#1 of authority _hey. for those of you that were hoping for another part to "damn it!," i'm sorry. this idea has just been nagging me and i really wanted to put it down.

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So this is my first story and any criticism is welcome, be it outright mean or constructive, anything would help. So after reading and enjoying stories for awhile now I've decided to return the favor. \*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\* I awoke to...

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Iron Heart

Iron Heart\* -Disclaimer- If your underage leave. The song Iron Heart by Netsky is the sole property of Diplo blablablablaballs whatever. If you find dirty stuff whatever offensive gtfo I don't have time for your crap and I don't think anyone else...

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Chapter 2: Dirt

author's note: hey everyone this is the second installment right after "snow". sorry but no smut just drama right now, please enjoy the read and leave a comment and a rate as it helps me out to see what i need to work on as a writer.

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Dear Clip, Chapter 2: The Barren

This is my second installment of the Dear Clip series that I hope will further my writing skills. It is being written and meant to be read as a set of letters each one being written each night over the course of a week for each chapter. I hope to...

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Dear Clip, Chapter 1

This is a preview of a possible series that I plan to write to increase my literary skills and better myself as a writer. It's set in a post-apocalyptic world where America has been dissolved into disputed boundaries and is only held together by...

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Violent Ecstasy: When the Rain Begins To Fall

Violent Ecstasy When the Rain Begins To Fall I'm under a blanket in a black cot inside my room looking up at my ceiling. The big white tiger design and the all around amazing abilities to turn hate to love and anger to cuddling. Because of...

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Violent Ecstasy

Violent Ecstasy \*disclaimer. Although this does not contain yiff directly, the sequels will for sure. The cold metal felt crisp in the darkness of the early morning. With the sun still behind the mountains the only things visible were those...

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Chapter 1: Snow

This is a little different then my other stuff but I like it. I am a gun-nut so if you are offended by firearms or the such please navigate away. This doesnt really get into the sex as im not the best erotic writer so im kind of moving towards the...

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Death of the Author

**death of the author** by xp author her eyes were like sapphires. that was the first thing i noticed about her. it wasn't the first thing i saw, of course. that would be the feline's white fur, splotched with browns here and there. but those eyes.

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Author’s Notes

#19 of the plight of hunter author's notes author's notes i am sorry the story ended on such a sad note, but i thought this was the best place to break this story. i do have plans for the second book for this series.

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Author's Freedom

At least i have no better description than "author´s freedom" for it. the two hills of author´s freedom as i have it each carry a tree, also there is a tree between the hills. author´s freedom is awesome. it´s the place where you go to create.

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