If you Go Down To the Woods Today...Chapter Two

When the werefox was satisfied, he demanded kalen stop, then withdrew his paw, leaving kalen coughing and gagging, a few loose hairs of the werefox tickling the back of his throat.

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Midnight Werefox Call

"be advised, subject may be a werefox." "isn't that a little big for a werefox?" snow replies, brow lowering in confusion. "muzzle shape indicates vulpine species." snow pauses for a second. "understood. arriving at location now."

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Where There is a Will There is a Werebeast (Second Eternity - Eps 2)

If after they become a werefox they decide not to stay around, we cannot force them to stay. that is why you rarely ever see two werefoxes together in any location.

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Nick - Wild

No actual werefoxes or werewolves were harmed in the making of this story.

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Nick - Abandoned

The werefox was indeed handsome, and reminded him of nick, the moon light overhead was enough to get some detail on the second werefox he's ever seen.

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LAPD Lupine Corps notes

Female werefox. newest and lightest of the corps at only 400 pounds in wereform. only corps member seen in human form. uses attractive human shape and dress for infiltration or attracting muggers, rapists, etc.

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Payment due

The werefox leaned forward, eyes burning into the human's. he could see that they knew exactly what he wanted. william reached a hand up to the werefox.

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College Days - Chapter Two -

Alexis had no idea, of the risk he had taken in awakening the young werefox from his tormented nightmare. as caleb's eyes focussed - he drew a shuddering breath and swallowed convulsively, before laying back down and moaning.

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Goooooooood Doggie!

Something hot--her blood; infected, werefox blood--was spreading through her veins, trying to convert her into a dumb beast.

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