One Night, Nine Cycles

Story by PariahLycan on SoFurry

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#2 of Commissions and Collaborations

A commission for bisonbull92 on FurAffinity

The content and themes shown in this piece are not necessarily reflective of the interests of the author.

"I like that's strong. With a name like that, he can do anything, surely. I hope that-"

Hazy visions of the future were snuffed out as Ariel blinked, called to action by the snarl of her master. No longer able to be elsewhere, snuggled away in happier and safer times, she merely gulped and stretched herself just a little, before arching her back and opening her legs just as she was taught.

"It will be an honor to serve you...all."

The soft purr of the golden tabby tigress was honey dripping off her tongue, swirling through the plush room like a wisp of incense. She could almost imagine it slipping and weaving between the pillars of muscle and flesh at the other side of the room. The massive lions had already cast off their tunics and stood there, eyeing the soft, supple slave girl with no attempt at restrained hunger. While some were maintaining their composure, stoically displaying themselves like statues in perhaps a form of show to entice this starry-eyed maiden, others had no such qualms about licking their chops and stroking their thick, heavy lengths crudely. Ariel made sure to let her eyes wander over each and every one with loving attention, her tummy twitching and her heart stopping as her gaze wandered over each inch hanging between their toned legs. These lions were no kits.

A slight cough bloomed into a chuckle, and a puff of poppy-scented smoke rose to the ceiling. Her master liked to watch this part, the pre-meal. In the corner, decked out in jewelry and puffing away at an opium pipe, the large hyena once again eyed his prized possession, stretched on his house's finest silk-cast bed with a basin of fine oils at the foot to aid in the "transaction. With Amber-honey fur, a silky mane of red hair, and eyes not yet dulled, Ariel would be her cash cow.

But first, it was time to make a different cow out of her.

"You all know why you're here," the hyena nearly crooned. "After all, you've all paid handsomely for it. As such, I expect none of you hold back. If she's not dragging on the floor in three cycles of the moon, I shall send word to your tribes that their chieftains and their hunters are little more than mewling kittens."

A few growled at him, but his piercing gaze and dangerous snarl silenced their throats as he continued. "Any who blemishes her will not leave unblemished themselves. I may hold your coin but what lies in her belly is far more precious to"

Another long drag, and he let out a purr of his own.

" may feast."

As the door clicked shut, Ariel gulped very softly, not wanting to let the lions think she was scared. She neither wanted for them to lose the fantasy of having a beautiful whore crying out in joy for a man's touch, or for them to pounce upon her weakness like a wounded prey. Despite her master's threats, she was still alone in a room with ten virile lions...all of whom had begun to advance, their heavy cocks leading the way. Nothing would stop them from ravishing her, nor from ravaging her.

One shoved his way to the front, an older lion with gray in his muzzle and scars on his face. Some of the others hissed, but he did not pay them mind. Brusquely, he dunked his entire paw into the bowl of precious oil, slathering the silky liquid all over his lap, soaking the fur. As he approached, his slickened fur shone in the dim candlelight, and Ariel could clearly see what was coming, every inch. He was massive, clearly a lion used to taking the lioness first, and ruining her for the rest of the pride.

"Mmm...I am delighted to s-"

Ariel's sultry croon was cut off by a loud, fearsome snarl, and she quickly closed her legs as she curled up in shock. Glaring down at her, the massive lion took his space at the foot of the bed, and rumbled out a command.

"No words."

With none more of his own, he grabbed her by one of her supple thighs and wrenched her onto her side, baring her soft, perfectly trimmed little pussy. She was by no means a small feline, but that didn't stop her from mewling in shock and amazement at the impressive length lining itself up to her body. She had time to gasp, before the sound was kicked from her chest in a scream. He'd thrust himself in, but was only to fit half of his massive shaft into her soft little body. The tiger's chest heaved in pain, as well as sheer amazement, as she looked past her supple breasts down at her lap. She swore she could already see a bulge in her gut. However, her conqueror was not finished with her. He started to thrust, mashing his enormous flesh out of her and forcing her body to stretch to accommodate him. Slowly, her body started to give in, and her whimpers of pain bloomed into throaty gasps and moans of pleasure. Eventually, he'd forced her open, and each roll of his hips smacked his heavy balls between her thighs, splattering the oil mixed with trickles of her silk. This was clearly not the first kitten he'd bred, and doubtfully the last.

With the first bite taken, it was time for the rest of the pride to convene.

As one male slid himself into her eager muzzle, another male eyed her soft, heart-shaped ass, and tried to slide onto the bed behind her to slot himself in. However, the greymuzzle snarled, not finished with his meal, so the chastened stud satisfied his cravings by preparing her. Lubing up his digits, he thrust two fingers into her, making her gag on the cock threatening to break her jaw. Finding her paw unoccupied, he grabbed her wrist and wrenched it nearly behind her, guiding it to his own cock. Like a good slave, she immediately closed her digits and began to pump. As his digits swirled and thrust into her tight backside, Ariel fumbled to keep her paw moving, blindly kneading his flesh as her eyes were dominated by a well-toned belly. With the flesh in her mouth, she swirled her rough tongue over the throbbing length, bobbing her head as best as she could. Soon, her remaining paw was occupied by yet another thick length, and Ariel did her best to close her eyes, blot out everything but the pleasure, and let her body take over. Stroking, bucking her hips, and gulping. The sensation was not all bad, not all good. But it was intense.

A room-shaking roar broke her out of her reverie, and she tensed up, clients slipping out of her paws and muzzle as she wailed in climax. Shivering and bucking her hips, she tried in vain to fit more of the lion into her body. The first of many loads of warm, virile seed was pumped into her, the lion nearly big enough to press his head to the gate of her womb. She didn't know if he would be the father, but with every rope that vanished into her pussy, she squirmed imagining it. As he eventually pulled out of her with a pop and a grunt, Ariel gasped and shuddered, feeling him starting to trickle out of her. Her body could have a moment to recov-

She was granted no such reprieve. The moment the greymuzzle pulled away, a quick-footed male hand flopped down in front of her, his bright eyes dominating her gaze. Not waiting for the last load to trickle out, he mashed his cock into her sticky folds and hurriedly began fucking her, as if trying to slip in and impregnate her first. As she gasped at being filled again, the lion behind her decided it was time to sample that precious lotus bud. A quick stroke, laden with oil, and he snuggled up behind her, having the courtesy to lick the crook of her neck before sliding his length into the cleft between her perfect buttocks, nestled it under her tail, and then deep into her tailhole.

Crying out from the sensation, she gagged and sputtered as a saliva-drenched shaft was thrust back into her open maw, and her face was held in place as the owner awkwardly tried to fuck her throat. A tear streaked down Ariel's cheek as she tried to catch a breath or swallow, her body already overwhelmed, but the contractions of her throat only managed to hasten him. She choked as a splash of seed filled her muzzle, and she sputtered as he held her face to his crotch. Swallowing what she could and drooling out the rest, she was eventually released. He wiped his cock clean on her cheek as she let out an uncorked sob, before making room for the next lion to slide between her lips.

With a cock still in her muzzle, she was moved around, plopped into the lap of a more heavy-set male. As he guided his flesh into her, she dutifully swung her hips, rolling her body in his lap as she worked her way down until her velvet lips kissed his heavy, eager balls. Starting to bounce and ride with all her strength, one gripped the male's shoulder, while the other tried to stroke and nurse the shaft stuffed into her throat. Soon, both paws were snatched away, guided to stroke another pair of long, thick lion pricks, while she had to bob her head and swallow the one in her muzzle all on her own. The other males watched, transfixed, as her soft, plush cheeks smacked against the lion's thighs so eagerly, seemingly craving more and more.

The night was young, they were all happy to oblige.

Soon, a mix of cum, sweat, spit, and tears had matted the fur of her face and throat, a few cruder gentlemen taking the time to finish themselves off on her soft, moderate breasts. She'd taken four in her pussy so far, only two in her ass. Her body was already overworked as it was, and she curled up in a ball after the two cocks working her over slipped free, leaving behind twin trails of seed drooling out of her. She needed a moment, needed a chance to catch her breath, but no. They had all smelled blood on the wind.

Rolling her onto a new lion, who had flopped down onto the mattress beside her, he roared in approval as she was impaled on his flesh, straddling his lap. Cooing a little, she tried to lift up her hips to ride him, but her legs shook so much. However, an evil glint in his eye bid her freeze, and she squeaked as another cock landed heavily between her cheeks. Behind her, the male had lined himself up...but not with her tailhole.

While neither lion could beat that first performance on their own, there was always strength in numbers.

With a slow, deliberate, and sadistic effort, the pair managed to cram a second long, thick cock into her sopping, near-ruined cunt. Her scream could have woken the dead, and while some approached the bed in search of another hole to fuck, the already sated males bid them pause and watch, many finding themselves growing hard again in spite of all they'd pumped into her. They thrust in unison, the pace slow and deliberate, but the sheer force of the two sinking themselves inside, stretching her body to new limits, made Ariel start crying, her whimpers and sobs punctuated by squeaks and moans as she came on them, again and again. Between the pressure and the ambience, it didn't take long for them both to finish in her, the two sharing a snarl of brotherhood as their mixed fluids gushed free of her vacated body.

For hours, this went on. With too many males to service, she never got any rest. Aside from a gulp of water gifted to her between lions to suck off, she never once was regarded as anything but a toy. When one round of males needed to recover, the others would take their place. As one group chatted among themselves or partook in the wine and hashish, the others were emptying their balls inside her.

In one moment, she realized that she was empty, all the males having either just finished inside her or preparing to go again. Shakily, she wiped her face with a weak paw, trying to lift her up onto her elbows and look at the foot of the bed. All of them were watching her, all 10 cocks in their paws, hurriedly trying to ready themselves to return to her. Hold the coveted role of father.

She was a good slave, she followed orders. She served the males. She knew what she had to do.

With a soft, husky voice, slipping free between pants, she whispered "Was...was that it? All you had?"

She had time to gulp before four males pounced on her at once, and soon she was on her belly, roaring in pain and hints of pleasure as two of them tried to slip inside her ass, while two tried to mash themselves into her muzzle. She would not be let alone until she had given all her body could.

When the sun went down, they lit the candles. When the new candles burned down to the table, they took her under the moonlight. The males did not stop until they had given every drop they could. Eventually, even those with something to prove couldn't fake that they had more to give, and by the first hint of red in the sky, all 10 lions had hobbled out of the room to their own beds, barely able to stand and begging for water.

Ariel laid there, breathing slowly and not moving. Almost no inch of her fur was soft and clean, her peachy amber pelage streaked with oil and cum.

Slowly, she stroked over her belly, thinking back to what her master had said. Would it happen, would they take?

Would she be a mother?

Too tired to think, she shifted just enough to rest her head on a sticky pillow, closing her eyes...

"Well now, sleeping on the job?"

The hiss of her master made her whimper, and she tried to sit up, but she lacked the strength. He continued speaking, but to whom she did not know.

"I apologize, the others already took their turns and she is a bit...unkempt."

Ariel's eyes opened, first finding the sneering eyes of her master...before turning to the side and looking up, towering over the hyena...the hungry eyes of one last lion, bigger than the others. Dressed in silk, smelling of royalty, and grinning in want. Entitlement.

"Believe me, hyena..."

Casting off his robe, Ariel's eyes darted to his lap, and for the first time in hours, her stomach turned over.

"I'll be fine...just worry about her after."

She did not rest that morning, nor did she sleep that night.

Nine cycles later, the moon had begun to hide itself behind a sliver of shadow. Still, plenty of cool, silver light streamed through the window, illuminating the rolling, writhing bodies on the bed.

Ariel was on all fours, choking out sobs of mixed pain and pleasure around the first 6 inches of the thick cock in her throat. Her paws massaged his orbs lovingly, stroking and kneading what she could not fit as her suitor sipped wine in his comfortable seat. Behind her, a younger male, smaller in size but more vibrant in heart, crashed his hips against her plush rear mercilessly, his heavy balls smacking the underside of her mound.

She was less active now, unable to bounce herself on a client's lap. The lions had delivered, and soon she would as well. That night had ended with virile seed pouring out of every stretched, gaping hole, matting her fur and splattered across her face, her back, her thighs. Particularly, they loved to splatter her now heavy, swollen belly, which rested gently on a pillow so full that it took effort to move her into position on the bed. Luckily, her clients had no qualms about pushing her into just the right place to sink deep into her heavy, fertile body. Something about wrapping their paws around wide hips soon to bear a cub drive the males to pump her fertile body even more full.

Choking on a rush of salty seed, she barely had time to gulp it down when she was flopped over. Her legs splayed and her belly massive, she couldn't right herself if she wanted to, and she was stuck on her back for her chuckling client to behold.

"Such a lovely mother," he crooned down at her, resting his shaft between her legs and atop her heavy belly. With a shock, she realized that he'd not even provided his full length, likely due to a warning from her master. Not done with her pussy, he slid two fingers inside and began furiously fingering her, enough for Ariel to start to mewl and whine. Even after all this time, she still knew pleasure, and she grabbed at her breasts, now swollen with milk, as her silk coated his paw. He snarled, in excitement and demand, as if ordering her to feel good. She yowled and moaned for him, ending with a squeak as he hooked his digits inside, torturing her softest spot. With a clench, she jerked and writhed, trying to buck up her hips as a squirt of her pleasure gushed out of her folds in her own rare climax. So intense was the pressure that, for a horrifying moment, she thought she might come early. Thankfully, as the pleasure died down, she felt no such contraction...though she had seemingly woken up the little one, who started to get fussy in her belly. Kicking her from the inside, she winced and tried to soothe her child by rubbing her belly tenderly, something that only seemed to arouse her guests even more.

"More like a breeding cow," the same male purred, stroking his cock with the aid of her juices as he gazed longingly at her drenched, soft cunt. As he repositioned himself, she bemoaned what was to come, and had to bite her lip as he slid his many inches under her tail. He started fucking her once more, throwing his head back triumphantly at being able to finally bury himself in her fully, and his eyes turned down to her belly in utter glee as she rocked and rippled under each impact. The rocking of the mother upon the bed seemed to soothe the cub within her, as if rocking it to sleep in the way its mother had been almost every night since conception.

His friend settled next to her face, his sticky cock brushing against her cheek as he leaned forward, starting to tug and squeeze at her breasts like a child with a toy. "Firm...plump...never felt a pair like this." The tigress bit her lip and whimpered, especially as his digits roughly squeezed her nipples. Both lions cackled in thrill as milk started to bud between his rough digits, and even more so as they "milked" her, getting her fur damp and glistening as she mewled and squirmed. As one of them roughly lapped up the cream, she jolted, the sensation of lips on that flesh drawing out a wide mix of feelings. Including a hint of excitement. She did hope the little one would have the decency to suckle, not slurp.

Speaking of which, the lion whose cum now warmed her belly was not done, and he positioned his body over hers, savoring a soft, velvet tongue worshipping his half-hard cock and empty balls, sighing like a lord in the manor. After some treatment, the male decided he wanted more from those massive, ripe breasts. Straddling her chest, his tones rear bumping the swell of her belly, he plopped his cock between her breasts and pushed them together, starting to fuck where he knew a cub would soon be pressed. Milk streamed from her overworked bust, only making his path easier, and Ariel had to lay back and try to relax as her body was worked yet again.

She didn't even blink as she felt the male at the foot of the bed roar, releasing deep into her plush ass. As he popped free and began to clean himself, he made insultingly casual conversation with his friend.

"How much time do you thing she has until she lets it out?

"Not even a month," the other male growled, shaking Ariel's breasts around his length, yanking her head up to suckle upon his tip. She dutifully obliged, swirling her tongue over his tip and gulping as much of his length as she could reach, even gripping his own muscular ass to drive it home. With a grunt, the quick-set male riding her chest threw his head back, pumping another load all over her milky tits and damp face, spurting warmth all over her dazed expression. At this point, she barely heard them, though she distinctly remembered one line.

"She won't go empty for too long!"

As their laughter echoed, and the two prepared to switch places, Ariel took in a deep breath. For a long moment, she was not there. She wasn't a slave; she wasn't servicing men to live. She was far away, among friendly faces; among loving faces.

She was carrying her son in her arms. She was happy.

Ariel swallowed enough breath to scream again, the sound raw and ugly as it ripped from her body. No performance, no pleasure...but soon relief would come. Not the relief that her profession sometimes gave her, not the relief of others, but an end to months of exertion.

The tigress was laid out on the bed yet again, though this time the mattress was piled with clean linens. She was surrounded again, though this time not by "suitors", but midwives, armed with warm bowls of water, more linens. Only the finest of care. The master had spared no expense, he knew the caliber of lions would surely sire a strong child. Either a strong son, perfect to work the fields, or a beautiful daughter, perfect to work over more clients. A worthwhile future investment, certainly.

After her screams hit a peak, Ariel feeling as if her throat and body would was over. In a haze of hormones and pain, she was struck by an incomparable emptiness. With tears in her eyes, she pawed at her belly, trying to feel that which she had lost.

Eventually, after the women had finished cleaning, a warm, damp form was placed into her arms. As she opened her eyes, she beheld it. The product of that long, intense night. A soft, beautiful son, pale like the sunrise with streaks of his mother's caramel stripes. He would never know his father, and neither would she, but she had a feeling it was the last one. That one with such pride, such regality. A king who sired a slave, a child that likely would know no life beyond service. He would surely be handsome.

And yet, the harsh sting or reality did not even faze the new mother. In that soft face, she saw only hope. She sniffled and wept silently, even as her face was split by the widest smile it had known in years. Tenderly, she moved the little one to her breast, the child eager to taste his first meal. He'd need it, there would be a lot ahead in both of their lives.

"Have you a name for the little one?" cooed one of the midwives.

"Luke," Ariel purred breathlessly, gazing down into his eyes. A strong name. He could do anything. He would be everything.

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