The Teasing Vines

Story by Ceeb on SoFurry

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#72 of Pokemon

I don't write a lot of lesbian porn, the reason being that girl-on-girl doesn't interest me, but I am very happy with this piece. :O It's some F/F goodness for Cracker! He wanted a story based on this image he did:

Writing (C) me

Saff, Rina and thumbnail art (C) FA: cracker.

Pokemon (C) Nintendo

Saff was ready for the knock at the door. She tried to be considerate of her parents who were by no means elderly, but who worked hard and could do without getting up to answer the door when one of her friends showed up to study.

That, at least, was her cover story when they asked why she lingered near the door like an expectant father outside a maternity ward. The true reason was due to her friend's abrasive personality. It was never like Rina to outright say hi, fuck you when the door opened, but it was something Saff secretly worried about. Saff once opened up about this fear but Rina laughed in her face and brushed her off. If I did that, she had said, I wouldn't be able to check out your dad's ass anymore. Saff still wondered if Rina had been serious about that or not. She couldn't objectively say if her dad had a nice behind or not.

She peeked through the peephole for the third time that minute and finally saw her friend through the tiny lens. She opened the door quickly and said nothing as Rina entered. Saff's parents thought their daughter was being rude but Rina thought greetings any more involved than an acknowledging nod were unnecessary since they met to study almost every night.

"Ready to learn?" Rina asked, brushing forcefully against Saff. The lighter but taller Ivysaur stumbled back a step, forced away by Rina's dense Nidorina frame.

Saff shut the door and smiled at her friend. "I am if you are. But I hope I'm not the only one working on the report this time."

"Hey, I couldn't help that one," Rina snapped, jabbing a finger into Saff's chest. "Have you ever had an inflamed poison gland? My mom wouldn't quit panicking about it. Pretty sure the people she bowled over getting me into the emergency room were hurt more than me." The Nidorina grinned. "But no-o-o, you wouldn't know what that's like. All you have are those gross... tentacles."

From behind the leafy plumage on Saff's back, a thin green vine swam through the air to the wall and switched off the yard light. "You're jealous. And I do happen to have poison glands."

Saff's father was a tall Venusaur whose toned muscles were hidden under deceptive dad flab. He stepped into the entryway, smiled at Rina. "Hello Rina. You're looking much more healthy tonight. I see all that swelling is gone." He gave the Nidorina a pat on the shoulder with an enormous hand and then gave his daughter a kiss on the cheek. "Saff, honey, I'm heading to bed. Been a long day. You girls try and keep it down, all right?"

"Night, papa."

"Don't worry, I'll keep her quiet," Rina promised, and winked at him.

The Venusaur grinned. He patted Rina's shoulder again, this time firmly enough that the girl stumbled. "Glad to have you on the payroll, Rina. Night, girls."

As Saff's father ambled up the stairs, Rina made a point of tracking his ass with a conspicuous turn of her head. The Ivysaur coughed to stifle a laugh and swatted at Rina. "Quit it!" she hissed.

Rina grinned and shrugged to say wha-a-at? When Saff's father was completely out of sight, Rina leaned close and said, "I got something cool in my bag. Let's go upstairs, you're gonna love this."

"Sure," Saff quietly said, but she was dreading whatever Rina had in store. Louder, "Mom, Rina and I are gonna go upstairs."

From the living room came a polite voice. "Will you be sleeping over, honey? We already had dinner."

Saff glanced at Rina. The Nidorina answered, "I was hoping on staying if it's cool with you, yeah. My mom gave me some pizza money."

"You know you can stay here anytime, sweetie."

Rina smirked at Saff. "Your folks are nice. C'mon, let's go."

Saff's vines closed the bedroom door for her; she did not need to look to do this. Being of a practical mind, a nerd as Rina labeled her, her first words were, "We ought to get our work done before we goof off. Mrs. Gyara isn't someone I want to upset."

"Oh, please," Rina scoffed, sliding off the straps to her book bag. She sat on the edge of the bed, bag cradled in her lap, and unzipped its main pouch. As Rina pushed aside rumpled worksheets, Saff moved closer and looked cautiously into the bag as if it might contain some horror ready to jump out at her. What the Nidorina pulled out was surprising but not horrifying.

"Gosh, Rina," Saff whispered, staring at the damp six pack her friend held up. "We're too young for that," she said, cheeks red as beets. "I'm only eighteen..."

"And so am I, omigawsh, the police are gonna bust down that door any. Second. Now." She grinned toothily at Saff. "You gonna go flush the hooch or what? You wanna go to the big house?"

The Ivysaur frowned. "Oh, quit it," she said. This was as firm as she ever got. Rina never pushed her much after this threshold; it was no fun when she was passive all the way down. Rina only pushed past what was acceptable when she got enough resistance. "I guess give me one. Since you went to the trouble of bringing it here..."

"That's the spirit," said the Nidorina, pulling two cans off the plastic rings. She opened the cans underneath Saff's comforter to mask the distinctive snap-hiss of an opening can, then handed one off to Saff.

Rina drank from hers as easily as drinking a can of soda. When Saff drank from hers, her face soured, lips puckering. "Oh, that's nasty, how do people drink this?"

"You get used to it," Rina chuckled. She pursed the beer can between her chubby thighs and went back into her bag. Next she came out with a few magazines, all of them badly creased and clearly well-loved. Lovely male Pokemon leered from the covers.

The Ivysaur sipped her beer again and hated it. She took a few big gulps then, choking down as much as possible just to get rid of it. The airy feeling of a buzz was starting to tickle her already, making her feel light on her feet and clumsy in her movements. Her tentacles helped to steady her. Their movements were like reflexes and were not made awkward by the beer.

Saff ended up sitting on the floor, facing Rina who was still sitting on the bed. Her eyes fell on a magazine and her tentacles brought it to her. From its cover, a Lucario with bedroom eyes and a thin smile on his snout leered seductively at Saff. His body was muscular in a compact way. The image of him terminated just above the waist. Rare Candy was the title of the magazine and it promised in a blurb, Luis unleashes more than just his aura for all to see.

"Rina, where'd you get the-e-ese?" Saff asked as she flicked slowly through the pages. "These are-, jeez. This is-, this is pornography."

The Nidorina, already on her second beer, held a magazine so its centerfold flopped out. A Nidoking with a bodybuilder's physique and a porn star's long, but presently flaccid phallus flexed before her, one eye caught in a wink with a toothy smirk on his face. This was one of her favorites. Rina still hadn't bothered to read what his name was but she would have fucked him silly in an instant.

"Mm? I stole 'em," she answered quietly. She pursed her legs tightly; the wetness was there and the beer was making it worse. Exactly why had she brought a bunch of beer and porn to her friend's house? "Uh, except this one, actually. I bought this one. And stole the others while I was buying it."

Saff shook her head. She took another beer and quite liked the buzz she was feeling even though she believed beer tasted like water filtered through a dirty sock. She pictured the process and started to giggle. "Rina, what do you-? Do you... use these things?" As she asked this question, she flipped the page over onto the beginning of Luis' photo shoot. Just a glimpse of the Lucario's large and uncircumcised penis awoke in her the same wet arousal Rina was suffering through. "Oh, gosh."

"What, you mean like, fingering to this stuff? Yeah, I guess so," Rina muttered. "Hey, look at this guy. Look. He's gonna be my husband," she said, waggling the Nidoking centerfold in Saff's face.

Saff made a rude noise and laughed. "No, look at this guy. He's gonna be my husband."

"Luis, yeah, he's hot I guess," Rina conceded. "But man, he's got nothing on this hunk. Shit."

They both gawped their way through the magazines and each put away three beers, depleting the supply. Even without more beer, they continued ogling naked men with handsome penises and tight ass cheeks. Rina sidled up to her friend and said, "Hey Saff. Hey. Your dad-."

"Gross," Saff grunted.

"No-o-o," Rina replied, snickering - but man, she would have taken a bite of him. He had a gorgeous ass for a middle-aged guy. "Your dad's got a liquor cabinet, I've seen it. Go get us something, c'mon."

Saff looked at Rina as if she had never heard anything so objectionable in all her life. "What? I could never do that!"

"Sure you can. You can do it. Or I can do it and end up sitting on your dad's face totally by mistake, it's up to you," Rina said with a shrug and a big, naughty grin.

That was it for Saff. She sighed and stood up. She felt wobbly but her tentacles helped her out, their bud-like tips slithering along the wall and on the carpet to brace her. She opened the door and peeked out, imagining herself now as a spy. Dad snored to the right. She counted: one, two, three-. He snored again, and then there was mom, her snore more of a trill. So they were both asleep. Saff wished they weren't because it would give her an excuse to feign a trip to the bathroom and come back empty-handed.

Saff walked slowly down the hall and downstairs. She needed no light to get around the house but the liquor cabinet was virgin territory to her. One of her vines flicked a switch and a light came on above the liquor cabinet. It was a mellow, dim light which didn't shine near the stairs.

While she rummaged gently through the bottles, she thought about Luis again. The Nidoking had been sexy, sure, but the Lucario really got her going. She slithered a hand under her pants, touched herself, shivered. Quickly she went back to the liquor cabinet and selected something called schnapps. The label said it was peppermint-flavored. Saff loved peppermint so it seemed like a good choice. For her second choice she picked a bottle of vodka. Vodka she knew about only because it smelled like a harsh chemical whenever dad had it open. She shut the cabinet and her vine turned off the light switch.

The Ivysaur reentered the room looking like a fugitive on the run. The bottles under shirt made her appear lumpy and deformed until she took them out. Rina snickered as she took the bottles, saying, "Whoa, for a sec there I thought you actually grew some tits."

Saff knew Rina was intensely jealous of her own mother's figure. She was much too polite to make note of the irony. "Will those work? There was so much in there."

"So much, you say," Rina remarked coyly. She spun the cap off the vodka and took a slug of it warm and straight. She shuddered as it sizzled its way down her throat. "Jeez, that's a lot stiffer than beer! Wow."

The Ivysaur giggled at the blush rising in her friend's cheeks. She twisted the cap off of the schnapps and sniffed it. To her delight, it smelled like candy; there was practically no liquor smell to it. As a result, her first gulp was a massive one. It burned a little going down but the taste of peppermint was powerful. She smiled broadly and said, "This is really good, try it."

They swapped bottles. Rina took a huge swig of the schnapps. Saff sniffed the vodka and decided not to have any of it. She sat back down in the floor, picked up one of the magazines. On its cover was a Venusaur and that embarrassed Saff because it was a bit like looking at her father. Except her father was not a chiseled sex god who could curl his vines into the shape of a heart right above his groin. She checked the centerfold and the sight of it made her feel very hot. In the centerfold was the same Venusaur from the cover. He was lying in a bed of wildflowers and vibrant grass, his penis flaccid on his belly, its length amazing even in this state.

"Gosh," Saff shuddered, licking her lips and wiping sweat from her forehead.

Rina floundered onto the bed, swam up to its edge, and looked over Saff's shoulder. "Oh yeah, him, he's fucking yummy. Now you see why I wanna bone your da-a-ad. Go to the next page, look what he's doing with his vines."

Saff delicately folded the centerfold back in and moved to the next page. Here was the Venusaur with a Sceptile lady whose statuesque curves contrasted neatly with the Venusaur's hunky bulk. In a vulgar cutaway of their love scene, his thick tentacles were deep in the Sceptile's ass while his penis plunged into her cunt. The vines spread her open, offering a glimpse of pink inside. Saff went back a page and saw the Sceptile being teased by a pair of those vines, one slithering across the lips of her vulva and its twin rubbing a nipple using its bud-like tip.

"He's very-," Saff struggled for a word.

"Hot as fuck, he's very hot as fuck," Rina said. She grinned and shoved Saff. "I bet you could do that with your tentacles, your vines, whatever. Betcha betcha betcha cou-u-uld."

The Ivysaur batted her eyelashes not amorously, but in ladylike surprise. Well I never! this expression said, but her heart was beating quickly, lurching into little palpitations she suffered whenever she was exceptionally horny. Saff was shy about the subject of sex, being a virgin on all fronts, though she wasn't a stranger to masturbation. She did not, however, touch herself often. A cocktail of built-up desire and lowered inhibitions drew her closer to Rina who began to slip out of the t-shirt and sweat pants covering her chubby little body. She did this silently, her interest in Saff implicit in her sudden nudity.

Is this why dad calls liquor idiot sauce? Saff thought as she pulled her shirt slowly upwards and off, taking care to pull it over the winglike leaves which grew elegantly down her back and terminated in a short tail. Her breasts were small - even smaller than Rina's which weren't even handfuls. Despite their adulthood, their bodies had an immature quality. Saff was as developed as she would ever be though Rina would eventually achieve some of the same motherly thickness of her often lusted-after Nidoqueen mom. Until then she was cursed to suffer comparisons to boys.

Still in panties and a bra barely above training size, the Ivysaur pressed tentatively to Rina's proffered form. The booze made them both so hot that they were sweating but the heat felt nice. Her ruby eyes darted down to the Nidorina's loins, saw the familiar structure of her vulva and the wetness between its lips, and looked quickly up at the ceiling. The twinge of lust she felt was much the same as the feelings she had for the handsome Lucario in the magazine but where that was wholesome heterosexual desire, this was a burst of lesbian hunger. No way it's just the liquor, no way... am I a lesbian? Am I bisexual?

Rina interrupted Saff's internal conflict with a kiss. It was shallow and gentle, Rina seeming uncertain despite her grin and her total nudity. "Kiss me," she whispered drunkenly to Saff. Her hands found Saff's hips, pudgy fingers feeling over slim curves and the fabric of panties. "Kiss me-e-e."

Saff closed her eyes and opened her lips barely. The kiss was brief, just a brush of lips and a whisper of tongues. Rina's blush deepened and her grin widened. Her chubby digits slithered underneath Saff's panties and brushed over the Ivysaur's pussylips. "You're so wet," Rina tittered, keeping her voice conspiratorially low. "Y'like doing it with girls?"

"I-I think I do, maybe," Saff murmured, her cheeks as red as the top of a Pokeball. She nuzzled up to Rina with her short snout, pecked the Nidorina on the lips, sighed. "What do we do...?"

"Whatever," Rina said, shrugging. Her fingertips dragged up and down the split of her friend's labia, paying no special mind to the dark blue flesh inside and touching the clitoris and its hood only incidentally. "You're so wet. Like, really wet."

"Am I?" Saff asked her, then bit her lip. Saff was a considerably damp girl when she got going but she had no idea it was remarkable; she had nobody to compare herself to. "Are you wet?"

Rina giggled. She pulled back her fingers, settled further into the pillows at the head of the bed and pulled apart the lips of her own pussy to expose deep, wet pink.

Saff rocked back on her knees, steadying herself with her vines as if they were outriggers. Her eyes fell on the soaked lips of her friend's spread vagina and her blush deepened. A feeling of ambivalence, a mixture of desire and revulsion, thundered through her drunk head.

"See for yourself," the Nidorina teased, her voice girlish but her grin devilish. "Use those fucking tentacles on me... or your tongue. I'd be cool with either."

"My tongue? Gross," Saff blurted, but she was actually considering a taste of her friend. Her virginal mind and body were hungry to try out another willing body and clearly she did not mind if it belonged to a man or a woman, but to taste Rina when she was so bashful about even a kiss seemed strange. Her tentacles, however, were much less personal to her. She compelled them to reach out of her bulb, to slither and coil around the Nidorina's thighs like the loping vines they were. Their tips began to nudge into the humid pink yawn of Rina's vagina.

Immediately Rina hissed and rolled back her eyes. Saff looked at her with well-meaning concern before thinking better of it. "Is that good?" asked Saff quietly, willing the tentacles in deeper and more firmly. They slithered slowly inside of Rina's snug vagina, two moving in unison but shifting and squirming on an around each other. Their lengths ended up spiraling into a loose braid and together they pushed into the Nidorina with the firmness of a pair of long fingers.

Rina bit her lip and closed her eyes tightly. A smile spread wide across her features. Squeezing her kneecaps and clawing ruts into her hide, Rina squeaked, "Oh shit, that's good, that's good!"

"Shhh!" Saff urged before falling deathly silent herself. A soft snore; another, slightly whistling snore. Dad and mom were still sound asleep, thank goodness. What would they say if they saw this? The idea of being busted horrified Saff - but it caused her a rush of pleasure, too. She reached under panties and dug two fingers into herself. Softly she began to pant.

Despite being more vegetable than flesh, Saff's tentacles had nerve endings and she could feel with great clarity all of the textures and wetness and warmth of her friend's vagina. The buds of the vines brushed all the way to the back of the Nidorina's pussy, sweeping gently over the orifice of the cervix. At this, Rina winced and clapped her hands around her mouth with a smack. Her eyes rolled back and Saff caught the dreamy smile on the very corners of her mouth around her stifling hands.

It delighted Saff to make her friend feel so good. Two more tentacles loosed themselves from the bulb on her back and these too curled around Rina's body. Instead of thighs, these coiled the Nidorina's chest, circling small tomboy breasts, tips resting on pert nipples. Her vines groped Rina's breasts and twiddled the nipples. Rina crooned and trembled, her body fully recessed into the pillows.

Saff's vines withdrew slowly from Rina's vagina, their diameter somewhat bloated from the moisture they encountered. Rina looked at her, silently begging her to continue, and the delicate Ivysaur found that this control was intoxicating in a way distinct from the liquor. Saff would never exactly be a dominatrix but she took pleasure from giving pleasure. A smile creased her pretty lips.

"Do you like that?" she whispered, then tittered all but silently. She inclined herself before outright falling onto her belly. Hardly bothered by her lack of balance, Saff nuzzled into her original goal: Rina's loins. She smelled the Nidorina's vagina and the soft pheromones it gave off. The smell of pussy was new and peculiar to her, in fact almost repugnant because of its slightly fishy scent, but Saff found it attractive in a way difficult to explain. She pressed her mouth to Rina's pussylips. First she gave it a gentle kiss but was firmer now than when Rina had kissed her on the face.

"Oh, eat me out, eat me the fuck ou-u-ut," Rina whined, staring down past her small breasts enveloped in thin but strong vines. She looked at Saff's pretty, reddened face and grinned. "Keep going, come o-o-on Saff..."

Rina had been eaten out only once. An Eevee she had dated months before had given her her first and only taste of cunnilingus and then they'd had fairly disappointing sex. The experience was heavy on her mind now, but so far nothing about Saff had been disappointing. Rina was, like the Ivysaur, wondering now if she was a lesbian or at least leaned towards women on the bisexual spectrum.

The first lick was the hardest. Saff's tongue swept over Rina's labia and she found the taste unremarkable but the act exciting in a way which was hard to pin down. She licked again and again. Each lick was firmer than the last, her confidence rising with every slurp. Another lick and another, and then another which saw her tongue begin to part the lips. She touched the folds with her free vines and pulled them apart to bare a pink expanse ripe for the tasting.

Saff's cunnilingus was sloppy but so much more rewarding than Rina's first experience with the act. Saff was plainly into what she was doing; it was not a matter of hastily repaying an earlier blowjob as if it were a sterile transaction.

"Ooh, oohmigosh," gasped Rina, who then bit her hand to silence herself. A droplet of blood rolled down the heel of her hand. "Mmm! Mmh-mmm," she moaned around a mouthful of herself. She reached down to her loins and fingered herself, pushing into and tweaking the hooded button of her clit.

Rina's masturbation drew Saff's tongue where it was needed. Saff knew the clitoris was a good thing to play with because all of her own orgasms were clitoral. She licked up, over the button and its velvet pink hood. Then she smacked her lips around it and gave it a suck which nearly drove Rina wild. The poisonous Pokemon squealed into her bitten hand and her loins tensed, vagina snugging down and anus winking.

Releasing her hand, Rina whimpered out the words, "Get-, get over me, Saff, get on me. Oh shit, get your panties off, I want you naked, Saff."

"Yes. Yes," Saff agreed in a somewhat unsteady voice. Goodness, what am I doing right now? Her vines hastily released Rina, all four retracting into the bulb like tape measures. She flopped back on the bed and unclasped her bra, loosing small breasts. She tried to pull down her panties but Rina, unsatisfied with the speed with which her friend disrobed, yanked them down and tossed them hatefully aside.

Rina paused only to grab the bottle of vodka. She gulped down two big slugs of the colorless liquid and spun the cap back on. Then, although she was on top instead of Saff, she draped herself over the Ivysaur and gave her a kiss. Despite the vodka and the naturally acrid breath of a poison type, Saff found Rina imminently kissable. Their tongues tangled together like wrestling thumbs and their loins awkwardly met in a very different kiss.

Neither Pokemon had scissored before. In fact, neither of them knew what it was but Rina thought making her pussy grind on Saff's was a fun idea. The missionary-like position was far from ideal but their mounds rubbed together and the stimulation was immediate. Their kiss worsened, saliva running down their cheeks and chins as their tongues twisted around like snakes attempting to coil one another.

Saff's vines lashed out, not four but six of them now curling all around Rina's vulnerable body. Their breasts pressed flush together but the vines coiled around Rina's back, thighs, butt cheeks. They probed indifferently into the Nidorina's ass crack, teasing the pucker of her anus and her tender perineum.

Rina was hungry for any and all sexual sensation at this moment. Her butt was off-limits to all but right now the teasing was good and she loved it. She pushed harder against Saff, grinding stubbornly to try and achieve the satisfaction she was after. A vine slithered between their pussies and notched itself into the split of Rina's labia while its bud rested on her clitoris and tweaked it.

Their faces were red with lust and inebriation, the latter driving the former and helping it to grow. Saff was bucking back against Rina with shapely thighs parted as far as they would go to give the Nidorina the most space to work with. Vaginal secretions rolled from their heated loins, lubricating the dirty work and mingling so completely that it was impossible to tell where Saff's honey ended and Rina's started. In the air, Saff's toes curled.

The tingling, weird feeling of climax was rising up from Saff's loins though it felt more like it began in her belly. The slow burn of a hard climax reinforced her usual submissiveness and she began to defer to Rina again, letting the Nidorina do the work and use her as she desired.

The Nidorina did not notice that Saff was being suddenly lazy. She herself was coming up on the blissful sensation of an orgasm too, though hers seemed to reflect on her personality, being more abrupt and savage than Saff's releases. The oncoming climax drove her to rub and grind even harder on the softly writhing Ivysaur. She grumbled into Saff's mouth, too sloppily to be heard despite her best efforts, "Keep it up with the vines."

Saff's vines were practically autonomous. Saff herself was in a barely lucid state due to intense pleasure and a low tolerance for alcoholic beverages. Her eyes rolled back in their sockets behind the lids and her legs formed a loose pincer around Rina's thrusting back. But the vines moved with a mind of their own, the buds slithering across the vulnerable space between Rina's round ass cheeks.

The slow burn of Saff's orgasm and the savage impact of Rina's missed each other by only a few seconds. Rina got her climax first and the burst of pleasure she felt wanted to make her muscles stiff, but the drunkenness kept them pliant. Slobbering in Saff's mouth and panting nakedly in the kiss, Rina smashed her hips down into Saff's again and again, grinding her squirting pussy into the Ivysaur's damp slit so roughly that their hides would soon become raw if the sex went on much longer.

Rina's brutal, orgasm-fueled grinding gave the delicate Ivysaur a push over the edge and she had her own intense and very wet climax. She squealed into Rina's maw and was immediately ashamed of herself because she was never noisy when she came. All of Saff's orgasms prior to this one had been silent, under-the-blankets affairs with the appropriate amount of decorum for a lady of her personality, but with Rina she felt compelled to revel in raw nastiness. The sensation of an orgasm just from rubbing against her best friend was unlike anything she had ever experienced.

Like a rusty machine, Rina came to a shaky halt and simply fell against Saff. The kiss was broken off and they panted and cooed in the open air of Saff's softly-lit bedroom. Saliva dribbled from Rina's lips, laced with a purple poisonous drool which she excreted in times of stress. Saff, herself poisonous, was unaffected by the Nidorina's toxic drool. Down the hall, mother and father still droned away, unaware of their daughter's same-sex antics.

"Ooh, gosh. Golly," Saff murmured, her breathing slowly coming under control while her heart thundered as though she had just run a marathon. The combined smell of their sweating bodies was noisome in the little bedroom. Saff's vines swam through the air to the window and lifted it smoothly.

"Shi-i-it. That was something else," Rina laughed. She was speaking softly but the tone of her voice was ragged. Her volume was down to tiredness, not prudence. "You have fun too? Did you squirt?"

"Yes I did," Saff replied in a taciturn fashion. She blushed again hotter than ever. "Oh, gosh... what a mess."

Rina yawned and nuzzled into Saff's neck. "Guh, and now we gotta do that fuckin' repo-o-ort. So lame."

The Ivysaur smiled softly. She ran her hands down Rina's naked, smooth back, avoiding the poisonous spikes. "Oh, yeah. We should do that now... right now. Just get it done."

Nothing got done that night. They slept and woke up just before dawn. Saff hurriedly replaced her father's liquor and believed he wouldn't notice how much was missing. And then, both of them suffering hangovers, they hastily did their report. Their grade was barely a passing one.



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