FPP Side Chapter: Come for Pizza, Cum for Freddy

Story by Ceeb on SoFurry

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#11 of Freddy Pimpbear's Pussy

Here's a Pimpbear side chapter for the lovely FA: martiigr5 which features her thick polar bear girl.

After following her nose to the smell of pizza, young and shy Martii has a meeting with papa bear Freddy himself. Needless to say, the Pimpbear gives her an experience she's gonna compare every other man to...Interested in featuring in a side chapter like this? All of the spruced-up and eager-to-please animatronics will be fair game for side chapters running $60 each. Note me for details!

Writing and concept (C) me

Martii and illustration (C) FA: martiigr5

Five Nights at Freddy's (C) Scott Cawthon

Naive misunderstandings and slight wanderlust led Martii into the red light district. Her shyness and inexperience in regards to sex made her timid, however she knew exactly what the neon signs were offering. XXX was clear in its meaning even to a bashful, chubby polar bear. But in a childly way, she enjoyed the lights and the noisy atmosphere. It was a rare tame night and no drunken altercations with bouncers spilled had out onto the street yet.

It was the name alone that pulled Martii to Freddy Pimpbear's Pussy. It made her giggle. She had a quick look at the tapestries hung in the front window showing off the talent. Martii was too straight to take much notice but a sign offering hot, fresh pizza got her attention. Wandering most of the evening had made her hungry.

Inside, the establishment reminded her of family pizzerias with its checkered tile and gaudy wallpaper. Framed photos and portraits of the talent hung on the walls in the small foyer and its hallway, giving it an air of showbiz. Just when Martii started to think that the pizza was a ruse, she caught a whiff of it and her stomach rumbled. She left the entryway quickly and stepped into the core room of the club. Much like the attitude outside, Freddy Pimpbear's Pussy was quiet that night. The music was low and though the lights were colorful, most of them were offline. A lovely white vixen worked one of the poles. Martii also saw another, thicker vixen with an eyepatch and a hook for a hand entertaining a guest whose lap she was seated across.

Martii's looks fit the vibrancy of the club. Her long aquamarine hair glistened when the light caught it just right and her pretty blue eyes matched those of the titular Freddy whose portrait she had seen here and there. He had a handsome face, she thought, but scary eyes, and she wondered if he was present. Her primary, if not sole concern was to get some food in her belly and she found the bar with a little luck.

After a quick chat with the bartender, Martii had her pizza and a glass of cola. That would have been it for her stay if not for the arrival of Freddy, the Pimpbear himself. He personally heralded his appearance with a boisterous proclamation, "Ladies, your genuine article papa Pimpbear is back!"

Martii turned to the ruckus and smiled thinly. All she had seen of Freddy in his portraits was his bust and his sleazy smile. Upon seeing the stout brown bear with his zebra-print coat and bulging speedo, she felt a little flutter of interest, but she denied it and turned back to her snack. That small seed of interest kept her mingling around after she finished eating.

The polar bear skirted the floor where the dancers entertained the guests. Instead of getting close to the action, she settled down on an empty sofa a ways away from the vixens and the other talent. She was content to take in the atmosphere and tap her foot to the music, yet the animatronics were compelled to dote on the wallflowers.

Given that the others were occupied and that Martii was plainly female, the task of probing her fell to the papa bear. Freddy neared from the side and took a seat next to her as he politely cooed, "Pardon me, girl."

"Oh, it's all right," Martii murmured as she scooted away. Freddy reached for her leg and splayed his paw across it, halting her. She slowly looked back to the brown bear and met his smile with an awkward little one of her own. "Yes, sir...?"

"Please allow me to introduce myself," Freddy winked, but instead of declaring himself a man of wealth and taste, he gave the shy polar bear his full self-proclaimed title: "I happen to be Freddy Pimpbear, papa bear of the Pimpbear patriarchy." And then he crooned, "And just what, I gotta ask, is a fine girl like you doing sitting all by her lonesome?"

"Just listening to the music," Martii uncertainly answered. "And looking around, I guess." She realized how quietly she was speaking and scooted closer to Freddy. She would later admit that she used the excuse to move nearer to him.

"Well, now, that doesn't sound very exciting," Freddy winked. He tapped his cane aimlessly on the floor. The paw he'd splayed on her leg stroked up and down casually. Martii set both her paws upon his and covered only a decent portion of it. "Mayhaps you wanna tell papa bear what it is he can do for you?"

"I wouldn't want to impose," she responded.

"Baby, baby," Freddy purred, "despite what it is you may think what with this being my den of debauchery, it's all about you. So tell me, in just as much explicit detail as you would like, what it is that the Pimpbear can do to make you happy." After a moment of blushing, smiling silence from the polar bear, Freddy offered up a few suggestions. "You like to play your own team? I know a girl or two who'd be perfect for you. Or maybe you want a sweet boy, that timid boytoy experience? We've got--," he was saying when Martii put her paws on his snout. She rubbed his big, rubbery jowls playfully.

"I like boys," she answered with a small smile.

Freddy smiled like a car salesman. He slowly dragged his tongue over his thick lips as he considered. "Now, what kind of boys, honey? Little sweet ones? Or..." He squeezed her thigh quite firmly. "How's about big ol' burrs who know what they want?"

"Aha," Martii giggled, "bears... Definitely bears."

The Pimpbear smiled wide enough to show his teeth. "Walk with me, babe." And she did. Martii went along with Freddy to the VIP rooms, pressed against his flank and under his coat the whole way. "Papa bear's gonna show you a good time, girl..."

Freddy took his quiet client into his personal room. None of the animatronics needed to sleep, but they all had personalized domains in which to thrill their guests. Even the sheltered polar bear knew she was looking at the gaudy den of a bona fide pimp. The purple striped bed sheets, the additional animal-print coats on dressing dummies and the framed golden cane on the wall made the room so over-the-top that Martii giggled and buried her face in her paws.

"What're you giggling about?" Freddy playfully asked. He locked the door and propped his cane in the corner. The polar bear uncovered her face just as Freddy was stripping off the coat and shedding the top hat, but the bowtie stayed and so did the speedo for the moment. Grinning big and wide, Freddy held his arms somewhat out and apart. Taking the hint, Martii pressed close to his great stomach and nuzzled into his fur. Freddy hugged her and petted down her back with a growl.

"You're so big," Martii cooed.

"Oh, yeah, you're gonna be saying that again," Freddy snickered. "And hey, you still haven't told papa bear what you want, babe."

Martii pulled away from Freddy and set her paws on his hips. Though sheepish, Martii knew exactly what she wanted from Freddy and she perused the bulge in his black speedo with a grin. If she was waiting for Freddy to take the hint, he did no such thing. Rather, he petted down her head and through her smooth hair, but he left his speedo where it was.

"Nice hair, honey," he cooed.

"Thank you," Martii replied with a blush. "Is it okay if I... If, um, I touch?"

"Is it okay?" Freddy snorted. "My little doll, my little sugarcube, it's fucking encouraged!" the big bear laughed.

Martii trailed her eyes up Freddy's burly body and then down again. She reached for the primary lump in his speedo and clutched it. Something about Freddy was off, but she couldn't quite figure out what. It was in fact his cold temperature: the animatronics had no way to warm themselves. Martii ignored her worries and kneaded Freddy's cock bulge in one paw, his thick balls with the other. As she fondled him, his package throbbed and he rumbled pleasurably. A moment later he gyrated into her paws, and not long after that, his cock filled out the speedo even more impressively.

As the size of Freddy's penis became apparent if only in vague outline, Martii's cheeks flushed red and her loins began to moisten. She wiggled her stubby tail and boldly pulled Freddy's speedo out and down. Martii expected a pink cock. Seeing that Freddy's was black as tar made her smile dreamily. "Oh... Gosh, what a nice color," she answered, sounding short of breath.

"As if the Pimpbear is gonna pack anything but a big, black fuckstick," Freddy smirked. His cock stood at half-mast, and even then, its size was terrible. Martii's careful fondling of its flesh helped it swell even more and it throbbed urgently for greater attention still. A bead of lifelike pre dropped from the tip and with it came heady ursine musk. Freddy petted her head again, but never in a way she found condescending. "What do you think, babe? Am I the real deal or what?"

"Yikes, it's big," Martii huffed. "I've never--, I haven't, you know," she shivered. "This is the biggest thing I've ever touched."

"I hear it all the time, baby," cooed the pimp. "Those legs of yours are looking a little weak, how's about we take this to the bed where it belongs?"

Martii was indeed weak-kneed. Freddy's musk and shape were firing up instincts which she hadn't felt in ages. The girl sat on the edge of Freddy's plush bed but she squeaked when it shifted. It was a water mattress and Freddy informed her as such with a playful laugh.

"Oh..." Martii said, feeling embarrassed. She eased back onto the bed as Freddy dropped the speedo. He joined her carefully, but he still upset the bed considerably. Martii had little choice but to notch in against his fat body, though she hardly minded being so cozy with him.

"Hey," Freddy gently said. He smooched her on the cheek and growled, "I took my clothes off for you. Papa bear doesn't get to see your titties, huh?"

The polar bear giggled sweetly and shyly. She pulled away from Freddy and wiggled out of the well he made in the water bed. Standing at the edge and facing the Pimpbear, she first peeled her sweater up and off. Below were her full breasts in an unflattering white bra. As soon as she removed that, she looked immensely more youthful.

Freddy stayed flat on his back and he watched Martii strip with his head cocked and his fingers interlaced over his gut. His cock stood up tall and hard without the benefit of fluffing strokes. "Nice jugs, girl," Freddy lewdly murmured.

"Thanks," Martii replied in kind as she tended to her jeans next. Surprisingly, her panties didn't match her dull bra: they were lacy and purple, and a filigree of silver thread outlined the floral patterns. Martii tugged them down slowly not for the sake of a show but in shyness. The crotch of the panties stuck to her pussylips, inverting the garment on its way down and demonstrating her wetness. "I hope you don't mind," Martii said with a slight frown.

"Mind what? What's to mind? You're a real babe if this Pimpbear's ever seen one," Freddy grinned with no feigned interest.

"Well, I'm a little chubby," Martii shamefully admitted. It was clear to see that she was, but in no unpleasant way. Her slight fat added greatly to her curves. Her hips in particular gave Freddy reason to smack his jowls and he did.

"I noticed," the Pimpbear replied. "And I still wanna fuck your brains out."

Martii's cheeks flushed more brightly than ever. She rejoined Freddy on the bed and asked, "How should I lay?"

"Like this, lover-girl," Freddy cooed as he moved her just where he liked. Under Freddy's tutelage and strong, insistent paws, Martii ended up with her face against the brown bear's package and her round ass near his snout. It was a classic sixty-nine and Freddy expressed his appreciation for her thick, round ass when he nuzzled the cheeks and gave them a squeeze. "Nice ass, nice tits... Damn, girl, you pretty much got it all," Freddy chuckled.

As Freddy loved upon her rear, Martii tensed and huffed. She gave him the benefit of the doubt and started on his swollen cock by kissing and nuzzling its flesh exploratively. She held his fat balls and kneaded them carefully, oftentimes raking her blunt claws through his coarse fur. Giving the big bear pleasure which he vocally enjoyed pleased Martii herself.

"Atta girl," Freddy puffed against her behind. He nuzzled the top of her ass crack and kissed her little tuft of a tail, but then he went more explicitly for her ass proper. Freddy pulled her ass cheeks apart and bared her little pink asshole to the cool air. Virginal and even shyer than Martii herself, it clenched and winked. Martii gasped and looked back at Freddy with wide eyes and blushing cheeks. Papa bear gave her anal entrance a few licks and kisses before he noticed her tension. "Don't wanna go there, babe?"

"No, no I don't," Martii timidly answered. Freddy unhanded her rump cheeks and nosed lower instead, against her pussy. "I've never done anal stuff before... I don't think I want to, either."

"All good, baby, it's all good," Freddy jovially remarked. "Now let's give this hot little box a taste, shall we?" he growled. The very next moment, he slopped his huge tongue across her snatch. Martii was immediately helpless. Left curling her toes and nuzzling uselessly into Freddy's cock, the polar bear was completely at his mercy. Freddy was, thankfully, a charitable lover. He held onto Martii's plush rump cheeks for leverage as he snacked on her wet cunt. One lap after another made her wetter and wetter and not exclusively from his saliva. Her vaginal flesh started to imperceptibly swell and throb. The smell of her musk heightened and it occurred to Freddy's keen robotic nose in all its luscious detail.

"Ooh, oh, yes," Martii whimpered. She tried to enjoy Freddy's cock but managed only some lollipop licks. Pre ran down its shaft in copious runners. Martii focused her efforts on lapping that up, for she had come to savor Freddy's musk. "Your tongue feels so-o-o good," she shuddered. "I've never felt like this before. I love it."

"That's the idea, honey," Freddy said in a muffled voice. With every slobbery slurp across Martii's cunt, his nose lifted her hindquarters slightly. Martii felt guilty for the fact that she never got around to gratifying the Pimpbear. To a hungry stud like Freddy, however, tasting her was more than enough of a pleasure.

Over and over and with a measureless supply of goopy drool, Freddy slathered Martii's pussy. His sticky jowls brushed her inner thighs and sometimes got stuck on her cuntlips, but it was all a good time for the chubby bears. Martii crooned and writhed atop Freddy and though she didn't realize it, her self-consciousness was dissipating. No shyness could last under such vigorous application of Freddy's tongue.

Martii gripped Freddy's cock with rare assertiveness and stroked its wet length. She found that the cool flesh glided easily under her paw pads and the throbbing mass of it pleased her on principle. But then, as ever, it was Freddy's heavy musk which appealed to her the most. Her being a bear made it easy for his synthetic musk to lure her in with promises of breeding. The copious moisture she drizzled onto his tongue was testament to the effectiveness of his scent.

It was Freddy whom grew bored of the cunnilingus first. He bucked into Martii's paw a few times as he weaned his tongue off of her pussy. Nuzzling into the curve of an ass cheek, he slyly asked, "You want papa bear to fuck your little pussy now, sugar?"

Ten minutes before, Martii's reply would have come only after much fidgeting and deliberation. Freddy's charisma was infectious, however, and although Martii wasn't a magnetic pimp, she confidently said, "Yes I do."

Martii rolled off of Freddy and onto the shifting bed. This time she didn't wait for or request guidance. The pudgy girl knew just what she wanted. Down on the floor where things were much more stable, she dropped to her paws and knees and presented her hind-end as nature intended. "Have me like this," she huffed.

"Papa Pimpbear approved," gushed Freddy as he knelt behind the polar bear. He gripped his fat black bearcock and brushed the glans against her pussylips quickly. "You might feel," he smiled, "a slight prick."

The polar bear giggled shyly. She wanted to reply but nothing clever came to mind. In lieu of a witty remark, she nudged back against Freddy and whispered, "Be careful with me, please..."

"Oh, of course, girl," Freddy purred. "Papa bear has the utmost respect for pretty pink pussies such as your own, princess," he added for the sake of alliteration. Slowly and surely, Freddy eased it forward and spread the girl open. Martii winced and opened her legs further. She gripped the shag carpet and similarly curled her toes into its fibers.

"Deep breaths, baby, real deep breaths," Freddy cooed. When he felt Martii was too snug for him to keep muscling it in, he pulled back a few inches and tried again. Working into her in such a way did the trick, but the going was slow and her huffs and whines were frequent.

"It's so big," Martii winced. "Almost too big..."

"Almost," Freddy uttered. "But you'll like it, honey, you'll definitely like it," he reassured as he continued the plunge. Around the three-quarter mark, he leaned over her and held himself up with a paw. Its twin rose to the polar bear's chest where he fondled her lovely tits. Martii gasped in pleasure and set her paw over his.

At last Martii was acclimating to the Pimpbear's cock, but only well after it bottomed out inside of her. His coldness was yet unsettling but so was it a fascinating sensation. Besides his temperature, she loved feeling his balls against her thighs. It was bliss to feel his hips squishing her chubby butt. She turned her head to look at him and he dropped down lower so she didn't have to strain. "You can fuck me," she uttered, punctuating with a kiss on the cheek.

Freddy rumbled in arousal and thumbed her nipple. "You got it," he cooed, and then he started up. Keeping in line with Martii's inexperience, Freddy worked himself up slowly, but the thrusts themselves were harsh. It took a great deal of force to work such a big cock into so tight a hole but the bear had experience in such matters. Martii was already taking to it well. Freddy's cock imposed upon her a delicious stretch but the pleasure superseded the pain altogether. She moaned softly and frequently rocked her ass back against him. Freddy rightly took that as a cue to give it to her faster.

"How you liking it, sugar?" Freddy crooned. His body may have been enormous and rather fat, but he was am agile and skillful lay. Martii was thrilled by his technique and every throb of his big, cold cock.

"You're good, just so good," Martii bleated. "Go faster...!"

"Little lady knows what she wants," sneered Freddy. "I like it." He fucked Martii with growing vigor, fucking her quickly but with his careful skill. He squeezed her tits firmly but never too hard, merely enough to dimple her flesh a bit, and he flicked her nipples often. He nosed into her hair and huffed, frizzing it cutely.

"Uhn, yes, ye-e-es," Martii whimpered. She clenched her eyes and gripped the carpet harder than ever with her fingers and toes. Said grip was nothing next to how her pussy wrenched down on Freddy. It was obvious that her body longed to milk the Pimpbear for everything he was worth.

Freddy himself began grunting and shuddering due to Martii's new tightness. Her hot, damp walls welcomed his man-made load in a way so unlike all the boys he fucked on a daily basis. It was so uncommon for him to fuck a real, living woman that he'd nearly forgotten what a joy they were, and that led Freddy to suddenly bray with pleasure. He was cumming, and nobody was more surprised than he.

The papa bear busted one hell of a nut in Martii. He could control the size of his loads if he was paying attention, but his release into Martii startled him. As he yowled and grunted through a few more short bucks, he gave the polar bear every last drop of his thick, lifelike semen. He voided his balls and the mess he made in her was truly staggering.

Martii gasped and whined when she realized Freddy was blowing his load inside of her. She wanted to protest, for she had no desire to sire Freddy's cubs, but her body had just gotten what it was after. While quaking and curling her toes, Martii erupted with an orgasm of her own. A powerful squirt washed over the Pimpbear's buried cock and drooled out along with the copious fake cum which her vaginal passage simply couldn't hold. As the enormity of her release hit her, she fell slack against the carpet with a small, winded sound. Freddy's cock popped out of her and continued to drool its dregs, this time on her ass for a particularly lewd feeling.

Freddy fell over beside Martii. He lie there on his back as his erection slowly waned. "Sorry about nutting in you," he chuckled breathlessly. "You can wash up in the bathroom, I got one right here in my suite."

"That's the last thing on my mind," Martii grimly said. "I'm not on... You know," she uneasily stammered. "I don't take the pill or anything like that, I-I don't expect to have sex."

Papa bear quirked up a smile. "Sugar, sugar, my sexy little sugar bowl," Freddy tutted, "it isn't real."

"Isn't real?" Martii asked, clearly not understanding.

"It's not real. I'm not real. Man-made Synthetic."

"...What?" Clearly the polar bear didn't understand. Freddy sat up and pulled her close. She contentedly sat across his lap, though she was bashful of the mess she leaked into his fur.

"I guess you missed the signs out front," Freddy chuckled. He explained everything to her. When he was through, Martii stared at him very strangely indeed, and she understood now why he was cold. She would, however, always treasure the memory of her time at Freddy Pimpbear's Pussy.

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