Tale of the Winter Prince Chapter 5: Confidence, Dancing, Underwater Passion, and the Full Moon

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#5 of Tale of the Winter Prince

This is chapter four of the rp between myself and Nate the Great1.

For the first half of a sacred ritual between lovers, the dragonic royal must spend time and body on the highest of levels with his protectors individually.

Tale of the Winter Prince

Chapter 5: Confidence, Dancing, Underwater Passion, and the Full Moon

"Keep your legs light!" said the white haired elf general training Hachiko in a sparring session. The toned, muscular man wielded a sword and shield as he held his own against the Akita. The dog, following his hunting instincts planted his feet in the ground and raised his paws to the air. His weapon was a set of blades that fitted over his hands and could change between two broad swords and a set of tri-bladed claws. He brought the blades downward to attack his trainer. However, the brawny man's metal shield easily deflected the strikes, and the recoil sent the hound's arms into the air, allowing the elf and sweep a steel toe booted leg under the anthro's limbs. After Hachiko lands hard on his back, the warrior, clad in a light gray tunic, in contrast to the Akita's red one, points the tip of his blade at the hound. "Do you yield?" Bahlder asked his trainee as he raised his shield behind his back to black the metal pellet that was flying right for him. "What have I told you a hundred times by now, pup?" The slender, charcoal hued elf with silver hair's shrill voice caused the jackal to drop his slingshot on the ground. They were in a tree and practicing with the men training in melee combat. As the teen's body stiffened up, the archer instructing him continued his admonishment. "Your aim may have improved but your timing and instincts are atrocious! Now, fetch your weapon, get back up here, and doit again!" Buddy, wearing the same outfit as his teacher--tan loincloth, strawsandals--and looking down at his feet, only nods and responds, "Yes, Cundir, Sir!" He climbed down the tree as he tries to balance his belt, with various pouches for his different types of balls, and keep himself from falling. The master archer thinks to himself, "He can barely see his potential through his own lack of confidence, and he hesitates with every shot...He's just like me when I was a child." On the opposite end of the Elfish territory, Decland and Teroso are sparing with each other under the watchful eye of their master, Iorisben. Decland's green amulet shines as a wall of solid energy projects in front of him. As the ocelot chants some ancient words to reinforce his barrier, Teroso, with horn and gauntlets glowing white, and assaults the wall with enhanced punches from his weapon, a pair of magically reinforced gauntlets,and energy bolts from his horn. The barrier holds out, and Decland stands his ground until the unicorn uses both of his fist and his horn to smash the wall, causing the feline to fly backwards from the backlash. Just as he is about to hit the side of a mountain, an azure bubble appears, catching him and allowing him to bounce a few times before it dissipates. The spotted big cat looks downtrodden as his master, with his waist length beard gently flowing in the wind approaches him; but, out of understanding and patience, the mocha-colored old man pats his feline pupil on the head. "That was excellent, little one, and a vast improvement over just a few days ago. Remember, your powers come from your emotions; so, if you lose faith, the amulet will respond in kind." The unicorn was just approaching the two of them. Teroso was concerned for the adolescentmage. "He is fine, Teroso." Iorisben reassured his more experienced student. "You are strong and those gauntlets give you greater power. However, you must remember that strength must be focused and controlled. Wanton destruction and endangering your allies are the only things that can result from unchecked power." As he lightly reprimands the unicorn, the magician presents him with a gentle smile. Both Decland and Teroso bow to the elder man, and he bowed in reciprocation. The elder man discarded his bronze robe, revealing his nude body. He was paunchy and slightly wrinkled, but still able to hold himself in battle. "Now, my pupils, to our focus training." He turned to the lake and waterfall as Decland took off his white robe, and Teroso undid his brown loincloth.

Meanwhile, I was awake and practicing my ice magic with Arbane.

The Grand High Elf said, "Hit me with yourbest spell, Nathan. No holding back; I can take it." Dressed in his ceremonial robes, he readies for anything.

I took a deep breath, summoned all my energy and blew Arbane right off his feet.

The Grand High Elf quickly recovered, standing on his feet, and cast a spell, commanding roots and vines to entangle around the dragon's feet.

But then, I took to the air with one flap of my wings before the roots and vines could reach me.

"Taking advantage of my disadvantage. Very good, my love. However, always remember that the inverse is also possible." Arbane clasped his hands together and materializing multiple bushes of spitting plats around the field. The flowers of thebushes rapidly fire seeds at high velocity in the dragon's direction.

I created a shield around me and then freeze the attackers.

Arbane snaps his fingers and a giant Venus Flytrap springs from the ground and chomps around the prince. It's thorny, acidic mouth wears through the shield.

Then, I created a sword of ice and cut the stem of the plant

As the top falls, the plant's still standing stem producedvines that managedto bind the scale's arms and wings.

But then my eyes glow white and the vines turn to ice which shatter into tiny pieces.

He applauded the teen. "Very excellent, Nathan. Your father would be proud to see what you've blossomed into." He walks toward his beloved.

I smiled and hugged the elf as we met each other and kissed.

"Are you ready to begin the ritual with your beloved Protector's?" He held the younger male closer to his body.

I nodded and rested my head on his chest.

"Remember you have to have a genuine experience with each of them individually before we can bring them together and unleash everything within you all." He kissed his dragon's cheek.

"Yes, my love," I said. I gave him one last kiss and then went off to find Buddy.

The jackal spent the previous hour since his scolding from Cundir practicing his shots. Shot after shot missed, but he managed to knock the cap off Bahlder's head, distracting the man and allowing Hachiko to disarm and kick him to the ground before pointing a triumphant claw at him. "I did it!" Buddy exclaimed in excitement as he raised his fist to the air. "It was a lucky shot, and you missed the dozens you took before." The charcoal archer's voice was stern, but not demoralizing. "If you would've had projectiles coming at you, you'd be dead on the ground before landing a single hit. Archers are the keystone to victory. We take out enemy projectiles and foot soldiers to aid allied ground forces. You did well to land your hit. Now, be sure to land every hit from now on. Keep performing like today and our Prince will be the first to fall." The canine frowned for the duration of his trainer's words. The thought of Nathan dying because of him weighed heavily upon his young heart. A soft, "Yes, Sir," was the only reply he could manage.

I came up to the jackal. "Hey Buddy," I said putting a hand on his shoulder, "What's wrong?"

Un-phased by the presence of the dragon flying behind him as he stoodon the tree branch, Buddy gazed uponhis friend with a look of sadness on his face. "Good morrow, my Prince," he stated as he knelt on the thickest part of the branch. His dark skinned trainer also bowed in the presence of the young royal.

"Buddy, it's just me, Nathan. You don't always have bow to me," I said standing him up, "You've been training too hard. How about I take you out to breakfast?"

The jackal looks to the elder man, who knew of the ritual and nodded in acquiescence. "Sure. I haven't eaten yet today." The teen slightly smiled. His trainer spokeup, "But keep it light. Climbing trees and jumping from branches requires a light body." "Yes, Sir!"

I smiled and carried the jackal in my arms, bridal style,back at the village wherethere was a table of food waiting. We both sat down and enjoyed ourselves. "So how was your training?" I asked.

"It's...better." There was a note of defeat in the boy's voice as he lookedslightly away and chewedon an omelet.

I thought for a moment and then something came to me. "Buddy, will follow me to my chambers after breakfast?"

The canine's attitude perked up slightly. "Sure, my Pr...I mean, Nathan." The boy's tail wagged behind him. Training has kept him apart from his lovers and friends.

I led Buddy up to my room, and we both sat on the bed. "Now, what's on your mind?" I asked him.

The adolescent jackal exhaled. "My trainer is tough...I work hard,but I can't meet his expectations..." Buddy frownedas he pulledhis knees to his chest, causing his loincloth to lie out on the bed.

I smiled and hugged him. "You'll do fine. You just need to believe in yourself," I said.

The jackal smiled and returned the hug, as his spirits were slightly raised. "Thanks Nathan, but what about protecting you...It would kill me to know thatI may the cause of your..."

But then I kissed him and wrapped my arms around him. "I would never leave you, and you're stronger than you seem," I said cupping Buddy's cheek.

Buddy fell backwards onto the bed, with Nathan sitting on his stomach. Blushing, the canine said, "Nathan...I'm sorry you have to go out of your way like this for me." His heart quickened its pounding. He didn't realize that his youthful loins were stirring, and a tent was forming in his pants.

"I think you could use some encouragement," I said as I removedthe loincloth from Buddy and startedsucking his member.

" HNN! Nathan!" The adolescent enjoyed the suckling. He moaned while he pulled the dragon's pants down, exposing his slit. The canine traced a shy thumb repeatedly over the surface of the puckered pelvic housing. The boy couldn't help but be taken by the smell of the royal's musk, and he began using his free paw to grope the scalie, blue rear.

"Mmmm... take me, Buddy," I said as I turned and presented my chamber to the young jackal. By doing this, I hoped to help him boost his confidence.

Without a word, the heated jackal lickedthe crevice of the scale's smooth behind. Soon he wasflicking his tongue repeatedly on the princely pucker as he murred softly from Nathan's enthusiastic attention to his boyhood.

I moaned and gripped the sheets beneath me. "Oh... yeah that feels good," I moaned.

Feeling more confident, he smacked the firm ass of the dragon and said, "Ride me like I'm Teroso." A red blush overcame his muzzle as he playfully nipped at the cheeks in front of him.

I nodded and turned to the jackal as he lay on his back, and I lowered my chamber on his member, lettingout a moan as I go up and down.

As he dove deeper into the dragon's canal, Buddy took a tight hold on the other male's but and lightly dug his claws in both orbs as hilted himself in.

I panted and moaned, then let out a cry, as my seed shot out the same time I felt Buddy's knot pop into me.

The jackal howled causing an ice chandelier to swing slightly from the vibrations. The tightness of the scale's tunnel and the hot seed on his chest made him unleash his own hot load in Nathan's body. He pulledhis prince into a passionate, hormone driven kiss as he continuedto fertilize the dragon's stomach.

I returned the kiss and hugged Buddy. "I love you," I whispered softly.

"I love you too, Nathan! Hold me!" His whisper was loud and needy.

I smiled and kissed him once more as I felt a surge of energy go between us.

The jackal tightened his embrace from the intensity of the energy. "Nathan, I love you so much! It feels like my body is churning with our heated passion."

"I hope that I've helped you gain more confidence in yourself," I said softly and nuzzled Buddy lovingly.

"At least a little," he said as he cuddled the scale. "But I'm touched deeply that my prince would allow himself to be penetrated by me. Knowing you are willing to leave yourself vulnerable for me renews my faith in myself." The young jackal pulled the royal into a passionate kiss.

I returned the kiss, and,later, I noticed that Buddy's trainer had a look of astonishment as Buddy's instincts had improved. "One down, three to go," I said as I made my way to Teroso.

Teroso and Decland were in deep meditation under the rushing waterfall with their elder master to increase their focus and concentration. They wereall breathing in unison with each other.

I sat down at the water's edge, not noticing that I had dropped the water's temperature and made our three mediator's teeth chatter.

"COLD!" the ocelot screamed as he jumped out from the falls to only trip into the larger body of water. Without wasting a moment, the unicorn leaped into the lake and swam to the teen, bringing him out of the water. Iorisben was unaffected by the chilling cascade overhead as he slowly got up and floated to the nearby shore. The jet black equine conjured fire around his horn and lowered his head for the feline to warm himself with it.

I blushed and pulled stood up at once. "Sorry," I said.

Aware of the ritual, the eldest caster called the unicorn's flame to his hands. "I'll warm young Decland and continue meditation exercises with him. Teroso, I believe the prince would like to see you." He smiledknowingly.

I nod to the elder elf and watched as Teroso stepped out of the water,and his body seemed to gleam in the sunlight.

The nude equine shook off the water from his glistening body. "My Prince, how might I service you? Do you need a massage? Or perhaps a sparring match?"

"Uh...I could use a massage...please," I said a bit bashfully.

The equine picked up his prince and carried him princess style to the room that he and Buddy shared. After sitting Nathan on a chair, Teroso stood in front of the younger male and said with a bow, "My Prince, I am here to serve. Shall it just be a shoulder massage, or hall I give you the royal full body treatment?"

"Sure, but first...uhm...will you honor me with a dance?" I asked sheepishly.

The unicorn put his hoof out for Nathan uto take. "I'd be honored. After all, it will be part of your royal duties when the war is over."

I smiled and took the unicorn's offered hand as I put oneclaw in Teroso's hand and the other on his shoulder.Teroso put onehoof behind me. We both danced gracefully,and I was having a wonderful time.

The prince was a surprisingly good dancer and need little instruction. "His form is rigid, but now is the time to let him be young," Teroso thought to himself as he moved seamlessly in time with the dragon. "He has a lot to bear, and it is my duty to ease his burdens in any way I can."

When Teroso dipped me in his arms, I couldn't help but sneak a kiss to his lips while I was in that position.

The equine accepted the smaller male's kiss as he slipped a hoof under his leg and pulled up and around his waist. He then leaned his pelvis forward as he pulled the scale's rear close to him in a dirty dancing position.

"How...how about we go somewhere comfortable for that massage you promised me," I whispered softly and gave a small kiss on his nose.

Looking lovingly into the deep, pure eyes of the younger male, Teroso replied, "Whatever you wish, Prince Nathan. Just name the place, and I will take us there to give your body the royal treatment it deserves."

"How about your room?" I whispered in his ear as I kissed along his neck lovingly.

Murring from the heat and feel of the ice dragon's lips, Teroso carried the scale to his and Buddy's room and laid Nathan on the bed. After fetching a vial from the nightstand and oiling up his hands, the brawny, black equine began to work his hooves on Nathan's shoulders.

I sigh as I relax and let the unicorn do his work. He might be big but his hands had a gentle touch to them. "You can remove your loincloth if you like," I said.

Discarding his only covering, the horse leanedclose to his lover as his hoofs relaxedthe muscles of the scalie back. "My Prince, how does this please you?"

"It feels amazing," I said, "Though you might have to do one more spot...with your mouth." I turned over and pointed at my member.

"As you wish, My Prince." Chortling to himself of his royal's more forward attitude, he kissed down the dragon's chest slowly before teasingly lapping his wide, red,equine tongue on the frost white, dragonic boyhood.

I moaned and gripped the sheets beneath me and pantedheavily. "Oh...your tongue...it feels so good," I moaned.

Teroso was elated to pleasure his prince in this passionate one on one session. "No __w, it is_ time to make the prince forget his troubles, if only for a moment_." Smiling, the unicorn suddenly ran his tongue up Nathan's chest to flick the very tip of his nipples.

I moaned and hugged the unicorn's head. "Teroso... I need you in me so badly," I panted.

"Not yet, my prince. True intimacy must be built up to properly." The horse ran his tongue over the scale's neck and pulled him into a dominant kiss.

I moaned sweetly as I wrapped one arm around his neck,and I used the other to reach down and stroke Teroso's member.

He murred from the dragon's touch as he said, "That's it...nice and slow." Then, his big strong hoof traced a thick index digit oh so softly and slowly under the white, needy, pre-dribbling dragon dick while his tongue continued to explore every inch of Nathan's face. The unicorn had a huge oral fixation fetish.

I moaned and kept on stroking Teroso's member while my own got harder every second. I was panting at this point and was dying to have this stallion inside me.

After letting the teen simmer in lust for a while, the caster said, "Name the position, Prince Nathan," just before biting gently on his ear.

"Missionary," I said whimpering at the nibbling on my ear.

The equine lifted the dragon's legs and teasingly ran his solid, veiny, pre-dribbling horse cock against the boy's ready, cum-lubed pucker.

I moaned and whimpered as I felt the large member enter me at last.

He grunted as he slowly entered the warm, wet love canal of the younger male until his sizable man mass was hilted inside of the boy. Teroso held the position until he was given the order.

I wrapped my arms and legs around the stallion and kissedhim. "I love you," I whispered, "I'm ready."

As soon as those words were uttered by the scale, the elder man undulated his hips causing his cock to withdraw only an inch before going back in at an upward angle. Teroso had decided to show the prince how to properly make love to another. This is something that he would be able to practice with his other protectors and lovers.

I moaned greatly and clung to the unicorn as he did this. After a while, I could feel my climax coming up fast.

The equine bucked in and out quickly to bring the prince to climax. He himself was not close to orgasm; however, this was purposeful. If the prince is to learn how to properly please a lover, the dragon will have to experience and receive in multiple positions, which Teroso was well versed in.

I was panting so heavily that I was starting to release and my energy was gone.

The older fur leaned in and kissed his prince passionately as he used a spell that would revitalize the dragon's energy and libido. Simultaneously, he re-angled himself, lifting the boy's rear off the bed while he planted his forehooves over his sexual protégé's head.

"What position is this?" I asked.

"This is a variation on your favored missionary position, young prince. Every time I thrust, you'll be pushed against the mattress, which will in turn push you back onto me." With that, the horse began to undulate his hips again, this time going out about an inch and a half of his 14-inches. He gazed down upon his lover's visage.

"Oh," I said and moaned and climax after climax, though I was doing the most, I let Teroso have his way with me, though he was very gentle and loving with me.

Cowboy, wheelbarrow, doggy, and sitting bull...Teroso was surprised to find himself in such arousal with the younger man. Usually he could go for at least ten positions before being drained of libido, but Nathan had a totally different effect on him. Holding the dragon's legs tightly in the sitting bull position he began to wildly ram his pink splotched manhood into the lad as they both approached a final climax.

The moment I felt Teroso's seed flow into me and the tip of his member flared up, I released my seed as well.

The man kept thrusting as he came, causing his flared head to constantly assault the scale's prostate until he collapsed on the bed and held the boy close as they lay on their sides.

"Teroso...I...I love you so much," I panted. Two down, two to go.

The horse cuddled with the prince as he said, "I love you too, Nathan...I mean, My Prince."

"Please... call me Nathan," I said with a smile. Later, I returned with Teroso and asked if Decland would like to join me for a picnic.

Iorisben nodded and addressed the equine. "Come, Teroso. We shall spar while the prince spends some alone time with young Decland." The elder mage turned to the ocelot and said, "Be sure to try the herb I gave to you, little one." He turned with a chortle as the unicorn followed. "What's up, Nathan." The feline adolescent stood and bowed to the dragon.

"I was wondering if you would like to have a picnic with me," I said.

The ocelot's tail whips around behind him as his eyes widened. "That would be awesome!"

I smiled and lead him to a set out lunch near a crystal clear lake.

The ocelot sat on a silk blanket that was laid out for the couple earlier and took in the site of the beautiful lake, something he never saw in the big city. "Nathan, it's soooooo pretty!"

I smiled, and we both sat down to eat. "So how's training?" I asked the hungry cat.

The excited big cat responded, "It's going really well. Master Iorisben is a good instructor, and I've learned a lot about my gift." He paused to look down at the green amulet around his neck.

"I wanted to apologize for nearly freezing you earlier. I'm sorry," I said looking down and blushing.

Smiling, the ocelot placed a paw under the dragon's chin and gently massagedit. "It's ok. Iorisben made sure I was warmed up before we continued our meditation exercises." For extra reassurance, the adolescent leaned in and nuzzled his friend's face.

I smiled and returned the nuzzle. "Care to go swimming?" I said gesturing to the lake we were next to.

"Sure...but I'm not that good..." Decland lookedaway. Most boys his age knew how to swim, and the fact he didn't was a source of embarrassment.

"I can teach you, if you like," I said holding his hand.

Placing his paw in the dragon's claw, he said a shy, "Ok...But I need to do something with this herb Iorisben gave me."

"Okay," I said and began to undress and stepped into the water.

Decland took off his white robe and fundoshi before folding the herb inside the cloth and sitting everything in a nice, neat pile. Heturned to the dragon and asked, "Is it deep where you are?"

"Actually it's quite shallow," I said as the water stood at my waist.

The smaller male, holding the dragon's hand got into the water with him.

After teaching the basics, Decland appeared to have become a pro. Then,I watched as he got out of the water, ran back to his clothes, grabbed the herb and came back into the water to me.

"Master Iorisben said that this would let those who ate it breathe underwater. I didn't understand why he gave it to me, but I think this is a good time to use it." He said as he presented it to the scale.

We both ate it and then dove under to the deepest part of the lake. We found that we could both breathe underwater as easily as breathing air. "This is so cool," I said. I looked up and saw the sun shining. I turn to Decland and pull him into a passionate kiss.

Decland returned the hug as he embraced the blue scale tightly during the kiss. "This is so cool!" he exclaimed as he nuzzled to the royal. After a smile crossed his muzzle, he asked, "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

I nod and smile. "You be top in missionary style," I said as I lay down on the sandy bottom and spread my legs apart for the cat to get to.

Aroused by the aspect of the underwater love-making, the ocelot joins the dragon on the ground and pulled him into a kiss as he reached down and ran his thumb, beckoning the white member to come out and play.

I moaned in the kiss as my member came out of hiding and became hard and already leaking pre.

The cat couldn't help but take a moment to lap at the floating globs of pre-cum in the water before leaping with the dragon in his arms upward until they were in the middle of the lake and floating as if suspended in space. Decland presented his sheathed cathood to the prince and said, "Get me ready to play hide the little ocelot."

I smiled and began sucking on Decland's member, bobbing my head up and down against the cat's member.

Gripping the dragon's mane, the feline ranhis black, white-barbed tool in and out of the scale's hungry muzzle.

Then, I flip myself upside down and put us in a 69 positionso Decland could prep my chamber up and help himself to my member while I kept on sucking his.

The teenage big cat caressed the reptilian member as he teased Nathan's tail hole with his rough tongue. Fondling the gluteal orbs with his spare claw, he said, "Remember what happens when I climax while topping," Before returning his tongue to work on the chamber door.

"Mmhmm," I said and got ready for Decland to enter me as I slowly float onto his member, and I moaned as it went into my chamber.

The spotted feline pulled the dragon onto him. From their perspective, he was on top, but the fish swimming around them saw a slowly turning mass of yellow and blue in the center of the clear lake. "Nathan, this is amazing." Decland declared as the water flowed seamlessly around them.

I moaned and felt Decland thrust in and out of me. "Decland...I'm getting close...fill me with your love," I whimpered as I felt my climax coming up fast.

The slickness and weightlessness, of the underwater act made the sex that much more gratifying as both boys were about to erupt in passion. Without a word Decland wrapped his arms under Nathan's, took his prince by the shoulders and pulled him down hard onto his cock as he brought his body up and bit as hard as his lust driven being could on the scale's neck. As the feline's jaw bore down as much as the water would allow, hot, adolescent love juices spill into the blue dragon's needy body.

I whimpered at the bite and moaned as the seed filled me up. I hugged Decland tightly and kissed him. "I love you, Decland," I said softly.

When his lust dies down, the ocelot releases his jaw's hold on the scale and nuzzles his face. "I love you too, Nathan," he said as they held each other and floated in the middle of the lake and surrounded by water.

Three down, one to go, I thought. After me and Decland surfaced and dried off, we kissed each other once more before I went off to find Hachi.

The sun was beginning to set in the sky as Hachiko and his trainer wrappedup their sparing session. The toned elf blockedone of the Akita's claws with his sword and the other with his shield. The final match of the day was currently at a stalemate.

I arrived just in time to see the last bit of the battle. I remainedsilent as I was quietly rooting for Hachi, but not wanting to disturb him.

Thinking on his feet, the hound turnedferal and slid under his trainer. While under Bahlder, he re-assumedanthro form and let his still sliding feet sweep the elf off of his own feet and fall forward. The hunter then pinnedthe man to the ground.

I clapped my hands seeing that the match was over.

Hachiko and his master bid each other a farewell before theAkita turned to Nathan. "Nathan, you need to see me?"

"I just came over to ask if you would like to go on a camping trip with me in the forest," I said.

"That would be nice. It's been a while since I stayed the night in the woods." The hound sheathed his claws in his belt and took the dragon by the hand.

Later, we were in the forest and the moon was full. "So, how was training?" I asked.

"It was good; Bahlder has taught me a lot." He pulledthe dragon into a sideways hug as they roasteda fish over the open flame of the camp fire. "I love the full moon."

"You do? Why's that?" I asked looking at the moon also.

"Well...I can't explain it...It brings out something in me...On the streets or in the house, I couldn't help but look at it before falling asleep. It has always stirred something in me."

"Maybe it has to do with your ancestry from the wolves?" I suggested resting my head on his shoulder, and I felt him wrap an arm around mine, pulling me into a hug.

"That is possible. I've always been afraid to mate with Decland onthe full moon. We tried once, but..." His hold unconsciously loosened.

"But what?" I asked looking up at him and hugging him.

The hound looked away from the dragon. "I got a little...too wild." He frowned and trembled slightly from remembering.

I kissed Hachiko on the cheek and cupped his cheek to turn his face to my direction. "It's okay to talk to someone. I'm here for you just as Decland is here for you," I said. "You don't have to be afraid to hide your true self. Plus... I love you." With that, I gently pressed my lips to his.

The Akita embraced the young royal as he held the kiss. His paws traveled downward and under the thin pants of the young dragon to grope the rear globes that awaited within. He thrust a dominant tongue into Nathan's muzzle forcing the prince's maw to open slightly for him to explore and have his way in the oral territory.

"Mmmm... Hachi," I moaned as I kissed him even more.

As his paws tear away the pants and expose the prince's blue legs, the blue and white canine continued to explore and claim the inside of the scale's mouth as his own. Keeping one paw on Nathan's tight ass, the hound moves the other to caress and toy with the fleshy pelvic slit.

I moan and slip Hachi's clothes off him as we continued the kiss.

The taller male pulls away as he turned anthro. He then laid on his blue furred back and exposed his white underbelly and sheath to the prince.

"Hachi...can...can I mate you in feral form first?" I asked.

In a silent yet quick response the canine changes into his feral form and puts his paws upward towards the scale in a pleading gesture. The Prince can understand what Hachiko wants by gazing into his eyes. "I'm yours, Nathan."

I smiled and hugged the dog tightly in my arms, and I kissed him deeply. Then, I got behind him in doggy style and thrust in and out of his chamber.

Whining and growling in pleasure, the Akita dughis paws into the ground and rammedhimself back onto the dragonic cock of the prince. The hound caressed the scale's chest and chin with his curled tail as he pleadedfor the moment to go on.

I grunted as I thrust forward and back into the Akita, my climax coming up and my member leaking pre. I thought Hachi might need some relief as well. So,I bent over and started stroking his member.

The heated, instinct driven feral's cock eruptedcanine seed onto the ground from the prince's touch. Simultaneously, his tight entrance constrictedaround the reptilian dick assaulting his prostate.

The moment he released, I set lose my seed into him.

After receiving his lover's seed, Hachiko turned anthro and looked at the dragon as he licked his muzzle and gazed upon him lustfully.

"I'm ready for you," I said asI kissed the dog on the lips

Pushing his tongue into the dragon's muzzle during the kiss, the Akita, whose instincts were driven by the full moon, gets the blue scale on his back and begins to roughly slam into Nathan's willing chamber.

I moaned and kissed him deeply as Hachi tops me in missionary style.

The hound trusted wildly and forcefully into Nathan's cum lubed canal. Instinct drove him to pin the prince to the ground by the arms, and he growled with every stroke while his mind raced from his lunatic high.

I panted heavily and moaned greatly. "Hachi...I'm going to come...please...mark me..." I pleaded breathlessly.

The hound pierced the heated dragon with his fully inflated knot and flooded his lover's hole with a voluminous helping of canine seed as he howled into the night sky.

I moaned and howled with Hachi and when he was done howling, I pulled the Akita into a kiss. "That felt...great," I panted with a smile.

After the kiss, Hachiko could not speak. He only cuddled the dragon as he snarled softly and bit the dragon softly on the neck.

I gasped at the bite, but then I sighed and returned the love bite on Hachi's neck. "I love you, Hachi," I whispered softly.

"Love...Nathan...too" the incensed anthro managedto say under his growl. He curled his arms around the dragon protectively.

I snuggled into the big dog's arms as tears of joy rolled down my cheeks. "I did it,"I thought, "I mated all four of my protectors individually."

Coming down from the combination of lust and lunar intoxication, the Akita lapped slowly at the tears as his eyes became heavy.

We slept and slept till the moon was gone,and Hachi's knot shrank out of my chamber.

Logan and Roxanna: A New Beginning Part 2

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