Stolen Away

Story by Ceeb on SoFurry

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#10 of Pokemon

Second Pokemon quickie for FA: tamatitheninetailedfox featuring a Zoroark! :O

After his meeting with a beautiful Lucario whore by the name of Teyo, Tamati's wanderlust takes him to a fetid swamp. Stricken by a thief, Tamati receives more than just his pilfered sword when he finally catches up to her...

As many of you know, I'm pretty much the booty warrior lately. I was actually inspired to write about a Zoroark because of this fantastic drawing. Go check the artist out! Give them a watch and let them know how awesome they are!

Thumbnail background is from Pokemon Black/White, dumped by Jefelin for The Spriters Resource.

Writing (C) me

Tamati (C) FA: tamatitheninetailedfox

Zoroark and Pokemon (C) Nintendo

Tamati looked through the crooked trees at the bright full moon. Of all the places he'd been in this Pokemon land, the swamp was the most desolate by far. The stench of rot and decay had once offended his nose, but now he was fully desensitized to it. He followed his lantern light through loose footing and plush loam with hope that a way out would appear soon. The locals had given him every warning not to enter the swamp until the sun came up, but Tamati was a sometimes foolhardy adventurer. He made a mental note, as he often did, to be more wary next time.

All around Tamati, the gases of the swamp bubbled and belched foully but he was past revulsion. There was only one thing he wanted: To be out of the swamp. Adding to his problems was how he dearly missed a sweet girl by the name of Teyo whose plump hind-end he had savored days prior. The noxious swamp was no place to abuse himself, so he suffered his shameless libido.

From between gnarled trees, sharp green eyes perused the traveler. They gazed was specifically at his back where a great and important-looking sword was sheathed. To the foxy thief Pokemon known as Trace, a foolish wanderer like Tamati was an easy mark.

Trace knew the ways of the marsh better than she knew herself. She jumped from branch to sagging branch to better position herself above Tamati. When the kitsune was close, she dropped to the ground. Her footfalls were masked by the roiling muck as she crept up behind her sucker. She drew a wicked dagger along the way. Tamati's tails swayed in a mesmerizing pattern yet it was the loot which held Trace's gaze. Grinning from ear to ear, the purple-maned Zoroark moved in for the prize.

Tamati felt the attacker against his tails. He was quick when he whipped around but Trace held onto the sheath of his blade and swung gracefully with it. The lag of turning with her unexpected weight disoriented Tamati and he lost his grip on his lantern. It flew into the sludge and snuffed out with a hiss. Before he could draw the sword and as he shouted a startled warning, Trace sliced the leather cord which lashed the sheath to his body. It dropped free into Trace's paw and though the weapon was cumbersome and heavy to somebody of her size, she escaped into the swamp.

"Get back here!" Tamati barked at the thief. Refreshed by the attack and high on indignity, the kitsune pursued her doggedly. He followed her through swamp slime and over deadwood by the light of the moon.

Trace looked over her shoulder to see the muscular traveler hot on her proverbial tail. This wasn't how it was supposed to be. She contemplated tossing the blade into the goop out of spite, but up ahead was her den where she had the advantage.

Nearly close enough to snatch Trace by the mane, Tamati stumbled to a halt at the mouth of her den. Its entrance was ample for her but tight for his muscular bulk. Chiding himself in a grumble, Tamati crawled into the den and stood when the rock opened up into a much more spacious cavern. All around and glistening in the light of a few torches were treasures assorted. To any adventurer seeking loot, it was a sight sure to inspire gluttonous greed.

All Tamati wanted back was his blade. He spied it dropped hastily near the cavern wall and he rushed to it. He nearly had his paw around its hilt with Trace dropped onto him from the above. In her paws was a hardwood bludgeon but she missed his skull and instead bashed his shoulder. The strike made Tamati yowl but it didn't debilitate him as Trace had hoped, and he slung the foxlike creature off. In a flash of anger, Tamati snapped up his sword and turned it on the thief.

"Now what do you have to say for yourself?" Tamati snapped, glowering at his foe. Even his tails expressed anger by lashing and whipping the air.

Trace dropped her hip dagger with a clatter and held up her paws, but in contrast to her surrender was her flirtatious smile. The kitsune grumbled and huffed before sheathing his weapon. He sat with his back to the wall and he tried uselessly to mend the cut strap. "I won't kill you," he said evenly, "even if you're a good-for-nothing thief."

The Zoroark smirked and put her paws on her hips. She and Tamati shared looks, Trace's playful and Tamati's smoldering. The vixen disappeared into her den and left Tamati to his devices for the moment. She returned soon with a new leather strap pilfered from another stolen item. Smiling apologetically, she knelt before Tamati and offered it to him with all the flair of presenting the golden fleece.

"Thank you," Tamati muttered. As he laced it up, he took a better look at Trace. It was something he berated himself for given the circumstances but he could never resist a beautiful lady. It helped that Trace reminded him immensely of Teyo with her great hips and, though Tamati was extrapolating from what he could see, her round ass. Given Trace's athleticism, her small breasts were a given. "Do you always give up so easily?" he smiled.

Trace shrugged and grinned. Tamati guessed that if she had a tail, it would have been swishing.

With the sheath repaired, Tamati set it aside and relaxed against the wall. Lustful though he was, beckoning Trace was too forward for his tastes. It wouldn't have offended the roguish Zoroark, however, and that was never more apparent than when she invited herself into his lap. Growling softly and with her most sultry of gazes, Trace caressed Tamati's cheeks and neck before dragging her fingers through his silver hair. Her snout was near his but Tamati kissed first.

"You're very beautiful," he admitted. Trace smiled devilishly and ground her hips into the kitsune's groin. Tamati huffed and wrapped his strong paws around the vixen's ass which he found to be quite generous indeed. "Lovely figure, too..."

Teased by the kitsune's kiss and spurred by his touch, Trace pushed her ass back into his paws. Through her weathered tunic, the curvature of her rear was readily apparent and the kitsune demonstrated his hunger for her hindquarters by groping her harder still. The most obvious sign of his arousal was his erection which swelled under her loins. She ground against it and grinned toothily when the scale of his meat became apparent.

"These trousers," he weakly chuckled, "are very constrictive."

Trace winked and smooched his cheek. She wriggled back and Tamati released her butt reluctantly. Freed from his touch, Trace unlaced the wanderer's fly and pulled his trousers off with a bit of cooperation from the kitsune. If she had known just how studly and hung Tamati was, she never would have pilfered his sword. The mere of his great black cock and its matching balls made her salivate and she put her damp mouth to work immediately.

Taut around the glans of Tamati's cock was a hood of foreskin and Trace wriggled her tongue under it. For her efforts, she received a bead of pre and a shuddering moan from the kitsune. He lay a paw on the back of her head and stroked through her lush purple mane. Perchance inspired by Tamati's affection, Trace grasped the kitsune's balls and caressed them. At the same time, she wrapped her lips around the wanderer's shaft. Its girth ruled out any skilled fellatio but she made due by suckling and smooching the broad head. That alone made Tamati's toes curl and tails swish.

For all she was worth, Trace suckled in her limited way and when she wasn't rubbing the kitsune's balls, she instead stroked his shaft which her drool ran down. As she worked on him, Tamati grew more bold. He soon reached around her body and groped her clothed breasts. Trace shivered and her sucking halted but resumed a moment later. However, as Tamati continued to fondle her, her concentration completely fell apart. With a sluttish little noise, the Zoroark pulled her lips back and looked up into his eyes.

"I would love," Tamati slyly smiled, "to see your rear."

Trace smiled with her typical mischief and pecked Tamati on the lips. Rather than undress, she offered herself to Tamati and the kitsune tugged her tunic up and off with noteworthy reverence. When he saw her naked body, Tamati licked his lips and rumbled lewdly. The vixen thief turned around slowly, deliberately making an event out of the big reveal.

When her fat, round ass came into full view, Tamati was hopelessly enamored. He gripped her furry cheeks and pried them apart. The purple pucker hidden within winked upon exposure to the cool air but Tamati gave it little time to chill. He pressed his handsome snout into her ass crack quickly and with a moan. As soon as his nose and lips mashed against her quivering anus, he began lapping and smooching to which the thief moaned and braced her paws on her knees.

Tamati relinquished her ass cheeks. They held his muzzle in a soft embrace wherein he could feel her heat and smell only her foxlike musk. He ate her puckered entrance as if he were starved for it, slathering the wrinkled flesh and the run of her perineum in equal amounts. Throughout his lustful antics, he squeezed her hips and slid his paws down her thighs. That she had a needful cunt was plainly meaningless to an ass fiend like Tamati. Trace seemed not to mind his fixation, however. Her face was a mask of pleasure with her tongue slopped out and her eyes rolled back. Her twat drizzled its moisture down her inner thighs and gradually filled the den with potent musk.

The kitsune's cock throbbed powerfully. It spat a wad of pre which drooled down its shaft and soaked into the fur of his balls. Tamati plucked his snout from between her cheeks and huffed across her crack. "What a perfect ass on you," he grumbled as he nosed shallowly along her ass crack. He stole another whiff of her musk and crooned, "Ride me."

As the Zoroark lowered herself into Tamati's lap, the kitsune thought she might use her pussy. It wasn't something he would have minded, but instead she gripped his cock and guided it to the well-slobbered pucker of her asshole. Tamati couldn't help but grin. As he entered the huffing, squirming Pokemon, he rumbled, "I'm actually quite glad you tried to steal from me..."

Trace sneered despite the pain. She kept pushing down, working Tamati's endowment deep into her ass. How she had the experience to do so would forever be a mystery, for Tamati didn't dare question the magic of the moment. He reverently stroked her belly and sometimes curled his fingers around her breasts whereat he tweaked her nipples. Like the rest of her flesh and her mane, her nipples were purple too.

Within a couple of minutes, Trace sat down in Tamati's lap flush. She sighed and reached up for the kitsune's head, and when she found it she rubbed his cheeks and purred to him.

"Will you be all right?" Tamati quietly asked with his chin atop her head. She nodded and then began to ride, perhaps to demonstrate. The saliva from their foreplay proved to be an effective lubricant. Her innards, soft as velvet but much more loving, slid smoothly along the kitsune's shaft. It brought both creature pleasure, Tamati received more for obvious reasons.

Soon Trace worked into a smooth and reasonably quick rhythm to which Tamati huffed and moaned. Hoping to return the pleasure, he abandoned her breasts and went instead for her cunt which he promptly buried his fingers in. Trace gasped and whined. An involuntary spasm saw her clench down on his penis. Going so taut around the kitsune didn't seem to cause her too much pain, but it halted her and left her quaking.

A big grin spread across the kitsune's face. While the girl was still, he pumped her pussy hard and fast and he squeezed her thigh with his free paw. "Only fair to give you back a little pleasure, isn't it?" he chuckled and rubbed her clit with his thumb. Before too much longer, Trace managed to get her trembling body moving again. She hindered Tamati's wonderful fingering but the damage was done. Her movements had become awkward and difficult, for her body resonated with pleasure. Too out of it to smoothly lower herself, the Zoroark took to roughly dropping into Tamati's lap. All the kitsune could do was rub her pussylips but even that made her legs tremble. Soft moans escaped her and her anus was swollen around the kitsune's shaft, but nothing could stop her.

Again and again, Trace dropped her round ass into the kitsune's lap. Tamati grunted and moaned along with her. His toes curled just as hers did and he rubbed her snatch all the while. He uttered some little warning about his climax to her, a uselessly truncated alert which she wouldn't have heeded anyway. When Tamati suddenly came and blasted his cum deep into her ass, Trace gasped in sharp, sudden pleasure of her own. Suddenly grimacing, Trace rammed her ass down with every fall, displacing the massive amounts of semen Tamati injected into her. She could hardly fathom the volume of his load, and her asshole couldn't hold it in. As she bucked and dropped, she leaked his thick mess around his cock. It soaked his loins and the den floor.

The pleasure came to a head for the thief too. She fell back against Tamati with a whine. His meat was still rock-hard inside of her and still disgorging its mighty load. Though huffing in the bliss of his orgasm and the onset of afterglow, Tamati fingered Trace roughly and squeezed a tit. Trace whimpered and bucked. She kicked the dirt with her feet and dug furrows in the ground. Ultimately, she erupted with a climax of her own and squirted hard around the kitsune's big fingers. Her legs were nearly spread-eagle and her spine arched as she howled into the cavern, braying her pleasure amid her pilfered treasures.

Tamati held her close and panted into her mane. As the pleasure wore thin, both felt the sweet fatigue of such a good fuck. Trace happily slackened against the wanderer's muscular chest and let loose a sigh. Tamati sighed too with a wide smile.

"That was... Mmf, I don't even have words for it," he chuckled. "Do you think you can show me the way out of this stinking swamp?"

Trace nodded, but neither made an effort to get up. They snoozed until morning and when Trace did at last lead Tamati out, she kissed his cheek as they stood at the edge of the swamp.

"Will I see you again if I come back this way?" the kitsune asked, smiling jauntily.

Trace mirrored his smile but offered no assurances. She winked and disappeared into the swamp's gnarled roots and trees.

When Tamati turned away and started down the road, he found that a jingling sack of gold plugs and coins had been slipped onto his person.

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