Unexpected Exploits 2C: Three Ferals and an Anthro: A Capture, a Rescue, and a Very Sexual Taming

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#4 of Unexpected Exploits

This is a roleplay between me and Realwarpet.

In the final part of chapter two, Yarxul befriends, very intimately, two feral cubs and reunites with a feral legendary.

Unexpected Exploits 2C:

Three Ferals and an Anthro:

A Capture, a Rescue, and a Very Sexual Taming

A feral Vulpix sniffed around in the tall, lush grass of its home in the Kanto region. Something had caught his scent, and the little fox was trying to find the source of the pheromonal aroma as his feral doghood began to harden.

As he headed to the scent, a Growlithe did the same. The two were being led into a trap set by a poacher! As that happened, Yarxul was heading there to find a feral to domesticate. He'd given his address to Colio shortly before leaving, in case he wanted to come by and visit.

As a gentle wind blew through his red and orange fur, the scent got stronger. Following his instincts he ran towards the source to in order to commence mating. Then, he tripped over a rope and was hoisted up into the air and ended up hanging over a tree branch.

After that, he was dropped into a cage and loaded onto a truck. The Vulpix had also fallen prey to this trap though they were the only two caught. As Yarxul looked around, he spotted the truck and the ferals in it!

The Vulpix's cage shook on the bed of the vehicle with every bump on the road. Whimpering and whining softly, he coweredwith his head under his forepaws.

As the vehicle drove, Yarxul walked out in front of it, causing the driver to panic and swerve to avoid him. Thankfully, no one was hurt.

The two ferals whimpered from the impact, but they were unscathed.

As soon as the driver stopped, he got out of the car, clearly very pissed.

The driver, an anthro Ariados, accosted the feline. "You stupid son of a bitch!"

'I was going to say the same to you.' Yarxul said sparking.

Rearing his head back without warning, he fired a huge Spider Wed from his mouth to entrap the feline.

Yarxul dodged to get behind him, and then rammed him from behind.

Recovering from the blow, the poacher spun around and used Sludge Bomb, shooting a mass of black gunk from his mouth.

Yarxul avoided and tripped him.

He fell onto his face. Before he can recover, he felt the Luxray's foot on the small of his back.

'Nice try.' Yarxul said keeping him down and paralyzing him.

With the shock effectively restricting his movements, the insect proclaimed. "There, you won."

'Yep.' Yarxulsaid as he tied him up with some rope.

"What do you plan to do with me?"

'The most sensible thing...turn you into the police.'

"I'll do anything....Just let me go." He triedto struggle, but the knot was too tight.

'Hmmm. how about you promise to quit committing crimes?' Yarxul said. The Ariados sounded like he wanted sex.

"But I'm only good at trapping and breeding! There are no jobs for me, so this is the only way I can make a living. Come on, let me go. I'll do anything!"

'And you can't just be a breeder? Tell ya what tell me what you know about feral breeding and I'll think about.'

"Well...Ferals tend to only mate during certain times of the year depending on the species. Unless there is some outside influence like pheromones and or training. Then after conception, the mother usually eats a special diet for the egg's health and development. Meanwhile, the father is on higher alert for predators and other males."

'Hmmmm.' Yarxul nodded as he took it all in.

"Then,after a gestation period, the mother births the egg. It's at this stage that the embryo is growing and developing its nature, characteristics, and whatever moves happened to be passed on to it."

After the Ariados finished, because let's be honest no one cares that much, Yarxul untied him.

Massaging his wrists, the insect thanked the elder man. He has a forlorn look on his face.

'You alright?' Yarxul asked, feeling kind of bad for the guy.

The insect lookeddownward and replied, "Well...I can't find a job around here. I've put out leads all over the region, but nothing is open, aside from fast food and Pokemarts. I thought of capturing some ferals and breeding them to start up my own business, but in the end I'm only poaching arn't I?"

'Hmmmm...Well,I think I can get you a job in the city as a breeder, if you want.'

"That'd be awesome!" The Ariados smiled. "But you arn't from around here, right Mister?"

'No.Think you could survive in another country?'

"Well, yes,but I have to let my family know."

'Alright.Don't worry about housing; I'll help you out until you're on your feet.' Yarxul said letting the Growlithe and Vulpix out.

"Oh thank you, Sir. Thank you!" The insect rushed off to see his family.

Yarxul smiled and let the ferals out of their cages. Thankfully, he had a device to understand poketalk...he called it McGuphin.It was named after the guy who invented it.

The little, feral fox barks out, "Thank you, mister!"

'No problem' he said petting the Vulpix and looking at Growlithe.

The other feral was much more reserved. "What do you want?" He scowledas he looked away from the anthro.

'Hmmmm...well I'd like to be your friend.' Yarxul said petting the Growlithe.

Catching a whiff of Yarxul's non-threatening scent, the Growlithe acceptedthe pet, but he wass still distrustful. "How do I know you won't try to kidnap us?"

'Well, why would I let you out of the cage? You're free to leave if you want.'

The dog now smelled something different from the anthro and said, "I would, but I think you can help with something."

The Vulpix, catching the same scent tilted his head.

'Oh, and what's that?' Yarxul asked the pup.

The young canine hopped onto his hind legs, exposing his black pup pecker.

The fox kit copied the motion and revealed his red member.

Yarxul chuckled as he licked them both.

The dogs murred from the sensation and fell backwards into the lush grass.

'Mmmmm...Very nice.' Yarxul said as he had them both on their backs and licked their dicks.

The Vulpix and Growlithe lick each other from the pleasureful oral ministration of the eager anthro. "Mister, that feels good!" The fox squeaked.

'Good, I'd hate for this to hurt,' he said licking both cocks at once.

"It's awesome, but not doing it for me." The Puppy Pokémon murredfrom the stimulation.

'You prefer this?' Yarxul said licking his hole again.

"Ohyeah, Bitch!" The pup said, sensing the feline's proclivities.

The fox kit knead his paws in the air as he felt Yarxul's paws on his cock.

'Mmm...Apower bottom pup,' he said grinning as he pushed his tongue in.

"More than just my bottom is powerful. I'm a verse!" The fire dog moanedand murred.

The Vulpix wrapped his tails around the anthro's paw and said, "I don't think I can feel any more awesome, Mister!"

'MmmmmI do prefer bottoming.' Yarxul said as the Vulpix wanted attention. 'Oh, you'll feel a lot more awesome.' he said kissing Vulpix on the lips.

The Feral kit wrapped his forepaws around Yarxul's neck as he received the kiss.

The Growlithe declared, "You can't take wait I got!"

By this time the feline could see the contrast between the innocent, eager Vulpix and the confident Growlithe.

'Awwww you two make a cute pair.' Yarxul said as he rubbed Vulpix's dick, and kissed Growlithe.

After the kiss, the pup growled, "I'm not cute! I'm ferocious!"

Meanwhile, Vulpix began to squirm. "My fifth leg feels funny!"

'Mmmm very ferocious.' Yarxul said as he started sucking the Vulpix's "fifth" leg.

From the warm wetness of the Luxray's maw, the fox squeaked and wrapped his hind legs around Yarxul's head. The Growlithe hopped up and tookhis place over the other feral. Vulpix instinctively inhaledthe black bone in his muzzle and suckled on it vigorously, eliciting a murring growl from the Puppy Pokémon.

Yarxul smirked at the two, before rubbing the Growlithe's butt.

The Growlithe playfully nipped at the feline's arm as Vulpix workedon his puphood.

Yarxul smirked and deep throated the six tailed fox.

Not that it was that hard, for the fox was only a couple inches long. Still, the act caused him to cum, sending his feral seed into the anthro's muzzle.

The other canine began bucking onto the vulpine's maw and nearing his own climax.

Yarxul swallowed his cum. these two would get much bigger when they evolved.

The pup pumped in a few more times and growledpleasurfully in the fox's muzzle. "Oh yeah! That's the stuff."

The kit's body went limp in his post orgasmic state as he drank every bit of the other canine's load.

Yarxul smirked as he watched the Growlithe cum.

Pulling out of the feral under him, the Puppy Pokémon licked the anthro's face and declared, "I can go another."

Meanwhile, Vulpix lay motionless and as he caught a second wind.

From a nearby patch of tall grass, Mewtwo's pet Entei watched the feline under his master's orders.

'Mmmmm...Such good boys.' Yarxul said petting them both, everyone unaware of the Entei.

Entei suddenly pounced on the unsuspecting Anthro.

Yarxul looked at the Entei. 'Didn't expect to see you here,puppy.'

"Master told me to watch you until you left the region." The huge feral licked at the feline's face.

The frightened ferals, hiding behind a nearby bush, peek through to the site of the Legendary Pokémon.

'Why don't you stay with me a bit longer,' he said looking at the ferals. 'Don't worry, he's a good boy.'

"What do you have in mind?"

The smaller ferals slowly scampered out of their hiding place.

'Mmmmm...Well, it's a long trip. Think you can follow me all the way home?' he asked,petting the Vulpix and Growlithe.

The feral smiled. "Master did say to make sure you were safe."

The cubs leanedinward for more of the pets.

Yarxul smirked and kissed the Entei, still petting the other ferals.

The Growlithe barks out, "That's a big dog!"

'Don't worry; he's friendly.' Yarxul said kissing the Entei.

As the elders kiss, the pup and kit sniffed around the Entei and licked at his paws.

'Like those paws guys?' Yarxul said grinning.

Growlitheblushed as he kept licking, and Vulpix declared, "Yes, sir!"in affirmation.

Entei sniffedthe cubs.

'That's good.' Yarxul said rubbing the Growlithe's head.

"So what do we do now?" The pup looked up at the anthro.

'Depends.What do you want to do?'

"More of what we just did!" The fox kit smiled eagerly.

'And you?' Yarxul asked the Growlithe.

"Yeah...I guess." The pup tried to hide his enthusiasm to seem more grown up.

Yarxul smirked and gave the pup a kiss, then the kit, then a nice long one for Entei.

During the kiss, Entei used his claw to tear away the shirt of the anthro. Following his lead, the kit and the pup tug at Yarxul's pants' legs, but only managing to pull them down slightly.

'Hey, don't tear my clothing!' Yarxul said scolding the Entei. 'Might need to punish you for that.' he said taking the rest of his clothes off.

Used to his master's harsh tone, Entei whimpered from the sudden change in the feline's voice.

'Try not to destroy my clothes.' Yarxul said rubbing Entei's head.

The Legendary licked at the anthro's hand as the cubs sniffed in Yarxul's musk.

'So boys, what do you wanna do?' Yarxul asked rubbing them.

The bigger feral took his place behind Yarxul and gently pushedon his back. The pups look up. "We don't know what to do," they said in unison.

'Mmmm...Then watch Entei.' Yarxul said as the fire beast got on him.

Humping his flaccid doghood against the bottom, Entei causedhis cock to harden from the expectation of penetration.

Yarxul groaned when he felt Entei get hard.

The Legendary feral wildly hilted himself in the feline's ass.

Yarxul groaned when he did. 'No cumming until I cum.' Yarxul said to Entei. That was his punishment.

The fire hound whimpered as he got accustomed to the feline's canal.

The cubs looked up with amazement at what was happening.

'So you two, enjoying the sight?'

The cubs could only nod as their own members began to harden again.

Entei slowly moved in and out with a soft growl of pleasure.

'Lay on your back,' Yarxul said moaning loudly.

Without a word, the cubs, did just that, exposing their pup and kit bones as Entei continued to slowly pleasure his temporary master.

Yarxul grinned and grabbed them both. 'Very nice boys,' he said jerking the two off quickly.

The cubs murred in unison as they stretchedtheir limbs out from the pleasure.

Managing to control his lust, Entei continued at his slow steady pace.

'You enjoying yourselves guys?' Yarxul asked all three.

"Oh, Yeah!" All three exclaim in unison.

'Good.' Yarxul said as he licked Growlithe's dick.

The pup yipped loudly from the wet heat of the mouth organ.

Entei began to speed up and pound the feline's ass harder.

Vulpix enjoyed the attention his cubhood was getting.

Yarxul grinned and took Growlithe's whole cock as he was enjoying Entei's hard pounding. Though he kept focus on the Vulpix dick.

Soon, all three ferals were growling in lust from Yarxul's expert mouth, paw and ass.

Of course, Entei wasn't allowed to cum before Yarxul did,so he had to hold back. though Growlithe and Vulpix were free to cum as they wanted.

The Legendary pulled out suddenly, in order to avoid cumming without permission just as the kit and pup shot their feral loads on Yarxul's paw and in his mouth respectively and howled, causing a nearby flock of Murkrow to fly off into the sky.

Yarxul swallowed their cum, and switched to sucking Vulpix. 'Get back to fucking me Entei! I was close before you pulled out."

Without protest, Entei re-commenced his tough fucking of the anthro.

The Growlithe felthis cock soften in the paw of the feline as the kit squealed in pleasure.

Yarxul groaned on the Vulpix as he was already close

The groans sent the kit into a quick third orgasm, causing him to squirm frantically.

The Entei whimpered as his cumload was beginning to cause him just as much pain as pleasure.

Yarxul swallow the kits orgasm as the lion came too.

Feeling the leo's hole contract in climax, the Legendary feral released his own load, roaring loudly, causing the earth to tremble for a second.

'Good boy.' Yarxul said kissing the two ferals.

The pups returnedthe kiss as the Legendary nuzzled the lion from behind.

'Mmmm...Good boys. Now, do you two wanna come with me?'

The Vulpix can only manage to nod as he was spent completely and unable to move.

Growlithe had fallen asleep after the kiss, but he was curled around Yarxul's arm.

'Goodboys.' Yarxul said letting them lay down. 'So Entei, care to go a few more rounds?'

Entei stood up, showing his still hard, black, veiny schlong.

'Lay on your back, I'm playing with your dick.' Yarxul said grinning.

The feral obeyed without a word, presenting his cock as he lay on his back.

Yarxul grinned and gave his cock a long lick as he groped his balls.

Murring and arfing softly, Entei enjoyed the feeling of hot anthro muzzle and paws on his junk.

'Mmmmm, like that Entei?' Yarxul asked before sucking on that Entei dick.

To show his lust, the feral used his hind claws to caress the firm, toned ass of the anthro.

Yarxul smirked and fully deep throated him.

"Oh, master, I'm about to cum already!" He rarely experienced release, so he came easily when not pressured to do otherwise.

Yarxul rubbed his balls, eager to drink his cum.

He buckedupward into the feline's throat, and he needed to a little more to send him over.

Yarxul smirked and fingered Entei's ass.

Using his forepaws to pull the big cat onto the base of his cock, and roared as the cock jerked around inside the Luxray's body.

Yarxul was alright as deep on the cat as his throat allowed. Or, more specifically, he had all of Entei's cock in his throat.

The feral laid his four paws flat on the ground in post orgasmic bliss.

'Mmmmm...so Entei, did that wear you out?'

"I...I...I can go another round."

'We're gonna do something different. I'll be fucking you. Now,suck me off first. make me cum down your throat.'

Entei hoppedonto all fours and eagerly licked the black, throbbing cock of the anthro.

'That's good; get me ready to fuck your tight ass!'

Those words hit his ears, causing him to work faster in anticipation for a raw fucking from feline cock.

'Sluttier then I am, aren't you?' Yarxul asked petting the cock hungry Entei.

He pulledoff and said, "Yes, master. I'm a cock addict."

'That's right you are.' Yarxul said as Entei sucked him off.

The submissive bitch wagged his tail as he sucked harder and faster.

Yarxul moaned as he got close. 'Get ready Entei.'

From uncontrollable lust, he pushed the feline onto the ground and began bobbing his head even harder as the Luxray now laid on his back.

Yarxul groaned and came down Entei's throat.

The feral eagerly swallowed every drop and continued his oral suction because he was used to how his Mewtwo master liked to be sucked after cumming.

'Mmmm...You wanna keep sucking my cock? Go ahead.' Yarxul said petting the legendary beast.

Growling with lustful desire, the hound did just that and sucked as hard as he could from tip to base for his master's pleasure.

Yarxul smirked as he let the Entei drink as much cum as he wanted from him.

Unable to wait anymore, the Entei pulled off and turned around, presenting his ready tailhole, as he growled unable to talk from the submissive heat inside of his body.

Yarxul stood up and rubbed his cock on the Entei's tailhole. 'Let's see how tight a legendary is!' Yarxul said as he slammed into the beast.

Snarling in lust from the impact, the feral planted his claws into the ground in preparation for a good fucking.

'Mmm...so, who's a better lay Entei?' Yarxul asked as he decided not to hold back. His thrusts were incredibly powerful! Stronger than Mewtwo's were until he x mega evolved.

"You're so much better than master in his normal form!"

'Not to mention I'm more considerate.' Yarxulsaid rubbing Entei's cock.

From the dual sensations of anal and paw, Entei's entire body shook in the need of the big cat's huge cock!

'Yeah, you like that?' Yarxul said ramming the beast's prostate.

"Yes, Master!" The Entei's digits curled and brokeapart the ground.

'Such a tight, sexy bitch you are!' Yarxul said smacking his ass with his free hand.

"Am I Master's favorite bitch?" He moaned out from the constant fucking.

'Mmmm...the only bitch master has.' Yarxul said chuckling. Fucking this big pup was a lot of fun.

The feral began slamming himself on the massive feline tool. Growling with every movement, he wanted the Luxray's seed so badly.

The real question was, would he want it more. 'Get ready pup, I'm gonna fill you good!' Yarxul said as he was gonna empty his balls in the legendary beast.

"Please, Master! Breed me like the bitch I am and impregnate me with your kits! Please, Oh Please, Master!"

Yarxul chuckled at that. Though, if it were possible...Either way he held Entei's hips and flooded him with cum!

"Oh Fuck! OOOOOOOOH FUUUUUUCK,MASTER!" The feral's cock jerked and fired thick rope after rope all over his stomach, legs, and the ground beneath him. "PLEASE MASTER, KEEP FUCKING ME WITH YOU ROD WHILE YOU FILL ME!"

Yarxul chuckled at Entei. 'You're such a slut!' Yarxul said as he didn't stop fucking him though.

With his cum-lubed hole offering no resistance, the Legendary relished every second of the Luxray's fucking. He didn't want it to end!

That choice was Entei's, though Mewtwo might get pissed. Yarxul wouldn't mind, and even enjoyed fucking the legendary.

After a few minutes, the Entei stopped, needing what little energy he had left to keep himself from falling into his own pool of doggy jizz.

'You my dirty doggy?' Yarxul asked feeding Entei a Sitrus Berry.

"Yes, Master." He declared before eating the berry and nuzzling the hand that fed him.

'How often does Mewtwo pay with you?' Yarxul asked picking up Growlithe and Vulpix.

"That depends on his mood..." The Legendary follows the anthro.

'And how often does he feel like playing?' Yarxul asked having given the Ariados a plane ticket for tomorrow. He'd take a private train. It'd take 3 days to get home though.

"Some weeks its every day; others it's none at all...Then some...are like what we just did, but all waking hours of the day."

'With me, it's pretty much nonstop.' Yarxul said rubbing his head. 'Not many can actually keep up.'

"Have you found anyone who can?"

'Nope.' Yarxul said chuckling. 'Not even a legendary can match my stamina.' Although, that trait was shared by Rio and his family, and a trait his own son had.

"Master...what does it mean to be mated?"

'Hmmmm?Odd question, but it's basically marriage without really be married. Or what we just did. That was also mating.'

"What about...in love?"

'You ask odd questions. But I can't answer what love is. It just is what it is.'

Entei followedYarxul around town, much to the astonishment of the townspeople.

He also had a Growlithe and Vulpix following him as they arrived at the train station.

The three feralsboard the train with no problem. Owning your own train does come in handy.

Thank god for multibillion dollar corporations, and the CEOs who have kids like Yarxul...or his sister every now and then.

On the journey back home, the feral cubs got antsy and began scampering about the enclosed space of the train car from boredom.

'You two alright?' Yarxul asked sitting on the seats, back in his usual clothing.

"We're bored and there's nothing to do," both cubs said in unison. They were used to being able to chase something or play in a cave or a lake.

The Legendary was curled up at the Luxray's feet.

'C'mere,' Yarxul said smiling at them.

Both feral cubs scamper over to the anthro and hop onto the Entei's back.

Yarxul rubbed their bodies as he stripped naked.

"What are we gonna do?" Growlithe asked.

'Play s'more.' Yarxul said rubbing their dicks.

Both cubs knead their paws on the Legendary's back as the musk causedEntei to grow hard.

'Mmmm,you want in on this Entei?' Yarxul asked.

"Yes, Master...Do you want me to hold back my seed?"

'No.Not unless you rip something.' Yarxul said giving him a kiss.

All three ferals were now hard and ready. If it was wild enough, the ferals would be out for a few hours afterward.

And it would be! 'Growlithe, fuck Vulpix, I'll be nailing you. Entei you got me.'

The cubs hopped off of the Legendary. Vulpix raised his six tails, and Growlithe licked at the open tailhole, prompting the kit to bend its forelegs and head down in pleasure.

Entei ran his muzzle along Yarxul's crevice and hungrily licked every inch of the gap.

Yarxul grinned and grabbed Growlithe's ass and ate him out.

The act made the pup eat the kit out faster.

With the anthro bent over, the Legendary had much better access to his treasured tailhole.

'like that Entei?' Yarxul asked rubbing Growlithe's ass.

"Yes Master."

The Growlithe mounts the Vulpix's wet hole.

Yarxul smirked and slowly sunk into the tight Growlithe.

The momentum pushes the pup into the kit, causing both to murrs loudly. Entei wasted no time in mounting the anthro and slamming into his tunnel.

'enjoying yourself Entei?' Yarxul asked grinning.

"Fuck Yeah, Bitch!" he exclaimed in his lustful high.

'Watch it pet!' Yarxul said sternly to the Entei.

Momentarily stopping, the Legendary whimpered before resuming his pounding.

'You'll call me bitch when I say so.'

"Yes, Master," he subserviently responded as he pound away at the Luxray.

Meanwhile, the cubs were already feeling their orgasms coming, and they paid no attention to the elder males.

'Don't sound down. Drop the master thing too. If i want you to use it, I'll say so.'

The legendary's ears perked up. "Yes, Sir." He slammed in harder.

The cubs were edging closer and closer to climax as Yarxul's momentum pushed them closer.

Yarxul groaned as the Growlithe's tight ass had him close already too!

With three final thrusts, the pup came in the kit, who fired his own seed on the floor as they howled in unison.

Entei was not far behind.

Yarxul groaned and filled Growlithe's rear with cum.

Entei pumped in over and over until he came in the Luxray. His legs were so worn out that he fell backward and his jizz trickled out of the feline's ass.

'Awww, is the legendary beast tired?' Yarxul asked rubbing Entei's belly.

"Well." he blushed, "I haven't eaten since yesterday..."

'Cum not good enough?' Yarxul said giving him berries.

Itchortles. "If sluts could live off cum alone, grocery stores would go out of business."

'At least for you.' Yarxul said rubbing his cock on Entei's face.

The Legendary stuck out his tongue in hopes of receiving that yummy, leo dick.

'Mmmm...Go on Entei, suck my dick. Drink my cum until you're full!'

He didn't need to hear another word. The Legendary took in the cock and sucked it, oh so slowly.

'Mmmm...that's good.' Yarxul said as the other ferals fell asleep.

Entei murred, vibrating the cock, as he continued savoring every inch sliding in and out of his muzzle.

'That's good, Entei. Suck my cock like my cum was the only thing you could eat.'

The anthro's words made the feral feel only more heated as he slowed down his oral workings to explore and lap at every centimeter, from tip to base, of the feline's tasty cock. His paws cascaded up the lion's legs and fondledthe gluteal mounds on top of them.

Given he had paws, not hands, that was very impressive. Yarxul was purring and rubbing Entei's head. 'That's good, Entei. Learn every inch of my dick.'

He pulled off to move lower and lap at those glorious untouched orbs of manhood. As his tongue ran hungrily over the musky, lion scrotum, the Entei growled softly from the high of lust the was experiencing.

'Good boy, Entei.' Yarxul said as his cock rubbed the Entei's face.

Pulling one of Yarxul's testicles into his mouth, the Legendary suckedhard to stimulate the male more and produce more of that treasured seed he had come to love.

Yarxul groaned and rubbed Entei's head. 'Suck'em both!'

His expert mouth had no problem taking the other one in and working his tongue around both jewels.

'Much better.' Yarxul said rubbing his cock.

As he sucked, a paw glided up and down the ass crack of the anthro, each digit rubbing over his tailhole.

'Mmmmm...You wanna fuck my ass, Entei?'

"I'll do whatever you want sir. Just as long as I get your load."

'You'll be getting that whenever you want.' Yarxul said grinning.

"How about riding me and busting all over my face?"

'You'll love it!' Yarxul said as he throat fucked Entei.

Gagging from the sudden invasion of his throat, the Legendary reveled in the submission of being used by the Luxray.

Yarxul rubbed Entei's head as he was getting close.

Hesucked harder and let his throat slicken with pre and saliva, for he could wait no longer for that creamy lion jizz.

Yarxul pulled out of Entei's mouth and came all over his face. He even got some in his mouth.

With maw gaping and tongue hanging out, Entei caught all the could and wantonly lapped as much as he could off his own face.

'Oh yeah, that's a good boy.' Yarxul said getting on his hand and knees.

The feral dove into that supple rear and began to eat out every inch of the anthro'shole.

'Get it nice and lubed Entei.' Yarxul said as he purred.

Resisting all urge to sink his teeth into the delectable piece of ass, Entei buried his tongue into the hole we was about to wreck again with his diamond hard cock.

Yarxul was just as hard as he loved Entei's tongue!

The Legendary lay on his back in Yarxul's private car, and his thick, black, feral schlong was pointing to the ceiling.

'Looks like the Entei wants a ride.' Yarxul said getting over that legendary prick.

"Don't forget to drench me in that yummy leo load again."

'Hehe, I'll cover you with more cum then you can handle!'

"Quit talking and ride me already. I won't last too long as it is."

'Good!' Yarxul said slamming down hard on him!

The feral roared and shook the train car!

Not much, but a bit. 'Try not to do that again Entei.' Yarxul said riding him hard!

The feral, despite his awkward position, bucked upward into the Anthro's inviting, ready, tailhole.

Yarxul purred as he rode the feral Entei hard.

"Fuck, Sir, I'm about to bust!"

'Do it Entei! Fill me good!' Yarxul said as he was gonna blow too!

With one,hard, final thrust, the Feral howledand fired a hot, sticky load into the anthro. "Don't stop riding me!"

Yarxul smirked as he came all over Entei as he kept bouncing!

Cumming while still being ridden upon made the feral's heart and adrenaline race as his body convulsed upon the floor of the train car.

'Like that boy?' Yarxul said bouncing, cumming on Entei, and being filled by him.

After a few minutes..."Stop, I can't take anymore...It's so tender!"

'Fine.' Yarxul said pulling off as he finished covering Entei in cum.

The Legendary raised his paws, a needy gesture of wanting to be held..

Yarxul smiled and hugged the cum-covered, feral Entei.

The feralcuddled the anthro into his cum drenched body.

'Like it puppy?' Yarxul said grinning.

Entei lickedYarxul's face...He wasn't used to this level of physical and emotional intimacy.

Yarxul grinned and kissed him.

He nuzzled in responseand was soon asleep, like the cubs.

'Dirty legendary.' Yarxul said grinning.

Unexpected Exploits 3: A Welcome Home, a Training Match, and a Dog’s Lust

**_Unexpected Exploits 3:_** **_A Welcome Home, a Training Match, and a Dog's Lust_** It's Tuesday afternoon, and Liam was walking home from the university, and he made a B on his in project for his Life Painting class. He sighed as he thought...

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