Star-Crossed Lovers (Part 4)

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#7 of Alex and Samantha

For those of you complaining that Parts 1-3 had no sex... here you go. :) I hope it was worth the wait.

For those of you encouraging me to be a bit more story and plot driven... here you go, as well.

So I had a family reunion over the weekend (ironic, no?) and managed to crank out two and a half chapters. The next one will be out later today.

"Damn, this stuff is waaaaay stronger than I thought," Beth slurred. The jaguar's face was flushed, making her look even darker than usual. She sloshed what little remained of the moonshine around the bottom of the bottle.

"Quit whining," Samantha said, face still buried in the beanbag. "I drank like... six times what you did."

Beth giggled. "Liar. You just lightweight."

Alex sat, eyes mostly closed. His mind seemed to be lagging behind itself; every few seconds it felt as though he snapped back into focus. "We should spin again," he announced to no one in particular. For a second he wasn't sure anyone had heard, until the now-familiar sound effect filled the room. Forcing his eyes to focus, he squinted at the screen.

The stripping icon appeared, followed by his own name. He cursed under his breath, then clumsily shimmied out of his undershirt. Whatever self-consciousness he might normally have felt was completely dulled from alcohol. In fact, the cool air felt good on his fur.

"Not bad, foxy," Morgan said. The feline's eyes roamed over his chest and midsection as she chewed her lip. "Not bad."

"Shhhhh," Samantha hushed her, a bit too loudly. "That's my brother."

"So? Sh'not like you gonna fuck him."

Alex's heart stopped for a second as the Bengal laughed at her own joke. He glanced over toward his sister, who met his gaze briefly. "That's gross," she said. Even in his drunken state, he could tell there was something off about her words. A certain sense of wrongness that only came from spending years with a person. Hopefully none of the others would notice.

Samantha had the same thought, it seemed. She leaned, nearly sliding off her beanbag perch in the process, and poked Morgan hard in the breast. "You're gross," she said.

The girl laughed, pinching Samantha's chin gently. "I think you just want 'nother kiss." She leaned in.

Samantha yelped, scrambling backward and tumbling over. "Stop that!" she squealed. Then, sounding very embarrassed, "Let's just spin."

Amelia, who had grown very quiet, leaned forward and tapped the phone without a word. Another round of lights and sound filled the room. After a tense couple of seconds, the stripping icon appeared, again, only this time is bore Morgan's name.

"Ah, fuck," she swore, then rose unsteadily to her feet. She fumbled for a few minutes with the button of her jeans, and then they were sliding down her hips. Immediately, all nervous thoughts of discovery left Alex's mind. The feline was wearing an impossibly tight pair of boy-shorts--black with grey trim--that hugged her hips in all the right places. He could have sworn that she twisted as she stepped out of her jeans, tail raised and bent over just enough to give him a clear view of the small triangular gap between her thighs.

Morgan looked down and gave a relieved laugh. "Thank God they match."

"Alright," Amelia said, sounding faintly annoyed. "You look good. What else is new?"

Morgan turned, giving Alex another exceptional view to admire. "Mel, don't be an angry drunk. You know my body only belongs to you."

"But, what about Ben?" Alex asked before he could help himself. His face flushed as the feline--and the twins barely contained by her bra--turned to face him.

"Not fucking likely!" Morgan said with a laugh. "He's been trying to get in my pants for years. I've gotten quite good at keeping him otherwise occupied." She winked, then turned back around. Damn, but was there an angle she didn't look amazing at?

As Morgan leaned down to start the next round, Samantha cleared her throat softly. Alex flinched slightly then looked over. His sister gave him a knowing glare and rolled her eyes. She had, apparently, noticed his stares. The beeping of the phone broke their eye contact.

"Shit," said Amelia. She peeled off her shirt then leaned back, arms folded across her chest. She still looked quite unhappy. Alex eyed her surreptitiously, but the otter girl's breasts were small enough to be concealed just fine.

"You gonna spin, Mel?" Morgan asked all-too-innocently.

Amelia started to lean forward then paused. Tightening the grip across her bosom, she shook her head and glared.

"So close," Morgan said. She gave a tsk and leaned forward, chest puffed. Her eyes found Alex, and he felt himself shrink, even though he'd been careful to keep his eyes more or less at eye level. Just to be safe, he averted them further. They were drawn back to the phone a second later, however.

His sister's name appeared, followed by the now-familiar alcohol icon. Samantha groaned and held out a paw for the bottle. Beth handed it to her, and Samantha gave her a quick smile before downing the last of it. She winced, and stuck out her tongue, disgusted. "Dank god dat's gone."

Morgan took the bottle from her, up-ended it to catch a few more drops on her tongue, then rolled it across the floor into a corner. "Okay, so from now on, if it says we drink, we strip."

An outcry of protest answered her. Amelia's voice was the loudest of all, so the room naturally quieted to let her speak. "No no no! Merrrgan! If we do that, we'll be naked in two minutes. Do something else."

Beth raised her hand, wearing an deathly solemn expression. "Ladies and gentleman, I propose." She trailed off.

"Yes?" Morgan finally prompted.

"Oh! I pruh... propose that we don't strip, Morty. 'Stead, less just make out with the last person who got spun."

"OH!" Morgan burst out laughing, making her breasts bounce. "I love it!" She flailed her hands, urging them on. "Let's spin!" When no one did, she darted forward to do it herself. The ominous countdown ensued.

Alex was not surprised by the "Allrx" that appeared. Nor by the instructions to drink. But it took his brain a moment to connect the dots between those facts and the preceding conversation. A moment longer than it took Beth apparently, for the jaguar girl gave a boisterous "Oh shit!" and covered her mouth with her paws. Slowly, he turned to meet his sister's gaze.

Samantha's eyes were wide. She looked scared, but hidden beneath the obvious discomfort there was a familiar gleam. Familiar to him, at least. To the others, it probably just looked like intoxication. Unsteadily, she rose, and stumbled her way over to him.

"Alex, we--we gotta make out." Her words were slurred and she squinted at him. "Don't worry. We... we're drunk so it... it's okay."

Beth started to speak up, "You guys..." but Samantha had already lowered herself into his lap. Straddling her brother, she wrapped one paw around the back of his head and pressed her lips firmly against his.

It took all of his willpower to keep from treating it like any other kiss they'd shared. He kept his lips tightly shut, trying to adopt an expression of discomfort, even as everything in him was screaming to run his fingers through her hair. He kept his eyes wide open--Samantha had shut hers. Even her tongue was running its way back and forth across his lips, begging him to give it access. Awkwardly, he wrapped his arms around her, holding the center of her back as she kissed him. He could hear the others' reactions. Amelia and Beth were whispering in disbelief, while Morgan whooped and egged his sister on.

Finally, Samantha pulled back, and Alex realized just how drunk she was. Her eyes were cloudy and half-lidded and she wore a goofy, lopsided grin. As she tried to stand up, she wobbled, dropped back to her knees, and crawled back to the beanbag she'd adopted.

"That..." Morgan said, voice low with disbelief. "That was so hot."

"Are you kidding me? " Amelia said. She sounded almost angry. "It was weird."

"You're weird," Samantha mumbled. She'd somehow managed to crawl her way back on top of the beanbag, and appeared to be nearly asleep. Already.

"Whatever," the otter said, looking away. Alex heard a few muttered curses and leaned forward to start the next round. He cleared his throat to break the tension, then tapped the screen.

This time, Morgan's name appeared, along with the stripping icon. The Bengal stared in disbelief, then looked over at Beth, the only one of them who remained fully clothed. "Are you fucking kidding me?" she said, though she sounded more confused than angry. "I'm practically naked and you're, what, a little drunk?"

Alex stared at the two of them, trying to judge what level of interest was appropriate. A part of him wanted nothing more than to inspect every inch of the feline's breasts, but a much wiser part realized the inherent danger in such a plan. He glanced over toward his sister, who-- yes! Samantha's eyes were closed, mouth slightly ajar, and the unmistakable sound of quiet snoring emanating. He could ogle in more or less safety.

"I swear to god, this shitty app had better strip you next, girl." Morgan leaned over and flicked Beth's forehead lightly. She gave the jaguar a smile. "I want to see every single one of those spots."

"I think Alex wants to see yours more," Beth shot back. She shot him a grin as Alex felt his face flush. He opened his mouth to deny her words, but Morgan turned to face him. She was blushing too, and something inside of him purred with satisfaction as the confident, sensual girl bit her lip nervously.

"That's alright," she said after a second's hesitation. "He can do more than seem 'em."

There was a clatter as Amelia rose to her feet sharply. She glared at Morgan and mumbled something that included the word "bathroom," then grabbed her shirt and stalked out of the room. Beth whistled softly as the door closed behind her.

"Think she's coming back?" Beth asked.

Morgan shrugged, then reached back to unclasp her bra. "Don't much care to be honest." She shrugged, sliding out of her bra, and Alex found that he didn't much care either. The girl's breasts were large and firm, dropping only slightly without the added support. The fur was a hypnotic blend of spots and stripes, surrounding two mocha colored nipples. Her areolas were much larger than Samantha's, though not too large, and the nipples were already hard.

Alex swallowed hard.

Beth cleared her throat and stood up. Flashing a nervous grin, she adjusted her hair and said "_Well,_I think I'mma find Sam a place to lie down. S'not a great place to sleep." She crept over to the beanbag and shook her gently awake.


Beth shot Morgan a knowing grin as she helped the half-sleepwalking Samantha to her feet. "Let's get you to bed, Sammy," she said. "Okay?"


Alex and Morgan sat in silence as Samantha was escorted from the room. He felt his face flushing as he watched his sister go, and stole subtle glances at Morgan's breasts while she did. The Bengal was blushing as well, and fidgeted as though she weren't sure whether to cover herself or not. They surreptitiously avoided eye contact with one another, preferring instead to watch Beth's slow progression to the door. As she at last stepped through it, she glanced back at the two of them.

"I think I'm going to hang out downstairs for a bit. Just... ah... come down when you guys feel like it." She shut the door quietly.

The second the door closed, Morgan pounced. She rounded on Alex, eyes bright.

"You," she growled. "Have been driving me wild all night, foxy."

Alex blinked in surprise. "Sorry, I... what?"

"Do you like them?" she asked suddenly. Her paws rose to her breasts, clutching them nervously. Her tail twitched behind her as she lifted them playfully, nipples concealed behind her fingers.

He could only nod, mutely.

"That's good. I was kind of worried you think they were too big. God, do I ever get that a lot."

Alex shook his head slightly. "What are... what's going on here?"

Morgan gave a soft laugh. "Sorry, I guess that moved kind of fast. Do you... wanna relax and talk for a bit?" She gestured toward the bed.

Alex felt his eyes sinking involuntarily toward Morgan's breasts and he tried desperately to maintain eye contact. "Um..."

Morgan laughed again. "It's okay, you can look. I don't mind." She lowered her hands, allowing him to admire them freely. She crawled onto the bed, propping herself up on an elbow. "You can play with them a bit too. If you want."

"I'd like that," Alex admitted, blushing harder.

Morgan grinned. "Then come and get 'em, foxy."

Self-conscious beyond belief, Alex crawled onto the bed next to her. Morgan leaned in and kissed him softly. It was a light, almost friendly kiss, but it still made his heart pound. The Bengal gave him a reassuring smile, then took his paw in hers and placed it on her chest. Alex squeezed lightly, which made her giggle. And then he squeezed harder, running a thumb over her nipple. That made her squirm, and earned him a throaty purr.

Morgan rolled onto her back, tugging on Alex's fur to encourage him to climb over her. He obliged her, kneeling between her legs and softly massaging her breasts with both hands.

"Damn, that's nice, foxy." Morgan said, eyes closing. "You done this before?"

"Just once," he admitted. A part of him briefly panicked, suspicious that she was somehow probing for information about his relationship with Sam. But then he slowly relaxed, lost in the older girl's cleavage.

"Well, whoever she was, she taught you well." She opened one eye and peered up at him. "You pick up any other skills?"

He froze up in surprise, then felt himself blush yet again. "I, uh, don't think so."

"You a virgin?"

Impossibly, he blushed further and didn't answer.

"Oh, foxy. You are gonna be one hell of a catch someday. Don't worry about it, I'm not gonna pop your cherry if you're not ready. You just let me know, kay?"

He nodded. Morgan's paws were stroking his stomach, running through his fur and examining the muscles underneath. He wasn't exceptionally athletic, but he had some natural advantages on his side. Apparently she liked what she felt, because her paws slipped lower, down over his butt and groped playfully.

"You wanna show me what you're packing?"

"Huh?" He froze, staring down at her.

Morgan giggled, wrapping her legs around the back of his thighs. She ran her paws from the base of his tail to the front of his jeans, allowing the tips of her fingers to slip inside his waistband. "Your jeans, Alex. You can take them off if you want."

"Oh." Alex swallowed nervously. It wasn't that he was worried about Morgan's opinion of him physically. Things were just moving fast. Very fast. And the alcohol still coursing through his body was sending him very mixed signals. A part of him wanted to pin Morgan down and fuck her silly. Another part wanted to run and find Samantha and complain that she'd even brought him here.

But, being an adolescent male, he was inclined to agree with Inclination Number One.

He fumbled with the button of his jeans, and after a few too many seconds, he finally managed to work them down to his ankles. He was hard--the tip of his cock poking out of his sheath, but he still had a ways to go to reach full mast. Morgan reached out, slowly trailing her paws up the inside of his thighs, and full mast suddenly became a lot closer.

"You know what I love most about fox cock?" Morgan asked suddenly. Her eyes were wide and filled with a lusty hunger. "The knot. I'm not a fox, obviously, but there's still nothing quite like being knotted." Her paws explored his crotch through his boxers. One caressed his balls, while the other inched its way up his sheath.

Alex groaned, stiffening further as Morgan touched him. She peeled back his boxers until his cock poked through the front flap. One paw grabbed his length, stroking him slowly. The other slipped inside, then continued to tease his sack.

"This other girl of yours," Morgan said. "She ever give you a blowjob?"

Alex's heart was pounding and he was feeling a bit lightheaded, but his arousal won out. He shook his head.

Morgan gave a wicked smile, and her paw tightened around his shaft. She tugged, a bit more forcefully, and ordered simply, "Scoot."

Alex felt his knot starting to inflate, and he eagerly moved up. Morgan guided him by the cock, stopping him when he started to straddle her breasts.

"What about these?" she asked. "She ever let you fuck her tits? Maybe cum on them?" She let go of his cock, then pressed her breasts tightly on either side. The light pressure, the texture of her fur against the exposed flesh of his member, and his plain, honest-to-goodness arousal made him give a loud, drawn-out moan.

Morgan gave a moan of her own, twisting underneath him as she stripped out of her panties. Alex was so fixated on the attention she was giving his cock he didn't even notice.

"Better hold on tight, foxy. You're in for one wild night."

And with that, she leaned forward and closed her lips around the head of his dick. The wetness, suction, and delightful pressure didn't quite make him swoon, but it was a near thing. Alex moaned and fell forward, bracing himself above her with both paws on the headboard. The motion slid another two inches into Morgan's mouth and she purred, sending vibrations up his spine. Without warning, the feline started to bob her head, lips sliding their way up his shaft to the edge of his knot. It was still small, but substantial enough that the girl eagerly teased it, running her along the bottom. The texture of her tongue made him gasp--sharp enough it was almost painful, wet enough he didn't care.

Alex felt a familiar churning sensation in his balls and his mouth dropped open in disbelief. He was about to cum. He never finished this quickly, not even with the way Samantha had blue-balled him earlier. He reached down, caressing the side of Morgan's face with a paw. She looked up at him, mouth full of cock, and smiled with her eyes.

"Morgan, I'm gonna..." he warned her. His voice sounded thin and strained in his own ears.

Morgan nodded, giving one last powerful suck, then leaned back a bit. She kept her lips pressed against his tip in a sloppy kiss, then reached up with both paws and began to stroke him. One paw wrapped around his knot and began to jerk him there, squeezing hard. The other cupped his scrotum, tugging lightly downward. The combined sensation was intoxicating and irresistible; Alex felt himself slide over the edge.

"Oh, fuck!" he half-hissed, half-groaned. His eyes shut on their own, his vision going black, then red, then white. His orgasm tore through him, hips shaking and bucking. Somehow, his face wound up pressed against the edge of the headboard, one paw digging into the wood. The other clutched Morgan's head, fingers snarled in her hair.

His cock was, well, behaving like any other cock experiencing any other orgasm. Wave after wave of pleasure was made more acute by the feeling of Morgan's lips kissing the underside of his shaft. Thick ribbons of cum were streaked across her face, pooling at the corner of her left eye, smearing into her hair. She cooed, still lightly exploring his member as his ejaculation dwindled to a faint trickle.

"Damn, foxy, that was fast. Looks like you were a bit pent up, huh?"

Alex tried to answer, found that he couldn't, and instead settled for a quiet, satisfied chuckle.

"Ugh, in my fucking hair, too." One of Morgan's eyes was clenched tightly shut, but she rolled the other one. She gave him a messy but playful smile.

"Sorry," he said with a grin. Flipping over, he sprawled out next to her on the bed. Finally noticing her nakedness, he felt his face turn scarlet.

"What?" Morgan said in disbelief. She looked at him, still grinning as cum dripped down her cheek. "You'll bust a nut on my face, but if I take off my panties you light up like a Christmas tree? Good lord, you are a virgin, foxy." She lay a silky hand on his stomach, scratching affectionately.

Unsure of what to do, Alex leaned over, wrapping an arm around her shoulders and kissing the top of her head affectionately. He did his best to avoid the cum, but still came away grimacing as he felt some stick to his cheek.

"Well aren't you a sweetie," Morgan said. She sounded amused. "Think you could grab me a towel or something, though?" She gestured vaguely toward the cum still plastered across her face.

Alex blushed again and offered a hasty "Sure" before slipping off the bed. His paws had barely hit the floor when the door burst open. He jumped, then panicked and grabbed for his jeans desperately.

"Are you fucking kidding me?" Amelia took a step inside the room. Her face was a mask of rage, red-faced. She looked positively murderous as her gaze jumped back and forth between Alex and Morgan.

"You should've knocked," said Morgan. She folded her arms over her chest and crossed her legs, but otherwise made no effort to move or conceal herself.

Alex slipped into his jeans, ignoring his boxers, and then grabbed the first of a stack of towels lying nearby. He awkwardly half-tossed, half-handed it to Morgan. The feline shot him an appreciative glance, then proceeded to wipe her face and hair with it.

"You fucking lying slut," Amelia said. She made a fist, raised it, then changed it to a rude gesture instead. "I hope you have a great fucking life, you stupid cunt."

"Thanks, Mom." Morgan said. She gave a half-hearted wave of dismissal.

Alex glanced between the two, then back to Morgan as the otter stormed out. His panic was fading, giving way to regret. "Morgan, I..."

"Don't you say a word," the Bengal said. She shot him a glare, then shook her head in obvious frustration. "Sorry. Just... close the door, would you? And lock it this time?"

Nodding, he crept toward it, trying to process what he'd just seen. He started to swing the door closed, but it caught on something. He pushed harder; it still wouldn't budge.


He swung the door open further, instead.

Samantha stood on the landing, eyes wide and brimming with the first of many tears. Her eyes darted between him, his haphazardly clothed state, then to Morgan--and her obvious nakedness--to the used towel, and then finally back to him.

"Alex?" She asked again. Her lips started to tremble and the first tears rolled down her cheeks.

He opened his mouth to say something, anything. But no excuse came to mind. No words would come.

"Why?" Samantha said. Her voice was little more than a whimper.

He tried again to speak. And again he failed. So he raised a hand. He'd intended it to be comforting--perhaps to set it gently on her shoulder. But his sister never gave him the chance. She flinched as though she'd been struck and slowly backed away. The tears continued to cascade down her cheeks. She started to sob.

"Alex, why?"

He still didn't have an answer.

Star-Crossed Lovers (Part 3)

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