Training You Can Bet On

Story by Ceeb on SoFurry

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Middle-length commission for FA: and FA: always-the-victor featuring dicks.

Fairly new to the modern world and still shy with the native tongue, Vic is referred to a gym with a chummy trainer who doesn't judge. When the trainer's co-worker shows up, however, the simmering lust boils over and Vic finds out how men fuck in the modern world...

I hate the title ;w;

Thumbnail background is from CGTextures.

Writing (C) me

Mark and Cobbie (C) FA: stripes

Vic (C) FA: always-the-victor

Mark may have been an orca and a porn star too, but his home turf wasn't the sea or the studio: He belonged at the gym where he maintained his astonishing build, bullshitted with the men and helped train the boys. In spite of his imposingly tall and chiseled body, he was a natural charmer whose cool attitude and matched smile could easily defuse a tense situation. Shyness and uncertainty were banished under his training and his clients were treated like friends.

The orca's friendliness was exactly why Vic had gotten a recommendation for his tutelage. As an exotic red reptile a few years removed from his obscure tribe, Vic was soft-spoken with the English language and, more often than not, a wary thing when meeting strangers in the modern world.

True to his nature, Mark broke through Vic's silence with charm and candor. Vic cracked rare smiles at Mark's jokes and took to the orca's regime quickly and easily. As Mark's client, Vic put his athletic body through cardio and stretches to start things off, though the lizard was already in exceptional health, having once been an active player in his tribe's survival. Mark kept him comfortable by treating him like any other trainee.

As Vic stretched and flexed his scaly body, Mark watched with a smile. On the surface it appeared to be an affable face but there was salacious intent behind it: Mark was checking his young friend out. A body which was two-toned red with white outlines and a splash of green markings about the face was attractive just for its colors. Mark hadn't seen something so alien in a long time. Vic's subtle accent and proclivity to periods of cryptic silence added an allure most boys didn't have. That he was an athletic thing didn't hurt, and his fair package created a notable outline in his gym shorts.

Eyeing Vic was getting Mark a little too hot and bothered. It was time to call off the stretches. "All right, I think you're limber enough to actually start working out."

Vic smiled slyly at Mark. In their short time together, he had come to notice the orca's often-roaming eyes. "Really, you're done watching me bend over already?"

A taut smirk spread across Mark's face. He elected to stay quiet and gestured for Vic to follow him to the weights. As if the session weren't awkward enough for Mark, a coworker of Mark's employed at the studio and the gym just like himself had taken notice. He kept his presence a secret from Mark for the time being.

"Let's start slow," Mark nonchalantly said. Under his heavy hands, the weights he was lugging seemed to weigh nothing at all. He slid them down the bar, locked them into place and gestured at the bench. "We'll kick things off with seventy-five pounds," Mark told the reptile, whom eased back onto the bench.

Gripping the bar and looking up at Mark's eyes, Vic dryly asked, "Do you have to stand so close? I can smell your ball sweat like this."

Mark laughed and shook his head. "You're gonna have to deal with it, buddy," he grinned. "If that bar comes down on your neck, you're gonna be glad I'm close enough to sniff."

"Hadn't thought of that," Vic admitted. Putting the humor put aside, Vic began his lifts with a promising lack of struggle. Mark still coached him reassuringly, often telling him to just ask if he needed help.

After give-or-take fifteen pumps later, Vic notched the bar back into its holders and huffed to the orca, "How about some more weight?"

"If you think you can handle it," Mark murmured as he swapped the weights around. "No need to impress me, though, you got that?" he said in a stern, but still friendly tone.

"I impressed you when you caught me changing into my gym shorts," Vic said evenly, but with such a crafty, dry look on his face that Mark blushed and laughed.

"Scamming on prettyboys again there, Mark?" asked Mark's coworker, at last coming near. Vic immediately sat up and twisted around to face this new individual. Like Mark, the stranger was a muscular creature. Unlike Mark, he didn't look friendly at all. That he was a cobra with a subtly flared hood and gleaming golden eyes added to the intimidation.

"Who are you?" Vic asked lowly.

The cobra smirked. "Cobbie," he replied. "I work with this guy here," said the snake with a nod at Mark. "Hopefully he's not filling your head up with too much bullshit."

Sensing a power struggle, Vic looked to Mark for guidance. The orca went back to loading up Vic's weights. "Remember when I told you I work at a movie studio?" Mark asked with a thin smile. "Cobbie here is one of my co-stars."

"More like the star, let's not forget who gets the most fan mail," Cobbie snorted. "And those weights are lopsided, you got fifty pounds more on the right side."

"Sorry," Mark smiled. "I'm used to settin' up weights for you, since you have that extra-strong right arm," he teased as he balanced the weights out. The joke got the hard-faced Vic to snicker.

Cobbie rolled his eyes and muscled his way between Mark and the bench. "All right, lay back and let's see you pump some iron, kid. I got you."

Vic glanced up at Cobbie uncertainly as he gripped the bar. He peered at Mark again and the orca nodded. "Cobbie's a dick," he said at the cobra, "but he ain't gonna let you get hurt, buddy. I'd let him spot for me any day."

"You just like when my cock is right near your face," Cobbie darkly chuckled, watching the reptile lift his weights. "Hey, he's pretty strong," he murmured.

"Heh, yeah," Mark sighed. "I'd say he's a natural."

Cobbie's evil-looking eyes roamed Vic's body. Like Mark, Cobbie appreciated other muscular males, but the compact tone and boy-like sinew of Vic's body had his tail swishing in obscene thought. Mark recognized the tic and nudged his shoulder. "What?" Cobbie huffed.

Mark smiled and bobbed his eye ridges to say not bad, huh?

The cobra showed his teeth in annoyance before he cracked a smirk. He spotted Vic for a while longer until the reptile interjected with some rare words: "Can I visit this studio of yours sometime?"

It was Cobbie who wanted to answer but Mark beat him to the punch. "I don't see why not. Can't get you in front of the cameras, but you can definitely check the place out."

"And get powerbottomed by Chance," Cobbie uttered. Mark gently punched his shoulder.

Around his twentieth pump, Vic declared himself ready to move on and Cobbie helped him notch the bar safely into its grooves. Mark pulled him up from the bench and gave him a hearty clap on the shoulder. "You're doing great, getting a nice sweat worked up!"

Vic smiled thinly at the orca. It was short-lived as all of his smiles were. "What next?"

Cobbie bullied in-between them and draped an arm over Vic's shoulders. "Legs next, definitely. You worked your core out enough. C'mon, this way."

The reptile didn't get to consult Mark for the way Cobbie pulled him along, but the orca did remark that Cobbie had the right idea.

Under Cobbie's tutorship, Vic ended up on a still-warm leg press with 150 pounds of weights at his feet. At first, Cobbie and Mark watched Vic go with the thoughtful eyes that came with years of gym experience. That went out the window when both studs realized on their own time that Vic's legs were as delectable as the rest of his taut young body. The sheen of sweat on his hide made them particularly hungry for the boy.

"Where the hell are you from, kid?" Cobbie asked, squatting nearby. "Never seen anything like you."

Vic explained his village and his transfer to the civilized world as he pumped. By the time the story was through, so was the exercise, and Vic stood up and stretched. He had the attention of both bodybuilders. Watching from behind allowed Cobbie blatancy in his perusal of the boy's ass.

"I don't know if I should do anymore today," Vic admitted. "I'm quite tired."

Mark nodded and patted him on the shoulder. "It's important to know your limits, pal. How's about we get cleaned up and changed, and we can go grab us some dinner?" He glanced at Cobbie and smiled slyly. "Just the three of us."

"All right," Vic murmured. "I think I'll enjoy that," he added with a look back at Cobbie.

"So do I," Cobbie hissed as he brought up the rear.

Together in the showers, the trio shed their gym clothes and bared their sweaty hides to the humid air. None of them were shy and they took to a stall of their own in the unoccupied locker room. They had ostensibly come to shower, but even the tribal boy knew better. From his time gathering and hunting, he had come to understand that washing up with other boys led to exploration and pleasure. Vic set his hands upon Mark's burly chest and his forwardness pleased the friendly stud.

"Hey there," Mark said softly and with his usual smile. He reached up and caressed Vic's horns. From there, he went down the back of his ridged head and stopped at his shoulders. Vic's hands similarly crept lower until they clutched the orca's dense penis, a jet-black circumcised shaft which disgorged a thick wad of pre even unaroused.

Cobbie again took up the rear, but in a much more intimate sense this time. He held his cut, half-mast penis in one hand and Vic's athletic ass in the other. Vic flinched and glanced over his shoulder at Cobbie, but he soon pressed back into the cobra albeit tentatively.

"Ease up, kid," Cobbie snickered. "We're all after the same thing here."

Mark tickled up under Vic's chin and laughed gently. "Yeah, Vic, it's all right," he winked. "Again, Cobbie's a dick, but I'll be damned if he doesn't know how to make another man feel good."

The cobra sucked briefly on two fingers before he pointed out, "That's why I get the big bucks." With drool still thick on his digits, he wriggled them between Vic's cheeks but eased just one into the boy. When Vic took it with a minimum of fuss beyond a lash of his tail, Cobbie grinned and pushed the other finger inside. He found the reptile to be deliciously snug. "Nice asshole you got," Cobbie luridly hissed into an ear hole. He flitted his tongue across it and Vic shivered. "You gonna be able to handle me, though?"

Vic looked down at Mark's great, swelling penis and went with the assumption that Cobbie, also a porn star, was hung similarly. They were both very big, but Vic was eager, and he'd been the bottom with a few of the other boys in the tribe. "I believe so," he answered.

"Good enough for me," Cobbie shrugged. He flitted his tongue to taste the air as he brought his free hand around, with which he fondled the reptile's groin. Vic's balls hung low from the heat of the shower. Cobbie rolled and palmed them but ignored the reptile's erection.

Having adjusted to Cobbie's fingers inside of him, Vic resumed his soft strokes on Mark's penis. He looked up at the orca and caught himself admiring the scope of his chiseled muscles. Vic was blushing due to his situation and he gave in to his most homoerotic urges when he tilted forward and nuzzled Mark's chest. He kissed and licked wherever his lips wandered.

It was a given that Vic's worship would lead to much dirtier things though the orca did nothing to guide him south. Vic got there on his own, bending over slowly and neatly until his lips met Mark's cocktip. He kissed it before taking it in. Mark's musk filled his nasal cavity quickly and he began to suck on the glans in particular.

Seeing Vic go down on Mark made Cobbie more eager and lewd. His erection demanded gratification and he fully intended to get exactly that, but he wasn't quite done loosening up the reptile. He dug his fingers deep and wriggled them apart to open up that cozy anal passage just like he'd done to so many other boys. Owing to his ministrations, Vic's unloved erection raged and drizzled pre onto the tiles below.

Mark wrapped his hands around Vic's horns and found them to be ideal handlebars. Though he was too polite to remark on the fact, he still used his grip on them to push the boy down. Steadily more of Mark's broad tool vanished into the reptile's mouth and also parted his jaws wider and wider, for the shaft was a bit thicker towards its middle. Vic wasn't skilled enough to take Mark into his throat but he moaned when he felt the orca's glans against the back of his mouth. His suckles were then more spirited than ever and pleasuring the orca in this way made him all the more receptive to Cobbie. He pushed back against the cobra, set his legs further apart and flagged his tail high to make it abundantly clear that he was ready.

"Look at you presenting like that," Cobbie sniggered. Out came the fingers, but then he knelt. With his hood tucked in and his forked tongue flitting, Cobbie jammed his short snout into Vic's rear. Cobbie wasn't the ass-sniffing type: he went right for the rimjob, slobbering and suckling Vic's quivering entrance with no shortage of hungry noises. It was a cacophony of lewd sounds, drowning out Vic's suckling, but all was lost under the shower's running water.

A big grin spread across Mark's face. He thumbed the pointed tips of Vic's horns. "Aw, I wanted to eat his ass," he laughed.

Cobbie pulled back and nipped the base of Vic's tail. "You snooze, you lose. You're just standing there getting your dick sucked," he grinned, and then he dove back into his snack, slathering Vic's entrance more hungrily than ever. With his slim tongue, he stole away Vic's musky sweat and replaced it with saliva. It surrounded the flawless ring of his anus and coated the opening too, but Cobbie wasn't satisfied with just that. Demonstrating what an audacious porn star he was, the cobra wriggled his strong tongue past the tribal boy's asshole. The pleasure he gave to those tender anal walls could be easily measured by the way Vic's knees buckled.

The suckling Vic treated Mark's cock with wavered to a halt as Cobbie tongued his ass. He pulled up and off and kissed Mark's cockhead. After this gentle affection, he ground his snout into the flesh with a shiver. "This is new," he admitted.

Mark watched Cobbie go at it with a big grin. He petted Vic's head in one hand and jerked off slowly with the other. "What do you think, though? Pretty good at what he does, ain't he?"

"Very good," Vic hissed.

Cobbie snickered into the boy's ass. The deep and skillful rimming was terribly short-lived. Upon freeing his tongue from the reptile's pucker, Cobbie nipped his taint and kneaded his ass cheeks possessively. "I'm gonna fuck your ass raw, boy."

As the cobra rose at his back, Vic pressed even to Mark again. He sought not safety from Cobbie but to be sandwiched between the studs and the way he gazed back at the cobra gave him the right hint. Sporting an erection as big and ready as Mark's, Cobbie pressed against Vic's back and seemed not to mind the spines running down his middle.

Vic writhed needfully between the studs, pushing back against Cobbie one moment and up into Mark the next. His soft, wet hide was accommodating to their grinding penises. His own rubbed against Mark's hip and thigh awkwardly. "Do you still want to fuck me?" he quietly asked Cobbie.

"Is the sky blue, kid?" Cobbie sniggered. He pulled away and swatted the reptile's scaly ass. "Put your hands on the wall and keep that tail up high," he commanded with a deadly hiss. "You're gonna call me daddy before we're through."

"Don't go bringing your daddy issues into this one, Cobs," Mark teased.

Cobbie flipped Mark off with a smirk as he pressed up behind the offering boy. He braced his fat, dripping cock and nudged its tip against Vic's pucker. Loosened by the fingering and wet with spit, it permitted Cobbie's entry with nominal resistance. More deterrent than his tightness was the wavering groan Vic let loose. His body briefly trembled and the cobra set a hand on his hip. "You all right?" he asked lowly but gently.

Vic took a moment to answer. Before he did, he bucked his ass back and looked coolly over his shoulder. "Yes, I am." He dared to crack a smile, and it was jaunty and brief. "Are you going to fuck me now?"

"Smart-ass little bastard," Cobbie smirked. He bucked it home not as roughly as he could have, but sharply enough to make Vic gasp. Then as Cobbie took hold of his hips and started his rut, the reptile closed his eyes and raked his claws through the tile grout. _"Fffuck,_that's a tight ass. I can tell it's been a while since you had a cock up in here."

Close by with his dick in his hand, Mark licked his lips and swayed his fluked tail. "Good fuck, huh?" he winked to the cobra.

The big, black snake lashed his tail, flared his hood and glanced aside at Mark. "You wanna be next?"

But Mark just smiled. "Focus on Vic, buddy."

There was no need to tell Cobbie that. Even when he was plotting his next conquest, he still fucked like a champ. Both himself and Vic having soft, wet hides filled the stall with a steady smack and his balls swung up like meaty pendulums which clapped against Vic's own scrotum. The tribal boy coiled his tail around Cobbie's leg in a corkscrew which did nothing to hinder the snake.

"You like that, don'tcha, kiddo?" Cobbie huffed, sliding his mitts higher up to grope Vic's slim chest. "Hot little piece'a ass... I oughta go find your tribe and make men out of the rest of you boys," he wickedly chuckled.

Vic looked over his shoulder, blushing but sharp-eyed. "Careful," he uttered, "the other gatherers aren't so submissive..."

"Good thing Cobbie's just as happy to take it up the butt," Mark chirped. "Remember New Year's Eve, buddy? You trashed and ridin' me like a cowboy? Good times there!"

"Shut it, don't you have some firefighter calender to pose for?" Cobbie snapped with a grin on his face. "Goddamn, kid, I'm fucking sorry for you," he sighed.

"Ah, why?" Vic bleated.

"'Cause it's just downhill from here. You're gonna be chasing the dragon the rest of your life, looking for that perfect assfuck again, but you're getting it right here," Cobbie grinned big and wide. He smacked Vic's hip and rammed home as hard as he possibly could. His tribal lay gasped and clenched up tight.

"You want to bet on that one, Cobbie?" Mark chuckled. "I'll pick up right where you leave off when you nut, and if our little buddy here says I'm better, you give me an encore of that giddyup cowboy stuff."

No reply for the moment. Cobbie was grunting and bearing down on Vic in a way which implied his climax to be coming up fast. Mark didn't press the bet with Cobbie in such a beastly state. Instead he jerked off slowly to the show and leaned back against the wall.

"Mmf, oh my," Vic blurted, and then he grunted a very colorful curse in his native tongue. He found that he couldn't hold himself up with his tired, outstretched arms so he folded them against the wall and braced his head across his forearms.

Cobbie took up the slack and fucked him even nearer to the wall, very nearly pinning him against it. Under his breath, he snarled and hissed any number of nasty things which sent shivers up Vic's spine. The amazing filth which Cobbie offered so intimately to him made him feel like a small, homesick tribal boy again in a very adult situation. This added much to the thrill of the moment.

At last Cobbie thrust his fat meat home and dumped his nuts in a salvo of mighty spurts. His cum stuck to the reptile's walls and splattered inside of them, making him feel as well-used as a breeding bitch.

Hunkered down over Vic and still quivering from his release, Cobbie said to Mark without missing a beat, "If I win, I'm plowing you."

Mark blinked but smiled. "Had a feeling you'd go for that... But sure. I imagine I got this one in the bag anyway. Vic likes me - don't you?" he laughed.

Cobbie was pulling out when Vic carefully answered, "Yes... Though I might just like Cobbie more after that."

"Ooh, gonna make me win you back?" Mark chuckled while Cobbie grinned in smugness and afterglow. Mark rolled his eyes and closed in fast on Vic. He spun the reptile around and nudged his back against the wall and then came the kiss. Quick, shallow and meant only to tease, it nonetheless lasted a bit longer when Vic returned it and stroked his thick neck and shoulders.

"You're handsome," Vic quietly commented. He glanced at Cobbie whom was watching closely. "Both of you are."

"We know," Cobbie sneered. "Less talking, more assfucking."

"You heard the snake," Mark winked. With his big, strong hands, he grabbed Vic by the hips and outright lifted him up. Vic flinched and thrashed for a moment before he balanced himself on the wall and came to the realization that Mark wouldn't drop him. Easily due to the way Cobbie had reamed the boy's hole, Mark pushed his blunt cock into the reptile's gaped anus. Sloppy seconds were no big deal to Mark. He pushed right in and sighed at the snug, yet gooey feeling. "Been awhile since I had a boy right after Cobs," he snickered. He glanced at the cobra from the corner of his eye when he added, "Forgot how much of a mess he makes."

"Take lessons," Cobbie deadpanned.

Before Mark could answer, Vic kissed him again. It was plain that the reptile had never done much of it, if any, but Mark was an obliging tutor in the proverbial bedroom as well as the gym. He licked across his young friend's tongue and teeth with his own big, broad tongue and forgave the clumsy nips Vic gave. He slowly but firmly drove his meat into the boy over and over again, smearing Cobbie's cum deep and just as often dragging it out. The orca was barely five minutes into his lay before his balls were sticky with the cobra's cast-off spunk.

With careful movements, Vic wrapped his arms around Mark's thick neck. When he was comfortable there he freed up an arm to masturbate. Despite the tight space, he abused himself expertly. As the pleasure grew, he moaned more noisily into the orca's maw, often nipping harmlessly on his tongue. Mark smiled at the boy's outspoken enjoyment of the sex both in a friendly way and in the hopes he'd win the bet. Bending over for Cobbie wasn't the worst thing he could think of, but getting plowed up the ass wasn't how he usually did things. With that in mind, he thrust himself harder into the reptile and the moan which Vic emitted was cause to break the kiss off.

"This is good," Vic shuddered. "I'm not going to last long now..."

Cobbie grumbled and gnawed his lip. If the boy was about to pop, that gave Mark an unfair advantage. But the orca had a nice cock, and besides stretching his ass and bruising his ego, Cobbie could think of worse ways to spend a night than bouncing in Mark's lap. He decided, just barely, not to heckle him.

With Vic holding onto Mark's neck instead of bracing against the wall, the orca easily bounced the boy against his hips just as often as he bucked. Vic's tail hole was gaped around Mark for sure, but the cute puffiness was all thanks to Cobbie. However swollen his entrance was, Vic milked Mark's cock for all it was worth and the studly sea-bound mammal's grunting and huffing was a sure sign of that. His balls had once hung low in the hot humidity, but now they were tight to his groin as he prepared to climax. He squinted his eyes closed and clenched his teeth when the orgasm hit. In a powerful release, he added to the staggering mess Cobbie had already laid down with a tight, loving grip on Vic's hips.

Having a second coat of cum paint his innards was just too much for Vic. The stoic mask gave way to reveal a gasping, moaning fuckboy whose toes curled and tail lashed as he jerked at his comparatively small member. He said no sweet nothings to Mark, but he often uttered his exotic-sounding curses, lapsing more and more into his native tongue as his pleasure rose to its peak.

Vic clenched around Mark as he'd never clenched before when his orgasm struck. The sudden pressure made the orca moan but this was like a whisper next to Vic's howling. He arched his back and trusted Mark to hold him up as his legs went ramrod-straight around the orca. After just a few more withering tugs at his cock, he began to cum and he covered his chest in a sticky mess which stood out plainly on his vibrant hide. As he came, he gasped and convulsed outwardly as his anal passage did a similar dance around Mark's dick, and by the time the reptile was through, Mark looked worn-out but happy.

"Ah... Gosh, kid, you really busted a nut," Mark murmured, looking over his young friend's mess.

The reptile stood on his shaky legs after being let down carefully. Mark and Cobbie at once pressed him for his decision but the reptile was a coy thing in his afterglow. "Let me think," he smiled faintly. "I always think fairly after a release."

"Sure you do," Cobbie pouted.

Like they should have done in the first place, the boys washed up. To curry favor with Vic, Mark and Cobbie offered to and did scrub the reptile's back and other such hard-to-reach spots. Vic wasn't stupid. He lapped up their fawning attention with a tight smile which often vanished as soon as one of them made eye contact with him.

When the trio was toweling off with intent to dress, Vic addressed them both. "I think I've decided."

"Better be me," Cobbie glared. It was hard to tell if he was playing or not. Mark towel-snapped him and made him flinch.

Vic let out a rare chuckle. "Cobbie, I have a question."

"Yeah?" he mumbled.

"If I say it was Mark, will you get revenge by fucking me again?" Vic asked quite deliberately.

The cobra paused and looked at Mark. Back at Vic he smirked, "Pretty much, yeah."

Wearing a big, cheesy smile stolen from Mark, Vic announced, "Mark was better."

"Giddyup, time for some cowboy fuckin'," Mark said in his best drawl. He mimed a lasso with his towel. "Knew you'd pick me, buddy," he winked to Vic.

While Cobbie grumbled and Mark reveled in his win, Vic thought about the cobra again. He was fantastic, but so was Mark. It was so hard to decide and Vic was a terrible liar for having picked one of them at all. All Vic knew for sure was that he hoped the handsome snake would hold a grudge.

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