he grabbed her tail right at the base, yanking it to keep her still. With the other paw, he lightly covered her folds, grinding his palm against her clit. His sister moaned, bucking against him as much as she was able.

"P-please..." she whimpered.

In a single, smooth motion, Alex slid two fingers inside her. Curling them, he stroked and caressed her from inside. He had only the vaguest idea where her g-spot might be, but from the throaty, strangled cry she gave, he imagined he wasn't far off. Leaning in, he pressed his tongue against her tailhole, burrowing in as deeply as the tight ring of muscle would allow. To his relief, there was no taste, save that of skin, and he carried on as before.

Samantha however, did not. Her cries doubled in volume as his tongue wormed its way inside her ass. "Alex!" she half-screamed. "More! I'm so... so fucking..." She stiffened. "Oh! Ughhhhhh!"

Alex felt her clench down on his fingers, squeezing and spasming in equal measure. Her ass clenched too, expelling his tongue almost instantly. Pulling back, he watched with interest as she climaxed. He'd seen it, of course, but most times he'd been so focused on achieving an orgasm of his own he'd not appreciated the spectacle. He was suddenly curious what Samantha thought when she watched his. Perhaps there were possibilities there....

Samantha's collapsed to the floor, still twitching slightly. There was a dreamy expression on her face.

Despite everything, Alex couldn't keep the grin off his face. "Satisfied?" he asked.

Samantha stared up at him bleary-eyed. She nodded slowly. "Mmhmm," she mumbled. It appeared to be all she could manage.

"Am I forgiven?"

There was a slight hesitation, and for a second he thought he might've pushed things too far, too fast. But then his sister sighed, and gave another equally drawn out, "Mmhmm." She still made it sound somewhat exasperated though.

On the TV, credits were rolling, utterly ignored by the twins.

Curling up opposite Samantha on the floor, Alex gave her a smile. "I've got some more ideas, if you'd like to hear them."

"I'd like that."

He leaned in for a kiss, and Samantha's eyes went wide. She jerked back, and gave him a nervous look. "No, ah... no tongue, okay?"

Alex thought for a moment, then realized the source of her concern. He laughed.

"No tongue."

Star-Crossed Lovers (Part 3)

"Ugh. This shit's so disgusting." Morgan upended the vodka, grimacing as she finished the last of it. She shuddered then tossed the empty bottle onto the bed. Plenty of alcohol settling into their stomachs and sick of rising to pass the bottle, the...

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Star-Crossed Lovers (Part 2)

"A party?" Alex said, sprawled across the futon. His phone lay on his chest, piping tinny music softly through the room. Samantha nodded. "At my friend Beth's house. Her parents are out of town until Friday." "You know I'm not big on parties." Alex's...

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