Earth's New Masters Chapter 26 Gofer's Tale Part 14 Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace?

Story by firefromheaven on SoFurry

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#51 of Earth's New Masters

David and the Pups go on a fishing trip and Gofer has his beloved Master Woden all to himself. What could possibly go wrong?

A couple of days later my Master Woden decided to throw a party. I had to set up tables, chairs and coolers out around the pool area. I figured out that the party was for the other Sheps that went on "The Hunt" to capture ferals. The good point was there would be lots of hot sexy Sheps around. The bad part was that they were bringing their ferals with them. I didn't mind serving the "Dog Gods" at the party but serving the ferals just sucked. None of them were as smart as me. I fucking knew Calculus, I aced my Calculus final two nights ago and these assholes were barely educated. And all of them had what I wanted... What I should have had.

I stayed most of the morning around the supplies waiting for someone to tell me what was needed at the party. It wasn't something I really wanted to be around, it made me dwell on how fucking stupid I'd been. Watching happy little fuck toys with their Masters wasn't my idea of fun, especially since I'd give my nuts to be one of those happy little fuck toys. I even let Chef man the grill so I wouldn't have to watch too much. He could handle cooking burgers and dogs, and if he did fuck it up, so much the better. This was the one time I didn't care if the food was substandard.

That was until "Master" David came up to the staging area where all of the extra beer and sodas were being kept in huge tubs of ice until they were needed.

"Gofer we need more beer and sodas. Can you please bring some down?" "Master" David asked me politely. I wish he would order me around, that would make it easier to hate him. I mean I did hate him, but that would give me more cause.

"Of course "Master" David." I said putting as much derision as I could into the word "Master".

He just shook his head, I could see it hurt him that I had unmasked hatred for him. Well it was unmasked when none of the Dog Gods was around, I would never let them see that side of me. "Thank you Gofer, I really appreciate it." He said as he headed back down to the party.

I filled a tub with a variety of ice cold beer and sodas put it on the golf cart and drove it down to the party. I knew that David had been drinking Bud. So I grabbed a Bud and started shaking it. I drove with one hand and shook it with the other the whole way out to the party. When I got to the party I sat the shook up beer on the seat of the golf cart. When I pulled up it seemed that they had been having a bit of an argument. That was fine with me, I didn't want them to have a good time. It wouldn't bother me if they all killed each other.

I pulled up with the cart and took the tub of beers and sodas and dumped it into the tub of ice by the ferals picnic table. I gathered up the empties and put them into the trash can. I saw David's empty can and picked it up. He wasn't paying any attention to me so I picked up the can that I'd shaken up and placed it where I'd picked up his beer. I grabbed the liner filled with empty cans out of the trash can, replaced the liner and put it on the back of the golf cart. I climbed onto the cart, started it up and just as I was ready to drive away I heard "Master" David say, "Thanks Gofer."

"You're welcome, Master David." I said and drove over to the dumpster which was surrounded by a large hedge. I poked my way through the hedge so I could watch. "Master" David reached for his beer.

I held my breath as he picked up his beer... Pulled the tab... And cried out, "Fuck! Son of a Woman! Who the fuck shook up my beer?" I laughed my ass off, as did all of the ferals. It served the fucking interloper right.

"Your CBH, Gofer, had that one on the front seat of his golf cart and made sure you got it." Loki's feral Jeff told him.

I could see his temper start to flare, and just as quickly I saw it die. "Well it's nothing really anyway, I'll just go up to the house, rinse off and change."

"You're gonna let him get away with that?" one of the other ferals asked incredulously.

"I feel sorry for him. The CBH's are so pathetic and their lives are so empty, I just can't get too upset with them when I have been so blessed." And with that he jogged up to the house to change. I pranked him good and he just took all of the joy out of it. I didn't want pity out of him, I wanted him to hate me just as much as I wanted to hate him.

I kind of stayed out of sight while the party continued. I grabbed a couple burgers after all the guests had been served. Master Woden NEVER begrudged me food, I could always eat all that I wanted. I watched them all play games while I ate. That was until the orgy broke out. The little exhibitionist, "Master" David, started the whole thing, but pretty soon all of the ferals were having sex with their Masters.

I saw Ansulm and Loki sneak away to a little garden area surrounded by hedges. I quietly peeked into the garden and saw them. They spent some time talking about Loki's useless feral Jeff who wouldn't submit to Loki. He was a fucking loser, I would have given anything to have a God like Loki for a Master. He wasn't as good as Master Woden but he was the Beta here on Earth. He was quite the catch. I didn't pay much attention to what they said about him. I picked the conversation back up when it started to get interesting.

"I'm sorry to hear that Loki, but that's just more reason to get some "exercise". You know it's not healthy for Shep balls to get all backed up." Ansulm said to Loki.

"But I love him Ansulm, I'll feel guilty, like I'm cheating on him."

"How are you cheating on him?" Ansulm said. He reached over and fondled Loki's impressive balls. Loki was a couple of inches taller than Ansulm so Ansulm pulled his muzzle down to kiss Loki. His other paw was stroking Loki's huge cock trying to get his motor revved.

Loki growled aggressively, pushed Ansulm to his knees and told him, "Suck it Bitch! as he pulled Ansulm's muzzle to his crotch. Ansulm snaked his long Shep tongue inside the tip of Loki's sheath, then used it to peel the sheath down while taking Loki's now semi-hard doghood into his muzzle.

I had my cock out in an instant and started stroking it while I watched Ansulm be Loki's bitch. Soon Loki was tired of getting his cock sucked and he pulled Ansulm's muzzle off of his cock.

"On you knees Bitch, it's time to show you who the stud dog is!"

Ansulm turned around, fell to his knees and raised his tail up and to the side, exposing his pucker to Loki. He looked over his shoulder and called out, "Sir, the Pup is ready for the big Alpha dog to use him."

Part of me wanted to see Ansulm take it like a subby little bitch after how he abandoned me for Aelwyn. And that's just what happened. Loki got behind him and jammed that big ten inch cock deep in Ansulm. I stroked my cock vigorously as Loki hammered away, treating Ansulm like he was a worthless slut.

Loki put his big paw in the middle of Ansulm's back and forced his face into the ground like someone groveling then Loki straightened his back until he was towering over him, completely dominant. I could see his knot already starting to swell, but he didn't seat it in like they showed in the sex ed video but instead he continued to drive it in and out of Ansulm's abused pucker. It was already a third of its size when he forced it in for the final time, then continued the short one inch thrusts that locked him in tight. Loki cried out, "Take it Bitch!" as his nads jumped in their sack.

And that was all I needed. I imagined that it was Loki firing off inside of me. My balls slammed up against my body and I painted the hedges with jet after jet of my cum until it was dripping off of he leaves. I lost interest in the scene while I shot my wad. But after I came back down I watched the aftermath.

Just in time to hear Ansulm say, "Thanks Loki, I needed that!"

Loki finally lay his upper body on Ansulm's back and Ansulm slowly sank to the grass with Loki still locked deeply inside him. They rolled over on their sides and Loki started gently licking Ansulm's ear. "Damn I really needed that, it's been almost a week since I busted a nut. Sorry if I was a little bit rough."

"It's OK, I like it rough from my alphas. But no wonder your feral doesn't want it."

"It's not like that Ansulm. I know a human can't take a pounding like that. I think I treat him pretty good, he really enjoys it while it is happening."

"Then what's his problem?"

"I wish I knew, he is a natural submissive. When we are going at it he can't get enough. But after it's over he feels ashamed. Claims a 'real man' wouldn't take it up the ass. He gets to the point of not being able to cope."

"That's crazy, how does submitting to your alpha make you less of a 'man'? I mean I'm pretty much a 'real man' unless you compare me to you or Woden. Or does he think he is alpha to you and that he shouldn't be taking it from a beta?"

"I don't know where he got this ridiculous idea, he seems to accept that I'm alpha to him. I just don't know what to do about him Ansulm. And don't say I could force him, I love him too much to just overpower him with effects. I want his love not just his body." Loki said as he absently rubbed his paw soothingly over his subs chest and nuzzling his ear.

How stupid Jeff was to not be taking advantage of his great good fortune. I would give anything to have a Master who wanted me like that...

"Ansulm, it's really getting bad. I've already bonded to him... From the start I gave my heart to him completely. I never realized how powerful the bond is with a human. You know Woden and I are like brothers, but our bond is nothing like the Shep/Human bond. It's tearing me apart inside... I can't sleep at night anymore without Jeff hugging me, all I can think about is the distance between us." Loki paused a second, almost reduced to tears. "It's affecting my work... Thank God Woden understands and is patient with me, even quite sympathetic. That plus work is really slow right now... Ansulm I just don't know how long I can go on like this..." He stopped, a tear running down his cheek.

"Damn Loki, I didn't know things were so bad."

"I'm sorry Ansulm, I should never have burdened you this. I should be stronger than this... I'm so ashamed of myself..."

"Loki, you needed to get this off your chest. I don't have a feral so I can't really understand the bond, but I can see this is really tearing you up. If you ever need someone to talk to or a shoulder to cry on, remember I'm always here for you and I'm sure Woden would be too."

I couldn't take it anymore watching what that sniveling little feral had reduced this God Dog to. How much he was hurting him when he should be on his knees in front of him begging for even the slightest bit of favor that he could get from him. I know I would beg him to make me his. I would surrender completely and beg for him to accept me as his pet. How could anyone aspire to be more than that. And that was even before he explained how much a Shep gets bonded to his pet.

But the sight of Ansulm getting his ass pumped full of cum by a dominant Shep still had my motor revving. My cock was hard again and I started wanking thinking of how it would feel to get fucked by a stud like Loki. Or even better to get fucked by Master Woden while Ansulm was getting fucked by Loki. My imagination was running wild and my hand was almost a blur on my cock. It wasn't long before I was painting the hedges with a fresh coat of cum...

I broke away and walked back to my golf cart to police the yard for cans and trash. There wasn't much trash but Sheps with their big cocks locked into their ferals littered the yard. They paid no attention to me as I wound my way through them, my cock rock hard as I looked at them all. The ferals laying there with erections even though they had already cum, many of them a couple of times. The effects being pumped into them were keeping them hard as rocks. The only one passed out was "Master" David, but I would trade anything I had to be in his position.

Soon they all started to lose their erections enough for their cocks to start slipping out of their ferals. Master Woden was the last to lose his knot and he carried "Master" David up to the house to sleep off his "effects" tie. Then he came back down to the party. Everyone was starting to gather up their stuff and get ready to leave. It was then that Ansulm approached me.

"Mouse!" He yelled to me, then he added, "Or I guess it's Gofer now."

I stopped in my golf cart as he walked over to me. He was walking like he had a board up his ass as he approached my cart. He had no idea that I knew exactly why he was walking that way and that I was jealous of it.

He dropped to one knee like he always did so he could look me in eyes, "Woden told me he's really pleased with you. He said you're doing a great job. He told me that he's even given you a raise. Are you happy here?"

"Yes Sir." I said in my typical noncommittal CBH manner. Of course I was ecstatic to be here. I couldn't imagine how working for anyone else could be better than working for Master Woden. The only thing that could be better would be if I was someone's pet rather than their servant.

"How do you like the ferals? Maybe being around David will get you more comfortable with how a real human should act." Ansulm asked as he tousled my hair.

"I don't care for other humans Sir. Humans haven't exactly treated me very well..." I said. He pulled his paw back like I'd bitten it. I had a hard time not showing my anger on that. I had a back full of scars to show just how well humans have treated me. David hadn't actually done anything to me intentionally, but he had taken away all the attention I had been receiving from my Masters.

There was an awkward silence, then Ansulm concluded, "Well you take care of yourself and keep up the good work."

He was the last one to leave and I got back on my golf cart and finished cleaning up after the yard, but I did it with a heavy heart.


The next day Jeff and Loki's pups rode their bikes over to the house. They all piled into Master Woden's limo along with Master Woden and his boys, "Master David and Loki. They told me they were headed for some place called Orvis to get equipment for a fishing trip. What was unspoken was I wasn't invited.

I remembered back to just before he went on the feral hunt Master Woden telling me, "Gofer one of these days when I get the time I'm gonna take you out fishing. The bluegills are going to be on the spawning beds, it would be a good way to learn." And now I was the only one not going to get fishing equipment. I would have even paid for it myself. I had been so excited about the prospect of Master Woden spending some personal time with me, and now I barely seemed to exist. Every last second of free time he had available he spent with his "Pet".

They got home and the pups started unloading the delivery van that brought everything home. I walked up to them and made myself available to help. They got it all unloaded and I heard Master Woden say, "Well you boys get that sorted out, Loki and I have to get a few things done. Arnold have Gofer take all the tying materials to the small office beside your room. That can be our tying room." They all grabbed their rods, reels, waders and other assorted stuff and carried them to the garage.

Master Arnold told me, "Gofer, take all that stuff over there to the office beside my room."

"Yes Master Arnold, is there anything else I can do for you?" I replied eager to get any kind of attention I could from my little Master.

"No Gofer that's all I need, you can do whatever you want after you're done." Arnold said dismissing me. I was crestfallen, I may just as well not even been there. I gathered up as much of the stuff as I could carry in one trip and carried it up to the "tying" room. I could think of a much better way to tie...

When I got all the stuff into the room I went back outside to see what the pups were doing. Jeff and "Master" David were teaching the pups how to cast at the pool. The fly casting was actually kind of interesting, I'd have to look it up online and learn more about it. They finished up with the casting and then they all went up to the "tying" room and the ferals started to teach the pups how to tie flies. They looked like they were having a great time, I wish I would have been allowed to learn too. Maybe I should have just broken down and asked but that would look way too suspicious for a CBH.

I finally went downstairs, maybe Mistress Freyja would have something for me to do to take my mind off of what was going on. I got down to the sitting room and Mistress Freyja was there with her sister Sigyn and her daughter Brunhild. They were finishing up their afternoon tea. I walked in to pick up the plates and tea cups. But my Mistress stopped me. "Gofer you're just who I wanted. Please go up and get the boys. Tell them that we need them down here."

"Master Arnold, I was told to come and get all of you. You are wanted downstairs in the sitting room." I said in a voice appropriate for a mere human to use in front of a Dog God. Despite the fact that I was no longer my little Master's favorite human I still revered him. I didn't wait for a reply I just wanted to get outside and do something, anything to get my mind off of my Masters.

I was hurt and angry, I wished I could join in with the Masters and learn how to fish. Or even better have Master Woden take me bluegill fishing like he promised before David came along. Maybe one of these days I'll learn that promises are made to be broken, no matter who makes them. But despite that it always kept coming back to David, his arrival fucked up everything. So I went back to the garage, grabbed a screw driver and let the air out of the tires of David's mountain bike. I probably should of let it out of just one of the tires, that would look less suspicious, but my anger got the better of me.

I grabbed a hoe and headed out to Master's Horny Goat Weed patch. I started aggressively hoeing the rows in my frustration. Heaven help any weed that had the audacity to germinate in the garden since last time. I was so absorbed in my work that I didn't notice Jeff walk up behind me.

"Hey Gofer, what kind of plants are those." Jeff said from almost over my shoulder.

I almost jumped out of my skin. Then I tried my best to regain my composure and actually pause for a moment before responding. "They're Master Woden's Horny Goat Weed, Sir." I made sure he knew that having to call him "Sir" was distasteful to me.

"I've never heard of that before, what does it taste like?"

"I don't know, only Master Woden eats it. He says it is to increase his libido, whatever that is." I told him matter of factly.

"Haven't you ever tried it?"

I couldn't believe that he would ask something so fucking ridiculous. "Of course not, those are MASTER'S plants; I would NEVER touch them without being told."

He paused for a moment and he seemed to have some sort of epiphany. "Who told you to do this?" He asked pointedly.

I realized in my anger and frustration that I'd acted a bit too human so I didn't answer the question. But he pushed the issue. "Who told you to do this?" I just glared at him and returned to my work. He wasn't one of my Masters, I didn't have to answer him. He finally lost interest and walked away. He was almost as meddlesome as David and I actually disliked him more. I still hadn't forgiven him for what he was doing to Loki.

Soon it was time for me to go in and cook dinner. I was making beef stroganoff, which was one of my specialties. But I was so distracted that I overcooked the noodles the first time. I had to throw them out and cook up a new batch, but that didn't keep me from getting the food ready in time.

Since it was a formal dinner Butler served the food which was a good thing for me since I was still frustrated over the days events. My mistress sent me to go get the pups and ferals. I ran up the stairs hurried to the tying room.

"Master Arnold. Your mother wants the young Masters to come downstairs, dinner is ready." I said, bowing low to Master Arnold.

"Thanks Gofer! Tell our Moms that we will be down as soon as we wash up." Arnold said as he ruffled my hair affectionately. My little Master's show of affection almost made up for the whole fucked up day. I couldn't help smiling from ear to ear. I probably looked like a fool as I did, but I didn't care. Master never ruffled any of the other CBHs hair. I ran down to Mistress Freyja and gave her the message before heading into the kitchen to eat with the other servants.

After they had taken the edge off of their hunger Master Woden spoke. I always sat near the door so I could hear if they needed me to get anything for them. At my place near the door I could hear the conversation.

Woden spoke, "Well boys, Loki and I have a surprise for you. We made arrangements for you to stay overnight in the cabins at Rose River Farm. That way you can be on the stream at first light when the stonefly hatch is at its peak. If you get there early you may be able to catch the evening hatch too."

"Aren't you going to be there, Master?" David asked in a semi panicked state.

"Don't worry; we'll have a quick session before you leave while the boys are gathering their stuff. That should tide you over until you get back." I hated how open Master was about fucking the little interloper... err... I mean "Master" David.

After dinner I loaded all of the rods into the limo while Master Woden was fucking "Master" David senseless. On top of all that had gone on today that was about the last straw. I decided to accidentally forget to pack "Master" David's waders and vest. I just pictured him getting there and not being able to fish. I stood out by the limo wave goodbye to my Masters when Jeff came out of the garage.

"Hey Gofer!" He said, his annoyance was obvious to everybody. "You forgot David's waders and vest."

"I'm sorry, Sir." I said. I resented having to call him Sir. Especially with how he was treating Loki. "I thought I got them all." That was one of the great things about being a CBH, you could make mistakes and people and Sheps couldn't get too mad at you.

They all climbed into the limo and last of all Master Woden carried the semi-conscious form of "Master" David to the limo and put him in. He was obviously heavily dosed with "effects" to the point that he couldn't really function. Soon they closed the doors and headed out on their great adventure. Without me...

The rest of the afternoon Master Woden and Loki were tied up with work they didn't get done until the morning. Loki didn't leave until after dinner, but dinner was still easy to cook since it was only for Master Woden, Mistresses Freyja and Brunhild, Loki and Sigyn. I could whip up a meal for that many in my sleep.

Soon our visitors went home and my Master's went into the living room to watch a movie. I stood in the corner waiting in case my Masters wanted any dessert. We got about a half an hour into the movie and Master Woden paused the movie and said, "Gofer why don't you make us all some hot fudge sundaes. Make one for yourself too then bring them in and you can watch the movie with us while we eat the sundaes. I'll pause the movie until you get back.

"Yes Master!" I said and hurried in to make the sundaes. I'd loved ice cream since the first day I ever tasted it, the day all the overseers died. I had some nearly every day since then. My Masters allowed me to have whatever I wanted to eat and that included desserts. But getting to eat it with them would make it an extra special treat. I made 3 huge hot fudge sundaes for my Masters and a slightly smaller one for myself, put them all on the dessert cart and wheeled them out.

My two Mistresses were seated on the couch and I took two bowls over to them first since they were the closest. I gave them a TV tray to set their bowls down on. Then I wheeled the cart over to Master Woden, put a TV tray down for him and gave him his bowl of ice cream.

I went to get my bowl of ice cream and was ready to take it over to one of the easy chairs when Master Woden said, "Bring your bowl over and sit next to me Gofer." I hustled over and sat down next to him, leaving an appropriate space between us and sat my bowl on his TV tray. To my great pleasure Master put his arm around me and pulled me toward him until I was touching him. Of course I immediately had a raging hard on. He noticed it immediately and chuckled. "Don't worry about it. Young men your age are supposed to get a hard on over everything."

He took his arm off of my shoulder and that disappointed me. But I soon realized that it was only so he could eat his sundae. Once he took a bite of his I grabbed mine and started to eat it. I still tended to eat my ice cream fast, but not fast enough to get a brain freeze. I finished mine before Master did, he still had half of his left when I finished mine. He grinned down at me and said, "You really like ice cream don't you?"

"Yes Master, it was the first dessert that I discovered when the overseer's died and it's still my favorite."

To my surprise he took a spoonful of his sundae and moved it over to my mouth. I couldn't believe he was sharing his sundae with me, letting me use the same spoon. I didn't fee worthy of that. I wondered if part of why he was cuddling with me was because he was missing "Master" David, but I really didn't care. I was the one here with him now.

We finished the sundae and he put the bowl on the TV tray and put his arm back around me. Now that I was no longer distracted by the sundae my cock went from a semi to a full blown hard on. I melted into him feeling his muscles almost for the first time. My mind was completely off the movie by now, all I could think about is me being with Master sexually. I pictured myself sucking that huge cock and getting to feel his effects for the first time. My mind was just getting to the point of where he fucked me as the movie ended. The lights were still out (since I'm the one that usually turns them on and off) as the credits were rolling. And with that Master Woden reached over and put his paw on my dick. I came immediately in my shorts, doing everything I could do to not cry out in ecstasy. When I stopped cumming I looked over at Master and he winked at me. He seemed kind of proud that he'd made me cum so easily. What did he expect, just having him touch me was like a dream come true.

I had a complete mess in my shorts but I got up to turn on the lights as the credits quit rolling. I made sure I turned away from my Mistresses after I turned on the lights. I didn't want them to see the spreading wet spot in the front of my shorts. Master Woden got up first and said "Come on upstairs Gofer." I eagerly followed him upstairs.

I was a little disappointed when he led me to my room instead of his. He followed me in and closed the door behind us. "I see you had a little accident. Why don't you take your shorts off and I'll take care of them."

I shyly turned away from him as I started to take my shorts off. Master Woden had never seen my junk before and I was a little modest. I mean I was so small compared to him. I had just cum and I was hard as a rock again. I quickly dropped my shorts on the floor and stepped out of them. That's when Master said, "Why don't you turn around and face me when you do that. It's not like you have anything I haven't seen before."

Of course I complied with his request. I turned toward him and pulled my underwear off stepped out of them and held them in my hand. Master said, "Here let me take those..."

I handed them to him and then stood in front of him with my hands in front of my erection that was pointing true north. He set the briefs on the dresser and turned to me. "You don't have to cover up, we're both guys." I stood in front of him and he looked me over. Then he came over to me. He grabbed me under the arms, picked me up and stood me on the bed. He could look me over more easily from there. At least that was what I thought he planned but to my shock he started licking up the spooge. I couldn't believe the feeling of his tongue against my sensitive flesh. He started and licked all the spooge off of my balls then worked his way up cleaning it off of my pubes and skin. I was throbbing by then.

He pulled back for a second, his eyes glazed over for a moment. "It's a shame that they circumcised you, it's such a barbaric practice..." He grabbed my dick with a paw to look it over. "How could they do that to a perfectly good dick..." He said before he started licking the spooge from my dick. It only took a few seconds of stimulation when I blew again. He took me into his muzzle so I shot directly into his muzzle. He pulled away when he could tell I was getting too sensitive. Again he had that glazed look in his eyes as he savored my cum.

"Well I'm heading to bed. I'll see you in the morning." I wished he would have taken me into his room and let me return the favor but he just picked up my briefs from the dresser, walked out and closed the door. I could hear him open his door and walk into his room.

I was sure he would like to have had more fun with me but I knew the reason why he stopped, or at least part of the reason. One of the good things about being thought to be one of the useless CBHs was that Sheps would talk right in front of you. I had learned over my time here that fucking one of the CBHs under 20 years old was considered to be unethical. Most weren't thought of being capable of consent. And none of them seemed to have any interest in sex. For some reason I seemed to be the rare exception, maybe the only exception. But I still wasn't considered capable of consent, as they put it, "it's like screwing the pooch..."

As I pondered this I heard Master put one of his twink videos on. He had played them often before David showed up. I had always listened with my ear against the wall as he jerked off to the young men in the videos. Tonight was no different, I got my Gun Oil out and started to edge myself while I listened to the video and to Master's hard breathing. He was really getting into it, just imagining him had me right on the edge, when he started to cum it would only take a couple of strokes to get me off. I could hear some strange noises and I realized that he was sucking the cum out of my briefs while he watched the video and jerked that huge cock of his off.

How I'd love to be sucking him off or even better have him taking my virginity. Then as he got closer I could imagine his knot starting to grow like it did in the Sex Education videos that I normally stoked off to. I could tell from his ragged breathing that he was close to cumming. Then he cried out, "Yessss David take it all!!!!" As he shot his load.

Instead of shooting mine, I immediately lost my erection. He was thinking about David the whole time he sucked my spooge out of my briefs. But why should I be surprised, they didn't believe that us CBHs were capable of returning love and I hadn't done anything to make him think otherwise. And with that I cried myself to sleep.

I woke up the next day and did my morning routine of stroking off in the shower to start my day. Nothing exciting happened for most of the day. Master Woden was tied up in meetings most of the morning although I did see him at lunch and then again at dinner.

After dinner Master came into the kitchen and said, "I need Gofer for a while. The rest of you can clean up without him. Come with me Gofer."

I followed him and he headed out into the yard. It looked like we were heading down to the Horny Goat Weed patch. I was starting to worry a little. Did I do something wrong? Was I in trouble. We finally got down there and Master opened the gate and we walked into the enclosure. He grabbed a leaf and chewed on it. He gave me a big grin then picked a small bag of it to use to make tea. I had learned on the web that

"Sometimes I don't tell you enough about how good of a job you do for me." He said and paused for a second before continuing. "My Horny Goat Weed patch is the envy of all of my cabinet. It's immaculate and the plants are bigger and healthier looking than any of their gardens." He said tousling my hair, which of course gave me major wood. "How did you know what to do. You haven't been trained in gardening to the best of my knowledge."

"Master I went to some sites on the internet. I hope I didn't do wrong and overstep my bounds. I just wanted to do good for Master." I said groveling a little in front of him.

"Of course you didn't do wrong. Come on up to the house and show me the websites you used." He said draping his arm across my shoulder as we walked up to the house. We went into my room and I booted up the computer. I pulled up one of my bookmarked sites and Master perused it. "I'm really pleased that you're showing initiative. Not only in looking it up, but following through on the work. Sometimes I wonder if David's right and that you're smarter than you let on." Master said with a raised eyebrow.

I debated about whether or not I should come out to him, to spill the beans and let him know about the lie I'd been living. If I didn't let it out now it may be a long time before I get another opportunity and the courage to pull the trigger. "Master I..." I started when Master's cell phone rang.

"Hold on Gofer, let me get this." He said interrupting me to answer his phone. "Arnold what's wrong you sound upset." He paused a moment then said, "Put Jeff on the phone". After another brief pause he said, "Jeff what is going on, Arnold says David is in distress and that you think he is going through withdrawals."

He paused again only to say "I'm on my way to the Helicopter, It should only take me 20 minutes or so to get there. Try to keep him comfortable. See if you guys can get him to the bunk house. Is he able to talk?" He listened for a second then said, "Well see if he can hold the phone." Master replied as he started walking out of my room. I followed him. He walked to his room and grabbed another phone and punched in a contact and said. "Fire up Marine One, I've got an emergency!" And then he hung up.

"David they said you are going through withdrawals..." He said speaking back into his cell phone. "It will take me about 20 minutes to get there." He said and he started walking briskly out to the Helipad.

"Jeff I'm counting on you to get David to the bunk house and to try to keep him comfortable until I get there. I'm getting on the chopper right now, take care of David until I get there." He said as we neared the roaring helicopter.

He turned to me and said, "Go tell Mistress Freyja that David is having withdrawals and I have to go to him. Tell her I'll let her know how hes doing when I get the situation under control." He said, tousled my hair and got on Marine One.

I hurried and told Mistress Freyja, who seemed greatly concerned. Then I went back up to my room. I'd finally been on the verge of coming out and once again David fucked everything up. My hatred for him rose another notch. And I cried myself to sleep.


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