Pin to Win: Round II

Story by Ceeb on SoFurry

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#4 of Pokemon

For those of you with an interest in my popular Pokemon Quickies comes a sequel to Pin to Win. This was fleshed out a bit more, so it's actually a short instead of a quickie, but don't tell the internet police or my mom will ground me. :'(

Boxing enthusiast Carl heads back to the gym looking not for exercise, but a lovely Machamp by the name of Maverick. What he ends up getting is a hell of a lot more than he bargained for, but he takes it like a champ anyway...PART 1 - PART 2 - PART 3

Thumbnail background is from Pokemon Black/White, dumped by Misdreavous525 (Machamp) and Zekrom101 (Infernape) for The Spriters Resource.

Writing (C) me

Carl (C) FA: thecosmicwolf33

Machamp, Infernape, and Pokemon (C) Game Freak and Nintendo

Carl the rat showed up at the gym every weekday after work to see Maverick the Machamp and train with her, but they kept their libido to themselves. Poor Carl's body was still bruised and his cock was a little tender, and sometimes when the air was still, he swore he still tasted her sweat on his lips. It wasn't something he minded, however.

The rat wasn't romantic enough to think he meant anything more to Maverick than a friend she had a good time with. The idea of being a beautifully-proportioned Machamp's lover wasn't off-putting, but he doubted if there was any emotional depth between them. He had a thing for ladies with domineering attitudes and thick asses, both things which Maverick had. Maverick loved his pliability and, more crudely, his large penis.

Tonight a grappling match raged in the ring and Maverick was nowhere to be found. Carl watched while a dense male Pangoro had it out with a lady Infernape whose curves Carl found himself craving. With supple breasts in a sports bra and stout legs leading up to thick hips and a round ass in gym shorts, she became an instant heartthrob for the rat. He watched her counter and slug the lumbering panda with an absent smile on his face.

The Machamp Carl had come to find found him instead. The ring was her home and she had every intention to watch the fight, but when she saw Carl, those plans went out the window. A rascally grin twisted her pale lips and she wrapped her lower arms around the rodent's abdomen. He barely got out a squeak before she pulled him in by the shoulders with her upper set of arms. His shoulder blades fell against her full, clothed tits and despite Carl's slightly greater height, Maverick made him feel tiny when she hugged him with all four arms.

"Nice to see you too, pretty lady," Carl said sheepishly. A nasty thud quaked the mat but Carl was busy twisting around in Maverick's grip. Face to face with the well-stacked Machamp, Carl slid his fleshy palms under her speedo where her plush ass cheeks waited. Nobody said a word about their antics. Carl liked to think that Maverick ruled the roost and nobody would dare try to stop her.

Carl and Maverick kissed briefly. She swabbed her thick tongue across most of his maw and the rodent shuddered. A dumb grin spread across his face and his tail started to swish. "I get what this is," he smiled.

Maverick smiled and tilted her head obligingly. Her strong hands cupped Carl's taut ass cheeks much more roughly than he held hers.

Arching from Maverick's grope, Carl drawled, "You wanna wrassle again, right?"

A noise like a snicker escaped Maverick's lips. She shrugged as if to say maybe, maybe not, but the way she pushed her ass out into Carl's palms suggested a much more affirmative answer.

"How about the locker room this time?" Carl quietly offered.

Maverick walked with Carl. That would have been it if not for the Infernape suddenly flooring her Pangoro opponent. As he lie hopelessly dazed on the mat, the Infernape lapped up the applause and surveyed her audience. When she saw Maverick leaving with Carl and the amorous touches they exchanged, she felt a swell of jealousy in her gut. If her rival had a boytoy, she was going to steal him away. With her primate agility, she somersaulted off of the top rope and landed on her feet.

The Infernape swiftly tailed Maverick and her escort into the locker room. From the doorway, she peeked in and watched as they smooched and groped. A diabolic grin spread across the primate's face. She lashed her tail and coiled it around her leg a few times as she built herself up to enter, but her interest in upstaging Maverick was pushed to the wayside when the rat's shorts came off. The Infernape got only a quick look at Carl's package before Maverick wrapped her lips around it but it was something special indeed. It was, she realized with another grin, something worth fighting over.

As the challenger entered the locker room, Carl bashfully snapped his gaze over to her. He smiled guiltily and couldn't hide his blush. "Um, ah-hah," he laughed, "am I leaning on your locker?"

The Machamp pulled back and looked shamelessly at the Infernape. They exchanged smirks. The latter bobbed her eyebrows. Maverick nodded and scowled in reply.

It wasn't the Infernape's locker that Carl was leaning on. She found hers in the row across from them. The placard on it said Sloane. Sloane made a show out of changing her gym shorts right in front of Carl, and though she was a limber ape-like Pokemon, she purposefully bent all the way over and flagged her tail as high as it could go as she changed. Carl stared at her round ass cheeks with a smile.

What caught Carl's eye next was Maverick's withering glare. "I'm sorry," Carl chuckled, "I'm just looking..."

Sloane couldn't have been happier with herself. She adjusted her generous bust in her sports bra and sidled up to the rat's flank. With one strong hand, she held the rodent's ass cheeks. Its twin went right for his swollen meat but Maverick snatched her wrist. That was when things started to get catty.

Carl watched with equal parts arousal and worry as Maverick and Sloane came to blows. Neither of them actually landed an effective strike on the other. Maverick easily caught all of Sloane's limbs in her four arms and Sloane was too unpredictable for Maverick to hit with any strength.

"Hey, hey! Girls, hey!" Carl called over their grunts and huffs. They only reluctantly looked at him with flustered expressions. Carl was unabashedly rock-hard at the sight of their athletic displays, and the idea of being fought over did wonders for his ego. He couldn't hide the smirk on his face when he said, "There's no need to fight over me. We can all share."

Maverick huffed and rolled her eyes. Sloane stole a cheap shot when she smacked the Machamp across the face. Maverick grumbled and bore down with both right fists, aiming to knock the Infernape's head right off, but the primate deftly flung herself to the side and took Maverick's sports bra with her, snapping it clean off.

The Machamp looked down and saw her tits had spilled out. Carl was grinning wider than ever and slowly masturbating.

"Well, I guess if you guys have to fight, at least I get to see some skin," he murmured.

Maverick and Sloane shot Carl devastating glares which said shut up, rat. He did just that, but he didn't stop smiling or stroking. The Pokemon clashed again and with more than enough strength to seriously injure each other but the stalemate was the same. Neither could land a proper blow. In all the fuss, Sloane yanked Maverick's speedo down but not off, and in doing so she left herself open enough for the Machamp to rip her bra right off. Carl grinned and jerked off a little bit faster.

Finally Sloane got the upper hand and pounced her opponent to the tile. Maverick landed with a winded grunt first on her plush ass and then on her back and Sloane pinned all four of her arms under her hands and dexterous feet. She leaned down, grinning like an imp in the face of her muscular, thrashing opponent. Just when it looked like Sloane might do something cruel, she glanced at Carl, whom watched as excitedly as ever, and then she kissed Maverick hard. It was so sudden and hot enough to disarm the Machamp and when she stopped struggling, Sloane released her wrists and straddled her.

It was slow for Maverick to give in completely but she took well to kissing the Infernape. They made out with hungry, noisy whore-moans for Carl's benefit and they ground their full tits together. Maverick used the respite to pull Sloane's gym shorts off.

"Ooh, wow, this is amazing," Carl said, giggling like a schoolboy. "Are you guys gonna scissor? That would be hot."

The girls blinked at Carl before they swapped gazes and mischievous smirks. In the blink of an eye, Sloane leapt off of Maverick and pinned Carl to the lockers with a metallic clang. She kissed his shocked snout just once before she pulled him down to the tile with the Machamp.

Though the Pokemon couldn't help but fight each other, they efforts against Carl worked in splendid concert. Maverick pinned the rodent down by the arms and Sloane thrust her round ass down onto his snout. Carl squeaked like the rat he was before he moaned in agreement with his situation. He started to eat the Infernape's asshole without hesitation and she in turn shuddered and ground her ass down.

Maverick straddled Carl and worked his cock up between her ass cheeks. As her fine ass was hotdogged, she pulled Sloane in and sloppily kissed her, taking point as Sloane had before. She slathered the primate's maw with her thick tongue and fondled her generous assets with strong hands. In a show of mutual lesbian lovemaking, Sloane cupped the Machamp's breasts and flicked her light pink nipples.

Spurred by one another, the ladies mashed their full rears against Carl. In spite of being more-or-less immobilized, Carl remained an active participant. He slathered Sloane's tightly-puckered asshole and enjoyed her fine musk as much if not more than he delighted in the feeling of Maverick's chiseled ass cheeks on his dick. His penis drooled pre steadily between her cheeks where it lubricated her flesh in a way her sweat alone couldn't. All throughout his double-duty as a chair, Carl groaned sluttishly and fondled Sloane's irresistible hips, sometimes bumping Maverick's own meaty hands as she did the same.

Sloane was full of life in the ring and in sex. She broke off the kiss with a huff and nuzzled Maverick concisely but sweetly. For the moment, she ground her ass down as hard as she could, pushing Carl's head against the unyielding tile and leaving him no choice but to let his nose be crushed into her ass crack. It was an ordeal Carl suffered gracefully but not quietly; his moaning cut through the air despite being muffled by the Infernape's juicy ass. By the time she stood up, Carl's facial fur was heavy with sweat and he saw brief motes of color in his vision. Sloane had nearly smothered him.

A bit less readily than the monkey, Maverick also stepped off of Carl. She licked her lips at the sight of the prone rat and his swollen cock, but so did she look at Sloane with curious new interest. When the rat stood on his shaky legs, Sloane kissed his cheek, spun on her heel and touched her toes for him. Her deft tail kept high above her ass and swung gently from side to side.

Carl had no hope of resisting. He didn't even look at Maverick when he went in for the prize. While licking his lips clean of Sloane's tasty sweat, Carl seized her ass cheeks and pried them apart. Between them and winking playfully for his immediate care was her snug little anus in a shade of pink. He grinned at the notion of buttfucking his new friend, but rather than daydream, he gripped his shaft and stuffed it between her round cheeks. He bumped her spit-shined asshole quickly. Biting his bottom lip in intense concentration, Carl pushed forward and Sloane puffed sharply but pushed back while cutely interlacing her fingers and toes.

Maverick pouted at the exhibition, but she kept a smirk on her face. As Carl's hips pushed flush to Sloane's rear, the Machamp possessively hugged her rat from behind and huffed against his neck. Precluded from fucking the Infernape, Carl unhanded Sloane's hips and instead set his fleshy palms on Maverick's arms. "Hey there," he cooed. "I really like when you touch me, but, um, I'm kinda busy here," he chuckled.

The Machamp grunted and squeezed Carl perhaps a bit too hard. He let loose a strangled, tiny gasp. One of his ribs shifted before she let him go. He tried not to show his discomfort when he started to screw Sloane, but he knew he'd have a bruise later on. And as it came to be, Maverick wasn't done harassing Carl. She knelt behind him, and though her first goal seemed to be the rat's balls or perhaps Sloane's unoccupied cunt, she instead gripped Carl's ass when he was again flush to the Infernape.

In a move Carl was used to giving but never receiving, Maverick levered his ass cheeks apart. The rodent gasped and took it with a blush as well as an uncertain glance back at his four-armed admirer. Where Carl was bashful, however, Maverick was blunt. She slathered the rat's virgin asshole hungrily and sloppily. Despite the circumstances, Carl was completely submissive. He doubled over Sloane and let loose a shuddering, pleasurable noise.

Maverick's rimming turned out to be a quick tease. She soon kissed down Carl's taint and wrapped her lips around his balls where she sucked much of his plump scrotum into her mouth. In much the same way Carl craved the sweat and scent of his ladyfriends, Maverick sucked up the rat's sweat and smelled his musk with a grin on her blushing face.

Annoyed at Carl's passiveness and Maverick's role in it, Sloane started to rock her thick ass back into his cock. The limited stroke of her position was another annoyance, but that only spurred her to be creative. One leg at a time, she put her ankles on Maverick's shoulders and hooked her feet on the Machamp's shoulder blades. Carl watched this repositioning with a dumb little smile. Maverick allowed it with a grunt.

Now Sloane thrust her fat ass back against Carl's hips with greatly improved leverage. The rat panted and crooned as she worked. He stroked her taut ass and tried sometimes to buck forward but Maverick often tugged him back acquisitively. Being trapped like so was far from the worst fate Carl could imagine.

Carl didn't get to enjoy Sloane's clever positioning for long. Maverick soon bucked the Infernape off. Sloane reluctantly took the hint eased off of the rat's cock with a little shiver. She elegantly somersaulted to her feet and twisted around, and from there she dropped back with a big smirk. On her ass and balancing with her palms, she shoved her flexible feet into Carl's groin and went straight to work. The way Sloane started grinding his cock between her soles and tweaking its head with her toes left the rat squirming and panting.

Sloane's activities forced Maverick to step up her own game. Aggressively and suddenly, she hooked her lower arms around Carl's legs and swept them out from under him. He yelped and flailed but Maverick caught him and took him to the floor gently. Sloane was unfazed. She scooted closer and went back to work with her feet, but much more firmly.

The Machamp first took her usual seat on Carl's face and the rodent was only happy to have his snout in the heated confines of her ass crack. As he went about snuffling her asshole and slobbering up her taint sweat, Maverick braced herself carefully enough to crush Carl's face into her asshole, but not harshly enough that she'd break his nose or suffocate him. Evidently the sight of Sloane's footjob was an inspiration to Maverick, for once she balanced her weight on her outstretched hands, she added her two-toed feet to the fray.

Sloane was amused rather than annoyed to have Maverick muscling in on her claim. There was no possible way the Machamp could outmaneuver a monkey when it came to pliable feet, but Sloane was unselfish. She rubbed the rat's balls and tickled the bottom of his cock shaft as Maverick squeezed firmly on the rest and ground her heel against the glans.

For all of their stellar footwork, Carl bleated contentedly into Maverick's swampy ass. It was no surprise to either Pokemon that Carl was nearing his release. They kept on just the same. When she felt like teasing Maverick, Sloane tickled the bottoms of the Machamp's feet to make her flinch away, and then she hogged Carl's aching cock for a few moments. The second time Sloane did such a thing, the Machamp came back and squeezed her feet around Sloane's for an especially rough grope which made Carl gasp.

As Carl ate her ass so hungrily, Maverick's cunt drooled onto the rat's neck. As the excitement grew, her attention waned, and the rodent soon found Maverick's heavy ass crushing his snout. With nowhere else for his nose to go, it ended up packed up into the muscular Pokemon's asshole. Maverick gasped and arched her back. It never occurred to her to let off, especially not since Carl's cock was twitching and spitting fat wads of pre onto hers and Sloane's feet.

Once again, the flustered Pokemon shared telling looks. Sloane grinned and Maverick joined her, and together they went at Carl's endowment with everything they could muster. No part of his package was safe from their kneading toes and rubbing soles. Maverick brought raw force to the table and Sloane was more articulate. The end result of their efforts had Carl writhing uselessly and curling his own toes. Eventually their molestation was too much for the poor rat to handle. His cock erupted with a climax and he groaned hotly into Maverick's ass. By that point in time his air was so throttled that he could barely breathe enough to keep himself conscious, let alone remain fully lucid, and his climax was intensified by the breathplay.

Carl came with so much potency that both Pokemon watched in awe as the spunk shot in a high arc. It landed on Maverick's inclined body first, splattering across her tits and stomach. The Machamp pushed on Carl's cock and tilted it towards the Infernape, and the rest of the rat's mess painted the primate similarly. By the time Carl's ejaculation waned to merely an irregular drool of cum, the ladies dived on it simultaneously and nearly butted heads. Carl gasped when his face was suddenly freed. The Pokemon made out yet again, this time around the knob of Carl's cocktip. Especially tender after his orgasm, Carl shuddered and squeezed Maverick's prone ass cheeks in distress as the girls sucked and lapped on him.

Their boytoy might have had sex as the very last thing on his mind but the ladies were more wound up than ever. They pulled off of Carl's tender cock to his obvious relief and locked lips harshly. The rat watched them idly while resting on his elbows. His voyeurism was less cutely perverted and more a matter of going through the motions; too tired to join back in but too enamored and polite to ditch them, he stayed put.

Sloane groped Maverick's dripping cunt and the Machamp fondled her new friend's snatch, ass and tits all at once with her many hands. They ground and squeezed, kissed and moaned, but it wasn't enough. At first the Machamp groped Carl's cock but the flesh was flaccid and the rodent winced. Maverick sniggered and shook her head. Sloane glanced at the rat thoughtfully. A plan was brewing and she bobbed her eyebrows at Maverick.

Maverick followed Sloane's lead. The monkey slunk around to the prone rat's head which he rested on the tile. Carl looked at her shyly and smiled to match. "What, uh, what's that little grin about?" he lamely chuckled.

It was a given that Sloane was up to no good but the rat had no idea just what he was in for. With her strong feet, Sloane pulled Carl in and buried his snout in her twat mid-squeak. She beckoned Maverick and grinned ear to ear as her plan came together. The Machamp laced her legs up with Sloane's, and where their cunts would have met in the middle, the Machamp instead ground against Carl's head. The rat wriggled around to free his snout from the immediate snare of Sloane's pussy. He managed to gasp in some fresh air only to end up with a drooling, musky cunt on either side of his snout. The girls ground in roughly, pushing his jowls up with their pussylips and rubbing their pink flesh on his teeth and gums. For just a brief, stupid moment, Carl loathed his situation, but then he realized what was happening. "You're scissoring on my face," Carl chirped, though most of the words were muffled. "That's so fucking ha-a-awt..."

Carl's ladyfriends were inclined to agree for the way they huffed and crooned. There was no way for the rat to escape the headlock but not even his recent climax dissuaded him from being a part of their scissoring. His cock was still a sore noodle but he nuzzled alternately and somewhat awkwardly into the pussies at either side of his head. He stole licks and kisses but just as often had his entire snout inarticulately slathered with musky juices. The combined musk of the hard, sweaty ladies left Carl a blushing wreck. The Pokemon loved the feeling of his hot cheeks.

Around Carl with her skilled feet, Sloane rubbed Maverick's tits. The Machamp couldn't quite reciprocate but she reached down around the rat's face and rubbed the Infernape's clit with a couple of strong fingers. Spurred even further, Sloane humped harder into Carl's hapless snout and the rat began thinking he might never wash the smell of pussy off of his face.

"So-o-o... Ha-a-awt..." Carl drunkenly crooned, by then half-mast but much too weary to get it up any further. If he had been smothered to death in their loins, he would have died with a smile on his face.

Maverick huffed and curled her toes. Her grinding became stiffer and rougher, and it led to her sudden and powerful climax. She squirted on Carl's cheek and her honey ran down his neck and stained him with her potent musk for weeks to come. Proving her endurance in more than just the ring, Maverick kept grinding in, and in doing so, she shoved Carl's nose and lips against the Infernape's box. When Sloane gasped and grimaced a moment later, Carl was front and center for a magnificent mess. The primate's own ejaculate slathered his snout and sluiced past his lips for a treat he'd never forget. He palmed her behind as she ground intensely against his muzzle to drag out her climax. Come the moment the Infernape was done fucking herself on Carl's face, Maverick had been still for some time while watching and smirking. They released the rodent and Maverick held him across her lap.

"Ooh... That was fun," sighed Carl. "I think I need a towel..."

The Machamp rubbed his wet cheek. Sloane leaned down and kissed her on the lips and then she did the same to Carl, albeit much more gently.

"Will I see you again, Sloane?" the rat asked. He watched only casually as the monkey dressed.

With her clothes on and everything in order, the Infernape shrugged and winked. She gave Carl's half-chub an expert tweak with her toes and bounded off.

Carl looked up at Maverick. A dozy smile spread across his lips. "Umm, hey," he chuckled.

Maverick rubbed his chest, smiled, and tilted her head inquisitively.

"Do you want to go get some dinner together?" Carl managed to shyly ask.

The smile on Maverick's face spread even wider, but it was purely sweet. She nodded and helped her boytoy up.

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