Earth's New Masters Chapter 26 Gofer's Tale Part 16 It Was Fun While It Lasted

Story by firefromheaven on SoFurry

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#53 of Earth's New Masters

This is the final chapter of the Gofer's Tale arc. After this chapter this arc will be caught up. If you are a new reader you should start at chapter one The Hunt Is On for a lot of this to make sense.

I slept really well that night, probably since the effects relaxed me so much. From my on line sex ed classes I knew that the amount of effects in precum was miniscule compared to what was in semen. Which made me envy "Master" David even more since he got Master Woden's full effects everyday. I knew they were leaving early so I got up at 5:30 so I could have breakfast ready by 6:00 AM.

After I cooked breakfast, served it, cleaned up the mess and loaded the dishwasher, I went out and helped Master Woden load up the trunk of the limo. Loki and Jeff showed up and transferred their gear to Master Woden's limo and then the four of them climbed in and took off for their fishing trip. I was excited that I would have the pups all to myself with no "Master" David around.

But to my dismay they also packed up their fishing rods, got on their bikes and rode out to meet Loki's pups at a local pond. They were planning on fishing "poppers" for "gillies". Mistress Freyja had nothing for me to do so I went up to my computer to try to figure out exactly what my little Masters were doing.

I typed poppers fishing gillies into youtube and several video's popped up. They were really old videos from before the collective. He was an older man and he was casting a fly rod for gillies or bluegill as he also called them. He cast the popping bug out on the lake. Despite my dislike for "Master" David, I had to admit that he could cast much better than this guy. But from what he said you didn't need to be able to cast well to catch gillies on a popper. He would cast it out and let it sit there for a few seconds. Then he would twitch it and again let it pause. He made it look like a bug struggling on the surface. He repeated this until all of a sudden one of the gillies would slam into the popper and the man would jerk the rod and reel in the little fish. It looked exciting and now at least now I knew what my pups were up to.

I went to another video and it showed how to clean and cook them. New suggestions kept coming up on youtube and I kept clicking on them. I wanted to learn everything I could about fishing since it seemed to be popular with my Masters. Then I went on line and ordered a cheap fly fishing outfit like one of the videos had suggested for catching bluegills.

When 10:00 AM rolled around I put together a cart with a carafe of coffee, cream, sugar cubes and several types of danish that Chef had made and rolled it into the sitting room. Freyja and her sister Sigyn were sitting there talking when I came in. As I'd been told that polite thing to do was to serve the guests first so I brought the cart to Sigyn first. I poured her a cup of coffee, poured the right amount of creamer and then added two sugar cubes. I stirred it and handed it to her.

"Thank you Gofer. That's just how I like it." She said pleasantly.

"You're welcome Ma'am." I said with a polite little bow of my head. I always liked her since she always treated me kindly. "Which kind of danish would you like Ma'am."

"I'll have one of the pecan bearclaws." She said. I put one onto a plate and handed to her.

I poured coffee and put cream in it for my Mistress and handed it to her. "Thanks Gofer. I'll have one of the cheese danish." I put one on a plate and handed it to her, then I started to walk out of the room to give them privacy. "Gofer you look kind of lonely today with no one here. Would you like to have a danish with us?"

I started into "I'm just a..." But before I could finish my typical I'm just a CBH we don't have wants bullshit she rolled her eyes and interrupted me.

"I've told you before. I don't give a damn what they taught you at that wretched school." Her eyes were flashing in anger, not at me but at the thought of The Collective School. "People in this household are allowed to think what they want and ask for what they want. You may be a servant, but we think of you as part of the family too. Now answer my question, would you like a coffee and a danish too?" She gave me a stern look daring me to try to pull that again.

"Yes Mistress I'd like that." I said as I looked down at my feet.

Well pour yourself a cup of coffee and grab a danish. Then you can come and sit on the love seat next to me. That's where David always sits when he joins us."

Part of me bristled at the mention of "Master" David, but the chance to sit next to my Mistress like "Master" David usually did wiped that away. I poured myself a coffee with lots of cream and 5 sugar cubes and picked up a cherry danish and sat next my beautiful Mistress. They chatted about things like running their households and how their pups were doing in their studies.

I had just finished my danish when my Mistress said, "Gofer would you like another danish?" Her raised eyebrow dared me to say no.

"Yes Mistress." I said and this time I grabbed a pineapple danish and slowly started eating it.

"I figured you'd want one, boys are always hungry." She said smiling at me. I really loved my Mistress, she'd always treated me kindly since my first day here. I wasn't attracted to her sexually, it was more of a pure type of love. I would lay down my life for her without hesitation if it ever came to that. She had finished her danish and put her arm around me. It felt so comforting. I wondered if this was how it would have felt to have a mother. And in my mind I cursed the fucking Collective for stealing that from me.

"I wish I could find a nice young CBH like Gofer. It seems like all the CBHs under 23 years old are completely hopeless. It's like they were bred to do assembly line jobs and have absolutely no personality or initiative." Sigyn said.

"Yes it's been very frustrating for my husband. He really wants to bring the humans back, but the CBHs just don't seem to have it. Gofer is the exception it seems. We're really proud of the progress he's been making but he'll never be like David. The testing they did on him showed that he only had an IQ of 85. But since David's arrived he's shown more initiative. He does the best he can with what he has though." My Mistress replied.

It was frustrating. My Mistress was intending to be complimentary but it hurt to hear those things. I wanted to come out and say that I could do more, that I wasn't a moron like the fake test that Aelwyn filled out for me suggested. But I couldn't risk losing everything I had until I was sure that I wouldn't be sent away. Aelwyn stressed again and again that if they ever found out that I'd been dishonest with them that they would do just that. Both Ansulm and Master Woden had both stressed how important honesty was to them. And I'd been living a lie my whole life.

Of course I didn't hold it against my Mistress. I knew she cared about me and had no intention of hurting me. But what really galled me was her giving credit to "Master" David. It was always "Master" David this and "Master" David that, and I knew I could be every bit the man that "Master" David was...

I finished the second danish and my Mistress pulled me close to her. I just melted against her. At least I was getting the attention from her that "Master" David usually did. They continued to talk, but I was paying no attention to what they said. I was just luxuriating in my Mistress's attention. I almost fell asleep, there was just something about it that was just so peaceful.

That was until they were finally done talking and my Mistress said, "Well Gofer I have some things I need to do now. I'm glad you had coffee with us."

"Thank you Mistress for holding me." I said and then realized that maybe I'd been too forward for a CBH.

She ran her paw through my hair and smiled at me. "No need to thank me for that, I enjoyed it. Us Shep bitches always have the urge to mother someone and my boys are too old for it now." She stood up and her and Sigyn left the room. Sigyn to head back to her house and my Mistress to take care of whatever it was she did to run the household.

I got a text message on my phone that the drone would be delivering my fishing equipment in ten minutes, so I went outside to wait for it. I wanted there to be no questions when it arrived. It got there exactly on time and I grabbed the package when it dropped. I had ordered a nine foot rod that broke into 4 pieces so it would be easier to hide than a two piece rod. I took the package to one of the storage sheds that my Masters never went to and opened it there. I put the rod together, attached the reel and reeled the line onto the reel. Then I went out into the yard and tried to cast it. It was a disaster the first few casts but by the fifth cast or so I got the general idea and after a half an hour I got to the point where I could lay the line out where I generally wanted it. Not quite like "Master" David but well enough to do what I'd seen in the video. I took the rod apart and hid it in the shed before I headed up to the house to fix lunch so it would be ready when the pups got home.

I put together three large pizzas for the boys and put them in the oven. Two were their favorite, cheeseburger pizzas and one was just pepperoni and mushroom like Mistress Freyja liked. The cheeseburger pizzas were my creations. They had pizza sauce, seasoned ground beef and cheddar and mozzarella cheese on them. I told Chef to take them out when the timer went off. Then I went out to wait for the pups to come back. I just got out of the door when they came pedaling up with all of their gear.

They pedaled right up to me and my little Master called out excitedly. "Hey Gofer! Check out all the fish we caught." They opened their saddle bags on their bikes and showed me all the gillies that they had caught. "We kept 50 each. That's the limit. Can you get us a cooler with some ice in it."

"Yes Master!" I said and I hopped onto the golf cart and drove off to get a cooler and ice. I grabbed a cooler out of the shed and got a five gallon bucket of ice before returning to my little Masters. I poured about a quarter of the ice on the bottom of the cooler and after each pup poured his fish into the cooler I poured another quarter of the ice on top.

"Do the young Masters want to get cleaned up, I just put some pizzas in the oven and they should be ready soon. Would the young Masters like to eat outside on the picnic table?"

"WOOT! Pizza!" They yelled out together.

"Out here would be great." Master Arnold replied. Just as Mistress Brunhild rode up on her bike. She had gone over to play with some friends. Of course she wasn't filthy like the boys so all she had to do was wash her paws. The boys ran down to the pool house to get washed up. There was no way that Mistress Freyja would let them come into the house that filthy.

I went into the house and checked to make sure that Chef had taken the pizzas out of the oven. They had just come out of the oven and were sitting on the counter waiting to be cut. I went to see Mistress Freyja and found her in her office.

"Mistress the pups want to have lunch on the picnic table, is that alright." I asked.

"That sounds like fun, it's a beautiful day. I'll be out after I finish this email."

I went back to the kitchen, cut the pizzas and carried them out to the golf cart along with some paper plates and napkins. I set them all on the picnic table. There was a little bit of a breeze so I didn't put the paper plates and napkins out, they could pick them up when they got here.

Soon the boys were racing each other up here, of course Master Arnold won. They each grabbed a plate and some napkins and put a piece of the cheeseburger pizza on it. Like I said it was their favorite. What they didn't know was that it was my recipe that I made up. They thought that Chef was the mastermind behind all of the food. I kinda hurt a little that I couldn't tell them. Soon the Mistresses joined us and when they were all sitting down with their food in front of them they dug into their food. I asked each of them what they wanted to drink and handed them a can of whatever soda they wanted. I stood there watching them enjoy the meal I'd made for them. It always made me happy inside when the Masters enjoyed something I'd done for them.

"Gofer grab a piece of pizza and a soda and eat with us. There's plenty of room since Daddy and David aren't here." Arnold said, as he pointed to the space next to him.

"I don't want to impose on the Masters..."

"Don't be silly Gofer. It's not imposing when someone invites you." Mistress Freyja said in a pleasant voice, but the look in her eye pretty much said sit your ass down and eat with us. Mistress Freyja hated the old Collective School and how it had taught us to be subservient. I was a paid servant in her mind, not a slave. I got paid for my work, actually paid pretty well, so I was expected to do what I was told because that was my job.

I grabbed a piece of pizza and a Mr. Pibb and sat down next to my little Master. He was actually paying me a little attention now that "Master" David wasn't here. Mistress Freyja smiled at me, trying and succeeding in making me feel welcome at the table. The boys were anxiously telling their Mom about their morning of fishing.

"Well clean them all and we can have them for dinner tonight and we can freeze the rest of them." She told them.

"We've watched some videos of how to fillet them. Daddy bought us all fillet knives when we got our gear. It'll be fun to try it out." Master Arnold told his Mom. I just sat there and took it all in. I wasn't being asked much for my opinion, but then again I never gave an opinion when asked, so what should I expect. I didn't mention that I had just watched a video of cleaning gillies and I was just itching to try it out.

After we finished lunch I cleaned up the mess from lunch. I put some sodas in a cooler and drove out to where the pups had set up a table to clean the fish. They had the rapala woden handled fillet knives with the 4 inch blades like the guy in the video had suggested. Master Arnold had quickly mastered the technique and Grimald and Drogo were not far behind.

I asked, "Would the young Masters like a soda?"

"I'll have a Coke Gofer." Master Arnold said as he looked up from his fish.

"Dr. Pepper." Master Drogo called out.

"I'll have an Orange Crush." Grimald replied.

I got them all their drinks and brought them to the table. "Thanks Gofer." The young Masters all said in unison, then bent back over their work. I stood off to the side watching, they were very dexterous with their paws. They were quicker and more nimble with them than I would ever be. But of course they were Dog Gods. I didn't envy them, I was in awe of them. A human could have no higher aspiration than to serve one of these deities.

As I stood there I watched attentively as they quickly worked their way their way through the cooler full of fish. They were so absorbed in their work that they didn't even notice me watching at first. Then my little Master noticed that I was watching them and he turned to me and said. "Do you want to learn how to fillet fish?"

"Yes Master Arnold." I said tentatively.

"Well come over here and I'll show you."

I walked over beside him and he pulled out a spare knife out of their tackle box. He showed me how to do it step by step and soon I was doing it on my own. I was only half as fast as they were. But even with all of us working it still took over an hour to clean all 150 fish. It was a lot of fun getting to be with my young Masters with out the interloper soaking up all their attention.

After we finished I took the fish up to the house and put enough in the refrigerator for dinner tonight. I put the rest of them in vacuum sealed packages, ten per package. By that time the young Masters had their class, so I had two hours to go back out and practice my casting. It was fun to work on the casting but I bet it would be much more fun to actually do it on a lake where there were actually bluegill there to explode into your popper.

Since the family did so much entertaining outside Master had a turkey fryer in the shed and blocks of lard in the refrigerator so it wouldn't get rancid. This was true lard that had been rendered down from beef and pork fat. I had read up on it on line and found that this was preferable to the way that humans had bastardized lard by hydrogenating it to make it more uniform. But hydrogenating it created something called trans-fats that caused major health problems. But the natural fats were at times beneficial if you didn't eat too much of them.

I set up the turkey fryer by the picnic table. By the time I'd made French fries, batter fried gillies, hush puppies and put together a batch of coleslaw the Masters were already sitting at the table waiting. They all eagerly dug in. Master Arnold patted the seat beside him for me to sit down and join them.

"I'm proud of you pups. You're starting to become good providers." Mistress Freyja said, pleased that her sons were such responsible pups. I was proud of them too, I just wish that they would have taken me with them. I sat with them but I didn't join in much with the conversation. I just felt honored at being able to sit down and eat with them. Besides if I said too much they might get suspicious.

Later that evening when I brought the desserts in during the evening family movie my little Master said, "Grab a dessert and join us Gofer." This time I didn't hesitate. I grabbed a hot fudge sundae off of the dessert tray and sat down next to Master Arnold.

As we ate our desert my little Master said. "Can I have a taste of your sundae?"

"Of course you can Master." I said and scooped some up on my spoon. I guided it to his muzzle. When I pulled out the spoon I hurried and got a scoop of sundae and brought it to my mouth. Just the thought of being able to eat off the same spoon as my little Master was intoxicating.

He scooped up some of his apple pie ala mode and guided it to my mouth. "Here try this Go Fur." I opened my mouth eagerly as he put it in. The way he called me Go Fur reminded me of what he used to call me when he was little. The pie was good, but the fact that it came off of his spoon made it even better. We shared a few more spoonfuls although we mostly ate our own desserts. It was funny, it was almost the same thing that his father had done when David and the little Masters had been away on their fishing trip.

When everybody finished I was going to get up to take the bowls, but Mistress Freyja said, "Gofer sit and watch the rest of the movie. You can clean up after we're done."

Who was I to argue with my Mistress. I sat next to my little Master and he leaned against me and rested his head on my chest. To my surprise he gave a little contented sigh as he leaned against me. I worked my courage up and put my arm around him and pulled him close to me. I saw my Mistress smile as she watched so I knew I wasn't over stepping my bounds.

There was just something so soothing about having close body contact with my young Dog God. Nothing sexual, just a peace and contentment that I hadn't felt since he used to take naps with me. And I could tell he could feel it too. To my surprise Master started to drift off to sleep in the middle of the movie. He never did that, he always followed the movie intently. But his eyes were drooping and he was drifting away with Morpheus. And so was I.

"OK it's time for all pups to go to bed." Mistress Freyja said waking me from my reverie. My little Master was still asleep so I picked him up and carried him to his room. While the other pups were brushing their teeth before bed, I put him into his bed and tucked him in. Just before I left I kissed him on his forehead.

I went to my room and when I laid down to go to sleep I imagined how it would be like if Master Arnold would have thought I was a real human instead of a CBH. Maybe he would want me to be his. He seemed to really like to hold me. There was something really special about having skin to fur contact with one of the Masters. I felt it with Master Woden, Mistress Freyja and especially my little Master. A peace and completeness fell over me whenever I had that type of contact with my Masters. And it seemed like they felt it also. I let myself fall asleep thinking about my little Master holding me. I didn't even jerk off that night, which was a first since the overseers died.

The next day was good too. Mistress Freyja invited me to have coffee with her and Sigyn again. I wish she didn't think I was just a stupid CBH. I'd rather she liked me instead of just feeling sorry for me. But she held me again and that was worth having to accept being pitied.

The little Masters had gone to play paintball with their cousins. From what I was told they always beat their cousins even though they were younger and outnumbered. I already had prepared the lunches. I had submarine sandwiches, potato salad, macaroni salad and a fruit salad in a cooler down by the picnic table. They were always famished when they came home from paint ball and I never knew exactly when their game would end, so a cold picnic lunch suited them better. Plus it was 95°F so a cold lunch should hit the spot.

They rode in on their bikes, racing each other in. They were always so competitive in all that they did. But of course Master Arnold always won everything they did. They rode right to the pool house and ran in to get cleaned up. Mistress Brunhild was over at a friend house playing and she was eating over there. It only took about 10 minutes for the pups to get showered and dried. They had already called their Mom and let her know they were home.

My Mistress had come out a few minutes before they had finished while I was putting everything out on the picnic table. "Subs is a wonderful idea Gofer. I know the pups won't want to wait for something to cook. They build up such an appetite playing War Games." The pups ran up to the table. Each of them grabbed a sandwich out of the cooler and started to eat it on the way to their seats. "Can't you pups even wait until you get back to your seats?" None of them answered her, their mouths were filled with sub. When they finally finished their sandwiches the edge was taken off of their hunger enough to talk.

As he was filling up his plate with potato and macaroni salad Master Arnold said, "Gofer get a plate and join us. The table feels empty with just 4 of us here." I didn't wait to be told twice. I grabbed a sandwich and a plate and sat down next to him. I filled my plate with the various salads. As we continued eating the young Masters told their Mom all about how their team, which included 5 pups I didn't know, beat their cousins team that had 4 pup that I also didn't know. They went into detail how the three brothers worked as a team to take out the other team almost by themselves. Of course Arnold was the one that took out Fenrir and then eventually captured the flag.

It was all going great until little Master ruined it by saying, "We would have really hammered them if David had been there. He's the best War Games player ever!" Even when he wasn't there he ruined everything.

But even the mention of the interloper didn't detract too much from the enjoyment of lunch. We ate our fill and then had the fruit salad for desert. We slowly ate and talked. Well I ate and listened. It wasn't that I wasn't allowed to talk, but there was only so much I could say while pretending to be a CBH. I couldn't talk to them about Differential Equations, Classic Literature, Chemistry, Biology or Physics that I was studying. I couldn't say much more than a CBH was expected to know. So the easiest thing to do was to just listen intently.

When the pups were finally done eating my little Master said, "Gofer why don't you come down to the pool and go swimming with us?"

"I don't think I should Master." I said trying to think of a reason.

"Gofer we've already seen the scars. That's a reflection on those evil Illuminati and Overseers, not a reflection on you. You never deserved to be tortured like that." My little Master said, his anger at them boiling to the surface. "If they weren't already dead I'd kill them myself for what they did to you."

"It's not that Master. I still need to clean up after lunch." I replied.

"Nonsense!" Mistress Freyja interjected. "I'll get Chef to clean this up. Don't think I don't know how much of his work you've been doing." I was shocked, I'd thought I'd been hiding it better than that. She caught my surprised expression. "I have my ways of knowing stuff. I'm not stupid Gofer."

"Mistress I would never think you were stupid!" I said in a panic. "You're one of the Masters." I almost said she was one of the Dog Gods. I was terrified at what else she might know. I dropped to my knees in front of her. "Please forgive me Mistress!" I added as I averted my eyes to the ground.

She reached down and hooked her paws under my arms and lifted me up as she said. "That's enough of that Gofer. I've told you before you're not a slave and you have the right to opinions. We're not gods." When she had me back to my feet she put a finger to my chin lifting it up to reluctantly look her in the eyes. "You're a servant but you're also part of this family and we love you for who you are." She said and kissed my forehead. "You go play with the pups and that's an order." She said in mock severity.

It was one of the reasons I loved my Mistress so much. Despite thinking that I was a barely functional CBH (I had no one to blame but myself for that) she had always treated me with kindness and compassion. One of the great human thinkers Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said, "You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him." And if that is true then my Masters were all of the highest character imaginable. I was lower than an insect compared to them, and yet they still treated me with respect and dignity. In the world I came from before the Masters arrived to free us, people only treated people who could do something for them well. If you were beneath them they wouldn't even piss on you to put you out if you were on fire.

So I followed the pups down to the pool and they all jumped in. I got undressed, folded my clothes and put them on a chair. I walked over to the pool and jumped in the shallow end. My little Master was right, there was no reason to be embarrassed about being naked. They already knew about the scars and they didn't hate me for it. They just hated the people that had done it to me. I stood up and the little Masters all came over to me.

"Can you throw us like David does?" My little Master said looking up at me.

I'd seen "Master" David throw them before and if he could do it I could do it. "Of course Master, I'll do anything the little Masters want."

I walked deeper until the water was about four and a half feet deep. I put my right palm under his butt and my left hand beside him to steady him. I bent my knees until only our heads were out of the water and then I sprang up and shot my arm forward. He shot about four feet into the air.

He yelled "Bonzi!" as he reached his zenith then dove into the water on the way down.

Grimwald was next in line and I repeated the process with him and then again with Drogo. Soon all three of them were giggling like the pups that they were. I kept doing it until I started to tire. Fortunately Master Arnold noticed that I wasn't pushing off as well and he wasn't getting launched as high.

"Are you getting tired Gofer?" He asked.

"A little bit Master." I admitted.

"I'm gonna teach you to swim." He informed me.

"Master a citizen doesn't need to know how to swim." I said instinctively then wanted to kick myself for my formulaic response.

"Well you're not a "citizen of the collective" any more. And since you work here and we have a pool that you could fall into when no one's around you're going to learn to swim. Do you understand?"

"Yes Master." I said some eagerness slipping into my voice. It was going to take more than one session to teach a stupid CBH to swim. I was going to make sure of that.

"Come over here to the shallow end. Now lay back in the water." He said.

"But Master what if my head goes under?" I said panicking.

"Just hold your breath. Don't you know how to do that?"

"No Master. I've never put my head under water."

"Here. Try it first by pinching your nostrils shut." He said and put my thumb and index finger up to my nose. I squeezed down and then Master made me lower my face into the water for a few seconds. Then he lifted me out. "See that wasn't so bad was it?"

"I guess not Master." I said unsure of myself. At this point I wasn't faking.

"Try it again. Take a deep breath because this time were gonna stay under a little longer." He said. I took a deep breath and we went under again. I tried to keep from panicking and managed to keep my head under until my little Master pulled my head out of the water. Soon he had me putting my head under water without holding my nose. It was then that he took us to the next step.

"OK. You're ready now. Just lean back in the water with your arms outstretched like an airplane." I did and as I leaned back he put his paws over my ears and gripped my head. He pulled me backward so my feet rose to the surface. My body remained horizontal, floating on the surface of the water. He walked backward pulling my body across the surface of the water.

"Just relax. Doesn't that feel good?" He asked.

"Yes Master." I said. I was still unsure of myself but I was relaxing a little.

"OK let your legs sink down and stand in the pool." I did and waited for him to show me what to do next. He demonstrated how to float on your back, taking a deep breath, putting his head back in the water and spreading his arms out to the sides. He kicked his feet lightly so that they rose to the surface. He looked so relaxed and peaceful. After a minute or two of floating he got back to his feet. "Now you try it."

I leaned back in the water and I felt Master support my head and back with his paws underneath my body. As soon as I started to relax Master lower his paws and I was floating by myself. I started to panic on the inside, but Master said calmly, "Just relax Gofer. I'm right here, I won't let anything bad happen. Don't you trust me?"

And that last sentence calmed me instantly. I knew my little Master would never let something bad happen to me. I felt myself rise higher in the water as I relaxed. How wonderful it would be to have a real Master that treated me like I was a real human instead of a CBH. But that could never be. I was a CBH and we didn't seem to matter like a real human.

"That's great Gofer!" Little Master exclaimed. "But that's enough for today. I don't want you practicing without supervision. Nobody's allowed to be in the pool by themselves, not even Daddy. That's the rule, do you understand? I don't want you in here by yourself."

"Yes Master. I understand." I had no intention of going into the pool by myself.

"Well we need to get out of the pool. It's time for our lessons pretty soon. Let's go shower up." He said and we all got up and headed to the pool house shower. I grabbed my clothes and followed them in. We all got in and adjusted the water temperature. There was shampoo and soap in all the soap dishes and shampoo holders by each shower head. They all shampooed their fronts, while I soaped up and shampooed my short hair. Drogo and Grimald took turns shampooing each others backs.

Then my little Master turned to me and said, "Gofer can you soap up my back?" I eagerly grabbed the shampoo and spread some on his back, then started to lather him up. He relaxed under my massaging. All to soon I had to let him rinse off. I could have massaged him for hours.

We were still under the showers when Drogo looked at me and asked, "Why don't you have a foreskin like David?"

"CBHs get their foreskins removed to help with personal hygiene. That way you don't have to clean under the foreskin. Plus CBHs aren't supposed to need to masturbate, so there is no need to keep all of the sensitive tissue there." After I'd seen David and his foreskin I'd done a lot of research of why they removed ours.

"I think it's barbaric that anyone would do that to someone else. Daddy hates what they did to all of you. I think they got out of it way too easy." I couldn't disagree with him. "David wouldn't let us jerk him off because he felt it would be wrong since he's Daddy's pet. Can I give you a hand job?"

"You're my Master. You can do anything you want with me. All you have to do is order me." I said.

"I'll never order you to do anything sexual Gofer. That wouldn't be right, you have to consent of your own free will. And since I'm one of your Masters and you're only a CBH I don't know that you can consent..."

I realized I blew my chance. Master wouldn't take advantage of someone not intellectually competent to give consent. Me and my fucking big mouth. But we rinsed off and got out of the shower. I was expecting them to shake and get dog hair and water all over me like they'd done to David, but they just dried off with towels and then finished off in the high speed dryer.

I realized the significance of it. Pranking a human like David was fair game, but pranking a CBH was considered bad form. We weren't considered intellectually or emotionally able to handle it. And it was again pointed out graphically to me how inferior to David I was considered in every way. I can't tell you how much that stung.

But even with the unintentional putdown that the pups had given me I was enjoying having David gone. I was allowed to have desert with them when the movie was on and I got to sit and cuddle with little Master each night that David was gone. And even the next day they continued with my swimming lessons. I dreaded the return of David, but I missed Master Woden.

Then on Monday afternoon the Limo pulled up and the pups dropped what they were doing and ran to it. To my disappointment they ran right past their Dad and tackled Master David. Covering his face with puppy licks. "We missed you." My little Master told him and it was like a knife twisting in my heart.

"What about me?" Master Woden said with mock hurt in his voice.

They tackled him and licked his face too. "We love you too Daddy." Grimald finally said.

When they let him up my Mistresses had made there way out of the house. Mistress Brunhild was much more demure than her brothers, but when she got down to her father he picked her up and spun her around in a circle until she started giggling uncontrollably. "How is my Princess?"

"I missed you Daddy." She said daintily. It was easy to see that she had her Daddy wrapped around her little finger. He set her down and came over and hugged Mistress Freyja.

"You're finally home! The house feels so lonely when you're gone." She said then pulled his muzzle down to kiss him."

"We had a great time but I'm glad I'm home." He said and they all walked into the house together. It looked like things were back to normal. I may as well not even have been around. I didn't get to eat dinner with them. I served the dessert for the evening movie, I didn't eat dessert with my little Master. And when I went to bed I had to use my noise canceling headphones and my white noise generator so I didn't have to hear Master Woden and "Master" David going at it like ferals in heat.

The next morning after breakfast the young Masters went down to the tennis courts to teach "Master" David to play tennis. I brought down a cooler with drinks in it and set it against the fence. They started teaching "Master" David how to play. Well they knew the rules and stuff but they hadn't played before and they were teaching themselves as much as they were teaching "Master" David to play. It only took them about 5 minutes before they had started to get the ball back and forth over the net.

To my glee "Master" David was not as quick at picking up the physical skills as the little Masters were. He had a hard time hitting the ball, and when he did hit it it didn't go where he was trying to hit it. It was everything I could do to keep from laughing. The look of frustration on his face was priceless, but then I thought about the fact that he was being allowed to play and I wasn't. And that took all the mirth from my heart.

There were three courts but since there were only four players they were only going to use two of them. They warmed up all together on one court. After all of them started to get a little better at hitting them back and forth they broke up into groups of two. Master Grimald and Master Drogo stayed on the end court and Master Arnold and "Master" David took the center court. They then realized that they only had one can of balls.

"Gofer, would you run up to the house and get another can of tennis balls for us?"

"Yes Master Arnold!" I said over eagerly before I could catch myself. I ran all the way back until I got to Master Arnold. I bowed my head as I gave him the can of balls. "Here they are Master Arnold!"

"Why did you run all the way? I wasn't in that much of a hurry." Master Arnold said chuckling.

I realized my mistake, a "NORMAL" CBH would not have run unless he was ordered to. But then I realized that could be my excuse. "But Master Arnold, you told me to run up to the house, I was just following orders Master." I got on my knees and said, "I'm sorry if I did it wrong Master Arnold, please forgive me."

He came up to me and tousled my hair. "You didn't do anything wrong Gofer, I was really pleased that you hurried. You are really doing well for a CBH. Maybe Daddy's right thinking that there is hope for you CBHs. I don't think we need any thing else, you're excused."

I went around the corner of the hedge that surrounded the tennis courts and ducked in it where I could watch my pups play tennis. Even though they were my Masters, I still considered them my pups, I would lay my life down to protect any of them. "Master" David had walked up to Master Arnold.

"Arnold, maybe you should spend a little more time with Gofer. Anytime you praise him his face just lights up. Maybe if you spend more time with him he will become more like a regular human."

"Come on David, he's just a CBH, they aren't capable of much. They definitely aren't like a real human. Hell we're not even sure they can have real emotions."

"Well I don't think Gofer is typical of a CBH, and it seems sure as hell like he does have real emotions. He worships you and your Dad. I wouldn't be surprised if he creamed his shorts when you tousled his hair." David joked.

This was one of the things that made it so hard to hate David, as much as I wanted to. After all the things I had done to him he was still trying look out for me. I was feeling ashamed for my hatred of him, maybe he really did want to be my friend. I walked away confused.

It really hurt me that my little Master thought so little of me, but what did I expect. He was seeing exactly what I was showing him. But I wasn't sure I would be safe showing him more. For that matter would I ever be safe showing him more. I knew that life wouldn't be worth living if they threw me out for being dishonest...

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