Story by Ceeb on SoFurry

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This was supposed to be a three-quarters piece, but it wouldn't fit in that bracket so I just kept going. I was inspired for some reason, and I wrote the brunt of this (roughly 8500 words) in just under two days. In other words, I still got it, baby. :V V:

Freshly single and more paranoid than ever, "Kocaine" Kahnso lashes out on his incompetent guard captain. Veronica shows up for the job, and she talks the talk and walks the walk, but Kahnso's unusual attention leaves her confused and misled...

Kahnso and writing (C) me

Veronica and Jamie (C) FA: the--jackal

Illustration (C) FA: javkiller


"That's the third fucking time this week some fucking fuck's gotten into my trash cans," Kahnso snapped. "These paparazzi motherfuckers are like fucking raccoons! What do I pay you assholes for?"

Kahnso's overwhelmed guard captain folded back his long hare ears and hugged himself around his middle for comfort. It was a habit he'd developed as a child dealing with domestic violence between mother and father. Ten years leading a SWAT team had hardened him up and broke him out of it. Ten weeks as Kocaine Kahnso's guard captain broke back into the tic.

"You gonna answer me or are you just gonna cry?" Kahnso dangerously asked. Nothing about him looked pleasant. His raven hair was stringy with sweat and natural grease. His irises were naturally red but the whites around them were filthy with bulging capillaries. "First that... Fucking bitch," Kahnso moaned. "No. No, not a bitch, not anything like that," he went on moaning. He rambled and paced. He slid his fingers through his messy hair and slung it back. "I miss that woman."

"I know you do," the guard captain meekly said. His voice lacked any authority.

"Blow it out your ass! You don't know dick about shit!" Kahnso barked. He came very near to laying his paws on the hare. Instead he wrung his palms near the hare's quivering snout. "Fuck this and fuck you, I'm tired of paying you for fucking up. I've got reporters and paparazzi digging through my trash for pill bottles, dead bodies, underpants with shit stains in them, and you and your fucking rent-a-cop team are just standing around with your thumbs in your asses!"

"They distracted us!" the hare plaintively shouted. "We thought it was just the one jimmying the lock on the pool house, we didn't know they were in the trash too!"

"It took all ten of you to bust some doofus with a crowbar? You're supposed to be a SWAT captain," Kahnso said with a sharp grin. "How many fucking raids did you blow? Did you ever mace a grandma because you broke into the wrong house?"

"Fuck you!" the hare screamed in a breaking voice.

Kahnso spat at the hare's feet and spun on his heel. "Fuck you. Get yourself and your boys the fuck off my property." He snapped his fingers and hooked a thumb over his shoulder. "Out, fucking out. I'd rather sit on the front step with a shotgun than pay you stupid dicks."

The rockstar strolled off. The hare stopped his sniffling before he left with his crew.


A dozen candidates came and went. Kahnso's nervous hyena assistant, ever giggling madly and peppering his sentences with uhhh in fear of his mercurial boss, ushered them in and saw them out. Sometimes they left crying. Kahnso walked out not long after the final interview that day. He had showered that morning but the stress and aggravation was running him ragged. Another security breach the morning before led to some fascinating fabricated anecdotes in the tabloids.

Kahnso walked with the hyena to the kitchen. The fox pulled a chilled bottle of vodka out of the freezer and poured himself and his assistant screwdrivers.

"Anthony, I got a question," he brusquely said. "Do you think life is worth living?"

The hyena blinked mid-sip and promptly set down his glass. "Uhhh, well," he murmured. "Yes?"

"I really miss that woman of mine," Kahnso sighed.

Anthony reached out and petted Kahnso's bicep. To his relief, the fox didn't lash out. "Let's worry about, uhhh, you know, a new guard captain. Right? And then you can... Maybe go to therapy?"

Kahnso snapped his eyes onto Anthony. A smile crept across his face. It was unhinged and Anthony found himself matching it nervously. He started up his terrified, chittering hyena giggle.

"Therapy? Good one." Kahnso downed his drink and slammed the glass into the sink. It shattered and Anthony flinched. Kahnso tugged the hyena's ear on the way past. "Say that again and I'll fucking kill you," he calmly stated.

The hyena sat and stared at his drink for nearly twenty minutes. Suddenly he chugged it down and cleaned up the mess of broken glass.


"You know, you've heard his music! Kocaine Kahnso!" Jamie insisted. "That hunky singer guy..."

Veronica paused and narrowed her eyes. "The leatherfag one?"

"He wears leather but I don't think he's gay," Jamie giggled. "Besides, though, if he actually is gay, then that means he's not even threatening, right?"

Veronica was a statuesque kangaroo, buxom and wide-hipped with a hard, pouchless belly. Her difficult life imbued her with a cold toughness not often seen in women who retained so much of their femininity. She smoothed back her short but pretty blonde hair and tiredly asked, "You're not gonna shut up until I try to get the job, are you?"

"Nope," Jamie smiled. Herself a jackal, Jamie boasted an hourglass figure and smart eyes behind cute square glasses. She peered over them at Veronica like a sleazy school teacher. "You told me you needed a job. Here's one you can do for a famous guy who's probably gonna give you a ton of money." She added in endearing sing-song, "A-a-and he's really ho-o-ot."

The kangaroo grunted and rolled her eyes despite her smirk. "Fine. Fine, for god's sake... Let's see that ad." But as soon as Veronica got a look at it, she shook her head at Jamie. "You dingbat, it says they were doing interviews yesterday."

"...Does it?" Jamie peeped in a tiny voice. She nudged her glasses up the bridge of her snout. "Maybe you can call anyway...? I think they would have taken the ad down if they filled the position."

Veronica glanced at the clock and saw it to be half past nine in the evening. "Nuh-uh, it's way too late to call."

Jamie, however, already had the number dialed with a big grin on her face. "Come on, he's a singer, he probably stays up all night writing ballads and screwing groupies."

"Jamie," Veronica moaned. "I bet you just want me to get this job so you can meet the dork."

Suddenly Jamie's cheeks flushed red. "I, um," she stammered.

"I, um," Veronica smilingly mocked. "You're busted, dweeb!"

"It's ringing, here," the jackal suddenly said, thrusting her phone into Veronica's palm. The flyer glared at her but held it to her ear.

Somebody answered. "Uhhh, hi?"

"Hello," Veronica blurted. She turned Jamie's laptop to face her and scanned the ad quickly. "I'm calling about the--," a quick pause, "guard captain position for Kahnso's estate. Has it been filled? I understand if it has been," she politely said as she glared holes into dumbly grinning Jamie.

Anthony paused. Veronica nearly asked if he was still on the line when he said, "We didn't fill the position, uhhh, no. When's the soonest you can come in?"

In the background, very urgently, undoubtedly in the throes of some terrible drug, Kahnso shouted, "I need someone fucking now! These fucks get into my trash one more time and I'm putting out bear traps! I'm hiring snipers!"

The hyena said rather calmly, "If you're qualified and could start tonight, uhhh... We can incentivize you to come right now. Pay for your time and transportation."

"Um," Veronica mumbled, "I'm not busy tonight, I can come by. What kind of incentives are we talking?"

"You can name a price when you get here," Anthony said, sounding tired. Prefacing himself with his customary uhhh, he added, "Kahnso will pay basically anything if you can keep the paparazzi off his property."

"What, like nerds with cameras? No sweat," the kangaroo smirked. "I'll be there."

Veronica didn't have to tell Jamie she was leaving. The jackal was already dressed and twirling her car keys.


At the gates to Kahnso's estate, Veronica had a firm but brief argument with Jamie which ended in the jackal leaving in a bit of a huff. Veronica watched her car speed off out of the winding gated community. "Brat," she murmured. You can meet the asshole once I get the job.

Veronica followed a meandering path bisecting a lawn pretty enough to be a golf course. Kahnso's Tudor mansion loomed over it like a mountain. Though it was nearly eleven o'clock at night, the mansion was brightly lit, and it managed to look at least somewhat inviting.

The flyer didn't know what to expect when she rang the doorbell. Anthony opened the door and his eyes started almost at her navel. He brought them up to her eyes quickly. "You must be--," he realized he'd never gotten her name. "Uhhh, come inside," he clumsily smiled.

Veronica fancied the idea that the hyena was infatuated with her. Most men were at first sight. For the sake of keeping cool but looking tough, she wore black denim shorts and a matching tank-top. Her breasts filled it out snugly and the bumps of her pierced nipples betrayed her lack of a bra. Fingerless gloves and steel-toed black work boots punctuated her no-nonsense looks.

"This is Kahnso's place, huh?"

"Yeah," Anthony murmured. "If you get the job, you'll have the-e-e..." he trailed off in thought. "Um, the suite near the rec room. It's nicer than it sounds."

"What about those incentives?" Veronica prodded.

Anthony started to bumble his way through unsure monetary offers when Kahnso came down the stairs fussing and barking out orders which Anthony futilely jumped to. Kahnso's princely fussiness stopped mid-rant when he laid eyes on Veronica. A smile stolen right from a used car salesman spread across his face.

Veronica didn't like the smile. She sensed a very tired pickup line was coming and she thrust her paw out mannishly. "I'm Veronica Ryan," she stated.

Kahnso glanced at her paw as if inspecting it for gangrene. He took it and gave it a challenging squeeze which Veronica returned in spades. "Kahnso," he said mildly. "I take it you have some qualifications if you drove all the way out here?"

The flyer shrugged off Kahnso's grip and braced her paws on her hips. "Nothing formal. I'm not a cop or a vet, I just grew up with worthless parents and I learned how to give and take my lumps." She nodded at Anthony briefly. "Your buddy here was just talking numbers with me. You want me to keep the media hounds off your back, right?"

"Absolutely," Kahnso sighed.

"Then let's talk," Veronica said slyly, whipping Kahnso's sleazy smile around on him.

Veronica sat opposite Kahnso at his great oak desk. She felt particularly small sitting before him for the scene reminded her of troubles at school and reprimands from the principal. Her principals, however, were never seven feet tall with red eyes and big fangs.

"Drink?" Kahnso asked, pouring himself a shot from a bottle of bourbon on the desk.

"I like to keep a clear head, thanks," Veronica answered.

The huge fox nodded sharply. "Good. I like that. You passed the first test," he lied before he took a sip. "You read the tabloids?"

"Not my thing," Veronica quietly stated. She cracked a thin smile. "People printing nasty lies about you?"

"Ever since I broke up with my girlfriend, yeah. So these paparazzi assfucks and dumpster-divers come around to snap photos of me on the shitter and look and see what's in my garbage. Real violation-of-privacy stuff, but the cops never get here in time and all my guards so far fucked off on the job."

The flyer tugged at the bottom edge of her beater. "Fucked off how?"

Kahnso shrugged. "Drinking, swimming, blowing each other, fucked if I know. Maybe they're in cahoots with the photographers," he proposed with a fragile grin. "Which is why I wanna outbid anything those fucks might offer you." He chugged down his shot and tapped the glass quite firmly on the table. "What are you making now?"

"I'm, uh, between jobs," Veronica admitted. She smiled ruefully. "Probably shouldn't have said that."

"Nah, I like that. No ties to another employer, that means you can start tonight." Kahnso started to pour another shot, but he stopped and set the bottle aside. Elbows on the table and fingers interlaced, he snared Veronica with his best businessman look. "I'll be totally honest, I make fuck-you money on my tours and records." He held up a finger for every point he made. "Eighty grand a year, free room and board, compensation for anything you gotta buy for work." Splaying his palms flat on the desk, he went on, "Guns, clothes, mace, stuff like that." Putting on a wide grin, he added, "And you can use my lawyers, too."

"Why would I want your lawyers?" Veronica sneered, sitting back and tilting the chair.

Kahnso shrugged. "I've never been convicted of rape or assault. I didn't even pay a ticket when I double-parked by Lamborghini at the courthouse."

The kangaroo narrowed her eyes and quivered her nose as she thought very carefully and sized Kahnso up. She learned at a young age to assess threats, and she saw Kahnso as large and unstable. Sexy but dangerous came to mind, and she didn't doubt his ability to write good checks. Finally she reached across the desk and shook on it. "I can start tonight. I'll need a little money to pick up some gear tomorrow."

"Sure," Kahnso shrugged again. "How about I go with you?"

Veronica blinked and tilted her head slightly. Her long ears splayed back. "You wanna go with me?"

"Why not?"

"Well, if you don't mind my bringing it up," Veronica said in carefully measured words, "aren't you paranoid about people snapping photos of you?"

A jaunty grin spread across Kahnso's face. "I wanna see how you handle it if anyone tries some shit." He stood up from his chair and Veronica, whom wasn't following Kahnso's eyes too closely, found herself staring into his crotch. What he was packing looked so dense that she dismissed it as a rolled-up sock or two.

Nevertheless flustered by Kahnso's good looks and the realization that she hadn't dated or even slept around in months, Veronica stood up too and did her best to harden her face up. "I'll get familiar with the place. See you later."

"Mhm," Kahnso muttered. He watched Veronica's hips as she left, trailing his lusting eyes from her ass cheeks to the tip of her big tail. A sly smile creased his jowls.


Veronica was very surprised that Kahnso personally drove. Part of her thought it was just to show off his car, maybe hoping it might loosen her panties up. The trouble was it did exactly that. Veronica liked loud, masculine things and a sleek supercar bought wholesale by a few platinum records was very exciting to her. She looked over at Kahnso and grinned. He peeled his eyes off the road and leered at her through his shades for a few seconds.

"What's up?" he asked her over the thrum of the engine. They weren't even going much faster than the speed limit, but the tactile sensation of the car and its vocalizations made up for it.

"I've never been in a car this expensive," Veronica admitted. "What's something like this go for?"

"Too much," Kahnso sneered. "But I can afford it. Stick around a couple years with me." He glanced at her again. "I like to upgrade once in a while."

The kangaroo grinned. She had an idea where he was going but she cautiously asked, "I don't think I could buy a car like this even if you gave it to me for half price."

"Nah, probably not," Kahnso allowed. He reached over and groped her thigh. "But if I just dropped the keys in your lap, I bet you could afford the insurance, at least."

Veronica lay her paw over Kahnso's shortly before she nudged him away. "So we're clear on this, I'm just guarding your property, right?"

"Correct," said Kahnso. "But I figure it's in my best interest to keep you happy, right?"

For a little while longer, Veronica reflected while she listened to the sound of the car and watched smoggy southern California roll by. Heavy thoughts bogged her down and the motion tranquilized her in an infantile way. Having slept in a new home while keeping ever leery of the sudden need to spring into action meant she caught very little rest the night before. Before long, she started to snooze, but the flyer didn't sleep long. She snapped her eyes open as soon as the engine cut out. They were outside of a law enforcement surplus store.

Kahnso made a peculiar attempt to appear casual with his designer sunglasses, thousand-dollar blue jeans and ten-dollar t-shirt. She resisted telling her lucrative new employer that he was a scarf away from a model hipster.

Alluring gadgets sat on shelves in blister packs and cardboard packages better fitting toys than military-grade hardware. Veronica at first shied away from the products, but Kahnso urged her to get what she needed.

"Is it legal to own this stuff?" Veronica blurted, handling a can of mace carefully away from her face. "I thought only cops could carry shit like this."

The rockstar sunk his paws into his pockets and shrugged his shoulders. "There's loopholes in the system. You're considered law enforcement on my property, so you can mace a guy until he pukes his liver up as long as you do it behind the gate." It was with an impish, knowing smile that Kahnso said this.

After enough urging, Veronica started to snap up whatever she felt could make her life easier. Beanbag and rubber-slug shotgun shells, a long-range taser, body armor, even thermal imaging goggles. She had already gone back to grab a cart, and in filling it, she felt like a child with free reign at the toy store. Her most extravagant purchase was a 12-gauge Mossberg shotgun already fitted with a bevy of tactical parts, coming out to a barely-legal length.

Up at the register, Veronica realized how absurd it was that she had a grocery cart full of law enforcement goodies. She watched as her items racked up a terrifying bill one scan at a time, and she continued to reflect on the ridiculousness of the situation. When all was said and done, the total was a sum with far too many large digits before the decimal point. Kahnso paid with a debit card and a distinct lack of concern.

"The weapons and ammo oughta be by this evening," said the clerk, a very stocky bear whose rubbery jowls jiggled when he spoke in his Chicagoan voice. He took a look at Veronica and nodded. "New guard captain, eh?"

Veronica looked up at Kahnso whom grinned and shrugged. "Yeah," she then answered the bear, and she grabbed what was left on the countertop.

"Wonder why you picked this little lady," the bear smiled, speaking to Kahnso but addressing Veronica's breasts.

Kahnso tucked his sunglasses up into his hair. He saw the scowl on Veronica's snout and took in her low eyelids. "Looks like you're about to find out why," he grinned. "Come on, let's get outta here."

Cruising through town in the midday, Kahnso had the windows down and his shades on his face. "You want anything while we're out and you got my pocketbook?"

The kangaroo looked over and put on a wan smile. "Like what?"

"Like whatever," Kahnso said. "Furniture for your room, clothes, lunch? I want you settled in so you can keep an eye on things."

"I could go for some lunch," Veronica mused. "And could we stop by my apartment? I wanna grab my clothes."

Kahnso acquiesced. It amused Veronica and humbled Kahnso in her eyes that his idea of lunch was Subway. They ate inside and enjoyed a little playful bullshitting. When they were just through with their meal, however, a camera flash left Kahnso and Veronica blinking. They looked over in unison and Kahnso had a moment of recognition. "You fuck!" he snapped.

The twenty-something wolf with the camera backed away and got ready to flee, but not before he snapped another photo. Kahnso got the brunt of the flash and he grunted, clutching his face. Veronica was quick enough to shut her eyes against it. She was halfway out of her chair before the photographer realized it. He looked up from the viewfinder just in time to gawk at her in mid-lunge. He tried to escape but the strong, tall flyer snapped him up in a headlock and bore down with everything she had.

A toothy grin spread across Veronica's face when she dug her forearm into his throat. A wheeze passed his lips. "Seems like Kahnso knows who you are, so let me tell you," she hissed down into his ear, "you bug him again and I'll pop your fucking head like a zit." Veronica thrust him loose and sent him staggering to the floor where he landed on his camera and lay huffing for a few moments. Nobody got up to help him. The kangaroo calmly rejoined Kahnso, and the crowd which had formed dissipated back to its own business.

"What?" Veronica said to Kahnso's grin. It made her put on a grin of her own.

"You were great," Kahnso gushed. He looked over her shoulder at the wolf, proverbially licking his wounds and just leaving. "That little runt's always selling photos of me to the tabloids. There's this one where it was dark and I was eating a popsicle..."

Veronica snorted and covered her snout. It took a few moments for her to calm her giggles. "I'm sorry, I'm really sorry about that," she said between contradictory snorts. Desperate for a change of subject, she asked, "Has he ever been throttled like that?"

"Not by any of my goons."

"Oh, I'm a goon now?" Veronica sneered.

"Well, maybe not technically," Kahnso murmured, "but that's what it's gonna say on your contract."

"Very funny." The kangaroo wadded up her sandwich wrapper and sucked her drink down to the ice. "Let's get out of here before I have to beat up another nerd for you."


"Up this way," Veronica said, pointing. As Kahnso turned onto her street, she said sheepishly, "I left my keys with my friend, and I asked her to come unlock the place. She mi-i-ight be there to ambush you. Ah, it's this building here."

Kahnso parked in the small lot. He doubted the rest of the vehicles in the lot added up to a quarter of what his car was worth. "What do you mean ambush?"

"Well," Veronica chuckled, "she's kind of a fan."

Out of the car and on the way up to the building, Kahnso asked, "What's wrong with that? I don't mind fans." When Veronica didn't answer, he snickered, "Is she ugly or something?"

"Nah, pretty far to the opposite," Veronica chuckled. And that's the problem.

It was just as Veronica feared. Jamie was sitting on her couch, watching TV. She looked up when she heard the door. It was like Veronica wasn't even there. The lovely jackal sprung up and nearly bowled the kangaroo over on her way to the rockstar. "Hi," she dreamily smiled, standing on legs which could have melted at any time.

In a moment which felt like an ice age, Veronica wondered what was about to happen. Was Kahnso going to fuck her best friend on her couch? But he defied her expectations when he took Jamie's paw and smooched the backside of it. "Hi there, you must be Jamie," he smiled.

Jamie giggled coquettishly. Her cheeks flushed and her scent suddenly ran high. "Yeh-yeah, I'm Jamie," she shakily answered.

"I'm gonna get my stuff," Veronica said, apparently to herself. By the time she filled her duffel with clothes and grabbed her laptop, Jamie had gotten an autographed glossy from Kahnso. From where he produced it, Veronica had no idea.

The jackal followed Kahnso and Veronica out to the parking lot. Jamie proceeded to fawn over his Lamborghini just as she had over the singer himself. At Jamie's request, Veronica snapped a rather suggestive photo: Kahnso sitting on the hood of his car, Jamie side-saddle on his lap, his nose nearly touching hers as they embraced like lovers. She wondered what Aaron, her brother whom was perpetually debating popping the question on Jamie, would think of the picture. She decided he'd probably find it funny and charming.

"God, I'm really sorry about that," Veronica said a few minutes into the drive back to the mansion. She laughed, "Jamie's such a dweeb."

"It's okay," Kahnso chuckled. "She seemed like a pretty nice girl." At a traffic light, he turned his head to Veronica and smiled slyly. "I bet you expected me to fuck her brains out."

Veronica couldn't lie when he grinned in her face. "Well, yeah. I think she was hoping for it, too."

The light turned green. The car growled up to speed. "Who knows what'll happen. You should bring her by the mansion sometime. I bet she'd love a tour," Kahnso modestly said.


Veronica spent the next week learning the ropes. She familiarized herself with the property and wasted a few boxes of shells down at the range. With the Mossberg's pistol grips and close-range choke, she couldn't hit much that wasn't a few feet in front of her. It didn't surprise her. All she really wanted from the exercise was the noise and thrill.

Come nightfall, Veronica sat in bed on her laptop for some viral YouTube videos and light reading. She was tired, topless, and sweaty from exercise. When Jamie called her for a video chat, she didn't bother to cover up.

"Oh, hey, am I interrupting something?" Jamie giggled.

"Naw," Veronica yawned. "Just airing out."

"You sure?" Jamie asked with narrowed eyes and a sly grin.

Veronica narrowed her own eyes and cracked a confused smile. "What are you trying to say, nerd?"

"I'm saying you can give up the act," the jackal said with a wink. "I saw the picture."

The flyer gnawed her lip while she ran through her recent memories. "What picture?" she asked in honest bewilderment. "I really don't--. Oh, oh god."

Jamie tilted her head. "What's the matter? Hey, what's up?"

"I'll call you back," Veronica groaned. She set her computer aside, looked briefly for her sports bra and slipped it on. Making for Kahnso's study, she moved urgently but gracefully, slipping around the rec room's toys and rounding corners with careful slides on the tile. She predictably found Kahnso sitting back in his chair, peering out the window at the dull and rainy night.

"Kahnso, hey," she said for his attention.

Kahnso swiveled around looking surprisingly at ease. "What is it? Someone try to break in?"

"Nah," Veronica said, shaking her head. "Have you seen any tabloid stuff?"

The big fox smiled a jaunty smile and nudged a pulpy magazine across the desk. He turned back around and watched the rain. "Nights like this are really relaxing, you know what I mean? I wrote Black-Eyed Pageant Queen during a solid week of rain. Everything was flooded. That was our first platinum album."

Veronica wasn't paying attention. She saw the wolf's picture on the cover of the magazine: her and Kahnso sitting opposite, laughing and smiling over sub sandwiches. The sensational headline fingered Veronica as the rockstar's replacement love interest. "Oh my god," she moaned.

"Relax," Kahnso snickered, swiveling around again. "Compared to most of the shit that gets printed, this is saccharine."

The flyer slumped into the opposite chair. "This doesn't bother you? I heard you losing your shit when I was on the phone with Anthony."

"Like I said," Kahnso said firmly, "this is cute, sweet stuff, not some scandal." He sipped his bourbon and winked. "At least they're not saying I was raping you."

Veronica chuckled uneasily and tilted the chair back on its rear legs. She clasped her paws over her stomach and interlaced her fingers. "Can I ask you something?"

"Of course you can," Kahnso said rather brightly.

Are you in love with me? She pushed that away and steeled herself. "What was, you know," she tried to ask. "What was your ex like? If I may ask, that is."

"Huh, the one thing I really don't wanna be asked about," Kahnso ruefully said.

"I'm sorry, forget it," Veronica said softly.

"It's all right. I guess it's time to grow up about it." Kahnso swiveled around again but didn't stop himself. He drifted around and Veronica saw him then in profile. "She was perfect, I guess. That's cliche as fuck, though. But she was tall, blonde, beautiful figure, great sex. Fantastic sex," he growled through clenched teeth. From the corner of his eye, he regarded Veronica and smiled tightly. "You know me, I imagine. I like to party, I do drugs, I do whores. Well, she likes to have some fun too, but she's clean. My nose is a coke vacuum," he sighed, "and she couldn't deal with it."

"...I'm sorry," the kangaroo ashamedly said.

"I think I understand why you'd think I wouldn't be bothered," Kahnso nodded. "I'm a womanizing dick. I've raped a few girls, I've even laughed about doing it. I wrote a hit single about violating a 16-year-old." The singer paused to gulp down his drink, suddenly needing the fortitude of his bourbon. He smacked his lips, licked his fangs and sighed long and loud. "But Aurenn meant everything to me. I honestly never cared about a woman like I've cared about her. We went places, we had fun, it wasn't just about getting my cock inside of her. She made me so happy. And then I drove her off. Back to Spain, in fact."

"Spain?" Veronica asked, surprised.

"Oh, yeah, exotic beauty," Kahnso effused, bobbing his eyebrows for emphasis. "And so has the star-crossed tale of Kocaine Kahnso and the woman of his dreams been told," said the rockstar flatly. He slammed his glass down on the desk in closing. He completed his spin to face the window and went terribly silent.

Veronica stared awkwardly at the back of Kahnso's chair. She ran over a multitude of scenarios in her head. She knew she was a fool to think she was anything more than a substitute for whomever Kahnso pined for, but so did she doubt if the real woman was half as incredible as he made her out to be. Veronica knew, however, that questioning the legend would end badly for her. The only and perhaps most critical thing Veronica couldn't dissuade herself from was how she craved Kahnso in the most carnal manner possible. It frightened her to think that she also desired him emotionally. It was all too much to consider in one evening. She stood and dropped her sports bra on the desk before padding around Kahnso's desk and chair with a straight face.

Kahnso looked up from his sullen contemplation to Veronica's breasts with mild surprise. He met her eyes soon after, just before she knelt in his lap. The sturdy, high-backed leather chair held them both without complaint.

"What's this about?" the rockstar asked even as his paws found Veronica's hips. He slipped his fingers under the waistband of her sweat pants and touched her naked fur reverently.

"I don't know exactly," Veronica admitted. "Let's just roll with it." She kissed him hard and snaked her tongue past his lips. It felt peculiar when his fangs ground on her lips. As Kahnso's fingers traced her hips and rear, she slid her paws through his hair and down to his shoulders.

Kahnso suckled Veronica's mouth but broke off the kiss a moment later. "Mmh, god."

Veronica stroked down Kahnso's naked chest. Her fingers caught on his stiff nipples and tweaked them. "I know this isn't exactly professional behavior," she quietly spoke, "but I still haven't signed a contract."

The fox chuckled slyly. He pulled down Veronica's pants enough to show her curved ass. At the same time, he nuzzled her neck and licked a sweet dew of sweat from her fur. "Sleeping with me was gonna be in your contract anyway," he teased.

Despite a lack of room in the chair, Veronica stole her paws down to Kahnso's crotch. She opened the fly on his track pants and exposed his naked, bulging sheath. The tip of his red penis was already peeking from it and Veronica realized that Kahnso didn't stuff his pants at all. "Oh, wow," she huffed.

"How do you wanna do this, babe?"

While fondling Kahnso's sheath and watching his cock grow, Veronica wondered how far down the rabbit hole she'd go. As she stroked his great endowment and waited for the knot at the bottom, she nuzzled his muzzle. "Roll with it," she said again.

Finally Kahnso's knot wedged up in the sheath. Veronica grinned tightly as she tugged the furred flesh down to free the gland. She eased back and knelt on the floor. Kahnso scooted closer to the edge of the chair.

Gripping Kahnso's knot in one paw and the middle of his length with the other, Veronica took the plunge and went to work sucking and bobbing, groping and jerking. Her tail began to sway and fanned her marsupial scent about the study. Her musky snatch was damp and she stuffed a paw down her half-on sweat pants. From there, she dug her fingers into her snatch and let loose a groan.

Kahnso squeezed the armrests on the chair as he gazed at the relaxing scene beyond his window. Anthony came in to deliver some reports when he heard the suckling and moaning from the other side of the chair. The hyena blushed and left without having stepped past the doorway.

Veronica was out of practice. She couldn't get her long snout very far down Kahnso's cock but neither did she have the patience for just gulping on it and rubbing her pussy. She pulled back and a runner of pre and drool hung from her lips to his male flesh.

"The ball's in your court. What now, beautiful?" Kahnso rumbled.

The kangaroo stood up and shook off her pants. "This," she said almost breathlessly as she spun on her heel and pushed her fine round ass against the rockstar. He first palmed her cheeks before guiding her to sit. His pointed cock tip met her pussylips with only a bit of grinding. The entry into her wet pink was criminally easy and Veronica was halfway down his member before she braced her paws on the armrests. "Uhn, fuck," the flyer hissed.

Veronica eased down, wiggling and grinding into Kahnso's lap. The stud held her flanks and made her feel small. She pressed down against his knot in one go. "God, I'm wet," she shamefully panted. "It's been so long... Way too fucking long..."

Kahnso wrapped his arms around Veronica and nuzzled the back of her neck. "Tell me about it." He crept his paws up to her breasts which he held and softly groped, rubbing the nipples and their barbell piercings with his thumbs.

Veronica moaned to his touch. The longer she sat passively, the greater the longings became. Rather than admit she was developing an infatuation for the singer, she started to ride him hard. Those powerful kangaroo legs made her a natural in the art of lapbouncing and she smashed her round butt into his pelvis again and again. Her cunt ached from the force of striking his nearly unyielding knot so often but the pain melted into the pleasure. But even now, the romanticism sunk its gnarly claws into what should have been a fast and careless fuck with one of the biggest sex gods of the last century. You romantic idiot, quit pining over him and just get that knot inside!

Snuffing the insipid emotions and heightening the sex were Kahnso's beastly grunts and growls. His member shot irregular wads of pre into the girl, slicking flesh which was already slippery. Veronica's tight snatch glided without a hitch along Kahnso's dense cock. Her full tits enjoyed stifled jiggles under Kahnso's grip. Veronica's cheeks flushed and her long ears splayed back.

"Fuck, fffu-u-uck," Kahnso grunted.

Veronica added to the exchange, "Jesus, that knot's fucking big."

"Isn't it, though," Kahnso dryly remarked. As the kangaroo ground down against his knot and moaned its praises, Kahnso nuzzled her back and licked rampantly at the sweat beading in her fur. "For fuck's sake, you taste nice," he snarled. "I'd lick the sweat off of your ass in the middle of a heat wave, girl."

The kangaroo grinned at the praise. She reached up and gripped Kahnso's hair but her other paw stayed on the armrest. With such lust bolstering her, she easily pushed aside the feelings and smashed her ass down against him as hard and often as was possible. Although she wanted to speak, she couldn't think of anything to say, not even pillow talk or vapid curses. She just kept riding the rockstar, grunting every time her cunt started to engulf the knot.

Kahnso's lurid nothings took on a strained timbre and his grip on her tits became overbearing and painful. It bruised her but her resultant yowl was a sound of kinky pleasure. With curling toes, gnashed teeth and clenched eyelids, Veronica bounced exactly like a kangaroo should. Her dense tail, folded awkwardly against Kahnso, lashed over the armrest of the chair. She didn't care how uncomfortable its bend was or that her breasts were dimpled and bruised under Kahnso's meaty fingers. It was impossible to give a shit about the pain because she was cumming. As she squirted and shouted in pleasure, she mashed herself down into Kahnso's lap over and over in the hopes she'd get the knot. Even as her cunt walls grew oversensitive and the balance of pain and pleasure took an undesirable shift, she worked for the knot. She craved it, and with just the right slam downward, she finally got it. When the rockstar's knot popped into Veronica, she screamed. It trailed off into a wavering moan and she pressed quaking yet taut to Kahnso.

A deep groan shook Kahnso's chest and propagated through Veronica. He lay his chin over her shoulder and eased off of her tits only to rake his manicured claws down their curves and across her pouchless belly. Within mere moments of knotting Veronica, Kahnso climaxed with incredible potency. He curled his toes as Veronica curled hers and he unloaded a staggering mess. It was such a tremendous load that well before he was through, Veronica was full to capacity. The runoff spilled out around the plug of the knot.

"Oof," Veronica sighed. "That's gonna hurt tomorrow..."

Kahnso squeezed her around the middle and smooched her cheek. "I bet. That was fun, baby."

Veronica was modestly agreeing when Kahnso slowly swiveled them about. Around her, he poured a glass of bourbon and sipped it before offering it to her.

"What the hell," she shrugged, and she downed nearly half of it.


Over the coming week, not a single breach occurred at Kahnso's mansion. At first Veronica thought her zit-popping threat to the wolf might have made its rounds but the tabloids in print and online painted her more and more as the rockstar's new lover. The nearly constant sex she and Kahnso were having didn't help her confusion but Kahnso remained enigmatic and coy on the subject.

Veronica eased off of the stud's knot. She rolled over and lay against him, her full breasts flattening somewhat on his chest. Thunder rumbled outside and a cool breeze rushed in through the balcony doors. Outside, Kahnso's pool boy scurried to get the cover on.

"Does any of the stuff they're printing bother you?" Veronica asked, ending with a yawn.

"I'll tell you what I told you before," Kahnso chuckled. "It doesn't bother me. It's just speculation. Those media fucks always want to know what's going on. If they think we're sweet on each other, let 'em go."

Veronica let out an uneasy little laugh. She tried another angle. "You're okay with people printing lies about you?"

"It happens," he conceded. "I think you hanging around with me is the whole reason nobody's been by to break in. The fact that we're dating," he air-quoted, "is enough to keep them at their hack jobs. Why do recon work when you can just keep reprinting that I'm with some new chick?"

The flyer laboriously pushed herself up and straddled Kahnso. Her loins were sore. A knot nearly the size of a baseball would do that to a girl. She kissed his lips and wanted to say something and he smiled tightly in the pause with her. Ultimately she scooted off of the bed and slipped back into her shorts and sports bra. "I'm gonna go work out a little bit."

"See you, baby," Kahnso cooed.

Veronica's idea of working out that night happened to be abusing the punching bag with everything she had. Grimacing and snapping under her breath, she unloaded a week's worth of suppressed sentimentality into her punches and especially her kicks. She felt she could have gone on for hours even after wearing herself out underneath Kahnso. Just when she was tuckering out, she thought about her feelings for the stud and she tore into the bag again.

Anthony bumbled in as he was wont to do. Despite looking average and lumpy, he was stocky with musculature. His frumpy attire of hip-hop blue jeans and extra-large t-shirts hid his figure. He gave Veronica a wide berth and intended to avoid her completely but she straightened out and snapped his way, "What do you want?"

The hyena backed away and started his nervous grin and giggle. "Nothing, I swear, uhhh, nothing."

Veronica hissed through her teeth and socked the bag with a feeble punch. She grabbed a towel and slung it over her shoulders, and then she sat on the weight bench. "Can I ask you something?"


She beckoned him and he sat close to her on the bench. For the first time, she touched him. It was a friendly pat on his shoulder. "Can I ask you something private? As in something that doesn't get back to Kahnso?" she glared.

Anthony smiled toothily. "Uhhh, yeah. Just don't hurt me, and I won't tell him."

"Deal," Veronica murmured. "This is hard to say. You know we've been screwing."

Anthony nodded.

"And you've seen all that stuff they've been printing about how I'm his new girlfriend?"

Anthony nodded again, gaining a wary look in his eye.

Veronica chewed her bottom lip. "I don't know how Kahnso feels, but I kinda feel like that's accurate."

The hyena smoothed back his little mohawk and tutted. "I don't think that's a good idea, Kahnso's really..." he murmured, trailing away.

"Really what?" Veronica urged.

"Mean? No, evil, that might be a better word," Anthony admitted.

An unsure smile spread across Veronica's pretty face. "He told me about the rape stuff and the drugs, but... I don't know. Can he be that evil if he feels bad about it? And he's been nice to me, buying me all this stuff for more than just work, and he said I might get his Lambo and, oh, god, the sex," she gushed.

Anthony shook his head sadly. "Uhhh, between us, you seem really nice for the most part," he said. He looked over his shoulder at the door briefly. "He'll hurt you."

"I'll hurt him," Veronica proudly said.

"Not like that," Anthony huffed. He left the gym in a hurry. Veronica realized that he hadn't even worked out.

Veronica made her way up to Kahnso's bedroom again. He was leaning over the balcony, watching the thunderstorm roll near with a glass of bourbon in his paw. She brushed his back first to make her presence known and then she wrapped her arm around him, an action he reciprocated.

"This is a nice view up here," Kahnso cooed.

The flyer took it in. LA glowed in the distance under flashing clouds. "It is," she sighed. "I had a question," she added with some difficulty.

"You're full of 'em tonight," chuckled Kahnso.

"I guess I am," Veronica inattentively answered. "Do you think," she muttered, "that you'll fall in love again?"

"God, you're really good at asking me difficult shit," Kahnso said with a humorless laugh. He chugged his bourbon and unhanded Veronica. "I don't know, maybe for the right woman, but maybe not. I can't believe I fell in love even once. I don't know what the odds are it'd happen twice."

Leaning over the banister with Kahnso, Veronica waxed, "I feel the same way as you. I've never really been in love. I've fucked guys... A lot of guys. And girls too." She was surprised when that didn't earn some leering gaze from Kahnso. It was a point in his favor. "And I've been around guys who've been all, ay girl, I'mma take you away and we gonna be real nice together, and they're such fucking shitheads. They want the pussy, or they're drug peddlers, or it's always fucking something with them."

Kahnso eyed Veronica sadly. They shared a kiss and the flyer turned away to hide the few tears she shed. She stiffened up and stopped the flow. The fox looked out at the storms again and closed his eyes. "I think I know where you're going with this."

Oh, you stupid bitch, Veronica berated herself.

"I'm not someone you wanna be with. Okay? Do you get it?" Kahnso said firmly. "Fucking around is fun, and yeah... Yeah, I enjoyed being out and about with you. You're fun, you're hot. And I'm not gonna condescend and say you wanna be with me because you want my money or some shit like that."

"I didn't want to bring this up," Veronica winced. She rubbed between her eyes as if exasperated. "I've never felt like this and I know it's a bad idea, but you can't just tell yourself, hey, don't be in love with this guy."

"Yeah, I know," Kahnso replied. "When I saw Aurenn, that's how it was. I couldn't do anything but want her. It was magnetic." He turned and stood straight, thus towering over Veronica. She looked up at him, and despite her time with Kahnso, she still wasn't used to being the smaller of a pair. "Which way is this gonna go?"

Veronica shook her head. "I don't know. I'm gonna sleep on it."

As she walked away, Kahnso asked, "Do you want to sleep with me?"

The kangaroo paused in the threshold to the balcony. She looked back and shook her head again. "I don't think I should. Goodnight."


"Wow, this place is even bigger on the inside," Jamie gasped. "Are you sure it's okay for me to be in here?"

Veronica was about to call Jamie a dweeb for questioning her when Kahnso appeared from his study. He grinned at the little jackal and said, "No, it's not okay. You gotta pay the toll."

Jamie giggled and scampered up to Kahnso. She braced her paws on his hard chest. "And what might the toll be?"

Kahnso looked over her head at Veronica whom shrugged and folded her arms. He knew he could have fucked Jamie stupid - she had all the trappings of an easily-wooed fan. Instead he leaned down and asked only for a little sugar which she amply provided.

"Veronica, how about you make your rounds?" he said. "Anthony needs you out in the pool house. I'll tour Jamie around."

Veronica ambled out into the heat of the day. She walked across the sprawling concrete patio to the pool house inside which Anthony lurked, pacing and sweating. "Kahnso said you needed me?" she warily asked.

"Veronica! Great, you're here, uhhh," he stammered, "we gotta go get something for Kahnso."

The kangaroo gave Anthony the benefit of the doubt. "And it's too heavy for you to move alone?"

Anthony shook his head vigorously. He had that manic hyena smile of nervousness. "It's cocaine. Kahnso's been off of it for a while now. He told me a couple nights ago to find him some and this is the best I could do."

Veronica took all of this in very coolly. Just like mom and dad, she found herself thinking. "Okay... All right. So what's my role here?"

"Can you bring your gun or something?" Anthony asked, deathly serious.

Her patience wearing thin, Veronica agreed in annoyance. "Whatever, fine."

"Look, I'm sorry, uhhh, but you're really tough. I'm not, I'm all doughy and I scream like a girl."

"Let's just go. Maybe while we're out I can find somewhere else to work," Veronica snapped.

Jamie heard the rumble of the Lamborghini and peeked out the front window. "Huh, I think Veronica's in your car."

"Ah, yeah," Kahnso murmured, "she's just doing some busywork for me... Check this out, babe, this here's my first platinum record."


Veronica and Anthony went through far more anxiety than their task was worth. The hardened thugs she'd been expecting to meet at the harbor turned out to be little more than college preppies. One briefcase was exchanged for another. The Mossberg stayed behind the Lambo's driver seat.

On the drive home, Veronica looked over at Anthony during a traffic stop. She should have been excited to be driving Kahnso's supercar. Instead she was miffed all around. "How often does bullshit like this go down? Is this what happened to the other guard captains?"

"Uhhh, we never had any get killed," Anthony allowed, "but some of them got... Held at gunpoint and roughed up a little bit. A couple times they didn't come back with the money or the coke."

"This is fucking unbelievable," Veronica moaned, slamming her paws on the wheel.

Anthony looked over at her timidly. "I'm sorry. I would have told you, but Kahnso doesn't like to tell any of them until they're... You know, kinda indebted to him, uhhh, you know?"

"Uhhh, I know, all right," Veronica huffed. Finally the light turned green. The Lamborghini hurtled through the intersection with a front tire off the pavement.

Not long after Veronica made it back, Jamie found her in the kitchen nursing a glass of iced tea. The jackal had on a t-shirt with Kahnso's band's logo on it. "Hey, there you are," she smiled at the sullen kangaroo. "What's the matter?"

Veronica smiled thinly and started to answer but Kahnso followed Jamie in. Veronica stopped cold.

"Your friend here is a real handful," he said playfully with a paw on her shoulder. "And hey, Anthony told me you did great at today's meeting. The promoters were real impressed."

The kangaroo nodded slowly. "Yeah, it went fine." She sipped her tea then dumped most of it into the sink. Kahnso tried to talk to her again, but she brushed past him and said goodbye to Jamie.

"I've never seen her like that," Jamie said with some worry. "I hope she's not working too hard?"

Kahnso chewed his lip guiltily. He didn't answer Jamie until she softly needled him. "Um, she's probably just stressed out... Listen, I think you ought to head home. I need to discuss some things with my manager, and Veronica's got some security sweeps to take care of, you know how it is."

Jamie didn't, but she nodded understandingly. Despite her empathy for Veronica, she pulled the stud down and kissed his lips. "I had a nice tour. You're so much nicer in person than I thought you'd be."

Kahnso had a rueful smile on his face. He tried to say something to Jamie but nothing came out. He saw her to the door and sighed when he closed it.

Of all the places she could have gone, Veronica sat in the study in Kahnso's high-backed chair. The briefcase full of cocaine sat before her, opened and displaying its chalky white contents. She thought of the movie Scarface and bittersweetly imagined Kahnso going down in a hail of bullets.

The fox entered and opened his eyes a bit wider. "I didn't think you'd be in here," he said in a match to the expression. "I'm sorry about what I made you do. I knew I could trust you for it, though," he smiled.

"Shut up for a goddamn minute here," Veronica barked. Kahnso obeyed. "Are you implying that you did all this shit to get my trust? So that I'd go pick up fucking drugs for you?"

Kahnso stared at her guiltily, but also with some simmering anger. The gaze unnerved Veronica but she didn't break eye contact. He leaned over the desk and made her flinch but all he did was slam the briefcase shut. "We all have fucking demons, okay? Mine's coke. It's why Aurenn left. If it's why you're gonna leave too, then fuck off and go."

The rockstar grabbed the handle on the briefcase. Veronica smacked his paw away lunged up out of the chair. "What the fuck is wrong with you?" she asked almost plaintively. "You know shit like this is why I hate my parents? It's why we don't fucking talk anymore. They could be dead, I don't even know!"

"Fuck your parents, bitch!" Kahnso snapped. That was enough to break Veronica. She quivered and balled her up fists impotently. She started to sniff. Kahnso snapped up the briefcase and hugged it possessively. "You got a bunch of money doing basically nothing but getting my rocks off. I'm sorry if that led you on, but fuck, have you ever heard of a rockstar settling down?"

Veronica fell back into the high-backed chair. She shivered. "Look, I don't--," she choked, "fuck." A moment later and sounding much more collected, she said, "I don't like this sentimental shit. All my life, I learned that feelings get you attached to people, and people fuck you over. And I thought just maybe you weren't actually a total fucking pig like everybody says you are."

"Guess you were right all along," Kahnso shrugged. "I'll start looking for a new guard captain tomorrow. You can keep the shit I bought you. It's worth some money."

The kangaroo stood up from Kahnso's chair and stepped around the desk. She looked up at him and words failed her when she opened her mouth. Without trying to say anything more, she left for her room and ignored Jamie's calls which eventually stopped. For as much as she hated to admit her feelings and failings, she cried herself to sleep in the middle of the afternoon.


Come morning, Veronica dutifully packed her clothes up into her duffel again. All of the gadgets Kahnso had bought for her went into a plastic bin. She'd come back for those. Jamie didn't dare ask why Veronica was quitting; she just promised to be there around 6 o'clock, the earliest she could come by.

At 5 PM, Veronica uneasily stepped into Kahnso's study. She saw him as she usually did, sipping some bourbon. He wore only track pants and his body was sweaty after exercise.

"I saw all your shit was packed up and at the front door," Kahnso said quietly. "You're really leaving, huh?"

"Yeah, I am," Veronica said almost sadly. "I wanted to say... You're a real asshole, all right?"

Kahnso smiled wide. "Keep going."

"A dick. A huge fucking dick. You live in excess and all you care about is a good time for your cock or your nose."

"Yeah," Kahnso agreed. "But we had fun, didn't we?"

Veronica bristled. "Fun?" she spat as if the word were a chunk of gristle.

"Well, sure," Kahnso said, setting down the bourbon and standing up. He padded around the desk and closed in on Veronica. She let herself be grabbed around the middle but when he squeezed her tit, she grimaced and backhanded him. It did nothing to dissuade him and he kissed her on the lips. "You might fucking hate me for breaking your heart, but you loved the dick every time you got it."

"You really are a pig," Veronica groaned.

"Oink oink, I'm so filthy," deadpanned the stud. "You were just as deep in the mudpit as I was, honey. Remember when," he nudged her to look at the big chair, "I was sitting there and you started riding my cock?"

"That was--," Veronica huffed. "God, I hate you!"

"Let's fuck," Kahnso growled.

"I don't want to fuck with you anymore," the kangaroo warned. "I got enough."

"The fuck you did," Kahnso grinned. "You're fuckin' thinking about it right now. My knot popping you open, my jizz running down your leg. Come on, baby, one for the road, give Jamie a souvenir to slurp out of your box."

Veronica glared and showed her teeth, but then she acquiesced. She did so not with words but actions. After thrusting Kahnso's arms off and backhanding him again for mentioning Jamie, she reached for her fly and got her jeans halfway off. Kahnso lunged on her with a lustful snarl and pushed her onto the desk.

The kangaroo reached for Kahnso's track pants and opened them hastily. His sheath already swelled. She groped and kneaded it abusively but Kahnso only groaned and rubbed it into her paws. "Work that dick," he crooned. "Get it going."

"Asshole," Veronica grunted. She kept jerking and kneading his sheath, going at it harder than ever. The scent of his sweaty body played tricks on her hormonal, yet-infatuated mind and her cunt left a wet spot on the priceless desk. His penis filled out her aggressive mitts and it responded well to her rough touch. It therefore took very little time for him to bear the fruit which was his knot. Veronica squeezed it harshly and got a bead of pre from the tip.

"Back up," she snapped. Kahnso did so with a snicker and Veronica flipped herself over. She put her feet on the floor but Kahnso grabbed her knees as if she were a wheelbarrow. She yowled when he pulled her up and shoved her along to lie on the desk and when she was prone just so, he buried his face in her cunt and the crack of her thick ass. He ate her twat and to a lesser extent her asshole with vigorous laps. Veronica had felt the rockstar's tongue before and he was always skilled in the sport of eating pussy. Now was no different and she allowed herself to groan and huff.

Kahnso stopped his snack quickly, spurred along by his cock which drooled its pre wherever it hung. He shook his pants off. They hung around one ankle, but that was close enough. Grinning like a demon with his great fangs and sweaty, greasy hair, Kahnso clambered up onto the desk and rubbed his cock lewdly against her cunt. Veronica huffed and grunted, urging him nonverbally to hurry up. He pounded it into her at once and the fucking commenced with all due haste.

The rockstar plunged Veronica's cunt with fast humps. He used the inertia of his massive weight to skilfully gyrate into her. With each rough movement, his fat balls swung and batted her thighs. Throughout the lay, the stony-faced Veronica hissed and grunted from no small quantity of pleasure. Every time Kahnso had fucked her so far, she squirted with incredible force. Now more than ever, she resented and regretted what a good fuck he was despite the fact that she outright needed it.

Kahnso slid his paws under Veronica and yanked up her snug black tee. Her jugs spilled out onto the desk only to be juggled awkwardly by Kahnso's paws. Even considering how large his mitts were, her breasts had a much greater surface area. The only constant was the way her pierced nipples rubbed into his palm pads. He groped and kneaded her boobs as he viciously humped away at her hind-end, smashing his hips down again and again with the kind of ferocity Veronica so desperately called for from him. As he had at her, Veronica gave up the ice queen silence in favor of whore-moans and soft-spoken curses against Kahnso. He lapped it up and praised the kangaroo's cunt with equal venom.

The huge fox wriggled his knot against Veronica's aching box as often as he could. It was already time to tie that carnal knot and neither creature could believe it until the flyer started to gasp and wince. Her climax was fast approaching. With emotions running high and pleasure tailing them, Veronica was pitifully near her orgasm. She bucked her ass back against Kahnso and peered through the window at nothing in particular. Right at that moment, she came and yowled with her orgasm. Her squirt was phenomenal and she hated Kahnso as much as she hated her parents.

As Veronica heaved with the dregs of her release, Kahnso brayed to welcome his mighty climax. It was not quite upon him but his body was awash with violent pleasure. He mashed his knot against her over and over until the inevitable happened and it popped past her cuntlips, coaxing her to scream. Then came the rush of Kahnso's cum, but by then Veronica was falling into her afterglow. She clawed the desk and shuddered as Kahnso lay over her, panting into her long, splayed-back ears.

"Mmm, fuck," Kahnso grunted. "Are you still gonna leave, girl?"

Right then and there, Veronica couldn't say for sure. What had been a crystal-clear decision was now muddy water. Kahnso was still a pig, but the sex was incredible. She'd never find another job quite so lucrative. The feelings lingered. She answered him nearly a minute later, "I don't know."

"Well," Kahnso rumbled into her ear, "if you wanna stick around, wanna do dinner tonight?"

"Ah... I'd kinda like that," Veronica admitted.

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