Unexpected Exploits Chapter 2B: Yarxul’s Cerulean Adventure: A Guide, a Battle, and a Three-Way Fuckfest

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#3 of Unexpected Exploits

This is a roleplay between me and :iconRealwarpet.

Yarxul meets up with his guide and enters the Cerulean Cave. He meets one pissed off Legendary, and a lustful sex session ensues.

Unexpected Exploits

Chapter 2B:

Yarxul's Cerulean Adventure:

A Guide, a Battle, and a Three-Way Fuckfest

Meanwhile, Yarxulhad arrived at his destination.

As he exited, he was greeted by a plump, pudgy Psyduck. The lad, just seventeen in age, nervously greeted his guest. "W-Welcome to Cerulean City, S-Sir."

'Thank you,' he said rubbing the boy's head.

"Sh-sh-shall I show you to your campsite?"

'Please do,' he said grinning.

The skittish water fowl remained silent as he led his designated visitor to the camp ground,where waited a tent and other camping necessities. The Psyduck had explored the cave on his own many times since hachlinghood, and he was chosen by the Luxray himself to be a guide.

Of course,going in the middle of the day was foolish, so he'd head out in early tomorrow. He was taking this time to prepare the items he brought, and would like more.

"We c-can leave your things here and go into town for supplies...I-if you wish, S-S-S-Sir." The nervous lad looked away.

'Alright,' Yarxul said as he carefully hid his supplies. 'So, what's your name?'

"I'...I'm Colio." The youth, dressed in only hiking shorts and a tank top, put out a shaky paw for the explorer.

Yarxul smiled and shook his hand. 'I'm Yarxul.'

"I'm...I'm sorry for being so nervous..." The boy bowed, causing the sunlight to reflect with his shiny head.

'It's alright.' Yarxul said rubbing his head.

"Where...should we go first?" The avian turned towards town.

'The Pokemart.' Yarxul said smirking at him.

While in town, they wentto all the necessary places: to the Pokemart for ropes and medical supplies, to the Pokémon Gym for swimming and battle practice.

Yarxul himself was in peak physical condition, even in his mid-thirties. The guy was gonna outlive everyone!

The plump, yellow duck led the elder man back to the campsite. The moon was rising out of the sky and occasionally peeking through the dark clouds. "It's getting late. Should we retire tonight, Sir?"

'We could just rest.' Yarxul said as he set up the tent.

He followed the Luxray in and lay beside him. There was enough room for both males to sleep with two feet of space in between them.

Though Yarxul slept closer to the duck.

The younger Pokémon unconsciously moved closer to Yarxul in his sleep. Soon, his stomach was on the feline's back.

Yarxul slept like that all night.

Feeling warmth, the Psyduck's arms wrapped around the elder male just as the sun was peeking over Mount Moon.

Soon, Yarxul woke up feeling the duck around him. He could also feel something nice and thick.

Colio, still fast asleep, was nestled into the older male's body as his eight inch, rock-solid length strained out of his shorts and ranagainst Yarxul's bare, firm ass.

Yarxul was sleeping in his underwear. With a bit of work, he had Colio's cock out along with his underwear down.

Erect and standing through the cock hole of the boy's pajama shorts, his glossy, yellow boyhood leakedpre all over the explorer's crevice.

Yarxul purred as he used his tail to line up and pushed back onto Colio's cock.

"HN!" he squealedin his sleep as his cock slowly slid into the well-used hole of the elder Pokémon.

Yarxul groaned as he took all of his cock.

The lad's sleeping body held tighter to the Luxray, and his webbed hands began to knead in his fur.

As he did, Yarxul started thrusting back on the boy's cock.

The duck moaned as the feline worked his tunnel around his virgin member. Suddenly, the lad's Psychic powers activated, and Yarxul felt his member being encased in a warm, tight feeling energy.

Yarxul groaned as it felt a lot like what he felt. So, it felt like fucking his own ass!

As Yarxul increased his thrusting, the energy mimicked his actions.

Yarxul was purring as he loved this!

The teen's cock began to throb as it rapidly approached orgasmic climax. The energy around Yarxul's manhood grew more intense.

As he went faster, Yarxul couldn't help but cum first.

Although he was still sleeping, the boy panted, and his staff filled the feline with rope after rope of his avian juices.

Yarxul panted as the duck filled him with cum.

The boy's hold loosened,and he cuddled the man in his slumber.

Yarxul purred as he kept Colio's cock in his ass.

As he unconsciously stretched and stirred, the boy's cock slipped out of the elder man's ass and,he turned over in half sleep.

Yarxul groaned as he stood up and got ready.

The boy stirreda few minutes later and woke up with a groan.

'Hey, Colio.' Yarxul said being fully dressed.

He satup and realized that he overslept. "Oh, Crap! I'm sorry, Sir." He got up and frantically got dressed.

Yarxul chuckled when he did. 'Alright, let's go.'

"Yes, Sir" They began their trek to the cave.

It wasn't far away, as they both walked inside.

"So...here we are, Cerulean Cave."

'Mhmm.' Yarxul nodded as he felt Psychic energy.

The Psyduck was used to feeling the energy. He was never bothered by it since he's been to the cave so many times. "So, why are you exploring, Sir?"

'Idle curiosity,really.' He said looking everywhere.

"Is there any part of the cave you were interested in particularly?"

'The end,of course.'

"Oh..." Knowing what layat the end of the cavern, he tried to divert attention away from it. "Well, there's not much there; however, there are some interesting herbs and geologic formations down that path..."

'Hmmm? Herbs?What do they do?'

"Well...I've been told that they increase confidence, lessen inhibition and increase...staying power." The duck blushed.

'Hmmm...Sounds like you might benefit from it.'

"W,w,w,w,w,w,w...What do you mean?" He turned away with a light veneer of sweat on his body.

'You seem really nervous.' Yarxul said rubbing his head.

"Well...I...I'm just like that..." He relaxed slightly from the head rubs.

'Yes,you are.' He said as the Psychic energy was subtly stripping them both.

Before he knew it, the boy was naked, and covering his privates with his webbed hands.

'Huh. How odd' Yarxul said as he got stripped too.

He thinks to himself, "W __hy his that cat doing this now?" The said to the explorer, "Sir, we should probably go."

Neither of them stripped themselves. Rather someone used psychic power to strip them.

The boy calls out psychically, "Please stop; now's not the time!" Then he said out loud, "Sir, I think we really need to go!"

'Let's go then.'He said as he didn't even care he was nude. Though the voice laughed psychically back at Colio.

He whimpered inside his own head. The Psyduck looked around. "Do you still want to go to the end?"

'Of course, Mewtwo can't stop me.'

The duck stammers as he stops in his webbed tracks. "How, how, how, how, how....How do you know...?"

'He's said it psychically.' Yarxul said. 'Guy sounds like a perv.'

The younger Pokémon grimaced and caught up with him. "What is so important that you're willing to face Mewtwo?"

'Nothing really, but he shouldn't be as threatening as your expecting.' Yarxul said as he'd beaten WAY stronger Pokémon.

"But...But..." The teen tried to figure out a way to plead with the man as they neared the entrance to the back of the cave.

'Don't worry.You can stay behind for the fight.'

"Fight? Don't!" The lad reached out and grabbed the feline's shoulder.

'I'm an explorer, and if any of what Mewtwo says is true, I'll either get laid, or attacked.'

The boy followed Yarxul into the cave's final room.

The room was large and spacious, covered in writing with the herbs growing everywhere. In the middle was Mewtwo, standing tall with a large erection.

Mewtwo was the Psyduck's secret lover, who the duck had pledged his virginity to. The white and purple feline was well aware of what the Luxray did, and he was pissed.

Not that Yarxul was aware of that then or now, but he was more than ready to fight.

The bigger feline usedPsychic to lift Yarxul into the air and levitate him over...just for a talk...

Not that he wouldn't be okay with walking over.

Mewtwo lookeddown at the slightly smaller feline and let out a strange telekinetic aura of red energy.

Yarxul raised an eyebrow and waited for an attack.

The psychic cat clappedhis paws together and conjured and orb of blinding white light. Rearing his arm back, he sentthe Aura Sphere directly at the Luxray.

Yarxul's hands were covered in electricity and punched the sphere away.

He then usedPsychic to weigh the black and blue feline to the ground. Then,he caught the Aura Sphere and threw it back at Yarxul at doubled speed.

Even forced down like that Yarxul still dodged the electrified the aura sphere. Then,he fired a Discharge.

He put out his paws and used Psychic to catch and hold the Discharge. Then,he created a translucent orb or purple energy around it, pulling the electricity into it and imbibing it with the Discharge. Then, he levitated and surgedforth to crash into the interloper with Psystrike.

Yarxul dodged and managed to stand and attack with Crunch.

Locking the open maw in place with this telekinesis, Mewtwo used Aura Sphere.

The moment he did, Yarxul fired electricity out of his mouth with Thunder Fang.

The attacks clashedand canceled each other out. Mewtwo chargedwith Psystrike!

Yarxul ducked and punched him.

Mewtwo takes the punch and flips, using his tail to strike the other cat in the face.

When he did, Yarxul caught his tail with his teeth.

He completedthe flip and slammed his tail and the Luxray onto the floor.

Yarxul just grunted and kept his teeth clamped hard as he started using Thunder Fang.

Planting his foot on the small of Yarxul's back, the Psychic-type focused Aura Sphere into his paw and punched Yarxul in the face as he took the Thunder Fang.

Yarxul took it as his Thunder Fang paralyzed Mewtwo.

Momentarily disabled, he attemptedto use Psychic to force the Luxray into the rocky ground.

He failed due to paralysis, and Yarxul took the time to use an Oran Berry.

Using Psychic to force his muscles to move, Mewtwo used Psycho Cut, sending out a blinding blue wave of Psychic energy.

Yarxul was still faster and avoided it, and jumped to give Mewtwo a roundhouse to the face.

The cat took the hit and spunas he fell on his back.

Yarxul jumped and sat on Mewtwo's chest.

The paralysis was too much for the Genetic Pokémon so he was at the Luxray's mercy.

'Care to surrender?' Yarxul asked with a hand charged with electricity.

He spoke telepathically, "You'd have to kill me first."

Meanwhile, the Colio, having witnessed the fight, pants as he runs to his love's side.

'You alright,Colio?' Yarxul asked as he stayed seated on Mewtwo.

The frantic avian tripped, falling flat on his face, when he got onto the elevated, rocky platform. "Don...Don't...hurt him..."

'Well, Iwasn't planning on hurting him if he gave up. Though,I will keep sitting on him.'

"He won't give up..." The Duck Pokémon's uses his arms to pull himselfover as fast as he can. "He can't; he thinks he was made for fighting and destruction. He won't let himself give up."

Mewtwo lay there, staring daggers at the other feline."

'Well then, how about we call it a truce then.' Yarxul said standing up.

The Psychic-type simply nodded as the Psyduck sighed in relief. The paralysis kept the Genetic Pokémon on the floor.

Yarxul put a CheriBerry in Mewtwo's mouth as he began reading the walls. It discussed the herbs all over the wall.

Mewtwo swallowed the berry and sat up as he used Psychic to pull the duck to him.

Yarxul took some of the herbs for cultivating and growing later.

"What are you taking from my sanctum?" asked the Psychic.

'Just some herbs.'

The Psyduck said, "Mewtwo...I think you should apologize." He spoke in his usual, unconfident manner.

The Genetic Pokémon remained silent.

'He can if he wants.' Yarxul said storing the herb and reading the walls. Learning how to grow them.

After a moment of silence, a telekinetic voice echoed, " I'll apologize if he sucks my cock!"

Yarxul chuckled when he said that. 'Alright.' he said walking over to Mewtwo and kissing his neck.

Though he blushes, the Mewtwo said, "That's right...Earn that forgiveness..."

Colio looked at the two felines with an open beak.

Yarxul smirked. 'You wanna join, Colio?' Yarxul asked as he kissed down Mewtwo's chest and licked his cock.

The lad had a huge hard on in his tight, snug shorts. "But...But...I'm a virgin..."

"Good bitch..." The other cat said.

'That's fine.' Yarxul said as he started sucking Mewtwo's cock.

The Psychic nodded to his lover,and Colio keeled behind the Luxray and licked his tailhole.

Yarxul purred as he got rimmed while deep throating Mewtwo.

Mewtwo gripped the other feline's hair as he controlled the pace of Yarxul's oral workings.

The youngest male got more confident and explored the Electric-type's hole with his tongue.

Yarxul purred as he was loving this. The boy needed a bit more confidence though.

The lad sat up on his knees and ran his young cock over the elder man's ass.

Mewtwo murred as he forced the Luxray to increase the speed of his sucking and throating.

Yarxul was purring as he kept deep throating the dominant DNA Pokémon.

Colio gasped as he pushed his cock into the willing hole.

Mewtwo was close but Psychic kept him from cumming.

As the Luxray was spit roasted, his own cock throbbed.

Mewtwo's eyes glowed and Yarxul's schlong was beginning to tingle with red energy. particularly around the head.

The chubby youth tookthe Luxray by the hips and began wildly thrusting in.

As it did, Yarxul just moaned louder and worked harder on the Psychic dick.

Taking control, the Genetic Pokémon forcibly pulled out of Yarxul's mouth and turned the feline around before slowly thrusting into is tailhole.

Yarxul groaned as Colio had his cock removed from his ass. So, he started sucking the Psyduck off.

The avian moaned with the elder man's cock in his mouth as he grippedYarxul's ears.

Mewtwo slowly buckedhis massive rod in and out of the feline's experienced, accommodating whole.

Yarxul grunted as he wasn't fond of having his ears grabbed.

The duck pulled his hands away from the ears and used them to caress the feline's neck and chin.

Picking up speed, Mewtwo ownedthe man pussy as he used his Psychic powers to stimulate and deny Yarxul's untouched cock.

As he did, Yarxul groaned and tightened on Mewtwo's nice cock.

The Psyduck pumped away at the Luxray's mouth and began to near his climax.

A firm paw from the Genetic Pokémon struckthe spit-roasted big cat's firm, muscle ass.

With a hard smack to his ass, Yarxul moaned on Colio's cock, caressing it with his throat.

Mewtwo slammedhis cock into the black and blue fur as Colio moaned and came into Yarxul's throat. The bigger feline's Psychic energy encased the Luxray's entire genitalia and stimulated its head and balls mercilessly.

Once both males came in him from both ends, Yarxul came on the cold hard ground.

The other two, spent from their rough, random fuckfest, fall backwards and lay on their backs panting.

'Done already? Iwas expecting more from Mewtwo.' Yarxul said as he got up.

"I'm still hard and throbbing, bitch."

'Then you'd better put that cock to use.'

"Sit on it, and I will. If your man enough, that is."

Yarxul got on Mewtwo and started riding his cock.

The cat's barbed, purple manhood pulsated with every motion of the Luxray.

Colio snuck over to Yarxul's backpack and looked for the herb.

'What'cha up to Colio?' Yarxul asked as he rode Mewtwo hard.

"I...I wanted to try the herb you came here for..."

Mewtwo used Psychic to ground the Luxray's legs, so Yarxul had to rely completely on his upper body to ride the thick, feline cock.

'Well,you can't just eat them; that could kill you. Bring them to me.' he said using his upper body strength to ride Mewtwo hard.

Mewtwo growled in pleasure of the masculine male bottoming for him and giving his cock so much pleasure.

Colio did as he was instructed.

Yarxul took some of the herb and started grinding it into a fine paste. 'It's more of a salve then anything.'

"Where does it go?" the avian asked.

The esper grabbed the feline's hips and forced his movements to be rougher.

'It's to be applied to the cock.'

Nervousness comes over the youth. "Go...Go ahead and a-a-apply it."

Mewtwo pumps in and out of Yarxul.

Yarxul put some of the cream on Colio's cock and began rubbing it in.

The Psyduck murred from the older man's slick paws on his schlong.

Yarxul started rubbing Colio's balls.

Almost instantly, the guide's boyhood hardened and actually lengthened to ten inches. A pleasurable feeling overcame his cock. "Oooooohhh Myyyyyyy Arceus!"

Yarxul chuckled as he rubbed the Psyduck faster, planning on getting a good facial too.

"Fuck, I'm close already!" Colio clenches his fist and trembled as Mewtwo continued assaulting the explorer's prostate.

'Good!' he said going faster and faster.

Mewtwo hiltedhis dick in Yarxul and flooded his genetic juices into the bottom as Colio moaned, and the Duck Pokemon's seed erupted from his youthful staff into the black furry face of the Luxray.

Yarxul groaned as he was covered and filled with cum. The herbs should be taking affect post orgasm.

Colio took the frosted feline by his headfur and pulled his face down to his dick. "I'm not done yet." The teen smirked.

'Good.' Yarxul said deep throating him.

The duck roughly and dominantly pumpedYarxul's head on his boy hood as Mewtwo started moving his still hard pipe again.

Yarxul purred as the two used him roughly.

Colio looked to Mewtwo and telepathically spoke to him. With a smirk, the Psychic levitated Yarxul off of his cock and laid him on his back in mid-air. The Psyduck takes his legs and stuffed his cock back into the Luxray's man cunt, and Mewtwo roughly mouth fucks the floating explorer.

Yarxul groaned as he was spit roasted in midair by two people working in tandem.

The Psyduck began to glow and change shape, his cock growing inside of Yarxul's canal.

Mewtwo poundedmercilessly at the man's throat as he forced the feline's cock to stimulate, feeling both his and the other male's sensations.

Yarxul grunted asColio's cock was growing inside him.

Growing taller and slimmer, the Duck Pokémon solidified in a flash of light and finished his evolution into a Golduck, and his cock topped out inside of Yarxul at fifteen inches in length, two and a half in girth.

Mewtwo continued his rough treatment of the feline's face as he focused more ESP on the big cat's neglected member.

The big cat was surprised how big Colio got! But he'd taken thicker. His cock was throbbing from Mewtwo's psychic powers.

His new body type allowing for more flexibility, Colio bent backward, planting his webbed claws into the ground, and began thrusting upwards to assault the Luxray's hole from below.

Hilting himself inside of the explorer's mouth, Mewtwo forced Yarxul's dong to twitch and spasm on its own, but no cum was allowed to come out.

Yarxul grunted as he couldn't cum now. Personally, he found this position to be getting awkward.

They both pulledout and Mewtwo placed Yarxul on the ground, kneeling on his toned knees. With blue and purple cocks in the male's face, they said telepathically in unison, " Finish us off and paint your face, Bitch!"

Yarxul smirked and kissed both cocks as he jerked them off vigorously.

Both males murred from the eager paws on their dicks.

The big cat purred as he kissed those big, fat cocks and kept rubbing them.

Colio and Mewtwo kissed passionately as they neared a simultaneous climax.

Yarxul groaned as he rubbed them faster.

Moaning into each other's muzzles, the two tops shot their hot, sticky, white cock juices onto the face and chest of the hot, horny Luxray. The energy inside of the big cat's cock circulatedfaster, but he still could not cum.

Yarxul groaned as he got their cum in his mouth, but it mostly covered him.

When Mewtwo pulled his muzzle away from Golduck, the avian's beak was firmly holding his tongue for a good minute before letting go.

Yarxul grinned as he licked Colio's cock some more, if only to tease him.

Grunting with pleasure, the Duck Pokémon did nothing to stop Yarxul's teasing.

Mewtwo's eyes glowed red as the Luxray's cock began to feel warm as if his cum were churning inside of his dick. However, Mewtwo still held a psychic barrier at the man's tip to deny him release.

Yarxul just purred as he started deep throating Colio.

The Genetic Pokémon got behind the Golduck and thrust his still hard member into the blue boy's still virgin pussy. He locked eyes with the explorer. His meaning was clear:"Let's see who can give him the greater pleasure."

'Alright,then.' Yarxul smirked and stood up, before taking Colio's cock with his ass.

Mewtwo slowly pumped his thick, meaty, barbed manhood in and out of the duck's unprepared ass causing Colio to scream in a mix of pain and pleasure.

Yarxul groaned as he thrust back hard on Colio's long thick cock.

Feeling the dual sensations, the duck moaned as his mind switched between dominant and submissive.

The Psychic smackedthe boy's ass as he began to speed up his assault on the youth's tailhole.

Yarxul squeezed his tight ass on Colio's cock.

"Oh, fuck! I'm Cumming again!"

Mewtwo poundedharder for his own climax as he released his mental hold on the other feline's manhood.

Yarxul's ass clenched on the Golduck's as he came all over the floor.

When the Genetic Pokémon slammed completely into the teen as hard as he could, both he and Colio came. Mewtwo filled the adolescent with his legendary load; the Golduck drained what few drops were left in his youthful sack into the explorer.

Yarxul purred as the boy filled him good. After a brief moment, he got up. 'So, you enjoy the trip Colio?'

"Hells yeah! That herb was amazing! I feel like I could swim the ocean!" The Golduck dove into a nearby body of water beside the platform and swims strongly against the current with great success.

Mewtwo wordlessly expendeda paw to Yarxul as a silent apology and sign of respect.

Yarxul smiled and shook his hand. 'You have to keep applying that salve every day for a year. Though,doing it more than once per day could kill you.'

Swimming confidently, the youth replied, "Why do I have to keep applying it?"

'Because it's not a permanent affect.'

"What?" Just then, the Pokémon devolved into a Psyduck and was swept into the current. "HAAAAAAAAALP!"

Mewtwo sighed and levitated the lad back onto the platform.

'Didn't expect it to wear off that fast. I expected it tomorrow.'

"Remember how you just took his ass and my cock at the same time." Mewtwo said

Thinking about how confident and in control he was, he glowed and evolved. "I'm back, Bitches!" Colio raises his webbed claws into the air.

Mewtwo surmised, "It seems that a certain state of mind needs to be kept in order for the salve to maintain its effect."

Yarxul smirked as the young buy re-evolved.

The Golduck flexed its muscles and poses. "I'll have to remember that."

'Very nice.' Yarxul said grinning

"What will you do now?" Mewtwo asked the interesting mortal.

'Not much to do here now. I think I'll head home.'

"It's starting to get dark. You may stay here and depart in the morning, if you wish."

'Alright.' Yarxul said smirking. 'Still need to get out of this cave.'

"I'm your man!" The nude, blue avian puffed out his chest.

'Yes,you are.' Yarxul said kissing him.

He accepted the kiss and groped the man's behind. "And I'll prove it when we get back to the tent."

Yarxul purred and looked at Mewtwo. 'You wanna join?'

The Psychic walkedbeside the Yarxul and groped his free ass cheek without a word.

Yarxul smirked and got more herbs to cultivate, then headed out.

Refusing to let go of his rocking ass, the other males followed him.

Yarxul chuckled as he arrived outdoors.

"I think we should eat before another fuck session." The Golduck stretched his arms.

'Alright,then. Though, Ionly have berries, apples, and seeds.'

"We could kill two birds with one stone and have some erotic foodplay." The duck grined.

'Sounds like fun.' he said grinning

Golduck placeda berry in his beak and leaned into the Luxray.

Yarxul plucked it out with his tongue

Mewtwo placedan Oran berry in his muzzle and allowed Colio to bite into it. As they share the fruity kiss, the feline tooka Sitrus Berry and squeezed it over them, causing juice to slide down the teen's back and ass.

Yarxul purred as he licked Colioas he juiced a Pecha Berry on Mewtwo's cock.

Murring from the natural juice on his cock, the Psychic drowned Yarxul in a Tamato juice and forcedhis kiss on Colio.

Yarxul grinned as he rubbed his body all over Colio's back.

"Are you ready for your meal, bitch?" The Genetic Pokémon said as he groped the Duck's ass.

'Always.' he said grinning.

The dominant feline smacked Yarxul with his ginormous schlong. "Get to work then."

Colio put his cock beside Mewtwo's.

Yarxul smirked as he started sucking both cocks at once.

Both males took a fistful of his mane and forced him down on their prodigious man meats.

Yarxul groaned as he forcibly deepthroated two cocks. Of course, this time he had more trouble breathing, but not enough to choke him.

The Mewtwo causedan apple to float and push into the Luxray's anal sphincter.

Yarxul grunted as the apple was shoved inside his ass.

The Genetic Pokemon's eyes glowedblue, causing the apple to vibrate.

Yarxul groaned as the apple vibrated in him.

Mewtwo began fingering Colio's ass as the duck moaned from the dual stimulation.

Yarxul groaned as he kept going on those dicks and that apple.

Screaming in an ecstasy of shared lust, Mewtwo and Colio blast their loads in Yarxul's cock and cum hungry gullet.

Yarxul swallowed every drop of their cum, as he came too! That apple was rubbing all his sweet spots.

The apple was forcefully pulled from his used and abused fuck tunnel.

Colio fell backward, but Mewtwo caught him. "I think the boy needs to rest." The psychic feline levitatedthe teen's sleepy body into the tent.

'I can see.' Yarxul said as he gave Mewtwo the apple. 'Should taste amazing.'

"A quick snack before we get to fucking like real men?" The Psychic tookthe apple in his paw and nommed a big chunk out of it.

'Mmmmm. Only if you can prove you can,' he said as he ate an OranBerry.

As soon as the berry is swallowed, Mewtwo forces Yarxul up against a huge tree with his telekinesis.

'Use those legs,boy. Use this mega stone.' he said handing a Mewtwonite X.

He too the stone and mega evolved into his more muscular state. He roseone of his legs and slaps the big cat across the face. "Beg for me to fuck you, bitch!"

Yarxul moved in perfect time to avoid the hit but faked it expertly. 'Oh,please! I need you to fuck me in that glorious form!'

He leaned in and saiddominantly, "Tell me exactly what you want me to do in this form, boy."

'Anything you want.' Yarxul said with a long pant.

Mewtwo raised the other feline's legs as the head of his sixteen-inch long, three and a half inch wide cock rubs against the willing hole.

'Mmmm.That's a very thick cock.' Yarxul said grinning.

He pushed in ever so slightly. "Bigger than any you've ever had?"

'Tied actually. Entei is 4 inches thick, but not as long.'

"Sex with a feral dog? You really are a whore aren't you?" He pushed in hard.

'Wasn't feral.' Yarxul said kissing Mewtwo.

Pushing in as he brokethe kiss. "Really? Because he was when I fucked him in this very same form." The Mewtwo roughly hiltedthe last 3 inches into the expanding hole.

'I'd love to see that.' he said groaning loudly.

The Psychic dominantly kissedthe other male.

Yarxul moaned as he let the Psychic-type dominate his mouth

Holding the kiss, the Genetic Pokémon slowly grudge fucked the feline.

Yarxul grunted as Mewtwo was being relentless on his tailhole!

"You like that, don't you whore?"

'I fuckin'love it!' he said smirking.

Mewtwo began to slam harder, causing Yarxul to bounce upwards from the impacts.

'Oh fuck,that's good!' Yarxul said as hopefully any Pokémon in the area heard.

The fucking becomes slow and hard. "You're gonna cum without even touching your cock."

'I often do. By the way, where is this feral Entei?'

"I can call him"

'Do it.' he said smirking.

He psychically calls for the hound,In less than a minute, the feral Entei, wearing a black collar with "BITCH" scrawled on it in silver letters.

'Mmmmm.Very sexy.' Yarxul said groaning.

Mewtwo roughly pulls out. "Now,take the position, pussy bitch. I know what you want."

Yarxul chuckled and got on his hands and knees.

The Genetic Pokémon whistled as he called the attention of his pet. "Beg for it."

Entei took his position behind the prostrate feline.

Yarxul chuckled a bit. 'Oh please! I really need to take Entei's dick! I'll suck yours too if you want!'

With another whistle, he prompted the feral to mount the Luxray. Then, Mewtwo stood with his cock still erect and smacked the big cat in the face. "What do you mean if? Get to it bitch."

Yarxul groaned as he got fucked by an Entei!Ferals were strangely sexy, but very rare. Yarxul began deep throating the Mega Mewtwo dick.

The mega wasted no time in hilting his rod in the feline's muzzle.

The feral roughly fuckedYarxul for he has not had release in three months, per his master's orders.

Yarxul groaned as he did love it! The feral felt so good! And he easily swallowed Mewtwo's cock. Maybe he'd bring home a feral Arcanine pet.

Entei grunted as he approached his climax, prompting Mega Mewtwo to threaten, "Do it and I'll fix you, mutt!" The feral whimpered as he continued to plow into Yarxul, a sweetly satisfying torture to the fire hound.

Yarxul groaned as he pulled off to speak. 'Think there are any Growlithe or Arcanine around here?'

"Around here, no. But you had to get off a train on route here, correct? You can find wild Growlithe on the route West of that town. Now,get those lips back on my cock. My pet needs his release, and he won't get it until I do."

Entei was now slamming as hard as it could into the tight tunnel of the feline.

Yarxul chuckled before going back to sucking off that tasty Mewtwo dick.

"And don't you think of cumming before me either, pussy cunt." Both anthro and feral grunt as the lustful fuck session continued on.

Yarxul smirked as if the Entei spoke, he'd know what he said. Either way, Yarxul was loving the spit roasting.

Mewtwo groaned and declared. "I'm...so close...Put me over the edge...and earn my Mega load!"

Entei's gruntsbecame mixed with his whimpers of torturous ecstasy.

Yarxul smirked as his tongue gave a pleasurable tingle on Mewtwo's cock.

Roughly grapping the black mane, the Psychic screamed and trembledas he forced the Luxray 's head to hold still as he tore through his throat and shot his load, coating the other feline's esophagus in another dose of Mega-legendary jizz.

When his master gave a slight nod, the Legendary feral forced his cock all the way down to its base and roared out as the male under him received an injection of wild, though thoroughly tamed, spunk down his rectal path.

That cock was long enough to cum directly into his stomach, making his throat bulge out. Ss for Entei, he took his cock and cum easy.

After pulling out, Mewtwo's eyes glowed red and began working Yarxul's untouched rod into overdrive. Entei pulled out and walked over to his master. Upon sitting and bowing his head, he received an absentminded but much loved petting from the Genetic Pokémon.

Yarxul groaned as he felt like he was fucking a million butts! Made him cum in no time flat.

Releasing his Psychic hold on the feline member, the Mega cockily used his free hand to pet the Luxray. "Good bitch."

'Thanks.' he said chuckling as he stood up.

"It's late. We should join Colio in the tent. That vigorous fucking has me wore out,and I'm about to revert to my normal form." The dominant feline turns to his feral hound. "Entei guard the tent. Do a good job,and I'll let you have release in the morning."

The feral dutifully noddedand started patrolling the grounds.

Yarxul stopped the Entei briefly so he could kiss him.

The Entei returnedthe affection with a lick before dashing into the woods.

"You're spoiling him," was the Genetic Pokemon's only response as he took a spot behind his sleeping duck lover.

'Not even a little.' Yarxul said knowing how to raise something well. Yarxul slept in front of Colio, making a duck sandwich.

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