Jim's Chronicles 7 : Vermilion City

Story by MrWoofles on SoFurry

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#7 of Jim Chronicles

Jim adventures are continued after the exciting events in Saffron City!

Special Thanks to The Bloody Seje for proofreading

Jim awoke with a groan, his head continued to swim as he looked around, the room he was in was dark as night. He attempted to scratch his itchy nose and noticed that both of his hands were bound to a heavy chair that was bolted into the floor.

"Shit.." He struggled into the bonds as a light clicked on. A man dressed in a black button up shirt sat down at a desk with a table, he flicked open a pokedex and casually scanned Jim with a grunt. He was thin as a rail and dressed in a black suit with a with a lapel that had a symbol of a swirling vortex plated with gold. He continued to flick through the dex, while having several chuckles to himself. His emerald eyes flicked up to look at Jim, he dispassionately closed the Kanto style pokedex before giving a tired sigh.

"Mind untying me?" Jim asked, feeling a spike of fear as he looked over the desk at the various medical implements spread evenly across the desk. Jim noticed that his clothes were missing down to the just his boxers. "I wouldn't mind getting my clothes and pokemon back too." Jim tried to keep his voice even and not cause the man to do something that would hurt him.

"Well... Jim, I would like to release you, go back home and sleep in today but you've interrupted one of the most important operation of Team Void. We've got to restructure our entire operation after that fiasco in Saffron. Several of our members were exposed, six were killed in the attack, twelve loaned pokemon were killed, one of our vans was totalled, yadda yadda and then we picked you up after our quarry left." The man looked over a clipboard while leaning back in his chair. "Team Void isn't really about violence or pokemon theft." His dispassionate voice was tinged with annoyance. "I mean you've heard of Team Rocket right? A bunch of young punks that thought stealing pokemon was a good idea. I'm surprised more of them didn't get killed when their leader was revealed to be a gym leader. Then let's not get on Aqua or Magma who wanted to awaken world destroying monsters, not good for anyone. These team groups are more like cults than anything resembling a profitable organization." He snapped his fingers causing Jim to flinch in fear.

"Pay attention. I'm trying to give you an out so that you go home alive. I'm not just some grunt like the one that attacked you in New Bark Town, I'm one of the division leaders. Now what I have to say is this, I've been monitoring you since the New Bark incident. You are nobody of consequence if you went missing now no one would know why and even if they sent rangers all they would find is your trail went cold outside of saffron near a known den of Ekans and Arbok." As the man continued he placed an urn on the table. "You see, Jim, This urn is what remains of my men, my van, their pokemon and some of the street behind them. I'm not happy, not even one ounce of happy is flowing through my body."

Jim struggled in the bonds, "Well I just saw a person being attacked by some people in uniform so I acted." Jim admitted, "I didn't expect her to be Sabrina, I mean I heard she was the most powerful psychic but damn." The man slammed his hand on the desk hard enough to leave a dent in the metal material causing Jim to flinch.

"I can't believe it, an idiot just cost us nearly a billion poke." The division leader stood up and walked over to Jim. "That woman wasn't Sabrina, it was Mew disguised as a human. We spent five years tracking her, finding out her habits, keeping everything kosher so that we could get a blood sample. A drop of Mew blood is worth more than several million poke, we would have released her quietly after having her memories of us erased but noooooo Captain-save-a-Mew had to interrupt us."

Jim looked at the Team Void Division Leader and responded in deadpan, "You were dragging a woman to a van, in the daylight, while dressed like villains. Who wouldn't try to interrupt that shit? If you wanted to be any more cliche, you should have hired people who were twirling their mustache and giving out loads of evil laughter." Jim chuckled before he was back handed across the face by the other male.

"Funny.. Well from what I could gleam from your pokedex, you are a bit of a sick fuck by league standards. Breeder Specialist one of the League's dark little secrets that they don't want to bring fully into the light." The male smiled at Jim. "I'm not disgusted by you, not even in the least I just find a little funny. What I also find funny is what I'm going to have to do next. You see-"

The Void member couldn't even finish his words as the wall exploded tearing a door from it's hinges and sending it rocketing into the other man. Jim's ears rang as the area suddenly exploded into the sound of screaming and fighting. The roars of several different pokemon could be heard outside of the door. A Typhlosion stepped into the room, the creature looked heavily scarred as the heat it emitted seem to take the air away from Jim. From behind the creature stood a trainer dressed in a red jacket with gold trim, he had black pants with red and white sneakers on. The man gazed around the room and noticed Jim.

The man smiled and turned opened his pokedex before speaking, "Gold here. I found another hostage, he is down the corner and take a left at the intersection. He is kinda nude... Over." Jim heard the pokedex crackle as another voice responded, "Ok Gold, We hear you, sending in the rescue team. Over." Gold smiled at Jim and gave him a thumbs up. "Alright... Um... sit tight and wait for rescue." Gold said before running down another hallway following the sounds of combat.

Jim nodded feeling embarrassed at being caught in his boxers by one of the most famous trainers in Johto, His name was Ethan-something but everyone just called him Gold after his announcement that he was going to take down the Kanto Pokemon Master almost thirty years ago by 'Going for the Gold.' He was made into a laughing stock until he stunned the enter world by defeating the highest ranking Pokemon Master known as Red... and now he just witnessed Jim in a vulnerable state.

Only moments passed before a Jinx wearing a nurse hat walked into the doorway while flanked by two Audinos. The Audino's ears quivered for a moment before the Jinx nodded and touched Jim. Jim's felt his entire perspective shift as he reappeared in the lobby of the Vermillion City Police Department. Jim was surrounded by other people who were fully dressed but far more bruised and batter than he was, Audino all around tending to the wounded with loving attention.

Jim sat in police station as an Audino carried a stepping stool near him and started to look over him for injuries. The little Audino continued to poke and prod at Jim's face while smiling, her little claws held cotton balls with a cream that cooled his bruises while feeling wonderful on his skin. "Thanks." He said before patting the Audino on the head, the Pokemon gave a soft smile before scurrying off to attend to other people.

Jim was approached by a few officers who took his statement, one of the officers started to smirk as he took down all of the accounts of Jim's statement. "So you saved a Mew? Did you happen to ingest any spores from a Parasect or a Vileplume perhaps?" The burly officer grunted before finishing up writing down his report. "Well anyway, Mr. Hero you can go down to booking and get your Pokemon back along with any gear of yours that may have been stolen by the scumbags that did that to you?" The officer gestured to the booking area where dozens of trainers were currently searching through bags to collect their items.

Both his wrists and ankles throbbed from the pain of being bound, Jim walked with an awkward gait to the booking office to notice that an officer was sitting there with a black pokedex, he scanned a small table full of Pokedexes and called out a name before one of the people raised their hands to get their pokemon and equipment. A few names were passed without a hitch before the officer gave a scowl as he scanned the next pokedex, "Breeder Specialist...Jim?" He spat the words out with pure disgust, the crowd murmured and looked at each other. Jim shivered as he watched as several trainers looked around while cracking their knuckles.

Jim started to raise his hand before someone gripped his hand and restrained it, "Don't." He heard a voice female voice say before she let go of his hand while approaching the officer, "The Specialist Breeder is currently getting seen at the poke-center, I have to pick up supplies for the wounded anyway." Jim got a good look at the woman, she was a short Kantonian woman dressed in a police uniform with murkrow black hair, soft brown eyes, a disappointingly flat chest but thick thighs. The woman gripped his hand as she passed dragging him along with her as some of the other trainers sized him up, Jim followed as they left the area, his stumbling steps came to a stop after they left the police station and entered a poke-center.

"Alright, Jim. I'm Officer Rebecca Franklin," She said while poking a finger at his chest, "I know your kind, weirdo. You really don't seem like the ugly, slovenly, lazy, unmotivated, unskilled, and useless trainer that I would be expecting from someone who has to get his rocks off in a Deerling's asshole." Rebecca crudely spoke while brushing a bang of hair out of her eyes. "Regardless, I didn't want to have to arrest people after they just got out of a hostage situation so after the Captain told us about the Breeder Specialist he saved, I decided to save us all a little paper work by getting you out the station. Now get your shit together and get out of Vermilion City so I don't have to worry about you trying to fuck the local Sandshrew." She didn't even bother waving as she walked away toward the police station.

Jim stood in middle of Pokemon Center lobby holding his clothes and his pokeballs, dressed in nothing but his boxers as other patrons looked on at the scene. A few children pointed and laughed at the trainer while adult shook their head in disgust, the only ray of sunshine in the room was the smiling nurse that waved him over.

"Hello. How may I help you today?" The nurse had a smile that could melt a Froslass, "Welcome to the Vermillion City Pokemon Center. I'm Nurse Etsuko, mind if I take your pokemon for a moment?" She asked while presenting a tray to Jim. He started placing all of his pokeball on the tray before they were fully healed.

The nurse leaned over and whispered into his ear, "Don't let small minds discourage you from helping pokemon. Even if it doesn't feel like it, many of us understand the need for Breeder Specialist." She smiled to the dishevelled trainer as he retrieved his pokemon. Jim smiled at the nurse while trying to choke back tears, he could feel the day's events finally weighing down on him like an angry snorlax.

"T-Thank you." He stuttered out quietly. The area around him seems to be blur as he found himself sitting in his hotel room. He barely had enough money to scrape up the funds to get the room. He opened Walt's pokeball and waited till the Gardevoir appeared. He popped out of the pokeball with a yawn. The Embrace Pokemon looked around the room and gave a soft grunt of approval on the room when he finally focused on his trainer.

"Jim... Are you ok?" Walt pushed his thoughts tentatively at Jim while looking at the hollow expression on his trainers face and feeling the turmoil. "What happened? You're a whirlwind of emotions." The Gardevoir started to put his hand on his trainer leg as Jim sat down on the hard spring mattress of the hotel, blushing as he felt his trainer arms wrap around his body. The Embrace Pokemon gave a content sigh of happiness, feeling his trainer's arms around his body. Walt could feel the stress of his best friend shrink as they shared each other's warmth and comfort.

'I don't know what happened and I won't pry without your permission but I'm here for you....Always.' Walt's arms wrapped around Jim in a loving embrace as he pressed his head against the taller trainer's chest.

Jim held his pokemon and placed his hand on the back of Walt's head, "I'm so glad you're all ok. I was so worried..... Let the others out please." No sooner had the words left Jim's mouth did all the Pokeballs gave a soft noise and the room was filled with pokemon. His pokemon looked around the room before finding the corners they wanted to settle at, Renee and Walt quickly swapped information mentally while she quiet chirped and squeaked to Dust translating the psychic message. Jim noticed that all of his pokemon stood up and approached him slowly.

"Wha-?" He managed to get out before he was gripped by Gnaw, the Feraligatr. The Gabite behind him joining in the embrace as Dust nuzzled his legs. Walt floated above them with a smile on his face watching and feeling the warm emotions from his trainer as his stress started to fade in the face of his pokemon's affections.

Jim sighed happily in the huddle of his pokemon, "Everything is ok... Long as I have you guys at my side." He said reaching out his hand to stroke the bright head frills of his starter, Gnaw. The Feraligatr growled contently while closing his eyes, Gnaw wasn't one for affection and released his trainer so that the other pokemon would swarm him with their affections.

The mood of the room changed as Jim broke out in a huge smile, his pokemon chittered and growled happily amongst each other while digging into his bag to share. Jim watched them as his pokedex pinged loudly, he sighed hoping it wasn't a challenge from any his three sisters. He readed the message out loud,

"Level five difficulty, pay of 20,000 poke, There is a trainer Vermillion by the name of Matthew Edwards. He has a Milotic that has become listless and disobedient. All Pokemon Breeder Specialist are recommended to have an Electric-type Pokemon in their party. The client is living at 43 Watt Street. Take this request?"

Jim's eyes widened at the massive price tag for the mission as he pressed the accept button on his pokedex.

Jim looked over his pokemon and smiled, "You guys can rest here, we've had a busy day. Walt, you're in charge as usual, you're allowed to order anything up to 300 poke. Do not make me go into the poor house, ok?" He said with a soft chuckle before putting on a fresh set of clothes. Jim left his pokemon in the center as Renee and Gnaw started to squabble over who got to sleep in the bed.

Jim started to walk outside of the hotel and through the town, he marveled at the large coastal town with that was powered by large generators that were hidden just underneath the docks. The warm salty air felt nice as pidgey and spearow dived at the various food left behind by the dock workers. As the sun settled, the many powerful electric light around the town illuminated his path as he made it to 43 Watt Street. Jim had to whistle looking at the large building, the mansion could easily double for a pokemon gym. He walked up to the door and pressed the buzzer.

The door opened quickly as there was a young blonde haired woman dressed in a thin yellow shirt with tight yellow yoga pants. "Hello." The woman said while squinting at the trainer, "I've got a notification that someone accepted my offer, Are you the..." She made a gesture of looking around before lowering her voice to whispering. "The Breeder Specialist?" She said with a nervous twinge to her voice.

Jim tilted his head a little with grin, "You don't have to whisper it, anyone with a pokedex can scan me and found out what my job is. I'm Jim and I'm looking to help out your Milotic." He said as she invited him inside. Jim had only stepped in to the foyer before two Blaziken stepped up to greet him by patting him down as if he came armed. They both gave a bow before letting him continue onward, "Um.. Hello to you both..." He said while following the woman further into the house.

"Don't mind my security, I have a problems with people coming trying to take my money or steal items. Oh! Where are my manners, I'm Debra Surge." Debra said before opening a door which led to the basement, she stepped down slowly using each foot to the feel out the stairs. The lighting of stairway changed with each step that they descended, her blonde hair swayed with each step mesmerizing Jim while they traveled deeper.

"Now Jim, here is the problem. I have a milotic named Gummy. He was my first Pokemon since I was given him as a joke from my brother as a Feebas. I am blind so I couldn't see that he was a Feebas and not a golden Magikarp like he told me. I kept entering him in beauty contest and paying out the nose to make him a winner, he was very healthy so I never had to get him checked out." Debra said as they reached a door. Debra placed her hand against the door as it opened automatically, "Watch the water spray we are entering the pool." Debra added as the warm air from the pool rushed into the stairway.

Jim's mouth was agape as the large heat of a male milotic rose out of the water to gaze at the pair. Gummy gave a deep harmonic cry before resting his head against the lip of the pool, Jim walked closer to the pokemon slowly, careful to not startle the pokemon.

"Hey buddy, I'm Jim. I've heard that you need a little help. I'm hoping that we can become good friends while we work together." He said slowly reaching over to pet the beautiful serpentine pokemon. "Miss Debra, the job said that he became listless and disobedient," Jim turned around to face the woman who stayed close to the door. "I don't see-"

He stopped as he noticed the pokemon hovered over him to get near Debra. Gummy started to gently nip at his trainer trying to tug her to the water, before Debra started to shout while struggling. "Gummy! Stop!" Jim called out to the pokemon, in response Gummy fired a small torrent of water with enough force to knock Jim into the pool.

As the trainer started to swim back to the surface there was a sudden splash as Debra fell into the water alongside of him. He could see every curvature of the female's body, and her now wet shirt left little to the imagination as she swam back up to the lip of the pool. Jim followed after her before resting at the lip of the pool, he turned to see Gummy looking down sadly at his trainer. Jim watched in awe as the serpentine pokemon moved his tails in such as complex pattern that Gummy resembled a living rainbow.

The performance of the Milotic continued fluidly while Debra turned her head to hear the whooshing of Gummy's motion and sound of scales on the concrete while Jim was completely enthralled by the display. After a short while, the dancing Milotic paused and stared at Debra expectantly. Jim could see the pokemon's expression of hurt before Gummy floated to a corner and curled up in a pitiful coil.

Thinking quickly, Jim pulled out his pokedex and scanned the milotic, "Milotic! Milotic is said to be the most beautiful of all the Pokémon. It has the power to becalm such emotions as anger and hostility to quell bitter feuding." The pokedex buzzed before accessing the breeder specialist function, "Male milotics mate for life and will proposition a desired partner by dancing in a brillant display of colors, if the male is refused, he will often become listless for hours and continue attempting to court the same female until the partner escapes him or returns his affection with a dance of their own." The pokedex finished which caused Jim's eyes to widen.

The blind woman climbed out of the pool with a sigh, "Please tell me that dex is wrong." Debra said with a frown on her face. "I'm human and Gummy is my pokemon, people shouldn't do that kinda stuff." She said with a shaky nervousness to her tone, "That's for people like you, right? I hired you because I thought you would just get him off and everything would be hush-hush."

Jim crawled out of the pool after her while staring at her modest behind. He figured she wouldn't get mad if she couldn't see him gazing at her. "Well... In this situation you really only have two choices. You could return his affections with a dance and keep him happy which would probably lead to him trying to mount you in the future." The male trainer removed his shirt and started to wring it out, while speaking, "The other choice is one that I wouldn't recommend: You could trade him. Milotic are a very popular pokemon and their is plenty of people who would give their left arm just to have one." The moment he said those words Gummy shot him a penetrating stare.

"Are you mad? Do you see how large he is? Whatever equipment he has is probably as long as I am." Debra said with a small tremble in her voice, she didn't want to get hurt by Gummy.

Jim motioned for the Tender Pokemon to come closer, Gummy continued to glare but floated close to the pair, sadness and frustration colored his expression as he gazed down at Jim. "Alright, I'm here to help you, Gummy, I want you to do exactly as I say. Please." He asked before watching as the water type pokemon nodded to him. "Good. I want you to lay on your back and relax. Think of me as a nurse for this, I want to help you and your trainer become close but first we have to get her over her fear."

A low harmonic cry was the only response Jim received before Gummy stretched across the floor with all twenty feet of his belly exposed. Jim smiled as the shimmering scales of Gummy shifted colors with each breath, "Thank you, Gummy." Jim said before gently taking the hand of Debra in his own as he shifted attention from the pokemon to the trainer. "Debra, I want you to feel along here and slowly travel down." Jim instructed placing her hand a few feet above gummy's genital slit.

Debra's hand quivered as she trailed along the smooth scales of the long pokemon, trepidation colored her movements as she slowly moved her hand. The woman never felt this uncomfortable touching her oldest friend, she continued down his body till she felt a barely raised mound of flesh against her hand. She blushed having felt the slit each time she oiled his scales, she flinched in fear as Jim cleared his throat.

Jim placed his hand on top of hers in a comforting gesture, "You're over-thinking things, I know this is strange but you're not dealing with a stranger." He said while guiding her hand up and down Gummy's slit, "You're dealing with a long time companion, each time you've danced with him, you've been doing it for a crowd that loved you both. Now he wants you to love him just as strongly." Jim spoke softly as his thoughts drifted to that of his amorous gardevoir. "I've been in your shoes before, it's strange, it's unique, it's even a little scary at times but you are doing this for your best friend in the world." He said with an air of formality in his voice.

The uncomfortable feeling increased as she traced Gummy's slit with Jim's hand guiding her, "I... I don't know about this... couldn't you do it?" She asked before Jim pressed her finger into the slit, shivering nervously as her finger were coated in cool liquid. She noticed that Jim gave her hand a comforting squeeze before releasing it.

"I can't do this for you." The breeder specialist said with a small sigh, "Milotics mate for life and only dance for their chosen person. You heard the 'dex; he will keep going through these cycles until you accept him. You have to do this. I'm willing to help but that is all I can do... Help. It's up to his best friend in the whole world to make him better." Jim turned to look at Gummy's face as the serpentine Pokemon curled his head to look down at Debra, the Milotic's eyes widened slightly as he watched his trainer touching him in an unusual way.

"Right now he is watching you, both curious and excited that you're returning his affection." The specialist added as the Milotic stared at them curious before letting out a soft cry that caused Debra to flinch slightly.

The scales around Gummy's gentles bulged slightly before two thick shafts exposed themselves while a clear liquid coated the pair. The serpentine creature's eyes looked on to Debra with an expression of strong need, he slowly floated closer to Debra before Jim stood between them.

"Not yet Gummy..." Jim said with his hands raised, "Give her a moment, she is a little shy." The Milotic gave a soft coo of impatience while wriggling around once again in it's exotic dance, the myriad of colors that reflected off of Gummy reminded Jim of a living disco ball. Jim turned to Debra, "This is the moment of truth. If you want to help Gummy and you accept him, start dancing. If you don't, take your pokeball and put him in it because you're only making him suffer this way."

Debra could the wind whipping around her as Gummy danced before her, she couldn't see the brilliant display but she could feel that he was dancing his heart out for her.

"I...I.." She stuttered as conflicting emotions collided within her mind, she loved her friend but this wasn't right to her. The tense mood of the situation only made her more unsure of herself as she stood before the mating display of her long time friend. Debra sighed before gently pushing Jim out of the way with her walking stick. She was a Surge and she wouldn't back down from anyone, not even her closest friend, "Gummy! Listen up!" She yelled with enough force to make the both Jim and the pokemon focus on her.

"I'm not some sensitive wallflower you can just woo with a dance. I guess you forgot who runs things around here!" Debra roared out before poking Gummy with her walking stick, "You want to be with me? Then so be it but understand I don't like weak males and I'm not going to have some overgrown Ekans trying to woo me with weak dances." She poked his scales punctuating with each word she uttered ruthlessly. "You want my heart, don't just wiggle like you have no mind! Put your soul into it! Show me how much my love is worth!"

Jim started at the woman with no small amount of fear; he heard rumors about the brutal and dangerous leader of the Vermillion Gym but now he was seeing just a glimpse of what the Surge family was all about. He felt a sense of dread as Debra grabbed one of the long eyebrow like hair that drifted from Gummy with a harsh tug as she continued to speak.

"Now dance!" Debra yelled after pulling Gummy close enough that she could hear his breathing through his mouth and the soft venting noise that the holes along his neck made as he was above water. "If you do enough dancing, maybe I'll be swayed." The small woman grunted and released her friend, her heart was beating like a drum but she was focused on turning that fear into strength.

Gummy's head hurt from the tugging but his trainer's words resonated something inside of him, he knew this was his last chance. Gummy coiled around his trainer before floating to the pool and gently releasing her in the water, he dove deeply and danced around her, his body dancing around her as he shot bubbles at her legs. His heart thumped in his chest as he moved as quickly as he could, making sure that each one of his movements moved her with the current that he was creating.

Debra felt the water against her legs and torso as she felt the currents moving her toward the deep edge of the pool, and while she drifted she could hear the soft harmonic cries of her pokemon before she softly bumped the other end of pool. Gummy slowly arose from the pools as if he was staring down prey, panting as water sprayed from his vents. Gummy leaned down and before touching his head against that of his trainer. Debra was impressed by the display the aquatic nature of the dance was something more than just stray gusts of wind but something akin to a hug across her body.

Jim watched from the other end of the pool as Debra reached up and stroked Gummy's head affectionately. He smiled and leaned against the wall watching the event's play out carefully, his mind drifting to how long he has gone without female company himself. The scene before him was playing out in front of him, he could feel the need for companionship growing inside of him as he was forced to focus on the job at hand.

Debra placed her hands on Gummy's head as they both enjoyed the quiet lapping of water while the pair continued to float with each of their heads touching. "Alright. I will give you a shot Gummy but I'm still the boss, understand?" Her tone was still had a tint of dominance in it, she felt the shifting a scales against her forehead as Gummy nodded back to her in understanding. Debra placed a kiss on his muzzle as her heart drummed, "So... where do we go from here?" She asked curiously as she could feel her heart thumping in her chest, she knew what he wanted, what all males wanted in her mind.

Gummy gently coiled around his trainer to lift her out of the pool, he rubbed his soft scales along her body as he released her on the wet concrete. As much as he desire his closest friend he wasn't sure how to proceed himself, the shimmering pokemon lowered his head down to her legs and tugged gently at her yoga pants. He cooed urgently at her waiting for her to removing the impeding garments.

Debra snorted before smiling at him, "No." She said flatly before continuing, "I make the rules and I don't want to rut in the pool." She said pointing her stick in Jim's general direction. "Go ahead of us and wait in the back yard, Gummy." She said with a quick pat on his scales. She smiled as he gave a melodious cry before moving to the far wall and slapping a large button that opened a large shaft in the wall for him to float outside. The milotic departed with happy cries while his scales glittered in the tube as he left.

Jim walked over to Debra with a smile on his face, he felt as if his job was done here. "I would say that he is well on the way to recovery, This is urk-" Jim said before Debra placed her cane under his chin with such swiftness that the breeder specialist wasn't sure if she was really blind.

"Your job isn't over yet, I'll give you an extra ten thousand poke to make sure nothing goes wrong when we um... well." Debra blushed while holding her head with her hands. "Well... when we consummate our affections." She uttered weakly, "I mean you do this all the time but I'm not used to sleeping with anything but a human." She chuckled in a weak attempt to lighten the mood, "So how do you do it? I mean it's gotta be weird."

Jim chuckled to himself before placing his hand on Debra's shoulder, "I'm going to be frank with you, my first time was strange. I had a pokemon that saved my life and she wanted me to 'reward' her with exactly what Gummy wants from you." Jim said with a blush, "You gotta watch out with dark types though, I've had more trouble with her than the rest of my team." He chuckled thinking back to the dozens of times that Dust has tried to approach him but he focused on the mission at hand. "Ok... I'll do it." He agreed as she lowered her walking stick.

"Good. Thirty thousand poke will be yours after I am safely finished with... the next step." Debra said before walking toward the door and placing her hand against the sensor. The door opened with a soft gust of warm wind before the pair walked back up the stairway, warm air rushed through hidden vents on the side to dry them off as they ascended the bright stairway.

The moment Debra reached the top floor, she felt the temperature on both sides of her increase as the blaziken pair flanked her side again, she reached out and scratched under each of their chins before speaking. "I'm going to need you both to make sure that no one comes in the house or near the yard for the next few hours, not my even my brother." She added, "Our guest will accompany me to the back yard with Gummy, we are not to be disturbed for any reason. I don't care if Arceus himself appears, you will tell him to come back tomorrow. Got it?" She asked with not a hint of humor in her voice as the pair of fire pokemon patted her shoulder in acknowledgement.

Jim watched the display with calm detachment and he wondered about the training that pokemon trained as bodyguards went through. Debra started to walk to the backyard as he followed, he couldn't help but glance at her rump through the yoga pants. Debra opened the door to the backyard revealing a large section of the pool surrounded by woods, several pokemon played in the forest while a fierce looking electivire rested on a lawn chair near the lake. Gummy drifted down from the sky to hover in front of his trainer before engaging in another one of his dances, many of the pokemon gathered stopped to witness the event with rapt attention.

Debra felt the wind from the water types dancing and could hear the breathing of everyone around her slow as they gasped in amazement. Debra smiled widely before giving a small stretch, "Alright, You want to make things official, fine, it's going to kill my dating life but what the hell." She said finishing her stretch. She started to gyrate her hips to a tune only she could hear, her motions became faster and faster as she started to dance like a woman possessed, her armed stretched as the trainer started a strange series of pirouettes with her hair whipping as each movement highlighted her graceful, lithe and passionate figure.

Debra's legs kicked out as she leapt toward Gummy before coming to a stop just beneath him as she landed gracefully in a bow. Debra stood up while panting heavily. Around her, the various pokemon cheered and clapped while the Electivire gave a curious glance to the female. Debra smirked while looking around with her blind eyes, "Don't forget I'm a hyper rank winner of Cool contest and a master of beauty contest." She said with a thumbs up in the opposite direction of the crowd.

Gummy gave a loud cry of acknowledgement of his trainer's affections, the cautious male slowly drifted close to her as he watched her remove her garments. He had a vague understanding of human anatomy, so he leaned in close and slowly startled to coil around the female, his soft scales rubbed against her warm skin as he enjoyed the soft yet supple feel of her body against his. The Water-type's soft red eyes met with that of his trainer's brown ones which caused his heart to beat rapidly. He finally felt complete as he flicked his long reptilian tongue against her cheek to drink in the scent of his newly beloved.

Debra blushed, feeling that the sheer amount of happiness that exuded from Gummy. She leaned forward, smelling the soft scent of her pokemon which smelled strongly of the pool water and cinnamon. Debra rubbed her hands over Gummy's soft scales as she panted from the nervousness, the soft scales were cool to her touch as she glided her hands to his muzzle before placing a soft kiss on the lightly scaled muzzle. She used her tongue to softly work his muzzle open placing her tongue inside of his mouth in a passionate display of affection. She took his tongue into her mouth before sucking on it lightly, she released the wet tongue with a soft pop as a trail of saliva connected them.

A deep sigh of pleasure exited her lungs as she felt Gummy's soft scaled body start to slide along her skin, each soft bump caused her to quiver with silent promises each of his coils delivered to her.

"Well are you just going to sit here and hug me?" She asked with smirk on her feature, "I didn't think all that dancing was just because you wanted to hug my naked body." Debra teased the milotic while slowly scratching the scales under his chin with a coy air about her as she waited to see what the water type would do.

Gummy smiled before flicking his tongue out at her as he lowered her back on the soft grass, giving a soft snort before placing his muzzle between her legs and flicking his tongue out to drink in her scent. He watched as she writhed in pleasure, his serpentine brain only took a short pause as he realized that this was pleasurable to his trainer.

He pressed his muzzle to her moist slit and pushed his tongue as far as it would slide deep into her soft folds. Gummy enjoyed the warm tightness that squeezed his tongue with each contraction, each shiver of pleasure but more importantly it was a sign that he was pleasing his beloved trainer.

Debra moaned softly while her hand skimmed over the scales of her dear friend and loyal pokemon. Debra's eyes meet with Gummy in a moment of understanding; she had a few lovers before but few made her feel this strongly with just their tongue. Her knees feel weak with every flick of his tongue, she tighten her muscles around that pleasurable warmth deep inside of her. The pressure in her body was building but she didn't want to reach her peak yet so she reluctantly pressed her hand against his soft scaled muzzle.

"You're good Gummy.... But if you get going like that, I'll be finished before you even get started." Debra panted, feeling her heart pounding inside of her chest. She would have to remember to let him finish his tongue tongue work when she wasn't being monitored by another trainer. She pulled his head close to her own before smiling widely, "Well...." She blushed a little feeling nervous dealing with a pokemon in this way but she wouldn't be a Surge if she ran from a challenge. The petite woman took a deep breath before speaking, "I'm as ready as I'm going to get and I bet all the others are looking for a show." She chuckled not able to see the other pokemon but the small rustles in the grass let her know that she had a pretty sizable following.

Gummy gave a nod within her hands and gave a soft nod with before moving his long body so that his genital was rubbing against her belly. Debra reached up and rubbed her fingers against his slit feeling each of the outer scales, she pressed her fingers in gently feeling the warm and moist entrance to her Pokemon's genitalia. Debra flinched a little, feeling something warm and very slimy suddenly press against her chest. She could feel the cool feeling as the long object slowly throbbed just below her neck and slid down.

Jim's eyes opened wide as he witnessed the twin pair of large pink organs, of which one was slowly sliding down Debra's belly white the other was throbbing just a few inches away from her elbow. The hemi-penis was almost three feet in length and bright pink with soft purple colors that blended into the tip. It was almost entirely smooth with small bead like formations near the tip which secreted the same lubricating fluid that coated the entire length. Jim had never seen Milotics mate before and the sheer length of the organ made him clear his throat for a moment. "Gummy, Your trainer isn't a Pokemon, so go slow and be gentle with her. She might only be able to take one of those.... probably " Jim said with a thumbs up for the serpentine pokemon to finally go ahead with his trainer.

Debra's eyes widened for a moment, "That's his tool?!" She said with a bit of fearful surprise in her voice, it was then that she felt the other shaft touch her skin. The flood gates broke open in her mind and the fear returned, "I'm not sure if I can do this.... " She stopped mid-sentence and ran her hands through her hair in frustration. She wouldn't back down from this.

"I can do this." She said before slowly taking one of the organs in her left while using her right to rub over it to get a better idea of it's proportions. "Wow..." She commented, feeling fearful of the challenge in front of her but her stubborn resolve emerged victorious as she moved the organ lower before rubbing just the tip against her labia.

Gummy trilled happily in response as he wiggled the tip of his prehensile penis against the folds. He wasn't used to the human body heat being so close to his most intimate parts but already he felt ecstatic, the only thing keeping him from taking her was that she was just as unsure of herself as he was. The male trainer's warning was fresh in his mind as well, his other shaft started to rub against her body as just the warmth was enough to stimulate him. The milotic shimmered in various shades of pink before the gathered pokemon as they looked on with curiosity and awe. His body released a soft pink wave that changed the mood from tense excitement to a calm and tinder fascination with their copulation. He leaned down and rubbed his soft scales against her cheek in an attempt to becalm his trainer.

Debra returned the affectionate nuzzle before slowly moved closer and sliding the thin tip within her, the wiggling and the lack of warmth felt strange at first but slowly the tip began to warm up with her own body heat. She gave a pleasurable sigh at the feeling and used her free hand to stroke Gummy's head.

"Be gentle.. If this hurts me, I won't be happy." She said trying to add a little edge to her voice but failing as each wiggle touched her in ways that a human couldn't hope to emulate, she nervously released her grip, allowing Gummy full control for their lovemaking before giving a quick kiss on his snout.

Gummy used his snout to move her arms to the side before wrapping around her waist. Older Milotics rarely constricted other pokemon, rather using wrapping to signify affection or concern with non-serpentine pokemon, which Gummy was doing with his trainer as he slowly wiggled his penis deeper inside of her causing her to gasp loudly. He continued to wiggle his shaft deeper inside of her till he bottomed out inside of her with less than a third of his full length inside of her. Understanding the limits of his partner, Gummy began began to slowly extract his penis while wiggling the tip rapidly, before sliding the shaft back in at a much quicker rate. The warm inviting entrance felt extremely hot to the cold blooded male. Gummy let out a soft trill as he continued to pump inside of her while his other penis was content to rub against her soft skin. He shimmered with each movement as the pokemon around them looked on with various degrees of interest and relaxation from the soft pink pulses of tranquility that were emitted from the male milotic.

Debra panted, feeling her lover's penis touching her in ways that even her own practiced fingers couldn't measure up to, his thin tip wasn't much in her hands but the wiggling that she was currently experiencing was breath taking, as she rubbed the coiled length of him around her waist. She was pleasantly surprised at how tender the serpentine pokemon was with her, although she could feel the other shaft rubbing against her with obvious need as she reached down to slowly stroke the penis. She briefly considered allowing him to penetrate her anally but the length of the tool in her hands deterred her from that idea. She could feel with each stroke of the sheer length as the phallus throbbed and wiggled in her hands. She gripped a firmly as the slick lubrication that covered the shaft made stroking the shaft difficult and slippery.

Meanwhile, the male trainer sat down on one of the many lawn chairs scattered around the large yard. Jim watched the pair with a small bit of tightness in his pants as this had been the first naked female that he had seen in months. He could hear their moans and grunts as they continued to pleasure each in full view of their pokemon while he sat only a few yards away. Jim felt a small twinge of jealousy in his heart for the Milotic currently encircling his client. Nearby, a Plusle and Minun pair hopped up on his lap and began to squeak, cheering for the pair while bouncing up and down Jim's lap excitedly. Jim couldn't help but glance at the rumps of each of the pokemon; even with the low coat of fur, both of the pokemon had shapely bottoms for their small size.

"What am I thinking?! I can't be that hard up." He grumbled to himself before forcing his eyes on watching the Milotic once again.

Gummy leaned back before giving a loud shrill cry as he continued to flick his tip inside of his trainer. The feeling was intense and her warmth pushed him over the edge as both his tips released large gouts of watery fluid. Gummy slowly uncoiled from his trainer while a soft whistling sound came from the vents near the side of his head. Gazing down, he looked at his lover who was coated with his seed which coated the underside of her chin, neck, breasts and belly. He slowly stretched his body out while keeping his head resting on her shoulder, he stopped floating in the air as weariness overtook him.

Debra shivered from the cool seed that dripped down her chin, she wasn't expecting such a massive load over her body but even more unsettling was the thick, roping lines of cool semen that she could feel trailing down her legs. She could still feel Gummy's head against her shoulder while the sounds of sparking cackled around her from the various electric pokemon cheering and hooting for her. "Good boy, Gummy. Go back to the pool, I'll be down later." She whispered tiredly before placing a kiss on his snout before whispering, "Next time don't get it all over me, it's cold." She chuckled sweetly feeling his snout move and rub against her cheek.

Within moments the pair of blaziken security appeared with a towel and a change of clothes, Jim watched as Debra thanked them and slowly dressed. A small part of him desired to see more of her nude form but he was here for business and thirty thousand poke rode on his performance. He watched as the blaziken leader held her closer to him as her movements became slow and she stepped with a noticeable grimace on each step before she arrived in front of him. "Are you ok?"

Debra turned her head in the direction of Jim's voice and the loud panting of the tired plusle and minun that wore themselves out cheering. "I just had something as long as my arm tickling my cervix, while another equally large dick coated most of my body in a cold sticky shower." She paused as she sighed, "My vagina feels sore, I feel kinda weird but that is the most active Gummy has been in long time. I trust your discretion on this matter since if word got out who I was and what I was doing, I could get in trouble with the Pokemon Contest Panel." She finished while the Blaziken slowly smoothed the hair on her head and adjusted her clothing.

"Miss Debra. I don't even want people to know that I do this for a living. I'm not going to tell anyone." Jim said confidently starting at her face as her sightly eyes still scanned in his direction. "My job is to help pokemon and people, I wouldn't be doing you a service if I suddenly made you life hard. I know how it is; I randomly get people who want to punch my face in because they think I'm abusing my pokemon." He admitted, remembering the incident at the police station. "I'm glad that my services helped you and Gummy become closer."

"Don't be coy, you will have to admit that you enjoyed the view just as much as the pay." Debra paused and placed her hand on the blaziken to her right, "Deposit 30,000 poke from my account into that of this trainer." She said before the Blaziken pulled a green, custom made Kanto-style pokedex with an embedded Thunder Badge on it's cover. The Blaziken used Debra's fingers to quickly make the transaction before Jim's Pokedex chimed with the deposit.

"Now that this business is over, I'll have you escorted out by the cheerleaders." She chuckled as the Plusle and Minun gave a happy discharge of sparks before sliding off of Jim's lap and tugging on his leg with their blunt-clawed forepaw.

Jim smiled and stood up, "Ok ok." He said to the excitedly chittering pair of electric pokemon before turning to Debra. "Thank you for your time, if you need help again. Feel free to contact me privately if you like." He spoke before following the pair that cheered his every step as if he was walking to the moon. They lead him to the front door before waving good bye and unleashing a shower of sparks at his exit.

It was already noon by the time he reached the hotel when Jim could hear roaring and grunting from coming from his room. He sighed and opened the door, "I'm back.....What?" He noticed that his pokemon were each lying in a corner of the room while Walt was on his stomach across the bed, each pokemon had an Ampharos delivering deep tissue massages with the occasional soft shock.

'Don't worry, The whole service was only 100 poke for thirty minutes.' Walt said between elegant cries of relief from the attention of the ampharos. After a moment, there was a soft cry from an Ampharos with a green necktie. The group stopped their massages and slowly started to walk out in single file with their leader in front, Jim watched as they walked out with what passed for marching from the strange, electric masseuses.

Walt smiled at his trainer while rolling over, the rest of the pokemon groaned in various states of happiness or tiredness. 'Hey, How did it go?' Walt asked with a big smile on his face while his horn started to glow a bit, 'Oh? You've seen some pretty girl haven't you? I normally don't feel that emotion coming off you often.' Walt snickered before making a few elegant cries that caused a chuckle out of all of his pokemon but Renee who had already fallen asleep from the massage.

"Laugh all you want Walt, but guess who just got enough money to feed everybody and possibly treat us all to a nice dinner? I think I'll take one more job before I debate taking on Lt. Surge." He said while opening up his pokedex and flicking through to the breeder specialist job listing. One stood out to him that was only one star in difficulty,

"Help me! My Luxio is a little too friendly and has begun shocking me and my other pokemon! I took him to a doctor but they said nothing is wrong with him medically. Please help!"

Jim decided that he would take along his only Ground-type in his party, "Hey Renee wake up! Let's go do some work." He reached over and patted Walt on his head with a smile, "I shouldn't be gone long and maybe we can take on the Vermillion Gym tomorrow."

Renee grumbled a bit before standing up and yawing, the impressive rows of teeth made Jim smile as he felt confident with the part ground type coming with him. Renee blinked the sleep out of her eyes with her nictitating membranes. She walked over to Jim and offered him her claw to hold; she had a fondness for the trainer that she was given to. She wouldn't mind if he was a little more affectionate with her but she wouldn't push the issue after learning his history with the other pokemon from Walt.

The Gabite's mind wandered a bit, thinking how nice it would be to go out and eat with the trainer, sitting down and having some Durin Berry ice cream. She remembered stealing from the dining facility in the Team Aqua fortress, the taste bitter yet tasty. She would love it even more if they could just walk around the brightly illuminated city holding hands and claw together. She blushed to herself and let out of a small grunt of happiness.

Jim reached up and grabbed her claw, "You're so friendly; most people are afraid of Gabites, but if they could meet one like you I think their opinion would change." Jim said before standing in front of her and giving her a playful pat on her stomach scales, he smiled even more as Renee no longer winced at his touch.

Walt read the female pokemon mind with a grin, 'Hey Jim. This is me speaking as the de facto team captain. When you finish with the job, you should spend some of that money taking Renee out to get some Durin Berry ice cream and tour the city a little.' Walt transmitted to both Renee and Jim as he rolled around on the bed.

He wanted Jim to himself but Jim relied on him to make decision to benefit the party. A small part of him didn't want to admit it but he had taken a liking to the female, in no small part due to the fact she behaved like a female and not a rabid dog like Dust.

"Sure. I could use a bit of leg stretching myself. How about it Renee? Want to go tour the city after this job?" Jim asked while still holding Renee's fore claw in his hand. She looked up at the other trainer, standing much shorter than Jim at her four foot height and placed a claw over her face in what Jim had slowly come to learn was a blush. "I'll take that as a yes. Well let's get this job taken care of before everything closes." Jim chuckled before leading her out.

'You're welcome, Renee. If you manage to get lucky I'm definitely going to read those memories.' Walt said to Renee privately before sending her a few lewd mental images of his first mating with Jim. Walt chuckled out loud as Renee put her other claw over her face and dragged their trainer through the door. He could feel her thankful thoughts as they walked further than his range of telepathy.

The pair traveled through the streets, although it was a bit of a trip till they made it to the address in the posting. Instead of a house like Jim was expecting, there was a large cargo ship a little bigger than his own home. "Is everyone in this city rich?" He said before walking up the stairs that led to the ship. A single man that looked as if he was in his mid thirties was dressed in an orange uniform with various tools strapped to his waist glanced at the other trainer while pushing his orange hat above his brown hair. He flicked open his pokedex and scanned the trainer before blushing to himself.

"So you guys really exist. Well a job is a job. My name is Braxton, I'm an engineer, my problem is simple. I got a Luxio recently to aid me on my electrical work, keen eyes, a good sense for where things went wrong and small enough to crawl into areas I would have to disassemble more of the ship or building I'm in to look into." Braxton removed his helmet and dropped it on the floor, "I get him and start training him for everything I need. He is better than I hoped, diligent, friendly and always willing to please when he was a young Shinx but then he evolved."

There was a spark from beneath the ship before Braxton continued, "He started rubbing himself on everything, even more than the normal play or communication sparks. He set my pillow on fire just by rubbing himself on it that much, so I tried getting him to mate with a female and that went bad. I had a friend with a Beauty Contest-winning female in heat visit and my Luxio ignored her to the point that the pokemon got frustrated and started to bite him viciously. " He sighed as another flash came from the bottom of the ship, " I can't get him to listen to me for normal work, he does his job properly but after that he is all over me, he starts rubbing his body on everything I own. I'm dressed in work clothes now because all my other stuff has electrical burn holes in it."

Jim nodded and listened carefully to Braxton's story while Renee walked to the stairs to peer down below. Renee's eyes widened at the luxio; he was average sided, but his fur was extremely well kept. He continued to bat at a small, rubber Rattata-shaped toy. He didn't pay attention to the Dragon-type, but after a while he stopped batting the toy and stayed on it, gently rubbing it on himself while sighing happily.

"So my boy, Sparky, is down there, I know what they say about you people and I don't like it but what they don't like to say is that you guys get results. So do what you have to do to get my buddy back to his old self." Braxton finished before passing over a pair of thick rubber gloves. "These will help you for handling him, I've got a resistance to being shocked by him but it might not be the same for someone who doesn't get shocked on a daily basis." He said, patting Jim on the shoulder.

Jim nodded and donned the gloves before walking down stairs to face the pokemon. As he arrived down into the cargo hold, Jim noticed that Renee was standing over Sparky and growling over him while waving her claw around in a disapproving manner. Jim snickered at the pair and made his way over to Sparky while putting on the rubber gloves. He squatted low so that he could look the feline pokemon in the eye.

"Hello, Sparky. I'm Jim, I heard that you've been giving your buddy a bit of trouble after work." Jim spoke while his eyes analyzed the Luxio carefully, the Pokemon gave a shameful mewl before looking at the ground. "Hey hey buddy, no need to look like that. I'm just trying to see what's wrong." Jim cooed while rubbing his gloved hand through the tuft of fur on the Luxio's head.

Sparky looked at the trainer and to the Gabite that was just reprimanding him on how he played with his toys. He looked at Jim and his tail flicked irritably as a few sparks arced from the tip. The Luxio had no interest in mating with such a weird female, he began to hiss and slowly back away.

"Sparky, We aren't here to hurt you or make you do anything that you don't want to do." Jim didn't make any sudden movement but instead slowly changed from a standing position to a sitting one. Last thing he wanted was a fight in the ship, "Don't worry, I already heard about what happened with you and the other Luxio, I'm not going to ask you to mate with anyone you don't want to." He said watching the yellow-eyed pokemon relax. The Spark Pokemon gave a few low grunts, but the sparking stopped. He approached Jim, his eyes occasionally flicked toward the Dragon and Ground-type female. She made Sparky feel very uncomfortable but he slowly walked to the new human.

Sparky sniffed the human for a moment with a curious glance before straddling his pants leg, the feline closed his eyes and began to rock his hips against the trainer's leg. He loved the feeling of the jeans against his puckered hole. But he rushed the process, in fear that Jim would kick him off. He went on for minutes each touch against the rough material scent sparks up his spine that felt nice.

Jim watched the pokemon carefully for a while, noting that the pokemon didn't rub his sheath against his pants leg but instead continued to grind his asshole against the rough material. When the Spark Pokemon stopped, he was panting slightly and mewed questioningly at him.

"What? Did you expect me to kick you off or something?" Jim said with a slight bit of amusement in his voice but felt a little saddened when the creature nodded and looked away, Jim chuckled as he met Walt's kindred spirit. "No. I have a Pokemon just like you, who has no interest in females but I..." Jim paused and thought about what he was going to say. "I mated with him." He said softly feeling a little embarrassed.

Sparky gave a soft gasp hearing that, he didn't know that two males could mate. Now his curiosity was peaked; he wanted to see what this trainer was speaking of. He slowly padded over to Jim and turned around, he never mated with a male or female but he knew that it had something to with the butt so he lowered his forelegs and raised his rump to Jim's face. He closed his eyes and waited for the trainer do whatever he was going to do.

Jim looked at the pucker hole in front of him and took into account of its details. The puckered hole was small with black flesh that matched the fur that encircled it. The hole puckered and loosed in repeatedly as if inviting him to penetrate the small electric type. Beneath it was a very tight looking pair of balls covered in small black fur. Jim thought about Walt's tiny puckered hole and something felt different, it felt like it wasn't something gay but just part of the job, his mind chalked it up to the fact that Walt's body type was similar to a human's.

Jim gazed at Renee who just shrugged and began walking back upstairs to give her trainer a little privacy. Finally alone with Sparky, the trainer reached into his bag and started to pull out some of the lubricant bottles out. "Now.. I'm going to try something. It's going to feel a little uncomfortable but if it starts to hurt I want you to let me know. Please for the love of Arceus don't shock me if you can help it." Jim said as the Luxio turn and gave an unsure mewl over his shoulder.

"I'm going to assume that means, 'Yes, Jim, I won't shock you as you prod my hole with a rubber glove on like a terrible Nurse Joy.' " Jim said with a sigh while lubing up the pinky finger glove as much as possible. His heart was thumping out of fear of scaring the little feline into shocking him and nervousness of what would happen if his guess was wrong. "Ok. Here goes nothing." Jim said while pouring a little lube right on the black puckered hole in front of him.

Sparky turned back around and closed his eyes, he was nervous as his little heart thumped in his chest like a drum, but rapid heartbeats were common in pokemon of the Electric- type due to their nervous system generating electricity at much higher rates than other pokemon or humans. Sparky's eyes widened as he felt something rubber pressing against his puckered hole. He mewled quietly from being unsure of what was going on, but something was pressing against his rump which made him sway his hips from side to side enjoying the feeling of something rubbing at his sweet spot. As Jim's finger started to put pressure on the Luxio's hole, Sparky gave a soft grunt as he felt the finger slip past his sphincter ring. It was strange at first and a little painful as the finger slowly swirled around inside of his body.

Sparky gave a soft mewling grunt as he felt the pinky finger exploring his body, slowly pressed his hips against the invading finger. He could feel that the finger was so close to hitting a spot that rubbing on his toys couldn't touch. Sparky felt the finger slid out him before he let out disapproving mewl at the sudden stop. He turned to face the human and gave him the most adorable face he could make which often got him treats and scraps from his trainer.

"I'm not stopping for good, Sparky, I just want to make sure that you are comfortable with it. Did you enjoy it?" In true feline fashion, Sparky gave a disinterested mewl to the strange human. "Ok well if you aren't interested then we can stop." The trainer responded before Sparky shook his head and turned around wagging his rump at the trainer, he didn't want the trainer to stop but he didn't want to seem too interested. "Oh so you do like it? Well let's try another finger..." Jim commented with a smug grin.

Jim decide to use his middle finger since the spark pokemon wanted him to continue, he was less slow this time but just as careful. The finger slid in with only a little resistance as Sparky sighed contently. Once the trainer fully slid the gloved finger inside, Sparky let out a soft yowl that caused Jim to flinch as he expected the yowl to accompany a vicious shock. The moment his fingers stopped moving the electric pokemon started to rock it's lower half side to side while keeping it upper half in a bow position. Jim had to admit the sight amused him in more ways than one, here he was a trainer with his finger deep inside the asshole of the a male pokemon that purred softly with every movement. An Idea sparked in his mind as he thought about Braxton and how to solve this situation, "Mr. Braxton, If you are still up there, could you come down? I need to give you some instruction on how to solve the problem." He called up before hearing the soft thump of boots across the deck.

Braxton arrived while drinking water through a canteen, the site of the young trainer with his gloved finger deep in his pokemons rump was surprising enough that he nearly spit out his water. "Erm...uh... Well this isn't what I expected." He said before putting his fingers to the bridge of his nose. "I'm already not liking where this is going." He said as his Luxio stared at him and mewed with what passed for embarrassment for the feline species. "So are you checking his temperature or is this how you start your job." He joked trying to make the dread he was feeling go away.

"Are you single, Mr. Braxton?" Jim asked, feeling nervous about trying the same tactic twice in a row.

"Oh..." Braxton paled at the other trainers words, "Yeah... I'm single." He admitted.

"Do you care to make your pokemon's problem go away? No more trouble on the job, no more humping everything with his hole. Just a well-adjusted pokemon." Jim smiled, sounding like a salesman more than a breeder specialist, his finger was still pumping inside of Sparky.

"You are going to suggest I have sex him, aren't you?" Braxton said taking off his hard hat and sighing, he watched as his pokemon quivered under the breeder specialist's fingering.

"I am going to suggest you at the very least help him get off. He isn't bad, he isn't trying to cause you problem, but he has needs." Jim said while using his other hands to gently found the other pokemon balls, Spark gave a low yowl as he could feel the tip of Jim's finger rubbing deep inside of him hitting a spot that made the electric type shiver with pleasure.

Braxton looked at his pokemon and back to the trainer. "So fingering his butt... This is an approved method of training?" He asked with a raised eyebrow.

Jim wouldn't say it out loud but for once he felt truly competent at his new specialization, "How about I prove it?" Jim removed his finger and the Luxio immediately turned around ,mewling pitifully. "Do you want me to continue?" He asked Sparky with a soft coo to his voice, the luxio nodded and rubbed his head against Jim's stomach which caused the trainer's hair to bristle. "What do you think, Braxton?" He said before picking up the feline with both hands and laying him back to chest against him, the feline purring softly. Jim pressed his lubed finger back inside of Sparky with much less resistance while watching the feline's facial expression. There was a purr of contentment from the luxio

"I think my Luxio is taking a shine to you." Braxton coughed out, feeling slightly uncomfortable.

"It's not me that has him so happy it's just having a human willing to take care of his needs. I think if you did this this for him, he would be more inclined to listen to you and be an overall happier pokemon." Jim said while sliding both his index and middle finger in the pokemon with relative ease, his gazed wandered down to the crotch of the pokemon in question and noticed that above the fuzzy black dice was a small purple penis no bigger than an two inches. The penis was dark purple in color with small lighter purple barbs near the base.

"I know what I'm doing might seem strange, but you've got a homosexual pokemon that loves being touched in this way. Not to make you feel uncomfortable but I think it would probably mean more to him if you connect with him this way." Jim grinned a little before speaking, "Speaking as a specialist... He is the more forward pokemon I've seen like this, I think he would at the very least help with those lonely nights." Jim said while gentle swirling his two fingers inside to the sound of contented mewing of the pokemon.

Braxton sighed and glance to his pokemon, Sparky's eyes were focused on him with his mouth open and his tongue out. "Hrrrmm. You want me to do this to you?" He said hoping to get some sort of negative response out of his pokemon so he could justify backing out. Sparky just looked back at him and gave a nod. "Ok... So if I do this can I get you to behave and stop shocking everyone?"

Luxio started to mewl before suddenly hunching over and giving a loud mew, his small penis swelled for a moment before three thin spurts of semen shot out of his purple shaft before coated his belly and chest fur.

Jim slowly removed his fingers with a wet pop, the Luxio quickly rolled to his feet and yowled happily before finding a corner to groom himself with his rough tongue, Jim slowly got to his feet and removed his gloves. "I've shown you the way to do it without having to bone him but take a look." Jim said pointing to the luxio who was currently stretching revealing his slightly dilated hole. "Right there is a friend that is as close as your own arm, willing to fight to the death for you. Might not have a human shape or huge breasts but he is willing and always close. Think about it but if you don't want to do it, you can always call a Breeder Specialist to milk him." Jim made sure to emphasize the payment part which caused the engineer to scratch his chin in thought.

Braxton finally sighed, "I'll think about it, kid. You really know how to hit a man in his wallet. Take your pay and as a bonus I'll give you my contact information. If I decide that it's a little too much for me, I'll call you exclusively, even put a good word in for you with the specialist website." He said watching as Sparky rubbed against his leg while his tail sparked contently in its afterglow. Braxton punched a few numbers into his pokedex before Jim's pokedex gave a soft chime receiving the payment for his work with Sparky.

After thanking Braxton and giving a farewell pat on the head to Sparky, Jim walked off the boat with Renee following after and turned to her with a large grin on his face. "Well Renee....," He paused looking around watching the sun already began to set, "The job's done, the lights are nice and bright and there was a certain pokemon of mine that wanted to go get some Durin Berry ice cream." He said as they both stood on the peer.

Renee placed both of her claw-tipped limbs on her snout as if hiding a blush that couldn't be seen on her face, while sandy drool drizzled from her maw. She gave a grunt before rubbing her scaled head against his chest and trying to nudge him toward the road so they could get started.

Jim placed his back of Renee's neck while gently stroking the scales on the back-a gesture that relaxes both his Feraligatr and the Gabite standing near him.

"Let's go. We might even bring back something for the others." He said before pausing for a moment. "Hey Renee, between you and me....uhhhhh." Jim swallowed for a moment, "I've had a lot of pokemon sexually coming after me or being a part of my job recently, I'm really glad that you and Gnaw are around to keep me grounded and remind me that I'm a trainer first and a specialist second." He said giving Renee a pat on the back of the neck as they walked back to the city from the pier.

Renee paused for a moment to look at her trainer, she wasn't sure if she was being rejected or accepted but she knew that she felt special. She didn't care that she might not be romantically involved with Jim but he still cared for her, Renee rubbed her claw over her scales where the logo of Team Aqua used to reside on her belly. Renee had come far in her life and she felt proud to one of Jim's pokemon.

"Come on Renee. The store might close before we get there." Jim called out to the happy gabite as she gave a contented growl before rushing to catch up to her trainer.

Jim Chronicles 6 : Saffron City

Jim awoke with a yawn as he heard the soft the snoring of his pokemon, Walt. Ever at his side, he'd have to comment on the soft snore later. Dust, the houndoom, was curled up at the foot of the bed, her feet kicking out randomly as she gave a muffled...

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